Worldwide Influencer, Christine Reidhead

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Worldwide Influencer, Christine Reidhead

Christine Reidhead, auspicious author, exuberant educator, and humble humanitarian. Her exemplary leadership, passion for education and the well-being of others have allowed her the opportunity to serve not just her local community, but our global community as well through her not-for-profit AfrikRising as Founder

and CEO. Throughout her professional career, her educational experiences have allowed her to serve in the educational field as the Assistant Professor of Business at Navajo Technical University. Ms. Reidhead started her career at Navajo Technical University as an accountant in 2011 and has subsequently gone on to serve as the Director of Athletics, Manager of the Wellness Center and Contracts and Grants Manager. She currently serves as the Program Manager for the Department of Transportation Grant, Business and Education Department Chair, and Faculty Vice President. Through her not-for-profit organization, AfrikRising, she can volunteer her time towards helping the underprivileged children of Africa. AfrikRising specializes in providing basic essential services to combat starvation, limited educational opportunities, and severe health issues, such as malaria. Inspired by her desire to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate Christine is a member of the Board for Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise of Albuquerque. Christine currently hosts her own podcasts focusing on topics, such as; advocacy, nonprofit organizations, the Tribal College Movement, and various sports topics. As the youngest of 5 children, Christine was born in Mesa, Arizona. As a mom, her mission is to serve as the inspiration for her two sons, stressing the importance of proper education and the bliss experienced when helping the less fortunate. Christine Reidhead's educational accomplishments include:

• Pima Community College • Earned an associate degree in General Studies in 2004 from Eastern Arizona College • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education in 2009 from Prescott College • Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix • Currently pursuing a Doctorate at Grand Canyon University in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Tell us about your podcasts Currently, I am doing four podcasts. Be the Change Nonprofit Podcast where I interview nonprofit organizations and give them a platform to discuss their organizations. I feel like nonprofits do not have the funds or marketing ability to get the coverage they need to showcase their mission and what great work they are accomplishing. I also do a sports podcast with my brother called, Sports Talk with Sheldon and Christine. In this podcast, we discuss weekly sporting news. The third podcast is The Tribal College Movement. I speak with Tom Davis who is one of the founders of the Tribal College Movement. This podcast is full of rich history of the Tribal College Movement. Lastly, I do a podcast called, The Life of Mark Poulsen. Mark was the Vice President of Motorola and just a great, great man.

You are involved in a non-profit organization. Please tell my readers about them. I started a nonprofit organization called AfrikRising. It targets one of the most poverty-stricken continents in the world. We serve the

underserved and provide basic needs, services and education. I feel little by little we can help improve this world. As a whole, I believe we take our basic luxuries for granted. These orphaned children need assistance, they need a little charity to provide hope in their lives. The majority of children in Africa are born into poverty and die in poverty. I really love serving and bringing smiles to children’s faces.

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out? Find the one thing that you love and just go for it. Just follow your dreams. Follow your dreams and don’t let anything stop you. Life might happen and you need to adjust, but still keep that focus and determination. You can do anything you put your mind to. Follow your passion, follow what drives you.

When writing How to Ace a Job Interview did anything stand out as particularly challenging? How to make it a quick read so that I can provide a lot of information in a short amount of time. I wanted it to be short, but impactful to the reader.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Official Website: Nonprofit AfrikRising: