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How we can lower our A cholesterol counts without using drugs!

Lower your cholesterol counts without using drugs! ccording to nutritionist Albert Gross, owner of NY Life Extension Center, we can do so by taking nutritional supplements. “We routinely get peoAccording to nutritionist Albert ple’s cholesterol down Gross, owner of NYcount Life Extension Center, we can do by taking nu100 points,” hesosays. This tritional supplements. “magic’ is accomplished routinely chowith“We “just one get or people’s two suplesterol count down 100changes points,” he plements and slight says. This “magic’ is accomplished in diet.” with “just one or two supplements Talk tochanges Mr. Gross for just and slight in diet.” a few minutes Talk to Mr. and Grossit’s forobvijust a ous he’s passionate about few minutes and it’s obvious he’s the powerabout of the passionate the nutritionpower of the supplements, vitamins, alnutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, herbs, and antiminerals, enzymes, oxidants he offers at NY Exand anti-oxidants he Life offers tension Center. But Mr. Gross is no at NY Life Extension Center. counterperson. He’s spent a lifetime But Mr. Gross is no counterstudying the sciences. person. He’s spent lifetime Besides being onea of the few studying New Yorkthe Statesciences. licensed nutritionists to own his own business, he is

Besides being one of the few New York State licensed nutritionists to own his own business, he is an awardwinning NASA engineer who helped design the Lunar Module that took astronauts an award-winning NASA engineer to the moon. got aModBS who helped designHe’s the Lunar ule that took astronauts to the moon. in Aerospace Engineering He’s got in Aerospace Engiand twoa BS Master’s Degrees neering Master’s — one and in two Math, the Degrees other —Nutritional one in Math, the other in Nutriin Biochemistry. tional Biochemistry. Mr. Gross was Mr. Gross was an Adjunct an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at Professor of Nutrition at Brooklyn College and is a member Brooklyn College andEducais a of the Society for Nutrition member of the Society for tion. Nutrition Education. Fred Nemiroff, who often travels from Long Island forwho his suppleFred Nemiroff, often ments and chatsLong on nutrition travels from Islandsaid, for “Thissupplements place is my vitamin his and nirvana. chats The selection of products excelon nutrition said, is“This lent here, but the main attraction is place is my vitamin nirvana. the guy behind the counter. Unlike The selection vitamin chain stores,ofyouproducts get to deal is excellent the with the owner,here, who isbut a handson, licensed nutritionist with some

main attraction is the guy behind the counter. Unlike vitamin chain stores, you get to deal with the owner, who is a hands-on, licensed nutritionist with some very advanced very advanced knowledge knowledge and and he’s he’s helped me helped me control mycontrol diabetes.”my A boyish looking “Boomer” with diabetes.” a full head of hairGross and a charismatic Professor started presence, Professor started New York Life Gross Extension New York Center asLife the Extension result ofCenter winas the result of winning a childhood ning a childhood fight fight against asthma through diet against asthma through and supplements. diet andinsupplements. “Later life, as I started feels ingSupplement better and physically had promore vide what our processed energy, I got hooked on researching and does supplements,” said Profesfood not, continues sor Gross. “IGross, became who so focused on Professor points nutrition, I went schoolsupand out the that right dietto and got my second Master’s Degreethe in plements “can improve Nutritional Biochemistry. Friends quality of life, and ministarted asking for advice so the next mize of heart step wasrisk opening my firstattacks vitamin and cancer.” store. Word spread and the business grew.”

Supplements provide what our processed food does not, continYork ues New Professor Gross,Life who points out Extension the right diet and supplements Center “can improve the quality of life, and 1942 East Eighth Street minimize risk of heart attacks and between Avenues S & T cancer.”


ADDRESS: 1942 East Eighth Street between Avenues S & T SPECIALIZES IN: 718-376-8317 Administering nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and IN: antiSPECIALIST oxidants. Administering nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, HOURS: enzymes, herbs, and anti-oxidants. Mon., Wed. & Fri., 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. HOURS: Tues. & Thurs., 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday Sat., 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday, PARKING: 11 a.m. istoavailable 9 p.m. Street parking Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (look for the blue awning). PARKING: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Street parking is available

F train U orawning). B68 bus to (looktoforAvenue the blue Coney Island Avenue & Avenue T. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:

F train to Avenue U or B68 bus to Coney Island Avenue & Avenue T.


N.Y. Life Extension Center NEW YORK STATE LICENSED Professional Nutritionists Since 1987 Brooklyn’s Most Comprehensive Selection Of Vitamins


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1942 E. 8TH ST. (bet. Ave. S & T) 7183768317 LooK

for the Blue Awning!

16 WHO’S WHO 2010


11am-6pm Tues. & Thurs. 11am-9pm Sat. 11am-5pm



FREE 10 minute Blood Test, Cholesterol, HDL And Triglycerides We help you select the right vitamin for You! New York Life Extension Center H...

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