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Happy holidays, CNH! We’ve finally reached the end of 2017, and it has been quite a journey. I hope you are all preparing for finals and for the holidays! As the end of December nears, keep in mind your goals for 2018 and the goals you set at the beginning of the term. Do everything in your power to ensure that things are going smoothly and as planned. I wish you all the best of luck on your endeavors, within and outside of Key Club. Today, December 1st is the dues deadline! I hope you have paid your dues – let’s reach our member goal of 43,000 dues paid members! Speaking of goals, Fall Rally North and South have passed and we are well on our way of reaching our district goal of $190,000 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Thanks to your fundraising efforts, CNH Key Club can help save the lives of mothers and their children around the world. As for our third goal of 1.3 million service hours, we still have time to give back to our communities. Let’s keep it up, CNH! We can do this. Lastly, DCON registration is just around the corner. Start thinking about chaperones and fees now to avoid stress when March and April roll around. It’s better to be early than to be late. DCON is one of my favorite events of the year. There’s something inspiring about seeing all the members from across California, Nevada, and Hawaii come together to celebrate a term of success and achievement! I hope to see each and every one of you at DCON 2018 in Reno, Nevada. If you see me, say hi! I love to meet new people and make new friends, especially with those who share my same passion for service. At DCON, members, officers, and district board members will receive the recognition they deserve. Contest applications are now on the CNH CyberKey! Go to > Recognition > Contests to find them all. I strongly encourage club and division editors to apply for distinguished newsletter! Remember, this year, the division newsletter contest is by submission. Be sure to look at the newsletter guidelines. That’s all from me, CNH. Thank you for reading, it is truly an honor to serve you all. See you next month! Zoe Yao District News Editor

Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention 2018 Reno, Nevada April 13-15, 2018 PRICING on-time registration due February 28, 2018


late registration due March 14, 2018


hotel room costs Grand Sierra Resort

$170+/night follow

POLICIES club must be



chaperone ratio

KEY CLUB FORMS Code of Conduct Medical Release Form

each club must provide:

2 SERGEANT-AT-ARMS 2 DELEGATES registration link to be released soon!


Angelica Rose Garcia



Hello CNH! Hopefully you have gotten some well-needed rest during your Thanksgiving break. As the holiday season approaches, let us keep that same enthusiasm and motivation that we had at the beginning of the year.

Merry Christmas, CNH Bees! “Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and jing ting tingaling too / Come on it’s lovely weather for a SERVICE ride together with you!” As Christmas time approaches, the air is filled with joy and warmth — it is time for giving. You have so many service opportunities you can participate in this time of month, so I ask that you highly utilize your resources and serve your communities to the best of your abilities.

In the month of December, members from all across the CNH District get to participate in Candidate Training Conference for Lt. Governors and/or District Officer Training Conference for District Executives. For mostly every part of CNH, CTC is on Saturday, December 9. Ask your Lt. Governor for more information. DOCTC is Sunday, December 10 for those that are interested in running for an executive office. Even if you are slightly interested or just curious as to the specific duties of Lt. Governors or the executives, sign up now! Attending will be very beneficial to you; I can guarantee that. Do not forget to keep serving your communities! I repeat this all the time, but I can never say it too often. Lend a helping hand to people in your communities. For instance, volunteer at your local homeless shelter or donate food to families in need. Make this holiday season the best for the people that deserve it. Happy holidays! Stay buzzin’ bees! Angelica Rose Garcia District Governor


JiMin Margarett Lee

You have so much to look forward to during this wonderful time of year, so please make sure to show lots of love and appreciation for your family, friends, and community. Make thank you cards for your amazing teachers, go Christmas caroling at senior homes, and run food drives for the less fortunate! Of course, there are numerous other ways to serve during this time of year, it just depends on how creative you can get! CNH, you continue to amaze me every day. Having the chance to attend both Fall Rally North and South, I feel so blessed to be serving such an amazing district with so much passion for service and change. Thank you for all your hard works of service and dedication for what you do. You are the reason for all our accomplishments. JiMin Margarett Lee District Secretary

Vivian Chu

Luke Gilmore



Happy December, CNH! The final month of 2017 has arrived. Whether or not you celebrate the upcoming holidays, be sure to take advantage of winter break to spend time with your loved ones. 2017 was an eventful year; make the most of what’s left of it!

Hello, CNH Key Clubbers! I hope you all have had a wonderful November. This is a busy time of year for Key Club International, but it is an exciting one! I am so excited to share with you all the amazing things that KCI is going to offer over the next couple months.

Today was the last day to submit dues to avoid becoming delinquent. If the club you serve has submitted dues already, congratulations and thank you for your hard work! If the club you serve has not, no worries! It is imperative that you reach out to your Lieutenant Governor or me to receive help on submitting dues before February 1st which is when delinquent clubs will be considered suspended. Don’t forget, I am always here to assist you.

First, I would like to remind you all that district and international dues are due on December 1st. CaliNev-Ha Dues are $11.50. $4.50 goes to the district, and $7.00 goes to Key Club International. Dues are vital to becoming an active Key Club member, as dues allow members to run for higher office, help members attend district and international events, and much more.

