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968894. Valens. AD 364-378. AR Siliqua (17mm, 1.93 g, 12h). Treveri (Trier) mint. Struck circa AD 375-379. D N VALEN-S P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / VRBS ROMA, Roma seated left, holding Victory on globe in right hand, scepter in left; TRPS•. RIC IX 45a; RSC 109†c. Near EF, toned. short scratch on face. ($295)

World Le concours monétaire

978910. FRANCE, Deuxième République. 1848-1852. WM Essai de 5 Francs (37mm, 17.81 g, 12h). By Jean-Pierre Montagny. Dually dated 1789 and 1848. RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE, draped female bust left, wearing wreath of olive and oak; below, clasped hands and MONTAGNY FECIT / SOUVERAINETÉ NATIONALE (star), Hercules, wearing lion’s skin, striding forward, holding raised club in right hand and part of lion’s skin in left; defeated Lernaean hydra in background; 1789 to left, 1848 to right, MONTAGNY to lower right. Guilloteau 3106 var. (bronze); Mazzard – (but cf. 1293 for obv.); KM –. Superb EF, lustrous, prooflike fields. ($365) With the foundation of the second Republic in 1848 came a need for a new, Republican currency. The government invited a number of artists to submit designs for the new coinage. Numerous patterns were struck with types displaying a number of skilled portraits, making this an exciting area for the modern collector to explore.

978583. FRANCE, Provincial. Metz (évêché). Anonymous. 14th-15th centuries AD. AR Gros d’argent (28mm, 2.76 g, 2h). Im: coat-of-arms. (coat-of-arms) BИDICTV’· SIT : NOmЄ’· DИI’· hRI’· IIУ · XPI’·/ GRO SSV S · m ETE (annulet, double annulet, and rosette stops), cross pattée; stars in quarters / S’· STEPh’· P ROThO’· m · (rosette stops), St. Étienne kneeling left, being blessed by manus Dei; coats-of-arms flanking. Robert p. 213, 4; Boudeau 1659-60; Roberts 8932. Near EF, toned. ($465) 31

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