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446217. Claudius. AD 41-54. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.49 g, 8h). Rome mint. Struck AD 46-47. TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P VI IMP XI, laureate head right / PACI AVGVSTAE, Pax-Nemesis, winged and draped, advancing right, with right hand holding out fold of drapery below chin, with left hand holding winged caduceus, pointing down at erect snake, gliding right. RIC I 39; von Kaenel Type 24; RSC 58. Good VF, lightly toned, minor porosity. ($2450) From the RJM Collection. Ex Freeman & Sear 1 (10 March 1995), lot 347.

440149. Vespasian. AD 69-79. Æ Sestertius (33mm, 25.05 g, 7h). Rome mint. Struck AD 71. IMP CAES VESPAS AVG PM TR P P COS III, laureate head right / SALVS AVGVSTA, Salus seated left on chair, holding patera in extended right hand, scepter in left S C in exergue. RIC II 245; BMCRE 574-5; BN 533-4. Near EF, dark green patina, minor cleaning marks. An impressive portrait with a bold strike. ($5750)

438706. Hadrian. AD 117-138. Æ Dupondius (27mm, 13.68 g, 7h). Rome mint. Struck circa AD 120-122. IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG P M TR P COS III, radiate head right, with drapery on shoulder / SALVS P VBLIVA, Salus standing left, with right foot on globe, holding patera in right hand and rudder over left shoulder. RIC II 604a. VF, brown patina. ($465)


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