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TOP 25 WOMEN Impulsive, fearless . . . and successful

Combining the creative and the practical



atie Gilmartin knows hard work is the key to success, but she also knows the ability to adapt and a commitment to the original goals of her business are also important ingredients. As a partner at Nada & Co. in Scranton, her everyday responsibilities include those of the buyer, merchandiser and salesperson. She studied theatre at Fordham University and, after working in the field for several years in Manhattan, a series of freelance jobs allowed her to split her time between Nada & Co. and New York City. “This finally led me to the decision to return full-time to Scranton and to focus on our store,” she says, “It

was a gradual and natural decision.” When she was in high school, the family also managed a restaurant in the same building as Nada & Co., and she realized she enjoyed tasks like scheduling, budgeting and payroll. “Around the same time, opportunities in costume design began to present themselves and I ultimately pursued theatre as my major in college and then as my career. While I was in school and working in New York, I continued to be involved in the buying for the store. Although I had wonderful jobs in theatre, I began to realize that our business allowed me to balance my creative interests with the practical, administrative tasks I also enjoyed,” she says.

Calpin Hemak


aggie Calpin Hemak’s philosophy is, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Living by that adage has made her fearless. As the owner of Nibbles & Bits, Scranton, Hemak says she wouldn’t be where she is today if she feared taking a chance. Graduating from Wyoming Seminary in 2003, she was uncertain as to a career path, knowing only that she enjoyed cosmetics and pretty, frilly things. As a result, she enrolled in Empire Beauty School and became a cosmetologist. While she enjoyed that career, she always felt something was missing. During this “finding herself” time, Hemak earned a

business degree Keystone College. A few weeks before her college graduation, Hemak heard the business Nibbles & Bits was for sale. “My intuition and slightly impulsive personality took control and I was on my way to buying it. I was 24, an almost-college-graduate with zero experience and a slim savings,” she says. She is very grateful to the University of Scranton’s Small Business Development Center and its executive director and her mentor, Lisa Hall Zielinski; the SBA, and First Liberty Bank who all believed in a girl with a dream. Nearly six years later, she says, “I stumbled on something that I now realize was what I was supposed to do. I absolutely love it.”

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Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal March 2015  

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