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from the editor what's the buzz, cnh?

Happy November! Can you believe that we are more than halfway through the 2017-2018 term? It has flown by so quickly, and I have had a blast serving you all. I have enjoyed myself so much this term – I have served, laughed, and loved more than ever during this term, tand I owe it all to you! Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and service so far. Let’s keep this spirit going through until DCON 2018! Speaking of DCON, now is the time to start thinking about fundraising. Transportation and admission costs may be a financial burden for members. Come up with ways to fundraise in order to subsidize costs in the future so that more members can attend DCON! The DCON 2018 theme is Service Safari and will be taking place April 13-15 in Reno, Nevada. Hope to see you there!

Dues are due soon! If you have not yet paid your dues, be sure to do it now! BEE proactive to make sure that you are officially registered as a member for the 2017-2018 term. You must be a dues paid member to attend DCON! If you have any questions regarding where our dues go, how to submit dues, or anything at all, contact your club treasurer or our District Treasurer Vivian Chu. Club and Division editors, remember to submit articles and visuals! You are likely to be featured in the District Newsletter if you continue to submit each month. Thank you all for reading! I’ll see you next month.

Zoe Yao District News Editor

where he's from Kansas District

favorite song and why

“You Will Be Found� from Dear Evan Hansen. I love the message it conveys--someone is always there for you and no one is truly alone.

favorite color


favorite subjects

english & music

how he deals with stress take

a small break and either do a hobby I love or hang out with friends and family!

favorite service event Kansas

District Fall Rally! I love seeing many youth gathered together and celebrating service.

key club moment

my first International Convention in 2015!

random fact about him I play 10 instruments.

meet your


Luke Gilmore

4 // executive messages

Angelica Garcia District Governor what’s buzzin, bees?

It’s time to give thanks (although you should every single day)! This month is best known for the holiday of Thanksgiving. Make the most of this month by giving back to your communities in a way that shows your appreciation to them. Whether it be writing cards for our troops, or making gift baskets for your Kiwanians, anything you do will leave an impact to the receivers. Your actions are impactful; please remember that. If not by the people you wish to impact, rest assured that you ha e definitely im acted three eo le me Margarett, and Vivian.

han you. o the members without you none of this would have ever been accomplished. Your love for this wonderful organization was shown through your attendance and your contributions. han you. o the e ecuti es you have been enduring the stress that this level brings. Your endurance is what inspires me to work as hard as you two do. Not only am I blessed to be in your presence, but to work closely with such passionate individuals makes me forever indebted to the higher being that has allowed for this to happen. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I love you all.

Angelica Garcia District Governor cnhkc.govc1718@gmail.com

I want to personally thank you for your hard work so far. Fall Rally North has quickly come and gone, with the preliminary numbers of 3,600+ attendees and $42,000+ raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program. I am so grateful to serve alongside such incredible student leaders. o the board members you continue to amaze me every day. I knew you all worked above and beyond, but this is unbelievable.

JiMin Margarett Lee hello, CNH!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful beginning of fall! With the trees turning orange and the weather becoming more chilly, that can only mean one thing — MORE SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES! Remember to keep COOL and continuously work to achieve the goals you set out in the beginning of the year. Keeping your goal in mind will not only help you stay focused and on track, but also help you achieve your goals one at a time. Fall season is the best season for service. Be sure to reach out to different service facilities and ask if you can help with any projects they may be having! Maybe ask your local food shelters in advance if you can help with Thanksgiving food bagging/distribution projects or if you can help with local food drives. There are so many service opportunities in this time of year, so always BEE on the lookout!

District Secretary

Always remember to take care of your health first so wor roacti ely to ensure that you don’t end up overextending yourself during these next crucial months. Especially to my fellow seniors be sure to finish those college apps and submit as soon as you can! Once you submit, I promise that you’ll feel much less stressed. As always, I’m always here to chat if you need to!

JiMin Margarett Lee District Secretary cnhkc.sec1718@gmail.com

5 // international update

Vivian Chu

District Treasurer

what’s buzzin, CNH?

November has arrived! With two months left in this year, I hope that you all lived a year you are proud of. If you have yet to achieve any goals you set in January, keep pushing! I have firm faith in you all. The early bird dues deadline has passed as of today, however, if the club you serve has yet to pay dues, there is still the regular dues deadline - December 1st. I cannot stress how important it is for the club you serve to submit dues by this deadline. Should you ever need any help, I am always here to assist you!

Fall Rally North passed in October, and Fall Rally South will occur early November. Many clubs typically face a decline in attendance after these two events, which is why it is imperative that you give the members you serve a reason to continue participating in Key Club. Be sure to attend service events, participate in as many club and division

Luke Gilmore

events as possible, and encourage others to continue their passion as well. Since November is a month of thankfulness (though you should be appreciative year round!), remember to take time to show gratitude for everything you have. Take time to thank an officer, advisor, or member for their efforts. Show appreciation for your friends, family, and anyone who supports you. Going off of this, I would like to say thank you all so, so much for everything you do for your homes, schools, and communities. Serving the largest and most spirit district of Key Club International is truly an honor and privilege, and I’m grateful for all of your service, spirit, and passion. Continue to push through this hectic fall season, and as always, thank you for your service!

Vivian Chu District Treasure cnhkc.trs1718@gmail.com

International Trustee

greetings, CNH key club!

I hope you all have had a great October. October is a busy month for the CNH District for sure, as the Fall Rally season is starting and as RTC season is nearing its end. I want to commend all of you for your wonderful work to the betterment of the CNH District and to Key Club International. I have just a few reminders. First, please be sure to turn in your Trick-or- Treat money that your club raised by the end of October. Trick-or- Treat for UNICEF is an amazing way for Key Clubs to raise funds for the Eliminate Project. Please continue to promote this initiative to your clubs. This year, the International Board Committee on Service has proposed a $700,000 goal towards our $3 million goal that Key Club International hopes to fulfill by the year 2020. Key Club Week is approaching! Go ahead and mark it on your calendars—Key Club Week will be held on November 6-10, 2017. Encourage your clubs to participate in this week full of service and kick off Kiwanis Family Month! Wear your favorite Key

Club gear, recognize those who have been impactful in your Key Club journey, perform a service project impacting one of Key Club’s sponsored charities, take part in a day of ‘random acts of kindness’, or team up with your local Kiwanis Family branches and participate in a day of serving your community. International Convention will be here before you know it! The 2018 Key Club International Convention will be held on July 4-8, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. More information will be coming soon in future International updates! That’s all for this message! I hope you guys have an amazing rest of October. Please feel free to contact me via one of my media platforms listed below. Keep up the amazing work, and keep impacting your communities, clubs, divisions, and district!

Luke Gilmore International Trustee lukegilmore.kci@gmail.com

6 //district board submissions

from your

d i stric t board leadership team: District News Editor Zoe Yao District Technology Editor

Roland del Mundo District Visual Media Editor Kelly Tran

Communications & Marketing Gaby Yonarta

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Eduardo Torres

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CYBERCORNER cnhkeycl ub. org

SUBM I TA STORY Whati s“S ubmi tAS t or y?” Bes ur et os ubmi tas t or yf ort hechance t obef eat ur edont heCNHCyber Key. T he“S ubmi tAS t or y”pagei sagr eatway t os har eyours er vi ceevent sandpr oj ect s t oi ns pi r eot her sandt oi mpr ovet he qual i t yofs er vi ceal l acr os sCNH! CNHCyber Key

I NF ORMAT I ONNEEDED: Name Emai l Addr es s Cl ub,Di vi s i on Pos i t i on T i t l eofS ubmi s s i on Cont ent( yours t or y) I mages( Googl eDr i ve) S ubmi t t edt ot heDoc f oundont heHomepage

Bys har i ngyours t or y,youar eabl et o communi cat et oanaudi enceofover t hous andsofmember swi t hi nCNH,gi vi ng yout heoppor t uni t yt opr omot es ome amaz i ngi deas !

EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY A QUICK TALK ON EDITING YOUR MEDIA Here’s some pointers on how to make the most out of your visuals!



There are a lot of softwares/apps to use for editing your photos! Here are a few: - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Lightroom (Recommended) - VSCO (For on-the-go) - Afterlight; $0.99 - Snapseed You composed the picture, but now you have to post-edit! BEE creative!

