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MAY 1 - 14, 2012

New Farmer’s Market at Sunset Place Around Town upsets Saturday market organizers Recall Who? BY RAQUEL GARCIA


Executive Editor


lthough the city sponsored South Miami Farmer’s Market has been offering locally grown organic produce directly from farmers for nearly two years now, Commissioner Valerie Newman recently sent an email welcoming what appears to be a direct competitor to the area. The Marketing Company Marketplace at Shops of Sunset Place opened on a recent Saturday offering “fresh local produce, prepared foods, orchids, plants and other fine crafts” according to the flyer sent as an attachment in Newman’s email. Commissioner Newman said during a phone interview that she had nothing to do with bringing the new market to Sunset Place. “This is a private enterprise. I will say I welcome the market. They will have

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The Farmer’s Market at City Hall on a sunny Spring afternoon.

Murray Pool Plan trickles along after special meeting BY RAQUEL GARCIA


Pool schematics submitted by various builders over the years

he city commission recently held a special meeting on the Murray Pool proposal and passed a resolution 4 to 1 (with Commission Valerie Newman dissenting) providing direction to Di Pompeo Construction Corporation on design concepts and operational cost efficiencies. Although it appeared the progress of the meeting could be derailed by the incessant front row chatter of anti-pool activists and Newman’s objections to issues not related to the agenda, the

body managed to stay focused during the two hour meeting to crystallize the essentials desired to make the Murray Pool project move ahead. President of Di Pompeo Construction, John Di Pompeo, showed up 45 minutes late prompting Vice Mayor Josh Liebman to question whether or not they could handle project deadlines if they were unable to make discussion meetings on time. Project architect Robert E. Chisholm offered commissioners apologies for the tardiness and presented non-cost specific generalities –––––––––––––––––––––– See

POOL, page 6

When the rumors started flying regarding alleged recall efforts to remove a certain city commissioner from office, I surmised the public servant in question would obviously be our very own court jester, I mean comedian, I mean commissioner, Bob Welsh. The Florida Ethics Commission recently picked up the complaint regarding potential misconduct filed by city manager Hector Mirabile (see suggesting Bobblehead Bob is interfering with the city manager’s job by having unsanctioned conversations with potential pool operators while Mirabile is negotiating on the Murray Pool project. Welsh has also been accused of breaking the Florida in the Sunshine Law and breaching the “cone of silence” for discussing confidential contractor negotiations in public forums. But, alas, it seems Bicycle Bob is peddling in circles like a gerbil in a cage to try and deflect the attention from his latest misadventures. According to long time resident

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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


The Law firm of Alexander P. Almazan P.A. Provides specialized workers compensation defense, real estate title and closing services with a focus on personal attention, communication and our client’s bottom line. With experienced and knowledgeable people we are able to provide excellent legal and title services you and your company deserve. We serve all Florida counties making our firm, your only destination.

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FARMER’S MARKET, from page 1


AROUND TOWN, from page 1 ventures. According to long time resident David Walker, Bobnoxious approached him to speak about the possibility of removing Commissioner Valerie Newman from office. Welsh had no comment when asked by South Miami News about his alleged recall efforts. But Commissioner Valerie Newman did. Calling his actions laughable, Newman said she took no stock whatsoever in what Welsh may or may not be attempting to do and that the true recall efforts should be aimed at retiring Bob and his bike. NO HOLE IN THE WALL

Mario Yanez of Earth Learning not for profit organization supervising operations at the original city hall farmer’s market ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

vendors from all over the county. I voted for the (original) farmer’s market to get started in the first place but it was a mistake. Claire Tomlin runs a total business enterprise.” Tomlin’s The Market Company is a private business based in Miami Beach with as many as 15 locations in the greater Miami area during high season. She also produces the farmer’s market in Pinecrest and was one of the potential operators reviewed during the request for proposal (rfp) process by the city in 2010 when Mario Yanez’s Earth Learning not for profit organization was chosen as operator. “The Marketing Company withdrew from the rfp process because they said they could not do the things that we are doing,” said Yanez. “Theirs is not a farmer’s market, it is a flea market and there are no farmers involved and no sense of the values that have to do with local food. It is just a business that will have vendors and there is no criteria like for the quality we offer.” Vice Mayor Josh Liebman said he brought up the idea to move the existing market to the Sunset Place location at a farmer’s market committee meeting. When the group expressed disinterest, Sunset Place invited The Marketing Company over. “It is in the nature of free market enterprise. Claire is the best market operator, she has a number of markets in the area and she is going to capture people that are already downtown.” Liebman also added that the committee has had two years to get it right and perhaps new leadership is necessary. However according to the city appointed Farmers Market Committee Chair, Annick Sternberg, Newman and Liebman’s support for the new privately operated farmer’s market was a bad decision. “They

are doing a disservice to the city. This is a private corporation on private land in a private mall playing monopoly and profitizing the commons. They did not go through the city appointed Farmer’s Market Committee. We were not consulted and the overall perspective (from the board) is that this was forced upon us,” said Sternberg. Sternberg agrees there are operational concerns about Earth Learning’s management of the two year old farmer’s market on “community land” (open Saturdays from 9am to 2pm) in the parking lot of city hall. “Different ways of improving the market are being explored,” said Sternberg. Both Commissioners Newman and Liebman are under the impression that the original Farmer’s Market will be closing permanently soon. According to Yanez they may close for summer May 12 but intend to start back again October 4. “Last summer it was rough economically to run so we may close this summer. Unless the city changes its plans, we will be back in October for sure. The reason we are here is to create community around access to locally sustainable food, to show it can be done,” said Yanez. Tomlin could not say the percentage of locally grown produce that will be available at the Sunset Place market. She did state that harvest from North Florida and South Georgia will be added to the mix but that local farmers are involved as well. “It is unrealistic to limit people to locally grown produce. If you don’t have lemons that are locally grown then you can’t make lemonade.” Regarding the potential overlap and competition with the current farmers market, Tomlin said “We have been welcomed by several council people but evidently there is a conflict in the community.”

May 1 - 14, 2012

Hole in the Wall co-owner Craig Erickson addresses the commission –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Another possible new South Miami business gets 86’ed. Co-owner of the popular Hole in the Wall in Palmetto Bay (and former University of Miami and NFL quarterback) Craig Erickson, legally met all of the requirements for his possible new location in the PetCo Shopping Center on SW 62 Ave and US1. The Planning Board recommended the special use request be granted for a general restaurant. However the extremely well organized NIMBY’s (not in my backyard) team scored the big win at the recent public hearing. Citing motorcycles, buses, drunkards, and just about every sociopathic behavior known to man might ensue if the restaurant moved forward (which averages approximately 75% food consumption according to Erickson) the city commission appeared to have no alternative but to heed the very vocal residents who did not want their “quality of life” disrupted. Vice Mayor Josh Liebman was the sole dissenting vote. Hole in the Wall co-owner Sam Diedrick told South Miami News they are weighing their appellate options since legally they met all the requirements. Our loss appears to be Cutler Bay’s win because Hole in the Wall was warmly welcomed as a new business in the community down south just one week after getting the classic CAVEman (citizens against virtually everything) SoMi rejection. MADISON SQUARE MIRRORS MURRAY POOL After sitting in on a recent Madison Square Project presentation I am pleased to report the development seems to be moving forward nicely. But the residents obviously and understandably want more and they should get more. Though the project has been discussed, re-discussed, digested,

Sharon McCain in costume at the last city commission meeting ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– regurgitated, and again deliberated nearly as much as the 50 plus year journey to make the Murray Pool finally happen, it is not surfacing as the big area life raft that it can be. Come on folks, let’s make Madison Square a signature piece development the city can be proud of, an exciting endeavor that can raise the spirits of not only the African American residents in the immediate community but all of South Miami. This project is the perfect chance for the city to keep that elusive spark of hope alive and well for the possibilities of a brighter future and improved quality of life (and tax base too).

GO SOUTH MIAMI HEAT While Lebron James was resting his starter self before the Eastern Conference playoffs began, word around town is that he has been busy with plans to open a restaurant right here in our very own City of Pleasant Living. Hoping to slam dunk a location right on SW 73 Street, we wish James a better score at city hall than Erickson from Hole in the Wall received. CONGRATULATIONS STATE ATTORNEY Katherine Fernandez Rundle was recently honored for her support of public school education by the Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School Parent Teacher Student Association at the Newport Beachside Resort in Sunny Isles. State Attorney Fernandez Rundle said she has “always recognized the importance of investing in education and providing educational support to the children and youth of Miami-Dade County.” Apparently lots of other notable community leaders have noticed her dedication as well. Congratulations State Attorney! What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— Like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags Like a heavy load. Or does it explode? Langston Hughes

Got any tips? Contact me at 305-6697355, ext. 249, or send emails to <>.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Two South Miami Landmark Businesses Celebrate Anniversaries Gloria Burns GLORIA’S GAB In April Fox’s celebrated its 65th anniversary with a festive party on their outside terrace featuring live music by Van Gogh Listens and lots of great food ,drink and games like Pin the Tail on the Fox. Chamber South was there in force enjoying the evening and celebrating Fox’s milestone event. As the second oldest restaurant in Miami Dade County, Fox’s atmosphere and great food have made it a survivor like few others. Among the many faces enjoying the event were John Edward Smith, Mary Scott Russell, Martin Mendiola, Allison Bhagmandat, Kent Crook, Rudy Munniz, Phil Lyons, Diane Schiller, and Raquel Garcia, to mention a few. Also celebrating a big anniversary year is First National Bank of South Miami,


South Miami

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CONTRIBUTING EDITORS David Berkowitz, Richard Yager

WRITERS Ron Beasley, Linda Bernfeld-Rodriguez, Kenneth Bluh, Nancy Eagleton, Robert Hamilton, Gary Alan Ruse, Richard Yager, Lee Stephens, Raquel Garcia


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GRAPHIC ARTISTS Isabel Ortega, Denise Cebrero, Cristian Ortiz


now 60 years old. To commemorate this milestone year, the Bank has invited the community to join them for a free Family Fair and Block Party outside the offices on Sat., April 28th. Look for more on this event in next issue. On the non-profit/ service club scene, Gulliver’s Interact Club tackled another successful fundraising event. For the last several years, Gulliver Prep’s Interact Club (sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coral Gables) has been producing a most entertaining Fashion Show that is the school’s largest student-run fundraising event of the year. This year’s affair raised several thousand dollars which the Club split between three charities: Chapman Partnership, Easter Seals and a new charity this year, Give Kids the World (GKTW). GKTW is a favorite charity of the Westin Colonnade that raises funds every year to help support this organization responsible for providing children with life threatening illnesses a week-long vacation in the Orlando area with their entire families at no cost. On behalf of GKTW, the Westin’s General Manager Mike Wurster accepted a $2,000 check from the Gulliver Interact Club. Gulliver’s Interact Club President, Dillon Patel, and President Elect Nicole Tuftss , who chaired the Fashion Show, were invited to a lunch in the 1862 Restaurant along with fellow members Ravi Patel, Michael Pelle, and Nicole Rubin as a small thank you to the group for its support of GKTW. Executive Chef Thomas Russo even prepared a special dessert for the occasion. As for Give Kids the World, the Westin will hold an ice cream breakfast this July to send additional support. Look for more on that in the future. It is always a kid favorite. Finally, Boys & Girls Clubs of MiamiDade’s first annual “Claws for Kids” fundraising brunch is scheduled for Sun., May 6, 11:30 a.m. at Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach. Enjoy delicious large stone crabs and other signature Joe’s cuisine without the wait while supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade’s new 11,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art South Beach location.

Westin’s Executive Chef Thomas Russo (l-r), Westin’s Amy Randall, Ravi Patel, Dillon Patel, Michael Pelle, Nicole Tufts, Westin Gen. Mgr. Mike Wurster, Nicole Rubin and Rotarian Gloria Burns pose here with check from Gulliver Interact for Give Kids the World.

Ron Miller

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Mary Scott Russell at Fox’s Sherron Inn Anniversary party with Chamber South’s Ambassador Chair, Allison Bhagwandat .

Diane Schiller, of Community Newspapers, with John Edward Smith, of SOMI Magazine, at Fox’s Anniversary bash.