Fall Rally has passed for both the north and south. This PTP fundraiser is an amazing way to be introduced to Key Club, however, remember that there is so much more to Key Club than a simple trip to Six Flags. Continue to serve your communities and encourage others to do the same. Stay motivated past this fall season and put forth only your best efforts in everything you do. With December here, Candidate Training Conference (CTC) and District Officer Candidate Training Conference (DOCTC) are right around the corner. Running for office is difficult and requires immense amounts of courage, despite this I have full faith in each and every one of you interested! Should you ever have any questions about any position, I am always here to help! Good luck, and believe in yourself. The next time I will see you all will be at District Convention 2018. Though our next meeting will be bittersweet, I am thankful for everything you have done. Vivian Chu District Treasurer

Breakthrough is January 1-7, 2018. The status for Breakthrough applications should have been emailed to everyone as of now; if you are confused because you have not yet received an email, please let me know. Do you want to receive funds for your awesome service projects and potentially be featured on television? Applications for the first round of Nickelodeon’s HALO Movement are due on November 30. Information can be found on www. Applications are due by November 30 and voting takes place from December 4-10. Clubs can win anywhere from US$100-$2500. Did you know you can submit to the new Key Club International service directory? Submit your service project to: forms/kciprojectsubmission. The 2018 Key Club International Convention will be here before you know it! This year, ICON is in Chicago, Illinois on July 4-8, 2018. For help raising funds, check out the KCI sponsorship toolkit on the KCI website. As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I want you all to know that I am extremely thankful for each one of you! Your dedication to the CNH District truly inspires me every day. Keep working hard, CNH, and keep performing service in your communities. Happy Thanksgiving, and please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions! Luke Gilmore International Trustee



7 Annual Sacred Heart Festival Muhammad Rayeed Islam, D10S

8 Fall Rally North

Shria Narayanan, D44N

9 Fall Rally South Allison Huynh, D21

10 Region 5 Training Conference Denise Ly & Hannah Jane, D28S

Want to see YOUR photo or story here? Submit your articles and visuals to your club editor!


Muhammad Rayeed Islam Division 10 South, Gabrielino

For many Key Clubs, there is one significant event that is the hallmark of their club. For Gabrielino Key Club, this singular, trademark event is the Sacred Heart Festival, an annual event at the beginning of November which has come to be a tradition for the club. So steeped in tradition is it that, since the very beginning of the school year, tmembers have been inquiring as to the details of the events, along with when sign-ups would go up. Within a week of the event being posted, over 30 members had signed up for each shift, even though the service itself was still a month away.


Every year, the service is divided into two days—one for the set-up, and one for the actual event. This year, the main event occurred on Saturday, November 4th. The first shift began at 8:00 am, and within the hour, almost 50 volunteers from the club were working on helping the sisters at the retreat do final preparations for the day’s events, including helping bake cookies, clean dishes and trays, set up and organize the gift shop, and other crucial duties. Once any remaining bits of setup had been completed, volunteers got to work helping attendees at the event, performing such tasks as collecting trays, serving food, manning the cash registers, and aiding individual booths. At 11:30, volunteers got a break thanks to a benefactor who had brought them pizza and refreshments, all specifically for volunteers from Gabrielino’s Key Club. At this time, the second shift of the event began as well, and members swapped out their duties. This was the general procedure for the remainder of the day, even during the clean-up shifts.

Throughout the day, the diligence and care of the members kept the service running smoothly, and many members even ended up staying almost an hour extra to help the sisters clean up, thus displaying fully their dedication and commitment to fulfilling the values’ of the club. Thus, once again, the Sacred Heart Festival service proved why it has such a special place in our club’s and members’ hearts, and why we look forward to it so much every year.



OCTOBER 21, 2017| VALLEJO, CA session 2 winner:

D12W super troopers

LTG Isabelle Trinh


session 1 winner:

D27N grizzlies

LTG Kim Hoang

amount raised for PTP:

$70,000+ attendees:

3,916 Shria Narayanan Division 44 North, Granite Bay

In October, we had one of our biggest events of the year -- Fall Rally North! Our club had an amazing time, and we were able to make it to the final round of the rally this year. Members from Division 44 North were able to meet other members from different divisions, and got to meet new friends and hang out with people who also loved Key Club. We are hoping our new members don’t quit after this experience, and will continue with their Key Club journey. This was one of our most exciting FRNs as a division because of how spirited we were during the rally session and we proved to other divisions that we are truly spirited!

session 1 winner:

D38W owls

LTG Aubrey Gilman

session 2 winner:

D04N otters

LTG Christine Dang

session 3 winner:



blue turtles

LTG Wilson Yeung


For months I was looking forward to one day, November 11th. Fall Rally South was a blast. The anticipation for it seemed to last forever and being there was surreal. We had to meet at our school at 5:30am to get onto the bus to Six Flags. I remember feeling really excited and ecstatic. Even the bus ride up was really fun. However, when we got to Six Flags, the real fun began. We were greeted by so many welcoming faces and got to talk to so many different people from different schools and cities all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii. The day seemed to go by so fast from going on roller coasters to hugging random strangers and getting their Instagrams and Snapchats to screaming as loud as I possibly could in the Rally. Not only was it for a really good cause -- raising money for PTP -- but it was a really good way to let loose and make new friends. I definitely had an unforgettable time with my old and new friends and I can’t wait to see what next year has to hold! Allison Huynh Division 21, Patrick Henry

session 4 winner:


pirate penguins

LTG Hazel Cartagena

amount raised for PTP:

$130,000+ attendees:



REGION 5 Denise Ly Division 28 South, Ed W. Clark

Region 5 Training Conference was honestly beyond and above on winning my meter of happiness. I have never felt so happy helping out charities and those who really need it, and cheering my heart out during our cheer session. I cannot express my happiness through a small article, but I have expressed it through the love of working on projects and cheering my heart out. I’m really glad to have attended RTC, and overall I’m happy to do projects that help people out and that dearly is placed in my heart. Hannah Jane Division 28 South, SWCTA


All of the clubs were amazing and it made my heart swell to see so many people at RTC this year. Seeing all the hard work that the members and board has done gives me so much joy. I’m so proud of everyone, including LTG Noah. I couldn’t have asked for a better club. Even though we didn’t win, this club has won my heart.

