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JAN. 26 - FEB. 1, 2010

Haitian relief effort kicks off in Kendall More than 60 scholarships available A through The Fair


long-range countywide effort to aid Haiti earthquake victims kicked off in West Kendall during a Jan. 20 press conference announcing a cooperative program headquartered at Miami Baptist Church in West Kendall. The effort to bring immediate relief to the earthquake-battered island and its people “starts what we will continue to do on a daily and week-to-week basis to funnel critical aid to Haiti,” said Rev. Rob Myers, senior pastor of the West Kendall congregation at 14955 SW 88 St. (just east of Target). Kendall’s role became central to the county’s relief effort when Miami-Dade District 10 Commissioner Joe A. Martinez agreed to coordinate the county’s role not only to organize but also facilitate the relief ––––––––––––––––––––––––––– See

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Participating in a project for Haiti relief are (l-r) Frank Irizarry, West Kendall Business Association president; Miami-Dade District 10 Commissioner Joe Martinez, and Rev. Rob Myers, senior pastor, Miami Baptist Church.

James Blough takes over as Hammocks CAC chair


BY RICHARD YAGER hen the Miami-Dade Police Hammocks District Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) convenes again on Jan. 27, insurance executive James Blough will tap the gavel for order. “I intend to continue the good work of the committee, just as Frank Irizarry has done for so many years as chairman,” said Blough, who served as vice chair four years before his election on Nov. 18. Former West Kendall Community Council member Jay G. Reichbaum was elected to take Blough’s vice chair post. “Right now, we’re working with Major [Alexander] Casas to bring in speakers that are interesting and who will give real insider knowledge as to procedure and the way things really work,” Blough said. Wansley Walters, director of the Miami-Dade Juvenile Services Department, will speak during the 7:30 p.m. Jan. 27 meeting at Hammocks Police Station, 10000 SW 142 Ave. He will update CAC members on latest methods dealing with youth problems. “A youngster caught doing something minor as a first-time offender isn’t going to be thrown in with the really bad guys to make things worse,” Blough explained. James Blough “on the go” as Hammocks District CAC chair.

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– See

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here are college scholarships up for grabs — more than $100,000 worth — and every graduating senior in Miami-Dade County looking to further his/her education at an accredited college, university or trade school in the 2010-11 academic year is eligible to apply. The scholarships, to be offered by the Miami-Dade County Fair, are part of The Fair’s annual scholarship program and will be offered this spring to outstanding Miami-Dade County seniors. Graduating seniors who want to apply have until Mar. 16 to submit their applications. Unless the student is home schooled, applications must be submitted by the school. “The Fair’s scholarship program is the cornerstone of our commitment to the youth in our community,” said Phil Clark, CEO of the Miami-Dade County Fair. “The Fair is a not-for-profit organization. The funds raised during the 18 days of The Fair support youth programs like the scholarship program that The Fair sponsors throughout the year.” Each scholarship will be $1,000 in value. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate a commitment to voluntary participation in school and community activities. At least one recipient will be selected from each high school throughout the county. “Last year there were $10,000 of scholarship funds that went unclaimed because we did not receive applications from every –––––––––––– See


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Jan. 26 - Feb.1, 2010

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Tallahassee key to FPL protests, Sorenson says BY RICHARD YAGER

A letter-writing campaign to state officials protesting FPL expansion was urged by Miami-Dade District 8 Commissioner Katy Sorenson who told Continental Park homeowners on Jan. 19, “Your voice really needs to be heard in Tallahassee. “It’s really out of the commission’s hands, so long as FPL’s expansion application meets county environmental and zoning requirements,” Sorenson added, noting that any decision, now or in the future, will be made by state officials. “That’s why your cause needs to be addressed to the governor, Public Service commissioners and local state representatives,” she said, adding that the greatest impact would likely be among incumbent officeholders due for reelection in November. Sorenson noted that despite the Public Service Commission (PSC) turndown of a recent FPL revenue increase to fund two new nuclear reactors at the utility’s Turkey Point complex (estimated at $18 billion), “the application to expand nuclear energy will remain alive.” Henry “Hank” Hamilton, a CPA, reminded homeowners that an Early Recovery Act passed by the Florida Legislature would allow any approved share of costs by utility consumers to be collected in advance, although actual plant construction in south Miami-Dade County is delayed, according to FPL officials. A second FPL application to erect high tension wires on concrete poles along S. Dixie Highway (US1) with a detour in

