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June 26 - July 9, 2012


Locally made film on school violence released on DVD BY GARY ALAN RUSE

Hidden Rage — a locally made independent film that takes on the issues of bullying, school violence and teen suicide by dramatically depicting the warning signs that parents, school officials and fellow students often ignore — will soon be available to a national audience. The DVD version of the movie, its story seems ripped from television news reports, will be out on July 17 in stores and online sellers as diverse as Walmart,, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Netflix,, and others. Director/producer Norton O. Rodriguez said that the video version of the film is the culmination of years of effort. “We are very excited about our The DVD cover for Hidden Rage national release of Hidden Rage –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– on DVD,” Rodriguez said. “The movie took more than seven years guard Tony, and Kelly (Prodigal Son) to be produced, from script to screen. It Williams as a security guard/rapper who took three years of research after the brings comedy to the film. Columbine Massacre incident. “Dani Jordana Berkowitz as Rebecca “We felt bullying and school shootings and Rafaella Biscayn-Debest as Sophia would become a problem, only we never did a great job in bringing the female imagined it would become an international point of view to the issue of bullying, epidemic,” he added. “And we are thankful including cyber-bullying,” Rodriguez that it will reach a larger audience because added. “And having a producer like we believe the film also shows the solu- Mario Ortiz, who also produced our film tions available to get rid of bullying and Libertad (Freedom) in 1997 was a great help in producing Hidden Rage’s most school shootings.” Written by Alejandro Leyva and Robert complicated special effects and action A. Kramer, the movie was filmed in several scenes in the movie.” Actor Roberto Escobar not only played a South Florida schools with many real students as extras, the independent production key role, he also co-produced the film and by faith-based The God of Moses worked as co-director as well, according to Entertainment used a cast of solid profes- Rodriguez, who said that all of them are sional actors for pivotal roles but also some serious about getting out the message. “We believed the movie was important newcomers. The film’s compelling message also attracted a number of volunteers who to produce because the statistics are alarmdonated their time and effort, including for- ing, when you see so many young children mer South Miami Mayor Horace Feliu and being bullied,” Rodriguez said. “Hidden Rage is still timely because too many kids former Florida State Rep. Julio Robaina. “We believe Hidden Rage has been a suc- are still living in depression while many cessful film thanks to the amazing cast and others are committing suicide. There’s got crew that we were blessed to work with,” to be something wrong somewhere. Rodriguez said. “A cast and crew who Everyday there is more lack of love and worked hard and believed in the vision of the lack of God in our homes and in our film from day one. Our main actor, Aaron schools. Hidden Rage is geared to be a Goldenberg, is an amazing up-and-coming light in the midst of darkness and a warnactor who is very talented, and did a fantas- ing sign in such a time as this.” The movie is distributed by House tic job in portraying Joshua in the film.” Rodriguez also praised as “amazing” Lights Media. The trailer can be seen on actors Eric Nelson, who plays the security <>.

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