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MAY 31 - JUNE 6, 2011

Dover and Roatta awarded ‘Outstanding Soloists’ at Jazz at Lincoln Center, NY

Manatee Fest 2011 opens at First National Bank of South Miami BY RAQUEL GARCIA


hen Heather Bettner-Prince and Mayor Phillip Stoddard sat down together over iced teas amidst the disturbing headlines of the BP Gulf oil spill last April, an idea was born. “We were both very upset about the news at the time,” explained BettnerPrince. “The story in the paper showed photos of dying sea turtles with the question, ‘What will the spill kill?’ We decided then to create a message with a public art exhibit.” And so Manatee Fest 2011 came to be. First National Bank of South Miami hosted the culmination of the brainstorm, supremely executed at the Manatee Fest 2011 unveiling on May 20. Manatees, artists, school kids,

Rane Roatta (left) and Thomas Dover



outh Miami Middle School graduates Thomas Dover and Rane Roatta won “Outstanding Soloists” awards for the third year in a row at the prestigious Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band

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JAZZ, page 7

New World School of the Arts ranks 4th out of 1,500 bands competing at Lincoln Center. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Gov. Scott talks to Community Newspapers, one-on-one BY RAQUEL GARCIA


lorida Governor Rick Scott was in Miami Thursday, May 19, for World Trade Week 2011. Following his presentation of a World Trade Week Proclamation at the Miami Free Zone’s “Breaking Down Barriers to International Trade” Forum he made a quick exit during Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll’s remarks. Just before exiting the building he caught up with what his press secretary described as a “media gaggle” to answer a few questions. When pressed by reporters about the effects his cuts are already having on early election voting he said he wants people to vote; making a vague reference to 9th Grade Civics classes. Governor Scott declared it was Miami-Dade that made the decision to eliminate Sunday voting and concluded by adding “when you’re governor it’s not like you have every choice out there so Port of Miami Director Bill Johnson welcomes Governor Rick Scott, who addressed the audience at the “Breaking Down Barriers to International Trade” forum at the Miami Free Zone.

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Artist MANO stands aside his manatee creation, “Total Peace.” sponsored by Total Bank.

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MANATEE, page 5

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

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May 31 - June 6, 2011


Small hinges move big doors BY SCOTT BAUMANN

GM-Fitness Together Miami There is an all or nothing attitude that often keeps many people from starting or continuing their exercise program. Do not let the fact that you can’t commit to 5 days per week or 2 hours per day keep you from starting on the road to a healthier and a more fit body. Small hinges move big doors and small changes can and do make a big difference over time. Exercise studies show that small and frequent bouts of exercise are, in fact, more effective than extended exercise sessions. If you can find even 15-20 minutes to exercise 3 times per week you can make significant changes. What is also important to know is that by simply starting an exercise regime as simple as a basic walking program, most people find it easier to stick to healthy eating habits as they feel mentally committed to a program. It is much easier to stick to a healthy dinner choice when you have had a great workout and don’t want all that hard work to be for naught. Making small changes in your daily routine will go a long way towards adapting a healthier and more active lifestyle. Skip the wait for the elevator and take the stairs. Take an

South Miami

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Another proud winner

Jeri Mitchell (left) is the second proud winner of the Sports, Food, & Fitness Contest. Presenting the $300 gift certificate is Deli Lane & Café Tavern Owner Mike Maler. Congratulation Jeri and thanks for playing.

Editor’s Note: The May 17th issue’s front page photograph of the new Red Sunset Merchants Association Board of Directors was courtesy of John Edward Smith.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

$200,000 for Informed Families; branches need help, too Gloria Burns GLORIA’S GAB The 26th Annual “Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership” Fundraising Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant on May 16 raised $200,000 with a crowd of 450 supporters kicking off the evening with predinner appetizers from the famed South Beach landmark. Event Co-Chairs Chico-& Cindy Goldsmith and Robin & Susan Shelley organized this incredibly-successful affair with guests enjoying their ticketed opportunity to win dinner for 20 guests at Joe’s, a prize won by Betty Park, wife of Bud Park and mother of Boo Zamek and Morgan Smith. Among many attending: County Commissioner Sally Heyman, State Sen.Gwen Margolis, State Atty. Kathy Fernandez-Rundle, State Rep. Julio Robaina and Marilyn Milian. Guests

enjoyed Joe’s signature dishes and legendary service. Executive Director Pegggy Sapp found it hard to believe that 26 years had passed since Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership joined with Joe’s to hold this wonderful event, funding prevention of drug use and underage drinking. Just think: many children of IF’s original supporters are now parents themselves and those programs are now reaching the next generation! As our school year ends, education is ever more on our minds. At a lunch meeting, Gables Rotarians recently featured David Lawrence, former publisher of The Miami Herald who retired in 1999 and has been busy ever since in the area of early childhood development and readiness. As president of The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation and a University Scholar for Early Childhood Development and Readiness at the University of Florida, Lawrence leads The Children’s Movement of Florida and encouraged Rotarians to send the message that we need to make children the state’s No. 1 priority. His passion for his work and the truth of his words are undeniable. Our children are most

Co-Chairs: Robin and Susan Shelley, Peggy Sapp, Chico and Cindy Goldsmith at “Informed Families” dinner.

Celebrity Maitre ‘Ds at “Informed Families” dinner include (l-r) Marilyn Milian, Commissioner Sally Heyman, Rep. Julio Robaina, Sen. Gwen Margolis. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– fortunate to have such a voice. Finally, on Monday, May 23, South Florida Urban Ministries (SFLUM) and Pastor Audrey Wa r ren celebrated perseverance and remembered the tragic fire that destroyed Branches Florida City’s new state-of-the-art playground as well as the Branches United Methodist Mission, which served as 2/3rd’s of the space for Branches’ after-school mentoring and tutoring program. Through it all, not one day of programming was canceled. After providing services for six months in the small school building and a large outdoor tent, a temporary portable unit was finally approved for use in late December 2010. Branches Florida City is currently undergoing a $2 million Capital Campaign to raise funds and resources to rebuild and more than double its current capacity. They hope to break ground in early 2012. To give to SFLUM and/or Branches Florida City, please visit and click on DONATE. Until next time, keep making each day count. If you would like to submit information for this column, please send your news via e- David Lawrence addresses Rotary Club of Coral Gables. mail to

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Applications are now available for the K-4 through 8th grade 2011-2012 academic year. New K-4 and K-5 Learning Center. Call for a private visit.

Visit our website and apply online or call 305.227.1149.

May 31 - June 6, 2011



from page 1 –––––––

merchants, area residents and corporate executives all came together to celebrate the manatees of South Miami. Like the cows of Chicago, the peacocks of Coconut Grove and the horses of Saratoga Springs, NY, Manatee Fest is a temporary art in public places exhibit open to the entire community and features dressed- up, sevenfoot fiberglass manatee sculptures resting comfortably in key South Miami locations. “As Floridians, we need to take control of our coastlines,” explained Bettner-Prince. “The mayor and I determined the West

Cheryl Goodman highlights some of the detailed images from the South Miami Middle School manatee.

Indian Manatee would be an ideal symbol for a public art awareness campaign, as they are native to the canals here.” Perhaps it was her grandson calling her from around the corner, but as Ms. BettnerPrince explained how the “momma manatee” is depicted holding her baby representing future generations, her eyes welled up with tears. “There is an emotional connection made as the manatee is looking down at you, humbly inviting you to see her and her baby,” she said. The baby in the Total Peace Manatee sponsored by Total Bank and commissioned to Artist MANO holds the globe of the earth overlaid with a peace symbol. MANO described the exciting collaboration process he shared with his manatee sponsor. “We met and shared ideas,” he said. “They loved the sketches and we incorporated the bank logo lily pad as part of the sculpture.” The name Total Peace came about because of the manatee’s gentle nature. Total Peace is a blue manatee with an olive branch in her mouth, surrounded by colorful fish from all over the world, with mermaids swimming around her. The fish represent humanity living together in harmony and the faces of the mermaids represent MANO’s signature work of women’s faces. The commissioned artists also included seventh and eighth graders from South Miami Middle School’s art class. “In between FCATS and spring break, we somehow managed to get it together,” sighed

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Art instructor from South Miami Middle School, Cheryl Goodman, and artist Humberto Benitez celebrate the students’ manatee along with the seventh and eighth grade artists.

Cheryl Goodman, art instructor at SMMS. As the students brainstormed ideas, researched images and sketched possibilities, the Life in South Florida manatee was created. “The best part of the process was witnessing the collaboration and peer critiques,” said Goodman. “The personal growth the kids achieved through the project process of learning how to work together was amazing.” “It was very intense, kind of stressful but relaxing, very nice and fun,” said 12-year old South Miami Middle School student Madison Rodas about the creative process. Artist and percussionist Humberto Benitez

created a copper colored Mardi Gras style manatee festooned with colorful seaweed style beads symbolizing the music and carnival scenes reminiscent of his Cuban heritage. Benitez was particularly impressed with the students’ manatee. “It isn’t easy to incorporate all the elements and passion of a single project when there is more than one artist at work,” commended Benitez. “These kids accomplished a tremendous feat working together.” The manatee sculptures will be on display for six to eight months. Visit <> to find out upcoming manatee locations where you can catch a sighting.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Republicans, be careful what you crow about R. Kenneth Bluh KENNETH’S COMMENTARY Years ago, while visiting a friend of mine who owned a large mortgage banking firm in Coral Gables, I learned a great lesson. Sitting across his desk I asked him: “How’s business?” “Okay,” was his response. Knowing better, I said, “Allan, I know you are doing fabulously; you are setting the market on fire!” Allan looked at me and said, “Kenneth, see that little red mother bird perched on the top of the tree in the corner of the office — the one with its beak wide open? She was singing to the high heavens about her beautiful new baby chick when a hawk swooped down from the sky and ate her. The lesson: never brag too loud about your success or competition will swoop in and eat you alive!” Lesson well learned. Tea Party members, don’t brag too loud about your short-term success in winning seats in Washington and around the nation. You are disenfranchising Republicans who are conservative but not so far to the right as you. Your party is losing support. You are for-

getting the old principal of politics: Stay to the left or the right, your choice, and move carefully toward the center until you have sufficient votes to control the election. Then don’t crow about your success — how conservative, or liberal you are. Look at what just happened in Jacksonville — a conservative Republican stronghold in Florida. A Democrat walked off with the mayors’ race. Why? In my opinion, the Tea Party bragged too loud about how great the Republican Legislature, the ultra conservative legislature and the Tea Party darling Gov. Rick Scott, did during the last session in Tallahassee. Remember, there also are fiscal conservatives in the Democratic Party who support conserving the taxpayer’s dollar and controlling a runaway budget. We share a conservative approach to government. But, being to the right of Attila the Hun isn’t the way, in the long run, to win over a majority of the public. The recent Florida legislative session didn’t do the State of Florida too many favors. We let our school children down. In the long run we damaged the prospect of new corporations moving to Florida as they always are looking for communities that offer an educated youth. That, Florida isn’t producing. New Jersey, California and New York, with their high corporate taxes, retain the major corporations because of their quality of education.

VIEWPOINT Cutting corporate taxes, as we have discussed before, doesn’t create employment growth. Only one thing creates employment growth and that is an increased demand by the public, for more goods and services. With that growth in demand, employers both large and small must hire more employees to meet the increased demands of the buying public. Our legislature let the state down when it effectively did away with community growth oversight management. No longer must a company wishing to create a major development go to Tallahassee for review and approval. All growth management will be controlled on a county level. Just picture the next time a limestone mining company in northwest Miami-Dade wants to start blasting and mining a new field near a residential neighborhood. Just go to the county commission for approval? That simplified the process. Make a few campaign contributions and the permit will be issued. I think many voters in Jacksonville, including Republicans and conservative independent registered voters, looked at the legislative/governor giveaway to the insurance

industry and the prospects, no certainty, of another round of property insurance premium increases and said, “I think I will vote for a Democrat. Those Republicans have forgotten us and are only thinking about their campaign support from major corporations in Florida.” I don’t think the ultra conservative Republican Legislature and Gov. Scott are setting the stage for a Republican victory over President Obama in two years. I think they are setting the stage for a more “centrist” Republican move to the left — away from too right wing politics. Sometimes I think the Tea Party is more interested in making a point than they are in winning an election. They would rather give a seat to a Democrat then let a liberal Republican win an election. We appreciate your opinions on this column whether in agreement or disagreement. Please send your comments to (fax number) 305-662-6980 or email to < l e>. The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of this newspaper, its editors or publisher.