Pictured during a meeting at Continental Park on Jan. 19 are Holly White, HOA president, (left) and Miami-Dade District 8 Commissioner Katy Sorenson. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

East Kendall neighborhoods on SW 77th Avenue “has yet to be answered in terms of cost,” added Sorenson, who said she has not yet received actual figures that “FPL claims would be

at least ten times that for burying circuitry underground. “While FPL says the expansion and pole installation issues are not connected, in reality, they are,” she said. “After all, FPL’s claim that future growth requires expansion is directly tied to needing new transmission lines to get the power downtown.” Holly White, president of the Continental Park HOA, said the organization will join with Kings Creek homeowner associations to begin an intensive letter-writing project, citing five major reasons for denying FPL expansion, including “outrageous” rate costs, health, safety, energy dependence on uranium imports and saltwater intrusion. In other county matters summarized by Sorenson: • Cuts needed in county budget for fiscal 2011 are estimated at $200 million, above $500 million already slashed in the last two county budget years (2009 and 2010). • Five percent across-the-board cuts in county employee pay is being withheld until still-delayed agreements are reached with police and fire-rescue unions salary review, posing potential of “massive layoffs” if issue continues until June. • Retirement pay of $120,000 at age 60 for fire-rescue needs review but counters “high retirement benefits also represents on-the-job risks while employed.” • Action is expected to be deferred on reducing current 10 community councils to four but no specific plan other than Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz’s proposal has been presented to date.

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HAITI, from page 1 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SCHOLARSHIPS, effort, a role accepted from Commissioner Audrey Edmondson who normally heads governmental volunteer programs. Martinez joined Rev. Myers; Anthony Verudo, executive director of the Christian Family Coalition of Miami, and Terry Ryan, director of disaster relief for the Florida Baptist Association, explaining how the project will coordinate with the U.S. Southern Command to provide the fastest and most efficient delivery of supplies to Haiti. Miami Baptist Church already had been set up as one of the first points in the county to receive donations of shelter supplies, food and other emergency aid, one of 300 Miami Baptist Association congregations that include about 100 Haitian churches. A blue-and-white striped tent awning, facing the church’s entrance already had been installed before the press conference to begin accepting donations. “One hundred percent of all cash contributions provided to Haitian Relief Effort 2010 accepted through this combined effort go directly to Haiti,” Ryan emphasized. “There will be no administrative costs or any expense by this relief organization.” Eighty tons of rice, already collected, was waiting shipment to Port-Au-Prince as soon as the port could be opened, Ryan said. Bulk containers furnished by the Southern Command are to be used to pack supplies and foodstuffs at drop-off sites that will function daily throughout Miami-Dade County, according to Estelle Myers, wife of the pastor who serves as program coordinator. A son of the pastoral couple, Robert

Myers, volunteered as press liaison for the program. The first goal for Miami-Dade is donations of one million new (or like new) cots and tents with flooring and mosquito netting, Ms. Myers said. “We intend to exceed the original requests for 100,000 cots and 300,000 tents,” noting volunteers for sorting, packaging and loading containers will be needed by each church at their drop-off points. In addition to cots and tents, she listed as top priority items propane stoves and gas, camp cooking utensils, potties with fivegallon buckets, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, mosquito repellent, chorine tablets and water purification systems. First aid medical kits, band-aids, antibiotic ointments, hand wipes and hand sanitizing gel, gloves, masks, and bandages are also sought, as well as non-perishable foodstuffs (energy bars); fruit and vegetable seeds; clothing, with shoes and sandals of all sizes. Pledging aid from Kendall businesses was Frank Irizarry, veteran community leader who chairs the West Kendall Business Association. “We are ready to assist any business or corporation in the area to funnel contributions of cash or donated supplies through this coordinated effort,” Irizarry said. Business owner George Aoun of On the Border Restaurant at West Kendall’s Village Center shopping complex had stepped forward to pledge 10 percent of all proceeds from meals served between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Jan. 25 to contribute to the cause.

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

from page 1 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

high school,” Clark added. “You will not win if you don’t apply. We encourage all high schools to submit applications this year so that their students may take advantage of this generous scholarship.” As of early February, applications will be available in the College Assistance Office in each public and private high school throughout the county. Applications must be sent in by schools. Home schooled students may apply by calling Diana Venturini at 305-995-1367 for applications and due dates.

