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The Official CNH Division 20/32 Newsletter | December VOLUME 2| ISSUE 8

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A Message fro Mamasau Hello, everyone! For the new members who just recently registered to become KEY Club members, welcome! I hope that your experience with this club will be filled with joy and no regrets! I know that I live with no regrets joining this organization, for it has made such a big impact on my life. It can do the same for many of you, if you really participate and become an active member like I have done. We are one semester completed accomplishing this school year. Time flies doesn’t it? I hope everyone studied hard for all that they needed to do. I apologize for my inactivity these past months. It has been a very busy time for me, but I hope that now that my first semester is over with, I will be able to assist you all more. Conclave is coming up soon, for those of you who are interested in running as Lieutenant Governor. I wish you the best of luck! I am here to assist you and educate you with the necessary information to ensure you have an experience you will gain from , in attempting to obtain this position. All clubs should be brainstorming and fundraising for the future events! We have Key Leader, which is coming up very soon. Thank you to Richard Fuller who took his time to come to the December DCM to be a guest speaker talking about it. I hope to see many of you at Occidental! District Convention is at Sacramento this year, and it also right around the corner! This month is the beginning of the New Year! Does anyone have any resolutions? I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling them! Talk to you all soon!

Tricia Tran D20/32 Lt. Governor

om ur Tsunami

Go for the GOLD! Member Recognition CONTESTS & AWARDS ADVISORS - Advisor for the Year, Marvin J Christiansen AUTOMATIC ENTRY - Increased Membership, Distinguished Club, Club Secretary District Tree, District Project, Division Newsletter, Division News Editor District Tree, Governor’s Project, Kiwanis Family, Membership Retention, Most Improved Division, Overall Division Excellence, Spirit, Division Website OFFICERS (OUTSTANDING/DISTINGUISHED) President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President CLUBS - Club Attire, Club Newsletter, Club of the Year, Club Poster, Club Video, Most Improved Club, Club Scrapbook MEMBERS - Member of the Year, Sandy Nininger (highest award of recognition any Key Clubber can receive, only 1 per year), Talent Show SERVICE - Major Emphasis, Single Service TALENT - Got talent? Sign up for the talent show and you might get to preform at DCON. Check it out: Pictured: (top) Cloverdale Key Club member Maggie Duran being awarded with the Member of the Year contest. That award is a division level contest. (middle) Past Cloverdale Key Club Secretary Vanessa Solano awarded with the Distinguished Secretary award. (bottom) D32 Kiwanis Lt. Governor Greg Carter, past recipient of the Jack L. Luther Advisor of the Year award presenting to this year’s recipient.

One of the newest and greatest ways to get recognized is through the brand new CNH District Member Recognition Program created by the District Member Recognition Committee! There are four levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum! There are various levels and requirements that you must go through to achieve the highest level of recognition! BEE sure to check out the MRP Rubric and start seeing what you need to work on so you can get some sort of recognition. MRP Rubric: /contest/pdf/MRP_RUBRIC_1314.pdf

What is a DJC? A Division Judging Committee is a committee within the division that gathers together to judge applicants of division level contests.

How much time and responsibility will it take? You will be given a rubric of what to score and all you have to do is look through the application and score it according to what you think it deserves. In all, it won’t take you much time. This most likely will be done online, in the comfort of your home. Why should I join the DJC? You should join the DJC for the following reasons:  Get more involved within the division.  Learn more about the clubs and members within our division through their applications. Sign up? Contact LTG Tricia at


The Search for the next D20/32 Lt. Governor

What is an LTG? Each lieutenant governor is responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within his or her division and serving as a liaison between the district and the club. Duties include publication of a newsletter, club officer training and support, holding divisional meetings and serving on one or more district committees.

Benefits  You get to be friends with 72 other Lt. Governors in California, Nevada, and Hawaii  Gain leadership and organizational skills  Plan fun service projects and socials  Attend Board Meetings in Southern California.  Attend District Convention  Represent our division on stage at Fall Rally.

Plan/Host DCM’s

Attend District Board Meetings

Host Training Conferences



Hello Everyone! I hope that those who attended Fall Rally North had a fantastic time there! I am really proud of you all for cheering your hearts out! You all looked so cute! I hope that after the event, your devotion to KEY Club strengthened! Here is what Governor Victoria posted on her newsletter; I would like to share a part of it.