Good question! - Photography is more than just snapping a photo. - Make your photography your own by editing.. - Color Balance - Tone - Exposure - and more!


This is Adobe Lightroom, but the concept stays the same!

You can use a lot of software to edit! As mentioned before, some basic aspects of a photo to edit would be Color Balance/Tone, and Exposure.

There’s no strict rule to editing.

These parts photo editing help you color correct or add your own flare.

The main focus is to have a good balance of color that is aesthetic!

PHOTO COMPARISON Photos taken by DVME Kelly Tran; Pictured: D30S MRSC Dayton Ly


Before After CNH | KEY CLUB cnhkc.dvme@gmail.com


One of the many programs the CNH Foundation is known to support is Hope 4 Kids. Recently, the Foundation has given an organization known as Family Promise several grants targeted towards their focus: the prevention of children becoming homeless.

These affiliates of Family Promise received a grant of almost $12,500 from the Foundation for Hope 4 Kids: Honolulu Sacramento Las Vegas Santa Clarita Long Beach Orange County Modesto

With these funds, each affiliate will work towards providing aid to families and their children living in shelters, or those who are about to become homeless within their respective area. 



For the month of November, celebrate and emphasize the importance of partnership in community service between the branches of the Kiwanis Family! Together, we can make a difference by improving lives and giving back to our communities by serving others! Ideas to get Involved: •

Joint meetings with another Kiwanis Family club

Meet the Kiwanis Family:

Promote and raise funds for The Eliminate Project.


Charter a new Club

K-Kids Aktion Club Builders Club Key Club Circle K Kiwanis

Social Events to build a stronger connection: •

Game Night

Ice Cream Social

TV trivia Challenge

Movie Night

Chili Cookoff

Key Leader CAMP JONES GULCH La Honda, Northern California

November 17-19 2017

Take a risk.

Make new friends. Meet people from Key Club, Kiwin’s, and ANYONE from all across Northern California and make friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime!

Expand your leadership skills. Gain leadership skills to better serve your community from interactive workshops, group discussions, and team-building activities.

Step outside of your comfort zone and do things that you have never imagined doing from hikes, challenge courses, and team work exercises.

g r o . r e d ea l y e k . w w w : t a w o n r e t s i Reg

KEEPING UP WITH THE KIWANIS Ever wondered what other members of the Kiwanis Family are up to? Introducing: Keeping Up with the Kiwanis! A monthly publication where you can learn more about the other branches of the Kiwanis Family, hear their stories, and discover your own K-Family moments.


Meet Mr. Joshua Chang

What is your role in Kiwanis? I serve as Mentor to the District Visual Media Editor and Communications and Marketing committee, Region 18 Advisor, and Kiwanis Advisor to McKinley Key Club. What is your Kiwanis moment? It's a actually a Key Club moment! I helped repair a trail in high school and a decade later remembered (when revisiting the trail), I put these steps here! What makes Kiwanis so special and different in your opinion? I think many Kiwanians serve very much from the heart and I feel a close K Family connection throughout the organization. Why did you join Kiwanis? Honestly, because my friends who were still in high school were in danger of losing the club because their sponsoring club got too small. I stayed because I enjoyed working with others to improve the community. Would you rather be a pirate or a cowboy? Why? Paniolo (Hawaiian style cowboy) because of the strong connection to nature. What is your spirit animal and why? Honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtle), because they always seem calm when I see them diving.

❏ Research the schools you’re applying to ❏ Analyze the questions on the application ❏ Brainstorm possible answers ❏ Write your essay ❏ Revise your essay ❏ Ask others to Revise

- “Bee” authentic - Turn negatives into positives - Write a coherent and interesting essay

- Write what you think colleges want to hear - Try to “bee” funny - Forget to use spell check

{ Created By: RCEC Team }

Staying on Track for College BEFORE THE APPLICATION -Calendar of deadlines -Proof of extracurriculars -A-G requirements -Introduce yourself to college counselor


SAVE THE DATE! ACT 2017-2018

-Forms (Common App, UC App, etc) -Fees -Transcript -high school -summer school -community college

REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS -Admission test scores -2 SAT subject tests for ivy leagues (STEM majors) -Letter of recommendations -Essays -Auditions/Portfolios -music & art -Interviews -Scholarship quali ications

SAT 2017-2018


patient AND

manage your time. BEE-LIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES!

*subject tests unavailable

DISTRICT MONTHLY RECOGNITION OCTOBER 2017 MEMBER Sanjana has done an outstanding job in regards to her duties as a member and being part of the division leadership team. Her effort as Division Fundraising Coordinator has truly helped the division in regards to raising funds for the Pediatric Trauma Program and the Eliminate Project.

OFFICER Although Kayla's home club had a rough start, Kayla has been reaching out more for help, which allowed them to get events up quicker and got more members to attend. She never fails to serve her club, division, and community.

ADVISOR Mr. Collazos is a fantastic advisor. It is his first year as one and he is so excited. He promotes Key Club attends all our meetings. He has also been instrumental in helping the officers through their struggles. He lets them lead but constantly makes himself open for them to come to him. He helps work with the administration to set up events.Â





SAFEKEY IMPORTANCE • Be educated on how to utilize technology to the best of your ability without putting your safety at risk • People will use technology to get a first impression of you. This will affect your future.

HOW TO! • Be professional! • Care about your Identity • Beware of Cyber Bullying • Display only things that are appropriate

APPLY! ● Educate the club members by explaining the importance! ● TALK to those who display these incorrect behavior and try not to scold. ● Remember! Always BEE kind on and off social media!


KEY KEY CLUB CLUB PITCH PITCH With member retention hitting a low in the winter season, it is important to always be actively promoting Key Club and engaging potential members, so it is important to have your own Key Club pitch memorized!

Here are some tips: + Know who you are appealing to. Does he want service hours? A supportive community of friends? An outlet to be more spirited? Use your knowledge to craft the pitch! Know your audience. +Be honest. Don’t make up lies about Key Club statistics. + Keep the conversation light. Don’t purposely use flowery language.

Here is an example of a pitch: Hey John Doe! Key Club International is just one part of the Kiwanis family. Kiwanis International, Circle K International, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids, and Aktion Club also are branches of our family. Adult and youth members form one of the largest and most effective service organizations in the world. Key Club is more than merely accumulating service hours; it’s a supportive community of diverse people from different walks of life. Every service event, DCM, and Kiwanis meeting you go to is a step towards building a community that you are proud to be a part of. We are able to use our service to brighten up people’s days and lead each other toward change for the better. You are truly making a difference.

Meet Your DB: Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair


What are your Goals this term? What does KFF Chair do? “As Kiwanis Family and Foundations (KFF) Chair, I connect the 7 family branches of Kiwanis. In addition, I promote Kiwanis Foundation grants and Scholarships. I work actively to promote Kiwanis One-Day, Kiwanis Family Month, and the new Kiwanis Expo at DCON 2018.�

“I plan to create manuals for scholarships and charters for all 7 types of Kiwanis Family clubs. I also hope to make PTP shirts and make the Kiwanis Expo at DCON 2018 a succcess!�

What is your Key Club Story? “I began at a weak club my freshman year. I then served at president and Division Service Project Coordinator for a year each, and now I serve CNH!�

GabyYonarta communications & marketing chair san marino | division 10 north | region 13

about cm The CM Committee is one of the 7 standing committees on District Board, and here’s a list of main directives I follow: To conduct responsible marketing campaigns in order to promote externally programs and activities of the CNH District and Key Club International To promote district events internally within the organization to foster greater participation To develop innovative new club building, membership recruitment, and membership retention materials Promote these resources and visuals regularly to the members, club officers, and Lt. Governors

my key club moment My Key Club moment was Region Training Conference 2014. It was my first ever Key Club event that I attended, and as cliché as it sounds it was the day I fell in love with everything about this organization. My favorite memory, though, would have to be planning RTC last year. Our region team bonded a lot so planning felt more like fun that work, and the all nighter we pulled the night before is a night I’ll never forget. The smiles on the faces of over 400 members definitely made all the stress of planning worth it, but more than anything I was glad to have had the opportunity to create the same amazing experience I had for the next generation of Key Clubbers & leaders.