The Fair will be celebrating its 59th year Mar. 25 to Apr. 11, and is expected to attract more than 600,000 visitors. Awarding more than $8 million in scholarships, awards and premiums along with outstanding educational student and youth programs, The Fair is more than just an 18-day event and a sought after venue for community events and festivals held throughout the year. The not-forprofit organization is a South Florida institution that is there for the community throughout the year.

HAMMOCKS, from page 1 –––

force from 1966 to 1968. Coming to Miami in 1971 (“Snow is pretty, falling on ice is not.”), he began his insurance career with Travelers and now is nearing 40 years of underwriting, working today primarily in commercial property and casualty fields to insure businesses, condominiun and homeowner associations against loss. Active in Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce for many years, Blough represents the chamber on a Police Crime Watch Board and serves on the Business and Education Committee. He also is a member of the Community Association Network that meets monthly at the Red Lobster in West Kendall to discuss affairs as attorneys and property managers on maintenance, banking, accounting and insurance matters. With a Miami Business Networking Breakfast Club he exchanges advice at the famed Versailles Restaurant on Eighth Street. “Great coffee!” Blough adds. A bachelor, the new Hammocks District CAC chair believes in community service, whether family may be involved or not. “It’s part of giving back to this great community where we live,” Blough said. “If we can nip a problem in the bud, so much the better.” For information on the Hammocks District CAC, call 305-216-1763, ext. 257, or send email to <>.

“But if you want to know more, you need to attend the session. I know Mr. Walters will have important things to tell us — just look at all of the schools within a mile of the Hammocks station.” Blough has asked Maj. Casas to secure a speaker from the Miami-Dade Police unit investigating political corruption because “that interests me, too, and I know it does others.” An associate of Butler, Buckley and Deets, Miami’s oldest insurance agency founded in 1910, Blough lived in the 298-unit Rozland condominium at 7668 SW 152 Ave. for 24 years before moving to Coral Gables. He still retains property and high interest in Kendall affairs, only part of why he remains active outside his Coral Gables home. “Particularly with budget cuts, the more we can alert police to problems, the better,” he said. “We are definitely not the neighborhood snitches that the Cubans hated under Castro. As citizens, we can be a very valuable asset.” Serving community and country comes naturally to Blough who grew up in Fairfield, IA, secured his BA degree from Parsons College and as an Army draftee got his first taste of policing with the 728th Military Police Battalion, serving in the Korean occupational

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Future of Community Councils raises questions Michael Miller EXECUTIVE EDITOR

AROUND TOWN The need for Community Councils to function as a people’s voice for designated unincorporated county areas remained a pressing concern in Kendall last week. Atty. Elliott Zack, who chairs East Kendall’s Council 12, commented to Commissioner Katy Sorenson that redistricting 10 Council boundaries to better represent geographic areas made sense. (A single council for Fisher Island is hardly necessary). Zack proposed that as many as five or six Councils could represent large populations of unincorporated Miami-Dade County in homogenous areas, including Kendall with

upwards of a half-million residents divided among five of 13 Commission districts. Patricia “Shannen” Davis who chairs West Kendall’s Council 11 wonders why the Commissioners haven’t called in Council zoning support staffs to get a firsthand idea on how to maintain non-zoning sessions without abolishing them entirely to save tax dollars. That was the reason advanced last fall by Jose ‘Pepe’ Diaz who proposed restructuring existing Councils into four countywide regional bodies during budget cuts. An estimated $430,000 saving for the county during fiscal 2010 has been generally panned as reason to eliminate representation of unincorporated voters through Councils meetings. Commissioners were scheduled to review Diaz’s motion last Thursday during a second public hearing of Diaz’s original motion but Sorenson said she expected the matter would be deferred, as did several

From left: Angelica Rivera, Gladys Gonzalez, manager, and East Kendall candidate Carla Ascencio-Savola who celebrated her birthday at the Mildred Pepper Senior Center by visitng seniors and staff who sang and celebrated the occasion January 11. The Community Council 12 member and former chairpoerson who opposes incumbent Rep. J. C. Planas for State Rep. District 115 in November said Meals-on-Wheels and other senior programs are “top priority” in her legislative campaign. The Center is located at 10000 SW 56 Street.