South Miami

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May 31 - June 6, 2011


It’s Twilight Time at the FootWorks 5K Sunday run, June 5th BY RAQUEL GARCIA

Stretch out the hamstrings and tie the laces of those running shoes tight because the FootWorks Twilight 5K is just a short distance away. The Twilight 5K is a fun run that celebrates the end of the running season for Team FootWorks’ series of year-long running events. Runners and walkers of all ages and conditioning are encouraged to come out and enjoy the festive atmosphere. “This is one of the most fun events because it is an end of the season celebration,” said enthused FootWorks Store Manager JP Huseby. “It’s at night and there’s a party and a band waiting for you after the race. Deuce’s Wild is playing this year and Town Restaurant will be serving beer and food, including postrun snacks like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas and oranges.” A Kids Fun Run is part of the event, as well. Different age groups participate in varying distances from 100 feet for the 2 to 3-year olds, to 800 feet for the 8-year olds. Kids who enter the Fun Run will also receive a youth T-


from page 1 –––––––––

Competition held recently in New York City. The seniors from New World School of the Arts competed with their jazz band and took home an honorable mention, or fourth place overall, out of over 1,500 schools vying for the top honors. Director of New World School Jazz Ensemble Dr. Peter Francis commented on the success of South Miami Middle School alumni that matriculate to New World. “Historically, we’ve had some incredible students come out of here for years,” he said. “We have a great relationship with them and both the students and the institution have benefited from that relationship.” Mari Chael, Thomas Dover’s mom said the whole family made the trek to New York City as they do every year. “It was a treat to see our kids perform on stage,” she said. “We are so proud of all of our kids, especially Thomas. He couldn’t have done it without the leadership and great teachers at New World School.” Student Rane Roatta said that the best part of being with Wynton Marsalis and the band was the opportunity to learn from master musicians. “I enjoyed working with the band and getting a chance to pick their brains,” he said. “They really know what they’re doing.”

shirt, medal and special pass for the Fun Zone on site that includes a bounce house and slide. “The Kids Fun Run is almost more exciting than the adult race because you see the families and friends of the children all lined up along the street and cheering,” said Huseby. “It is definitely an event for the entire family to come out and enjoy.” Because athletes of all ages and fitness levels are encouraged to participate, organizers will make several announcements to ensure the anticipated 1200 to 1500 runners are aligned appropriately to facilitate a smooth pace for all. T-shirts are offered to the first 1,000 to register and Asics shoes will be raffled at the event. Huseby offered a tip about Footworks’ huge annual sale, which is timed with this end-of- season run. “Anyone coming by the store on running day can expect some special discounts and buys that will continue through Monday only during our special extended business hours,” he said. To find out more about Footworks’ Twilight 5K taking place on Sunday, June 5, at 7 p.m., visit online at <> or call Footworks at 305-667-9322.

Jazz at Lincoln Center selects original compositions and arrangements of Duke Ellington and other big band composers and arrangers for the high school bands to play during its Essentially Ellington competition. Roatta encourages other budding young musicians to get out there and play. “Music is a social art form. Immerse yourself in the culture and see who is playing around your local music scene,” he said. This year’s Essentially Ellington competition included 110 bands from more than 1,500 high schools in the United States, Canada and American schools in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg and Switzerland. After three days of competition at Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of jazz at Lincoln Center, Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis presented prizes and cash awards to each of the 15 finalist bands at a culminating concert and ceremony. Of all the bands competing in 2011, Jeff Hamilton, judge, said, “It surprises me that the bands’ maturity is far beyond their years. All of them express what joy they bring to this music.” Dillard Center for the Arts of Fort Lauderdale won the first place trophy and an award of $5000; second place, $2500, was won by Roosevelt High School of Seattle, Washington; third, $1000, went to Mountlake Terrace High School, also of Seattle. Each honorable mention winner took home a $750 award.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Art in the Breezeway donates art supplies to local schools BY LEE STEPHENS

Artists, attendees and two local schools all benefit from Art in the Breezeway, the art and cultural event presented the first Friday of each month on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Since the event’s inception three years ago, Ponce de Leon Middle School has received art supplies donated from the exhibit’s featured artists. Last month, South Miami K-8 Expressive Magnet Arts Center became the newest beneficiary of much-needed supplies for its program. Art in the Breezeway was established by the Coral Gables Cultural Affairs Committee and organizers — local artist Mike Thompson and Orlando Abella of Greater Miami Investment. Thompson’s concept for the exhibit was to provide a venue for artists to gain public exposure and learn the finer skills of presenting their works to the public. He wanted to provide them this opportunity, but at a low cost. The solution: to be a part of the exhibit, artists donate art supplies, which in turn have been donated to Ponce Middle School. “My late wife, Carole Hughes

Artists Mike Thompson and Pery Franco donate art supplies to Ponce de Leon Middle School. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Thompson, taught at Ponce de Leon Middle School for 32 years and every year she had to pay out of her own pocket for art supplies,” Thompson said. “I couldn’t believe this. Where does all of the lottery money go? I decided that instead of charging artists to exhibit their work, I would ask them to donate a bag of art supplies, which would be donated to the art class at the school.” Art in the Breezeway continually has supplied materials to the art classroom at Ponce Middle School during the past three years. The school posthumously dedicated its new art classroom in Carole Hughes Thompson’s name. Thompson said that the South Miami K8 Magnet Arts School heard about this ini-

tiative and contacted him for help. “Can you believe it? This is a magnet art school and they do not have enough art supplies for their student artists,” Thompson said. “For some children, art is where they excel and is their only focus. Without art programs, their selfesteem and their future may be negatively affected.” Tarpon Bend, located at 65 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, has a three-story breezeway and is the perfect venue for Art in the Breezeway. Thompson said that general manager Wayne Eldred has been instrumental in making this monthly event a success. Art in the Breezeway features art exhibits from established, as well as emerging local artists. “We’ve featured internationally famous artists such as William Brito, a Cuban prodigy who has displayed his work throughout Europe and South America,” Thompson said. Other participants include award-winning local artists Pery Franco, Edgar Hernandez and Mike Thompson. Others from the list of “who’s who” from the Miami’s art scene include Emilio Hector, Mabel Moyana, Dina Sera, Tresea Callatari, Marci Delgado, Imaculata Menendez, Fred Hunt, Ana Maria Wimble and Carmen Mackrell as well as Highwaymen artist Al Black. Art in the Breezeway will continue during the summer months with music from “Miami’s idol,” Vito Lastayo, and D.J. Skinny. Artists and musicians who would like to join Art in the Breezeway the first Friday of each month should call Mike Thompson at 305-785-6344 or send email to him at <>. To view artwork by Pery Franco and Mike Thompson, visit Sunset Fine Arts Gallery and Framing, 5864 Sunset Dr. in South Miami.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


SCOTT, from page 1 ––– what you have is bills that are passed by the legislature and you have to sign or not sign. You only have a certain amount of time to do it so my option here was either sign or not sign and I had to do it by Saturday so I did sign.” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS FROM INTERVIEW WITH GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: Q: Floridians like to work but we also like to play, the Everglades is burning again due to thee current drought. How do you expect to fix the problem politicians and environmentalists have beeen grappling with for nearly half a century when you have cut the 200 million dollar budget for Everglaades Restoration by 180 million dollars? GRS: I live in Naples, spend a lot of time in the Everglades, like going fishing and I know how important the Everglades is and that we do everything we can to preserve the Everglades. What I am making sure is that in our budget we have available money to make sure to put into Everglades water restoration and spend it as well as possible. I’m very focused on the individual’s that work in the water management district. I’m going to make sure we spend the money wisely. Q: How can we do that with a 180 million dollar budget cut that will eviscerate the 40 Year Evergllades Restoration Plan? GRS: I feel that the dollars that were allocated to the Everglades if we spend those dollars efficiently we will be able to have a very positive impact on both our water quality and preserving the environment. Q: When one out of five homes in Florida is vacant and the same is true for commercial properties acccording to former Senator Bob Graham, how will easing concurrency requirements by

making it simpler forr developers to build new projects in Florida help us address this existing problem before we potentiaally add to those numbers with new developments? GRS: The key to make sure with regard to development in our great state is the fact that our local counties know exactly what they need. We don’t need someone in Tallahassee making decisions that should be made locally. As we all know the more local the government is the better the government so what I want to make sure is that we get the power to our local governments to decide how they would like the city developed. The real key right now is getting out state back to work so we need to make sure Florida is the first place people think of to do business. Whether that is in agriculture, manufacturing, shipping, my focus is to make sure we are fair to business people and create an environment where they can get a great return on their investments and we take care of our environment. Q: Although you came into this campaign with a no compromise style position you called your firstt legislative session a success. Since consensus building decisions on bills were made this year inn collaboration with republicans and democrats, do you now have a new appreciation for the benefits off consensus building? GRS: I started at the state meeting with members of the house and senate with both republicans and democrats to make sure I understood what concerns they have. Throughout the session since I’ve been in office from January 4th I’ve been meeting with both republicans and democrats to understand what they’re concerns are. Everybody, whether you’re Republican or Democrat knows the biggest issue we have in our state is jobs so I’ve worked with everyone to make sure legislation we passed helps put our state back to work.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Chefs set to whip up magic at Fairchild’s Mango Brunch BY PAULA FERNÁNDEZ DE LOS MUROS

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s Mango Brunch is a tasty tribute to the most delicious of tropical fruits — the mango. Celebrated in conjunction with the International Mango Festival at Fairchild, this year’s Mango Brunch will be Sunday, July 10, at 11 a.m., and will bring together some of Miami’s best chefs to create original and amazing mango dishes. Guests can look forward to mouthwatering dishes prepared by great chefs including Chef Sean Bernal of The Delano, Chefs Frank and Andrea Randazzo of Creative Tastes Catering, Chef Ralph Pagano of STK Miami, Chef Tom Parlo of The Biltmore Hotel, Chef Allen Susser, and Chef Gail Goetch of Essensia at The Palms Hotel. This brunch sells out every year, so make your reservations soon. Tickets are available by ordering online or by calling 305-663-3358. Tickets are $100 for

Fairchild members, $125 for nonmembers. For more information, phone or send email to <>. The Mango Brunch is a fundraiser for the Tropical Fruit Program and the Fairchild Farm. A portion of the ticket price is tax-deductible. Fairchild’s International Mango Festival is in its 19th year and continues to be the summer’s must-attend event. This year’s festival highlights the mangos of Hawaii and features the world’s largest display of mango cultivars, over 1,200 mango trees for purchase, fun things for the kids, mango cultivar tastings, a marketplace of mangos and mango products, educational lectures, mango-inspired cuisine, entertainment and much more. The Mango Festival is Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 10901 Old Cutler Rd. in Coral Gables. For more information, call 305-667-1651 or visit online at <>.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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Miami Dade College inducts 22 into Alumni Hall of Fame

Miami Dade College (MDC) recently inducted 22 luminaries into its Alumni Hall of Fame. The outstanding alumni represent numerous industries, including medicine, business, law and public safety, and have made a significant impact in the community and the nation. They were honored during a gala that raised funds for student scholarships.

Warrios Baseball Camp Formally


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at Westminster Christian School Baseball Complex

June 20-24 • July 11-15 • Aug 1-5 Time: 9am-12pm(Half Day) • 9am-3pm(Full Day*) *Lunch Included Ages 5-13 CAMP DIRECTORS:

Jorge Fabregas 9 year major league career,World Series Champion University of Miami Baseball Hall of Famer

Emil Castellanos - Head Coach Westminster Christian High School

For more information, Please call

305-233-2030 ext. 1299 E-mail: Visit our website and register online: or

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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May 31 - June 6, 2011

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Call for a free in-home estimate or visit our showroom. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

50 standard colors to choose from, not to mention custom colors and glazes that we make upon request. Hundreds of door styles to choose from. Hundreds of decorative options available like island legs, corbels, onlays and appliques.

Many models, sizes and colors for any decor.

Come visit our showroom!!

2323 NW 72nd Avenue - Miami, FL 33122 â&#x20AC;˘ 305-716-0077 â&#x20AC;˘

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Kids get chance to play with food at The Falls BY DESIREE LLERENA

Give kids the chance to play with food, and they just might make a masterpiece! That’s the concept behind Super Duper Mini Chefs, a hands-on event for kids at The Falls on Saturday, June 11, from 2 to 4 p.m. The free event, open to kids of all ages and their parents, is hosted by the Simon Kidgits Club and combines culinary demonstrations with hands-on activities that encourage kids to join in the fun and run wild with their imaginations, while learning about food safety, preparation and etiquette. In the mad rush to get meals on the table, parents sometimes forget what a joyous activity cooking can be. Its pleasures are not lost on children, who immediately appreciate the process of transforming ingredients. “We are delighted to host the Super Duper Mini Chefs event at The Falls,” said Dailen Rodriguez, director of mall marketing and business development at The Falls. “This event is fun for pint-sized chefs and parents, too, who can enjoy an entertaining afternoon and quality time with their family.”