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POOL, from page 1



while those in attendance awaited Di Pompeo’s traffic delayed arrival. Deadlines were germane to the discussion as the city is awaiting a response on a requested extension for the $220,050 pool grant that expired March 31, 2012. The primary Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding of $1,207,374 is set to expire December 31, 2012 and like last year, the commission anticipates requesting another extension. City Manager Hector Mirabile appeared optimistic about the grant renewals as long as substantial completion can be shown by the December 31st deadline. “I am in contact with HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) and they are receptive,” said Mirabile. “They don’t want to commit yet because they want to see movement.” Mirabile’s office has already sent a formal letter requesting an extension on the March 31 deadline and are waiting to hear back. Concessions, canopies, tot lot amenities, roofing, bathrooms, solar heating and a myriad of other related issues were discussed and ultimately the decision was made to eliminate the wading pool for toddlers, and keep the splash play area to 2000

Neighborhood children from the Gibson Bethel Community Center After School Program enjoy a supervised lunch on the future Murray Park pool site.

feet of the total 5000 feet maximum space available for the main lap pool and entire project. Additional parking was suggested but according to the city manager is not a grant stipulation. Questions arose regarding a possible

reduction of the presented $1,369,499 bottom line from Di Pompeo since the wading pool was eliminated. “Let me manage,” said Mirabile. “Believe me, I am a penny pincher, give me the budget and I will make it work.”

May 1 - 14, 2012

Project architect Chisholm concurred with Mirabile’s remarks regarding workable deadlines. “I have been in this business a long time and worked for HUD directly for many years. I used to give out grants such as these. As long as they see that you are organized and moving along, everything will be fine.” Newman’s concerns seemed substantial enough for Mirabile to encourage the commission to keep them in mind. She suggested the inspector general could potentially audit monies spent sometime in the future if allocation of dollars was not rigorously monitored within the constraints of the grant. Di Pompeo alluded to a level of frustration from his team. “I bid on this project four times. I have been here many times and my people cost money. I don’t want to price it if you don’t have the grant. I need to redesign and do a full blown schematic. I have no problem doing what you want me to do but put yourself in my shoes.” To which Vice Mayor Liebman responded, “Welcome to South Miami.” The revised plans are expected to arrive on the city manager’s desk before the next meeting. Mirabile anticipated another special meeting will be called afterward to continue to move the Murray Pool forward. For more information on the (Murray) Pool Project, call the City Manager’s office at 305-668-2510.

May 1 - 14, 2012



SIGHTINGS University of Miami Film School students on location

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Cultures Come Alive to celebrate diversity at South Miami Hospital

LEFT: Team work on the Steadicam

BELOW: Sound mixer Eric Valdes gets the smart slate ready to synch video and audio time codes South Miami Hospital employees gather each year to celebrate the hospital’s cultural diversity. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


More than 600 South Miami Hospital employees united to celebrate their cultural diversity at the hospital’s recent Cultures Come Alive Culture Fair. Celebrated in the auditorium of the Victor E. Clarke Education Center located on the hospital’s campus, the annual event raises awareness of the more than 60 nations and cultures represented by hospital employees. From Colombia to China, Germany to Guatemala, Pakistan to Poland and Spain to Sweden — nearly 40 countries were represented by participants who modeled traditional cultural dress, displayed art and handmade items, played music and shared food. South Miami Hospital’s chief nursing officer, Kathy Sparger, RN, collaborated with nurse manager Angela Montaque, RN, chair of the hospital’s Culture and Diversity Council, to organize the culture fair as part of a larger initiative focusing on cultural competency. “Cultural competency is essential in creating positive working relationships with peers, patients, and physicians,” Sparger said. “Cultures Come Alive is a powerful way to enhance these relationships by increasing cultural knowledge

Gaffer Jay Shropshim sets up the Kiegle lights

Assistant Cameraman Neil McCoun

Pictured are (l to r) Best Boy Grip Enrique Ojeda, Director Tim Warren and Shropshim setting the shot

and embracing cultural diversity in the workplace.” Dressed in Scottish attire, John Shaw, community representative, opened the celebration with the traditional sounds of bagpipes. During the parade of flags, cultural ambassadors dressed in clothing native to their homeland carried flags from around the world. Rebecca Vega, unit clerk in the Cardiovascular Care Unit, united attendees when she sang the national anthem. The tropical dance routine performed by the Aloha Islanders Entertainers was one of the highlights of this year’s celebration. South Miami Hospital has been recognized by many in the healthcare community for its cultural diversity and enrichment programs that help employees learn about the different cultures of the patients for which they care. Baptist Health South Florida, the hospital’s parent company, acknowledges cultural diversity as an important organizational goal and has a corporate executive leading initiatives to ensure diversity and a culture of inclusion. Baptist Health topped the list of employers with the most diversified staffs in terms of minorities, according to Fortune magazine’s annual ranking of U.S. corporations.

Community Newspapers

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Corpo Yoga celebrates two year anniversary with a full house BY RAQUEL GARCIA

Cybele Chamas was busy traveling 75 percent of her time. Originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, she had put her finance degree from the University of Miami and MBA from FIU to work and become a successful corporate executive. Then she got pregnant and everything changed. Chamas decided to slow down and mindfully turn onto a new path. She transformed her life-long passion for yoga into a successful local business. Corpo (Latin for body) Yoga recently celebrated their two year anniversary with an open house event at the 9030 SW 72 Court location. It was a day full of live music, yoga classes, special wellness give a ways, food, and the donations from raffle tickets all went to benefit the not for profit association Family Research Center. “This is a dream come true. I spent many years in the corporate world working in telecommunications. When I got pregnant in 2007 I thought, what am I going to do next?” said Chamas. “I kept asking myself, what is it that I really love and have been consistent and passionate about my entire life, and it was yoga.” The downtown Dadeland location is a traditional yoga studio. “Yoga is originally from India and thousands of years old. It is

Students practice in the studio during the two year anniversary party ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

the most ancient practice of self-improvement still alive today. The postures or ‘asanas’ were intended as a way to stretch the

Proprietor of Corpo Yoga Cybele Chamas welcomes guests –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– body and improve flexibility to make medi- “It is as also a chance to escape the hustle tation easier,” said Chamas. and bustle to recharge.” All 15 instructors have their Yoga Teacher Chamas stresses that Corpo Yoga is a famTraining Certification and present each class with ily studio welcome to children. “Not only is a holistic point of view that includes sharing a it a great way to release toxins, tone, and spiritual message in a calm relaxing setting for relax, it is also good for people with injuries the entire mind-body experience. Although there and children. Kids are stressed out these are different styles, instructors all share the same days. For them it is a non-competitive environment that helps with self-esteem. They common ground according to Chamas. “We have three distinct styles that vary understand the meaning of breathing. although each shares a commonality. Sometimes during shavasana (deep relaxing Vinyasa is a moderately paced class where meditation) they will end up falling asleep the movements will vary. Anusra has an because they are so relaxed, it’s so adorable.” Although the anniversary celebration was emphasis on alignment. Ashtanga is a very physically challenging class that always has on a rainy Saturday it did not seem to keep the same primary sequence of movements.” anyone from being present. “I woke up at The spiritual component of the practice is 4am to get ready for the anniversary and saw to “open your heart and forgive yourself,” the weather and was concerned. Then I realsaid Chamas. The idea of being kind to your- ized that everyone who needed to be here self is a central focus of Chamas’ work. With will be here and so it is. It’s a beautiful day today’s intense multi-tasking and busy work and I am grateful.” To find out more about and family environments, Chamas sees the Corpo Yoga visit or advantages of yoga as beyond the physical. call 305-582-7772.

May 1 - 14, 2012


Victor Dover named Fellow of American Institute of Certified Planners


The American Institute of Certified Planners, the governing body of the city planning profession in the United States, has named South Miami resident Victor Dover a member of its College of Fellows. The Fellows of FAICP are the most esteemed planners in active practice, are permitted to place the “FAICP” insignia after their names, and are mentors for upcoming generations of planners and urbanists. This year’s class was inducted in a black-tie ceremony in Los Angeles on April 15th, as part of the American Planning Association’s national conference. According to the APA, “Election to Fellow is one of the highest honors that the American Institute of Certified Planners bestows upon a member... Victor Dover insists that planning return to its roots as a humanist pursuit, the civic art.” Dover is a principal in the firm of Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning, an urban design firm in South Miami / Coral Gables. He is also a charter member of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), and currently serves as its national chair. The CNU is the leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions. Dover is also a founder of the Form-Based Codes Institute, a think tank which promotes reform of zoning and other development regulations, and was a founding board member of the National Charrette Institute, a training organization that teaches community leaders and professionals to maximize public participation in decisions about city planning and land development. He recently served on the core committee that authored the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system for certifying green development. As young practitioners, Dover and Kohl had their breakthrough assignment in South Miami in 1992. They were the principal authors of the city’s “Hometown Plan” for downtown revitalization. That plan resulted in a dramatic overhaul of the city’s development rules, and in turn a revival of the downtown

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Annual Phantom Film Festival to Premier at Gusman Center, May 12 BY JEFFREY ALAN

Victor Dover ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

economy. Where there were once boarded-up shopfronts on the main street, today there are tony restaurants, housing, broad pedestrian promenades, and successful retail; along the way, the downtown once again became the social hub of the town. Dover and Kohl and their team have gone on to produce awardwinning plans for cities, public agencies, community groups and developers in 17 states and on six continents. These include their recent Plan El Paso, which provoked a report in Atlantic Cities on “How El Paso Got America’s Best Smart Growth Plan.” The pioneering work of Dover, Kohl & Partners has since been featured on CNN, NPR, in BusinessWeek, USAToday, and many other media outlets. With his partner Joseph Kohl, Victor Dover has produced plans for urban renaissance that are showcased in dozens of urban planning textbooks. At present, Dover is at work on a new textbook on Street Design. Dover is married to architect (and BikeSoMi advocate) Mari Chael. He is also a veteran marathoner and Ironman triathlete.

The Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) 12th Annual Phantom Film Festival will continue its tradition of student cinematic excellence at The Historic Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts located at 174 East Flagler Street, Miami on May 12, 2012 at 7 P.M. Tickets are $10 pre-sale at the school, $10 at the door the night of the screening or available through Ticketmaster, Since its humble beginnings 11 years ago at the historic Lyric Theatre, DASH’s Annual Phantom Film Festival has steadily grown. “It is only through community and industry support that we can continue to provide our students with this amazing opportunity in the cinematic arts that will enrich their academic experience,” added Tim Pike, Lead Film/Entertainment

Teacher at DASH. For 11 years the DASH Annual Phantom Film Festival has provided the Film/Entertainment Technology students at DASH with a public venue to showcase their quality, award winning films. The Phantom Film Festival also serves as an important fundraiser. Proceeds from ticket sales serve multiple needs for scholarships to students continuing their education in Film/Entertainment Technology (ET), it gives DASH the opportunity to buy equipment and software to keep the Film/ET program current with college expectations. DASH Film students continue to be recruited and accepted into the top films schools in the United States. A partial list of colleges where alumni from the DASH Film program are currently majoring in film studies includes NYU Tisch, USC, FSU, SVA, Miami-Dade, RIT, UNC Arts and Art Center in Pasadena.

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CUSTOM SUITS • EXPERT ALTERATIONS At John the Tailor our mission statement is “to produce high quality men’s custom suits and shirts that fit as close to perfect the very first time. Also, we know how important alterations are to you, and we offer the best alterations Miami has to offer.” We have served the Miami community for over 28 years, Call us to schedule an appointment, at:

(305) 667-8768

5609 South West 74th Street, South Miami For more about this extraordinary family of tailors, visit:

May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Miracle League gets Marlins grant, new home BY RAQUEL GARCIA

After two years of searching for the perfect spot to build a specialized baseball field in Miami-Dade to serve the county’s more than 30,000 physically and developmentally disabled children, the Howard Palmetto Miracle League of Miami-Dade has found a home at Tamiami Park and the money to make it a reality. Prior to the start of the Marlins-Astros game at Marlins Park on Saturday, Apr. 14, Miami Marlins president David Samson, Marlins Foundation executive director Alfredo Mesa, pitcher Heath Bell and catcher John Buck presented a $100,000 check to Miracle League co-chairs, Keith Reilly and Karl Sturge, and fundraising cochairs Lisa Mays and Sandy Robinson. The endowment will help the organization begin construction on its new home at Tamiami Park. “For 50 years the Howard Palmetto Baseball Softball League has served many of the boys and girls of our communities, but special needs children are not being served,” Sturge said. “Now we can close the bridge and serve all the needs of the county and these kids can be just like every other child.” Earlier, at the 2012 inaugural meeting of the Miami-Dade Miracle League in Pinecrest, foundation director Mesa announced the gift. “I’m here to share with you that you have the Marlins Foundation’s commitment, our president David Samson and our entire board, to help make this dream a reality,” Mesa said. At the same time, Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation director Jack Kardys pinpointed the location of the specialized field and playground complex. “It is so rare that you find an organization (like the Miracle League of MiamiDade) that shares our commitment to pro-

Pictured prior to the game at Marlins Park are (l-r) Miami Marlins president David Samson; Baseball Buddy Edgar Cordero; team mascot Billy the Marlin; Miracle League player Anthony Cordero (front); Marlins pitcher Heath Bell; Miracle League co-chairs Keith Reilly and Karl Sturge; former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz; Miracle League fundraising director/co-chair Lisa Mays; Marlins catcher John Buck; Baseball Buddy Will Sturge; Miracle League fundraising director/co-chair Sandy Robinson, and Marlins Foundation executive director Alfredo Mesa. (Photo courtesy Miami Marlins) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

viding services to the disabled in our community like we do,” Kardys said. “A yearand-a-half ago, Keith and Karl presented this beautiful idea and video that hit me right in the heart and brought tears to my eyes, and I thought to myself, yes, this is something that we can do.” Kardys went on to relate the unique challenges encountered in finding just the right field to suit the needs of the project. “We finally settled on Tamiami Park because, as many of you know, it is the center of the universe for competitive baseball,” he said. “The configuration is going to be on the west side of the park where we have the capacity to handle the needs of the disabled.” Keith Reilly, former president of the

Howard Palmetto Baseball Softball Association and current co-chair of the Miracle League of Miami Dade, said the Tamiami Park location was perfect. “We looked all over the county for the ideal location for the baseball field,” he said. “It had to be centrally located in the county, near a major highway, with hotels and a medical facility close by.” During his presentation, Reilly noted that the Tamiami Park field is situated precisely in the middle of the county. “We are thrilled to be a partner with the Miami Marlins in this truly worthwhile project,” Sturge said. “This spring the Marlins opened their stadium to great fanfare and they have been tremendously supportive to our endeavor and, equally

important, to special needs children. “With the partnership of the Marlins and Miami-Dade County Parks, we are in the initial phase of fundraising and our goal is to finish the field in spring 2013. But we will have Miracle League games running before then on existing baseball fields across the county. Any special needs families interested in participating should contact us.” The first Miracle League began in Atlanta in 2000. Today there are 255 Miracle League organizations around the world serving more than 250,000 children and young adults with disabilities. For more information, call 786-2244800 or go online to <>.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Commissioner Bell tours industries in her district BY MAURICE R. HERNANDEZ

Building on her successful “Work Days” program, Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell recently toured Silver Wings Aerospace Inc. and the Sea Hunter Boat Company, emphasizing her commitment to recognize small businesses in her district, learn about the continuing challenges they face in this depressed economy and what local government can do to help them succeed. Commissioner Bell also is working with the Beacon Council to help provide incentives to small businesses like these so they can grow and thrive in the South MiamiDade area. These two small commercial businesses, both owned by the Montalvo Family, have proven themselves to their respective industries and are successfully creating top-of-the-line products for their customers, as well as creating quality, much-needed jobs for area residents. “Silver Wings Aerospace and Sea Hunter Boat Company are prime examples of successful small businesses that exist in our area which are not only seeking to survive but to thrive and even expand their operations to deliver quality products and services, despite one of the worst economic cli-

Pictured with Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell (right) are (from left) Eddie Montalvo, founder of Silver Wings Aerospace; Scott Fane, CPA for Sea Hunter Boat Company, and Rafael Montalvo, investor in both companies and patriarch of the Montalvo family. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

mates since the Great Depression,” Commissioner Bell said. “I applaud their steadfast commitment and dedication to their craft, our community and their support of our local economy by creating critically important employment opportunities for our local residents,” the commissioner added. Silver Wings Aerospace Inc., founded by Eddie Montalvo in 2007 and located in Princeton, is a fast-growing aviation parts company as well as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station. Silver Wings has commercial airline customers from North America, Europe, Asia, and South America and faces global competition. The company currently employs 20 workers and intends to grow to 100 over the next five years. Sea Hunter Boat Company, founded in 2002 by Ralph Montalvo and also located in Princeton, is a local manufacturer of high performance boats between 18 feet and 48 feet. Sea Hunter uses the most advanced materials and techniques to make the best riding boat in the industry. Sea Hunter has exported its products all over the world and it employs 60 workers. The company is aggressively seeking to expand in order to meet the intense demand of its customers.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Israel Film Festival May 2-10 at Frank Intracoastal Cinemas BY GARY SPRINGER


Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD) on Staff • Computer Designs • • Complete Home Remodeling • GENERAL CONTRACTING SERVICES AVAILABLE GREEN BUILDER LEED AP Licensed General Contractors Since 1983 • Trebor Invest Corp. Lic#CGA15738

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Enriching the American vision of Israeli life and culture through the powerful medium of film, the Israel Film Festival definitively has become the largest showcase of Israeli films in the United States. Running May 210, this 26th anniversary year celebrates the finest of Israeli cinema, encompassing more than 25 dynamic titles, including award-winning feature films and documentaries. The Opening Night Gala Salsa Celebration, co-sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and Isram Realty

Group, will begin with a red carpet reception at Rouge Waterfront Dining and then will proceed to the Frank Intracoastal Cinemas, 3701 NE 163 St. in North Miami Beach, for the awards presentation and Florida premiere screening of Salsa Tel Aviv. The Israel Film Festival is presented in association with the Consulate General of Israel in Florida and Puerto Rico. Prior to the film screening, the 2012 IFF Career Achievement and Lifetime Career Achievement Awards will be presented to Salsa Tel Aviv stars Angélica Vale and Angélica María, respectively.

Alhambra Orchestra’s program spotlights 3 young musicians BY HELEN ANN HAUSER

The Alhambra Orchestra, with principal conductor Alfred Gershfeld, presents the three amazing young winners of its annual concerto competition on Sunday, May 13, 7 p.m., at Ransom-Everglades School, 3575 Main Hwy. in Coconut Grove. They are Ransom-Everglades student Annabel Chyung, a 15-year-old violinist who serves as co-concertmistress of the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, and sisters Michelle Yu and Kerstin Yu, both students at Cypress Bay High School and members of the Florida Youth Orchestra. Kerstin, 14, took first place with a

Beethoven piano concerto. Her sister Michelle, 15, will perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, and Annabel Chyung will perform the beloved Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. Each will have full orchestral accompaniment. The program also will feature Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5, Rossini’s Overture to The Barber of Seville, and portions of Bizet’s L’Arlesienne Suite. There is free admission (donations requested) and free parking. No reservations are needed except that large groups should call in advance. For information, call 305-668-9260 or visit online at <>.

May 1 - 14, 2012


Pamper the one you

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Give mom the gift of relaxation. This Mother’s Day, treat her to over 100 spa treatments and services, including refreshing facials, Ayurvedic therapies and stress-reducing body treatments-along with access to a world of gorgeous pools, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, steam rooms, saunas and hydrotherapies. Share the love with a gift card for The Spa at Doral. Call 305.717.6303 for spa reservations or to purchase a gift card. Gift cards are also available at The Spa at Doral or

THE SPA AT DORAL 8755 N.W. 36th Street, Miami, Florida 33178

© 2012 Marriott International, Inc.

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May 1 - 14, 2012


Dominated South Floridaʻs Tackle Football for over 40 Years, now it is Time to Take Over (2 Nat ion al Ch ampionships)




Head Coaching (Football & Cheerleading) are available.

Call Commissioner 786.506.1231

TACKLE FOOTBALL Season Starts JULY 1st I nformation on www. or Call 786.506.1231 Dan Sheehy, Commissioner

SIGN UPS - STARTS April 15th (Park Location-12855 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL 33156)

Great Tradition, New Begin nings



Limited Space

“Childhood is a short season”... Let the summer be a memorable one at CAMP SHELTON


June 11 - August 9th


Registration for 2012 - 2013 school year also open




11300 NW 41 St. Doral, FL 33178

3601 NW 114 Ave. Doral, FL 33178

*Camp Shelton will be held at the Shelton Academy Campus

Swimming • Art • Tennis • Theater • Soccer • Gymnastics • Tumbling • Cooking • Music • Yoga • Karate... and More!!

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Lunch | Dinner | Happy Hour

$5.00 Happy Hour Menu | 4-7 pm Nightly | Cocktails and Drinks Half Price ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES UP TO 80 PEOPLE

Proudly Rated

Family Style Dinners Serves up to 3 people under $10.00 per person

by Palm Beach Post

Sunset Dining - 25% Off your entire check when dining between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday (May not be used in conjunction with any other Promotion, Coupon or Discount)

FREE bottle of wine ($25.00 value) with Dinner for anyone who makes a reservation for four or more.

Reservations: 786.433.8687 The Palms at Town & Country, by the Lake 11745 Sherry Lane Miami, FL 33183

‘Voted Best Italian Restaurant in The Palm Beach Post 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards! “Voted Best Italian Restaurant in Boca life Magazine!”

WE BUY GOLD Palmetto Bay (Now Open!) 17595 S.Dixie Highway 305-254-3938 The Falls Near Bloomingdales 786-242-9900 International Mall Next to Yogurbella 305-592-9799 London Square 13630 SW 120th St. #214

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Miami's Most Trusted Gold Buyers



May 1 - 14, 2012


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New MADD initiative challenges parents to speak up to save kids BY RAQUEL GARCIA

It started out as just another Friday night when 18-year-old Sean Holmes put on his Walkman and went out the front door of his house to stroll over to the nearby technical school and get a haircut. Two days later his parents would discover his body in some nearby bushes because of the impact of the car that hit him. As a result of this experience, his mother Diane Holmes began the first chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) in Miami-Dade County in October 1983, five months after Sean’s death. Holmes and MADD executive director Janet Mondshein, in partnership with Miami Palmetto High School principal Allison Harley and area municipalities, recently conducted a press conference at the school to introduce “Power Talk 21” a national day on Apr. 21 for parents to talk with children about alcohol. Although annual drunk driving related deaths have gone down since MADD’s 1980 inception from approximately 30,000 annually to 10,000, according to Mondshein, the numbers have been flat in recent years. Two decades of research led to a shift in focus to the need for heightened parent interaction with their kids about the dangers of drinking alcohol. “Statistics prove that kids are very much influenced by their parents,” said Helen Witty, program specialist for MADD. “The real astounding thing is the majority of teens get their alcohol from other adults and a fourth from their parents, or from someone else in the family. Because three in four children also say they make the decision to drink based on the influence of their parents, this is a parent program to empower, inform and encourage communication.” Perhaps if the adults who were partying with the kids at a home in Gables By The Sea had had a few conversations with their children about drinking rather than condoning it as Witty attested happened that fateful June 16, 2000, her daughter Helen Marie Witty

Pictured are (l-r, front row) Diane Holmes, Dr. Allison Harley, Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner, Helen Witty, Janet Mondshein, Juan Carson; (back row) Lt. Larry Corbin, Sgt. Michael Weissberg, Major Rene Landa, Robert Kalinsky, Lawrence Feldman, Sally Matson, and John Witty Jr.

