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Robber raids Victoria’s secrets! 88th Precinct Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

A thief who favors sexy women’s undergarments stole $3,200 worth of lingerie from the Victoria’s Secret on Flatbush Avenue on Jan. 16. An employee at the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue told cops that a man entered the store at around 7:30 pm carrying a large bag, which he stuffed full of underwear. The perp then left without paying.

Shots fired


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January 22, 2010

A man was grazed by a stray bullet on Jan. 17, but didn’t realize it until a few minutes later. The tough victim initially told cops that he thought he had been shot on Waverly Street, but after further reflection, decided it must have happened on Monument Walk in the Walt Whitman houses at around 3 pm when he was exiting a cab and heard a couple of shots. He then waltzed into Brooklyn Hospital.

Path marked

A trip to the Atlantic Terminal Pathmark turned rotten on Jan. 12, as a thief swiped $1,500 of fancy gear from a careless shopper. The victim told cops that he had left his property unattended at the grocery store at Atlantic and Flatbush avenues for a mere five minutes around 2:30 pm when he realized it had been stolen. Some of the more valuable items he lost included a $500 pair of sunglasses, a $300 Louis Vuitton wallet and a $400 Ralph Lauren coat.

Classic robbery

A thief jacked a 1987 Buick from Washington Avenue. The owner told cops that he had left his car between Lafayette and Greene avenues around 3:45 pm on Jan. 12. When he returned four days later around 8 pm, it was long gone. A thug flipped out in a

Air conned

A thief ransacked a Clinton Avenue apartment on Jan. 13, stealing two computers and an assortment of jewelry. The victim told cops that she left her place, which is between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, at around 8 pm and returned three hours later to find her property missing. Cops noticed that the air conditioner hanging over the

POLICE BLOTTEr Find more online every Wednesday at fire escape had been tampered with.

Beat down

A brigand jumped a man on Jan. 14, pushing him to the ground and kicking him in the face before stealing his wallet. The victim told cops that he was on Hall Street near Willoughby Avenue at around 7 pm when a man jumped him from behind. He could not give cops a description of the attacker.


A thug attacked a 14-yearold boy with an unknown object on Jan. 15, causing cuts and swelling to his face. The young victim told cops that he was at the corner of Fulton Street and Carlton Avenue at around 11 pm (out pretty late for a 14-year-old, no?) when his 18- to 20-year-old attacker made his move. The kid was sent to Brooklyn Hospital.  — Stephen Brown

78th Precinct Park Slope


Someone stole nearly $1,300 from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music late last year. The director of the Seventh Avenue music school told cops on Jan. 13 that $1,288 in bank deposits had been removed from the account at the school, which is at Lincoln Place.

Burg roundup

There were at least three burglaries reported last week: • Thieves busted into a basement apartment on Third Street on Jan. 11, stealing electronics and $800. The resident said he was not in the unit, which is between Seventh and Eighth avenues, from 1:45 pm to 5:15 pm. • A thief used the fire escape to access a Dean Street apartment on Jan. 12, stealing $2,000 and a car navigation system. The resident told cops that he was not in the apartment, which is between Fourth and Fifth avenues, from 3 pm to 10 pm. • A thief pried open the door on an Eighth Avenue apartment and stole a laptop

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on Jan. 12. The unit, which is at Third Street, was empty between 1:30 pm and 10 pm.

Car insanity

At least four cars were stolen or broken into last week: • A thief swiped a Jeep Liberty from Eighth Street. The owner told police that he’d parked the behemoth between Sixth and Seventh avenues at around 6 pm on Jan. 11, but the car was gone by 10:30 am on Jan. 15. • A 17-year-old Nissan Sentra was swiped from that hotbed of car theft near the Prospect Park Zoo on Flatbush Avenue on Jan. 14. Cops say that the owner parked the car on the quiet stretch between Empire Boulevard and Grand Army Plaza at 5 pm and returned one hour later to find it gone. • An 18-year-old Honda Civic — popular among thieves, despite its advanced age — was swiped off Second Street. The owner told cops that she parked the ancient vehicle between Seventh and Eighth avenues at around 2 pm on Jan. 10, but it was gone 26 hours later. • In what could be an inside job, a man told cops that he parked his company car in a company lot on Second Avenue near Sixth Street on Jan. 14 only to return the next day to find the car cleaned out of $2,200 in games, electronics and computing equipment.  — Gersh Kuntzman

84th Precinct Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO Boerum Hill–Downtown

Held up

Four troublemakers brandished scissors and a knife at a man riding on a Manhattan-bound F train on Jan. 11, though they were arrested a short while later. The victim told cops that he was on the train between the Carroll and Bergen street stations at around 3 pm when the thugs pulled out their crude weapons and forced him to hand over his iPod and Blackberry. The quartet of cretins then demanded he disembark at Bergen Street while they continued. Two hours later, a cop stationed at the Broadway Junction stop spotted four troublemakers who fit the description, and recovered the victim’s property.

Dear Lord!

Some creep robbed a woman’s pocketbook while she sat in church on Jan. 10. The victim told cops that she placed her purse in the seat behind during services at around 3 pm at the Brooklyn Tabernacle on Smith Street between Livingston and Fulton streets. When she got up to leave, she noticed that her wallet, credit cards, and $25 had been swiped.


A thief stole a car from Joralemon Street on Jan. 13. The owner of the 2004 Maxima told cops that he was leaving a Laundromat around 3:15 pm when he returned to find his car gone from the block between Columbia and Willow places.

Stick up

Three armed thugs held up two men buying sandwiches at a York Street deli on Jan. 14. The victims told cops that the trio of hooded troublemakers stormed the New Way Deli between Gold and Bridge streets at around midnight, pulled a gun, and demanded that the men empty their pockets. One victim was punched in the face while handing over his cellphone and iPod. The second victim handed over an iPhone and $260. All the while, the clerk was watching the whole exchange, likely thrilled that the crooks were uninterested in his cash register.

