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From the News Editor


“Summerfest Volunteering” Executive Messages International Update Committee Submissions

180,051/1,300,000 as of July 29, 2017

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Happy August, CNH Bees! We are just over a quarter of the way through the term, and it’s flown by so quickly. The new school year is coming, which means that new members and service opportunities will be popping up! Take advantage of this time to reach out to new members, raise funds, and help make this term the best it can be. A new school year also means new experiences outside of Key Club. As rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, we already have a variety of tools to help us navigate high school and the world. Be sure to share these tips with younger students so that they can have a smooth transition as well. This early fall season is a prime time for member recruitment, so BEE sure to stay on the lookout for new ways to attract members. Hold an ice cream social, movie night, or craft service event. Set up a booth at a club fair to get the word out! Classes will be more difficult and you will be taking on new responsibilities, but always remember to put your mental and physical health first. Your well-being should be the priority above anything else. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Lt. Governor or even myself! We are all here to help. At International Convention 2017, Key Clubbers from all across the world elected our International Board for the 2017-2018 term. Congratulations to our new International President, William Sims, and our International Vice President, Minyoung Kim. CNH’s International Trustee is Luke Gilmore! Please give him a warm welcome. You can find his very first International Update on page 5. Fall Rally and Region Training Conference are coming up soon! These events are exciting and the perfect time to meet new people from outside of your division. Pay attention to dates and deadlines for these events as they are approaching quickly. Ask your Lt. Governor if you have any questions. Division News Editors, remember that articles and visuals are due on the 15th of each month by 6pm, and newsletters are due on the 20th of each month by 6pm. It has been a great past few months serving you all, and I can’t wait to see what else the term will bring.

Zoe Yao District News Editor


Division 4 West Marina Key Club

Volunteering at Summer-fest was one of the many fun events during this year so far. Although it was very hot outside, the temperature did not stop us from serving tasty hot dogs to the people of Summerfest. Kiwanis did an amazing job of showing Marina Key Club how to prepare the hot dogs. Before we arrived to the booth, everything was basically already set up and all we had to do was learn how to set up the register and the hot dogs. We were very efficient and I believe that we used our time wisely and productively. During our service, we sold many hot dogs but a highlight of the day was when we encountered the assistant principal of Marina, Robert Rasmussen. We were able to persuade him into buying one of the delicious hot dogs from our booth, so that was a fun moment from the event. Time went by very quickly because of how fun this event was for us, with the only downside being how hot it was. Overall, volunteering at Summer-fest was a blast and I believe that everyone wishes to help Kiwanis again next year.



Buzz Buzz, CNH Key Clubbers! As summer draws to a close, brand new opportunities to serve your homes, schools, and communities open up. Although we all dread the start of the new school year, to be honest, school will motivate us and get us on our feet once again. For some of us, summer ‘17 has been an incredible one filled with adventures, travels, and fun. For others, this summer has been the much-needed break we all needed. But for all of us, this summer will act as a motivator to allow each of us to work hard throughout the school year, whether it be because you never stopped serving your communities and want to continue doing so or because you were unproductive and want to work harder to make up for it. I ask that you reach out to everyone you know. Recruitment season into Key Club will come


JiMin Margarett Lee

Hello, Cali-Nev-Ha! Can you believe that summer is almost over? Now is the perfect time to think about what you have accomplished so far this summer, and what there is left to do. School will be starting soon, and it is important for you utilize this time efficiently to get the most out of it. There will be various events that you will soon be hosting, and with school in full gear, it may be hard to balance all your activities. So be sure to use these last couple days to finalize all your plans, go to more service events, and of course, work on summer homework. Don’t stress yourself out by doing things last minute — work proactively now and throughout the term to ensure that you have time for yourself. Thank you all for your continual hard works of service. I am truly honored to be working with such an amazing group of people. This is your year – you will

quicker than you think. It is never too early to start publicizing the many wonderful aspects of Key Club International. Utilize social media platforms and post flyers on the web. Create a recruitment video that will go viral all across the U.S. You can even walk up to your classmate and convince them to join this life-changing organization. Your words and actions are influential to your peers. You can be the reason that our district reaches its goal of 43,000 members. I believe in all of you more than you can imagine. I wish you the best of luck this school year. Stay strong, do not procrastinate, and keep on servin’!

Always in service, Angelica Garcia District Governor

get out how much you put into it. Keep striving towards your goals and don’t lose the passion and motivation that you have now. Please keep in mind that we, the executives, are always here to help you with any problems you may face in your term. Thank you for everything you all have done, and will continue to do for the CNH District. Lastly, for Club Secretaries, make sure that you are consistently turning in your Monthly Report Form on time and accurately. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

JiMin Margarett Lee District Secretary



What’s Buzzin, CNH! For most of us, summer is about to wrap up, meaning that the school year is about to be underway. Whether your summer was full of service hours, new friends, or simply relaxing, I hope you all enjoyed it! The end of summer is a great time to get ready to recruit plenty of new members to Key Club! At the beginning of the school year, see if you can set up a booth at school showcasing Key Club at your club fair - if your school offers one, of course. This will really help to draw attention to our wonderful organization! Now is a great time to work with your club board to plan out the rest of the term. Set goals for yourself and the club you serve so you have something to work towards throughout the year. The remaining weeks before the end of summer will pass by faster than you think! Utilize every moment you have! Last month, I attended International Convention where I was able to experience Key Club at


Greetings, CNH Key Clubbers! My name is Luke Gilmore, and I am honored to serve as the 2017-18 International Trustee for the CaliforniaNevada- Hawaii District. Besides serving Cali-Nev- Ha, I will also be serving the Southwest District and Eastern Canada District this coming year. Besides serving as an International Trustee, I served as a club vice-president and an immediate past Distinguished District Secretary for the Kansas District of Key Club International. This past week, the International Board had their board training at the Kiwanis Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana! It was a great time and an awesome learning experience for the upcoming year. While we were there, the board members were assigned international committees to serve on for the upcoming year. The committees are as follows: the Executive Committee (chaired by William Sims), the Youth Opportunities Fund/Awards Committee (chaired by Minyoung Kim), the Committee on Service (chaired by myself), the Committee on

the international level. The 2017-2018 Key Club International Board was also elected. I know that this will be an exciting term with our International President William Sims, Vice President Minyoung Kim, and our very own trustee Luke Gilmore! I wish you all luck in the beginning steps to empower Key Club at your school with new members, increased service hours, and more reasons to smile throughout the year. I cannot wait to make so many memories with all of the members of CNH throughout this school and Key Club year. As always, thank you for your service and for reading. See you next month, CNH!

Vivian Chu District Treasurer

Membership Experience (chaired by Lindsey Banks), and the Committee on International Development (chaired by Jack Nannie). If you would like to know more information on these committees, please feel to contact me at any time. These updates will keep you in the loop on all things international, so be on the lookout in the coming months! I also had the pleasure of meeting Governor Angelica while in Indianapolis and got to meet with her about how I can best serve the Cali-Nev-Ha District this term. If you have any questions for me at any time, please feel free to reach out to me via text, call, email, or one of my social media platforms. I can’t wait to meet the members of CNH Key Club at the 2018 CNH District Convention on April 13-15 and at the 2018 Key Club International Convention on July 4-8 in Chicago, Illinois!

Yours in friendship and service, Luke Gilmore International Trustee

meet the 2017-2018 committee chairs Communications & Marketing Gaby Yonarta

District Convention Samantha Voong

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Jesus Aguiniga

Member Recognition Charlotte Wood

Member Relations Johnny Chen

Policy, Int’l & Elections Kai Catarata

Service Projects Alex Gatus

COMMITTEE SUBMISSIONS Contributions from your 2017-2018 District Board committees.

