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June 14 - 27, 2012


The $outh Florida Gaming Repor t


WHAT IF Governor Rick Scott agrees to let counties decide through voter referendums if they want casino gaming within their borders. Miami-Dade county voters have already made their decision known. The resounding “yes” vote in 2008 led to the opening of the Magic City Casino in 2009 and then the Calder Casino in 2010. Casino Miami Jai-Alai opened their doors in early 2012 and through an expanded definition of eligible facilities Hialeah Racetrack is under construction and expected to join the others in offering expanded gaming in 2013.

WHAT IF The residents of Miami Beach realize that some form of expanded gaming on the beach will create jobs, increase the demand for hotel rooms, drive up restaurant revenues, and all without increasing crime. WHAT IF Big casino companies have already decided it is Miami not Miami Beach that they want to call home. Miami is where they want to build a new convention center and present headline entertainers. Miami is where New York’s top restaurants will set up new outlets with beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. The gamblers will spend their money in Miami but have no fear if they want to take a little dip in the ocean they will take a short cab ride across one of the causeways. They might even buy some suntan lotion from a kiosk on the beach.

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6.14.2012 Miami Beach News  

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6.14.2012 Miami Beach News  

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