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As we are transcending

the Piscean age to enter the Aquarian age, the rules of our universe are also changing from “The one who rules the water, rules the earth” to “The one who rules the air, rules the world”. Our universe is moving into a new cycle, subtler than the previous one. Matter itself will get subtler as we approach end 2012, and this will bring about a big change in the energy level of our planet. Consequently, there will be a mighty shift in the consciousness of mankind, from gross to subtle. We are indeed entering an era of exciting changes, where „thought power‟ will rule over „material power‟. During this period of the „Big Shift‟, we need to become subtler in all our activities including eating habits, to cope up with the changes that will begin to happen from now on. Pay special attention to your thoughts, as you will experience rapid manifestation of thoughts. Always have benevolent feelings, and keep spreading waves of peace and love to one and all. It is time to change.




BELONG TO THE SOCIETY “Anna dathu sukhi bhava.” „May he who gives food be happy.‟

– Indian blessing before and after meals

As a member of my college alumni, I receive many wonderful experiences of people from time to time. Reproduced below is one such incident. – VR

Germany is a highly industrialized country. It produces top brands like

Benz, BMW, and Siemens. The nuclear reactor pump is made in a small town in this country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. At least that was my impression before my study trip. When I arrived at Hamburg, my colleagues who work in Hamburg arranged a welcome party for me in a restaurant. As we walked into the restaurant, we noticed a table where a young couple was having their meal. There were only two dishes and two cans of beer on the table. There were a few old ladies on another table. As we were hungry, our local colleague ordered more food for us. As the restaurant was quiet, the food came quite fast. When we left, there was still about one third of unconsumed food on the table. While were leaving, we

heard someone calling us. We noticed the old ladies in the restaurant were talking about us to the restaurant owner. When they spoke to us in English, we learnt that they were unhappy about us wasting much food. "We paid for our food, it is none of your business how much food we left behind," my colleague told them. The ladies were furious. One of them immediately made a call to someone. After a while, a man in uniform from the Social Security organization arrived. Upon knowing what the dispute was, he issued us a 50 Euro fine. My colleague quickly paid the fine and apologized to the officer. The officer told us in a stern voice, "ORDER WHAT YOU CAN

CONSUME. MONEY IS YOURS BUT RESOURCES BELONG TO THE SOCIETY. THERE ARE MANY OTHERS IN THE WORLD WHO ARE FACING SHORTAGE OF RESOURCES. YOU HAVE NO REASON TO WASTE RESOURCES.” My colleague photocopied the fine ticket and gave a copy to each of us as a souvenir. All of us kept it and pasted it on our wall to remind us that we shall never waste any resource, including of course, food!

ADVERSITY TO ADVANTAGE “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Once a farmer's donkey fell into a well. Since the well was dry and the donkey was old, the man decided to fill-up the well together with the donkey and shoved soil and rubble into the well. Initially the poor creature cried helplessly. But later, it shook-off the rubbish as it came on him, and used it to move up little by little; and finally he managed to jump out of the well! Make best use of all that life gives you, and never give up.

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fter the Mahabharata war was over, the blind

King Dhritarastra was in deep pain over death of his one hundred sons. He wanted to know the basis for this injustice, despite the fact that he was a kind and just King. Hence he asked Lord Krishna: “In one hundred of my previous lifetimes, I had not done any sin to face such a terrible karma of being born blind, and lose all my children as well. Is this justice?” The Lord replied: “Go back just one more lifetime, and you will know the cause of your misery.” The King did as he was instructed, and realised that it was the consequence of a cruel action in that embodiment as a tyrant King, who one day while walking on the lake side saw a swan bird surrounded by hundred cygnets; he ordered to remove the swan bird's eyes and kill all the hundred cygnets just for passing passion. As a result, in this birth he was born blind and all his sons were killed in the war. In this episode, you can clearly see that all the three laws of karma are enforced: • Law of Harvest • Law of Lag Time • Law of Multiplier Effect