Yanked at the Y

In a chilling reminder of last week’s police blotter, a thief snatched a man’s wallet as he worked out at the Atlantic Avenue YMCA on Jan. 12. The physically active victim told cops that he had finished exercising at the gym between Court Street and Boerum Place at around 10:15 pm and returned to his locker to find the lock, his wallet, credit cards and $60 missing.  — Stephen Brown

94th Precinct Greenpoint–Williamsburg


Two jerks ganged up on a woman and stole her iPhone on Bedford Avenue on Jan. 12. The victim told cops that the thugs approached her at about 6:45 pm on the north side of McCarren Park and asked for the time. She pulled out her iPhone, and

they lunged at her, wrestling the expensive gadget away as she yelled. But her cries fell on deaf ears — the two fled and police couldn’t find them.


A brute obliterated a woman’s front door and stole a laptop from her Freeman Street apartment on Jan. 12. The resident told cops that she returned to the home, which is between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue, at 2 pm to find the door damaged beyond recognition. The jerk had made off with her computer.

Bag swipe

A screaming thug wrestled a bag from a woman on Withers Street on Jan 12. The victim told police that she was heading to her apartment between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street at about 6:30 pm when the perp came at her, screamed and grabbed her bag containing various cards and cash. The plucky gal resisted, but was unable to hold on, and the man fled with her belongings.

Punch it

Three bullies repeatedly punched a man and stole his Blackberry on Driggs Avenue on Jan. 15. The 26-year-old victim was walking and texting — a dangerous combination — at about 2:15 pm between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets when the three noticed him. One punched him repeatedly in the face before stating, “Give me your phone.” The injured man tossed the Blackberry to one of the ruffians and they left.  — Andy Campbell

90th Precinct Williamsburg–Bushwick

Brutal attack

Three 15-year-old hoodlums were arrested for punching a man repeatedly in the face on Morgan Avenue and stealing his iPhone on Jan. 15. The 22-year-old victim was between Rock Street and Flushing Avenue at about 8 pm when the three ran up, attacked him, took his cellphone and left him on the sidewalk with cuts and bruises all over his face. While he was being treated at the hospital, the police caught up with the miscreants.

Stamp collector

Someone broke into a woman’s Penn Street home and stole her entire stamp collection along with some cash on Jan. 16. The victim told cops that she was not at the home, which is between Lee and Marcy avenues, between 4 and 7:30 pm, when she returned to find the basement door open. Closer inspection revealed that $40 worth of stamps and $1,500 had been taken.

Breaking bread

Some jerks broke into the Living Bread restaurant and stole all the money in a cash register on Jan. 18. The perp broke the front-facing window on Knickerbocker and Johnson avenues with a rock at about 2 am, climbed through and broke open the register, according to police. More than $500 was stolen.


Someone broke into a Hope Street apartment and

stole a camera, laptop and cash on Jan. 18. The 32-year-old victim told cops that she was not in the house, which is between Roebling and Havemeyer streets, from 5:30 and 7 pm when she returned to find the lock broken on the front door — and his stuff missing.  — Andy Campbell

68th Precinct Bay Ridge

Drop-off rob

A car saleman was held up at gunpoint as he was about to deposit the day’s receipts on Jan. 14. The 32-year-old from Bay Ridge Volkswagen said that he was on 94th Street near Third Avenue on his way to a nearby Chase Bank at around 2:30 pm when an unidentified man approached with a gun and said, “Give it to me, you know what I’m talking about.” The thief ran off with more than $42,000 in cash and checks.

Coin calamities

Thieves entering two homes last week week ended up getting nothing but pocket change from their victims. A 33-year-old Wakeman Place resident told police that someone broke through the rear window of his home near Bergen Place on Jan. 15, stealing a computer and his collection of gold and silver coins. Despite being rare, the coins — some of which were from Mexico — added up to only $200, the victim said. Two days earlier, thieves broke into a home on 10th Avenue near 63rd Street and took $15 in assorted coins, officials said.

Mac menace

A thief swiped a laptop computer plus other equipment from a 68th Street home on Jan. 14. The 22-year-old victim said that she was away from her home, which is between Third and Fourth avenues, for a half hour during the after-

noon when someone forced in the door before taking the laptop and an iPod.

Time to retool

A 44-year-old 72nd resident returned home to find that someone had rifled through his basement. The victim said that a pipe machine, several drills, a cement nail gun and a cement mixer were removed from the home, which is near Third Avenue, between Jan. 9 and — Thomas Tracy 11.

76th Precinct Carroll Gardens Cobble Hill–Red Hook


A woman who let some people into her Clinton Street apartment after her stove caught fire on Jan. 4 discovered once the smoke cleared that her laptop had been stolen. The 41-year-old victim told police that her stove in her Red Hook Houses apartment caught fire at around 2:45 pm and a bunch of people ran in to help. In the confusion, she did not see who left with her Dell computer.

Car troubles

There were at least three car break-ins last week — all involving the theft of a satellite navigation system. Here’s a round-up: • A thief busted into a 2009 Honda that had been parked on Smith Street near Nelson Street on Jan. 4 at 6 pm. An hour later, the owner returned to find the passenger-side window smashed and her digital map and sunglasses gone. • A man who parked his 2008 Dodge Cavalier on Columbia Street near W. Ninth Street at 7 pm on Jan. 6 returned the next morning to find his window smashed and his iPod and map system gone. • About a block to the east, a thief broke into a car that had been parked at 8 am on Jan. 6 and stole the navigation system. That driver discovered the crime at 6 pm that day.  — Gersh Kuntzman

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