Youngsters are encourage to play with food during Super Duper Mini Chefs event.

The Falls invites pint-sized chefs to sink their hands into gooey dough during pretzel-making sessions presented by Mr. Wetzel’s Pretzels; roll up Rice Krispie Treat Balls at the Macy’s Tasting Bar, complete with melted marshmallows to guarantee the stickiest of fingers;

visit Williams-Sonoma for a true culinary experience for aspiring gourmet chefs, and stop by Mrs. Field’s Cookies for the ultimate creative cookie decorating lesson. In addition, the Simon Kidgits Club will give members a free apron so that they con-

tinue to experiment with creative cooking and contributing to family meals in their own kitchens. Kids are also encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to be donated to Feeding South Florida. The Super Duper Mini Chefs is one of several programs and events held throughout the year at The Falls for members of Simon Kidgits Club, which focuses on health, wellness, education, safety and entertainment for children ages 3 through 8. Families can sign up for the Kidgits Club during regular mall hours at guest services or online at <>. Membership includes a Kidgits Club membership card and T-shirt, scheduled entertainment and activities for families, a Birthday Club (including birthday card and gift redemption certificate), unique programs and offers, discounts, and a quarterly newsletter. The Falls, located at S. Dixie Highway (US 1) and SW 136th Street, is one of Florida’s largest open-air retail and entertainment destinations, featuring Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, more than 95 stores, restaurants, cafés and Regal Cinemas.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Rotary Club relocates meetings to Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Bill Maer (left) is inducted into Rotary Club by Bill Tuttle. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BY GLORIA BURNS

Rotary Club of Miami Metrozoohas a new meeting location that promises to be an adventure and a special experience for visiting Rotarians — the Gold Coast Railroad Museum next to the zoo. The club meets every Wednesday at noon, lunching in an old dining car that offers a really comfortable and cozy location, one that takes visitors back to a different time when transportation by rail was a luxury.

Club president Jack Courtright encourages visiting Rotarians to call ahead (305975-5687) to reserve space. He also welcomes those interested in community service to do the same as the club is looking for civic leaders interested in joining a club that promotes service above self. Most recently, at its May 11 meeting, the club inducted Bill Maer, of Maer Automotive Services, and received an inspirational Rotary talk from Coral Gables Rotarian Rick Tonkinson.

KURT R. KLAUS, Jr. Attorney at Law

FAMILY LAW Dissolution of Marriage, Parenting Plans, Timesharing, Visitation, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Modifications, Relocation, Contempt, Enforcement CRIMINAL DEFENSE • ESTATE & FINANCIAL PLANNING REAL ESTATE • LANDLORD/TENANT • STATE & FEDERAL LITIGATION

Over 30 years of experience! FREE CONSULTATION • 786-249-0015 • SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

Palmetto Bay Centre, Suite 225 • 15715 South Dixie Highway Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157 (Just South of the Falls)

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Digging a hole in yard? remember to call 8-1-1 BY RICHARD YAGER

Open 7 Days a Week

Hi-Tech Air Service


Hi-Tech Air Service


13339 SW 88 AVE. Miami, FL 33176


What’s the most common problem the local gas company faces? “People digging holes in their backyard without first calling for clearance,” declared Rick Diaz of Florida City Gas. “You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know about requirements,” he told Citizens Advisory Committee of the Police Department’s Kendall District on Apr. 27. Laws mandate that any digging project using mechanized equipment requires notice, accomplished by dialing the national code number 8-1-1 at least 48 hours in advance to obtain clearance from all utilities with buried lines. The two-day period doesn’t include the day called, weekends or holidays. “The federal clearing number automatically transfers a call to our local 8-1-1 in MiamiDade,” Diaz explained. The location for an excavation is then routed to an in-place computerized “grid” system that instantly checks a residential or commercial address, flagging any property with one or any combination of buried utility lines: FPL, AT&T, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer, cable and gas, too. “You have to realize that going back over the years, a lot of easements were created and lines buried at different times,” Diaz explained. “Homeowners with older property may have no idea what lines might lie underground in their yard.” While digging a hole for a Mother’s Day plant shouldn’t require such caution, it’s “better to be safe than sorry,” especially when digging three-to-four feet below ground level, Diaz added, warning that although rarely assessed, a homeowner risks up to $500 in fines if uncovering a conduit that disrupts service connections. In Coral Gables, an unchecked relocation

“Call before you dig!” advises Rick Diaz. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– of a mailbox to display a concrete dolphin resulted in $18,000 in fines due to a domino effect with other utility lines. On a positive note, an increase in numbers of gas-operated generators should keep service stations pumping gas and area supermarkets open for business if power outages occur during the coming hurricane season, Diaz noted. “Newcomers to Florida should know that even if evacuated, they should not turn off gas connections,” he added. “Underground natural gas lines continue to operate kitchen ranges and hot water heaters.” For more safety and operational tips, he advised visiting the website.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Community leaders spend a day shadowing nurses

Baptist Hospital Board member, the Rev. Dr. Gary Johnson, learns how to swaddle a newborn baby while shadowing Radica Moorley, RN, in the hospital’s Mother/Baby Unit. Community leaders recently spent a day learning more about the nursing profession during the annual Shadow a Nurse Day event held in celebration of National Nurse Week. (Photo by Michael Anthony)

Page 19

Urinary Tract Infections BY SONIA MARTINEZ, RPH Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) occur more often in women than men; and sexually active, pregnant and menopausal women are at increased risk. Except for the urethra (the tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the body), the urinary tract is normally sterile. If bacteria such as E. Coli enter this sterile area, an infection may occur. Symptoms of UTI include a sudden urge to urinate; difficulty urinating; burning, cramps or pain with urination; blood in the urine or cloudy, strong-smelling urine; mental confusion/deterioration and abdominal pain. When a UTI involves the kidneys and/or ureters (tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder), patients may experience pain in the back and side, chills, fever, and nausea/vomiting. Senior adults may not experience the typical symptoms but instead may have general abdominal discomfort and deterioration in the ability to think, reason, and understand. UTI usually responds promptly to treatment with antibiotics. It is also helpful to drink plenty of water; avoid the use of alcohol, caffeine, citrus juices or highly spicy foods; and use a heating pad on back or lower abdomen to relieve discomfort. To minimize UTI, it is helpful to drink at least seven 8 oz. glasses of fluids every day, empty bladder often and completely, and avoid use of feminine products such as deodorant spray, douches, and powders that may irritate the urethra.

PhotoDrugs by Ella Woodson Sonia Martinez, RPH - Marco

Marco Drugs and Compounding will provide you with compounded medications prepared with the highest standards and with high quality bulk materials, traditional prescriptions and high grade nutraceuticals, supplements and multiviatimins. We provide to you health information in a clean, comfortable, fun and safe environment. Make us your doorway to total health.

Marco Drugs & Compounding is located at 6627 South Dixie Highway, Tel: 305-665-4411 • Fax: 305-663-3258 <> This article is intended to provide information on health-related matters. The ideas expressed cannot be used to diagnose or treat individual health problems and should not be taken as medical advice or instruction.


NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART 10 ACRE CAMPUS FOR GRADES 6 THROUGH 12 RIVIERA DAY SCHOOL 6800 Nervia Street, Coral Gables, FL 33146 I RIVIERA PREPARATORY SCHOOL 9775 SW 87 Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 305.666.1856 I I Accredited by AISF, SACS, AI, NCPSA

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Thomas Schramm to lead FGO fundraising program BY ALEJANDRA SERNA

Professional Pet Sitting Services Whenn itt comess too thee safetyy andd welll beingg off yourr pets,, experiencee counts.. Sincee 2002.

Daily Dog Walking Pet Taxi And More! All sitters have a back up sitter â&#x20AC;˘ Bonded and Insured â&#x20AC;˘ References â&#x20AC;˘ Since 2002 â&#x20AC;˘ 305.256.8709

Florida Grand Opera (FGO) has announced the appointment of a new director of development, Thomas Schramm, effective immediately. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Over and above his years of experience, Tom brings a true dedication and leadership to his work,â&#x20AC;? said Bob Heuer, FGOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s general director and CEO. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are excited to have found someone who shares our views on donor relations, believing in the development of long-lasting relationships that will grow not only our resources but also what we consider to be the FGO family.â&#x20AC;? An exceptional communicator and team builder, Schramm comes to FGO with 25 years of experience earned in some of South Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most reputable medical institutions. Most recently, he served as development officer for Baptist Health South Florida, leading fundraising efforts for Homestead, Doctors, West Kendall and Baptist Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hospitals. Among his highest professional achievements are securing $500,000 for high definition cameras and visual equipment for the surgery department at Homestead Hospital and the successful conclusion of two capital campaigns raising a combined total of more than $10 million for new hospital construction. He also expanded Homestead Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relationship with NASCAR, resulting in more than $1 million cumulative contributions. As director of Development and Community Relations for the Sunrise Community, Schramm advised in fundraising efforts throughout Florida as well as six additional states. It was in this capacity that he secured a $100,000 grant to develop a dental healthcare program for people with

Thomas Schramm â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

developmental disabilities, creating a new line of business for the organization in addition to a much-needed service for the clients, which illustrates his fundraising philosophy. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Much in line with FGOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s values, I take an approach to development that focuses on nurturing sincere relationships with donors to achieve both their philanthropic goals and the institutionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strategic aims,â&#x20AC;? Schramm said. Schramm has excelled in development with director positions at some of South Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most renowned non-profits, such as University of Miami, Miami Heart Institute and American Red Cross. He studied music at the University of Miami and earned a BA in Philosophy with honors from the University of North Carolina. A devoted family man, he lives in Kendall with his wife and three children.



 (305)-235-8333 â&#x20AC;˘   

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Local Indian cooking classes feature the magic of spices Ayesha D’Mello creates culinary delights in her kitchen.


Made with variety of spices, Indian food is adventurous and delicious, and it can be good for you, at least the way Ayesha D’Mello cooks. D’Mello shares the secret to quick, easy Indian cooking with weekend cooking classes. Each class includes six to eight dishes and ends with a feast. As a bonus, those attending receive copies of the featured recipes. Classes are conducted at her Kendall home on Saturdays and Sundays. “I started with one menu and now I have nine menus,” D’Mello said. “One is a meat menu and one is a vegetarian one. I rolled out a vegan one.” Her classes are so successful that she is sold out a month or two in advance. Her success is primarily through word of mouth. “It’s wonderful to see what customers take away from it,” she said. The classes not only include how to cook the recipes, she also clues the participants in on the health benefits of the spices she uses. “We talk about turmeric…it’s a root. There are two kinds of root. The red color is what most Hindu women will wear on their forehead and in their hair,” she said. “The yellow is edible. If you have arthritis, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.” D’Mello said turmeric powder is used for cuts. It also has other qualities. “Turmeric is in the ginger family,” she said. “It helps you reduce weight.” In the classes, D’Mello talks about well-balanced diets and the advantages of the spices. “I talk about the natural medicinal benefits to these spices,” she said. “Because food plays a role in our lives. When you get grouchy and grumpy, you haven’t had good diet.” She said there are six basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent. “Sometimes you crave sweet; it’s energiz-

ing and satisfying when you eat something sweet,” she said. “Salty will cure stiffness. Salty will increase your water intake and sour will increase your appetite. It also helps with digestion. Pungent helps to increase blood circulation. Bitter is a blood purifier. Stringent will help your digestion and is a blood purifier.” The classes are limited to eight or nine participants. The cost is $75 per class. “What that gives you is a three-hour class,” she said. “The first two hours is cooking. I give you a copy of the recipes. They are absolutely easy to follow, fool- proof.” The last hour is a sit down meal. “This is a fine meal with fine china, like you are sitting in a restaurant,” D’Mello said. “And conversation.” Indian food is very regional. She said cooks utilize most of the local produce and whatever is available to make up the meals. In the cooler northern climate, the foods are richer, with heavy cream. In the southern part, the dishes have more rice and coconut. Rice is a staple because of the paddy fields. D’Mello’s background is in accounting and computer science. She has a computer science degree and an MBA from Texas. After moving to Miami seven years ago, she reluctantly quit work to stay home with the kids. Her culinary career took off after she was featured in a newspaper story. People began asking about her “restaurant” and whether it offered classes. She started the classes because she wanted to educate people about Indian culture. “I grew up with a cook in my house, but I was always intrigued by the spices,” she said. “What I did discover was my passion to teach others to cook.” For more information on Ayesha’s Kitchen, go online to <>.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Manage your Financial Condition like a Business

Providing Excellence in Girls Soccer since 1998

What you have (assets) minus what you owe (liabilities) results in what’s left over (net worth). $1 of assets and $1 of liabilities means $0 in net worth. $1 less in liabilities means you are $1 richer. Many employees with more salary will spend more, so they still have little net worth or financial independence. The car and house they own may be fancier but they may still be broke. Thebook,TheMillionaireNextDoor,describes how a business owner thinks and behaves.It is no secret how to become financially secure. It comes down to not thinking and behaving like an employee when it comes to your financial future.

GIRLS SOCCER Tryouts! Dade County’s oldest ALL GIRLS soccer club invites committed players to attend tryouts for the 2011 - 2012 Season MPS offers competitive teams for girls ages U9-U18. All teams participate in FLUGSA and some play at the State Cup level. MPS teams regularly attend National tournaments. All teams are coached by licensed soccer professionals.


Saturday 06.04.11

Tuesday 05.31.11

Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:30am Ages U13-U18 ........ 11:30am - 1:00pm

Wednesday 06.01.11

Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:00am Ages U13-U18 ...... 11:00am - 12:00pm

Thursday 06.02.11

Saturday 07.09.11

Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Most working people are employees and they think like employees when it comes to their financial condition. This means their focus is on salary, health insurance, 401k and vacation time. Yes, these benefits do impact your financial condition but it is one-sided. It is on the Financial provides side of what you have (assets). Tonkinson We suggest that in order to attain fi- hands-on money management for the nancial independence, employees middle class. They are located at: should begin to think and behave as a 2 3 9 8 S o u t h D i x i e H w y. , M i a m i , business owner. A business owner’s FL 33133. Phone: 305-858-1628 focus is not only on what they have but Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., more importantly, what they owe (liabili- member FINRA/SIPC, Rick Tonkinson, Margarita Tonkties). This means accounts payable, inson, Steven Tonkinson, Registered Representatives which for individuals are items such as Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc., Rick Tonkinson, Margarita Tonkinson, credit cards, car loans and mortgages.On Steven Tonkinson, Investment Advisor Representatives this side of the balance sheet, the busi- Tonkinson Financial and the Securities America comness owner wants to minimize expenses. panies are not affiliated.

Sunday 06.05.11

JULY Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:00am Ages U13-U18 ...... 11:00am - 12:00pm

Evelyn Greer Park 8200 SW 124 St. Pinecrest, FL

BRING CLEATS, SHIN GUARDS, SOCCER BALL & W A T ER! 305-525-3324 • 305-562-9740


5910 SW 73rd ST. South Miami, FL 33143

(305) 663-7171 FULL SERVICE SALON & SPA

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. Thursday & Saturday 9:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.

Armin Valerie Ramona Zuni Cindi Mari Debbie Graciela Alba Olema Formerly at Surmé

Gina José Miky Lety Maria Formerly at Cathedral

Denny Formerly at Spa Nail Fever


Summer Special Shampoo Treatment & Blow Dry

Reg. Manicure & Pedicure

Expiration June 30, 2011 First Time Clients Only

Expiration June 30, 2011 First Time Clients Only



Threading Eye Brown & Lip

Ultra Sound Lipo per session

Expiration June 30, 2011 First Time Clients Only

Expiration June 30, 2011 First Time Clients Only



May 31 - June 6, 2011


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MPO to participate in the ‘Miami Bicycle Summit’ The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the agency responsible for transportation planning in Miami-Dade County, will participate in the City of Miami’s “Miami Bicycle Summit” on June 2. The event will take place 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Grove Spot, located at 3324 Virginia St. It will provide a forum for discussion about improving bicycling in Miami-Dade County. Staff from the Florida Department of Transportation, City of Miami and Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, and the MiamiDade MPO will speak about recent developments in bicycle transportation, and listen to concerns and ideas from the public about improving bicycling. For more information, call 305-416-1022 or send email to <>. ANGELIQUE EURO CAFÉ POURS ITS HEART OUT TO CHARITY Angelique Euro Café in Coral Gables will pour its heart out to charity on June 7 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. for a Belgium Beer Dinner to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Chef Max Heymann, of Angelique, has teamed with Belgium brew masters from Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and Leffe, to offer a four-course beer-infused menu with bever-

age pairings in between. The dinner is priced at $49 per person, with a portion of proceeds to benefit the South Florida Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Featured menu items include “Drunken Chorizo,” Spanish chorizo cooked in Leffe sauce; “Hoegaarden Moules,” PEI mussels steamed in a Hoegaarden and fennel broth, and “Beer-Braised Osso Bucco” served with Stella Artois-flavored au jus. Guests will take home their choice of a Belgian beer glass as well as a beer and food-pairing booklet. Reservations are required with payment in advance. To reserve, call Angelique Euro Cafe at 305-529-9922. FLORIDA NATIONAL COLLEGE SETS COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT Florida National College is sponsoring a conference with the Property Appraiser from Miami Dade County, Pedro J. Garcia, on June 8, at 6 p.m., to benefit Miami-Dade County property owners and help them understand the property tax system. The event will take place at the Hialeah Campus, 4425 W. 20 Ave. Garcia frequently makes presentations to community groups and professional organizations. He wants to increase educational and


Completely-In-Canal/ Completamente en el canal (CIC)


COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS outreach efforts so that Miami-Dade County property owners will be more informed about the property tax system. This conference will help Miami-Dade County residents better understand and become more familiarized with the role of the Property Appraiser and how it assesses the value of your property. For more information, call Florida National College at 305-821-3333, ext. 1033. MIAMI-DADE LIBRARY SYSTEM OFFERS FREE VISION SCREENINGS The Miami-Dade Public Library System and Davis Vision’s Focus on America program will be offering free vision care for children ages 5-17 from June 9 to June 11 at four convenient branch locations. On June 9 and 10, screenings will take place at 10750 SW 211 St. and 700 N. Homestead Blvd. On June 11, the locations

Receiver-In-Canal/ Receptor en el canal (RIC)

In-The-Canal (ITC)/ Half Shell (HS) Intracanal (ITC)/ Media concha (HS)

will be at 430 NE 61 St. and 2455 NW 183 St. Screenings are available for children who have little or no vision insurance and nothing is required to receive a free vision screening. If the screening indicates that a child needs further care, he or she will be provided with a voucher for free follow-up services including a comprehensive eye exam and eyeglasses (if needed). The voucher must be presented at Visionworks to receive followup services. For more information, call 305-751-8687. Y.E.P. SUMMER CAMP OFFERS SAFE, ENJOYABLE VACATION The YEP Summer Camp, 16320 SW 147 Ave., will kick off its summer program on June 13 and continue through July 31.

–––––– Continued on next page

In-The-Ear/ Intrauricular (ITE)

Receiver-In-Canal – Absolute Power / Receptor en el canal – Absolute Power (RIC AP)


State-of-the-art hearing aids require a state-of-the-art hearing evaluation. Call today 305-235-4035 to make an appointment for a FREE hearing evaluation!

Instrumentos auditivos de vanguardia requieren una evaluación auditiva de vanguardia. ¡Lláme hoy al 305-235-4035 para hacer una cita para una evaluación auditiva GRATIS!

We carry hearing aids for almost every budget Financing Plans Available • Medicaid Accepted All Major Insurances Honored

Planes de financiamiento disponibles • Se acepta Medicaid • Se aceptan todos los seguros principales

Call 305-235-4035 today!

Llame al 305-235-4035 hoy!

11342 Quail Roost Drive Miami, FL 33157

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Auto • Health • Business • Home • Life • Disability The agency that does more for you... Your Business, Your Family, Your Life... We're here

• Responsive Customer Service • Reliable Professional Staff • Risk Management Services • Competitive Pricing & Payment Options Please contact us at: Phone: 305-446-2271• Fax: 305-448-3127 Toll Free: 1-877-275-1180 • 3350 South Dixie Highway We offer an independent agency solution representing many leading insurers including but not limited to:

May 31 - June 6, 2011

from previous page –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

The camp is funded in part by the Children’s Trust and offers a unique opportunity for children between ages 7 and 17 to have a safe and enjoyable vacation, stay fit, learn new social skills and make new friends. The camp will provide lunch and afternoon snack daily and offer early dropoff at 7:30 a.m. and late pickup until 6 p.m. Activities include computer classes, business skills, social skills, a store and bank where campers learn and practice trading and money skills. For more information, call 305-232-9503 or visit online at <>. SUMMER CABARET CONCERT SERIES AT THE DEERING ESTATE AT CUTLER The Deering Estate at Cutler’s Cabaret Concert Series summer series kicks off on June 25 with bassist Kirk Green at the Deering Estate, 16701 SW 72 Ave. Guests are welcome to bring refreshments and snacks to enjoy during the show. All concerts begin at 8 p.m. and the main gate opens at 7 p.m. It is recommended to arrive early for preferred seating. The concert will feature eclectic and world music artists in the intimate setting of the

historic Stone House Ballroom. Single tickets are $20 or $55 for the threeconcert series. Limited seating is available. Advance tickets are recommended. Tickets can be purchased online at <>. For more information, call the Deering Estate Ticket Office at 305-235-1668, ext. 233. VITAS INNOVATIVE HOSPICE CARE NEEDS VOLUNTEERS FOR PAW PALS VITAS Innovative Hospice Care of Miami-Dade/Monroe is looking for volunteers who can lick away loneliness or cuddle in a lap. VITAS invites friendly and well-behaved pets to join the Paw Pals program, in which animals and their humans learn how to visit patients at the end of life. A registered VITAS Paw Pals visitor can offer comfort, bring back memories, encourage activity and provide unconditional love to VITAS patients. Paw Pals must be well-groomed and have up-to-date health records. For more information on VITAS Paw Pals program, contact Cathy Agosti at 305-6904765 or send email to <>.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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MCH offers urgent care wait times via text messaging BY CRISTENE MARTINEZ

Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH), the region’s only healthcare system exclusively for children, is enhancing the pediatric urgent care experience by letting parents know how long they will need to wait for an urgent care practitioner to see their child during a minor injury or illness. MCH has launched a text messaging tool in which parents can text MCH to 437411 from their cell phones to receive up-to-the-minute wait times for MCH urgent care facilities, located in Palmetto Bay, West Kendall and Doral. This texting feature empowers parents with the information they need to make an immediate decision about their child’s care. The urgent care wait time that is communicated via text message represents a four-hour rolling average updated every five minutes. Messaging and data rates may apply. Miami Children’s Urgent Care Centers are not intended for emergencies, but are appropriate for minor, non-life-threatening illnesses and

injuries for children up to 21 years of age requiring immediate medical attention after-hours. MCH Palmetto Bay Outpatient Center , 17615 SW 97 Ave. (Franjo Road) Palmetto Bay. Urgent Care center hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 2 to 11 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; 786-268-1777. MCH West Kendall Outpatient Center , 13400 SW 120 St., Suites 100 and 200. Urgent Care center hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 4 to 11p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; 786-6245363. MCH Doral Outpatient Center, 3601 NW 107 Ave. Urgent Care Center hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 4 to 11 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; 786-624-3672. Founded in 1950 by Variety Clubs International, Miami Children’s Hospital is South Florida’s only licensed specialty hospital exclusively for children, with more than 650 attending physicians and over 130 pediatric sub-specialists.

Located in Coral Gables, Caffe Italia creates the finest in Italian cuisine

Homemade Pasta

Whatever your fancy, Caffe Italia has it! You must try our sensational pizza! Open daily

Since 1987

3800 S.W. 8th Street Coral Gables, Florida 305-441-1199 • 305-443-8122 E-mail:

Present Coupon Delivery and Take Out orders of $35.00 or more receive a FREE Bottle of Septima Wine (a value of $28.00) Minimun order $35.00 Valid thru June 14th, 2011 Not valid with other discounts, promotions or on defined holidays. Exclude tax, tip, alcohol and some sale items.

ut TakelO ery & De iv ce or Prriing f l l a C Cate for Lunch Special Served monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Present Coupon

Dine in only

Up To



00 Value

Enjoy one complimentary DINNER ENTREE when a second DINNER ENTREE of equal or greater value is purchased.

Minimun order $30.00 • Valid thru June 14th, 2011 Not valid with other discounts, promotions or on defined holidays. Exclude tax, tip, alcohol and some sale items.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

New shop has wide variety of flip flops for your feet Celia Guillen is surrounded by the many flip flops she sells at Flip Flop Shops in The Falls.


Buon Appetito The culinary staff and the service personnel of Romanza Trattoria are dedicated to making your dining a classic, unique experience. The highest quality of foods are perfectly blended with the meticulous care of the kitchen staff. For your meal to reach its ultimate richness of taste, it must be done in a manner that cannot be rushed. We pride ourselves on excellence.