Posterboard shows victims who lost their lives as a result of drunk drivers.

might still be alive today. While 16-year-old Witty roller-bladed on a bike path, an impaired 17-year-old (who was also on her cell phone) hit young Witty and killed her instantly. In a story similar to that of mother Diane Holmes who began the Miami-Dade MADD Chapter, the experience launched mom Helen Witty into a future of activism with MADD. “Helen was a student here at Palmetto and a thespian in Drama Troupe 1298 when it happened. The kids have done a walk for her (Walk for Witty) and raised over $15,000 for MADD. We also have a scholarship in her name and every year we give at least one, sometimes two to three, to a drama student in her honor,” Helen Witty said. Palmetto student and president of Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) Sebastian Siclait also spoke at the press conference. “With the work we had done for the Walk for Witty I was familiar with the issues and [in addition to the loss of Helen Witty] we recently lost alumnus Andrew Parker. A lot of people knew him. We re-established the SADD chapter here because it is the perfect program for us to have to educate students.” Prior to the conclusion of the speakers and after the proclamations were read, Major Gerald Kitchell of Miami-Dade Schools Police gripped the audience of approximately 100 students, law enforcement officials, parents, and educators with his final words. “We are approaching prom season and we are about to have graduations,” Maj. Kitchell said. “Parents, students, and families together have worked for years for this great time of celebration. We want to challenge parents to have that conversation now before there’s a night out. We want to make sure it is an enjoyable, responsible time and that there is a time after graduation.” To receive a complimentary copy of MADD Parent Handbook for Talking with Teens about Alcohol call 305-273-3744 or 305-273-7122 for victim advocacy. To download Power of Parents Handbook visit the website at <>.




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(888) 242-2433

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Stamp Out Hunger food collection seeks your participation, May 12 BY DEBRA FETTERLY

Hunger in America? Believe it! In many ways, America is the land of plenty, but for one in six people in the United States, hunger is a reality. Today, nearly 49 million Americans, including 16 million children, are struggling with hunger. These often are hardworking adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days. On Saturday, May 12, the United States Postal Service will team up with its letter carriers to conduct the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive across the nation to collect food donations in order to provide assistance to the millions of Americans who are struggling with hunger each and every day. “The Postal Service is pleased to continue supporting the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) as we enter our 20th year together to help Stamp Out Hunger in America,” said Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. “I am confident the 2012 campaign will be our best ever because the need continues to grow.” The nation’s 210,000 letter carriers

will collect food donations left at the mailboxes of generous Americans in more than 10,000 communities and deliver them to food banks and other hunger relief organizations. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Stamp Out Hunger food drive is the nation’s largest single-day food drive, having collected more than one billion pounds of food since its inception in 1993. In 2011, generous Americans donated 70.2 million pounds of food, which marked the eighth consecutive year that at least 70 million pounds were collected. Helping Stamp Out Hunger is as easy as checking your mailbox. Just leave a bag of nonperishable food where your letter carrier normally delivers your mail on Saturday, May 12. Your letter carrier will then pick up and deliver the food to a local food bank. Examples of non-perishable items include: Canned soup; canned meats and fish; canned vegetables, fruits and juices; boxed goods (such as cereal), pasta and rice. For more information about the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive, ask your letter carrier, contact your local post office or visit <>.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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May 1 - 14, 2012

Locks of Love receives gift from 15-year-old

Barry Neal is shown before his donation (left) and after (above). ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Barry Neal, a 15-year-old Palmetto Bay resident, had long hair — very long hair. After growing it for over two years, it reached a length well beyond his shoulders, way down to the middle of his back. When Neal learned of Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that accepts donations of human hair in order to make hairpieces for economically disadvantaged children suffering from long-term diseases that result in hair loss, he visited the organization’s website. Then, after downloading the donation form, Neal visited Great Clips, a new location in West Kendall owned by franchisee Carlos Rivera. This salon, located at 14681 SW 104 St. (in the Shoppes at 104), donates haircutting service for people who donate their hair to Locks for Love. Great Clips stylist Benita Alonso care-

fully separated Neal’s hair into several bundles, securing each with tightly wound rubber bands. She then measured and cut each hair bundle, resulting in four 12-inch sections for donation. Rivera immediately collected the donation, packaging it very carefully, and placing it into a shipping box destined for Locks of Love. Rivera said that he had only been open a few weeks at that time, but already had seen several people come in to donate their hair. He said that all of them were young, but Neal was the youngest donor he had seen at his salon. When asked why he decided to cut his hair after growing it for so long, Neal said that he did it in order to make the donation. Locks of Love still is looking for hair donations, with a minimum required length of 10 inches of hair available to cut. More information is available online at <>.

May 1 - 14, 2012


Children’s Bereavement Center celebrates its spring fundraiser

It’s like a Cruise Ship, but withouttthe water... Measure a Senior Living Community by More Than Just Square Footage BY HELEN SHAHAM

Pictured (l-r) are Peter Willig, COO of CBC; Kathy Kramer, program director, CBC; Barbara and Jeff Lehrman, event co-chairs; Mindy Cassel, CEO of CBC and Jodi and Bob Dickinson, event co-chairs. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


The Children’s Bereavement Center (CBC) recently celebrated its annual spring fundraiser, “Rockin’ on the Green,” at Ransom Everglades Middle School in Coconut Grove. More than 400 CBC supporters from the community enjoyed an evening of fine food, cocktails, live music, and silent/live auctions. Guest emcees were Lonnie Quinn, former Miami weatherman who now is with WCBS in New York City, and Roxanne Vargas of NBC6 Miami. The event was an opportunity for the community to come together and learn about the services of the Children’s Bereavement Center and support its mis-

sion to help families adjust to life after loss of a loved one. The CBC has been providing peer support groups in the community since 1999 and this year expanded its services to Miami Shores in partnership with VITAS Hospice. They plan to offer groups in Broward County beginning in September. The CBC is South Florida’s only nonprofit bereavement and resource center helping children and their families after loss. The CBC provides free support groups for almost 450 family members monthly. Information, grief resources and sponsorship opportunities can be found by visiting <> or by calling 305-668-4902.

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Q. My parents have lived in their big home for over 50 years. Recently, due to deteriorating health and safety concerns, my sister and I decided that our parents’ best option is to move to a senior living community. After touring several communities, my parents’ main objection is the size of the apartments. They do not want to downsize even though they have not “visited” most of the rooms in their big house for months, as they mostly live in their bedroom and kitchen. How can we convince them to move? A. First, validate their concerns! It is truly extremely emotionally difficult to leave your large home, filled with memories and cherished possessions, and to consider moving to the “unknown”. Therefore, initially, I would suggest making the move on a “trial basis”. Close the home for a year (or rent it out) and help them move to a senior living community—just to “try it out”. If, after a year, your parents won’t like it, they can always return home. The fact that it is not permanent, that there is “a way back”, will reduce their anxieties. Don’t worry; most people, after they move, say: “I wish I would’ve done it sooner”. Why? Because only after they move they begin to realize that they gained much more than they lost by giving up the square footage they were so concerned about initially. They (and you!) gained the warm feeling of security & peace of mind; a care-free lifestyle, socialization opportunities, and the friendship of others. Life is interesting again. You will be surprised to learn that their initial concerns about “square footage” will not even be mentioned…because a senior living community is so much more than square footage! But you will still have to convince them to do the first step, even if only temporarily. So, tell them to think about a cruise ship. People hardly ever mention the size of their cabin when they return from a cruise. Instead, they talk about the lifestyle and fun they had on board. It’s much the same at senior living communities. There’s an entire world beyond the residents’ front door. From beautifully decorated common areas to an embracing library with computers (and people to teach them how to navigate in them) to state-of-the-art fitness center, there are so many areas to enjoy. At our newest community currently under construction, The Palace at Coral Gables, we’ve dedicated 21,000 square feet to public spaces including a staged-theater with dance floor and an oversized movie screen (even with special earphones for those who are hard-of-hearing) , a

stunning Plaza, a beautiful café & piano bar, cards & games rooms (and people to play with…), spacious terraces, a magnificent indoor heated pool & Jacuzzi, a full-service beauty salon, a gym, a Clinic, a physical therapy department and an elegant dining room, to name a few. Soon your parents will realize that their new “home” is more than just their apartment. Their new “home” is the entire community. Their apartment is their “Luxury Suite” as was their bedroom in their big house. The public spaces are an extension of their apartment and are available for them to enjoy anytime, as they please. Your parents may also be concerned that their new home might mean saying goodbye to family & holiday dinners. Again, most communities have private dining rooms that can be reserved for special occasions & family functions so there’s never a reason to miss a celebration. Plus, mom and dad will no longer have to be burdened with grocery shopping or cooking the meal. This means that there’ll be even more time for families to spend together! Back to the downsizing issue: At The Palace at Coral Gables, all the apartment floor plans were carefully created to be comfortable & functional. We built real size models so we could experience the functionality of the space, accessibility, “traffic” patterns, storage spaces, etc. Every detail was studied carefully. Obtain the detailed floor plans (with dimensions) to help your parents decide what furniture to take with them. Or, ask for assistance by the community’s move-in coordinator who can also refer you to experienced relocation companies. Once your parents are able to view the entire community as their home, they’ll realize they actually have much more space. Plus, with the maintenance-free lifestyle offered by the senior living communities, they don’t ever have to worry about repairs or upkeep. Without the burdens of coordinating their schedules with the cable company, the pool guy, or repair technician, they’ll find they also have much more time. Time that they can now spend doing what they really enjoy… and then they will get it: It’s more than just an apartment; it’s more than square footage…it’s a wonderful lifestyle! Helen Shaham, together with her husband, Jacob, has been operating Senior Living Communities for more than 30 years. The Palace Suites in Kendall is a luxury Independent Living Community for active seniors. In addition, The Palace at Kendall campus is home to two Assisted Living Residences and a Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. They also operate The Palace Gardens, Assisted Living Community in Homestead, Homestead Manor Nursing Home and The Palace @ Home, a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency. Their two latest projects are The Palace at Weston – Luxury Living for Those 55 and Over and Palace Tel-Aviv, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Israel. Currently under construction is The Palace at Coral Gables, which is now taking reservations at the Information Center located at 16 Miracle Mile. See it at or call 305-445-7444 for more information.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Symphonettes raise $7,000 during fashion show/auction

Pictured (l-r) are Symphonettes auction co-chairs Tesi Zito, Kaylee Fantis, Morgan Mills and Cara Zito.


Symphonettes, a girls high school community service club, conducted its annual fashion show during April in conjunction with a silent auction that raised more than $7,000 that will be donated to various charitable organizations in the community. The 2012 fashion show was hosted by Macy’s at the prestigious Epic Hotel and more than 100 auction items were donated by businesses from throughout MiamiDade County. The fashion show was organized by Hallee Meltzer, a junior at the School for Advanced Studies, and Megan Mers, a junior at Ransom Everglades. The auction was organized by Cara and Tesi Zito, Morgan Mills and Kaylee Fantis, sophomores at Gulliver Prep. The Symphonettes work throughout the year to organize a wide range of fundraising activities. These efforts have benefited organizations such as the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, Florida Youth Orchestra, Homeless Assistance Center and Miami Children’s Chorus. Working together with businesses and charitable organizations in the community, the Symphonettes demonstrate leadership, initiative and commitment. Collectively, Symphonettes members

perform more than 1,500 community service hours, volunteering their time to organizations such as Fairchild Tropical Gardens, South Dade Cultural Center and the Beaux Arts Festival. The fashion show recognizes the senior members of Symphonettes. These talented young women will attend top colleges next year, including Harvard, Southern Methodist University, Duke and North Carolina. This year’s seniors are Rebecca Bartleson, Dana Brown, Catalina Cuervo, Savannah Chiavacci, Emily Eckblom, Lindsay Kerdyk, Caroline Murphy (president), Ellie Newman, Amanda Quinones and Amanda Roberts. Symphonettes is a community service club of high school girls dedicated to enriching music and the arts in MiamiDade County. A charitable tax-exempt organization made possible through the Coral Gables Foundation, the club was founded in 1966 for the purpose of promoting music and arts appreciation throughout the community. Symphonettes members represent a variety of public and private high schools in the community including Gulliver Prep, Ransom Everglades, New World School of the Arts, Palmer Trinity, Palmetto High, Miami Arts Charter, Coral Gables High and Lourdes Academy.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Homestyle Cuban Food From New York to Miami Family owned and operated for over 30 years!

305-670-2228 7360 S.W. 90th St. Miami FL 33156

We Deliver Open 7 days • 9am to 10pm Free Valet

73 PL

Kendall Dr.