FOCUSING ON THE SECOND-HALF OF THE TERM STAY MOTIVATED! Although we all may be feeling drained and exhausted from balancing school, Key Club, and other extracurricular activities, the members you serve are more spirited than ever! Continue BEEing an exceptional leader/inspiration to those around you.

COMMON CAUSES FOR LACK OF MOTIVATION Procrastination Lack of Interest Stress/Feeling Overwhelmed Low Self-Esteem Fear of Failure

HERE ARE A FEW WAYS TO HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE TERM... After the Fall Rally Season, you have now been exposed to the other amazing divisions in our district. Meet new people, and learn more about the Cali-Nev-Ha District together! The Member Relations Committee is connecting people through District Pen-Pals; sign up by November 15th to meet your new best friend!

Stay motivated through the second half of the term by consistently planning and/or attending service events! *You can donate to the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) all year long!

Winter Socials can be a great way for the club you serve to bond and celebrate the holiday season!

For those of you who aspire to be a worker bee, you can reach out and ask club officers if you can work with them, so you can learn more about that specific position and get you ready for the upcoming term!

(Ex: Hot Chocolate Social, Movie Night, Gingerbread House Making, etc.)

Contact your current club officers or lieutenant governor for more information!

TO BE tinyurl








DCON 2018: RENO, NEVADA! !“Ifmq!mfbe!uif!Tfswjdf!Tbgbsj"!!”


As a Workshop Presenter, you have the opportunity to both educate upcoming officers and send a message to your audience in a 40 minute time frame. This platform will allow you to share your personal experiences and advice for new skills and knowledge for hundreds of DCON attendees. If this is not your first time attending DCON, we ENCOURAGE that you apply to be a Workshop Presenter. Think back to an enjoyable workshop that you were able to attend and create a Key Club moment for the audience this upcoming term!


• PASSIONATE for their workshop content • EAGER to share their experiences and perspective to many Key Clubbers • QUICK THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS • PREPARED to create and present a workshop that follows one or more of the following training strands: - Leadership, Service, Kiwanis Family, Personal Growth, Technology and Media • Creativity, Original, Never-before-seen ideas



Take the opportunity to invoke and inspire passion like these presenters from DCON 2017 — Anaheim!


• Anyone attending DCON 2018 in Reno, NV! - Key Clubbers, Advisors, Charities, Military, College Professors/Admissions Officers, more!


You can find the application on the CNH CyberKey under District Convention: cnhkeyclub.org > District Convention > Workshop Presenter Application


Volunteer Volunteer websites websitesare arethe thethousands thousandsofofsites sites where you can find information regarding where you can find information regarding local volunteer volunteeropportunities. events. Due Due to the that local to fact the fact there are innumberable sites, it can prove that there are innumerable sites, it can prove difficult to locate a reliable volunteer website. toere be are difficult to websites locate a reliable some that youvolunteer can use to website. Thus, the district has provided a some find volunteer opportunities, along with couple of suggested websites tofunctions use and the information about the specific that each website offers. special functions that each one has!

Idealist.org is aistypically referred website for Idealist.org often used totosearch when one is searching for a method to find work opportunitis. Idealist s organi ation work opportunities. organization function allows Idealist’s users to sort events and opportunities by events whether function allows users to sort and they are internships, obs, on and most opportunities by whether theysite, are internships, importantly, service pro ectsservice Events jobs, on-site, and, most importantly, may beThesearched by to location, and projects. items provided each person users may search a and distance radius depends on their location, will let users as the small as 5 radius miles.asFurthermore, if no set distance small as to 5 miles. events are iflisted, then will more Furthermore, no events arethere listed, then there than likely belikely a number of organi ations will more than be a number of supplied who you can contact to find organizations supplied who you can contact any opportunities thatmay may to findvolunteer any volunteer opportunities that havenot notbeen been publici ed. have publicized.

Volunteermatch.org is one of the most renown volunteer websites and is commonly used by millions of people. Volunteer Match provides thousands of opportunities for individuals based on where they live, and one can sort through the types of tasks (Children, Community, etc) by using the filter tool on the left side. Additionally, you can sort the events by how new, far, or popular the event is! The opportunities are posted by local organizations, and all of these organizations are recorded on Volunteer Match which permits you to find nearby partners to volunteer with frequently!

One of the best websites to refer to when looking for somewhere to volunteer is your city website! Typically, city websites have either a page or calendar for all the events that take place throughout the year. Individuals can skim through these events, select ones they believe might need volunteers, and contact the coordinator to ask for permission to help. City events that usually need volunteers include runs, breakfast fundraisers, and festivals!

Event Feature:




D20+32 & D08 Edition !

1) Location - It is critical to have access to a kitchen, along with AV or IT connections and a comfortable room large enough for activities and sleeping bag space for the number of people you expect. For D20/32 & D8’s Awake-a-Thon, the location was set as early as April 2017. Thanks to a Kiwanis Advisor that served on the board of a local church, the divisions secured a carpeted church with an adjoining kitchen. The entire building has wireless internet and two large TV screens. 2) Schedule and Theme - Settled by host (in this case, Fermin and I). A schedule was made to keep everyone active throughout almost the entire night. Activities such as karaoke, zumba, dance parties, spirit cheer battles, and more were planned. 3) Permission and ERFs - An ERF was made and edited. I first had to make sure that the Division 8 Region Advisor approved of it. Fermin was the one who contacted his RA regarding the event. After all the advisors’ approvals were received, I put together an ERF and sent it into the the District Administrator, Mr. Gin. Since I turned it in at the end of June, by the time ICON came around, I was able to ask Mr. Gin about it. He approved, but asked me for a few more details such as confirmation from the Kiwanis Advisor that we would be able to use the facility. After I had the ERF completely approved, I was able to send it out to the members of Division 20 and 32, and Fermin was able to send it to Division 8. We made sure to let clubs know that they must have an ERF form to enter. 4) RSVP- We set up an RSVP form using Google Forms in order to keep track of which clubs and members were attending. 5) Food - Since this entire event was not for profit, we asked for donations from Trader Joes and Kiwanis Advisors. In order to get the Trader Joes donation, I had to turn in a donation request letter to Trader Joes (it is recommended to turn one in weeks prior to the event). Once the request was approved, I was given a date and time to come back to the store and pick up what I needed. Since this event was from 7pm-7am, in order to make sure everyone had enough snacks/food to eat, I relied on the RSVP. 6) Promotion - As the event came closer, promotion for the event increased using social media and email. Along with that, for Division 20 and 32, I had Executive Assistants text club presidents in order to remind them about the forms needed. In the two days leading up to the event, I personally contacted members who RSVP’d to ensure their club had the ERF and that they had their Medical Release Forms ready. 7) Chaperones - Information was given out through Kiwanis meetings, emails, and social media posts. The ratio for this event was 10 students to 1 chaperone, gender specific. This was the most crucial and stressful part. This event could not have happened without having enough chaperones.

Examples of their BEE-utiful graphics:


Division 20/32 and Division 8


RSVP: tinyurl.com/2017AWAKEATHON

THE STEP-BY-STEP (Day of the Event)

8) Set Up - D08 LTG Fermin and I both came early to start setting up the event. All we had to do was bring in all the food, water, and board games. After that, we put away the chairs to make room for people. Tricia Shindledecker, the Region 15 Advisor, set up the table where people checked in. - During check in, our Region Advisor collected from each member a medical release form, proof of being a dues-paid member, one ERF from their club, and a $20 donation for the Pediatric Trauma Program. 9) Clean Up - Throughout the night we tried to clean as much possible (I cleaned the chocolate fountain at 3am and then fell asleep till 5), but the final cleaning began at 6:30am when we woke everyone up to get ready to go home.

Written by D20 + 32 LT.G Annaleigh Nguyen

Looking back at this event, I am beyond grateful to every single member who attended because, thanks to them, we were able to raise over $1,000 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Along with that, sandwiches for the Coffee House Teen Shelter, and cards for Veterans were made. Although during the event everyone got really tired, really quick, I had a blast, especially with the chocolate fountain, hamster balls, and service projects. Since we had a curfew at 10 and all members who were not staying the night had to leave before we closed the doors, the DCM was held at 9pm and many officers and members came out for that. After the event was over, I was beyond tired but I was glad it happened. I felt nothing but happiness that Fermin came down to host the event with me and that chaperones came and stayed up. Written by D20 + 32 LT.G Annaleigh Nguyen Tips & Tricks for Hosting An Awake-a-Thon - Have each club bring a minimum of 1 chaperone. - Bring extra forms and leave them at the check in table just in case anyone forgets. - Have division merchandise out in exchange for donations during this event. - Plan plenty of icebreakers. - Offer alternative activities for those who do not want to do zumba, dance, karaoke, etc... - Have a table and cots for chaperones to sleep on.

