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Avenue 74 Art Gallery hosts blockbuster art show Avenue 74- A Miami Art Gallery owner Adam Brand (center in black t-shirt) and some of the 65 exhibiting artists coordinated by Adam and his team at Frames USA for the show.

Graffiti Pyramid Artist out of New York City and Miami Chris Riggs ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Paintography Artist Cynthia Fleishmann poses in front of “Art of Resistance.” –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


and white background decorated with protest posters and stark images of which she is a part. “It’s not just about me,” said photographer and painter Fleischmann. “I use the body as canvas and the subject becomes part of the environment and the art.” New York City and Miami based Artist Chris Riggs displayed a portion of his 25 foot long by 20 foot high Graffiti Pyramid composed of 36 separate pieces. Riggs says he thought about doing it for years and when he finally set to work it took him about a week to complete. “My main message is about peace and love,” said Riggs. “There is so much messed up in the world right now. If you turn on the TV or go on the internet it’s all negative. I want to put positive images and colors out there.” The positivity was palpable at the Avenue 74 show where excited artists joined by family and friends snapped photos, swayed to the live music, and enjoyed dishes served up by the neon lit food trucks nearby. “This is our biggest show ever in the five months we’ve been open,” said Brand the night of the event. “We had over 500 people tonight. Stay tuned for Lionfish next month.” To find out more about Avenue 74 art shows in the Bird Road Arts District visit ave74artgallery.com, call 305-666-3355 or email ave74artgallery@gmail.com.

Avenue 74-A Miami Art Gallery at 4432 SW 74 Ave in the Bird Road Art District, enjoyed a standing room only celebration during the last Bird Road Art Walk when 130 pieces filled the blank walls in bright colors and subtle hues of original South Florida expression. “We had 65 artists from as far north as Palm Beach who came out to participate in this show,” said owner Adam Brand. Brand and staff from his store Frames USA in the Ludlam Shopping Center put together the exhibit in less than a month’s time. Realism portraits, sculptures, surreal impressionism, interactive photography, and a huge graffiti installation were all part of the dynamic mix. “We wanted to give an opportunity for local artists who may never had had a chance to exhibit in a gallery, show and hopefully sell their work,” said marketing assistant gallery coordinator Diana Ferrer. University of Miami Masters in Fine Arts student and exhibitor Cynthia Fleischmann uses interactive photography to place her subject into the scenery. She entwines both in a fluid image that is both captivating and otherworldly. In “Art of Resistance” the model is standing center nude with a shock of red hair in a black

October 2 - 15, 2012


SIGHTINGS Scenes from The Bird Road Art Walk Every third Saturday of the month from 7 - 10 p.m.

Artists (l-r) Humberto Benitez, Holly A. Jones, Roxy Sora and Julio Bordas exhibit at H. Benitez Fine Art Gallery II.

Artist T. Eliott Mansa (with “Elegba at the Crossroads”) is inspired by family, concepts of worship and Yuruba and West African traditions.

Artist Humberto Benitez at his second gallery: H. Benitez Fine Art Gallery II located at 4277 SW 75 Ave, Bird Road Art District.

Spoken Word artist J. Freeman Oliver recites emotionally charged poetry in front of T. Eliott Mansa’s work “Olokun.”

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