䌀䰀 唀䈀  䜀刀伀圀吀 䠀 䄀  猀 甀洀洀愀爀 椀 稀 攀搀  昀 漀挀甀猀   漀渀  洀攀洀戀攀爀 猀 栀椀 瀀  爀 攀氀 愀琀 椀 漀渀猀 Ⰰ   瀀甀戀氀 椀 挀椀 琀 礀Ⰰ   愀渀搀  爀 攀挀爀 甀椀 琀 洀攀渀琀 ℀

一䜀 䤀 䴀䄀刀䬀䔀吀 漀  琀 䬀䔀夀匀   䐀攀猀 椀 最渀  愀渀搀  甀琀 椀 氀 椀 稀 攀  昀 氀 礀攀爀 猀   琀 漀  瀀愀猀 猀   漀甀琀   琀 漀  猀 琀 甀搀攀渀琀 猀  伀爀 搀攀爀   戀爀 漀挀栀甀爀 攀猀   昀 爀 漀洀  䬀攀礀  䌀氀 甀戀  䤀 渀琀 攀爀 渀愀琀 椀 漀渀愀氀  䠀愀渀最  甀瀀  瀀漀猀 琀 攀爀 猀   愀爀 漀甀渀搀  礀漀甀爀   猀 挀栀漀漀氀  倀爀 椀 渀琀   瀀愀洀瀀栀氀 攀琀 猀   昀 爀 漀洀  琀 栀攀  䌀一䠀  䌀礀戀攀爀 䬀攀礀  匀瀀爀 攀愀搀  琀 栀攀  眀漀爀 搀  瘀攀爀 戀愀氀 氀 礀℀   ⠀ 吀 愀氀 欀  琀 漀  挀氀 愀猀 猀 洀愀琀 攀猀 ⤀  䈀攀  猀 瀀椀 爀 椀 琀 攀搀℀

伀一 䤀 䌀䄀吀 䌀伀䴀䴀唀一䤀 唀猀 攀  搀椀 昀 昀 攀爀 攀渀琀   猀 漀挀椀 愀氀   洀攀搀椀 愀  瀀氀 愀琀 昀 漀爀 洀猀   昀 漀爀   礀漀甀爀   愀甀搀椀 攀渀挀攀℀  䘀愀挀攀戀漀漀欀  䤀 渀猀 琀 愀最爀 愀洀

䌀䄀䰀 䤀 ⴀ 一䔀嘀ⴀ 䠀䄀 䐀䤀 匀吀 刀䤀 䌀吀   䜀伀䄀䰀

㐀㌀Ⰰ     䴀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀匀

 吀 眀椀 琀 琀 攀爀  刀攀洀椀 渀搀  ㄀ ㄀  䜀漀漀最氀 攀  䜀爀 漀甀瀀猀  匀氀 愀挀欀

䰀 䔀吀 ᤠ 匀  䜀伀  伀一  䄀 匀䔀刀嘀䤀 䌀䔀  匀䄀䘀䄀刀䤀 ℀

䐀唀䔀匀Ⰰ   䐀唀䔀匀Ⰰ   䐀唀䔀匀℀   圀䠀䄀吀   䄀刀䔀  䐀唀䔀匀㼀

䐀唀䔀匀  倀䄀䤀 䐀  䴀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀匀  倀䄀夀  ␀㄀㄀⸀ 㔀  䐀甀攀猀   愀爀 攀  昀 攀攀猀   琀 栀愀琀   攀瘀攀爀 礀  洀攀洀戀攀爀 猀   漀昀   䬀攀礀  䌀氀 甀戀  ␀㜀⸀     最漀攀猀   琀 漀  䬀攀礀  䌀氀 甀戀  䤀 渀琀 攀爀 渀愀琀 椀 漀渀愀氀 䤀 渀琀 攀爀 渀愀琀 椀 漀渀愀氀   琀 漀  爀 攀挀攀椀 瘀攀  琀 栀攀椀 爀   洀攀洀戀攀爀 猀 栀椀 瀀⸀ ␀㐀⸀ 㔀   最漀攀猀   琀 漀  䌀一䠀  䐀椀 猀 琀 爀 椀 挀琀

圀䠀夀  䐀伀  圀䔀  倀䄀夀  䐀唀䔀匀㼀

䤀 昀   礀漀甀  愀爀 攀  愀  搀甀攀猀   瀀愀椀 搀  洀攀洀戀攀爀 Ⰰ   礀漀甀  挀愀渀  愀琀 琀 攀渀搀  䐀椀 猀 琀 爀 椀 挀琀   䌀漀渀瘀攀渀琀 椀 漀渀Ⰰ   爀 甀渀  昀 漀爀   愀渀  漀昀 昀 椀 挀攀爀   瀀漀猀 椀 琀 椀 漀渀Ⰰ   瘀漀琀 攀Ⰰ   最愀椀 渀  瀀爀 椀 挀攀氀 攀猀 猀   洀攀洀漀爀 椀 攀猀 Ⰰ   愀渀搀  猀 漀  洀甀挀栀  洀漀爀 攀℀

㄀㄀⸀ 㔀  䔀䄀䌀䠀  䌀䰀 唀䈀  䤀 匀  䐀䤀 䘀䘀䔀刀䔀一吀   䤀 一  䠀伀圀  吀 䠀䔀夀  倀䄀夀  吀 䠀䔀䤀 刀  䐀唀䔀匀⸀   䴀䄀䬀䔀  匀唀刀䔀  吀 伀  吀 䄀䰀 䬀  吀 伀  夀伀唀刀  䌀䰀 唀䈀  伀䘀䘀䤀 䌀䔀刀匀  䄀一䐀  䄀䐀嘀䤀 匀伀刀匀  䄀䈀伀唀吀   䤀 吀 ℀   䤀 䘀  夀伀唀  䠀䄀嘀䔀  䄀一夀  䴀伀刀䔀  儀唀䔀匀吀 䤀 伀一匀Ⰰ   䘀䔀䔀䰀   䘀刀䔀䔀  吀 伀  䌀伀一吀 䄀䌀吀   夀伀唀刀  䰀 䤀 䔀唀吀 䔀一䄀一吀   䜀伀嘀䔀刀一伀刀  伀刀  䐀䤀 匀吀 刀䤀 䌀吀   吀 刀䔀䄀匀唀刀䔀刀  嘀䤀 嘀䤀 䄀一  䌀䠀唀⸀

䴀攀洀戀攀爀 猀 栀椀 瀀  唀瀀搀愀琀 攀  䌀攀渀琀 攀爀 ㄀⸀   欀攀礀挀氀 甀戀⸀ 漀爀 最⼀ 洀甀挀 ㈀⸀   䤀 昀   琀 栀攀爀 攀  愀爀 攀  愀渀礀  瀀爀 漀戀氀 攀洀猀   眀椀 琀 栀  氀 漀最最椀 渀最  椀 渀琀 漀  琀 栀攀  䴀唀䌀Ⰰ   挀漀渀琀 愀挀琀   洀攀洀戀攀爀 猀 攀爀 瘀椀 挀攀猀 䀀欀椀 眀愀渀椀 猀 ⸀ 漀爀 最⸀ ㌀⸀   䈀攀  猀 甀爀 攀  琀 漀  瀀爀 漀瘀椀 搀攀  礀漀甀爀   昀 愀挀甀氀 琀 礀  愀搀瘀椀 猀 漀爀 ✀ 猀   渀愀洀攀Ⰰ   挀氀 甀戀Ⰰ   愀渀搀  挀氀 甀戀  椀 搀⸀ 㐀⸀   䤀 昀   礀漀甀爀   昀 愀挀甀氀 琀 礀  愀搀瘀椀 猀 漀爀   栀愀猀   挀栀愀渀最攀搀  礀漀甀  洀甀猀 琀   挀漀渀琀 愀挀琀   洀攀洀戀攀爀   猀 攀爀 瘀椀 挀攀猀   琀 漀  椀 渀昀 漀爀 洀  琀 栀攀洀⸀

䤀 䴀倀伀刀吀 䄀一吀   䐀䄀吀 䔀匀 伀挀琀   ㄀㨀   挀氀 甀戀猀   挀愀渀  猀 琀 愀爀 琀   瀀愀礀椀 渀最  搀甀攀猀 一漀瘀  ㄀㨀   攀愀爀 氀 礀  戀椀 爀 搀  搀攀愀搀氀 椀 渀攀  䐀攀挀  ㄀㨀   爀 攀最甀氀 愀爀   搀攀愀搀氀 椀 渀攀 

䘀愀氀 氀   刀愀氀 氀 礀 䘀甀渀搀爀 愀椀 猀 攀  昀 漀爀   琀 栀攀  倀攀搀椀 愀琀 爀 椀 挀  吀 爀 愀甀洀愀  倀爀 漀最爀 愀洀  ⠀ 倀吀 倀⤀ Ⰰ   洀攀攀琀   渀攀眀  昀 爀 椀 攀渀搀猀 Ⰰ   愀渀搀  戀甀椀 氀 搀  渀攀眀  洀攀洀漀爀 椀 攀猀 ⸀

一伀刀吀 䠀 䀀䀀  匀匀椀椀砀砀  䘀䘀䬀䬀氀氀愀愀椀椀渀渀最最最最猀猀搀 搀 䐀䐀漀漀椀椀洀猀洀猀挀挀漀漀瘀瘀攀攀爀爀礀礀   匀伀唀吀 䠀 伀挀 漀   ㈀ ㄀ Ⰰ   ㈀   ㄀ 㜀 伀挀琀 琀 漀戀 戀攀 攀爀 爀   ㈀ ㄀ Ⰰ   ㈀   ㄀ 㜀