Private Parties + Conference Rooms 14501 South Dixie Highway (Adjacent to the Quality Inn South of the Falls)

Dinner: Tues. - Sun. 4:30pm to 10:30pm Fri. - Sat. 4:30pm to 11:00pm

Village of Palmetto Bay, FL T: 305-278-9027 • F: 305-278-9026

When you walk into Flip Flop Shops at The Falls, 8888 SW 136 St., you are struck by how many different flip flop styles are available. The styles range from glitz to grunge and prices go from $20 to $120. Franchise owner Celia Guillen says the store has a variety of not only flip flops but sandals as well for men, women and children. “I would say at least 13 different brands with so many different styles,” she said. “We have the biggest collection of flip flops and sandals in Miami.” Name brands include Reef, Havaianas, Flojos, Cobian and Yellow Box. “Scott Hawaii is another brand,” Guillen said. “They have been in Hawaii since the ’30s and just came to the States three years ago. They have a women’s brand with cute little flowers.” Flip Flops also carries the famous Reefs flip flops that have bottle openers on the bottom and they have the Flojos that people travel to the Keys to buy. They also carry a brand out of California called Sanuk, which features yoga mat bottoms and are supposed to be very comfortable. Today, flip flops are more than simple rubberized strips attached to rubber soles. “Flip flops are not just for the showers and the pool,” she said. “Now people wear them every single day. I believe it has become a staple in our closets now.” So the flip flops are more elaborate. And, because there are reports that wearing flip flops all day can be hard on the body, there are even flip flops with orthopedic bottoms. “Our motto here is ‘For your toes,’” Guillen said. She also carries unusual sizes. At six-footone, she has difficulty finding her size in stock.

“I try to accommodate everybody,” she said. And while we think of flip flops as being very casual, she also has styles with glitz and glamour. Even the color range for flip flops is impressive — there’s no need to be stuck with dull brown shoes when there are multicolored Cobian’s or Havaianas in red, white and blue. The shop already has become a favorite for high school and college students. Of course, in Florida, the dress code for college students is T-shirt, shorts and flip flops, making the store the natural place to search for new shoes. The store’s environment also is a draw with a flat screen television that runs surfing and skating videos. The shop features cork floors, water based paints and is environmentally friendly. Flip Flops Shops also works to help the community. The store supports an international shoe charity. “We are a participant and a drop location for Souls 4 Soles,” she said. “They go victims of natural disasters and the poor. When people bring them [the shoes] in, we give them 10 percent off.” Shoes in good condition are accepted. Guillen said her staff ships them to the charity. “That’s our way of giving back,” she said. Another way they give back is by giving firefighters and the military discounts. And they participate in the Kidgits Club, a promotion with Simon Malls, which offers discounts for certain stores. Guillen said the store, which has been open since November, is doing well. “Tourists love to get some,” she said. “We also have our locals.” Local customers can sign up for the VIP list and will receive email offers. For information, call 305-235-7007.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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SOUTH FLORIDA AREA BEST BUY® STORES AND ALL 2500 EMPLOYEES, WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU. “We would like to personally invite you to come in next week and check out the hot offers in home theater, appliances, digital cameras and mobile products as we celebrate our 15th anniversary in South Florida.” Jason Yanez, General Manager - 9 years Best Buy Aventura





GIFT CARD OFFER AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SELECT SOUTH FLORIDA AREA BEST BUY STORES: Aventura Boca Raton Boynton Beach Coral Springs Cutler Ridge Dadeland Doral Florida City Ft. Lauderdale Hialeah

Limited to the first 75 people per store on 6/5.

Visit to find a Best Buy store near you.


Limit 1 per person. Sorry, no rainchecks. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo and the tag design are trademarks of BBY Solutions, Inc. All other trademarks or trade names are properties of their respective owners. © 2011 BBY Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Margate Miami Beach Pembroke Pines Pinecrest Sawgrass Tropicaire Wellington West Kendall West Palm Beach

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Palmetto Paint & Decorating 14031 S Dixie Hwy Miami FL 305-233-1224


May 31 - June 6, 2011

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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Is A Short Sale Right for You? BY PETER B. LAIRD

Recent data indicates that by the end of 2010 nearly half of all property owners in Miami-Dade County owed more on their homes than the properties were worth. That’s 245,530 underwater homes just in Miami-Dade. Statewide, the number jumps to 2.1 million. Do you owe more than your home is worth? Is a major illness, accident, job loss or divorce preventing you from making your monthly mortgage payments? Are you tired of paying for an investment property that has lost its value? You do have options, according to Robert Perdigon, president of Miamibased Perdigon Title Services, a fullservice title company founded in 2002. “In an ideal world, the best strategy is to continue paying your mortgage, wait for the market to correct, let your property appreciate and sell your house when the value has returned,” advises Perdigon. “However, we do not live in an ideal world and property owners need to know their options.” A foreclosure should be avoided at all

Robert Perdigon (left), president, and Scott Perdigon, attorney partner at Perdigon Title Services, 9100 S. Dadeland Blvd., PH1 / Suite #1701, Miami. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

costs, Perdigon says. Not only will you lose your home, you could also be forced to pay what you owe on your mortgage plus additional fees. Worse still, it will be reflected on your credit report for three to five years.

Your best option, says Perdigon, may be a short sale. In the past few years, short sales have become the leading distressed property solution. “With a short sale, your house is sold for less than what you owe on your

mortgage, and your lender willingly accepts the proceeds from the sale as payment in full,” says Perdigon. “No lien is filed against you, the sale is reflected on your credit report for only 12 to 18 months, and in some cases the lender will even contribute up to $30,000 to cover your relocation expenses.” Before making such an important decision, though, seek professional advice. Perdigon Title Services has special expertise in handling short sales, and its attorney partner can guide you through all aspects of what can be a complex transaction. “We’ve successfully handled hundreds of short sale transactions over the past few years,” says Perdigon. “We’ll work closely with you, your realtor and your lender to ensure the quickest and best possible outcome for all.” For a free initial consultation to determine if a short sale is right for you, contact Perdigon Title Services at 305-728-8184, or e-mail

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Coldwell Banker Residential R.E. 12155 South Dixie Highway • Miami, Fl 33156 Direct Line: 305 742-4323 • Fax: 305-235-4424 Email: Web: Lizzie Padro

5852 SW 54 Lane

7125 SW 111 Avenue

9491 SW 124 Terrace G N I D


Gorgeous new 6 bedroom, 7 1/2 bath residence boasting extensive woodwork, circular staircase, solid wood cabinets with granite counters and pantry. Master Bedroom has sitting room and balcony. Smart System Alarm capabilities. Huge terrace with wood ceilings on a private cul-de-sac. Offered at $1,300,000

Spectacular luxury home in Doral Isles Venetia. This residence boasts 5 spacious bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. All wood flooring, 3 car garage, pool and fenced yard. Located in a gated community with all the finest amenities. Lakefront with boat dock. Offered at $1,200,000.

8525 Old Cutler Road

8001 SW 120 Street

SO Amazing parcel of 3.5 acres in the most prestigious community of Gables Estates in Coral Gables. Stunning forever-long water view of Casuarinas Waterway. Indulge in the 375 foot of water frontage with direct ocean access. Deep boat basin for large yachts. Magnificent grounds and fabulous sunrises. One of the last spectacular lots in South Florida. A tropical paradise where your dream home can become a reality. Offered at $12,900,000.

9120 SW 100 Street


Executive 5 BR, 4.5 BA in sought after Oak Ridge Falls. Guarded and gated enclave of 78 homes. Circular drive with Porte cochere, beautiful pool and tropical backyard. Offered at $850,000.

9474 SW 125 Street DI



Beautifully maintained 5 BR, 4.5 BA, home in guarded and gated Oak Ridge Falls. Porte cochere, 2 car garage, pool and shutters. Great curb appeal. Offered at $845,000.

12501 SW 94 Avenue Fabulous Pinecrest Luxury Estate. Private family residence with gated entry. Volume ceilings, marble flooring, extensive moldings and French doors. Formal and gracious living and dining rooms. Stunning gourmet kitchen. Three car garage and a basketball court.

13020 SW 70 Avenue






Sought after Oak Ridge Falls. Beautiful home with 4 oversized bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. Crown moldings, granite counters, beautiful pool and patio. South Florida at its best! Excellent pricing. Offered at $750,000.

8151 SW 189 Street, Cutler Bay

New Mediterranean residence 5 bed 4 bath and office with an additional 1/1 guest cottage on builders acre with pool. Full impact windows and doors. Saturnia floors in common areas and Brazilian Walnut floors in bedrooms. Custom wood cabinets and Viking appliances. Possible owner financing. Offered at $1,570,000.

Stunning 5 BR, 4 BA canal front home on Palmetto Island in Pinecrest. This residence boasts a spacious and elegant kitchen with an adjacent family room. Crema Marfil flooring in living areas with magnificent views to a screened pool and canal. The grand master is on the first floor. Ample closets and a gym large enough to be converted to two rooms. Great family home. Offered at $897,000.

Beautiful and large 2928 square foot executive home with updated kitchen and stainless steel appliances. Approximately 15,000 square feet lot with a nicely landscaped yard with sparkling pool. Offered at $315,000

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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Everyone is


Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm All songs have to be approved for content



Dairy Free • Fat Free • Sodium Free • Cholesterol Free Coupon

Bring your Report Card with an A and receive a small FREE cup of your choice (Italian Ices, Gelati, Ice Cream, Yogurt) Only one per student. Offers Can’t be Combined

$100 OFF Every Cup With Coupon Offers Can’t be Combined


Expires 6/14/11


One Price Dry Cleaning Now Offering in the Pinecrest Area Pick-Up and Delivery at the Same Low Prices

The One Price Dry Cleaning Concept

Offers the Best Value for Your Money $3.49 Dry Cleaning on Most Garments

$1.59 Laundered Men’s Business Shirts

305.259.3600 • 954.432.6772 Now Doing Pick-Up and Delivery FREE of Charge Great Service In Dry Cleaning we offer:

In Laundered Shirts we offer:

$3.49 Most Garments State of the Art Dry Cleaning Expert Stain and Spot Removal Crisp Professional Pressing Knowledgeable Fast Service Lowest Possible Prices A Better Quality Shirt

Men’s Business Shirts $1.59 White Collars and Cuffs Crisp Automatic Pressing Good Detail Finishing All Bottoms Accounted For Lowest Possible Price No extra cost for Silks and Fancies

Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm • Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Student’s foundation raises funds for cancer awareness BY ROBERT HAMILTON

Andrea L. Collins, a high school junior, started a foundation and is continuing its efforts to collect caps and hats for cancer patients, while raising funds and awareness about cancers. The foundation, Caps4Cancers, was begun last year when Andrea was age 16 and a sophomore in high school in Miami. She had the idea when she was made aware of one of the side effects of cancer treatment, losing one’s hair, and realized how that might impact the self-esteem of a patient. She decided to begin to collect caps and hats to donate to the patients for this reason and also as a protection from exposure from the sun and the damage that might create. “These patients are going through so much fighting the cancer,” Collins said. “And I wanted to find a way to make them feel better and not be embarrassed about their hair loss. “My family, like many others, has been devastated by cancer, and this provides an opportunity to bring some additional attention to efforts to help those affected,” she added. Collins’ grandfather died at an early age from cancer, her cousin died from cancer when he was only 46 years old, and others in the family and close friends have suffered

Andrea Collins, president and founder of Caps4Cancers, is pictured at the offices of WireMasters Electric Inc. with Kent Crook, president, as he donates caps and provides a monetary donation. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

from this disease. “My mother (Maria Kesti) started taking me to Rotary Club meetings at a very young

age and I learned from these members and her to do what you can to help out in the community.”

Earlier this year, the Ann Taylor store in Dadeland Mall hosted a fundraiser and awareness shopping event for Caps4Cancer. Also, Kent Crook, president of Wiremasters Electric Inc., donated caps and funds to Caps4Cancers. And recently, Collins volunteered and agreed to be a team captain for the Relay For Life event in Doral. She recruited others to join her team and solicited donations for the event held recently that raised in excess of $118,000. She not only exceed her fundraising goal for the event, but managed a booth at the event for Caps4Cancers and had friends and family stay overnight with her. In addition, she had obtained a Barry Gibb autographed guitar for the auction to help raise additional funds. “I greatly appreciate all of the time and efforts, and especially the donations, from so many, since I believe that we can make a difference,” Collins said. Caps4Cancers is a foundation developed to collect caps and hats for patients with cancer and to raise funding and awareness of cancers. For more information, or to donate, contact Andrea Collins, founder and president, at 305-332-3367 or by email at <>. Visit the website at <>.