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Kendall Council members. A reasonable approach would have Commissioners take the matter under further advisement and listen to those whom they represent. Any action that did otherwise would appear to kick dirt into the face of existing Council members and the voters they represent. A m a t t e r of record, Patricia Davis was reelected as Chairperson and Jeff Wander, Vice Chair, of West Kendall Council 11, during a special meeting called only for that purpose on January 19. Asked how the cost of that special meeting (including a 10-inch space advertisement in The Herald) got past Mr. Diaz, Ms. Davis answered: “possibly for compliance.” Just for the record, Council 12 is scheduled to reelect officers at a zoning meeting Feb 10, appearing to save the costs that so concern Commissioner ‘Pepe.’ T i me frame of 90 days announced by Miami-Dade Expressway authority for closing of the northbound ramp for westbound traffic on SW 104th Street to the Shula (SR 874), amidst extensive intersection reconstruction eventually providing three lanes for exiting traffic, eastbound,

from the Shula to SW 104 Street. Alternative northbound SR 874 routes: SW 97 Ave to Kendall Drive and take the new ramp to SR 874 (and SR 878, westbound), or SW 87 Avenue to Kendall Drive, turn left westbound, then right to the entrance to SR 874 and SR 878, sez the engineers. We s t K e n d a l l Business Association (“The Friendliest Place to do Business”) has its Board of Directors Installation Lunch Thursday, January 28, hosted and sponsored by District 11 Commissioner Joe Martinez. Special recognition will highlight retiring Chair Jorge F. Pena and welcome First Bank VP Frank Irizarry as his successor during a noon program at Signature Gardens, 12725 SW 122nd Avenue. T h o ug h t o f t h e D a y It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. — Samuel Adams

Richard Yager contributed to this column. Got any tips? Contact me at 305-6697355, ext. 249, or send emails to <>.

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Here we go again — playing the numbers game R. Kenneth Bluh KENNETH’S COMMENTARY Here we go again — playing the numbers game. How much money is spent in MiamiDade during the Super Bowl game weekend? The National Football League says around $460 million. Economists say between $58 and $120 million. Who knows? There are ways to “estimate” spending by analyzing tax revenue increases and hotel bookings. Where is the money spent? Miami-Dade, Broward, where? Another numbers game is how much does it cost to build a government-sponsored project? The guys and gals who want us to commit our tax dollars estimate what they feel is realistic. And, if it wasn’t a “government” project they would more than likely be correct. But, they are government projects. Just look at the Performing Arts Center.

It was estimated to cost $255 million. It ended up costing $419 million. And, that is not considering the taxpayers having to cover the annual revenue shortfall to keep the doors open now that the center is completed and in use. Look at the cost of the expansion at Miami International Airport. Currently $2 billion over original projections and the building isn’t even finished. I’d bet my pension that the cost of building the Florida Marlins baseball stadium will run at a minimum of one and a half times the original projected costs. Now, not wanting Miami to be left out of future Super Bowl weekends, Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, says that if we don’t spend $240 million to put a roof over the Dolphin’s stadium there very well might not be any more Super Bowl games in Miami. Cold, cold Chicago and Minneapolis must love to hear that threat. And so it goes. Project the benefits high. Project the cost low. Then the public, gullible as we are, will buy it again. Kind of reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon, where Lucy tells Charlie Brown: “I’ll hold the ball and you kick it.” And every time he tries she jerks the ball away at the

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–– VIEWPOINT –– very last moment and Charlie Brown falls on his butt. That aptly describes the taxpayers of South Florida. We fall for the “trust me” answer to our question: Where’s the money? We always seem to end up on our “financial” butts. The NFL is awash in money. The owners of the Miami Dolphins are billionaires. The stadium is privately owned. Why, in our wildest dreams, would we want to spend taxpayer money to fix up a private investor’s assets? The sunshine, sand, South Beach night life and casinos bring a lot of football fans to Miami Super Bowl games that might not go to the same game if it were played in freezing, snow-blinding weather. South Florida’s hotel rooms in January and February are pretty much filled. The biggest advantage to the hotels is the increased room charges that are more often than not

sent the hotel chains’ home offices up north. Few of those dollars remain in Miami. The $240 million cost of the roof for the stadium, it is suggested, would be paid for by hotel bed taxes. My, how we do stretch the “projected” hotel bed tax dollars. Every time a new project comes along that will need hotel bed tax dollars the project sponsors increase “their” estimates of future tax revenues to justify their “new” project. When will we ever learn? We appreciate your opinions on this column whether in agreement or disagreement. Please send your comments to (fax number) 305-662-6980 or email to <>. The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of this newspaper, its editors or publisher.