倀刀䤀 䌀䔀

䀀 匀 椀 砀   䘀 氀 愀   䴀愀 挀 䀀    匀 椀 砀   䘀 氀 愀最 最猀 猀   䴀愀最 最椀 椀 挀    䴀漀 愀 渀 䴀漀甀 甀渀 渀琀 琀 愀椀 椀 渀 一 攀   ㄀ ㄀ Ⰰ   ㈀   ㄀ 㜀 一漀 漀瘀 瘀 攀洀戀 洀戀攀 攀爀 爀   ㄀ ㄀ Ⰰ   ㈀   ㄀ 㜀

倀刀䤀 䌀䔀

倀刀䔀匀䄀䰀 䔀  ⴀ   ␀㌀㐀 伀一ⴀ 匀䤀 吀 䔀  ⴀ   ␀㌀㠀

倀刀䔀匀䄀䰀 䔀  ⴀ   ␀㐀  伀一ⴀ 匀䤀 吀 䔀  ⴀ   ␀㐀㐀

一伀吀 䔀㨀   䔀渀猀 甀爀 攀  琀 栀愀琀   琀 栀攀  ㄀㈀  䴀攀洀戀攀爀   琀 漀  ㄀  䌀栀愀瀀攀爀 漀渀攀  刀愀琀 椀 漀  椀 猀   昀 甀氀 昀 椀 氀 氀 攀搀

䘀唀一䐀刀䄀䤀 匀䤀 一䜀  䤀 䐀䔀䄀匀 䈀礀  漀昀 昀 攀爀 椀 渀最  漀瀀瀀漀爀 琀 甀渀椀 琀 椀 攀猀   昀 漀爀   昀 甀渀搀爀 愀椀 猀 椀 渀最  琀 漀  洀攀洀戀攀爀 猀 Ⰰ   琀 椀 挀欀攀琀   漀爀   琀 爀 愀渀猀 瀀漀爀 琀 愀ⴀ 琀 椀 漀渀  昀 攀攀猀   挀愀渀  戀攀  氀 漀眀攀爀 攀搀  愀渀搀  椀 渀挀爀 攀愀猀 攀搀  搀漀渀愀琀 椀 漀渀猀   挀愀渀  戀攀  洀愀搀攀  琀 漀  倀吀 倀℀

䠀漀猀 琀   愀  䴀漀瘀椀 攀  一椀 最栀琀   匀攀氀 氀   刀愀昀 昀 氀 攀  吀 椀 挀欀攀琀 猀   愀琀   愀渀  䔀瘀攀渀琀 匀攀氀 氀   挀愀渀搀礀  戀愀爀 猀 Ⰰ   挀栀椀 瀀猀 Ⰰ   漀爀   漀琀 栀攀爀   猀 渀愀挀欀猀 䐀椀 渀攀  ☀  䐀漀渀愀琀 攀 䈀愀欀攀  匀愀氀 攀 倀䤀 䔀  愀渀  漀昀 昀 椀 挀攀爀 ℀ 䜀伀  吀 伀  挀渀栀欀攀礀挀氀 甀戀⸀ 漀爀 最  㸀  䔀瘀攀渀琀 猀   㸀  䘀愀氀 氀   刀愀氀 氀 礀  昀 漀爀   洀漀爀 攀  椀 渀昀 漀爀 洀愀琀 椀 漀渀℀

氀 攀 瘀攀 氀 猀   漀 昀

洀攀洀戀攀爀猀栀椀 瀀 椀 渀  䬀攀礀  䌀氀 甀戀  䤀 渀琀 攀爀 渀愀琀 椀 漀渀愀氀

刀䔀䜀䤀 伀一  吀 刀䄀䤀 一䤀 一䜀 䌀伀一䘀䔀刀䔀一䌀䔀

圀栀愀琀 ᤠ 猀   愀  爀 攀最椀 漀渀㼀

䄀  爀 攀最椀 漀渀  挀漀渀猀 椀 猀 琀 猀   漀昀   礀漀甀爀   搀椀 瘀椀 猀 椀 漀渀  愀渀搀  琀 栀攀  漀渀攀猀   渀攀愀爀   礀漀甀  眀椀 琀 栀椀 渀  礀漀甀爀   愀爀 攀愀℀   䘀漀爀   攀砀愀洀瀀氀 攀Ⰰ   刀攀最椀 漀渀  ㌀  椀 猀   洀愀搀攀  甀瀀  漀昀   㜀  搀椀 瘀椀 猀 椀 漀渀猀   昀 爀 漀洀  伀爀 愀渀最攀  䌀漀甀渀琀 礀Ⰰ   䌀䄀℀

倀䔀刀䬀匀  伀䘀  䄀吀 吀 䔀一䐀䤀 一䜀  刀吀 䌀 䴀攀攀琀   琀 漀渀猀   漀昀   䬀攀礀  䌀氀 甀戀戀攀爀 猀   椀 渀  礀漀甀爀   爀 攀最椀 漀渀Ⰰ   愀琀 琀 攀渀搀  眀漀爀 欀猀 栀漀瀀猀 Ⰰ   戀甀椀 氀 搀  氀 攀愀搀攀爀 猀 栀椀 瀀  猀 欀椀 氀 氀 猀 Ⰰ   愀渀搀  洀漀爀 攀℀ 䤀 昀   礀漀甀  栀愀瘀攀  愀渀礀  焀甀攀猀 琀 椀 漀渀猀 Ⰰ   搀漀  挀漀渀琀 愀挀琀   礀漀甀爀   氀 漀挀愀氀   䰀 吀 䜀ᤠ 猀 ℀

刀䔀䄀匀伀一匀  吀 伀  䨀 伀䤀 一  䬀䔀夀  䌀䰀唀䈀










The election of the new District Governor, District Secretary, and District Treasurer


Service Projects and College Information opportunities Award Ceremony for scholarships, member awards, and distinguished and outstanding clubs and officers Leadership Workshops and Seminars DCON T-Shirt and souvenir Retirement/Installation of Officers Governors’ Ball

CNH District Convention Newsletter





“more than a black and white argument”

Can I use material I found online for use in my own club/division?

Know About COPYRIGHT Become Ensure creative and ethical use of media and information resources in advertising and learning through copyright compliance.

Information Literate Media Literate a Digital Citizen


Today we see plenty of digital access, ease of duplication and distribution of information. We encourage members and officers alike, to write, record and film, for club audiences, thus adhering to a new era of copyright consciousness.


1. create YOUR ipsum

search for

creative commons

search for public domain




4. Can you claim? FAIR USE

Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. At the end of any project, give credit to any source of media you have used in anyway possible and be sure to give credit where credit is due.

All original work is protected under copyright when it is created. No further action is required by creator.

Creative commons

CC licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of receipients or other creators.


Public Domain consists of works that are publicly available; works that are unavailable for private ownership or are available for public use.


Fair use is not a law, but it is a legally defendable position based on balancing four factor nature, amount, purpose, and effect. .

District Technology Editor |


Here’s some information to help you as a photographer. Refer to last month’s Newsletter for the first “Effective Photography” Flier!

INTERACTING W/ AN AUDIENCE BEElieve it or not, being a photographer takes a lot of leadership skills! Some of what you’ll end up doing includes: - Meeting new people - Directing singles or small to large groups for poses - Delegating assistants to help with lighting, changing the background, etc. CLUB or DIVISION At Meetings (& DCM’s) - Take candids of speakers & of the audience; Capture portraits of recognized persons At Events - Candids of volunteers Both - Ask members to pose! (Maybe it’ll be their next Key Club memory) - Take group photos with multiple poses Overall, remember to pay attention to your environment and use your leadership skills to interact with the subject.

You’ll probably experience interacting with the following audiences: - Club - Division


- 1-2 People - 10 People - 80+ People

Look below to some diagrams and guidguid ance points! 1-2 People - Portrait photography; Utilize/Respect your landscape! - Think of it as a bowl of ramen, your subject is the noodles, but your landscape is the meat, veggies, and garnish.

~10 People - Stagger people - 2-3 rows is usually enough

80+ People - Have multiple rows, About 15-20 people each - Shorter people to the front - Stairs are your friend

POST-EDITING THE PHOTO Putting your photography through post-editing is, at least in my opinion, the most (x5) important part of processing a photo. Below are some popular photo editing applications and softwares: - Adobe Lightroom; $$$ - GIMP; Free - VSCO (Smart Phones); Free Try your best to edit on a laptop, using apps like Lightroom or GIMP, for better quality and variety. Apps like VSCO are great for on the go!

