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Rebuilding Character in the Presentation & Design

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Chantee Jackson


I am a country girl from a small town in South Carolina, with a dream to serve others; promoting them to be the best them they can offer. Pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Howard University, I have matured in such skills that have prepared me to serve clients as their personal visual design advocate. I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interface designs. Simply put, you have a vision in your head, I illustrate it for the world to see, receive, and be awestruck. What I hope to offer is an opportunity for you to freely express your vision, your story, your business like only you would! As loud, as colorful, as melodic, as preachy, as‌. only you would. When I am not designing, you’ll find me laughing... a lot, loitering at a movie theatre, or relishing in the jazzy tunes of a saxophonist in downtown DC.

I am a designer on purpose. In 2009, I sought God on what to do with the graphic design skill set I have acquired while attending Howard University. I wasn’t sure what my next step would be and what I could use it towards. I didn’t want to be aimless, I wanted the skill to have purpose. I soon started coming across a lot of graphic design ads for nonprofits, religious organizations, and new or small businesses. The graphic design was horrible. No concept. No strategy. Just gradients, strokes, and a lot of glowing effects. :-) I became perplexed because the designs did not represent the brand and would cause a consumer a perception of that company/individual that was false. So then a vision was birthed! “Later, Joash decided to repair the Temple of the LORD.The people worked hard, and the work to repair the Temple went well. They rebuilt the Temple of God to be as it was before, but even stronger.” II Chronicles 24:4, 13 Chantee decided to repair brands and visual communication for companies, and individual. So Chantee and her team worked hard and relentlessly. The work to rebuild brands and accurately execute visual communication was a success, and brands were strengthened! Behind every vision there is a story that needs to be told. And effectively sharing that story visually takes clear vision, skill, and strategy. Strategy gives media the thinking it needs to travel, and who would not want their vision to travel?!??! The JoAsh Initiative provides graphic design and visual communication services to religious organizations, nonprofits and persons who simply have a dream. The goal of Jo Ash Graphics is simply to rebuild character in presentation, giving your vision the most accurate and expressive visual illustration.

Rebuilding Character in Presentation & Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN REPRESENTATION IS AN INVESTMENT Design is more than just pretty pictures. Design is a psychology, it’s about engaging your visitors. When there is right balance between your business objectives and the user’s experience, the design will increase, attract and generate all necessary to fulfill your vision!


IDENTITY Logo Design • Business Cards • Stationery • Brand Packaging WEB Website Design/Development • Website Hosting • Web Ads • Facebook Timelime Cover Photos

PRINT Brochures • Flyers • Posters • Signs • Direct Mail Pieces • Labels & Packaging • Gift Cards • Book Cover • CD Cover PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Tee Shirts • Pens • Pencils • Coffee Cups • Tote Bags • Mousepads & More Anything you can think of... I am ready to tackle!


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