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


Here’s how you can help Haiti’s earthquake victims

Al Sunshine 4 YOUR MONEY It’s a very natural reaction for so many of us: We witness the horrible stories coming out of Haiti after a massive earthquake leveled the capital and we want to help the victims. For South Florida, Haiti’s latest tragedy is even that much closer to home because of our close ties to the country and our own thriving Haitian-American community. Our first thought might be to find clothes, food, medical supplies and toys and take them down to a collection site to send to Haiti’s survivors. That’s to be expected. However, the horrible reality is that transportation into Haiti and around that country may be very difficult for now. Military aid and relief supplies aimed at immediately saving lives will be a priority. Unfortunately, there’s a history of private emergency supplies waiting here for weeks to be shipped to Caribbean disaster areas, only to wait again for even longer in foreign warehouses or out on the open, until they can be transported throughout the country. So what’s needed now and what can we do about it? Charity groups like CBS4’s Neighbors 4 Neighbors and the American Red Cross are asking for financial donations. They need the money to get not only pre-packaged emergency food, water and medicines, but they also need the funding to make sure it gets where it’s needed the most. Mounting private relief efforts costs money.

No doubt, we’ll be hearing a lot more over the coming weeks about charity drives for Haitian relief. But remember, charity donations should go directly to the victims as soon as possible. That’s why so many charity groups are now asking for financial donations and not extra food, water, medicine or clothing. To complicate matters more, here’s another problem to be aware of — specifically, charity scams. Obviously, we want to make sure every donation goes where it’s intended. But unfortunately, scam artists use disasters like this to set up bogus charities that use most of the money to line their pockets. Sadly too, there aren’t state or federal laws requiring that most of the money a charity raises actually goes to the needy and not to the charity operators themselves. By Florida law, all charities have to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Charities are required to disclose how much money they collect, how much they keep for “administrative operations” and how much actually goes to the needy. You can check out Florida charities on line at <> The Federal Trade Commission has put out national charity scam warnings for years and offers guidelines to make sure your donations actually end up with the victims of disasters, and not scam artists. For information about making your donations count, visit online at <>. Watch Al Sunshine’s “4 Your Money” reports Monday-Friday beginning at noon. You may find Al’s blog at <>.

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Doctors organize for Haiti mission and need supplies BY DEBORAH ALBERTO

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13615 S. Dixie Hwy #113 Miami Fl, 33176

305-253-5740 HOURS: Mon-Sat 10-6

When the cameras leave and publicity dies down, the work in Haiti will continue outside of the international spotlight. The Cuban Association of the Order of Malta, a local group dedicated to providing humanitarian aid through its relief organization, Malteser International, is organizing teams of doctors, nurses and other relief personnel with a commitment to stay for the long haul. “Our mission will last longer than a year and possibly multiple years,” said Mauricio Fernandez, a member and vice treasurer of the local chapter of the Order, a group with no paid staff members. “Volunteers can be called several months from now to fly to Haiti and provide relief. Everyone wants to go now but the real work begins when the cameras are gone and Haiti is old news.” While there has been a great response to humanitarian aid in Haiti, there remains a problem with organization. As reported on news stations, supplies are frequently not being directed to places where medical personnel can utilize them, and there is a host of other logistical problems with the flow of relief into Haiti. For these reasons, the local chapter of the Order of Malta is committed to creating a humanitarian relief project that is organized, quality driven and self-sufficient. Teams of six medical personnel are being flown into Haiti on two-week missions where they are assisting the Haitian victims in dire need of medical care. Local doctors and volunteers are participating in a grassroots effort that involve organizing doctors, arranging lodging and transportation for them, and collecting desperately needed medical supplies. These efforts have included email and phone campaigns, and door-to-door pleas for assistance to garner the public’s assistance in obtaining these supplies and funds to help defray the