Let’s Meet Aktion Club! Aktion Club is the only international community organization for adults with disabilities. Core Values Character Building: The ability to the right thing, even when it might be the unpopular choice Leadership: The ability to listen, communicate, serve and guide others Inclusiveness: Accepting and welcoming differences in other people Caring: The act of being concerned about or interested in other people or situations

Pledge I pledge on my honor to uphold the Objects of Aktion Club. To better my community, my Country, and myself, To help those in need, To demonstrate loyalty to our community and nation And to encourage others to do the same

CNH alone has 39 chartered Aktion Clubs and has been growing in recent years. The club truly demonstrates inclusiveness and spreads the message that anyone and everyone has the ability to serve their community.

Key clubs can co-sponsor Aktion clubs, just like they can with K-Kids or Builders Clubs Also, planning service projects with your local Aktion Club is a great way to connect the KFamily, as well as to get amazing to know members of this organization who who share the same goal of bettering their communities that Key Club does!









Higher education is furthering your academic career after high school, and attending college or university, potentially even graduate school.



Expand your knowledge and skills Career preparation Pursue your passion Personal development/ character building ➔ Financial gain ➔ More job opportunities ➔ Continue your Kiwanis family journey through Circle K International ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔

College isn’t for everybody! However, take every opportunity that life offers you. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

As high school students, you should start thinking about your life after graduation! It’s never too late to start thinking about the rest of your life. Higher education is something to take into consideration.



College readiness means that a student can enter a college classroom, without remediation, and successfully complete entry-level college requirements.

CNH District Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee Chair Jesus Aguinaga |

Key Leader Registration Students: $250 Student Facilitators: $175 Dates and Locations: Camp Cedar Glen Julian, SoCal October 20-22, 2017

Camp Jones-Gulch La Honda, NorCal November 10-12,

What is Key Leader? Key Leader is Kiwanis International’s Leadership education program for students primarily in high school. The Key Leader mission is to provide a life-changing experience that inspires young people to achieve their personal best through service leadership. Who can go? Anyone along the ages of 14-18 can go, whether you’re in Key Club or not.

How To Fundraise for PTP The Pediatric Trauma Program serves to help and prevent children from the effects of either injury or death from trauma at a young age.

Seasonal Fundraisers: Fundraisers that are based on a major event/season/holiday in a year. Examples: Flowers for Graduating Seniors (Graduation), Valentine Grams (Valentine’s Day), Winter Ball (winter), Spring Fling (Spring), or Thanksgiving Turkeys (Thanksgiving).

Item Fundraisers: Fundraisers that are based on giving away items for a donation at a set amount.

Examples: Food (candy, donuts), pins, merchandise, dog toys, etc.

Project Fundraisers: Fundraisers in Key Clubbers provide service to others in return for donations. Examples: Car washes, Carnival booths, dances, BBQs, etc.

HELP US REACH OUR DISTRICT GOAL OF $190,000!!! Reminder! Do not forget to always plan ahead and get all paperwork done! Also, a great turnout for a fundraiser comes with great advertising so ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE!



YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES FUND The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation for amounts ranging from $100 to $2,000 for clubs to use on service projects to better their home, school, and community. There is one funding cycle for YOF grants per year. Applications must be submitted through reviewer, the online grant application, and are accepted from summer through fall and must be received by October. Applications are reviewed by the appropriate people in November. Any applications from previous years or applications mailed to International will not be accepted.

After clubs are rewarded the grant, they are required to submit two things to KCI: a letter of agreement and a final report. Both of these can be found on the Key Club International website along with a link to the application and any other information needed.

1 2 3

due dates

YOF Grant Application

Due Date: October 15, 2017 @ 11:59 PM EST

letter of agreement

Due Date: TBA

A signed letter of agreement must be submitted to KCI before the grant check can be mailed to the grant recipient.


Due Date: January 1, 2018

This report details how your club spent grant funds. Information about what should be included in the final report is noted in section F in the letter of agreement.

meet your

Ms. Masuhara | MR Mentor

ember ecognition


Charlotte Wood | MR Chair

Noah Lopez | D28S LT.G

Erica Cheung | D22H LT.G Olivia Dinh | D41N LT.G Kimberly Hoang | D27N LT.G

Brian Pham | D16E LT.G

Nancy Pham | D31 LT.G

Angela Wong | D2 LT.G

Kristy Le | D12S LT.G

Jeremy Xu | D10N LT.G

Stephanie Miranda | D13W LT.G

Minah Yang | D12E LT.G

MEET MEET YOUR YOUR DISTRICT DISTRICT BOARD BOARD : C CN NH H D DIISSTTRRIIC CTT V VIISSUUA ALL M MEED DIIA A EED DIITTO ORR Oxford Academy | Division 30 South | Region 3 I used to play Minecraft and League of Legends after school, every day from 7th to 9th grade! A bowl of H̟ ti̋u khô or ph̛ tái is my favorite (Vietnamese) comfort food. According to my best friend, I lick my lips a lot while I'm focused on work!

There are more places I've been to than the time I have to describe them. What can I say about Key Club? Like many, the community was my "happy place." I joined Key Club as a very shy and quiet girl who found volunteering events reminiscent of those more simple elementary school days. As such, I volunteered a lot during freshman year. Too much, possibly? You could find me at almost every single event, but my skills as a leader really kicked off once I was appointed as Oxford Academy Key Club's Publicist and Division 30 South's (D30S) Executive Assistant (EA). (Seriously, though, if I had known what I know now, after all these years of experience, I could've been so much more creative with how I worked!) Anyhow, it was then my love for leadership soared even higher. I remember the events that then led to me being elected as Lieutenant Governor of D30S. The love people have for the clubs, divisions, or districts they serve is indescribable. Never before, besides my lovely mother and my Netflix account, did I have something in my life that could make me cry so many tears of joy. I'll tell you my most interesting experience, though. It was fairly recent, District Convention 2017. What made the experience interesting was a specific moment. I can remember being surrounded by the members I served, the Sunny Key Clubbers of D30S. It was the end of the last general session on Saturday night. I was taking quite some time backstage to gather my things. Yet, when I came out, Division 30 South was still waiting for me. Next thing I knew, everyone was yelling the "L-O-V-E I love my L-T-G!" cheer and I was enveloped in the tightest hug. You wouldn't believe how much I cried, but it's that love that's brought me to where I am today. My memories in Key Club are memories I'll never forget.

District Visual Media Editor (DVME) is a brand new position to the CNH Key Club District, meaning I am the first recorded DVME in CNH history! Here’s a list of the main directives I follow: Create, promote, and post monthly video series (i.e. “What’s Poppin’ CNH”) providing district and Int’l updates featuring various CNH members, pertinent/ promotional information, and reminders. Develop a visual media resource team to assist clubs and district officers for their visual media needs Provide visual media for district convention and other district events Review, revise as appropriate and promote protocols for submission of items to be posted to any CNH account

Getting through


Even though senioritis is probably hitting you hard, don’t give up yet! This is your last year in high school. Your last time seeing your friends in class. Your last time in Key Club. Your last time to make a difference. Don’t waste your last year in high school; use it to do something worthwhile. Leave a legacy in your home, school, and community.



Although freshman year is the most intimidating, it is the most fun. Take this first step as an adolescent as your chance to explore. Join all the clubs that your interested in. Who cares if they’re not career-related! Explore and find your passions now.


Junior year is arguably the most important high school year. During this year, you really need to focus on your grades and standardized testing prep. You’re going to feel like giving up so many times this year, but keep motivated. Avoid drama; find friends who push you to be your best. Remember that mental health > your GPA. Sophomore year is honestly not that hard. Just continue being proactive in all of your classes and extracurriculars. Don’t be afraid to apply for club boards, no matter how intimidating the interview processes might be. Just go for it.

Treat Yourself!

If you are overly anxious about performance, work through your negative beliefs, especially the beliefs about the implications of school failure. Challenge your negative thoughts that your worth as a person or future prospects hinge entirely on your grades. Good performance will be achieved only when you beat your fears and discover your own worth. Also, don’t forget to give yourself time to unwind. Take a detox from social media. Read a nice book. Spend time with family. Buy a fidget spinner. Do anything to help you relax! Enjoy setting goals for yourself, so you can transcend your weaknesses and reach your full potential. Your study goals must be realistic and achievable. For example, start with small steps to reach higher targets.

Set Goals!

Achieving some goals will certainly motivate you to reach more challenging targets. Another motivating factor would be to understand that you work primarily for yourself and your future career. Apart from the external rewards that your parents promise you, you must understand that studying well is your chance for self development.


Created by the Member Relations Committee 2017-2018

t n a v r e S s i t Wha Leadership?

servant leadership (ser-vunt lee-der-ship):

the natural feeling that one wants to serve; to serve first

Prioritize the Member First

How to Develop Servant Leadership

Listen and understand the member's thoughts and ideas which can lead to growth as a leader by supporting and helping others grow.