El Sitio





la de




May 1 - 14, 2012

dadeland Blvd


Palmetto Expy. 826

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Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fun and Fabulous Gift Boutique New Baby • Wedding • Hostess • Birthday • Holiday Housewarming • Graduation • Just Because...

8245 SW 124 Street • 305-232-3214

Upscale Furniture Consignment Gallery

Spring Specials Up To

50% OFF

We have something special for everyone. Fine antiques to contemporary pieces. Find one piece or decorate your entire room! In the Famous Warehouse District by the Falls next to Battaglia Shoes Rita Schwartz- Owner

8845 SW 132 St. • Miami, FL 33176

Open: Monday to Friday 10:30am - 6pm • Sat. & Sun. 10am - 5pm


May 1 - 14, 2012


Pollo Tropical conducts program honoring teachers during May BY ASHLEY WOJNAR

Pollo Reward$, the loyalty rewards program of Pollo Tropical, is honoring teachers throughout May with its Pollo Tropical Teachers of the Year campaign. Fifteen winning treachers from 15 counties, including Miami-Dade, will win free Pollo Tropical for a year by earning the most nominations from students and parents in their respective county. Additionally, the school in each county generating the most nominations will win a $500 Pollo Tropical donation to its student activities fund. Those who nominate also win. Just by nominating their favorite teacher, customers are rewarded with a free small Pollo Tropical Tropichop with any drink purchase. Parents can nominate any teacher in any county where Pollo Tropical companyowned restaurants serve simply by logging onto Pollo Reward$ at <>.

Enrollment in Pollo Reward$ is required to nominate a teacher. Nominations must include the teacher’s full name, school name, school address, school phone number and the subject and grade taught by the nominated teacher. Each county where Pollo Tropical serves will have a winner. “Pollo Tropical and its Teachers of the Year campaign honors and rewards teachers and active schools, parents and students,” said Kim Miller, vice president of Marketing and Communications for Pollo Tropical. “We hope all of our customers join us in celebrating our teachers and enjoying a well-deserved reward.” Nominations will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31. All public, private or charter school teachers are eligible. For more information about the Pollo Tropical Teachers of the Year contest, visit online at <>.

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Open 7 Days a Week

May 1 - 14, 2012

‘Living Cultural Heritage in Korea’ topic of lecture at Deering Estate BY CATHY GUERRA

In partnership with the Archaeological Society of Southern Florida, the Deering Estate at Cutler presents a free lecture on the second Thursday of each month. The next lecture — “Living Cultural Heritage in Korea” presented by Dr. Annette Fromm — is scheduled for May 10 at 7 p.m. in the Visitor Center Auditorium at the Deering Estate at Cutler, 16701 SW 72 Avenue. The lectures are free and open to the public. During the past seven years Dr. Fromm has traveled to many locations in South Korea. She had the opportunity to travel as president of the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography. For the past four years she has served on the committee for the International Journal of Intangible Heritage. Meeting yearly for a week in February, the committee members are taken to locations in South Korea to see a variety of museums and living cultural heritage. Dr. Fromm’s lecture will cover displays and exhibits from her travels. The Deering Estate at Cutler, a Miami-

(Photo courtesy of Deering Estate) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Dade County Park, is located at 16701 SW 72 Ave. This 444-acre natural and archeological preserve and historic site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as a center for education, culture and recreation. Historic house tours are offered daily at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. with admission to the estate. EcoAdventure Tours also are offered throughout the year for an additional fee. For more information on the Deering Estate’s educational and cultural programs, visit onlin at <>.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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May 1 - 14, 2012



13610 Deering Bay Drive Coral Gables, Florida 33158 305.254.2111

Scan this code to get more details

SUMMER MEMBERS MAY ENJOY Club Membership from May 25 - Oct. 30 Full access to our Arnold Palmer Signature 18-hole Golf Course

More Social & Junior Events than ever before; Natural Conservation Programs, Summer Pool Parties, High School Golf Clinics, Summer Camp, Lecture Series, Wine Tasting, Member Mixers, Book Club, Movie Night & much more Seven of the finest Har-True Tennis Courts in Miami-Dade County Fine dinning using organic produce from our 1,000 square foot on site Organic Garden Full access to our Jr. Olympic heated pool, Gym, Aerobic Studio & Locker Rooms.


Call our Director of Membership and Marketing at (305) 254-2111 to discover tranquility by the bay.


May 1 - 14, 2012


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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Coldwell Banker Residential R.E.

Lizzie Padro

12651 South Dixie Highway, Suite 102, Miami, Fl 33156 Direct Line: 305 742-4323 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 305-235-4424 Email: Web:





9403 SW 123 TE, Miami Fl 33176

First 7 homes built! Don't miss the opportunity to buy Estates by The Falls, exclusive guard gated private enclave. Six models to choose from in this new phase. Floor plans from 4,500 to 5,500, lots from 15,000 to 28,000 SF. Luxurious finishes including marble flrs, Barrel tile roof,crown moldings,impact windows/doors,solid doors,top of the line SS appliances, generator ready, landscaping, pool & more. Owner is motivated & open to all offers! Owner fin. available!




12311 SW 94 AV

Owner is motivated & open to all offers! First 7 homes built! Owner fin. available! Don't miss the opportunity to buy at pre-construction prices in Estates by The Falls, exclusive guard gated private enclave. Six models to choose from in this new phase. Floor plans from 4,500 to 5,500, lots from 15,000 to 28,000 SF. Luxurious finishes including marble & wood flrs, Barrel tile roof,crown moldings,impact windows/doors,solid doors,top of the line SS appliances, generator ready, landscaping, pool & more.



13020 SW 70 AV

Stunning 5 bd 4 bth on Palmetto island in Pinecrest, on canal. This residence boasts spacious & elegant kitchen with adjacent family room, dining room with pocket doors to kitchen, crema marfil flooring in living areas with magnificent views to a screened in pool & canal. The Grand Master bedroom is on the first floor with adjacent gym, large enough to be subdivided into two rooms. On the second floor, this home has 4 large bedrooms & two baths. Ample closets and hallways, all in walnut hardwood floors.




9603 SW 123 TE

Beautiful executive 4 bedroom 4 bath home in guard gated Oak Ridge. Cul de sac.Circular driveway. Porte Cochere. Freeform pool. Short Sale.







11386 SW 85 LN

Great opportunity to buy a beautiful & largest upgraded 3 bed, 2.5 bath (1850 SF) townhouse in the desirable Kings Court community in Kendall. This complex features 24 hour security guards, 2-gate access, 2 indoor raquetball courts, 2 pools, 4 tennis courts, gym - exercise room and clubhouse all included. Association fee is $154 per month. The unit boasts large walk-in closet in 1st floor master suite, washer & dryer, SS appliances, granite counters, cherry wood & barrell tile roof, & 1 car garage.


14342 SW 159 CT

Paradise Reef beauty! Lovingly maintained 4 bed 2.5 bath updated home with tile and wood floors. Ready to move in with closet organizers, wood blinds, alarm, solar powered walkway night lights, alarm, storage attic, even a doggie door! Beautifully paved and covered rear patio, charming entrance and grounds in quiet street.







5757 COLLINS AV 1104

Sophisticated oceanfront building on Millionaire's Row. Elegant lobby entrance to this appropriately named L'Excellence condo. Fabulous private beach. Awesome views, large 2 bed/2 baths, 1510 sq ft in mint condition. Galley kitchen wood & granite, tile flooring, shutters. One parking space and valet parking. Priced to sell!


12121 SW 95 AV

Description: Tennis anyone? At a great price, Own this sprawling acre home with lighted tennis court in the Falls/Baptist area. This residence boasts 5 oversized bedrooms and 3 bathrooms high ceilings, stone fireplace in family room, split plan, barrel tile roof, oversized covered terrace with travertine covered deck, pool and privacy in a "cul de sac". Don't miss it!


16444 SW 84 ST

Opportunity knocks! Live large in Mediteranea. Spacious 3 BD/2 BA home in private neighborhood, large eat in kitchen, beautiful arched entrance and bay window. Excellent opportunity to own in a beautiful neighborhood. Short Sale.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Buon Appetito The culinary staff and the service personnel of Romanza Trattoria are dedicated to making your dining a classic, unique experience. The highest quality of foods are perfectly blended with the meticulous care of the kitchen staff. For your meal to reach its ultimate richness of taste, it must be done in a manner that cannot be rushed. We pride ourselves on excellence.

Private Parties + Conference Rooms 14501 South Dixie Highway (Adjacent to the Quality Inn South of the Falls)

Dinner: Tues. - Sun. 4:30pm to 10:30pm Fri. - Sat. 4:30pm to 11:00pm

Village of Palmetto Bay, FL T: 305-278-9027 â&#x20AC;˘ F: 305-278-9026

May 1 - 14, 2012


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SMDCAC presents Asolo Repertory’s THE HERITAGE SCHOOL production of Hamlet, Prince of Cuba FOUNDED IN 1971 13300 SW 120 Street • Miami, FL 33186 • Ph: 305-232-2222

“An International School”


The South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC) in Cutler Bay presents Asolo Repertory Theatre’s Hamlet, Prince of Cuba, adapted and directed by Asolo Rep producing artistic director Michael Donald Edwards and featuring a Spanish translation by Pulitzer Prize-winner Nilo Cruz. Hamlet, Prince of Cuba will run May 1113. The show will be presented both in English and Spanish with English supertitles. Spanish with English supertitle performances will be May 11 at 8 p.m. and May 13 at 3 p.m. and English performances will be Saturday, May 12, at 3 and 8 p.m. Hamlet, Prince of Cuba will feature guest artist Frankie J. Alvarez as Hamlet, Gisela Chípe as Ophelia, Emilio Delgado as Claudius (known for his performance as Luis on Sesame Street), Mercedes Herrero as Gertrude and Andhy Mendez as Laertes. “The Cuban relationship to Hamlet came out of being in Florida right now, and feeling like there is a great disconnect between the Anglo and the Latino communities,” Edwards said. “That disconnect is language, so I thought what can we do as an institution to help bridge our reality right now. “The setting came from, as so much of my work does, from the actors. It was people driven, rather than just an intellectual idea. It really came about from meeting these actors and wanting to access their artistic and intellectual energy. We want audiences in Miami to have a thrilling time, and to be simply overwhelmed with the beauty and the power of these ideas and this story,” Edwards added. “The theme of Hamlet will resonate well with Latino and Caribbean audiences in Miami and a production presented both in Spanish and English is a compelling way to communicate this story to the diverse audience that comprises our community,” said Eric Fliss, general manager of SMDCAC. “This powerful story about family, love and revenge has stood the test of time and a Cuban Hamlet is a poignant vehicle to explore these themes found in Shakespeare’s most famous work.” Cuban-American playwright and winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize in Drama, Nilo Cruz will serve as translator for the production. Cruz’s 2002 play Anna in the Tropics was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, Steinberg Award and two Tony Award nominations. “The process of translation is an intricate one,” Cruz said. “As artists we are constantly translating images, emotions, states of mind, and human behavior to a canvas, a piece of music or the stage. The word ‘trans-

2012-2013 School Year Frankie J. Alvarez plays Hamlet. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

lation’ is analogous with conversion, interpretation, transformation and change. “As I began to translate Hamlet, I was not only interested in deciphering Shakespeare’s language and discerning truth in the realm of his ideas, but also in transmitting the seductiveness of his words; to honor ‘the thing’ in the play, the arousal of complex and dangerous emotions that are contained deep within the human psyche,” Cruz continued. “In this rendition of Hamlet, the nakedness of words, without the ornamentation of iambic pentameters, became more of an irresistible invitation to interpret. Here is a Hamlet in a Cuba that allows him to break from the prism of rhymes to embrace the dark sounds of his restless soul. Here, the ‘academic spectacles’ used in most Spanish translations of Shakespeare’s plays have been removed to allow his tempestuous lyricism to rise for a Latino audience.” Perhaps the most well-known piece in Shakespeare’s canon, Hamlet has captivated playgoers for more than 400 years. Now, Miami audiences will be among the first to see a distinctively Cuban Hamlet which reveals new perspectives on the classic work, all while staying true to the essence of Shakespeare’s original story. This new adaptation is a fresh and stunning portrayal of a son’s struggle to pursue justice for father, and the consequences that threaten to destroy the lives of those he loves. The South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Centers is located at 10950 SW 211 St.; telephone 786-573-5316.