................................................................... .... .............................................................. ......... ......................................................... .............. .................................................... ................... ............................................... region 5 ........................ .......................................... is located ............................. ..................................... .................................. ................................ HERE ....................................... ........................... ............................................ ...................... ................................................. ................. ...................................................... ............ ........................................................... ....... ................................................................ .. ................................................................... .. ............................................................... ........ ......................................................... .............. ................................................... .................... ............................................. .......................... ....................................... ................................ .................................. ..................................... ............................. .......................................... ........................ ............................................... ................... .................................................... .............. ......................................................... ......... .............................................................. ....

Key Club International Partners VISION PARTNER NICKELODEON joined the Kiwanis family as a 2013 Vision Partner of Kiwanis International with a focus on its Big Help initiative, which addresses issues in service, education, the environment and health.

CO-SPONSOR RUSTIC PATHWAYS has 30 years of experience leading exceptional service programs for students. Recognizing our shared values, Rustic Pathways has partnered with Key Club to provide its members with the opportunity to broaden their global perspective while performing meaningful service projects around the world.

PREFERRED CHARITIES CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS sponsors Key Club fundraising events. Key Club members also participate in service projects at their local children’s hospital. Key Club has partnered with the MARCH OF DIMES for decades to give every baby a healthy start. Key Club members raise thousands of dollars annually through various programs. Since 1994, Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF and over the years has raised nearly $5 million for iodine deficiency programs worldwide and HIV and AIDS programs in Kenya and Swaziland. Now it’s helping The Eliminate Project. Since 2014 Key Club International has been partnering with the THIRST PROJECT during the Month of March to participate in the “Dirty Little Secret” campaign. 748 Million people on our planet do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Key Club members fill up a water bottle with dirty water and carry the bottle around all month. When people ask why, Key Club members share the secret.



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 64 6

AJ Rafael!

WHO IS HE? WHERE IS HE FROM? AJ Rafael is a 28 year old musician from Moreno Valley, California and has self-released two EPs and one album. HOW IS HE FAMOUS? In 2005, he auditioned for American Idol, but did not progress into the later stages. He started his Youtube channel in 2006, where he posted covers and original songs, and became popular through the platform. His music has pop-rock influences and in 2011, he released his first EP, Red Roses. In the same year, he was also nominated to take part in Billboard’s Battle of the Bands, along with other popular artists. WHAT WILL HE BE DOING AT DCON 2018? AJ Rafael will be the guest speaker at DCON 2018, and aside from singing, the audience can hear more about the charity that he is involved with, which is called Music Speaks. It has run the Autism Benefit Concert every year since 2006 and all proceeds are donated to autism research. We hope to see you there!

Y L L A R L L A F P A C E R H T es R e d n e t t NO a 3,841 d for se ai r + 0 0 0 , 0 $7 PTP

EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE VISUAL VISUAL MEDIA MEDIA A QUICK TALK ABOUT MARKETING Here’s some pointers on effective outreach and marketing using visual media.

COMMUNICATION TIPS Visual media all comes together with communication. First, here’s a summary of my favorite tips: - Be moderately persistent. Make an effort to speak to and check up with others. - Use every and any form of inclusive social media to post on. - Be kind. Be considerate.


ORGANIZATION When making flyers and using other media for publicity, make sure to keep your work organized: - Filing Example(s) POSITION_TERM


The tip, “Be kind. Be considerate.” Is extremely important. Maintain SafeKEY and pay attention to your audience.


Here’s an example of an appropriate social media caption: Hello Bees! District Convention is around the corner. Catch us at Reno, Nevada April 13-15! Contact your Club President and/or Lieutenant Governor if you’re interested. We can’t wait to see you there!

PHOTOS DESIGN Note, this is just an example. Organize in a way that’s most convenient for you and the people you work with.

OTHER TIPS - If attempting to maximize your publicity using visual media, keep in mind the amount and frequency of your outreach: - Minimum Publicity (e.g. Frequent events; simple reminders) - Medium Publicity (e.g. Monthly, Yearly events; for increased attendance) - Maximum Publicity (e.g. “Special, Important” Events; max. outreach!) - Be effective with your time. It’s okay to spend more time on an event you deem needs more of it. You don’t necessarily need a unique video for every single event and meeting, but I do recommend comunicating regularly so that your audience can easily find the information they need.

Fall Rally NORTH @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


@ Six Flags Magic Mountain


funds raised:

funds raised:


(an increase of $12,862 from last year)




(an increase of 162 attendees from last year)

$ 130,000 (an increase of $34,272 from last year)



(a decrease of 644 attendees from last year)

Every year, the CNH Key Club District hosts two fall rallies to celebrate funds raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Funds serve as a special beacon to help those in need pertaining to pediatric trauma; for example, funds can save lives by purchasing items such as helmets and car seats. This charity has brought the passionate idea of a true helping hand to new heights.