Be persuasive, not forceful Anticipate the consequences of decisions Be realistic when measuring outcomes

Why is servant leadership important? Servant leadership is important because you are more likely to have growth and success!

Qualities of a Servant Leader

passion confidence

ic empathet


Being a.. BOSS vs. LEADER drives others says "I" takes credit commands says "go"

coaches others says "we" gives credit asks says "let's go"



Hi, I’m William Zhang

My name is William and I am honored to introduce myself as the past international trustee for the West Virginia, California – Nevada – Hawaii, and Jamaica districts.The job of International Trustee entails working with the district boards of 3 districts assigned to them, to linking these 3 districts as 'sister districts’, while working with the international board and lastly serving on one or more international committee. This term was great being able to librate with you all. Already, I am a 'has been'. How exciting. But, how bittersweet! Although, it was all worth the while; the entire journey—I would have walked it again.I wonder where your Key Club journey will take you. I wonder what experiences and memories you'll make. I wonder if I influenced, or helped you somehow. All I can do is wish you the absolute best for you. Make it a good one! Something that we should all be excited about is our new International Trustee is Luke Gilmore from the Kansas District. You will learn more about him in our upcoming newsletter.


I, William Sims believe, LEAVING A LEGACY means leaving something better than you found it. It means making your mark. A lasting impression. Those who come after you start in a better place and enjoy even greater opportunity. Key Club International has much to be proud of, but there is more to accomplish. As your International President, I will work to lead Key Club International to new heights and leave a legacy through.

The 5 Objectives Leadership





iCan Bike Camp LILY MARSHALL, D14 LTG The Division 14 Blue Robots have been participating in the iCan Bike camp for a few years now, and every year Key Clubbers get super excited to participate. The Camp, which is a camp for children with disabilities aged 5 to 18, is 5 days long and volunteers get to choose a two hour time frame to participate. At the camp, volunteers get the opportunity to work with and teach a disabled child how to safely and successfully ride a bike. Some riders and families even travel from cities hours away just to attend the week long camp! The first couple of days the kids get to start out on a special training bike created by our local bike shop and gradually end up on a tandem bike, then a two wheeled, regular bike. Each volunteer is teamed up with the same rider each day, so it allows everyone to develop a bond with the child they are paired with. We taught them how to wear their helmets and why they are important as well as many other safety tips they need to know before hopping on and riding. Then, we let them start riding with the volunteers by their side, to make sure they were safe and to help them when they fell.

Created by the Service Projects Committee |

iCanBikeCamp Reflection Everyone who participated in the event came out saying how it changed their life. We all remember what it was like when we first learned how to ride, and to get to be a part of the life changing experience with the children was amazing. Because of their disabilities it was harder for them to get the hang of it, but not one rider let that stop them. Most riders ended the camp saying that they can now ride a bike all by themselves, and if not, they definitely made huge progress in reaching that goal. Every day of the camp the kids were ecstatic to snap their helmet on and get back on the bike to ride again. Most of us even made close bonds with the children and their families. It was overall one of the best experiences to be able to teach a child how to safely ride a bike. It's definitely something riders, families, and volunteers will never forget.

Governor's Project Tip! If your Club or Division has water bottles at events, BEE sure to collect them and recycle them! Your Club/Division will receive the profits & help the earth! - Middle College, D27N


Created by the Service Projects Committee |

{ Brighten your day with service! }

Presenting the 2017-2018 Service Projects Committee Tricia Shindledecker SP Mentor Alex Gatus SP Chair

Alex Jo D03N LTG

Vinh Nguyen D04W LTG Allie Price D15N LTG

Ritchie Paek D28W LTG

March Suayngam D35E LTG

Lily Yau D26N LTG

Yenna Chang D36E LTG

Isabelle Trinh D12W LTG

Roselyn Romero D42W LTG

Ryan Hardmeyer D44N LTG

Philip Gergis D46N LTG


VISION PARTNER: NICKELODEON Nickelodeon joined the Kiwanis family as a 2013 Vision Partner

of Kiwanis International with a focus on its Big Help initiative, which addresses issues in service, education, the environment and health.

CO-SPONSOR: RUSTIC PATHWAYS Rustic Pathways has 30 years of experience leading

exceptional service programs for students. Recognizing our shared values, Rustic Pathways has partnered with Key Club to provide its members with the opportunity to broaden their global perspective while performing meaningful service projects around the world.

SERVICE PARTNERS Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals sponsors Key Club

fundraising events. Key Club members also participate in service projects at their local children’s hospital.

Key Club has partnered with the March of Dimes for decades to give every baby a healthy start. Key Club members raise thousands of dollars annually through various programs.

Since 1994, Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF and over the years has raised nearly $5 million for iodine deficiency programs worldwide and HIV and AIDS programs in Kenya and Swaziland. Now it’s helping The Eliminate Project. Since 2014 Key Club International has been partnering with the Thirst Project during the Month of March to participate in the “Dirty Little Secret” campaign. 748 Million people on our planet do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Key Club members fill up a water bottle with dirty water and carry the bottle around all month. When people ask why, Key Club members share the secret.


ARTICLES & VISUALS 1 Arroyo Key: Cleanup Party Yawen Lin, Division 2, Arroyo

Though it’s summer, it’s no excuse for us to stop our passion for helping our community. Arroyo Key Club held a cleanup work party located at Marina Park. Marina Park is one of the most well-known parks in our community. It is well cherished by people of all ages. Elderly citizens taking a stroll down the path, teenagers playing volleyball on the grass, and children riding their bike around enjoy the park. We’ve decided to clean up this well cherished park to preserve the beauty of the area. A group of us started walking around the grassy area of the park looking for trash to acquire. We were quite surprised to find a lot of trash hidden beneath the rocks. Though the surface area seems to nice and peaceful, beneath it all under all the rocks was a bunch of flaws. It made us realize how important it was for us to value our environment and parks more. It inspired us to look for more local places in San Leandro to clean up. Though the sound of cleaning up or picking up trash might disinterest people, this event was pretty eventful for members. While cleaning up, members bonded, saw cute animals around the park, and feasted on ice cream together afterwards. The amount of trash we accumulated at this event was shocking, but we were pretty proud of ourselves for cleaning up our community.

“One person can make a difference, but when a group of passionate Key Clubbers come together to cleanup Marina Park, a lot was changed in a positive way.”

2 Bon Dance

Rhesel Rivera, Division 22K, Damien Memorial

With summertime festivities and the great feeling of spending time with good company, the Damien Memorial School Key Club tapped into the cultural festivities of the Bon Festival. In the Rissho Kosei-Kai Bon Dance in Pearl City, the members served the community by helping out in the concession stands, serving food at the Bon Festival. Gleaming lanterns and the sounds of the drums at the festival created such a beautiful

aura and the people encountered, through volunteering, made the work even worth the while. There, the Damien Key Club members participated and volunteered among ongoing festivities and the Bon Dance. Whether it was behind the concession booths, taking orders, or participating in the dancing, the members of the Damien Memorial Key Club were able to learn more about the culture and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the festival.

3 Bellflower Kiwanis Firework Sale Terilynn Ear, Division 13S, Bellflower

To celebrate America’s independence, Bellflower High School Key Clubbers volunteered to help out Bellflower Kiwanis with setting up a firework stand located on the corner of Artesia and Downey on June 30th through July 4th. Volunteers, that were 16 years old and older, helped sell fireworks to our community alongside Kiwanis members who were also there to help sell fireworks and supervise our stand. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, Bellflower Kiwanis sold a variety of fireworks ranging from sparklers to fountains to provide a safe yet fun fourth of July for the local community. Key Clubbers that were under the age of 16 years old also participated by helping to pass out flyers and encourage community members to buy fireworks. Alongside Bellflower, Gahr and Mayfair Key Club joined together to keep each other company and to give a fellow Key Clubber a helpful hand. Bellflower Key Club continues to strive to keep our community safe and happy by contributing our time to help sell fireworks and cannot wait to help out Bellflower Kiwanis again.

4 Cabinet Training

Bill Yen, Division 35E, Walnut

June 25th was a historical day for Walnut Key Club. It was our first ever Cabinet Training hosted locally at one of our fellow officer’s home. With a potluck in plan, powerpoints set, and activities prepared, the officers carried out an agenda of full of learning and bonding. Cabinet is a system at Walnut Key Club that serves the members and help the officers in keeping the club in check. With 26 unique personalities, our leaders went through a day dedicated to learning about their role in Key Club and the organization they are a part of.