The Joint Awake-a-Thon wrapped up just over 12 hours ago. I’ve caught up on a little sleep since then (all day!), and thought I’d send my immediate thoughts before I forget some things. The various clubs contributed just over $1,000 to benefit PTP, which you have to figure is a resounding success for a one-night fundraiser. All the food (lots of food -- burgers, salad, chips for dinner; chocolate chip cookies served hot from the oven, chocolate-fountain with fruit, marshmallows, pretzels etc for dipping; water so everyone could stay hydrated, and on and on) was DONATED, so every penny students contributed was money donated to PTP! Each person contributed $20 for a full evening of unimaginable fun and exhaustion. Service activities included making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches donated to a homeless shelter and holiday cards for servicemembers. Members played games for hours, sang karaoke, played get-to-know-you games, talked, danced everything from K-pop to the electric slide to Latino favorites, and watched movies in the wee hours. A joint DCM was held, and it included time to learn spirit cheers for Fall Rally. One member borrowed blow-up human bounce balls; two members faced off and tried to knock each other off their feet. It was hilarious fun. Region advisor (me, Tricia) and Kiwanis LTG Elect (Pennylee Christensen) for Division 32 even faced off in a tough battle that wisely ended called as a draw. Admittedly. by 4 am, sheer exhaustion took over. Many members caught a few winks before clean up time at 6:30 am. Zombies walked out as the event ended at 7 am. written by region 15 advisor tricia shindledecker

awake-a-thons Thank you Tsuanmis, dinos, and 8-ballers for raising over $1000 for the Pediatric Trauma program!

A Service Projects Committee Special Feature

Set a goal for yourself to serve 50, 100, 150, or 200 hours so you can be recognized at DCON

Think about the example you want to set for the members you serve and the legacy you want to Use service events as leave an opportunity to meet new members and talk with members who want to become future How can officers officers

stay motivated to serve throughout the term?

Arrange a carpool system with officers or members to ensure that you, the board, and the members you serve attend every Plan fun service service event events that align with the SOSP theme so your club can be featured in The Buzz

Attend and plan a variety of service events, and find some that meet your interests and passions


Think about issues that are happening in your area. Are there streets with trash on them everytime you drive by? Is hunger a problem in your community? You’d be surprised at how large of an impact YOU can make!

2) RESEARCH. Are there local organizations that your club can

partner with? What charities are working on solving the issue in mind? Identifying potential partners nearby can help your club find possible sponsors and donors for events, or already-planned service events!

3) PLANNING. Think of the 4 W’s: WHO will you be serving? WHAT will the service project be? WHEN and WHERE will it happen?

4) ACTION. You’ve got a plan and a cause – now put your plan in

action! Contact everyone involved, promote the event to the club you serve, and of course, have fun! Also, make sure to always clean up once the event is completed.


How did the event go? Is there anything you wish you had done? What can your club do better next time? Look back at the event, the service performed, and the impact made. Also, remember to thank everyone that participated or helped plan the event. General Tips: • Try to have everything planned AT LEAST 2 weeks before the event! • BEE creative! Feel free to step out of the box and to come up with a brand new service project. • Submit to the Spotlight on Service Program for a chance to inspire others clubs and to be featued in the District Newsletter!





6 7 8 12



13 14



Across: 5 - Something Key Clubbers love to do! 6 - You should submit to this program once you’ve successfully completed your service project! 9 - What do Key Clubbers do for our preferred charities? 11 - The state where District Convention 2018 is being held. 12 - One of the 4 W’s. Deals with location. 15 - Serve your home, school, and ___________. 16 - What is the name of the CNH District’s Governor.

Down 1 - How should I start planning my service event? 2 - What’s our District’s mascot? 3 - How many weeks before an event should all details be set? 4 - The largest state in our District. 7 - This core value is also our way of life. 8 The last step of planning. 10 - Acronym for the committee that created this article and puzzle. 13 - The state that’s furthest away from the location of District Convention 2018 14 - “_____ everyone that participated...”

October : UNICEF

“Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) worldwide. This historic initiative, called “The Eliminate Project”, will protect the lives of babies and mothers all over the globe and will help end this cruel, centuries-old disease. The final push to eliminate MNT requires $110 million and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis Family. The more than 100 million women, along with their future newborns, who will be protected through global MNT elimination efforts live in areas scarred by poverty, poor medical infrastructure or humanitarian crises. The Eliminate Project will also help pave the way for the delivery of other lifesaving services, such as clean water, nutrition, and other vaccines. ***Submissions for the October Spotlight are due on November 5th! Please fill out the form on the CNH CyberKey, and email all pictures to cnhkc.sp@gmail!

November : Kiwanis Family

“Kiwanis International brings the world together, one community at a time. Today, we stand with more than 600,000 members in more than 80 countries from Kiwanis to Key Club, to Circle K and beyond. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children through local projects and fundraising. Kiwanis hosts nearly 150,000 service projects each year. Use the month of November to give thanks for the wonderful acts done through the Kiwanis Family.”

PTP Hospital Card Making

Robert Medina | Colony High Key Club | D15S | R13 This pro ect deeply impacted our club by allowing members to be actively involved in our community, as well as brightening the days of pediatric patients that have faced traumatic in uries. This pro ect was very successful. Many members and officers took part in the event and many cards were made. I personally think that the only aspect of this pro ect that could be improved is being able to think of an event like this sooner for our members. Contact: robmed2000@gmail.com


Natalie Goldstone | Montgomery Key Club | D32 | R15 “Our president began planning three months in advance because it would be a large event. All of the officers then worked together and divided the work of contacting other organi ations, getting materials, making signs and posters, and buying food for the stands. We received a grant for $290 for a ginormous amount of helmets to be handed out at the event. The purpose of the event was to educate young children about proper bike safety and how to ride their bikes to prevent in ury. The fire and police departments were there to educate the children about bike safety and brought their firetruck as well. There were also food tents where meals were being sold and a bike blender where the kids could blend their own smoothie for . Contact natacatgold yahoo.com

Fall Rally West Region 18 “At this event, our club got the opportunity to meet other Key Clubbers from across our region. We also got to meet people from Circle K. We all bonded with each other, and became closer with the Kiwanis Family. It really made us appreciate Key Club even more. verall, this event was a complete success, and I wouldn t want to have it any other way. Taylor Kiehm, D fficer tek1901 iolani.org This event has been in the works since May because it was going to be held during our RTC in September. The R18 team came up with a variety of games and activities for our members to raise money for PTP. About a month was spent finali ing the details such as who would take care of materials, how much would tickets cost, and what foods would be sold. An incentive was agreed upon by the T s to encourage participants to donate and participate. If Region 1 surpassed 00 to donate to PTP, they would be able to throw water balloons at their respective ieutenant overnor. Keith Cachola, D K T d k.cnhkc.ltg gmail.com

PTP Walk-a-Thon

Keilynn Aguiar | Waiakea Key Club | D22M | R18 ur club raised a total of 3 .1 for PTP. This pro ect was successful since both our incoming members and current members participated in collecting money for PTP. The new members learned about our district s preferred charity Pediatric Trauma Program PTP). An aspect of this pro ect that could be improved is having a member take pictures of the new members collecting donations. Contact keilynn.aguiar gmail.com

SUBMIT TO THE SPOTLIGHT ON SERVICE PROGRAM! cnhkeyclub.org > Projects Tab > Spotlight on Service Program > Click on the submission link to be taken to the form




Hello CNH! My name is Charlotte Wood and I currently serve as the Member Recognition Committee Chair. Region 18 is the entire state of Hawaii with three divisions, two one the island of Oahu (where I am from) and one for the islands of Maui, Kauai and Hawaii (although Hawaii is the name of our state, it is also the name of one of our islands.)