How do YOU continue to raise money for PTP?

What Has Has The The CNH CNH What Foundation Been Been Doing? Doing? Foundation BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE Many of us have been granted with the opportunity to access the internet in a matter of seconds, but for a great number of families in our district, it is impossible because there is no computer at home. Making it difficult to complete school assignments that require internet access. With an $800 grant from the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Costa Mesa was able to bridge the digital divide for 19 low-income children by providing these students with their very own Chromebook as part of a larger back to school shopping spree. 24 Children in grades 2 - 7 were selected to participate in the Kelly’s closet event. Each child was partnered with an SLP member who helped pick out new clothes and shoes in preparation for the new school year. Following the shopping spree, 19 of the lucky children were granted with a Chromebook.

CNH Foundation Foundation CNH

Yo rr Yo

or M M tt or

In October, wildfires were ravaging neighborhoods all across California due to strong winds and dry conditions. As of October 12, 2017, CalFire reports more than 221,000 acres have burned and 3,500 structures have been destroyed, with many of these fires nowhere near containment. Due to generous donations from our Kiwanis Family, local clubs were able to apply for Disaster Assistance grants to help rebuild their communities following the damaging fire. More than 50 years ago, the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation was established following a natural disaster. While the focus has broadened through the years, our commitment to helping children and families remains at the core of their mission.

$1,200 grant from the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale was able to restock a school library library and learning center with non-text books, math manipulatives, art supplies and general school supplies.


@ camp cedar glen and camp jones gulch

october 20-22 & november 17-19

Key Leader was truly something that all future leaders should attend. They taught us different Robin Yi, D35W leadership styles and how to understand others’ contrasting views. These lessons were designed specifically not to encourage, control, or be biased towards any particular leadership style, but in such a way to educate others how to apply these to their own personal lives. They treated us with equality and without thought that we were in high school or even in middle school. Our peers, including myself were all excited to learn and it was nice to be around such ambitious, open people who want to achieve more. I am very thankful for everyone who put so much time into teaching high school students valuable life lessons that we will hold onto. I’m already waiting to come back to learn more!

Camp Cedar Glen

Even though this wasn’t my first Key Camp Jones Gulch Leader, I can’t say I wasn’t nervous. As a Kathy Thach, D46N Student Facilitator I was highly aware of the impact of my actions, words, and the influence I had on those who looked up to me. With my past experience from going to Key Leader last year, I was able to use the leadership skills I learned and apply them this year as a facilitator. Without all the Key Leaders I met, I wouldn’t have had such a great time. I highly recommend going to Key Leader in your area to learn about servant leadership while making long-lasting friends.

Kathryn Enriquez, D37E I attended the Key Leader event at Camp Camp Cedar Glen Cedar Glen this year as a Key Leader Student

Facilitator. The Key Leader program is based around five principles: integrity, growth, respect, building community, and the pursuit of excellence. The weekend is built around building better leaders. The facilitators, both adults and students, do this through situational analysis, personal inquiry and reflection. There are sections that guide you to how to effectively communicate with all types of people, assisting you not only in Key Club, but in life. At this Key Leader event, we had sessions to learn about leadership and activities to put our new skills into action. There were team bonding activities such as a wall climb, a tarp flip, a copycat structure building activity, etc. We had group activities where we expressed what it means to be a true leader and how to lead not only in positive situations, but in more difficult times as well. Lastly, we made future goals and developed strategies for execution, both personal and for our Key Club selves. Members get inspired by the camp in a variety of ways. For me, Key Leader camps have always been an opportunity to break out of my shell. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet new people, it also serves as a way to focus on the true meaning of Key Club‌ the people. Whether it be the people you are serving as members or those of your community, there is an underlying commonality that we can make it better together. This year, I was a student facilitator which allowed me to build upon by leadership skills by running a small group. I was given the opportunity to assist others while improving my communication and leadership skills.

What is your role in Kiwanis? "I am the faculty advisor (and the Kiwanis Advisor most of the time too) for the Aktion Club of CNH Division 31, Board Member for the KYDS Club of San Diego, and committee member for Key Leader Camp."

"Kiwanis has given me the opportunity to be more, do more, serve more, help more, than I ever could have on my own."

Why did you choose to get involved?

""Initially, I saw Kiwanis as a place where I could meet others that had shared interests, develop my public speaking skills, and serve my community. After a few service projects, I quickly came to view Kiwanis as a place where I was experiencing life up close and personal."

Who has played the biggest role in your Kiwanis journey? "My husband Geoff has by far played the biggest role in my Kiwanis journey. He has encouraged me to take leadership roles and responsibilities that I wasn't quite sure I was ready for, supported me as I developed my skills and became more confident, and celebrated me when I achieved my goals. He has always been an overwhelmingly positive force in my life and has enabled me to become the Kiwanian I am today.

"Kiwanis is special because everyone can be a leader."

Describe your Kiwanis journey in five words.

Seek, serve, craft, sleep, repeat.

Why did you join Key Club?

Favorite Cheer?

"Being 100% honest, I joined just because all the popular upperclassmen were in it, and I would see those "Instagram famous" high schoolers post pictures of them in lime green at Six Flags when I was in middle school for some reason. All the hype was with Key Club and Interact, and as an incoming freshmen I wanted to go with the flow. Believe it or not I actually wasn't the biggest fan of Key Club, and was a huge Interactor when I first started."