PRE-K (AGES 3&4) THROUGH 8th GRADE The Heritage School offers an Enriched Integrated Curriculum; Arts, Music, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Technology, Languages, Wireless Laptops, Computer Lab, Robotics. SMALL CLASS SIZES LIMITED TO 20 STUDENTS 10-Acre Campus, Swimming Pool, Baseball Field, Soccer Field, Camera Surveillance System, Edline Access via Internet to Grades, Homework, Etc.

Visit our website and apply online! We accept McKay & Step Up Scholarships

50% DISCOUNT IN SUMMER CAMP for new students (PK3-3rd Grade) who enroll in our 2012-2013 School Year.


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May 1 - 14, 2012

Cancer nonprofit to celebrate 11th annual Day of Caring BY JOHN KISKINIS

This year’s 11th annual Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness, a locally organized daylong event designed to educate, empower and give hope to those affected by breast cancer, will take place on Saturday, May 12, at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami. Each year the South Florida community gathers to celebrate the lives of women battling breast cancer. Medical professionals will host morning seminars on survivor stress management, reconstructive surgery, preventive nutrition, and alternative treatments, as well as a discussion on the psychological after effects of breast cancer. The guest speaker will be Dee Dee Ricks, founder of RICKS/Consulting Group Inc. and a breast cancer survivor. A gourmet lunch will be served followed by an exciting fashion show. However, the models in this fashion show

will not be typical runway models — these models, both men and women, are survivors of breast cancer. “Our goal is to have women recognize that beauty and life can continue after cancer,” said Ann Kinstler, chair. “We want people to leave knowing that they can and will battle through it.” Enjoy a silent auction with such items as a $5,000 wedding dress, airline tickets and restaurant certificates available. Sponsors of this year’s Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness include Advanced Medical Specialties, Baptist Health South Florida and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Miami/Fort Lauderdale. Registration at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami starts at 7:30 a.m. and events run until 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $70. Donations are tax deductible and CEU credits are available. For more information, visit <> or call 786-222-7306.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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South Miami Cardiology is pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Schroeder into their practice. Dr. Schroeder has expertise in general cardiology and cardiac, peripheral, and structural heart interventions. He is joining a well established group of cardiologists. South Miami Cardiology includes Drs. Romeo Majano, Matthew Snow, and Joshua Harris. Members of the group have expertise in preventative cardiac care, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Vascular Medicine. We believe in strong doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Schroeder: Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, and Interventional Cardiology

Now Accepting New Patients | Se habla espanol Same day appointments available | Seen by doctor at every visit

Inpatients seen at South Miami and Doctors Hospital Services Provided in Office: Office Consultation | Preventative Cardiology Care Pre-Operative Assessment | Cardiac Stress Testing Echocardiography | Stress Echocardiography | Nuclear Cardiology Electrocardiogram (EKG) | Holter monitoring | Event monitors Vascular Ultrasound | Pacemaker Evaluation

Services Performed in Hospital: 3-D Transesophageal Echocardiography • Cardiac Catheterization • Transradial Cardiac Cath • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Angioplasty and Stents) • Peripheral Vascular Angiography and Interventions • Renal Angiography and Interventions • Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Closure • Evaluation of treatment of Valvular Heart Disease • Aortic Valvuloplasty • Alcohol Septal Ablation • Cardioversion

Office Location: 7330 SW 62nd Place | Suite 310 | South Miami, FL 33143

Phone: 305-663-1001 Insurances Accepted: Medicare • AvMed • Neighborhood Health Partnership (NHP) • Cigna • Blue Cross/Blue Shield • United Healthcare • Great West Healthcare • Multiplan Network • PHCS • Aetna

May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


Magic City Casino unveils first ‘live’ Roulette wheels in Florida

The Organic Roulette games feature Las Vegas style live Roulette wheels, complete with elegant styling and electronic displays. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Magic City Casino, Miami’s first casino to offer Las Vegas style slot machines, now is the first and only casino in the state of Florida to offer “live-action” Roulette. The Organic Roulette games, manufactured by Interblock Europe, feature Las Vegas style live Roulette wheels, complete with elegant styling and electronic displays to create some of the most distinctive machines in the casino market. “We are so proud to be able to offer this unique type of gaming to our customers,” said Scott Savin, chief operating officer of Magic City Casino. “To be the only casino in Florida to have these incredible games is really an accomplishment for us. The games themselves are impeccably designed and really bring our gaming operation to a whole new level.” Magic City Casino currently has two Roulette units, which host a total of 18 stations for play. The units seat six and 12 players centered around a dynamic Roulette wheel that can produce between 60 and 80 results per hour. Under the wheel, a central computer system controls all components for operating the wheel and communicates with the individual stations. Surrounding the wheel is a glass dome, which features a carbon fiber rim and is embellished with

Swarovski crystals. The stations themselves each feature a bright, crisp monitor for placing bets, along with ergonomically designed arm and footrests, giving the machines an ultra-sleek look. The Roulette wheels are only the latest in Magic City Casino’s ever-evolving game offerings. Magic City Casino has held exclusive rights to offer other games, including the innovative products of Incredible Technologies and Integrated Systems Design. The exclusive on the Interblock Organic Roulette games is an even more significant milestone, as these are live-action, dynamic machines that feature all the components of a live table game. Magic City Casino, located at 450 NW 37 Ave. in Miami, offers free parking, with valet parking available as well. Magic City Casino features 800 Las Vegas-style slot machines, 18-table Poker Room, outdoor concert amphitheater, seasonal live greyhound racing and multiple food and beverage outlets, among other state-of-the-art amenities. The casino is open every day — Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. For more information call 305-6493000 or visit online at <>.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


Property Appraiser still accepting applications for senior exemption BY PATRICK SMIKLE

Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser Pedro J. Garcia is appealing to homeowners who last year benefited from the additional homestead exemption for persons 65 and older (more commonly called the Senior Citizen’s Exemption) to file their renewal applications for 2012. Although the deadline to file timely applications ended Mar. 1, Garcia said his office will accept late applications for the senior exemption. The Senior Citizen’s Exemption can reduce overall property taxes by $500 or more each year. To qualify for the 2012 Senior Exemption benefit, the adjusted gross income cannot exceed $27,030. This limit applies to everyone who lives in the house whether they are owners or not. Garcia points out that in most cases social security income does not count towards qualifying for this benefit. He is advising seniors filing for the exemption to check the “Adjusted Gross Income line” on their Federal

Tax Return to verify actual income amounts. Since December, the Property Appraiser’s Office has sent notices to 42,341 seniors who received the benefit in 2011, reminding them that unlike the homestead exemption, this benefit does not automatically renew and they must re-apply for 2012. Garcia noted that 6,997 seniors still have not filed renewals for 2012. To file your senior renewal application, visit either the Downtown Miami or South Dade offices of the Property Appraiser: Stephen P. Clark Government Center, 111 NW First St., Suite 710, Public Information Counter, or South Dade Government Center, 10710 SW 211 St. in Cutler Bay, Suite 207, Public Information Counter. Renewal applications also can be filed online at the Property Appraiser’s website at <>. First-time applications have to be filed in person at either of the listed offices.

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Safe motherhood begins before delivery Regular doctor visits during pregnancy ensure good health for mother and baby By Alberto Sirven, M.D. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than six million babies are born in the U.S. each year. Some women may experience a complication of some sort during their pregnancy or delivery. Others may have diseases and disorders they didn’t know about until they became pregnant. This factor makes early intervention crucial in order to identify and treat any of those problems early. That is also why prenatal care – regular doctor visits during pregnancy, starting as early as possible – is so critical to both mom and baby. What happens during the first prenatal visit? Preparing to deliver a healthy baby with minimal risk to the mother begins long before birth. During the first doctor visit, the OB/GYN will establish the date the fetus was conceived and project the delivery date. This step helps both physician and mother prepare for milestones during the pregnancy. The doctor will conduct a series of tests to determine the expectant mother’s overall condition and identify any areas of concern. Ideally, family members will accompany the mother on this first visit so the doctor can prepare a detailed family medical history. Most women begin their prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy and visit the doctor about once a month during the first six months. In the final trimester, visits should every two to three weeks. Many potentially serious or life-threatening conditions, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or Rh factor concerns, may be prevented or minimized if caught early. What is gestational diabetes? Gestational diabetes, like regular diabetes, is an increase in blood sugar. It emerges during pregnancy as a woman’s body fails to respond to the insulin it is secreting. Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of having a very large baby. Women with this condition need careful monitoring of their glucose level. Sometimes this can be achieved with dietary changes alone, but for some women it may have to be controlled with both diet and medications. Gestational diabetes may subside after the delivery of the baby; however, the woman may develop diabetes later in life, so regular follow-up with her primary care physician is important. What is preeclampsia? Another condition that can show up in a previously healthy woman is preeclampsia, the onset of hypertension (high blood pressure) and protein in the urine. This usually happens after the 20th week of pregnancy, usually around the seventh or eighth month. What’s different about uncontrolled preeclampsia that occurs during pregnancy is that the woman may have seizures, which is a very dangerous, life-threatening situation. Symptoms may include headaches, blurry vision, pain underneath the right breast or upper mid-stomach area, and increased weight gain over a short period of time. It’s important to note that many women do not manifest any symptoms at all. Frequent blood pressure checks can help identify this potentially serious condition early. Regular blood pressure medications are used to treat preeclampsia during pregnancy. During labor, the doctor may administer magnesium sulfate intravenously to minimize the risk of seizures. How does the Rh factor impact pregnancy? The Rh factor indicates the presence or absence of a certain type of antigen on the surface of red blood cells. Rh-positive means a person carries the antigen; Rh-negative means she does not. When an Rh-negative mother carries an Rh-positive fetus, her body may become sensitized by the baby’s blood and create antibodies that “attack” the baby. This may cause serious complications for the baby, such as brain damage or even death. During regular prenatal care, Rh-negative mothers are monitored carefully for signs of these antibodies. Around the 28th week of pregnancy, the doctor may recommend an injection of immunoglobin, a substance that helps desensitize the mother and stop the creation of antibodies. The mother receives a second shot after delivery to help protect her from this condition during future pregnancies. How can a woman remain as healthy and comfortable as possible while pregnant? One key to a comfortable pregnancy is appropriate weight gain. A woman at her ideal body weight can gain 25 to 35 pounds comfortably. An underweight woman may gain up to 40 pounds. However, an overweight woman should limit her weight gain to 10 to 15 pounds. Carrying multiple babies increases the weight-gain ranges. Minor aches and pains and nausea can typically be handled with doctor-approved, over-the-counter remedies. Prescription medications should always be cleared with the doctor. Prenatal vitamins are safe and recommended. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is a must for the pregnant woman. On average, a woman who is not pregnant needs eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. A pregnant woman should drink even more than that to help prevent premature cramping and bladder infections, which are risks during pregnancy. Smoking, drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs should be prohibited during pregnancy. These can cause serious complications for both mom and baby. Many physicians even recommend limiting caffeine intake to about 300 mg per day, or about one cup of coffee. For women accustomed to exercising, continued exercise, within reason, is safe and healthy. Weight gain and changes in the body’s center of gravity may make some movements awkward or uncomfortable. Use common sense and keep the heart rate lower than 150 beats per minute. Remember to drink plenty of water. Remember that your OB/GYN is available throughout your pregnancy, not just during scheduled visits. Pick up the phone any time you have a question or feel that something’s not right. If you develop pain, bleeding or leaking, or notice that the baby has stopped moving, call your doctor immediately, as these are important warning signs. Finding a doctor you like and trust is the first step in developing an effective plan for prenatal care. Baptist Health South Florida provides free referrals to more than 1,000 physicians on its staff, including obstetricians and gynecologists. For assistance in finding a physician, call 786-596-6557. For an online overview of prenatal care, visit the National Institutes of Health at Alberto Sirven, M.D., is an obstetrician/gynecologist and medical director of the Beautiful Beginnings Family Birthing Suites at West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

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The Hermanni Law Group Celebrates Opening of Gables Offices