Hector Wiltz, M.D., CPI

Board Certified Dermatologist • FXM Research Miami Do you or someone you know have “Tinea Pedis/Athlete’s Foot”? Do you or someone you know have “Tinea Cruris/Jock Itch”? Do you or someone you know have “Tinea Corporis/Ringworm”? FXM Research in Miami is looking for males and females 12 years or older that suffer from Tinea Pedis, Tinea Cruris, and/or Tinea Corporis to participate in an Open Label eight [8] study-visit clinical research study with the opportunity of recurrent study medication for one year. Medical Insurance is not required for study participation. Qualified participants will receive:

• Evaluation by a Board Certified Dermatologist. • Investigational Study Medication at no cost. • Reimbursement for time and travel up to $350.00. ¿Tiene usted o alguien que usted conozca “Hongos Entre Los Dedos De Sus Pies/Pie De Atleta”? ¿Tiene usted o alguien que usted conozca “Tinea Cruris u Hongos Entre Sus Piernas/Muslos”? ¿Tiene usted o alguien que usted conozca “Tinea Corporal o Tinea En Forma De Anillo En Su Piel”? FXM Research en Miami está buscando hombres y mujeres entre las edades de 12 años o más que sufran de Hongos Entre Los Dedos De Sus Pies, Hongos Entre Sus Piernas/Muslos, y/o Hongos En Su Piel para participar en un estudio de investigación clínico que requiere ocho [8] visitas con la oportunidad de medicamentos del estudio recurrentes por un año. Seguro Médico no es requerido para su participación en el estudio. Los participantes que califiquen recibirán:

• Evaluaciones por un Dermatólogo Certificado. • Los medicamentos bajo investigación a no costo. • Compensación por tiempo y transporte hasta $350.00. For more information please call / Para más información por favor llame:

(305) 220-5222 11760 Bird Road, Suite 452

Miami, Florida 33175 •

May 31 - June 6, 2011


KAPOW students learn the art of baking bread

Adrian Castro, Christofer Alvarez and Sophia Acosta have the sandwich dough ready for baking during their visit to IPC as part the Kids and the Power of Work (KAPOW) program. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Everglades K-8 fifth graders were put to work preparing Subway sandwich bread for the baking oven during their recent visit to International Purchasing Cooperative in Kendall. IPC is an independent Subway franchisee owned and operated purchasing cooperative. IPC negotiates the lowest costs for purchased goods and services, while improving quality, enhancing competitiveness and ensuring the best value to Subway members and their customers. The visits are part of a yearlong School-To-Career program called KAPOW (Kids And the Power Of Work) presented by Learning for Success Inc. and IPC in conjunction with Miami-Dade County Schools. Through KAPOW, teachers and volunteers from IPC and 95 other South Florida businesses and organizations collaborate to teach lessons that connect classroom learning

with real world workplace skills. “The KAPOW site visit gives our employees a chance to share their knowledge and skills,” explained John Imbert, IPC POS business analyst. “The students saw that our people really do use all of the skills they are learning about in school. “They got hands on experience with the new POS (Point of Sale) system, learned about and prepared Subway bread for baking, and got to design their own sandwich wrap,” he added. “These experiences are designed to introduce students to the skills needed to be successful in the workplace and teach them the importance of staying in school to prepare for their own future,” said Dr. Lilia Dobao, principal of Everglades K-8 Center. “We are delighted and very grateful to IPC for their extraordinary commitment.” For more information about the KAPOW program, contact John Casbarro at <>, or see the website at <>.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Red Zone Sports announces flag football money series BY JOSE BOZA

Calling all armchair quarterbacks, football crazy fans and aspiring pro athletes. Your gridiron dreams are not over, as Red Zone Sports launches its 5-on-5 flag football money tournament series “Cash Shootout.” The tournament series begins on Saturday, June 11, at Kendall Soccer Park, 8011 SW 127 Ave. and continues with play on July 9, Aug. 13, Sept. 10, Oct. 8, and ends with a grand championship finale on Nov. 5. The monthly Saturday tournaments are from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. “The Cash Shootout tournament series will cater to all levels of competition in South Florida,” said Luis Rodriguez, president of Red Zone Sports. “From the iron man athlete to the weekend warrior, if you have a passion for football, this is the tournament for you.” Red Zone’s “Cash Shootout” flag football tournament series will consist of a 5on-5 style play format and a 10-man roster per team. The entry fees are as follow: Elite Division, $280 per team/round; Competitive Division, $260 per team/round and Recreational Division, $240 per team/round. All teams will play a minimum of three games in each tournament and then advance to single elimination playoffs. Teams are required to participate in three

tournament rounds to qualify for the championship final round on Nov. 5. Deadline date to register for Round One is Wednesday, June 8. The cash prize payout for each tournament is between $500 and $1,000. The final payout will be determined by the number of teams participating in the tournament. Throughout the six rounds of tournament play, teams will receive points to qualify for the championship round. The top team with the most points at the end of the six tournaments will receive an additional $1,000 for Elite Division, $500 for Competitive Division, and $300 for Recreational Division in the championship round. The breakdown of qualifying points and tournament rules are available during registration inquiry. Red Zone Sports is based in Miami and is devoted to all South Florida amateur athletes. Monday Night 5-on-5 flag football league will begin June 6. The Thursday 4-on-4 flag football league will begin July 14. For more information on Red Zone Sports’ tournaments, leagues, etc., visit online at <> or find on Facebook <>. Contact Luis Rodriguez at <> or 786344-1855 to request additional information for upcoming leagues and tournaments.

See us online at:

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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Sparkling Bins brings trash bin cleaning service right to you

Sparkling Bins has an environmentally friendly truck that visits customers ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BY KIMBERLY PORTER

Not everyone knows that their trash bin is a major breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily, Sparkling Bins will keep your waste container hygienically clean, for as low as $5.75 per bin. The idea came to owner John Conway after his wife chased him for weeks to clean their bins. After he spent hours on the process he realized a service for this task could be successful. “An hour and a half cleaning my own bin, I thought — this is something I’d never want to do again,” Conway said. This concept originated in the United Kingdom and Sparkling Bins has brought it to South Florida. “We’re getting a lot of traction, mostly from referrals,” Conway said. As a first time business owner, he says it is “very exciting just seeing how it’s going.” In four months the business has gained 175 customers. Sparkling Bins uses natural solvents that kill 99 percent of all known germs, fungi and viruses. All water and chemicals are collected into the self-contained cleaning unit to be recycled according to EPA regulations. Sparkling Bins has an environmentally friendly truck that visits customers at their locations. “You waste 15 percent more water using a hose and broom on your own. With us, nothing goes into the environment, it all goes back in our truck to a water treatment facility,” Conway said. “It’s really getting the awareness out into the community. People can get the flu, H1N1 [from dirty bins]; people aren’t edu-

cated on the hazards,” he said. He also warned that you can be fined for allowing dirty water from cleaning your bins to run into the public streets. Bacteria infested water will flow into storm drains, contaminating all bodies of water it enters from there. The initial cleaning for new customers takes about an hour, cleaning both the inside and outside of the bin. From there, Conway said the point is to get on a regular schedule. “A good 40 percent of our customers have their bins cleaned monthly and 50 percent every two weeks. We do recommend at least monthly cleaning to maintain,” he said. Currently Sparkling Bins’ focus is on the areas of South Miami, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Kendall. They are already in the process of adding two additional trucks within the next three to six months. He said it is telling that just driving around in the truck has people stopping and asking him questions about the service — and then signing up right on the spot. Now there is an efficient, easy way to protect oneself from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection contracted from on, in and around unclean trash bins. Sparkling Bins will leave your dirty, smelly bins disinfected, deodorized and smelling fresh. Leave the dirty work to the professionals. “It’s a great concept,” Conway said. “It’s important that people know this service does exist out there and the key is to keep it affordable.” For more information visit online at <> or call 305382-BINS (2476).

Pictured are the owners of Lots of Lox (l-r) Steve, Jimmy and Nick Poulos.


OF LOX • Catering Available • Dine In or Take Out


5 $6.45 O 11AM M TO MON.. THR U FR I.. 7AM

14995 5 Sou t h Dix ie e Hw y. Tel:: 305- 252- 2010 0 • Fa x : 305- 232- 7560

NEW W HOURS Open Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Dinner Specials from 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Put away your cares, wallet at Club Med Sandpiper Bay BY LEVI MYER

You definitely work hard enough to deserve one and you might actually be fortunate enough to afford one, but let’s face it, vacations cost money. When you add up the expenses of hotels, transportation, dining and entertainment; tips for bell hops, waiters, cleaning service and for people you’re not even sure are supposed to be tipped, vacations are nearly impossible to budget. Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, FL, has a simple remedy for that — all-inclusive access. During our stay there, we literally left our wallets securely tucked away in the safe in our room for our entire visit. We arrived at three in the afternoon and were escorted to our room, where our luggage had almost magically preceded us. Hungry from our travels, we strolled over to the resort restaurant and ordered a light lunch with a few strong beverages to ease us into our vacation. After a delicious desert, there was no debate about who would cover the bill. In fact, there was no bill at all. This is pretty much the story of the rest of our stay. Order a drink from the bar at Slice (the resort

Club Med Sandpiper Bay has something for every member of the family. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

lounge and bar) — no bill, no tip, just a thank you and a smile. Pile up a plate of food from the extraordinary around the

world buffet at The Market (the resort dining hall) — no scale, no bill, just a thank you and a smile. The food was fantastic! Everything we didn’t know we wanted was fresh, hot and at our fingertips. I could spend days talking about the food and its inspirations from Asia, Italy, France and America; they had it all. The dining staff even comes around to offer wine, in case you haven’t already satisfied yourself from the endless array of soft drinks, beer and wine on tap. The deserts, however, were a personal favorite. Check out the White Chocolate Bread and the self-serve frozen yogurt made with natural sugar, neither will disappoint. Though I would love to go on and on, there is more to Club Med than unlimited food,

wine and spirits. It truly is a paradise for the whole family, individually and as a group. After a hearty dinner, we enjoyed live music and had a couple of drinks and dances at Slice, which gets pretty wild after hours. Waking up early to seize the day, we headed straight for the state-of-the-art gym, which, I might add, you are going to need to work off the calories from that extra serving of desert. There is plenty to keep you active and busy — trapeze, golf, tennis, zumba, yoga, jet skis, eco tours, sunset tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, and the list really does go on and on. At most resorts, you can expect to see dozens of teenagers moping around with their faces buried in a phone or so bored they’re wishing they were back in school; not at Club Med. There are activities designed for kids of all ages and plenty of activity staff members to keep them on their toes. From the trapeze to the gymnasium to the Romero Britto Art Center or at the bar ordering their very own virgin strawberry daiquiris to sip by the pool, there was not a bored child in sight. The kids will probably want to be left alone to run off and have fun. When they do, you should sneak off to the “quiet zone” just past the spa and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Infinity Pool. With its endless water views, cabanas, and adult only restrictions, you can soak in the sun, read a book and dissolve into the Florida paradise. The staff is fantastically helpful and friendly, the resort just had a $25 million renovation and the overall experience was unforgettable. Take the whole family and head to Club Med Sandpiper Bay. You need it more than you think you do! For more information, or to make a reservation, visit <>, call 1-800-CLUB-MED or contact your preferred travel agent.

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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Walk the plank this summer with Miami Seaquarium show Athletes A t let th ete t s of Miami Miiam a ami i Cheer C heer and and Da D Dance ance e

SUMMER CAMP Summer Camp at IDOL Athletes of Miami is guaranteed to be an exciting and safe way for everyone to spend their summer! Our Cheerleading and Dance Camp is a non-stop activity camp for ages 4-17. This camp will take place in our state of the art fully air-conditioned facility and will involve all kinds of fun filled activities! Come join us for the best summer camp in town! Activities Cheerleading Classes • Jazz Classes • Tumbling Classes • Arts & Crafts • Hip Hop Classes • Indoor Games • Water Day (every Wednesday)

There will be high wire pirate adventures this summer at Miami Seaquarium. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BY MICHELLE PALOMINO

This summer Miami Seaquarium is offering swashbuckling adventures for the whole family with “Swashbuckling Summer” at Miami Seaquarium. From June 11 to Aug. 21, the park is featuring exciting daily high wire acts by the pillaging “Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean.” In addition, “Swashbuckling Summer” will include a Giant Shark Slide that is over 25 feet tall and a Pirate Skeleton Walk. These friendly pirates are guaranteed to put a smile on kid’s faces. Guests also should prepare to hit the deck as pirates take over the Top Deck Dolphin Show all summer long. “The Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean’s return brings added fun and a big splash to Miami Seaquarium this summer,” said Andrew Hertz, general manager at Miami Seaquarium. “This show will keep our guests

in suspense and amazement with incredible aerial high wire performances.” The Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean is an exhilarating death defying high wire aerial performance. Everyday the Colombian Caribbean pirate ship will set sail for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Pirates will awe guests as they are suspended 30 feet in the air, dueling for the right to be the captain of the coveted Colombian Caribbean pirate ship. Miami Seaquarium, South Florida’s most popular tourist attraction, is a family-oriented marine-life park open to the public 365 days a year. The park, located on Virginia Key, provides visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life through shows, presentations and marine-life exhibits. For more information on Miami Seaquarium, call 305-361-5705 or visit online at <>.