"My favorite Key Club cheer would probably be ABCD because D2 has been using it for the past three years for spirit battles, and I'm pretty sure they'll continue even after I graduate and years to come."

Dream Mascot?

Key Club Moment?

"My dream Key Club mascot would probably a wolf just because I've always wanted a pet wolf."

"District Convention 2015. I only attended because my officers were asking freshmen to go, but I felt bad that no freshman was going, In fact, I did not want to go at all. I was extremely nervous and scared... Little did I know that Dcon 2015 was the best part of my year. It opened my eyes and showed me something I've never seen before. I got to experience and see how gigantic our organization is, and even with our size we are still connected through service. Ever since then, I kept growing in my Key Club journey. From member to freshmen representative, to club president, and now Division Co-Spirit Coordinator for my last year."

Describe your experience in five words.

"Once in a lifetime experience"

Most embarassing Key Club story?

"My most embarrassing Key Club memory I can think of is probably when I was president holding a board meeting at my house. My laptop was connected to the projector for meeting slides, and after the meeting ended I guess I left my laptop on so my officers decided it would be fun to look at my browser history."


DCON 2018: RENO, NEVADA! ”””””“Help lead the Service Safari!””””


As a Workshop Presenter, you have the opportunity to both educate upcoming officers and send a message to your audience in a 40 minute time frame. This platform will allow you to share your personal experiences and advice for new skills and knowledge for hundreds of DCON attendees. If this is not your first time attending DCON, we ENCOURAGE that you apply to be a Workshop Presenter. Think back to an enjoyable workshop that you were able to attend and create a Key Club moment for the audience this upcoming term!


• PASSIONATE for their workshop content • EAGER to share their experiences and perspective to many Key Clubbers • QUICK THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS • PREPARED to create and present a workshop that follows one or more of the following training strands: - Leadership, Service, Kiwanis Family, Personal Growth, Technology and Media • Creativity, Original, Never-before-seen ideas



Take the opportunity to invoke and inspire passion like these presenters from DCON 2017 — Anaheim!


• Anyone attending DCON 2018 in Reno, NV! - Key Clubbers, Advisors, Charities, Military, College Professors/Admissions Officers, more!


You can find the application on the CNH CyberKey under District Convention: > District Convention > Workshop Presenter Application


Member Relations & Retention Webinar


The Member Relations Committee hosted the Member Relations & Retention Webinar on October 26th, 2017 at 8 PM PST. Member Relations Chair Johnny Chen, Division 8 Lieutenant Governor Fermin Bautista, and Division 41 South Lieutenant Governor Ryan Dunn introduced the MRS Committee, the importance of Member Relations, and how to improve overall interactions and member retention and participation during the term.


• Educate the District on the purpose of the • • • • • • •

Member Relations Committee Defining a good first impression Explain what Member Relations is Introduce the concept of the Key Club Pitch Learning how to make interactions fun How to maintain retention over the term Promote the annual education plan (SOEP) Spicing up the Term



Missed the webinar? You can watch the final product on the CNH Key Club Youtube account by scanning this QR Code with apps like Snapchat and Chrome or by going to this link:!

Candidate Training Conference Are You Interested In Running For LTG? Then the Candidate Training Conference for Lt. Governors is the one for you! Learn from current Lt. Governors what it takes to be one, and how to run for the position. Ask those that are currently doing the job what it is like before you decide if it is for you.

Candidate Training Conference will be administered at 9 different locations: Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Sunnyvale, Burbank, Central Valley, Vista, Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Hawaii

Contact Your Lieutenant Governor for more information on CTC registration dates and locations near you! On Saturday, December 9th





If you are interested in serving as an Executive next term, you MUST attend District Officer Candidate Training Conference. Potential Candidates from Hawaii should contact District Administer Mr. Gin and your Region Advisor!




LOCATIONS: Kiwanis Professional Center, Racnho Cucamunga Kiwanis Family House, Sacramento


“It is overwhelming at times but I love serving as Governor and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” -District Governor Angelica “The most rewarding part of serving as DSec is that I am able to directly see the impact that the divisions are making” -District Secretary Margarett

H N C See ey K r e Cyb ore! For M


Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) worldwide. This historic initiative, called “The Eliminate Project”, will protect the lives of babies and mothers all over the globe and will help end this cruel, centuries-old disease. The final push to eliminate MNT requires $110 million and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis Family. The more than 100 million women, along with their future newborns, who will be protected through global MNT elimination efforts, live in areas scarred by poverty, poor medical infrastrucutre or humanitarian crises. The Eliminate Project will also help pave the the way for the delivery of other lifesaving services such as clean water, nutrition, and other vaccines.

SUBMITTING FUNDS FOR UNICEF Visit for more information on submitting your club’s Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF funds! Additionally, all clubs that have raised $250 or more can submit the money with a form found at the link above by the end of the year in order to receive a patch for their club banner! Submission Link:

OCTOBER DANCE FOR UNICEF By donating $5 to UNICEF, Key Clubbers from Divisions 22 Hikina and 22 Komohana could attend Farrington Key Club’s October Dance for UNICEF. To publicize the event, clubs focused on promoting that donations would be used to help children around the world. At the dance, Key Clubbers were first given food provided by the Kiwanis Club of Honolulu, shown a video and presentation on UNICEF, and again asked for donations. Afterwards, members got to enjoy a night of dancing and fun. Bonds with Key Clubbers and Kiwanians were made, and a sizable donation was given to UNICEF. Lawrence Gerald Guittap | D22 Hikina | Region 18 |

DONATION CANS Beyond just Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF, Gregori Key Club decorated donation cans for each of the teachers and Key Clubbers at their school. Each person with a donation can was educated on The Eliminate Project so that they too would be able to explain what the donated funds would be used for. For the month of October, Gregori Key Club was able to raise $171 for The Eliminate Project. Their fundraiser was a fun and simple way to raise money for UNICEF! Kathy Thach | D46 North | Region 12 |


EO Spirits

ET Redbulls


EX orcas

E Hippos

key club

division 35 west WHAT DOES SERVICE MEAN TO US?