By y Ann n Lino The Hermanni Law Group celebrated the opening of its new Coral Gables offices with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 20, 2012, with City of Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason presiding over the ceremony. Present at a lavish party held on the third floor terrace of the firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new offices were more than 100 business owners and leaders in the community including Emilio Sauna, President of Gables Hispanic Cultural Foundation, Ernesto Perez, CEO of Dade Medical College, Enriquez Lopez, Academic Dean School of Continuing Adult Education at Dade Medical College, Eddie Gonzalez, Hialeah Commissioner, Jeff Stay, Executive Director of BNI, Stanley Davidson, President of Gables International Plaza and his son Jeff Davidson, among others. The Hermanni Law Group is an international, full-service law firm practicing exclusively in the area of immigration law. It is currently composed of five full-time in-house attorneys: Kurt Hermanni, Senior Partner; Norma Lorenzo, Managing Attorney; Kerry Donohue, Associate Attorney; Erica Perez-Luque, Associate Attorney; and Karamat Qayum, Associate Attorney. Additionally, the Hermanni Law Group has Of-Counsel throughout the nation in cities including but not limited to: Philadelphia, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The firm is focused exclusively in the practice of immigration law allowing its attorneys to concentrate on complex legal issues involved in deportation defense cases, asylums, marriage petitions, business visas, national visa waivers, hardship waivers and consulate processing. The Hermanni Law Group is located at 2655 LeJeune Road, Ste. 800, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Ph: 305 640-8222 or Mobile 786271-6699. Visit our website at

May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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When you go to the beach, don’t assume sand is safe BY LEE STEPHENS

On warm days, the beach seems an ideal destination for family rest and relaxation. Who hasn’t built a sand castle or been buried up to the neck in sand? However, that family fun has a dark side — sand can harbor illness-causing microbes. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines for sand quality at recreational sites. Now, environmental scientists at the University of Miami (UM) and at Northern Illinois University have created a reference guide for potentially harmful germs in sand, similar to the guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for marine water. The report is published in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology. “These values can be used by beach managers to make decisions concerning sand quality,” said Helena Solo-Gabriele, professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the UM College of Engineering and principal investigator for this project. “That way, when regulators are faced with a decision about a potential health risk, there is a guideline available with which to decide whether or not the levels of microbes found in the sand are cause for concern.” Dogs, birds and cats visiting a beach are common sources of bacteria in the sand. “Exposures to high levels of certain microorganisms could cause gastrointestinal illness in humans, while infectious risks vary in different microorganism,” said Tomoyuki Shibata, assistant professor in the Public Health Program and Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability & Energy, at Northern Illinois University and first author of the study. The researchers wanted to determine what levels of bacteria, or pathogens, found in beach sand could pose a health risk for beach-

goers, explained Solo-Gabriele, who also is Co-PI of the Oceans and Human Health Center at the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science. “The environments in the sand and water are very different,” Solo-Gabriele said. “The sand provides more protection against the effects of solar radiation, which has a tendency to inactivate microbes in water. Sand also may protect microbes from predators (other microbes) that are found exclusively in water.” To develop the guidelines, the scientists ran one million simulations of the number of microbes in each gram of sand, the transfer of sand from hand to mouth and the ingestion rate. The researchers determined the risk of having 19 cases per 1,000 beachgoers — the level used by the EPA for swimming in marine recreational waters. The team also documented the levels of pathogens found in the sand at Hobie Cat Beach in Miami. The findings indicate that levels of harmful microbes at the beach site were low, when compared to the reference levels and therefore safe for beachgoers. However, studies have shown that children have a higher illness risk than adults from beach and sand exposures. For that reason, the researchers now will focus on studies of kids’ play behavior in sand to better estimate the acceptable levels of microbes that can cause diseases in children. “Parents of young children don’t need to overreact to our findings and they can reduce their child’s infectious risk by basic hygiene practices such as hand washing before eating or drinking and taking a shower,” Shibata said. The report is titled “Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Human Illness from Exposure to Marine Beach Sand.” The study was funded by the National Science Foundation through the Oceans and Human Health Center at UM’s Rosenstiel School.

Exceptional Images for Lasting Memories Event video production and photography for all occasions Weddings / Bar and Bat Mitzvahs / Celebrations

10371 SW 113 ST. Miami, Florida 33176 305-233-3390 305-271-3995

SAME DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE We’ll help you find the perfect arrangement or gift.

• Flowers

• Plants

• Birthdays

• Wedding

• Balloons

• Anniversaries

• Gift Baskets • Sympathy (we deliver to funeral homes & hospitals)

Hirni’s Wayside Gardens Florist 9950 SW 57th Avenue • Pinecrest, FL 33156 305.661.6266 • Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

q a i

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May 1 - 14, 2012





Thousandss off Lightt Bulbs Recessed, Picture & Track, Cabinet, Garden & Landscape Lighting Save Time and money with 20,000 Hours Light Bulbs

15% OFF


12451 South Dixie Highway • Miami • 305.235.2852

Zoo Miami has announced the launch of the Zoo Miami mobile application as well as free Wi-Fi in four large areas of the zoo. The mobile app is free to download and is available for the iPhone at the App Store and the Android platform at the Android Marketplace under the search term Zoo Miami. The Zoo Miami mobile app features: • A GPS enabled map displaying guest’s location and includes a “Near Me” button which lists the zoo’s animal habitats, concessions, restrooms and more in proximity to the guest’s location. • The “Calendar” button features a 90-Day Planner that allows guests to create a personalized schedule of upcoming special events. • The application’s homepage includes useful information such as: “Plan Your Visit,” “Daily Adventures,” “Exhibits & Attractions,” “Become a Member,” “Donate,” “Become a Volunteer” and a special tool called “Friend Finder” that allows guests to locate their friends at the zoo. • The “Animals” button provides guests with photos and facts about Zoo Miami animals as well as the option to “Adopt Me” which allows guests to participate in the Zoological Society of Florida’s Adopt-An-Animal program. Some of

the animals even have videos. • The application’s “More” button provides users with helpful information about the zoo’s social media and FAQ. “In order to enhance the guest experience, we designed this mobile application and implemented the wireless connection,” said Ron Magill, Zoo Miami director of communication. “We want the application to add another dimension to our guests’ visits and we want to give them the option of remaining connected during their visit.” Zoo Miami also is offering free Wi-Fi service. The initiative by the Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department allows any Wi-Fi enabled smart phone, tablet or computer user, regardless of carrier, to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Zoo Miami guests will have access for two blocks (200 feet) around each one of these areas: Amazon & Beyond’s Village Plaza, Children’s Zoo, Oasis Grille and around the Zoo Administrative building. Zoo Miami is located at 12400 SW 152 St. General zoo admission is $15.95 per adult and $11.95 per child (3-12), plus tax. Children under 2, Zoo members and parking are free. Zoo Miami’s hours are 9:30 a.m.5:30 p.m.; ticket booths close at 4 p.m. For more information visit online at <>.





the best & freshest sushi in town!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mama Linda

All Day $19.95 ADULTS

$8.95 CHILDREN 11 & under

Senior Citizens 60 + $2.00 OFF DINNER


Same Elegant Buffet Feast Featuring Happy Fine Japanese & Asian Cuisine, Sushi, Seafood & Hibachi Grill Mother’s Day F R E S H , J U M B O A L A S K A N S N O W C R A B L E G S LUNCH $11.95 (Mon-Fri) $12.95 (Sat-Sun) $6.95 (Kids 10 & under) FREE (Kids 3 & under)

DINNER $17.95 (Mon-Thur) $19.95 (Fri-Sun) $8.95 (Kids 10 & under) FREE (Kids 3 & under)

Opening Hour: Lunch 11:30am-3:30pm Dinner 5:00pm-10pm (Mon-Thu) 5:00-10:30pm (Fri-Sun)

8800 S.W. 72ND ST. MIAMI, FLORIDA 33173 • TEL: (305) 275-8801 • FAX: (305) 275-1249

May 1 - 14, 2012


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May 1 - 14, 2012

“Gear For The Pros . . . By The Pros”

For All Your Music Needs.






y. Hw ixie S. D

19405 S. Dixie Hwy

305-255-9466 Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11AM - 8PM Saturday 10AM - 6PM • Sunday Closed


Cutler Ridge Blvd.




112th Ave.

N Flo

S.W. 117th Ave.

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10% OFF $25 OFF Any Sheet Music, Books and Printed Material. Must present this flyer to redeem. Exp. 5/31/12.

Any Purchase of $200 or More.

Must present this flyer to redeem. Exp. 5/31/12.

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Honda Ridgeline pickup adds Sport model for 2012 Ron Beasley LET’S TALK CARS The Honda Ridgeline has been around since 2006. It was unique when it was introduced as a four-door, five-passenger pickup truck and it continues in that mold for 2012. Updates for this year include a new Sport model to complement the RT, RTS and RTL models. The new Ridgeline Sport is distinguished by black 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels; a black honeycomb grille with black surround; a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, auxiliary audio input jack, fog lights, rear privacy glass, all weather floor mats, and black headlight and brake light housings. The half-ton Ridgeline is built with a closed-box, unitized body for a nice combination of capability, interior roominess, a comfortable ride and solid performance. With independent front and rear suspen-

sion, it delivers a wide range of conventional pickup capabilities and has a maximum tow rating of 5,000 pounds and a half-ton payload rating. Under the hood, there’s an all-aluminum, 250 hp SOHC 3.5-liter VTEC engine with variable valve timing for a broad power band. The five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission has Grade Logic Control to help maintain the most appropriate gear when going uphill or downhill. The fully automatic Variable Torque Management four-wheel drive system provides solid operation in all weather conditions, while also improving on-road and towing performance by distributing torque to all four wheels as needed. A five-foot-long cargo area measures 49.5 inches wide between the wheel wells, 20.7 inches deep and 60 inches long (79 inches with the load-supporting tailgate in the down position). Ridgeline is available with a many accessories and can conveniently accommodate motorcycles and ATVs. There are eight tie-down locations and four cargo area lights. A dual-action tailgate opens down for traditional access to the cargo area or to the

New Ridgeline Sport has black 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels and a black honeycomb grille with black surround. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

side for ease-of-access to the 8.5-cubicfoot In-Bed Trunk. Large side mirrors aid rear vision when towing a boat or trailer. On the inside, the interior is spacious and the driving position is comfortable, with easy access to large and easy-to-use controls. The large multi-function center console has a sliding armrest and sliding lower tray — each with a hidden storage area. Other console storage areas accommodate items both large and small, such as mobile phones, beverages, compact discs and portable digital music players. The 60/40

lift-up rear seats have a storage area underneath large enough to accommodate a golf bag. Plus, the rear seating area can quickly convert for cargo by lifting up the seats. Pricing on the 2012 Honda Ridgeline starts at $29,250 for the base RT and ranges to $37,180 for the RTL with Navigation. Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <>.

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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012


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Save your home with Spray Rite

By Susan Smith Protect your home and family with the help of Spray Rite Pest Control. Augusto Odio who goes by “Augie” is the friendly and accessible business owner of Spray Rite for over 30 years now. “What makes us stand out is the personal service and attention we offer our clients. There is no middle man and you do not have to go through a bunch of transferred phone calls to find someone who can help. We are a small company that puts huge attention on customer service. We get to know our clients and they depend on us with trust and confidence.” Highly trained certified professionals are available to service both indoor and outdoor pest control needs. Whether it is a possible indoor termite infestation or spiral white fly damaging outdoor plants, the environmentally friendly industry educated folks at Spray Rite can take care of it fast, at a reasonable price, and guaranteed. “Some of the greatest concerns our customers have today relates to the white fly epidemic attacking ficus trees, gumbo limbos, palms, black olive trees and more. If your ficus is dropping leaves out of season or if you find underneath the leaf that there is has a spidery white coating then you have an infestation problem,” said CEO Augie. “I have seen properties in Dade, Broward and Monroe counties where every bush, tree, and palm was infected. It is an absolute shame. The white fly looks like a fruit fly and is clearly visible to the human eye. Prevention is the best early solution but if you treat it properly you can save affected plants. Regular visual inspections are necessary to keep gardens infestation free.” Augie also offers tips to homeowners for preventive indoor pest control. Weather stripping ceilings, doors, attic openings and crawl spaces are an effective way to keep creepy crawly critters outside of your home. “The worst news you might hear from a pest management professional is that termites have caused major structural damage to their home. Termites can ruin furniture, wood panels and destroy papers, books and clothing, even leather shoes.” Augie says Spray Rite specializes in the latest alternative to tenting, the Borate Treatment, a new, environmentally friendly borax application that is also a wood preservative. “Our prices are very competitive but customers should look for value, not price. What appears to be a bargain may need a second look. We guarantee satisfaction and strive to provide personal attention to every job, no matter how small or how large. Our goal is to gain the customer’s trust.” Call the licensed, bonded, and insured friendly folks at Spray Rite Pest Control for your free estimate today and learn how to protect your home from unwelcome guests. 305-598-3866.

