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ara Alexiou attributes her success to the her clarity of vision and a determination to be there each day to make it happen. As the owner of Steamtown Yoga LLC/Steamtown Hot Yoga, Alexiou is responsible for providing a safe place for self-transformation through yoga and the Eastern healing arts. In addition to maintaining the day-to-day operations — including the very unglamorous part of scheduling, finances, marketing and paperwork — she also has the more enjoyable responsibility of teaching yoga classes and specialized workshops, training fellow teachers and staff and making a personal connection with every person who walks through her door. Alexiou holds a degree from Temple University and has been a certified yoga teacher since 2003 when she trained with Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles. She has also trained with Jimmy Barkan in the Barkan method of hot yoga, plus Taoist yoga and medical qigong with Zen Wellness. In 2007, she opened the doors to Steamtown Yoga, bringing the healing transformation of hot yoga to NEPA. Steamtown Yoga is the first hot yoga studio to open in NEPA and one of the first yoga studios to open in the greater Scranton area.

In August 2014, she was a featured speaker at TEDxScranton, Scranton’s first official TED Talk forum. Her talk, “Architecture of the Body, Mind, and Spirit,” speaks about her personal experience with the healing power of yoga and why she has made sharing the yoga experience her life’s work. She has worked closely over the years with Zen Business Bootcamp and is now a certified business mentor there and has her own business clients she mentors. She has received great support from her parents, her husband, John Yanni Alexiou and her parent-inlaws. Her favorite part of the day is afternoon coffee and mediation break, where she reflects on the morning and prepares for the rest of the busy day. “Finding space within my day for quiet and reflection is a big part of living the teachings of yoga that we speak about inside the Hot Yoga room,” she says. Alexiou is a member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce and the Yoga Alliance. In 2005, she won first place in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Yoga Competition and qualified to represent the region in the Bishnu Gosh National Yoga Competition in 2006. In 2013, Steamtown Yoga received the SAGE Award for Small Business of the Year and in 2014 Best Yoga Studio in an Electric City reader’s poll.

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tate Senator Lisa Baker is serving her third term representing the 20th Senatorial District, and is grateful to her parents for the core values they instilled in her — those of keeping and being true to her word, of working as hard as possible and never making excuses, and the importance of giving back to others to make a difference, which have helped to make her successful in her career. Numerous community organizations and projects have benefitted from her concerted advocacy, including business development and job creation efforts, library expansions, senior housing initiatives, and recreation programs. Working with county and municipal officials, she has helped to secure essential funding for sewer and water system upgrades, transportation priorities, and intergovernmental cooperation efforts. Sen. Baker leads the Senate Labor and Industry Committee, where she is working to create consensus on issues that matter to workers and employers and to assist job training, workforce development, and school-to-work initiatives in her district. She serves as a member of the following committees: Aging and Youth, Appropriations, Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, Public Health

and Welfare, and Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness. These assignments give her the chance to work in-depth on many of the concerns expressed by individuals and groups in the district, to push forward on reform and cost-efficiency measures, and to shape programs opening the door for opportunities that residents are seeking. Sen. Baker led the push for changes to the laws and procedures governing the juvenile justice system, in the wake of widespread corruption in Luzerne County. She contributed an important bill to a successful bipartisan legislative effort strengthening Pennsylvania’s child protection laws. Her efforts on behalf of crime victims resulted in the opportunity to offer in-person testimony before the Board of Probation and Parole when an offender is eligible for release from prison. She also collaborated on the passage of Kevin’s Law, eliminating a loophole that rewarded drivers who fled the scene of an accident where a death resulted. Her dedication to Pennsylvania’s veterans is evidenced by her work to secure funding for veterans’ outreach and support programs and her leadership in establishing the Pennsylvania Veterans Trust Fund to help needy veterans and their families.


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