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He suffers from Depression and being Bi-Polar and his name is Doc Dalton. He is also known as The Depressed Poet, a Man Who Stumbles Through His Words, So He Could Make It Through His Days. Now this former Radio and Cable host has a New Journey, one of Hope, Faith and Change, and he is here to tell us all about it. Hi Doc Dalton, we would like to thank you for spending time with us today. Can you kindly tell our readers a little about yourself, your journey, writings and other things that are taken place in your life? Thanks so much for having me. It’s what I call a long confusing dark journey that I have had for many years. The crazy thing is, for a very long time I didn’t even know what I was wrong or how was acting. It’s been confusion, dark, unsettling and lonely at times. Through it all is some strange way, it’s also been rewarding.

You have hosted a few different radio and cable shows and you are also publishing three different books in 2019, but before we touch on that, can you tell us about your poetry and how you feel it has saved your life. I have been hospitalized a few times for the depression and while in the hospital, a doctor suggested that I try my hand at writing poetry. At that moment, I thought he was crazier than I was, but I was locked up, couldn’t leave so I said why not. I was shocked at what came out of me and the depth of my thinking. I thought about things that I never did before and put those thoughts down on paper. But even more than that, my mind relaxed when I was writing. It was as if my mind was on some type of mental vacation where It was able to drift away without any of the everyday nonsense that was taking place with me. I was relieved and relaxed and that was a good thing. I would say that about 80% of my poems is what I call, God Poetry. This alone, has helped me in many ways.

Looking back on when you first started writing and what you write about today, how would you rank yourself as a writer. My answer never changes. I do not consider myself a great writer and the reason for that is, I am just not and for me, I need to be honest about that. I do not even consider myself a good writer and again, the reason for that is, I am just not and again, I need to be honest about that. What I do consider myself is, a Man Who Stumbles Through His Words, So He Can Make It Through His Days. It’s as simple as that. And now to authoring books. It’s a new adventure for you. Can you tell us a little about this? Yes, I am writing three books in 2019. My plans are to have a series of books around 11 to 12 books to be precise. My books will touch on topics about mental illness and things that take place in someone’s life who suffers from this. It’s really a personal type of story but one that can truly help others. In addition, there will be countless topics that touch on Spirituality. For some with mental illness, there is a strong belief system that impacts them every day, followed by a lot of Prayer. There are those looking for help, looking for Faith, looking for something to believe in before that dark scary time comes, when they have nothing at all to believe in. All my books will only be 50 to 60 pages in length and will have three of my poems in each one with a small explanation on why that poem was written. These are books that folks can read in one sitting. Why drag in out, when you can say it quickly and simply.

You have been the host of a few cable and radio shows, it has been said that you walked a way from them all. Is that true and can you explain. Yes, it is true. I would say that this was around the time when my depression and other issues were becoming more apparent. I didn’t understand what was happening with me and at times I thought I was losing my mind. I am adopted, and I had heard stories about my biological mother having problems and it was said a few other relatives as well had issues. When this was happening to me, I simply said to myself, I guess it’s my time and in a weird type of way accepted it and was going to let it run its course so to speak. I just couldn’t handle any type of stress at all. The simplest task that someone else could do in a day, would take me a week or more and at times I couldn’t even complete that task. I remember having great difficulty in having conversations with people and if I was with a group of people, I would leave the room and go in to another room and put my head back to act as if I was sleeping or didn’t feel well. With the cable show, we had gone in to a studio one evening to tape 5 shows. By the third show I was struggling, and I thought for sure, I wouldn’t be able to finish. Half way through the last show I knew it was over and when done I just said, this is it for me, I can’t go on anymore and I just walked away. I did the exact same thing with the radio shows and truthfully, I did the same with many things in my life. I didn’t know what was happening, but I did know I couldn’t go on. It’s still to this day very difficult for me, but at least I understand and look at things in a different way now then I did before. Many have said that your humor is off the wall and for those who really know your situation, they have said that your humor is a way of hiding your depression. What are your thoughts on that? I have said for a long time that I feel as if I am laughing my way to a terrible ending and it’s true. I don’t know how, but over the years I have developed a wacky sense of humor. I say off the wall things and don’t have a problem making fun of myself in order to get that laugh. Many folks think I am this funny guy while

the truth is, I am hurting inside. Even one of my books is called, The Happiest Sad Guy in Town. I have a close friend who runs monthly comedy shows and has asked me many times to come and do 10 minuets and the truth is, I can’t. I don’t have a set routine, I often say when others hear what I say for the first time, so do I. It’s just comes out for all to hear and that includes me. I go to a support group for depression and have said crazy things during some challenging times within those meetings and people laugh. Now I have been getting some of those same people coming up to me and telling me what a tough time they were going through and how what I said made them laugh and when all was said and done, they felt better. So, I kind of justify my foolish words as a tool that helps folks from time to time. But at times I feel as if I am losing my sense of humor and that scares me.