Heyyy, CNH! Erica Cheung, Division 22 Hikina’s Lieutenant Governor here! I ecstatically serve the mighty Manos; that means shark in Hawaiian. Most Manos never stop swimming and that is reflective in the fierce eagerness and desire to serve our community.


What’s up CNH! I’m Keith (pronounced Kate) Cachola, and I proudly HEYNLO serve the Division 22 Komohana Honus as their Lieutenant Governor! Komohana translates to “a sinking dew” and refers to the sun sinking into the sea. Our mascot, the mighty and majestic “Honu” is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and good luck.


Aloha CNH! My name is Kara Yoshiyama and I serve the Opihis of Division 22 Makai. An opihi is an edible limpet that lives clinging to sea rocks on the ocean shoreline. Our Division is divided between three different islands Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii. We may be separated from each other but will always stick together as one.

REGION Sixteen

We are the mighty Region Sixteen, serving our communities and keeping them clean. If you ever find yourself within our bounds, tons of spirit is sure to be found! From the Ninjas to the Bees, there’s so much to see: the first Key Club to the capital, we promise your time here will never be dull. Now if you want to know who makes us great, the following Divisions dominate:


D44N D07N




D27S D27N






Olivia Fu

Anthony Chan

Buzz Buzz! My name is Olivia Fu, and I am proud to serve as Division 7 North's Lieutenant Governor. Located in the Sacramento region, Division 7 North is home to the very first Key Club and the capital of California! We are the bees, and we are always buzzing with service, spirit, and compassion.

Hello CNH Bees! My name is Anthony Chan and I serve Division 7 South as Lt. Governor. Division 7 South's mascot is the Orange Monster and we are made up of 10 clubs from around Elk Grove and Galt. I am proud to say that I serve as Lieutenant Governor because the members within Division 7 South are truly passionate and dedicated to this organization!

Kim Hoang

Alex Hin

Hello there! My name is Kimberly Hoang, and I can joyously say that I serve the GRRReat and spirited Division 27 North! We are made up of nine active Key Clubs from high schools located around Lodi and Stockton. The Grizzly members, officers, and I are stoked for this term!

Greetings CNH! My name is Alex Hin and I serve Division 27 South as Lt. Governor! My journey in this amazing organization began my Sophomore year of high school and I immediately fell in love with every aspect of it. Serving as LTG has been such a surreal experience thus far and I am so grateful I was given this amazing opportunity.

Ryan Hardmeyer

Katie Knapp

Hey there, CNH! My name is Ryan Hardmeyer and I serve the Purple Ninjas of D44N as Lieutenant Governor! Serving as LTG has already been such a privlege, and I’m so excited for what’s in store the rest of the term. KEYp on serving and always BEE the change you wish to see. Buzz Buzz!

Hello CNH! My name is Katie Knapp and I proudly serve Division 44 South Key Club as Lieutenant Governor. Division 44 South contains 14 High Schools in the Sacramento area and our mascot is the Dino! I am so ecstatic to grow and prosper during the 17-18 term.

Rae Whitby-Brummer

Region 16 Advisor 2013-2014 Kiwanis District Governor

Division 7 North The very first Key Club ever

McClatchy Davis Hiram Johnson Inderkum

John F. Kennedy Luther Burbank Pioneer Rio Linda River City

Sacramento St. Francis West Campus Woodland


Buzz buzz CNH! My name is Kara Yoshiyama and I proudly serve the Opihis of Division 22 Makai. Our division is truly unique as it is the only division that is separated by water. “Makai” translates to “toward the ocean” where our mascot, the opihi, lives and thrives. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve such an amazing division and I know that we can accomplish great things!





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f orl i eut enantgover nor Ar ey oui nt e r e s t e di nbe i ngaL i e ut e nant Gov e r nor ?T he nt he Candi dat eT r ai ni ng Conf e r e nc ef orL i e ut e nantGov e r nor si st he onef ory ou. L e ar nf r om c ur r e ntL t . Gov e r nor s what i t t ak e st obeone , andhowt or unf or t he pos i t i on.As kt hos et hatar ec ur r e nt l ydoi ng t hej obwhati ti sl i k ebe f or ey oude c i dei fi ti s f ory ou.

dat e-December9,2017 t i me-9AM5PM Ranc hoCuc amonga

Ki wani sPr of es s i onal Cent er 8360RedOakS t ,RanchoCucamonga,CA91730

Pl e as ec ont ac t Ms . P at t yCr i dl andMor s e

Hawai i -Sat ur day , Dec ember16, 2017

Kai s erHi ghS chool 511L unal i l oHomeRd,Honol ul u,HI96825 Makai candi dat espar t i cpat et hr oughGoogl eHangout s .

Pl e as ec ont ac t Ms . Char l e neMas uhar a

L asVegas

Gr eenVal l eyHi ghS chool 460Ar r oyoGr andeBl vd,Hender s on,NV89014

f ordi s t r i ctor i nt er nat i onalof f i ce Ke yCl ubme mbe r si nt e r e s t e di nbe i ng ac andi dat ef oraDi s t r i c tOffic e rP os i t i on ( Gov e r nor ,S e c r e t ar y ,or T r e as ur e r )mus t at t e ndt heCandi dat eT r ai ni ngConf e r e nc e ( CT C) . I fy ou ar ei nt e r e s t e d i n an I nt e r nat i onal pos i t i on, t he r e wi l l be a we bi nart haty ouc anat t e ndt ohe l py ou unde r s t and what t he pos i t i on( s )e nt ai l . I nf or mat i oni sav ai l abl eont heMe mbe r st ab unde r“ Run f orDi s t r i c torI nt e r nat i onal Offic e . ”

dat e-December10,2017 t i me-10: 30AM4: 30PM NORTH

Ki wani sF ami l yHous e 287550t hS t r eet ,S acr ament o,CA95817


Ki wani sPr of es s i onal Cent er 8360RedOakS t r eet ,RanchoCucamonga,CA91730

Pl e as ec ont ac t HannaS ant e e

Anahei m, Or angeCount y , CA-10amt o5pm

Anahei m Cent r al L i br ar y-Mul t i pur pos eRoom Downs t ai r s 500W.Br oadway,Anahei m CA92805

Pl e as ec ont ac t Mr s . E l ai neP ong

Vi s t a, SanDi egoCount y , CA

Pl e as ec ont ac t Mr . Ge offT obi as / Mr . T i mCunni ng Che c kf or mor ei nf or mat i ononc nhk e y c l ub. or g

Sunnyv al e , Sant aCl ar aCount y , CA

Pl e as ec ont ac t Mr . J i mDav i s / Ms . J e nBue l na Che c kf or mor ei nf or mat i ononc nhk e y c l ub. or g

ndr e gi s t r at i onl i nk sat CNHKEYCL UB. ORG e v e nt s>c andi dat et r ai ni ng c onf e r e nc e

Sac r ament o, Sac r ament oCount y , CA Ki wani sF ami l yHous e 287550t hS t ,S acr ament o,CA95817

Pl e as ec ont ac t Mr s . Whi t by Br umme r / Mr s . J udi Hor t on

Bur bank, L osAngel esCount y , CA

Pl e as ec ont ac t Mr . DougRi dnor Che c kf or mor ei nf or mat i ononc nhk e y c l ub. or g

Cent r al Val l e y , CA

Pl e as ec ont ac t Ms . Car ol F ar r i s Che c kf or mor ei nf or mat i ononc nhk e y c l ub. or g

s eeyout her e!

48 // articles and visuals

articles & visuals

articles and visuals: 49 region 10 training conference Amada Lurey, D42E 50 aloha run Jenni Heng, D13S 51 spirit session Rita Kuang, D35W 53 kiwanis car wash Romina Castillo, D22M 54 lucky duck Neil Bongolan/Adrian Sayas, D28W 56 river rally Franz Eugenio, D16N 58 d15n division council meeting Melanie Viernes, D15N 60 walk to end alzheimer’s Mahima Mukhopadhyay, D44N

49 // articles and visuals


Amanda Lurey Oak Park, D42E

This year, the theme of Region Training Conference was RaveTC and I can genuinely say that the event lived up to the name. As a spirit coordinator, it was amazing to see not just our division, but our entire region, consolidate and get hyped together. Throughout the day we asked random groups how they felt and heard the unique remixes of each division. At lunch, there was a huge game of Ninja with mainly Division 29 GrifďŹ ns and a few of us Division 42 East Narwhals that got pretty intense and for about an hour Kyle Yasui, another Spirit Coordinator, led a call and response cheer circle for primarily narwhals but some Division 24 Zebras joined too after a bit. After lunch, I was chosen for Division 42 East to help decorate our Kiwanis advisor in an eccentric and entertaining fashion with tissue paper, paper plates, markers, and ribbon. I also gave her practically every piece of spirit gear that I was wearing that I could take off such as bandanas, my Yuda Band, and other bracelets. Like any other Key Club event, RaveTC left me with new memories, cheeks burning from the sheer amount of laughter and smiling that I endured throughout the day, and practically no voice. It is now a few days later as I am writing this and I still have no voice, but it’s absolutely worth it for the proper experience of Key Club Region Training Conference.