Regarding FRN: I would also like to give a special thanks to Humboldt for driving down! Thank you so much for coming! I hope to see you Tsunamis soon! KEY Club Week occurred during the first week of November; how did that go for everyone? I hope that it went well! I also hope that you all did something with your Kiwanis family. These past two months you have been bombarded with countless KEY Club activities! Did everyone Trick-orTreat for UNICEF? Remember to not send the money to UNICEF! All the money will be sent in before December 31 to Kiwanis International, to be used towards the Eliminate Project! Let’s continue to raise money to save lives of babies!


NOVEMBER DCM It was truly a GOLDEN Division Council Meeting at the Redwood Empire Food Bank, graciously hosted by Montgomery Key Club. The following topics were covered:  Dues  Kiwanis Family House  March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month  PTP Donations  District Convention  LTG Election We also made cards to be given to hospitalized children.

The 2013 members of Cloverdale Key Club are committed to bettering the lives of everyone within our global community. In this past month of October, with the help of our local citizens, we were able to raise a lot of money for UNICEF and the Kiwanis Eliminate Project. To begin with, in early October the Key Club members dispersed over fifty UNICEF fundraising boxes to businesses in town, and after leaving them there until the first week of November, we brought in close to $150. On October 20th, during the Cloverdale Kiwanis Marathon, we held a pumpkin carving contest in which the people voted on the pumpkin they liked best by putting money into a donation box placed next to it. To prepare for this, we held a pumpkin carving night, which was a lot of fun. This activity brought in another $37 for the cause. We also set up donation boxes throughout the high school classrooms, where some of the teachers would give extra credit to anyone who gave money. The students and faculty in our school donated over $200 in the boxes. Along with the Interact Club, we fundraised money on Halloween night through Trick-or-Treating, raising over $550. Lastly, we sponsored a pumpkin smashing event on November 8th, held between the halls of the high school during lunchtime. That activity brought in another $42. The students each paid $2 to smash a pumpkin to their heart’s content. Overall, with putting all these activities together, we were able to fundraise $1000 to give to Kiwanis International for the UNICEF/Eliminate Project.

Cloverdale Club Update Cloverdale Key Club has been up to a lot lately. We have been fundraising for the UNICEF project and have raised about one thousand dollars for this project. We are very excited to give the check to Key Club International for this worthy cause. We raised this money through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF with the help of the Interact Club; we put the UNICEF boxes in local businesses, and in our high school classrooms, and then we held both a pumpkin carving contest and a pumpkin smash. We had a great time raising money for this cause and it will save the lives of many mothers and their future children. After UNICEF we participated in Key Club Week. I have to say our club really enjoyed it. Monday our Board members wanted to appreciate our Key Club members by doing random acts of kindness, such as leaving notes with compliments around the chairs and tables which they found during the club meeting, and they all enjoyed it. We encouraged our members to do random acts of kindness as well, because it can brighten anyone’s day. Tuesday was staff appreciation day. Each of our members wrote thank you cards to all of our school staff; we also left them treats in the teacher’s lounge. Wednesday was Builders Club appreciation day. Our president, Maggie Duran, wrote a letter to our Builder Clubbers saying how much we appreciate their help and complimenting them on the great job they are doing. We also had some of our members baked treats for their meeting. Thursday was Kiwanis appreciation day. Our Board went to their Thursday morning meeting. At the meeting our other Vice President, Jazmin Orozco, wrote a letter and presented it to the Kiwanis members saying how they were the “light of our lives” and how grateful we are for all they have done for us. Then each Key Clubber said a little speech about each Kiwanis member and had that member come up and shake each of our hands, and they received a candle. The next project we did was a joint project with Healdsburg Key Club. We met in Healdsburg to help create a park. Our main job was spreading the woodchips across the ground. It was a great time; we all had a blast. Afterwards the Healdsburg Kiwanis members held a little barbeque for us all, and it was nice to get to socialize with everyone. It was a great way to connect to with other club, and we just had a lot of fun. Another special project we have done this month was working at the Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento. Only three members went from our club but they had a really good time. They helped the Kiwanis members build shelf units, and afterwards had lunch. We have had lots of fun this month doing all these different projects. It was great month. Later in the month we will be raising money for March of Dimes through a bake sale and also raising money for the local Food Pantry. We are staying busy and that’s the way we like it. We are happy to help with these different projects and have a great time doing it. - Cloverdale Vice President Alayna Lorence




Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa High has been pretty active lately. We have been fundraising for UNICEF and have collected our dues and sent them in. We helped set up at Light the Night last month. And we also helped Levi Gran Fondo. And early this month we volunteered at Run or due and started a monthly project at a senior home where we spend our Sundays keeping the elderly company. In December, we are planning to do a gift wrapping project with Casa Grande at Santa Rosa Plaza Mall. We are also going to be fundraising for PTP and UNICEF. We will also be having a bake sale at a sponsoring Kiwanis Club meeting as a fundraising project. And also, we plan to help out with Toys for Tots.