1 Each officer presented a different powerpoint, going over many topics such as Hosting Events and Icebreakers. The presentations were split across the schedule before and after activities and meal time to ensure an attentive learning experience for our future leaders. The day was not just full of education and note-taking, but still included forms of entertainment. We had activities ranging from getting to know each other and learning about ourselves. Everyone got to know each other in a game that involved a ball of string, and we each learned the deeper meaning of our values soon after. During the evening, every cabinet member and officer was split into two teams for a classic game of Charades. A classic form of entertainment that provides humor and laughter out of the entire audience. One memorable experience with Charades was when the topic “Disney” came up, and our performer was given the performance of “Shrek,” which was a Dreamworks’ film. When everyone realized the invalid prompt, the room full of laughter has left me with one of the best memories to look back on whenever I think of Walnut Key Club. That evening, I learned a lot -- Walnut Key Club is more than just a community. It’s where friends are made and family is found, where memories are created and achievements are celebrated. To be excited for what’s to come is an understatement, but to know that everyone’s hard work will contribute to success is already beyond a doubt.








ARTICLES & VISUALS 5 Castro Valley’s Annual Summer BBQ Patrice Cheung, Division 2, Castro Valley

The first day of summer started cold and early for some Castro Valley officers. They awoke early to make sure they reserved the best spot at Lake Chabot for their members. Just as the sun peaked out of the clouds and the temperatures started to rise perfect for a BBQ, the members started to show up. As they filled in we all got in a circle and began to play a few ice breakers and make sure that everyone had a blast interacting with one another. Everyone got a little too close for comfort in a fun game of human knot. As the day progressed we started to get hungry and our alumni started on the grill. After a short wait, we were presented with beautifully crafted burgers. Our delicious array of food was soon forgotten when the pieing started. Thank you to all the members that participated in our pie an officer auction. Amy Zheng even got a 3-in-1 deal when she bid on the class rep. Everyone had a good laugh watching their friends get pied and struggle to get the sticky mess out of their faces, clothes, and hair. The day started to wind down and come to an end as everyone started to sit and talk to each other about their upcoming plans. Soon everyone’s rides arrived and the first day of summer came to an end. Good luck to all Key Clubbers and their summer festivities!

6 Festival of Folktales

Alan Nguyen, Division 4N, Rancho Alamitas

The purpose of the Festival of Folktales event was to volunteer at game booths for the event that Huntington Beach Library was holding for young kids, such as up and coming middle schoolers and under. All of the volunteers were each distributed into different booths with different games for kids to win prizes such as toys and drinks. The games that the event had were ring toss, plinko, bean bag throw, and many more. The event itself needed smiles and positive attitudes being that it dealt with kids and their parents and one did not want to be a sad volunteer and scare the kids and upset the parents. Each booth had multiple volunteers assigned and it showed how Rancho Alamitos’ Key Club has great spirit and excellent teamwork with not only themselves but the adults who are already there before them. We were also able

to see the determination and different strategies kids would use in order to win the game and obtain a prize while also seeing kids who were very young and had the support of their parents to help them attempt to win a prize.

7 4th of July Pancake Breakfast Jacob Emerson, Division 30N, Sonora

Nothing is better than starting off the day with a good breakfast, especially on the 4th of July. The Kiwanis Club of Brea set off to help people get that great start of their day at the annual Brea County Fair on the morning of Tuesday, July 4th. Key Clubbers, in tandem with the Boy Scouts of America, arrived at the event around 6:30 to assemble the tents and set up the food to be served to the people of Brea. From there, the rest of the event was spent with everyone cooking, transporting, and serving the pancakes and bacon around the stand. In addition to the food, live music, shops, and other food stands were present for everyone to enjoy. The fair is a time for citizens of Brea to enjoy their Independence Days with their families and is a beloved event by everyone in the community. Volunteers were also able to enjoy the event while creating new friendships and enjoying the festivities.

8 Home Depot Kid’s Workshop Jeff Chen, Division 44S, Foothill

The Home Depot Kid’s workshop is a monthly event for the Foothill Dinos. The event is always enjoyable for us because not only is it a pleasure to help our community, but it is always fun to attend. Every first Saturday of the month, Home Depot provides free DIY construction kits for the community and everyone is welcome! This event helps bring the community together and provides an opportunity for families to bond together over a fun and simple activity. In addition to being able to build toy airplanes and cars, Home Depot also provides paint and brushes so children can show their creativity. The variety and uniqueness of the DIY projects never fails to surprise. For this month, we built a house. Seeing the joy in the children’s eyes always make this event an event worth going to.

“It’s unfortunate when they miss the nail and hit your finger instead. Ouch!”


ARTICLES & VISUALS 9 Huntington Park Relay For Life

Gracie Cardona, Division 13N, Huntington Park

For the Month of July, the Huntington Park Key Club ran several bake sales to fundraise for the Relay For Life 24 hour cancer event. We targeted the Huntington Park Library, but for this specific event, we were stationed at the East Los Angeles Public Library. We set up a table covered in sweets and treats and sold everything for a dollar or less. The delicious items we sold were brownies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Hot Cheetos, Capri Suns and Oreos. By having these Bake Sales, not only did we provide affordable and tasty treats to our local community, but we also did our part by fundraising money for Relay For Life. This was a memorable event because even if people did not buy snacks, many of them socialized with us.

“It was a great way for us to realize how great the people in our community are and how they are filled with interesting stories that we were grateful to hear.” Also, helping out with cancer survivors and fighters was really touching, inspiring and extremely emotional.

10 July Fourth Parade

Muhammad Rayeed Islam, Division 10S, Gabrielino

This month, on the Fourth of July, Gabrielino’s Key Club volunteered at San Gabriel’s annual Fourth of July Parade and Kids’ Day event, helping the community come together to celebrate the country’s 241st birthday. The service began at 7am, and members showed their enthusiasm for it very early on, with almost all of them arriving long before the start time. The first order of the day for volunteers was to help set up the many parts of the event, including the game booths, food stations, and even parts of the parade itself. Around two hours later, at 9:00, the day’s festivities began with a parade meant to celebrate July 4th and the city’s heritage. Once the parade had concluded, at around 9:30, volunteers faced a rush of eager customers at their respective stations, but they handled this sudden challenge well, making snow cones, serving popcorn, preparing games,

and controlling lines, thus making sure everyone was served well and that everything was done efficiently. During this time, in a show of the dedication and caring that runs amongst Key Clubbers, members chose to fill in for one another at various spots so that the people they were replacing could eat and have a little break before getting back to work. Finally, at around 12:30 in the afternoon, members helped the event organizers clean up, doing things such as picking up trash, deconstructing the booths, moving materials to and forth, and taking down the decorations, all of which helped the event organizers clean up quickly. Once clean-up had been completed, members were able to enjoy some of the other activities at the event, including water balloon fights and other water activities, thus giving them some well-deserved relaxation and thus ending their days’ work well. When asked about the service, fellow member, Rumaisa Islam, said of it that:

“I enjoyed it because I got to interact with people from throughout the community and everyone was just out and having a great time celebrating Independence Day.” Her sentiment was generally echoed by all of the other members and it showed that, all-in-all, the service was a delightful and very successful event and that it was a great reflection of the sense of community that is so characteristic of Key Club and its members.

11 Key Club Training Conference Sylvia Young, Division 34N, Aragon

On June 24, Aragon Key Club, along with other clubs from Division 34 North and across Region 17, participated in Key Club Training Conference at Manresa State Beach. At this region-wide event, we attended various workshops with a short lunch break in between. Following the workshops, each division held their own DCMs, however, having already held ours, we played a series of ice breakers followed by a division sand sculpture building contest where we partnered up with Division 34 South to raise over $80!





12 12 Liquid Run

Ashley Nguyen, Division 4E, Villa Park

Members of Division 4 East Key Club gathered in Newport Beach on a warm Sunday afternoon to volunteer at the annual Liquid Run. The Liquid Run is a floating obstacle course made of several inflatable slides, swings, and trampolines. Runners slip and slide their way through the course, and after completion, participants have fun splashing in the cool water and playing with various other floaties. Key Club assisted in the operation of the obstacle course by registering participants of the run, handing out life vests, and awarding medallions for all who finished. Other volunteers helped participants on the course itself by pulling runners out of the water and back onto the course when they fell. After the event ended, volunteers disassembled the course and brought the numerous obstacles onto land so that the pieces could be deflated and put away. As a thank you from the coordinators of the Liquid Run, the race officials offered all of the volunteers free admission for the course and Division 4 East had a splash working and racing together. Villa Park Bulletin Editor Ashley Nguyen commented,


“It was really a lot of fun working with my fellow D4East members and I got to know a lot of them better. I look forward to volunteering here again next year!”