50-51 // articles and visuals


by Jenni Heng, Sato, D13S On Sunday, October 1st, ninjas woke up bright and early to volunteer at the Aloha Run with Division 13 North and Division 30 South. At the run, volunteers prepared good bags, snacks, medals and more as participants began walking in. When the runners began to cross the finish line, others members helped keep track of their times. Other key clubbers cheered them on as they received their medals. Members then passed out snacks and water to participants. Clubbers additionally helped with clean up as the Aloha Run came to a close.

52 // articles and visuals Rita Kuang Mountain View, D35W


The first spirit session was very well-organized. I liked the idea where we’d rotate spirit leaders and learn a different cheer every time; this saved a lot of time. I am currently in my second year of Key Club, but I’m ready to scream my lungs out for the spirit stick this year, especially when I feel super confident with my cheers. Throughout this event, I’ve met and reunited with many. I look forward to the next Division spirit session!


want to see your work featured here? BEE sure to submit articles and visuals to your respective division news editor!

53 // articles and visuals


Romina Castillo Kauai, D22M

On September 23rd, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Kauai and Kapa‘a High Key Clubbers joined forces to participate in the Kiwanis Car Wash. Kiwanis Car Wash is held as a yearly event to help raise money for scholarships for our Key Clubbers, and people who get their cars washed could donate any amount. As a Key Clubber at Kauai High, I had a very fantastic time washing cars and interacting with the Kapa‘a High Key Clubbers. To keep everyone’s energy up on this long day, we all learned the “How do you feel?” cheer and remix. After keeping track of the number of cars that were washed and dried this time, we broke our record with a little over ninety cars. I stayed for all three shifts and was exhausted halfway, but overall it was a great day.

54-55 // articles and visuals


by Neil Bongolan, NCTA, D28W The Lucky Duck service event was a great event for everyone to attend as we got to socialize and volunteer to set up along with have the ducks sailing in the pond! The experience was fantastic as we were able to help everyone that was there for the great cause. It was all composed together as it was fun for everyone socially and an experience that was unforgettable.

by Adrian Sayas, NCTA, D28W Lucky Duck was an overall great experience. What I did for the most part was help setup and cleanup. Although there wasn’t much for me to do during the event, I still got to socialize with people that I had never met before as well as have fun with my friends!

56-57 // articles and visuals


by Franz Eugenio, Golden Valley, D16N On September 23, Division 16 North participated in Santa Clarita’s River Cleanup and Environmental Expo. During this time, people were able to help clean the Santa Clarita River from 8:00 am to 11:00am. People from Golden Valley, West Ranch, Saugus, Hart, and Valencia came to participate in this annual event. With so many people, Key Club was not even a small portion of people in this massive event. Families, clubs, and many youth groups joined in to help clean the river. Many participated in order to preserve our dried river. The reason being is that many want to preserve the natural beauty of the once filled river. Although it may not have water like other rivers, this river has provided us a lot and in order to show thanks people all over Santa Clarita join to clean up the trash that is left behind. Key Club participated in this event to not only clean up the river, but to show an example to the community around us. We are able to show the community that we as a society should preserve our environment. Overall the River Cleanup and Environmental Expo that the City of Santa Clarita created was a success.

58-59 // articles and visuals

D15N DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING by Melanie Viernes, Etiwanda, D15N

The monthly Division Council Meeting (DCM) for September was held on Friday, September 29th of 2017. For this DCM, it lasted from 4:30 to 7:00pm, and the theme was a night market, so our club was selling lemonade and spam masubi. Before the night market began, we started off with an icebreaker called Soul Mate, and one of the newest members from another school volunteered, and one of our returning members was his soul mate. Next, we eased our way into the meeting by starting off with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Key Club Pledge. After both pledges, our Lieutenant Governor Allie, invited the first school to present roll call, and the next, and so on and so forth. Right after roll call, Allie announced monthly awards to the clubs the earned them. Our club was awarded with “Club of the Month” and “2nd Place in G-Points” for all our hard work. Allie then adjourned the meeting after delivering all the awards, and three of the most spirited members of our division came up and taught the new members the “how do you feel” cheer, along with the new remix. The night market began around 6:00pm, and our club sold out of lemonade and the spam masubi. We made a little over $200, some of it going to PTP, and some going towards our club. I would definitely recommend members to go to DCMs because the bonding with other members outside our own club helps new members get more acquainted with the returning members, officers, and Key Club in general.

60 // articles and visuals Mahima Mukhopadhyay Oakmont, D44N


Oakmont Key Club makes strides against Alzheimer’s at the 2017 annual Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Oakmont Key Clubbers took on many service roles at this event, including set up, sign-waving, t-shirt distributing, and information directing. volunteers at the alzheimer’s association woke up bright and early to prepare for set up at Capitol park where the event is held, starting at 6:30 (3 hours before the walk) and began sign waving, t-shirt distributing, and information directing at 7:30 as people began arriving. Sign wavers were stationed across the vicinity of the park while t-shirt distributors and information directors greeted participants and gave them their complimentary t-shirts and Alzheimer’s association information. Key clubbers worked hard throughout the cold morning and into a brighter day as they worked all across capitol park, helping hundreds of walk participants prepare for this fun event.

61 // key club partners

key club partners vision partner

Nickelodeon joined the Kiwanis family as a 2013 Vision Partner of Kiwanis International with a focus on its Big Help initiative, which addresses issues in service, education, the environment and health.


Rustic Pathways has 30 years of experience leading exceptional service programs for students. Recognizing our shared values, Rustic Pathways has partnered with Key Club to provide its members with the opportunity to broaden their global perspective while performing meaningful service projects around the world.

service partners

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals sponsors Key Club fundraising events. Key Club members also participate in service projects at their local children’s hospital. Key Club has partnered with the March of Dimes for decades to give every baby a healthy start. Key Club members raise thousands of dollars annually through various programs. Since 1994, Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF and over the years has raised nearly $5 million for iodine deficiency programs worldwide and HIV and AIDS programs in Kenya and Swaziland. Now it’s helping The Eliminate Project. Since 2014 Key Club International has been partnering with the Thirst Project during the Month of March to participate in the “Dirty Little Secret” campaign. 748 Million people on our planet do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Key Club members fill up a water bottle with dirty water and carry the bottle around all month. When people ask why, Key Club members share the secret.

62 // division recognition

DIVISION RECOGNITION First of all, congratulations! Being chosen for this recognition is truly an honor, and you should be excited! I, as well as everyone on the district board, am extremely proud of you and grateful for your service. It is because of people like you that our district is so successful. It is important to remember that although Key Club is not about the recognition but about the service, recognition does play a role in our district, something that myself and the committee I serve make sure of. Again, congratulations and remember to keep on striving to do your best!