Each Session consists of 2 weeks: Session 1 June 13 - June 24 Session 2 June 27 - July 8 Session 3 July 11 - July 22 Session 4 July 25 - Aug. 5

Half Day 9 am - 1 pm Full Day 9 am - 5 pm Early drop off & late pick up available for an extra fee

For more information please visit us at:

IAMCHEERANDDANCE.COM 7302 SW 45 St., Miami • 305.264.1103 • 305.613.5151

SAME DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE We’ll help you find the perfect arrangement or gift.

• Flowers

• Plants

• Birthdays

• Wedding

• Balloons

• Anniversaries

• Gift Baskets • Sympathy (we deliver to funeral homes & hospitals)

Hirni’s Wayside Gardens Florist 9950 SW 57th Avenue • Pinecrest, FL 33156 305.661.6266 • Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

q a i

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Former U.S. Senator Graham’s novel chillingly close to reality BY DAVID KASS

Respected and trusted by leaders on both sides of the political aisle, former U.S. Senator Bob Graham of Florida chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was a presidential candidate with 18 years of service in the U.S. Senate, and a twoterm governor of Florida. Now, based on actual events, he has written a compelling political thriller, Keys to the Kingdom (Vanguard Press; June 2011; $25.99). With a story line that cuts chillingly close to true-life dealings, it raises penetrating questions and all-too-real alarming predictions. Sen. Graham will be in the Miami area on Friday, June 17, 8 p.m., at Books and Books, 265 Aragon Ave. in Coral Gables, and Saturday, June 18, 4 p.m., Books and Books Airport Store, Concourse D Gate D25. In the novel: Retired U.S. Senator John Billington, a co-chair of the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry Commission, sets off a firestorm of protest when he suggests in a New York Times op-ed that Saudi Arabia — aka “The Kingdom” — was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Billington asks: Will Saudi Arabia assist in future attacks within the U.S., does the Kingdom have the bomb, and why is the administration engaged in a comprehensive, sustained cover-up to keep answers from the American people? Less than two weeks later, Billington is murdered — but not before slipping a detailed briefing to ex-Special Forces operative Tony Ramos, a street-smart Miami Cuban, proficient in Pashto and Arabic,

Senator Bob Graham


with a love of fine clothing that has tagged him “the Will Smith of State” at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Soon Tony is on the road and on the run for his life, collaborating with Billington’s estranged, enticing and egotistical daughter, Laura, to solve her father’s murder and discover the hidden agendas that ominously threaten the security of America and the world. In a race against time, betrayals, and layers of deceit, Tony uncovers a shocking international conspiracy linking Saudi Arabia — the Kingdom — to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, in an investigation that spans Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Afghanistan. Targeted by an assassin and framed for murder, will he be able to honor the senator’s last wish and thwart al-Qaeda’s planned nuclear attacks, as they escalate toward a final massacre in the United States? In Keys to the Kingdom, Sen. Graham delivers a page-turner that sounds a warning and is thoroughly entertaining.

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My Lawn Man wants to top my Live Oak Tree for the STORM SEASON. Should I have him do this? THE ARBORIST


No. Don’t top your live oak or any other hardwood tree such as a black olive or mahogany. A tree sometimes needs to be pruned to avoid interference with utility lines, buildings, or parts of the surrounding environment. Whenever pruning is required, it is important to avoid the practice of topping -- the removal of all parts of a tree above a certain height with no consideration for its structure or health. Long thought to reduce a hazard, topping is a temporary and ineffective solution that actually makes a tree more hazardous in the long run. • Topping "starves" trees by robbing them of their food-creating leaves. • Topped trees, in an act of defense, create shoots that grow quickly (up to 20 feet in one year) and are more prone to breaking. • Topping also makes trees more susceptible to insects and disease. • Topping creates "high maintenance

trees" that are expensive to treat, repair, and care for. Hurricane tree-trimming basics for hardwood trees • Reduction pruning is an effective alternative to topping. It reduces the size of longer branches by cutting back to a lateral branch. Some branches are removed at their point of origin. • Avoid excessive thinning of interior branches. It can lead to rapid growth of upright interior shoots and limb breakage. • The best way to learn to manage tree growth and maintain tree health is to consult a Certified Arborist. These tree care professionals know how to safely prune trees, and they can couch you as a homeowner how to best maintain and care for them throughout the year. Ron von Paulus is an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist (ID # Fl5770A) and has more than 20 years experience working with trees in South Florida. He offers free consultations to homeowners and businesses. He can be reached at Big Ron’s Tree Service 305-588-3091 or by email at <>

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

Alhambra Restaurant’s dishes bursting with exotic flavors BY NANCY EAGLETON

Alhambra Restaurant, which opened in April in London Square Shopping Center, offers healthy Mediterranean cuisine — a fusion of Spanish, Greek and Lebanese specialties that are bursting with exotic Mediterranean flavors. Foodies on such sites as gave Alhambra a five-star rating, raved about the food and service, and said that the healthy Mediterranean theme is a welcome addition to the Kendall neighborhood. Owner Tony Awais was influenced by his Cuban mother and Lebanese father who owned two restaurants in Coral Gables — Middle East Restaurant and Beirut Restaurant — from the 1960s to the 1980s. He also spent his childhood in Spain and is inspired by the country’s culture and cuisine. “The restaurant name, Alhambra, is named after the Alhambra Castle in Granada, Andalusia, Spain, which was home to the Arab kings when they ruled Spain,” Awais said. The décor of Alhambra, the restaurant, was designed by Awais’ wife, Rosemarie, and features warm woods, terra cotta tile floors, wrought iron chandeliers and photos of the grand Alhambra Castle throughout. The restaurant is spacious — perfect to host a business meeting, event or party. Two chefs, one who was recruited from the W Hotel on South Beach and specializes in the Spanish and Greek cuisine, and one who specializes in Lebanese dishes, create the delectable dishes, all made from

The spacious and luxurious interior of Alhambra Restaurant is inspired by the Alhambra Castle in Spain. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

scratch with fresh ingredients. “My mission is to offer quality, healthy food at reasonable prices,” Awais said. “Nothing is pre-made or packaged. We use spices instead of salt to flavor the food and we cook with extra virgin olive oil.” To share their healthy cuisine with the community, Alhambra Restaurant provided food samples during the West Kendall Business Association’s (WKBA) Health and Wellness Expo, conducted recently at Miami Dade College. Alhambra also served good times and good food

while hosting more than 100 people during a recent WKBA networking event. Symbols on the extensive Alhambra menu alert you to the restaurant’s specialties and vegetarian dishes, and a Weekly Specials menu features special chef creations. One popular entrée is the Filete Sevilla, a chargrilled New York strip steak topped with onion, parsley and garlic lemon sauce. The menu features 16 sandwiches priced from $7 to $9, including the Kibbie Burger, a minced beef and cracked wheat patty grilled to perfection with onions and spices served on a freshly baked bun. “Kibbie is a traditional Lebanese favorite, but my father reinvented the dish as a burger. We are the only restaurant that offers it this way,” Awais said. Salad choices, 14 in all, come in a small and large size to have as a side or meal. Start your meal with one of the delicious appetizers or soups and end it with a divine dessert, such as homemade flan or baklava. Complement your meal with beer, wine, sangria or a cocktail such as a mojito, margarita or piña colada. Happy hour is Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m., and features two-for-one drinks. Alhambra Restaurant is located at 13550 SW 120 St. in London Square. The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m., and opens Sunday for brunch at 10 a.m. Call 305-234-8000 to place a take-out or catering order. For more information, to view a menu and to print a valuable coupon, visit <>.

Fine Wine & Italian Cuisine EARLY DINNER SPECIAL AVAILABLE UNTIL 6:30 PM Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine with your meal Since opening in 2005, Caffe Portofino has been a superb addition to the South Florida scene. Our cuisine reflects the diversity of South Florida by introducing an International fusion with an Italian zest and a touch of Caribbean flavors. Here you will taste and experience South Florida’s eclectic style. Our haute cuisine is sure to please any palate and our friendly service will provide the ultimate dining experience. We are sure you will enjoy your visit to Caffe Portofino.

“wine dinner nights” GRADUATION PARTIES WELCOME Come Celebrate in Style! Make your reservations now! Located in the heart of Palmetto Bay‐Pinecrest

TAKEOUT AVAILABLE See our menu online

Enjoy a dining experience that will keep you coming back for more

Caffe Portofino has put Miami on the culinary map.

Every other month Ask for the date of our next event

Ask your server for our DAILY DINNER SPECIALS

“THE BEST RISOTTO IN MIAMI” 13615 5 Dixiee Highway,, Suitee 117 7 • 305.252.2869

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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May 31 - June 6, 2011





LUXURIOUS RENTAL............PONCE/DAVIS AREA Gated Estate w/ 5 Bdrms + office, 5.5 baths, lovely pool/patio, impact windows, chef’s kitchen, exquisite finishes! Leased at $10,000/mo.




9471 SW 97 Street….................................Baptist Area Street to street acre with tennis court nestled in cul-desac. Five bdrms + office & bonus rms, 3.5 baths, 2c gar, new metal roof, fireplace, gourmet granite kit, heated pool & screened patio, over 4,600sq ft. Quality Construction! REDUCED - $897,000 M1418195.



THE GRANDE CONDO, 9021 SW 94 Street.... near Baptist Unit 702, 2/2 over 1,145 sf, granite, split bedroom, tile floors, low maintenance....................................$249,000.


7272 SW 53 Ave.......................High Pines Charmer 3 Bedrooms plus office/studio 2 Bathrooms.. over 2300 square feet.. Updated Wood Floors.. Huge Family room,Gourmet Kitchen.., Beautiful pool in lushly landscaped backyard. REDUCED $669,000 D1414532

240 Majorca Ave..................................... Coral Gables “Picture Perfect” 2/2 TH w/two parking spaces, Corner unit. Totally remodeled…..feels like a home! REDUCED $300,000 M1378565

Free-Standing Coral Gables office building with US-1 frontage! 2Story, 10 parking spaces, over 2,700sf, new roof. Bottom two units rented. Top floor 1,350sf-4offices, conference room, reception area. Building Offered at $799,000 or lease top floor at $2,300/mo

Executive Pinecrest RENTAL…................................. 11149 SW 78 Ave…..Avail in July! 4bdrm +off/maids, 3bths, 2car gar, pool/patio,high ceilings, quality finishes, quiet street, over 4,300sf…....................….Offered at $6,200/mo.



Represented BUYER, Listed by: Ann Allerhand Liebowitz, EWM 5900 SW 117 Street, Coral Gables Acre Estate w/6 bdrms, 8.5 baths, over 6,700SF in highly coveted “Pine Bay Estates”………..$1,250,000

16780 SW 78 Ave….................................Palmetto Bay Short Sale! 5 Bdrms, 3 Baths, 2car gar w/pool, over 3,400sf in prime school district! Soaring ceilings, granite kit, recently painted. Offered at $599,000 D1304052

10540 SW 60 Street .................... Miller Drive Estates Get a free house when you purchase this 1.25 Acre property! Build your dream home or land bank this lot and lease out the current 2bdrm. 1bath house blt in 1953. M1492210 Offered at $325,000

550 S. Dixie Highway • Coral Gables, FL 33146

Represented BUYER, Listed by: JoAnn Forster, EWM 11100 Snapper Creek Road, Coral Gables Waterfront home w/5Bdrms, 4.5Baths, over 5,700SF on 1.2Acres in Gated Snapper Creek Lakes…. $2,350,000

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Put a little magic in youngsters’ summer vacation at MagiCamp

Page 43

Old Fashioned Craftsmen

Our Services Include: Refinishing, Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Touch-Ups Old World Finishes Gold & Silver Leafing Faux Finishes Custom Woodwork Fine Cabinetry Milwork, Manufacturing

The Finishing Center

305-266-9188 Tony And Bill Carrazana serving New York and South Florida for over 56 years.

There’s a new trick every day at MagiCamps.