12 Project Greenlight

Daisy Kim, Division 16S, Burbank


Every summer, Project Greenlight (JensenSchmidt Tennis Academy) is filled with laughter, special moments, and new experiences. During this three-day program, young adults/children with down syndrome are able to learn tennis techniques, develop new friendships, and strengthen their mental and social abilities. Around this time of the year the white tigers always love joining in at our local tennis center and helping out. Each day of Project Greenlight includes working with a “buddy” one-on-one at the Burbank Tennis Center. A white tiger and his or her buddy go from station to station to participate in different, fun activities. Activities at these stations can range from learning how to volley or serve, or group activities such as relay races. Big smiles are seen on everyone’s faces, high-fives are seen everywhere you go, and words of encouragement are heard on the tennis


ARTICLES & VISUALS courts. At the end of Project Greenlight, a strong bond is established between the Key Clubbers and their buddies, and they say farewell until next year. In the midst of all the fun, positive impacts are made in the community and on yourself and your buddy. Division 16 South is honored to have been a part of such a wonderful service event for yet another year.

13 Relay for Life

Amber Monteleone, Division 8, American Canyon On June 24 through June 25, the Dozier Libbey Key Club hosted our 2nd DWS, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This event was located at the Deer Valley Football Field, but that didn’t stop Key Clubbers from attending. We had fourteen members from Deer Valley helping out! Thanks to the leader, Julian Philipie, we got to run our own Key Club booth while assisting in other stations of the event. Not only that, we had a ton of fun socializing with the other Key Clubbers who attended the event.

This event got Key Clubbers to get involved in many ways. If you thought there was a dry moment during this event, you were wrong. We set up water fights for all to come and join, splashing each other around. We ran laps for the relay, taking breaks at the mist hut. Heck, we also ran our own spirit lap led by our Spirit Coordinator Joren Hitosis! At the end of our lap, we won a spirit battle against the Deer Valley Cheerleaders! It was a great way to spend the summer as well.

and thai tea with the option of a floatie, and our division made the most sales out of every division. Division 10 North was one of the few divisions who sold out completely and it was such an unexpected accomplishment. Despite being the smallest division in the region, region picnic really showed us that we are capable of so much more great things. Along with the tea, our division also sold some merchandise, including tshirts, hats, visors, pins, and spirit packs. It was really fascinating to see so many people in Division 10 North show up to this event because we usually have much fewer than the number of people who showed up. Not only was it incredibly hot with the weather being over one hundred degrees, everyone had a job to do, which made the whole situation even more stressful. However, everyone in our division worked together with the sales and organizing that it went so smoothly. The Lieutenant Governors did a really good job with the ice breakers, and through the ice breaker sessions, I was able to learn so many new names and make so many new friends. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and I got to take home lots of memories.


As some members had to leave, others continued working hard to make this event successful. This event wouldn’t be called “Relay for Life” without a reason. Some members assisted in sponsoring cars for races. Others at our booth sold energy drinks and bubbles. We also set up a luminaria that spelled out “HERO” symbolizing our hope for cancer treatment. With the great efforts from our Key Clubbers, we believe this event truly became a relay for life.

14 Region Picnic

Crystal Chang, Division 10N, Temple City

Region picnic this year was a huge success to Division 10 North because everything went really well and smooth. It was quite the experience because I got to have a real life encounter with business. Our division sold milk tea



Division Recognition Hello members, officers, and advisors of the month! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Being chosen for this recognition is truly an honor, and you should be excited! I, as well as everyone on the district board, am extremely proud of you and grateful for your service. It is because of people like you that our district is so successful. It is important to remember that although Key Club is not about the recognition but about the service, recognition does play a role in our district, something that myself and the committee I serve make sure of. Again, congratulations and remember to keep on striving to do your best! Buzzing with Service,

Charlotte Wood

Member Recognition Chair







Alan Wu

Abigail Thai

3 North

Crescenta Valley

Matthew Kim

Marina Gollas

John Kihouri

John Kihouri


Crisostomo Chan

Jessica Medina

Trevor Hershberger

Patricia van Voorst

Fountain Valley

Miguel Santiago

Chelsea Nguyen

7 South

Laguna Creek

David Nguyen

Betelhem Kefle

Mr. McMahan

Mr. Ralph Apple


American Canyon

Evie Aguiling

Katherine Gerhardt

Nicole Shabazz

Kenneth Leary

10 North

South Pasadena

Hanna Von

Taner Homes

Mr. Penaforte

Mr. Arnold

10 South


Ryan To

Andy Lau

12 East


Eileen Quach

Diana Flores

12 South

Oak Grove

Paige Tran

Justin Luong

Travis Pappa

Robin Haggan

12 West


Eric Nguyen

Brittany Pangaliman

13 North


Lisbeth Gil

Jaelyn Nauta

America Alvarenga

Clyde Putnam

Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor Victor Chan

3 South 4 East 4 North 4 West 5 North 5 South 7 North


45 Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor

Talia Le

Michelle Sakurada

Rhonda Cameron

Charles Escobar

John Germing

Mrs. Wheeler

Lisa Calderon


Megan Chan

Jasmine Hong

Kate Misawa

Donna Borden

16 East


Heri Guzman

Amy Quintalla

Michael Gross

Mary Ann Stein

16 North


Anson Santos

Manuel Duran

Scott Cooper

Laura Ridnor

16 South


Jason Kwon

Anne White

Joe Sciouto

Doug Ridnor

19 North


Cindy Nguyen

Orlando Gonzalez

Janet Lewis

Harry Reeves

19 South


Mahjanea Best

Jeanette Vallejo

Howard Charest

Dave Holper



Debbie Gonzalez

Thea Zalunardo

Sue Cummins

Robin Trejo Villa



Trenten Hui

Analy Keodara

22 Hikina

St. Louis

Liana Owens

Russell Abigail Roxas

Deira Itagaki

Ernette Au

22 Komohana


Miguel Guilermo

Halia Hanzawa

Donald Leong

Joel Tabangcura

22 Makai


Tyler Ogawa

Leila Nelson

Dorene Kimoto

Desiree Ting



Gema Morgan

Summer Mather

DaraLee Milikan

Marshall Roberson

26 North


Guadalupe Arellano

Michelle Salve

Dave Mathers

Arlene Young

26 South


Michelle Li

Adriana Derksen

Ashley Sheaff

Cindy Gin

27 North

Middle College

Andy Lok

Dareka Pol

Shannon Kelly

Benjamin Reddish

27 South

Mountain House

Eunice Nguyen

Andre Khalilieh

Heather Reyburn

Carol Davis

28 East


Citlally Lopez

Noah Ahina

Michelle Humphreys

George Hedges

28 North


Blaise Madayag

Ruben Pulido

Ms. Andrews

Josie McHott


Hannah Hu

Vincent Fresco

Fran Bromley-Norwood

Josie MacHott





13 South


Dennis Son

Rachel Borje


River Valley

Amit Lally

15 East

John F. Kennedy

15 South

13 West

15 North

16 West 18 East 18 West


28 South 28 West 29


Division Recognition Division




Faculty Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor

30 North


Hannah Kim

Charles Chen

Laura Uy

Mike Frayer

30 South

John F. Kennedy

Mia Kim

Teresa Hoang

Terrence Rollerson

Shirly McCracken





Citlalli Rendon

Jennifer Azamar

Teri Madewell

Tom Johnson

34 North

El Camino

Srimaye Samudrala

Gillian Garcia

Christy Van Beek

John Helfrich

35 East

Charter Oak

Lillian Yeh

Diana Nguyen

Connie Chen

Paul White

35 West

Sierra Vista

Lawrence Luu

Valerie Manzano

Cheri Lee

Mahmood Bashir

36 East

Citrus Valley

Elaine Wijaya

Rachel Nguyen

Nicole Karnes

Judy Miller

36 West

Jurupa Hills

Ashley Rendon

Dominique Ortega

Robert Skinner

Carol Sams

37 East

San Marcos

Jane Pham

Kathryn Enriquez

37 North


Emily Medeiros

Ariana Camacho

37 South

Mount Carmel

Patrick Tran

Rachel Leslie

37 West

Sage Creek

Jenny Nguyen


Ben Haering

Katie Chen, Hillary Villegas

34 South

Timothy Cunning Kathryn Lennertz

Tom Teagle

Maiya Lee

Kathy Hamamoto

Joe Gieda

Michelle Garcia

Joanie Haynes

Richard Olmstead

38 East 38 West 39 Kylie Wong

41 North

Corona del Mar

41 South


Jonathan Ly

Kaylie Bair

Allen Ho

Michael Maxson

42 East

Santa Susana

Brooke Rademacher

Denise Gonzalez

Steve Johnson

Maryann Baum

42 West

Channel Islands

Adrian Cancino

Shiela Valerio

Dr. Ed Ransom

Daniel Martinez



Hailey Garay

Sandy Le

Beth Hollenbeck

Andrew West

44 North

Granite Bay

Gavin Healy

Emily West

Dana Dooley

Ted Smith

44 South

Rio Americano

Alex Souv

Trevor Oggins

Ms. Kelly

Thomas Hinshaw

Central Catholic

Kelesy Mickelson

Loreanne Deculing

Renuka Purakash

Nanci Tougaw


Sam Trimm

Veronica Rivera

Tamara Long

Jen Jensen

45 46 North 46 South 47


June District Calendar

What is a division council meeting?