expenses of doctors traveling into these impoverished and destructed areas. The medical Malteser International team has been working in the nearly destroyed hospital Francois de Sales with one surgeon, two emergency medical technicians and anesthetists and three native Haitian medical attendants. “Finally, we can help the people directly and alleviate their suffering,” said Dr. Runggaldier, a physician involved in the relief effort. “Furthermore, our planning for a sustainable assistance after the first emergency relief phase is becoming more concrete and more detailed. It is our aim to revitalize this hospital and render it again into a useable institution for the poorest and most severely affected population in the downtown,” Anyone wishing to donate to this cause can send checks payable to: The Foundation of the Cuban Association of the S.M.O. Inc., Grove Professional Building, Suite 300, 2950 SW 27 Ave., Miami, FL 33133. You also can donate via Paypal at <>. Supplies needed include: Alcohol, Betadine, antiseptics, antibiotic creams, hydrogen peroxide, 11-inch scalpels, sutures (2-0 silks, vinyl, Prolene, all sizes), syringes, needles (all gauge size), surgical equipment, 4x4 and 2x2 gauze, 18 and 21 gauge needle catheters; IV tubing, water swab stick, pain medication, Motrin, Tylenol, adhesive tape, Scrub/Betadine brushes, x-ray film, antiseptics for operating rooms, thermal paper rolls, elastic bandages (Kerlix), splinting material (Orthoglass 3 & 4 inch), Webrill and any over the counter supplies such as bandages, gauze, masks, gloves, etc. All donations of money and supplies are being directed to the Haiti relief effort. If you would like more information call Mauricio Fernandez at 305-662-7839, 305794-4701 or send email to him at <>.

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Selling old jewelry and coins becoming easier BY LINDA RODRIGUEZ BERNFELD

Jordan Athos has opened Miami Mint, a new coin and bullion shop at 8275 SW 124 St. Athos says this is a good time to visit a coin and bullion store. “People that are down and out a little bit, they can invest in gold and protect their money,” he said. “Now is a great time to be buying, trading and selling, because the economy is not doing well. You have to capitalize on what’s happening right now.” Right now gold is at record highs. Athos said silver is a little bit below record levels, but is heading back up. “Gold over the past fivesix years has doubled,” he said. “Nothing at this time has done what gold has done. It’s a good time if you want to sell what you have, if you want to cash it in with me, or Jordan Athos is pictured at his new Miami Mint store. you want to get into it and –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– cash it in in the future. Athos has been in the gold and bullion of the time, I’ll beat them. If it’s a small amount, I’ll give them cash. business for eight years. The jewelry people are turning in for “It was my first opportunity to open my cash is not being resold, instead it is being own store in an excellent location.” Someone who has gold they want to turn melted down. “It has to be a special, special piece to be into cash, coins they want to buy or sell, or worth more,” he said. bullion can take the gold to him. Athos deals in gold and silver coins, as “I will test it and I will buy it off of them if they want,” he said. “What I recommend well as rare coins. He said today, some of is have a quote from somewhere else. I will the more sought after coins are the beat the quote. I don’t want anyone to walk American Eagle, South African Krugerand and Canadian Maple Leaf. in blindly. I want people to be educated.” As far as the 50 State collection of quarHe is concerned that some people will be taken in by the TV ads for online compa- ters, Athos said that’s something you have nies that are buying old jewelry for cash, to hand down to your children and eventubut send consumers envelopes and give ally it will be worth something. “I would suggest, when you deal with quotes after the gold is mailed to them. “You should not send your jewelry any- the state quarters, you leave them how they where on good faith to receive a check in are. Never clean a coin and never alter a two weeks,” he said. “I can guarantee to coin,” he said. For those who are interested in selling anybody I will pay more than any online gold or coins, Athos said his shop is open place. People should be aware.” More importantly, when a customer to all. He also will look over coin collections comes in with gold or jewelry to sell, Athos and help people understand what they have weighs the items in front of them. “There are no smoke and mirrors. I don’t of value, even if they don’t want to sell it. For more information, call 305-255send you a check in a week,” he said. “I do honor other people’s quotes and 95 percent 4240.

2010 - 2011 School Year PRE-K (AGES 3 & 4) THROUGH 8TH GRADE The Heritage School offers an enriched integrated curriculum; Arts, Music, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Technology, Languages, wireless laptops, computer lab, robotics, Small Class sizes limited to 20 students - 10 acre campus, swimming pool, baseball field, soccer field, camera surveillance system, Edline access via Internet to grades, homework, etc.

Visit our website and apply online OPEN HOUSE - JANUARY 23 10:00AM - 12:00PM

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Miami’s Community Newspapers introduces . . .

