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Dr. Steven Calvino


Relief without going under the knife By Camille Sperrazza ou can be free of pain — without undergoing surgery. This is the goal of Dr. Steven Calvino (71 Carroll Street, 347227-7287), physiatrist, doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine. The doctor uses a conservative approach to ease pain that often settles in the hip, neck, back, or knee. There are many methods of treatment, including injections and nerve blockers. The objective is to treat pain as early as possible, says Dr. Calvino. “Treat pain in its acute stages rather than when it’s more chronic,” he says, ideally within three to six months of its onset. Often, a number of people seek pain management only


Dr. Steven Calvino after they have exhausted a long list of other alternatives, and have seen a variety of other doctors, he says. While seeing doctors is a good thing, “it’s best to have a treatment plan to get the best results as soon as possible.” That “treatment plan” should include pain management methods that Dr. Calvino performs.

Within the last 10 years, advances in medicine have helped people with the most “severe pain feel better, he says. For example, he finds that spinal cord stimulation has been beneficial to people who suffer with cancer. This treatment involves infusing medication directly into the spine, “a relatively safe procedure, in the right hands,” says the doctor. A big advantage is that many of the side effects of ingested drugs are avoided. Dr. Calvino attended a special seven-year medical program, the Sophie Davis School of Bio-Medical at City College of New York for undergraduate and medical training. He then attended SUNY Stony Brook Medical School for his medical degree.

Dr. Millie Fell


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71 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY 347-227-7287


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The expertise to care for your eyes By Camille Sperrazza phthalmologist, Dr. Millie Fell of Brighton Eye Associates (2727 Ocean Parkway, (718) 3320444) personifies the type of doctor you want caring for your eyes. An expert board-certified surgeon who specializes in removal of cataracts and treating macular degeneration, Dr. Fell, teaches residents at New York University Medical Center and is always on the cutting edge of the latest medical developments. She has been a fixture in the borough since 1987 — a presence in Brighton Beach for over 20 years — and while she plans to stay in the community, she is also on the verge of fulfilling a lifetime dream: This summer Dr. Fell will be opening

Dr. Steven Calvino

Dr. Millie Fell a two-level 6,500 square-foot eye center on Kings Highway and East 21st Street, a facility that will be equipped with all the latest in advanced diagnostic equipment. Together with her colleague, Dr. Maayan Keshet, a highly trained ophthalmologist in the field of corneal and refractive surgery, Dr. Fell will spend time in both offices caring for patients.

Much of Dr. Fell’s specialized training is in the field of medical retina, the part of the eye many of Brighton Eye Associates patients experience problems with as a result of suffering from diabetes. Some patients suffer from Macular Degeneration, a disease which strikes later in life, says the doctor. But there is good news. “There is a new, revolutionary treatment,” says Dr. Fell. “Never in my lifetime did I think we would see it. There’s so much more we can do for patients now.” This compassionate surgeon values people, and takes pride in providing them with quality care. She says, “In a world of email and fast solutions, we listen to patients, educating and empowering them.”

Millie Fell, MD 2727 Ocean Parkway 718-332-0444 Coming Summer 2010: 2025 Kings Highway (corner of E. 21st St. and Kings Highway)


Cataract surgery Medical diseases of the retina


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