A Division Council Meeting (DCM) is a meeting conducted by the respective Lieutenant Governor for the members of his or her respective division. DCMs are full of information about upcoming events, education about Key Club, and much more. There is always something for everyone at a DCM! At DCMs, you will learn more about various projects and events, get involved with the division and its people, and gain a better understanding of how great this organization truly is. You are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about what’s been happening in Key Club, and why it matters to you. Some DCMs are even combined with a service project, fundraiser, or social event so you can be there for more than one reason!







11:00 am

Stenzel Park

15300 Wicks Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94579

3 North


4:00 pm

Eaton Canyon Hiking Trails

1750 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA 91107


1:00 pm

Carl Thornton Park


2:00 pm

Fountain Valley Recreation Center

7 North


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

7 South


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822



2:00 pm

Laurel Creek Park

2986 Gulf Dr, Fairfield, CA 94533

10 North


10:00 am

Santa Monica Beach

10 South


1:00 pm

Vincent Lugo Park

12 East


11:00 am


12 South


4:30 pm

Greystone Park

953 Mount Carmel Dr, San Jose, CA 95120

12 West


3:00 pm

John Mise Park

594 Park Meadow Dr, San Jose, CA 95129


3 South 4 East

1801 W Segerstrom Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704

4 North 4 West

16400 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

5 North 5 South

415 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 Prospect Ave & Wells Street, San Gabriel, CA 91776

11 1199 Jacklin Rd, Milpitas, CA 95035


June District Calendar Division




13 North


2:00 pm

Bellflower Kiwanis Hall

9302 Laurel St, Bellflower, CA 90706

13 South


2:00 pm

Bellflower Kiwanis Hall

9302 Laurel St, Bellflower, CA 90706



5:00 pm

River Valley HS

15 East


10:00 am

Santa Monica Beach

15 North


9:00 am

Mccune Park

15 South


10:00 am

Santa Monica Beach

16 East


9:00 am

Dockweiler Beach

12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA 90293

16 North


9:00 am

Dockweiler Beach

12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA 90293

16 South


1:00 pm

Dockweiler Beach

12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA 90293

19 North


3:00 pm

Dockweiler State Beach

12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA 90293

19 South


12:00 pm

Columbia Park



11:00 am

Youth Community Park



11:00 am

Mission Beach

3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

22 Hikina


10:00 am

St. Louis School

3142 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816

22 Komohana


10:00 am

Neil S. Blaisdell Park

98-319 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea, HI 96701

22 Makai


10:00 am

Hilo HS



11:00 am

Universty of Nevada, Reno

1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557

26 North


11:00 am

Executive Assistant’s House

3910 Hummingbird Dr, Antioch, CA 94509

26 South


1:00 pm

San Ramon Central Park

12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583

27 North


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

27 South


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

28 East


5:00 pm


8185 Tamarus St, Las Vegas, NV 89123

28 North


5:00 pm

Rancho HS

1900 Searles Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

28 South


5:00 pm

Faith Lutheran


13 West 801 El Margarita Rd, Yuba City, CA 95993 200 Santa Monica Pier A, Santa Monica, CA 90401 7450 Eastvale Pkwy, Corona, CA 92880 Coast Hwy, Santa Monica, CA 90401

16 West 18 East 18 West

4045 190th St, Torrance, CA 90504 1725 Fulton Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

556 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, HI 96720


2015 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89117

49 Address





28 West


5:00 pm

Cheyenne HS

30 North


12:00 pm

La Mirada Regional Park

13701 S Adelfa Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638

30 South


12:00 pm

La Mirada Regional Park

13701 S Adelfa Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638



12:30 pm

Harry Griffen Park



1:00 pm


34 North


10:00 am

Alta Loma Park

34 South


8:00 am


3921 Fabian Wy, Palo Alto, CA 94303

35 East


9:00 am

Kahler Russel Park

735 N Glendora Ave, Covina, 91724

35 West


10:00 am

Peck Conservation Park

36 East


12:00 pm

Hulda Crooks Park

S Mountain View Ave & Beaumont Ave, Loma Linda, CA 92354

36 West


12:00 pm

Hulda Crooks Park

S Mountain View Ave & Beaumont Ave, Loma Linda, CA 92354

37 East


11:00 am

Kit Carson Park

3333 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025

37 North


1:30 pm

Kit Carson Park

3333 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025

37 South


11:00 am

Kit Carson Park

3333 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025

37 West


4:00 pm

Lake Poway


2:00 pm

Marie Kerr Park

39700 30th St W, Palmdale, CA 93551

41 North


1:30 pm

Bill Barber Park

4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

41 South


2:00 pm

Bill Barber Park

4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

42 East


8:00 am

Paradise Falls



2:00 pm

Mars Hill Coffeehouse

44 North


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

44 South


1:00 pm

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822


6:00 pm

Central Catholic HS

200 S Carpenter Rd, Modesto, CA, 95355


12:30 pm

Hulda Crooks Park

S Mountain View Ave & Beaumont Ave, Loma Linda, CA 92354

3200 W Alexander Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89032


9550 Milden St, La Mesa, CA 91942 2500 White Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93304 699, 665 McLellan Dr, South San Francisco, CA 94080

5401 Peck Rd, Arcadia, CA 91006

14644 Lake Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

38 East 38 West 39

928 W Avenida de los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

42 West 610 San Benito St, Hollister, CA 95023

45 46 North 46 South 47



Governor | Angelica

Division 37S


Division 37W

Secretary | JiMin

Margarett Lee

Region Advisor | Tim Cunning

Treasurer | Vivian

Division 37N



News Editor | Zoe Yao

Division 4E

Technology Editor | Roland

del Mundo

Division 4N

Visual Media Editor | Kelly Tran

Division 4W

Communications & Marketing Chair | Gaby Yonarta

Division 30N

District Convention Chair | Samantha Voong

Division 30S

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair | Jesus

Division 41N


Member Recognition Chair | Charlotte Wood

Division 41S

Member Relations Chair | Johnny


Region Advisor | Elaine

Policy Int’l & Elections Chair | Kai


Service Projects Chair | Alex


Division 36E



Graphics Department Coordinator | Trinity Tran Key Leader Coordinator | Lindy


Pediatric Trauma Program Coordinator

Eduardo Torres



Assistant Administrator | Marshall

Assistant Administrator | Alan Special Assistant |



Pete Ballew

Special Assistant | Marek

Region Advisor | Carolyn


Division 28N Division 28S Division 28W Division 38E Division 38W Region Advisor | Hanna


Region Advisor | Dick Olmstead



Service Leadership Programs | Bruce

Division 47

Division 28E

Service Expo Coordinator

District Administrator | Doug


Division 36W


College Expo Coordinator

Sergeant-At-Arms Coordinator |




Division 11

Division 23 Division 45 Region Advisor | Michael



Division 31

Division 3N

Region Advisor | Geoff Tobias

Division 3S


Division 21

Division 37E

Division 16N Division 16S

49 Division 16E

Division 15N

Division 16W

Division 15S

Region Advisor | Doug Ridnor

Division 35E


Division 13N Division 13S

Division 35W Region Advisor | Patricia Cridland


Division 13W

Division 14

Division 19N

Division 39

Division 19S

Region Advisor | Rhonda Cameron

Region Advisor | Mark Ross


Division 2 Division 8

REGION 15 Division 20/32 Region Advisor | Tricia Shindledecker


Division 26N

Division 7N

Division 26S

Division 7S

Region Advisor | Victor Chan

Division 27N


Division 27S

Division 24

Division 44N

Division 29

Division 44S

Division 42E

Region Advisor | Rae Whitby-Brummer

Division 42W Region Advisor | Stacie Marotta



Division 12E Division 12S

Division 18E

Division 12W

Division 18W

Division 34N

Division 33

Division 34S

Region Advisor | Caroline Farris

Division 43


Division 5N Division 5S Division 46N

Region Advisor | Jennifer


Region Advisor | Jim Davis Region Advisor | Rachel Shanley


Division 46S

Division 22H

Region Advisor | Caroline Farris

Division 22K


Division 10N Division 10S

Division 15E

Division 22M Region Advisor | Charlene Masuhara Region Advisor | Joshua Chang

The Buzz | August 2017 | CNH Key Club  
The Buzz | August 2017 | CNH Key Club  

The Official CNH District Newsletter, brought to you by District News Editor Zoe Yao.