8747 S.W. 134 Street Miami, FL 33176

Doing Business The Old Fashioned Way ALL WORK IS DONE BY HAND We specialize in doing the finest work at the most reasonable prices. Estimates and samples of finishes available upon request. Fine Residential and Commercial Furniture Custom Woodwork & Fine Cabinetry


Children will learn the art of magic at Miami’s own original, award-winning school of wizardy, MagiCamp, designed to spark a sense of wonder and awe in all who participate in this unique and innovative program. MagiCamp will make its 22nd summer appearance on June 13. While parents are at work, their children will be learning their newest magic tricks. Once they master the magic, they can create a little hocus pocus for themselves. The best part is that they get to take home their very own magic trick every day, sharing the magic of the summer and amaze their family and friends. MagiCamp, a division of FunCamps, has been a frontrunner in the children’s entertainment industry for more than 22 years with over 20,000 children having attended. The overall success of the program has been its innovative and fun approach to teaching the magical arts as well as selecting one-of-a-kind locations to host the pro-

gram. MagiCamp has locations at the University of Miami, Jungle Island and Pinecrest Gardens. David Gindy, the creator and CMO (Chief Magical Officer) of MagiCamp, with training in the fine art of illusion, started as a magic prodigy at the age of 7. From the first time that Gindy performed in front of a live audience he realized that mystifying people was his passion. He wanted to recreate this feeling of exhilaration for children all over the world. “Magic has been a source of fascination for centuries,” Gindy said. “Ever since the first magician uttered the word abracadabra, children have asked, ‘How did they do that?’ My programs have been designed to unlock the secrets and along their magical journey help to build children’s character, confidence, and selfesteem.” Space is limited. To register or for more information contact FunCamps at 305-6662992 or visit online at <>.

Read us online:

“Maintaining and restoring the look and artistic value of your fine furniture”

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Hector Wiltz Jr., M.D.




7400 N. KENDALL DR. | STE 411 MIAMI, FL 33156 T: 305.670.0178

151 NW 11 ST. | STE W201 HOMESTEAD, FL 33030 T: 305.245.1332

20% BUY $150 25% OFF FREE F P OFF BUY

These treatments have become quite popular. Please see the photos below for a sample of one of my patients. As with any cosmetic procedure, we recommend seeing a Board Certified Physician practicing within the scope of his or her training. Thank you for your interest and your questions. Good luck!



May 31 - June 6, 2011












Dr. Sharma is a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. His Coral Gables office is on Biltmore Way. ____________________________ Dear Dr. Sharma, I’m in my 40’s and I’m not happy about the “smile lines” I’ve noticed around my mouth lately. The more I look at them, the more I feel I have fewer reasons to smile. I have done some research and found that there are options available like “fillers.” But there are so many to choose from and I’ve even heard they don’t last very long. How long do they last? Are there any permanent options available for me? I want to know because over time these prices seem like they can really add up.

Sincerely yours,

Vijay M. Sharma, MD, MPH Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgery


Sincerely, Linda (with Lines) Dear Linda,

20% OFF

PRE-MADE, 18 SLICE, HALF-BAKED PIZZA SPECIAL Peperoni or cheese only • Limit 1 per coupon Cannot combine coupons with this coupon


Not valid with other offers.

Offer expires 5/31/2011

$1 OFF

$2 OFF

Cannot combine coupons with this coupon

Cannot combine coupons with this coupon


Not valid with other offers.

Offer expires 5/31/2011


Not valid with other offers.

Offer expires 5/31/2011

Great questions! I see lots of patients in my office for these concerns. As you know, the “smiles lines” are often known as the nasolabial folds. They run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. In my practice, I frequently treat these lines with injectable fillers. Depending on the medicine used, the improvement in these lines can last from 3 months to over one year. In my office, I do offer permanent options for the nasolabial folds.


Dr. Sharma focuses exclusively on cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery. His office is located on 475 Biltmore Way, Suite 308. Coral Gables , FL 33134 305.456.5727

May 31 - June 6, 2011


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2011 Chevy Volt has automotive technology of the future Ron Beasley LET’S TALK CARS I finally got my chance to spend some extended time behind the wheel of the Volt, Chevrolet’s new plug-in electric car, and I must say it was well worth the wait. It’s smooth and powerful, and for the most part it drives and handles much the same as a gasoline-powered car. Certainly, it’s a lot quieter. In fact, the fivedoor, four-passenger Volt hardly makes any noise at all when idling or accelerating. Press the pedal and it accelerates quietly and instantaneously, and it’s surprisingly fast. It has an onboard twocycle gasoline engine that powers a generator and re-charges the battery as you drive. So, although the battery range on a full charge is only about 40 miles, the generator kicks in seamlessly when the battery gets low and recharges it, giving you a range of about 379 miles on a fully charged battery and a full tank of gas. And, if you fill up the gas tank, you can run for another 379 miles. Keep

refilling the gas tank and you could drive across country in a Volt. Chevy says the Volt running strictly on gasoline gets 37 mpg, while an all-electric operation delivers the equivalent of 93 mpg. There’s an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on the 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It’s T-shaped, about 5.5-feet long, weighs 435 pounds and fits neatly under the rear seat and center shaft. Theoretically, after eight years you could swap out the battery and continue driving your Volt. But continuing improvements in technology probably dictate that you trade in your old Volt on a new one when the battery finally dies. Since 2007, GM engineers have completed more than a million miles and four million hours of testing of Volt battery packs, as well as each pack’s nine modules and 288 cells. GM says the development, validation and test teams have met thousands of specifications and validated each of the Volt battery’s 161 components, 95 percent of which GM designed and engineered. GM engineers have made extensive use of high-strength steel and a full suite of the latest vehicle safety technologies to give the driver and passengers adequate protection in the event of a crash. They also have developed such new technologies as configurable

New Chevy Volt is an aerodynamically styled five-door, four passenger electric car.

displays, OnStar Mylink Mobile App for Chevrolet and the <> website to enhance the experience of owning the electric car. GM says that every major element of the Volt was designed and analyzed for efficiency, including the aerodynamic exterior, lightweight wheels, specially designed tires and the energy-saving premium stereo system. The Volt is offered in one very well-equipped standard trim level, along with two option

packages — a Premium Trim Package and a Rear Camera and Park Assist Package. Total price on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is $41,000, including a $720 destination charge. A $7,500 federal tax credit is available. Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <>.

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

May 31 - June 6, 2011


Page 47

CATERING • TAKEOUT • DELIVERY For more information and reservations call

305-279-6906 or online at

Make Reservations NOW for an unforgettable

DINING EXPERIENCE Discover the perfect combination of our sophisticated and elegant THAI & SUSHI Menu

Why cook-out! Do take-out! Go online to Receive a % discountt on n ALLL online e orders 10%

Now offering delivery service to your home and business

Catering Thai and Sushi

9999 S.W. 72nd Street Miami, FL 33173

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

May 31 - June 6, 2011







5,,+( *36>5&

Subject Areas Taught: SAT Prep (math), ACT Prep (math), GRE Prep (math), Algebra I & II, Geometry, Calculus, SERVICES Statistics, Physics, College Physics, Chemistry, Organizational Skill, Memory, Technical Writing 3/$67(55(3$,5 ,QWHULRU&HLOLQJV :DOOV 0531RB


MS in Bus. Adm. Or B.A in Bus+5 yrs exp Req. Requires Knowledge of Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Business Mgmt. Develop pricing, Strategies, Product Development. Exp with Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l legal environment. " "

Bilingual preferred


#" SCH


For auto parts & equipment Work at home PT/FT





" $!"




305.969.7112 Lic#228855


.L[[OLILZ[ LU[LY[HPUTLU[MVY `V\YRPKZWHY[PLZ Â&#x2039;.HTLZ Â&#x2039;+HUJL Â&#x2039;-HJL7HPU[PUN Â&#x2039;)HSSVVUZ Â&#x2039;:WLJPHS*OHYHJ[LYZ >,*64,;6 @6<97(9;@




tant req. Prepare or direct preparation of financial statements, buss. Activity reports or Annual budgets. Only Mail Res: Merk Funds, LLC 1820 N. Corporate Lakes Blvd. Weston, FL 33327





Lead Interactive Designer & Creative Strategist, Miami, Florida

Is now accepting all applications for Management, FOH and BOH positions. Please apply in person to be considered for employment with us. We strive to have fun and excitement while always taking care of our guests first.

Work w/design team to initiate creative projects & establish creative direction. Requires Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in Design, Design Mgmt, or related & 3 yrs exp. designing interactive experiences across a wide range of platforms. (or Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s + 5). Knowledge of User Interface design & implementation. Ability w/Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Dreamweaver, & Flash. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash Actionscript v 2&3, Javascript, & w/graphic & animation software & video editing software.

Palms Town and Country Mall Directly Across from Blue Martini

Reference Job ID # 071683 and send resume & digital portfolio of pertinent design work to: Claudia Echavarria, Burn World-Wide, Inc. (d/b/a BGT Partners),


Planning & organizing medical services & programs. Governing nurses & other medical personnel.






turn off the stove again. How can I be sure that Mom is eating regularly? Even at night I am worried about Mom and Dad. Leaving Mom alone all day is so hard for me to do. Peace of mind is a phone call away.

(;;,5+(5; BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR /6<:,2,,705. 5 yrs exp. & Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Accoun-


C O L O R P R E S S C O R P. M i a m i F L BS in Administration + 5 ys exp. in printing business. Design & manage Strategic planning; determine the viability to add new lines of merchandise; manage budget, cost and productivity in graphic design & printing; marketing research for new clients that require assistance in printing products of all types; proficient in design and printing software; Appleworks, Dreamweaver & Fireworks, Flash Presentation, web sites development HTML, SWF, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, Plotter HP 5500 UV ink, Hot/Cold 72 Laminator, Gerber Edge Plotter Print & Cut, Heidelberg DI Digital Press 42, Xante Digital Press. Email Resume: color presscor



I had to remind Mom to




15 Years Experience Shane Smoleny 786-367-6713



or find us in our new website:



You can contact us at






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May 31 - June 6, 2011



Selective Cut, Inc.


Page 50

Complete Tree, Landscaping, Lawn Service & Construction Service Company

One call does it all! Tree Trimming • Full Lawn Maintenance E THE TIM NOW’S P E R P E AN HURRIC

Landscaping & Design • Concrete • Pavers Sprinkler Repair • Custom Water Features Backhoe & Bobcat Services • Concrete Finishing Custom Concrete Driveways


786.380.0801 0628MM

Certified Arborist on Staff • General Contractor on Staff • Licensed & Insured





May 30 - June 6, 2011

Page 51






• Pay off current mortgage, eliminating monthly payments • Pay off credit card debt • Establish grandchild education fund • Repair the home: New roof? Paint? • Establish an emergency "cash" fund • Pay medical bills • Take a vacation




'! $




& &"


) & "'& !"&





& %'
















Page 52

May 31 - June 6, 2011






4 2 % % s , ! . $ 3 #! 0 ) . '

1Ê/, Ê- ,6



h7E$O42%% 22)&)# 7ORKv ˆVi˜Ãi`ÊEʘÃÕÀi`ÊUÊ,iÈ`i˜Ìˆ>ÊEÊ œ““iÀVˆ>Ê-«iVˆ>ˆÃÌ









, Ê -// -

*Àœ“«ÌÊEÊ œÕÀÌiœÕÃÊ-ˆ˜ViÊ£™nÓ 0911DS

i“LiÀÃʜvÊ̅iʘÌiÀ˜>̈œ˜> -œVˆiÌÞʜvÊÀLœÀˆVՏÌÕÀi

May 31 - June 6, 2011

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Impact resistant Windows and Doors High Performance Accordion Shutters Hurricane Panels Call 305-803-7602 for a free estimate

Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties Approved



Licensed and Insured Florida State License SCC 131150340









$ 23


$ 27


All prices are for LABOR ONLY Fabrics / Materials Extra



By Appointment ONLY 14361 S.W. 120 St. Miami, FL 33186

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May 31 - June 6, 2011




BUSINESS OWNERS • Bankruptcy •

Loan Modification • Defense • Real Estate Closings • • Debt Relief Agency •


• Foreclosure



Se Habla Español

For a FREE, no obligation rate analysis



305-285-0340 633 N. Krome Avenue • Homestead, FL 33030

(305) 668-4355





your latest Credit Card statement to:







Paul Merker has helped hundreds of individuals, families and teens


May 31 - June 6, 2011

Page 55







State of the art diagnostics for troubling and dangerous problems A good nights sleep can: • Decrease your risk of Heart Disease and Stroke • Help control your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar • Increase your • Energy • Libido • Memory • Mood

Robert J. Mezey MD & James P. Krainson MD Diplomate American Board of Sleep Medicine


12600 SW 120 St. Suite 117, Miami, FL • 305.255.0777







Interested in becoming a Sleep Technologist? Call the South Florida School of Sleep Medicine at 305.255.0389

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May 31 - June 6, 2011

South Miami News 5.31.2011  
South Miami News 5.31.2011  

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