Pictured are the new owners of Lots of Lox (l-r) Steve, Jimmy and Nick Poulos.


OF LOX • Catering Available • Dine In or Take Out




14995 South Dixie Hwy.

Tel: 305-252-2010 • Fax: 305-232-7560

NEW HOURS Open Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Dinner Specials from 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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May 1 - 14, 2012

Feeding South Florida reaches out with campaign to help feed hungry BY DUREE ROSS

In an effort to meet the needs of the nearly 1 million residents of Broward, MiamiDade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties who are food insecure, Feeding South Florida (formerly Daily Bread Food Bank) is holding its “Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope” donation campaign which continues through May 23.The six-week campaign is designed with a goal to raise $1 million to feed residents in southeast Florida communities who are hungry. Feeding South Florida now is in a time of transition. During the economic downturn, the need for food donations has increased while resources have diminished. Transportation costs to deliver food to member agencies have exploded. Plus, unfortunately, one of Feeding South Florida’s 14 refrigerated trucks was stolen recently and the refrigeration unit was stolen from another truck at the organization’s Miami warehouse. Feeding South Florida’s need for donations and support to feed the hungry is now greater than ever. Simultaneously, Feeding South Florida is in a time of opportunity. New sources of food, particularly fresh produce and fruit are available, and Feeding South Florida’s nearly 600 member agencies serving families in need from Jupiter to Key West are asking for the organization’s help to deliver the food. Coral Gables-based advertising agency VSBrooks Advertising, which provides inkind services to Feeding South Florida, is producing a 30-second commercial about Feeding South Florida’s need for support. “Right now, a child, adult or elderly per-

son is hungry only 15 minutes from where most South Floridians live,” said Maria Millares, president of the board of directors of Feeding South Florida. “No person deserves to go to bed hungry. “With the recent state of the economy, the need to deliver food, and the unfortunate theft of our truck and refrigeration system, we are asking local residents and corporations to reach out with their hearts and minds to provide donations to feed the hungry.” Through the “Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope” campaign, Feeding South Florida is asking local residents and corporations to consider the following: $1 = Helps Feeding South Florida’s member agencies save $15 in their food budgets. $5 = Text FEED to 52000 and provide 35 pounds of food. $15 = 90 people in need can go to a food pantry to receive food provided by Feeding South Florida. $25 = Seven toddlers will be fed twice a day for one week at a children’s services program. $35 = Two families of four won’t go hungry for eight days because they can pick up groceries (milk, bread, pasta, tuna, peanut butter, vegetables and more) at an emergency food pantry. $75 = 112 families of four can have a hot dinner at a local community kitchen. $100 = 300 homeless women and children will get a hot dinner and breakfast at a shelter. To make donations, call Feeding South Florida at 1-954-518-1832, visit online at <> or text FEED to 52000 to donate $5.

May 1 - 14, 2012






Lost at Lourdes Academy on March 12th. White female Shi-tzu/Maltese. Family devastated! REWARD. 305.803.7661

Subject Areas Taught:


DO YOU MAKE 100K PER YEAR? Do you want to? P/T, Huge Potential No experience Call 954-775-2545 HELP WANTED

SAT Prep (math), ACT Prep (math), GRE Prep (math), Algebra I & II, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, College Physics, Chemistry, Organizational Skill, Memory, Technical Writing. 15 Years Experience

786-367-6713 HELP WANTED




Looking for TRUCK DRIVER with Class A or Class B License. Septic Experience is a plus. Job includes general Labor of digging and lifting heavy equipment. Please call Chapman Septic Service Inc. at 305-661-0628 for application.





â&#x20AC;˘ Reading â&#x20AC;˘ Math â&#x20AC;˘ Language Arts â&#x20AC;˘ EspaĂąol




Bectsyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cleaning Services

2 adorable orphaned cats. Indoor and outdoor. Call Susan 305-233-6642

Sofa & Love Seat Caramel Color

Residential & Commercial


Get help from the best!

786.651.0862 ANDREA


0$7+78725 :,7+<($562)(;3(5,(1&( SERVICES






$500 Great Condition

305.554.6145 786.390.0187 HELP WANTED

MANAGEMENT ANALYST Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Management req. Review reports & confer with managment and users about format, dist. of prod. & to identify problems & improvements. Mail resume to: TVA Automotive Inc. 2184 NW 89 Pl. Miami, FL 33172




for Miami Importer. Apply by mailing resume to: Daumer Corp. 12395 SW 130 St. #106 Miami, FL 33186 Attn: R. Dennert

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'$ "$

" # !(





Master in Business Adm. req. Develop buss. methods & procedures including acc. Systems, file, office & logistics systems. Mail res: Latin American Copiers, Inc. 2840 NW 108 Ave Miami, FL 33172

MAR ENTERPRISES LLC MIAMI, FL Bachelors in Computer Science +5 yrs exp. Strategic planning, automation Applications, billing disputes, Change Management, System testing. Capital/Operating Budgets, Project Management, Supervision and Training, Marketing Plans, Design and Development, Mergers/Acquisitions, Infrastructure development, Technology evaluations, vendor Relations, International project Database Management expertise: Oracle, SQL, MVS, Cobol Microsoft Applications: Project Management, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio Other Software expertise: Quick books, Photoshop, Illustrator, QA/QC, COMASHARE VSAM files, Office Vision (IBM/environment VM-ESSA). SAS ITIL Certification. Email Resume:

BUSINESS ANALYST Master in Business Adm. req. Develop buss. methods & procedures including acc. Systems, file, office & logistics systems.

Mail resume to: Latin American Copiers Inc. 2840 NW 108 Ave. Miami, FL 33172


DECISION ANALYST Master in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound req. Support the develop. of treatments or diagnostic techn. Related to acute or chronic medical conditions.

Mail resume to: UND, US Networking Direct 8181 NW 36 St. Suite 16B Doral, FL 33166


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Steve Epstein



May 1 - 14, 2012


Dan Mayobre 305.992.4617




May 1 - 14, 2012

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May 1 - 14, 2012


- CLASSES FOR KIDS & ADULTS MATH Ɣ INTERNET Ɣ COMPUTERS PUBLIC SPEAKING Ɣ EBUSINESS Algebra, Geometry, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Email, FaceBook, Twitter, eBay, PayPal, Skype, Photoshop, Web Pages, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Apps, Video Editing, Business Presentations.

Call us Today at 305-298-8907 Ɣ IN ENGLISH Ɣ EN ESPAÑOL Ɣ EM PORTUGUES Ɣ

Business Loans

Independently Owned and Operated

Working Capital

Expansion Accounts


With my market savvy and knowledge of your neighborhood, I can sell your home fast and for top dollar. “Your Real Estate Consultant For Life!” Dr. Patricia Brumley Realtor - Associate Call Pat at 305-613-8421, I can make it happen!

12498 SW 127th Ave. • Miami, FL 33186 E-Mail:

Certified New Home Specialist CRS - Certified Residential Specialist SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist sensitive to age 50+ issues and priorities

Cell: 305-613-8421 • Fax: 305-251-4094 • Office: 305-251-4044


Paul Merker has helped hundreds of individuals and families 305.498.0704

PAUL MERKER, MS, CAP Addiction Therapist Confidential Counseling 7600 SW 57th Ave, Suite 127 South Miami, FL 33143

Call Today!


Receivable Inventory & Equipment

May 1 - 14, 2012

“Home Improvement Specialist” All work guaranteed

Licensed and Insured Over 30 Years Experience

Jack Blanchard 786-897-4537

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• Door Specialist • Locks & Hardware • Cabinets & Closets • Windows • Custom Carpentry • Crown Molding • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling • Patching Plaster & Paintwork • Drywall & Partitions

Legal Services Delivery Services Process Services Courier

Your Neighborhood CPA McKenzie & Company Small Business Accounting The #1 CPA Firm in the state of Florida

P.O.BOX 144142,

• Business and Personal Taxes Nathan • Business Valuation • Audits & Compilation Call Today • IRS Audit Assistance P-786-231-6694 • 501-c (3) Formation

Coral Gables, FL 33114

305.225.8535 Fax: 305.225.8575

Wherever you are in Miami-Dade County, we will deliver your package or document at your speed. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you have a company that you can trust to get documents from where you are to where you need them to be.

10 Year workmanship warranty, Up to 50 Year Material Warranty!


Roofing Repairs • Tile Roofing Systems • Metal Roofing • Gutters Shingle Roofing Systems • Flat Roofing Systems • Custom Metal Work Specializing in Hurricane • Resistant Roofing Systems

Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor

Factory Certified • 100% Customer Satisfaction We have the right products to fit your budget and needs

seniors 7368 N.W. 12 Street. Miami, FL 33126

Mon – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm

Free Estimates


Buying a home?

Buy with an FHA Reverse Mortgage • No monthly payments! • No income requirements! • No credit requirements! We can even refer you to a Realtor® in your area that works with buyers and reverse mortgages. Call me...

R. Kenneth Bluh

Manager: Reverse Mortgage Department, MLO, NMLS# 328257

786-247-0547 or

2600 Douglas Road, Suite 510, Coral Gables FL 33134 Lender NMLS # 217378

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May 1 - 14, 2012


Susan Moore Home Interior Re-Designer Rethink • Reuse • Redesign Transform the way you live using what you already have


Licensed & Insured

• Tree Trimming • Consultation • Stump Grinding • Landscaping • Lawn Services • Fertilization • Sprinkler Repair • Debris Removal • Backhoe Service • Driveway Pavers • Fencework - All Types • Chickee Huts • Outdoor Kitchens • And More

FREE ESTIMATES • 305-233-0699 PROTECT YOUR BIGGEST INVESTMENT NOW!!! We Manufacture and Install

Impact resistant Windows and Doors High Performance Accordion Shutters Hurricane Panels Call 305-803-7602 for a free estimate



Licensed and Insured Florida State License SCC 131150340 Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties Approved

May 1 - 14, 2012


SAVE $15 ‡Every cleaning inspected & guaranteed ‡All teams trained, uniformed, bonded & insured ‡Equipment & supplies included


On Your Initial Cleaning new clients only.some restrictions apply. call for details.

exp. 7.31.12 the only cleaning service that’s for the health of you and your family

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May 1 - 14, 2012


Professional Counseling Stormy Smoleny Ph.D. LMHC, LP, NCPsyA

Individuals • Couples • Families • Groups

305-412-9885 9150 S.W. 87th Avenue • Suite 106 Miami, FL 33176 •


A Personal Touch Fitness Sensitive Personal Training

• NCSF Certified Sibyl Adams • Reiki Master • Post Rehab Training • Functional Training for Older Adults All ages and fitness levels welcome Fitness blogger for seniority

Phone: 786.395.1588

May 1 - 14, 2012

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WWW.LALEYSPORTS.COM Categorized: Minimum of 20 innings pitched, most wins as of 4/21/12

(See more next page)

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Categorized: 40 minimum plate appearances, highest average as of 4/21/12

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May 1 - 14, 2012

May 1 - 14, 2012



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Play like a legend at a major league facility with


Ages 8 to 18 years old





SUMMER HITTING LEAGUE 2 Men Teams 5 Inning Games 10 Pitches Per Half Inning


Looking for a team? Become a free agent call LL Sports LIVE TOURNAMENT BROADCAST


For more tournament information, or to register follow the tag to:

305.614.4343 info 1601 S.E. 28 Ave. Homestead, FL 33035



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May 1 - 14, 2012

Sourh Miami News 5.1.2012  

Newspaper PDF

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