Great Dining Deals Community Newspapers is offering the public incredible discount deals on great restaurants! For our restaurant gift certificates, just contact Karina Soave at (305) 669-7355 ext 213 or e-mail: Participating restaurants include:

Keg South

Village Dinner

Di Papa’s

12805 SW 136 Avenue 305-253-2043

8695 SW 124 Avenue 305-595-4444

9877 N. Kendall Drive (305)-271-5441

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

The Westin Colonnade (Hoja Nueva Restaurant)

The Muffin Tin Restaurant

180 Aragon Avenue 305-441-2600

Jan. 31 is enrollment deadline for Florida Prepaid College Plan BY THELMA GIVENS

SAVE 50%

12881 N. Kendall Drive 305-382-9598

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

12655 S. Dixie Highway 305-235-9020

Families have only days remaining to purchase a Florida Prepaid College Plan at current plan prices. Enrolling children by the Jan. 31 deadline is easy to do online at <>. For the past 21 years, more than 917,000 children have been enrolled in the Florida Prepaid College Plan and 230,000 students have gone to college using their prepaid benefits. “The earlier families begin saving for college, the better,” said Duane Ottenstroer, chair of the Florida Prepaid College Board. “And, the Florida Prepaid College Plan is financially guaranteed by the state of Florida. Once your family has purchased a Florida Prepaid College Plan, your payments are fixed and never increase, and you don’t have to worry about the economy when it comes to college savings.” Prepaid tuition can be purchased for children and grandchildren as soon as they are born and up until the 11th grade. With college tuition representing just 16 percent of the total cost for attending a public university in Florida, four flexible plans are available

through Florida Prepaid College Plans — tuition plans, tuition differential fee plan, local fee plan, and dormitory plan — to help cover the costs of a college education. “Every grandparent would like to see their grandchildren get a college education,” said Florida Prepaid purchaser, Justine Kellner McGheehan of Tallahassee. “You want the best for them and one of the best things you can give them is a head start towards a college education.” Once children are ready for college, they have a broad selection of universities to choose from under the Florida Prepaid College Plan. The plans can be used at Florida’s 11 public universities, 28 community colleges (including the nine colleges offering baccalaureate degrees) and select technical schools. Or the plan’s full dollar value, what would be paid to a Florida public college, can be transferred to most private and out-of-state colleges. Only a $50 application fee is due by the Jan. 31 deadline. The first plan payment is not due until Apr. 20. Families can call 1-800-552GRAD (4723) to order an Enrollment Kit and paper application in English or Spanish and speak to a customer service representative.

POT HOLES CURBS The #1 cause of wheel & tire damage

The #2 cause of wheel & tire damage



Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Old Cutler Animal Clinic Providing High Quality Veterinary Care in South Dade Since 1974 A Full Service Veterinary Hospital General Medicine Vaccinations Surgery Orthopedics Dentistry Radiology ECG Ultrasound Senior Pet Health Care Pharmacy

Air Conditioned Boarding Microchips Allergy Testing Complete Laboratory Services Grooming & Bathing Flea & Tick Control Products Prescription Diets Premium Pet Foods Pet Care Supplies

305-251-6151 20205 Franjo Road Cutler Ridge William L. Harris, D.V.M.

Mark Steele, D.V.M., J.D., MPH Our entire staff is dedicated, trained and committed to provide the highest level of veterinary care for your pet.

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COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM 8695 SW 124 Avenue • Miami, FL 33183 • 305-595-4444 WE SERVE BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER ALL $6.50 movie tickets available with minimum meal purchase of $6.95 per person.

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Clearwater Pools & Patio helps maintain your backyard oasis


$6.99 Lunch Specials $8.99 Dinner Specials (includes coffee, tea or soda)

Monday thru Friday. Lunch special from 11am-3pm and dinner special from 5pm-8pm 10% discount for AAA members

$9.99 Full Rack $18.99

Clearwater Pools and Patio can renovate your pool and patio area into a tropical retreat in your backyard. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