Many have said that you are very open about your depression and being bipolar. Is there a reason why you are that open because we have read about it in other interviews you have done? There are a few reasons why I am. So many people are ashamed and so many families try to hide the fact that they might have a family member who has issues. That right there to me is a sin because it makes the person who is suffering go in to a deeper depression just for the fact that they feel embarrassed and feel that their own family feels an embarrassment at what they are going through. That is devasting to those who suffer, and it makes them retreat within themselves even more. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about. You have an illness just like many folks have an illness and yours happens to be this one. Honestly, many people are flat out just rotten bastards and they get a sick type of enjoyment seeing others hurt and in some strange way. They feel better about themselves at the cost of those who hurt. So, for me I feel that, if I could take that away from them and talk about it openly, it’s as if I took the so-called power out of their hands and put it right where it belongs, in mind. Maybe if other see it and hear who are suffering themselves, just

maybe it will give them the courage to be more open about their own issues and in some way feel better about their situation. Back to your writing for a moment. Is there anyone who motivates you to write or can get you to start writing if you hear them or read their work. I call it the late nights of walking the floors of hell that are the toughest for me and yes there are those who help me greatly. They would be, Roots Artists Ray Wylie Hubbard, Darrel Scott and Tim Krekel. They write some insane ass words that take me to another place in my mind and get me jumping some. By the way, jumping isn’t a word a depressed guy should use to often. LOL Then there is Irish poet Pat Ingoldsby, who writes some wonderful words. He inspires me greatly. I have said this exact statement in other interviews and will say it here as well. The kindest person that inspires me the most is and was my dad, he was a sweet soul, an angel who walked my part of the planet. I just can't seem to write about him, and I think the reason for that is, he was just a gentle kind spirit that you can't seem to put down on paper. I always say, if you want to know about him, come speak to me, you will quickly notice the tears in my eyes. He is gone 24 years and I still talk to him every day and that also includes my mom, another angel, a true Blessings who is gone 22 years. So, the answer is yes, I get inspired. You have a new project on the horizon called, The Coffee and Chair Series. Can you tell us more? Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have met some great people along the way. Two of these people are Patrick Mirucki and Joe LePera who have both been involved in directing and producing in some way and I have done projects with both gentlemen in the past. Recently we had lunch and talked about doing another project. With everything that has taken place with me, and with all of us being older now, we wanted the project to be fun and entertaining, but meaningful at the same time and that is where we are now with, THE COFFEE AND CHAIR SERIES. Concept is simple. You can place a chair anywhere and do a show from that spot. From the most beautiful mountain top, to an alley way in an urban area. From a moving car, to the back of a truck. We will have both people writing in to us along

with folks sending video clips in of themselves for our Q & A segment. We will have a few other surprises we are talking about right now. Shooting will start in less than 30 days and it all depends on how I feel. If the mania sets in, you have the funny me, if not, you have the more serious me and we will take it from there. And as far as the coffee end of things. Coffee has become my so-called drug of choice these days. So why not include it. One really sad thing for me is another friend Len Azzarone who was an important part of everything we did, is going through some medical challenges at the moment and what I am really hoping for is that all turns out well for Lenny and one day he says, I want to be involved and the answer will be 100% yes. There is also another project that I am working on right now which is a type of mentoring program for young people 18 to 24 years of age that deals with the online world of business and how if done correctly, it can be simple and profitable for everyone. It all comes down to, 3 Simple Steps and Common Sense. It never needs to be difficult and it never needs to be expensive. This project should be rewarding for several reasons. Are there any other plans you have coming down the road that you are looking forward to? When asked that question, my answer never changes and they are, Enjoy my moments of sanity the best way I can. Tell my loved one’s that I love them every single day. To hold my granddaughter and tell her, pop pop loves her more than every single star in the sky. To tell my daughter, that I love her more today than I did the day she was born and thank her for giving me such a wonderful gift in my beautiful granddaughter. To tell my wife that I love her as well and thank her for all that she does and because of her, I got a wonderful daughter which lead to a precious granddaughter. There must be a thank you to my son in law as well for just being the person he is. I need to look up to the Heavens and thank my parents for their love and support. They were the best and make no mistake about that, they were the best hands down. And last, for me personally, I need to thank the Lord who not only made it all possible, but somehow kept me from not only falling, but jumping as well, if you know what I mean.

For those who would like to learn more about America’s Simple Man and who is also known as The Depressed Poet, how can they do that? It’s easy, just visit my website everything is there, and we will be up-dating it from time to time. My facebook and twitter info is there as well. Make sure to stop by and do the views, likes and subscribe. That would help some. The website is: www.DocDalton.com

Doc Dalton, we thank you for taking the time in talking with us and hope we have the opportunity down the road to do this again. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it very much and look forward to speaking to you again.

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He suffers from Depression and being Bi-Polar and his name is Doc Dalton