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Oriental Greek

441032 441033 441032. KINGS of PARTHIA. Vologases V. Circa AD 191-207/8. AR Drachm (18mm, 3.62 g, 12h). Ekbatana mint. Diademed facing bust with pointed beard of straight lines; hair in bunches above diadem and at sides / Archer (Arsakes I) seated right on throne, holding bow; monogram below bow; king’s name in Aramaic in first line of legend. Sellwood 86.3; Sunrise 455; Shore 448. Near EF, toned. ($695) 441033. KINGS of PERSIS. Baydād (Bagadat). Early 3rd century BC. AR Obol (11mm, 0.74 g, 12h). Istakhr (Persepolis) mint. Head right, with short beard, mustache, and earring, wearing kyrbasia with flaps tied behind / Aramaic legend: bgdt (= “Baydād’) upward to left; retrograde zy b (= “of b’) in exergue; uncertain legend upward to left, fire temple of Ahura-Mazda; to left; standard to right. K&M 2/5; Alram –; Sunrise –. Good VF, lightly toned traces of granularity, area of weak strike on beard. Very rare. ($875) Ex Sunrise Collection (New York Sale XXXVII, 5 January 2016), lot 235.

Roman Republican

445505. Anonymous. Circa 300/280-276 BC. AR Didrachm (19mm, 7.12 g, 8h). Uncertain (Neapolis?) mint. Helmeted head of Mars left; oak spray to right / Horse’s head right, wearing bridle, on base inscribed ROMANO; stalk of grain to left. Crawford 13/1; Burnett – (unlisted dies); Sydenham 1; RSC 4; Lanz 151 (30 June 2011), lot 214 (same dies). VF, toned. Rare dies. ($1750) From the RJM Collection. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica Autumn 95 (26 October 1995), lot 263.

445508. Anonymous. Circa 250-240 BC. AR Didrachm (20mm, 6.62 g, 7h). Rome mint. Head of Roma (or Diana) right, wearing Phrygian helmet; sword and scabbard behind / Victory standing right attaching wreath to long palm frond; ROMANO to left, MM to right. Crawford 22/1; Burnett, Romano pl. III, 55; Sydenham 21a; RSC 7a. VF, toned. ($1750) From the RJM Collection. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica F (17 April 1996), lot 1305.

445509. Anonymous. Circa 240 BC. AR Didrachm (19mm, 6.58 g, 6h). Rome mint. Head of Mars right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet decorated with a griffin / Head of horse right, wearing bridle, bit, and reins; sickle behind; ROMA below. Crawford 25/1; Sydenham 24; RSC 34. VF, toned. ($1750) From the RJM Collection. Ex Stack’s (2 May 1995), lot 2118.


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