The King had to reap what he sowed, though not immediately but ultimately he had to reap manifold. It is wise to think before you act. Even if you get all that you want through unwholesome means, you will eventually reap what you had sown and all your negative actions will indeed bring painful reactions. That is why the Masters say: “No debt in the universe ever goes unpaid.”




ong ago, there was an old monk who, through

diligent practice, had attained a certain degree of spiritual vision. He had a young novice who was about eight years old. One day the monk looked at the boy's face and saw there that he would die within the next few months. Saddened by this, he told the boy to take a long holiday and go and visit his parents. “Take your time,” said the monk. “Don't hurry back.” He felt that the boy should be with his family when he died. Three months later, to his astonishment, the monk saw the boy walking back up the mountain. When he arrived, he looked intently at his face and saw that the boy would now live to a ripe old age. “Tell me everything that happened while you were away,” said the monk. So the boy narrated his long journey down from the mountain. He told of villages and towns he passed through, of rivers crossed and mountains climbed. Then he told how one day he came upon a stream in flood. He noticed, as he tried to pick his way across the flowing stream, that a colony of ants had become trapped on a small island formed by the flooding stream. Moved by compassion for these poor creatures, he took a branch of a tree and laid it across one flow of the stream until it touched the little island. As the ants made their way across, the boy held the branch steady, until he was sure all the ants had escaped to dry land. Then he went on his way to his home. “So,” thought the old monk to himself, “that is why the Gods have lengthened his days.”

ABOVE ALL PRACTICE HUMILITY A young sanyasi went to a forest to

meditate. After many years of hard work and practice, he was one day sitting under a tree, when some dry leaves fell upon his head. He looked up and saw a crow and a crane fighting on the top of the tree, which made him very angry. He said, “How dare you throw these dry leaves upon my head.” With these words, he angrily glanced at them. A flash of fire went out of him and burnt the birds to ashes. He was elated with his development of his powers, that he could burn the crow and the crane by a mere look! After a time he went to the town to beg his alms. He stood at a door, and said, “Mother, give me food.” A voice came from inside the house, “Wait a little, my son. I am serving my husband.” The young sanyasi thought, “How dare you make me wait! You do not know my powers yet.” The voice came again: “Boy, don't be thinking too much of yourself. There is neither crow nor crane here. Anyway you have lost your powers by burning poor creatures.” He was shocked to hear this. At last the woman came, and he fell at her feet. She said, “My boy, I do not know your Yoga or your practices. I am a simple woman, and doing my duty I am illumined. Son, above all practice humility.”

SCHEDULE OF COURSES NOV 2011 – JAN 2012 REIKI COURSES REIKI MASTERSHIP COURSE Dec 9, 10, 11 Eligibility: Reiki II with minimum 3 years practice.

(Fri, Sat, Sun)

Nov 23, 24 Eligibility: (9 – 12 years) (Wed, Thurs) Nov 12, 13 REIKI 1 ENGLISH Jan 2012 21, 22 REIKI 1 CREOLE Dec 7, 8 REIKI 2 ENGLISH Dec 3, 4 INTEGRATED COURSE Nov 25, 26, 27 (Reiki level 1 & Pranic Healing) Jan 2012 13, 14, 15 ® PRANIC HEALING COURSES Nov 26, 27 BASIC PRANIC COURSE Jan 2012 14, 15 BASIC PRANIC COURSE Nov 30, Dec 1 CREOLE Jan 2012 25, 26 ADVANCE PRANIC & Nov 18, 19, 20 PSYCHOTHERAPY REIKI FOR CHILDREN

Course On Reiki The „Course on Reiki‟ is a unique, comprehensive workshop for selfempowerment. It is a blend of „energy healing‟ and spirituality. • Discover the healing power of your hands to heal self and others. • Learn the function of Chakras and their effects in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. • Learn simple techniques to get relief from stress and anxiety. • Learn how to disconnect from disturbing thoughts and prevent people from sucking your energy. • Learn to shield yourself from stressful energies of people and surroundings. • Learn the „Laws of Karma‟ and the practical way to apply them in your day-to-day life.



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