As Key Clubbers, we have the opportunity to give back to the people that helped us and change the communities we live in. Our organization puts an emphasis on being a good person at heart and being a hands on person in everything we do. I want every seal to know that what you do is always smiled upon and beloved. Don’t ever forget that service and volunteering is the bind we create with the people who love us and that it will never go unnoticed. Your hard work and efforts have done various things from eliminating MNT to giving kids a place to enjoy the great outdoors. So always remember, whenever you are handing out water, removing weeds, or picking up some trash you found on the floor, that you are truly altering the world in small steps. Now THAT is what Key Club is all about.

- Guy Suankaew, D35W ltg

silver and teal we’re

the best

sealy art

DIVISION RECOGNITION First of all, congratulations! Being chosen for this recognition is truly an honor, and you should be excited! I, as well as everyone on the district board, am extremely proud of you and grateful for your service. It is because of people like you that our district is so successful. It is important to remember that although Key Club is not about the recognition but about the service, recognition does play a role in our district, something that myself and the committee I serve make sure of. Again, congratulations and remember to keep on striving to do your best!

Buzzing with Service, Charlotte Wood Member Recognition Chair






El Cerrito

Jenny Wu

William Huang Lin


Julia Barris

Jasmine Nguyen

Kimberly Merlihan

Patricia van Voorst

Mater Dei

Tia Riley

Crystal Banh

Ms. Carbone

Mrs. Briscoe

7 North


Nayeli Lara

Daisy De Lara

Lisa Stubenrauch Jujhaar Singh

Fam Saeteurn

7 South

Pleasant Grove

Victor Liu

Elena Ochoa

10 North

Temple City

Jeremy Law

Hanna Von

Mr. Smith

Mr. Arnold

10 South

Mark Keppel

Nhat Nguyen

Andy Phu



Vincent Polk

12 East

KIPP San Jose

Matthew Pimentel

Yash Tanna

12 South

Oak Grove

Robel Wolehana

Anna Trinh

12 West

Abraham Lincoln

Uyen Vy

Kelly Neal

Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor Vonnah M. Bagner

3 North 3 South 4 East 4 North 4 West 5 North 5 South



Stephanie Kinnamon

Mr. Ho





Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor

St. Anthony

Kelly Tran

Alyssa Guevara


Adrianelli Barboza

Drew Williams

Yvonne Smith

Rhonda Cameron

Kelly Panlaqui

Kaylen Wenzel

Esther Ok

13 North 13 South 13 West 14 15 East 15 North


Miles Mezaki

Matthew Neitman

Elaine Skaggs

Mike Frayer

15 South


Crystal Vasquez

Marjie Gopez

Vivian Yeh

Donna Borden

16 East

Van Nuys

Daniella Pareja

Isabel Morales

Casey Hayes

Jim Lofdahlt

16 North

Golden Valley

Andrew Benser

Hazel Aguilez

Scott Cooper

Laura Ridnor

16 South

John Burroughs

Vera Naskyan

Michelle Rivera

Mr. Fernando

Mr. Ridnor

El Diamante

Paul Conway

Lauren Davis

Sarah Elder

Richard Hineman

19 North

Da Vinci

Michelle Serrao

Luke Hernandez

Caesar Perez

Phil Brock

19 South

Palos Verdes

Jared Dorsky

Janelle Catbagan

Rachael Brown

Jaskie Acosta



Jessica Perez

Emily Lau

Diane Green

Terry Kemp



Ryan Lieng

Summer McGuckin

Valerie Crawford

John Crawford

22 Hikina


Braven Suzuki

Sophie Yamamura

Deira Itagaki

Jonathan Oshiro

22 Komohana

Pearl City

Patricia Cambe

Christopher Miya

Michael Bay

Joy Nishida

22 Makai


Darian Martin



Chantelle Cabinilla

Abby Garcia

Jennifer Farley

Gary Benedetti

26 North

College Park

Bridget Auriello

Caroline Jones

Mark Tobin

Donald Palotta

26 South


Natalie Teeter

Nikki Nguyen

Ashley Sheaff

Cindy Gin

27 North

Cesar Chavez

Alan Lin

Jasmine Louie

Joseph Trinh

Chuck Fromm

27 South


Paolo Acosta

Haley Gore

Luis Morias

Carol Davis

28 East


Sage Dang

Khadija Rashidally

Hokunani Keehu

Jon Bostrum

28 North


Britney Rodriguez

Kiel Dy

Mr. Hall, Ms. Vallari

Josie MacHott

28 South

Southwest CTA

Camllie Marukot

Mayann LandKamer

Pate Thomas

28 West

Arbor View

Tatiana Avalos

Jayden Curameng

Laura Shui

16 West 18 East 18 West

Alden Transfiguration Charlene Masuhara

Ryan Nagoshi


Raymond McKayt






Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor


Pioneer Valley

Jordan Dodson

Jordan Dodson

Ana Jacobo

Santiago Banuelos

30 North

La Serna

Adrianne Ong

Celine Dong

Susan Feighery

Matt Holmberg

30 South


Eunice Myuong

Jennifer Nguyen

Michael Moreno

Joe Dale

Vina Culas

Katie Lin


Lucy Harmuth

Lorna Louie

Carney Skold

Martin Mansmann

35 East


Ernest Feng

Raymond Cheng

Justin Panlilio

Mary Price

35 West

Glen A Wilson

Drake Huffman

Amy Chen

Cheri Lee

Mahmood Bashir

36 East

San Gorgonio

Annabelle Lam

Siousxie Polonco

Emily Jeffries

Mike Balligner

36 West

Jurupa Hills

Ronald Gochez

Brandon Aragon

Linda Merino

Debbie Budd

37 East

Del Lago Academy

Jewel Yee

Rendell Estacio

Mr. Munson

Margo Dutton

37 North


Emily Medeiros

Deianira Griffith

Kathy Dao

Greg Kind

El Camino

Katrina Espiritu

Maiya Lee

Kathy Hamamoto

Joe Gieda


Kylie Herrera

Sabrina Rashid

Felecia Gray

Richard Olmstead

41 South

Aliso Niguel

Jonathan Tran

Annebelle Olminkhof

Mr. Ritscher

John Schroeder

42 East


Kyle Yasui

Erin Steckline

Don Erickson

Bob Engler

42 West

Santa Paula

Gabriel Ramsey

Regina Hernandez

Armando Rico

John Muller



Alex Huang

Shannen Sicat

Karen Lidl

Andrew West

44 North


Kyra Schimpf

Noah Himed

Debra Kopp

Lori Heitz, Placer

44 South

Bella Vista

Cannon Burford

Dante Dustan

Chris Lenz

Donna Gordon


Juliana Leon

Yasmin Caballero

Danielle Jackson

Nanci Tougaw

31 33 34 North 34 South

37 South 37 West 38 East 38 West 39 41 North

45 46 North 46 South 47


DECEMBER DISTRICT CALENDAR What is a division council meeting? A Division Council Meeting (DCM) is a meeting conducted by the respective Lieutenant Governor for the members of his or her respective division. DCMs are full of information about upcoming events, education about Key Club, and much more. There is always something for everyone at a DCM! At DCMs, you will learn more about various projects and events, get involved with the division and its people, and gain a better understanding of how great this organization truly is. You are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about what’s been happening in Key Club, and why it matters to you. Some DCMs are even combined with a service project, fundraiser, or social event so you can be there for more than one reason!








3:30 pm

Alameda High School


5:00 pm

Canyon Rim Elementary


12:30 pm

Fountain Valley Rec. Center

16400 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

7 North


2:00 pm

Hiram Johnson High School

6879 14th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820

7 South


4:30 pm

Jungkeit Park

10 North


1:00 pm

Temple City Park

10 South


1:00 pm

Rosemead Community Center

3936 Muscatel Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770



6:00 pm

Family House of Pancakes

1900 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950

12 East


5:00 pm

Camden Community Center

12 South


5:00 pm


12 West


5:00 pm

Camden Community Center

2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

3 North 3 South 4 East

1090 S the Highlands, Anaheim, CA 92808

4 North 4 West 5 North 5 South

9760 Fire Poppy Dr, Elk Grove, CA 95757

8 10144 Bogue St, Temple City, CA 91780 United States

3369 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 TBA 3369 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124








1:00 pm

Bellflower Kiwanis Hall

9302 Laurel St, Bellflower, CA 90706



6:00 pm

Live Oak High School

2351 Pennington Rd, Live Oak, CA 95953

15 East


6:00 pm

Center Ice Arena

201 S Plum Ave, Ontario, CA 91761

15 North


4:00 pm

Member’s House

13130 Norcia Dr, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91739

15 South


5:00 pm

Ontario Center Ice Arena

16 East


1:00 pm

Dearborn Park

16 North


1:00 pm

Boys and Girls Club

24909 Newhall Ave, Newhall, CA 91321

16 South


4:30 pm

Salvation Army

300 E Angeleno Ave, Burbank, CA 91502


11:00 am

Plaza Park

19 North


12:00 pm

Alondra Park

19 South


4:00 pm

Hermosa Kiwanis Hall



2:00 pm

Christmas Cheer Building

1338 Ross Street, Petaluma, CA 94952



5:00 pm

Rady Children’s Hospital

3030 Childrens Way, San Diego, CA 92123

22 Hikina


11:30 am

Kaiser High School

11 Lunalilo Home Rd, Honolulu, HI 96825

22 Komohana


9:00 am

Mililani High School

95-1200 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani, HI 96789

22 Makai


12:00 pm

Hilo High School



10:30 am

UNR William Raggio Building

26 North


3:00 pm

EAs House

26 South


6:00 pm

Danville Grange Hall

27 North


1:00 pm

San Joaquin Delta College

27 South


1:00 pm

Mountain House High School

28 East


5:00 pm

Foothill High School

800 College Dr, Henderson, NV 8900

28 North


5:00 pm

Veterans Tribute CTA

22531 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89106

28 South


5:00 pm

Desert Oasis High School

6600 W Erie Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141

28 West


5:00 pm

Cimarron Memorial High School

13 North 13 South 13 West

201 S Plum Ave, Ontario CA 91761 17141 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91325

16 West 18 East

9000 W Airport Dr, Visalia, CA 93277

18 West 3850 W Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260 2515 Valley Dr, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