Buzzing with Service, Charlotte Wood Member Recognition Chair






San Leandro

Jessalyn Su

Kenneth Thai

3 North

Village Christian

Nicolle Cho

John Paul

Kevin Henry

Mr. Kevin Henry

4 East


Alissa Hall

Hunter Alegre

Kressler Nguyen-Valdez

Patricia van Voorst,

4 North


Marcela Guevara

Susan Sar

4 West

Huntington Beach

Tien Vu

Tiffany Tran

Ms. Carbone

Mr. DeBar

7 North

River City

Lauren Dela Rosa

Caitlin Song

Lisa Fettig

John Brummer

7 South


Megan Voong

Michaela Masui

Arlene Laurison

Mr. Ralph Apple

10 North

Stern Mass

Crystal Chang

Ava Chu

Ms. Penalora

Mr. Mario

10 South



Emily Su

Pablo Del Palacio


Mar Vista

Ryan Nguyen

Lizzeth Serna

Ms. Aida Mooney

12 East


Elaine Huynh

Jenny Pham

12 South


Serin Kim

Toan Vuong

Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor Thomas Woo

3 South

5 North 5 South


12 West

John Fukasawa Franchesca Kellett

Robin Hagin

63 // division recognition Division




Rancho Dominguez

Bryan Tovar

Joann Pham

Live Oak

Athina Dumaran

Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor

Manav Gulati

Derek Moore

David Lane

Savannah Sullivan

Ethan Lee

Brice Wilson

Agnus Wilbur

13 North 13 South 13 West 14 15 East 15 North


Jared Turner

Regina Tambunan

Mike Lindensmith

Mike Frayer

15 South


Itaty Hernandez

Melanie Manorat

Camryn Bristow

Bill Taylor

16 East

Grover Cleveland

Noah Liu

Diane Lao

Casey Hayes

Jim Lofdahl

16 North


Andrew Oh

Samantha Herrera

Mrs. Novean

Laura Ridnor

16 South


Julia Bodgan

Isabel Meaz

Mr. Collazos

Mrs. Kasier


Chris Hernandez

Jacob Johnson

Brian Christiansen

Brian Christiansen

19 North


Sally Hoang

Natalie Ulloa

Ingo Ida

John Nichelson

19 South

Redondo Union

Kenneth Dayrit

Vivian Wong

Kelly Gasset

Jackie Acosta



Brandon Mena

Karen Torres

Joan Mingori

Pennylee Christensen


Mission Bay

Emerald Henry

Kayla Nguyen

22 Hikina


Connor Murakami

Queenie Luu

Molly Hasegawa

Grant Ito

22 Komohana


Princess Domin

22 Makai


Sherridan Langacker Nelson


North Valleys


16 West 18 East 18 West

Lei Aloha Batungbacal Ms. Tessie Lumabao

Susie Wong

Mingxia Hawkins

Cindy Asato-Kochi

Adam Reugh

Rogina Manzon

Michaela Bruns

Daralee Milikan

Daralee Milikan

Paso Robles

Uriel Lopez

Nicole Strampe

Jennifer Bravo

Jennifer Bravo

26 North


Dylan Wen

Gyle Villoria

John Altschul

Wendy Jones

26 South


Joshua Starr

Tori Wang

Nancy Amini

Cindy Gin

27 North

Middle College

Brian Guzman

Sarina Ke

Shannon Kelly

Bruce Mercado

27 South


Logan Le

Brenda Le

Mariana Diaz

Cheryl Steensma

28 East


Gavin Dumo

Jennele Nguyen

Milena Hellmers

Dr. Kenneth Tracht

28 North


Nikolai Tablizo

Angelina Gamaros

28 South

Southwest CTA

28 West


Hannah Hu

Dr. Dunkleberger and Ms. MacHott, Mojave Mr. Klus

Mayann LandKamer

Pate Thomas

Henry Shi

Madelyn McKittrick

tRaymond McKay

64 // division recognition Division




Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor



Ana Santos

Belen Zacarias

Ms. Masuda

Dee Croft

30 North

Whittier Christian

Yvonne Chen

Kayla Lee

Kevin Henry

Yaret Castillas

30 South


Diana Nguyen

Alvin Lim

David Kim

Joe Dale

Kelsy Rafferty

Maggie Nowak

Rob Ridgeway

South San Francisco

Katie Huang

Jonathan Deridal

Terrence Rollerson

George Kranen

John A. Rowland

Nathan Lin

Kyla Banog

Tessa Yeager

Anna Wu

36 East

Redlands East Valley

Gerald Welly

Samantha Dobey

Caroline Davidson

Boone, Fontana

36 West

Grand Terrace

Alexis Rivas

Brandon Castillo

Judy Miller

Barbara Zupanic

37 East


Brianna Virabouth

Jasmin Macalma, Adrian Lara

John Zupanic

Dave Geary

37 North

Vista Murrieta

Valerie Haines

Adelle Gutierrez

Kristin Clough

Lynn Effinger

37 South


Patrick Tran

Mimi Mayer

37 West

Sage Creek

Lyzette Zamora

Candy Valvidares

Anthony Wasano

Kathy Hamamoto


Traniya Herndon

Ernesto Balcazar

Ms. Felecia Gray

Mr. Richard Olmstead

41 North


Ailea Tveldt

Grace Kim

41 South

Mission Viejo

Dawson Do

Susie Kang

Sarah Kang

Connie Visconte

42 East

Oak Park

Jenna Gold

Sylvia Cruz-Albrecht

Mrs. Dale

Betty Stapleford

42 West


Rosie Gonzalez

Vincent Castillo

Itzel Alarcon

Daniel Martinez


Scotts Valley

Po’okela Moana

Anai Murillo Gonzalez

Ms. Hollenbeck

Mr. Wise

44 North


Laura Anduray

Karina Mauricio

Marco Gonzalez

Joe Blair

44 South


Elizabeth Delp

Jeff Chhenn

Mrs. DeLasse

Mrs. Timewell


Brian Felton

Helena Colomat

Renuka Prakash

Jan Jaegert

31 33 34 North 34 South 35 East 35 West

38 East 38 West 39

45 46 North 46 South 47

65 // district calendar

SEPTEMBER DISTRICT CALENDAR What is a division council meeting? A Division Council Meeting (DCM) is a meeting conducted by the respective Lieutenant Governor for the members of his or her respective division. DCMs are full of information about upcoming events, education about Key Club, and much more. There is always something for everyone at a DCM! At DCMs, you will learn more about various projects and events, get involved with the division and its people, and gain a better understanding of how great this organization truly is. You are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about what’s been happening in Key Club, and why it matters to you. Some DCMs are even combined with a service project, fundraiser, or social event so you can be there for more than one reason!







11:00 AM

Codornices Park

3 North


2:00 PM

La Canada Memorial Park

4 East


1:00 PM

El Camino Real Park

4 North


6:30 PM

The Rinks- Westminster Ice

13071 Springdale St, Westminster, CA 92683

4 West


4:30 PM

Fountain Valley Rec Center

16400 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

7 North


1:00 PM

Kiwanis Family House

7 South


4:30 PM

Florin HS

10 North


1:00 PM

Michillinda Park

10 South


1:00 PM

George E Elder Park

1950 Wilcox Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755



6:00 PM

Family House of Pancakes

1900 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950

12 East


4:00 PM

Irvington HS

12 South


5:00 PM

Santa Teresa HS

12 West


5:00 PM

Branham HS

Address 1201 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA 94708 1301 Foothill Blvd, La CaĂąada Flintridge, CA 91011

3 South 400 N Main St, Orange, CA 92868

5 North 5 South 2875 50th St, Sacramento, CA 95817 7956 Cottonwood Ln, Sacramento, CA 95828

8 3800 Michillinda Dr, Pasadena, CA 91007

41800 Blacow Rd, Fremont, CA 94538 6150 Snell Ave, San Jose, CA 95123 1570 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118