Casa Grande

We have been focusing our time on making 500 ribbon leis for Veteran’s Day to pass out to the Veterans. Also, we have been forming committees: A bake sale committee, a committee for “shopping for tots” and a committee for “senior prom” for seniors in Petaluma. Also, we have any people volunteering locally, such as at the elementary schools with fall carnivals and at Safeway for a Turkey Drive. In December, we plan to do an Interclub with Santa Rosa Key Club. We will also shop for tots, and have a toy drive for Christmas for cheer. We will have ongoing bake sales, and will be planning some sort of afterChristmas project! We are beginning to start on our election process for the new Key Club year as well.


Rancho Cotate

For the month of December, Montgomery’s Key Club has several fun things planned! First, along with our dues, we have collected an additional dollar from each member. To those who paid, we will be distributing white Key club shirts to. Around the holidays, we will be having a party to decorate the shirts, and we will also be collecting toy donations for Toys for Tots. Also, we are planning on participating in other multiple toy drives.

For the month of December, we planned a dine and donate event at Mary’s Pizza Shack. On December 10, we plan to make blankets. Winter break is going to be our slow weeks due to everyone taking a break from school affairs. Some of us are continuing to volunteer at Kid’s Club twice a month. From the month of October, the bake sale that we created, helped raise us a little over $200.00 to help for the Pediatric Trauma Program.

On November 8, Super typhoon Haiyan

killed and injured over 10,000 in the Philippines


Infographic made by D14 LTG Prajwol Devkota

SAVE THE PHILIPPINES Help support the CNH District’s efforts to provide relief to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Donate/Fundraise now! Make checks payable to: “CNH Key Club” with the Memo line: “Club Name, Division ## - Philippines” and send to CNH District Office



PC: Melanie Fu, D07N LTG Lt. Governor Tricia, PIE Chair Jacob, and Dallas Phillips of Casa Grande traveled to Sacramento, for the Lt. Governor Candidate Training Conference where those who are interested in learning about the position; get trained on it. Tricia and Jacob acted as presenters while Dallas was a participant. It was a jam packed day with a lot of learning and laughs. Many people, including Dallas ,came out of training conference with more knowledge on the role of Lt. Governor. Missed this and want to run for LTG? Let LTG Tricia know, so she can send you info.

“It’s arms we lack, but our spirit ain’t wack. D32 is on the attack. So step back, step back” #PurpleandYellowPride This year, our division made it to the second round! This year we bought LTG Tricia, while D20 bough PIE Chair Jacob We raised almost $2000 for PTP

D20 Tsunamis

January 24, 2014 5:00-6:30 calendar of Snoopy’s Home Ice


Tea Party February 2014 Conclave January 18, 2014 Salvation Army (Stony Point) 19



Recognizing the best servant leaders of the month

Montgomery High School Montgomery high school has been doing a fabulous job! Their communication and relationship with their advisor is heartwarming. I hope for you to maintain the close relationship you have with each other. The teamwork that was put into the card-making service project was amazing! I was very excited to see so many Montgomery High School Key Club representatives! Thank you so much for opening up the opportunity to let the division put their contribution into the beautiful cards that Mrs. Shindledecker made!

Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly Fitzgerald, you have been very on top of your game! 20

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Key Leader is a Kiwanis sponsored leadership training that takes place at the Alliance Redwoods in Occidental, CA. This year this three day leadership camp will be on March 28-30th. Start talking to your Kiwanis Club about sponsoring members. They have funds set aside just for Key Leader. Why should you take advantage of this? 1. We are one of the few that can say we have a Key Leader in our area. Occidental is 30 minutes east of Santa Rosa. 2. You get a discount just because you’re a Key Clubber—LUCKY YOU! 3. Your Kiwanis cCub has funds set aside for this. Questions? Contact Richard Fuller at Register now at!

Tricia Tran

Sue Cummins

Thu Dang

Dallas phillips

Raven Quesenberry

Tommy Nguyen

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