556 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, HI 96720 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557



313 Ada Dr, Pacheco, CA 94553 743 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA 94526 5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207 1090 S Central Pkwy, Mountain House, CA 95391

2301 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89128








3:00 pm

Santa Maria Roller Rink

937 S Thornburg St, Santa Maria, CA 93458

30 North


12:00 pm

Buena Park High School

8833 Academy Dr, Buena Park, CA 90621

30 South


12:00 pm

Buena Park High School

8833 Academy Dr, Buena Park, CA 90621



10:00 am

El Cajon Library


5:00 pm

El Camino High School

35 East


10:00 am

Cortez Park

2441 E Cortez St, West Covina, CA 91791

35 West


11:00 am

Rosemead Community Center

3936 Muscatel Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770

36 East


12:30 pm

LA Kings Icetown

1054 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92373

36 West


3:30 pm

Arroyo Valley High School

37 East


9:00 pm

Westview High School

37 North


5:00 am

Temecula Valley High School


1:30 pm

Calavera Hills Community Park

2997 Glasgow Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92010


2:00 pm

Antelope Valley Hospital

1600 W Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93534

41 South


6:00 pm

Aliso Viejo Ice Palace

42 East


11:00 am

Freedom Park

480 Skyway Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

42 West


11:00 am

Freedom Park

480 Skyway Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010



4:00 pm

Marina Civic Center

211 Hillcrest Ave, Marina, CA 93933

44 North


2:00 pm

Hiram Johnson High School

6879 14th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820

44 South


2:00 pm

Hiram Johnson High School

6879 14th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820


6:00 pm

Beyer High School

1717 Sylvan Ave, Modesto, CA 95355

201 E Douglas Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

33 34 North

1320 Mission Rd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

34 South

1881 W Base Line St, San Bernardino, CA 92411 13500 Camino Del Sur, San Diego, CA 92129 31555 Rancho Vista, Temecula, CA 92592

37 South 37 West 38 East 38 West 39 41 North 9 Journey, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

45 46 North 46 South 47


leadership team News Editor | Zoe Yao


Visual Media Editor | Kelly Tran

district executives

Communications & Marketing Chair

District Convention Chair | Samantha Voong

Governor | Angelica Garcia

Secretary | JiMin Margarett Lee

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair | Jesus Aguiniga

Treasurer | Vivian Chu

Member Recognition Chair | Charlotte Wood

district administrators

Member Relations Chair

District Administrator | Doug Gin

Assistant Administrator | Marshall Roberson

Assistant Administrator | Alan Quon

Special Assistant | Pete Ballew

Graphics Dept Coordinator | Trinity Tran Nguyen

Policy Int’l & Elections Chair | Kai Catarata

Special Assistant | Marek LeBlanc

Service Leadership Programs | Bruce Hennings

region 1

Service Projects Chair | Alex Gatus

district coordinators

Key Leader Coordinator | Lindy Chen Sergeant-At-Arms Coordinator | Eduardo Torres

region 3

Division 11

Division 4E

Division 31

Division 4N

Region Advisor | Geoff Tobias

region 2

DIvision 21 Division 37E Division 37N Division 37S Division 37W


Technology Editor | Roland del Mundo

Region Advisor | Tim Cunning

Division 4W Division 30N Division 30S Division 41N Division 41S Region Advisor | Elaine Pong

region 4

Division 36E Division 36W

Division 47 Region Advisor | Carolyn Qualm

region 5

Division 28E Division 28N Division 28S Division 28W Division 38E Division 38W Region Advisor | Hanna Santee Region Advisor | Dick Olmstead

region 6

Division 23 Division 45 Region Advisor | Michael McStroul

region 7

Division 3N Division 3S Division 16N Division 16S Division 16E Division 16W Region Advisor | Doug Ridnor

region 8

Division 13N Division 13S Division 13W Division 19N Division 19S

Division 42W Region Advisor | Stacie Marotta

region 11

Division 18E Division 18W Division 33 Region Advisor | Caroline Farris

region 12

Division 5N Division 5S Division 46N Division 46S Region Advisor | Caroline Farris

region 13

Division 10N Division 10S Division 15E

Region Advisor | Mark Ross

Division 15N Division 15S

region 9

Division 35E

Division 2 Division 8 Division 26N Division 26S

Division 27N Division 27S Division 44N Division 44S Region Advisor | Rae Whitby-Brummer

region 17

Division 12E Division 12S Division 12W Division 34N Division 34S Division 43 Region Advisor | Jennifer Buelna Region Advisor | Jim Davis Region Advisor | Rachel Shanley

region 18

Division 22H

Region Advisor | Patricia Cridland

Division 22M

region 14

Region Advisor | Charlene Masuhara

Division 14/39

region 10

region 15

Division 42E

Division 7S

Division 22K

Region Advisor | Rhonda Cameron

Division 29

Division 7N

Division 35W

Region Advisor | Victor Chan

Division 24

region 16

Region Advisor | Joshua Chang

Division 20/32 Region Advisor | Tricia Shindledecker


Profile for CNH Key Club

The Buzz | December 2017 | CNH Key Club  

The Official CNH District Newsletter, brought to you by District News Editor Zoe Yao.

The Buzz | December 2017 | CNH Key Club  

The Official CNH District Newsletter, brought to you by District News Editor Zoe Yao.

Profile for cnhkc