66 // district calendar Date




4:00 PM

Bellflower Kiwanis Hall



5:00 PM

River Valley HS

15 East


6:00 PM

Eleanor Roosevelt HS

15 North


5:30 PM

Imagine That Banquet Hall

15 South


3:00 PM

Chino Senior Center

16 East


1:00 PM

Dearborn Park

16 North


5:00 PM

Golden Valley HS

16 South


1:00 AM

Johnny Carson Park

400 Bob Hope Dr, Burbank, CA 91505


12:00 PM

Lt. Governor House

6623 W Lark Court, Visalia, CA 93277

19 North


2:00 PM

Stephen M White MS

22102 S Figueroa St, Carson, CA 90745

19 South


12:00 PM

Charles H. Wilson Park

2200 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501



9:00 AM

Healdsburg Senior Center

133 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448



1:00 PM

South Clairemont Rec Ctr

3605 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117

22 Hikina


10:00 AM

Punahou HS

1601 Punahou St, Honolulu, HI 96822

22 Komohana


11:00 AM

Waipahu HS

94-1211 Farrington Hwy, Waipahu, HI 96797

22 Makai


8:00 PM

Waiakea HS

155 W Kawili St, Hilo, HI 96720



10:30 AM

University of Nevada

1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557



2:30 PM

Barney Schwartz Park

2970 Union Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446

26 North


12:00 PM

Deer Valley HS

4700 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch, CA 94531

26 South


10:00 AM

Dublin HS

27 North


1:00 PM

Ronald E. McNair HS

27 South


1:00 PM

Nelson Park

3755 Bridlewood Cir, Stockton, CA 95219

28 East


5:00 PM

Coronado HS

1001 Coronado Center Dr, Henderson, NV 89052

28 North


5:00 PM

East CTA

6705 Vegas Valley Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89142

28 South


5:00 PM

Sierra Vista HS

8100 W Robindale Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89113

28 West


5:00 PM

Palo Verde HS

333 S Pavilion Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144



13 North 13 South

9302 Laurel St, Bellflower, CA 90706

13 West 801 El Margarita Rd, Yuba City, CA 95993 7447 Scholar Wy, Corona, CA 92880 1318 W 9th St, Upland, CA 91786 13170 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710 17141 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91325 27051 Robert C Lee Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

16 West 18 East 18 West

8151 Village Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568 9550 Ronald E McNair Wy, Stockton, CA 95210

67 // district calendar Division






5:30 PM

Priesker Park

330 Hidden Pines Way Santa Maria CA

30 North


2:00 PM

La Mirada Regional Park

13701 Adelfa Dr, La Mirada, CA 90638

30 South


4:00 PM

Katella HS



10:00 AM

El Cajon Library


10:30 AM

Beresford Recreation Center


3:30 PM

Walnut HS

36 East


1:00 PM

Prospect Park

36 West


4:00 PM

Fontana HS

37 East


5:00 PM

San Marcos HS

37 North


5:30 PM

Rancho Verde HS

17750 Lasselle St, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

37 South


5:00 PM

4S Ranch Heritage Park

16789 Deer Ridge Rd, San Diego, CA 92127

37 West


1:00 PM

Martin Luther King Park

4300 Mesa Dr, Oceanside, CA 92057


7:00 PM

Palmdale Aerospace Academy

41 North


1:30 PM

Bill Barber Park

41 South


1:00 PM

Costeau Park

Velasque Rd 25061 Laguna Hills, CA 92653

42 East


2:00 PM

Conejo Creek North Park

1379 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

42 West


2:00 PM

Santa Paula High School

404 N 6th St, Santa Paula, CA, 93060



12:00 PM

Monterey HS

44 North


3:00 PM

Placer HS

44 South


1:00 PM

Foothill HS


6:00 PM

Thomas Downey HS


2200 E Wagner Ave, Anaheim CA 201 E Douglas Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

33 34 North

2720 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo, CA 94403

34 South 35 East

400 Pierre Rd, Walnut, CA 91789

35 West Redlands, CA 92373 9453 Citrus Ave, Fontana, CA 92335 1615 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078

38 East 38 West

3300 E Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA 93550

39 4 Civic Center, Irvine CA 92606

101 Herrmann Dr, Monterey, CA 93940 275 Orange St, Auburn, CA 95603 5000 McCloud Dr, Sacramento, CA 95842

45 46 North 46 South 47

1000 Coffee Rd, Modesto, CA 95355

68 // contact information leadership team Governor | Angelica



Secretary | JiMin

Margarett Lee

region 1


Treasurer | Vivian



News Editor | Zoe Yao


Technology Editor | Roland cnhkc.dte@gmail.com

del Mundo


Communications & Marketing Chair | Gaby Yonarta cnhkc.cm@gmail.com

District Convention Chair | Samantha Voong cnhkc.dcon@gmail.com

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair | Jesus cnhkc.kff@gmail.com

Division 36E d36e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c

Division 31 d31.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 36W d36w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c

Region Advisor | Geoff Tobias region1advisor@gmail.com

Visual Media Editor | Kelly Tran


Member Recognition Chair | Charlotte Wood cnhkc.mr@gmail.com

region 2

DIvision 21 d21.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 37E d37e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 37N d37n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 37S d37s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Member Relations Chair | Johnny


Division 37W d37w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Policy Int’l & Elections Chair | Kai


Region Advisor | Tim Cunning cunningtim@cs.com

cnhkc.mrs@gmail.com cnhkc.pie@gmail.com

Service Projects Chair | Alex

region 3



district coordinators

Graphics Dept Coordinator | Trinity Tran cnhkc.gd@gmail.com Key Leader Coordinator | Lindy cnhkc.keyleader@gmail.com

Division 4E d4e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com



College Expo Coordinator cnhkc.collegeexpo@gmail.com

Pediatric Trauma Program Coordinator cnhkc.ptp@gmail.com Sergeant-At-Arms Coordinator | cnhkc.saa@gmail.com


District Administrator | Doug dgin.kiwanis@gmail.com

Eduardo Torres


Assistant Administrator | Alan

alan@alanquon.com Special Assistant |





Service Leadership Programs | Bruce


Division 30N d30n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 41N d41n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 41S d41s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Region Advisor | Elaine epong119@aol.com


Region Advisor | Carolyn r04.advisor@gmail.com

region 5

Division 28E d28e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail

Division 28N d28n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.

Division 28S d28s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.

Division 28W d28w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail

Division 38E d38e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail

Division 38W d38w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail Region Advisor | Hanna hlsantee@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Dick O spyder4@antelecom.n

region 6

Division 23 d23.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c

Division 45 d45.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c

Region Advisor | Michae mmcstroul@gmail.com

region 7

Division 3N d03n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.

Division 3S d03s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.

Division 16S d16s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.

Division 16E d16e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail Division 16W d16w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail

Region Advisor | Doug Ri dridnor@sbcglobal.net

Pete Ballew


Special Assistant | Marek

Division 4W d4w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 47 d47.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.co

Division 16N d16n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.


Assistant Administrator | Marshall

Division 4N d4n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 30S d30s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Service Expo Coordinator cnhkc.serviceexpo@gmail.com

region 4

Division 11 d11.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


69 // contact information

region 8

region 12


Division 13N d13n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

region 16


Division 13S d13s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 5S d05s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 7S d07s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 13W d13w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 46N d46n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 27N d27n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 19N d19n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 46S d46s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 27S d27s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 19S d19s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Caroline Farris caroline.farris@gmail.com

Division 44N d44n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com





Region Advisor | Mark Ross mkrossreg11@aol.com

region 9

Division 5N d05n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

region 13

Region Advisor | Rae Whitby-Brummer raewhitby@aol.com

region 17

Division 2 d02.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 10S d10s.ltg.cnhkc@gmail.com


Division 8 d08.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Division 26N d26n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 15E d15e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 15N d15n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Division 26S d26s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com



Region Advisor | Victor Chan victor913@gmail.com

region 10

Division 44S d44s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 10N d10n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com



Division 7N d07n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 15S d15s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 35E d35e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 35W d35w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 12E d12e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 12S d12s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 12W d12w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 34N d34n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Division 34S d34s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 24 d24.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Patricia Cridland patriciacridland@aol.com


Division 29 d29.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Jennifer jenbuelna@gmail.com


Division 42E d42e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

region 14

el McStroul

Division 42W d42w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Rhonda Cameron cnh.region14.kc@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Rachel Shanley rshanley.kiwanis@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Stacie Marotta stacie.marotta@manpower.com

region 15



region 11

Division 14/39 d14.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 20/32 d2032.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Region Advisor | Tricia Shindledecker cnhkc.r15.advisor@gmail.com

Division 43 d43.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Region Advisor | Jim Davis winfield5064@sbcglobal.net

region 18

Division 22H d22h.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Division 18E d18e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Division 18W d18w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Division 22M d22m.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com


Division 33 d33.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Charlene Masuhara chmasuhara@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Caroline Farris caroline.farris@gmail.com

Region Advisor | Joshua Chang joshuamchang@gmail.com





Division 22K d22k.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com

Profile for CNH Key Club

The Buzz | November 2017 | CNH Key Club  

The Official CNH District Newsletter, brought to you by District News Editor Zoe Yao.

The Buzz | November 2017 | CNH Key Club  

The Official CNH District Newsletter, brought to you by District News Editor Zoe Yao.

Profile for cnhkc