1/2 Rack

BY NANCY EAGLETON Served with Fries and Coleslaw

Clearwater Pools and Patio maintains over 400 pools throughout the South Dade community, and they know that your pool area is an integral part of your home. You swim, you entertain there and it is your backyard oasis. As with many Florida homes, your pool probably is visible from several of your rooms, so it is important for this area to be maintained and to look sharp. Clearwater Pools and Patio maintains residential and commercial pools, repairs and installs pool equipment and the specialty is renovating pool and patio areas. Owner Ken Manheimer assembled his team of seven professionals for Clearwater Pools in 1996 and together they have more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry. “We have a fresh approach to pool service,” Manheimer said. “We strive to maintain our customers’ pool systems, educate our clients and communicate with them on a regular basis. Our supervisors are always on the road, so we are always available.” He continued, “We are professional in our service, so we want to be professional in our company appearance, as well. Our trucks are clean and new, and marked with our logo. Our supervisors are always in uniform because we enter our clients’ backyards, so it’s important for them to know who is there.” For your swimming enjoyment Clearwater Pools installs heat pumps so you can stay warm in your pool year-round. They also install salt chlorination systems, for those who want an alternative to liquid chlorine. Manheimer said that many pools need resurfacing after a 10-year period and Clearwater Pools offers all of the popular

options. From Diamond Brite and similar finishes, to tile mosaics on the pool bottom, to completely tiled pools, your pool can match the feeling of your home and be truly unique. With today’s pool renovations, it also is popular to add colored lights, steps and seated areas in the pool and even a beach entry, complete with chairs and umbrellas in the water. Water features, using natural or artificial rock, or beam water falls, which feature a sheet of water flowing off a straight edge, will transform your pool into an island retreat. “Pool areas are not just for swimming anymore,” Manheimer said. “They’ve become the place in the home to hang out, lounge and cool off when entertaining.” Clearwater Pools and Patio can give your pool deck and patio a new and improved look. Manheimer said that currently, most customers are choosing travertine or brick pavers on sand. The company also offers the popular Eurotile and Sundek surfaces. “There are so many materials and options for patio and pool coping surfaces,” he said. “Whatever a customer needs that’s pool related, we do. Some companies won’t touch small jobs,” Manheimer said. “We’ll fix tiles or coping that have popped up and touch up deck surfaces. We don’t say ‘no’ to any customer request.” Manheimer also announced that beginning in the summer of 2010, Clearwater Pools and Patio will offer new pool construction service. Clearwater Pools and Patio is located at 12308 SW 117 Ct. in Kendall and the phone number is 305-278-9395. For more information, you may send an email to <>, or to see the photo gallery of the company’s work, visit the website at <>.

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


The Top 5 Questions When Facing Foreclosure BY DANIA S. FERNANDEZ, ESQ., Attorney at Law 1. Once I get the Complaint for Foreclosure what should I do? When you receive the complaint, your best action is to consult with an experienced attorney to properly respond to the Complaint of Foreclosure. In Florida, you will have 20 days to give a response to the Complaint for Foreclosure. Once the response has been filed, you will have between 6 to 12 months to take action and make decisions Each provision in the complaint should be answered with a Denial or Admit along with your defenses against the Foreclosure Complaint. An Attorney will know the law and will properly form the answers and all the defenses on your behalf. Many of my clients come to my office with a recorded hardship letter as their answer to the Complaint. A recorded hardship letter is not an answer to the complaint. 2. I do not have any money right now. What should I do? Analyze your employment options and start looking for a way to make money. You must show some kind of income to qualify for modification or refinance. If there is no income, the Lender will not agree to new loan terms. Even though money is short, investing in a qualified attorney is essential. The attorney will be able to defend your case and may be able to negotiate a better agreement with the bank. 3. Should I keep my home? Is it still a good investment? The following is a list of points to consider when making this decision: •Do you owe more than the property is currently worth?

•What are the new modification terms the Lender is offering you? •Are there properties comparable to yours available at reduced prices? •Are there any loan programs you could qualify for if you do buy a new home? •Are family or friends available to help you get a loan as a co-signer/co-borrower? 4. Should I leave my home and rent another? No. It is not until there is a foreclosure sale date and the sale has occurred that you will need to leave your home. Hire an attorney to defend your case. You can stay in your home during the defense of your case. During this time you should be working at getting a loan modification with the Lender. This will take a few months. 5. Can anyone get a loan modification? No. First, a hardship must exist, such as loss of income, health issues, divorce, etc. Second, there must be proof of income sufficient to substantiate the payment of a loan modification. Third, the monthly expense should not be greater than the monthly income. We are experiencing great results with loan modifications. Some examples: 4%fixed for a term of 40 years; 3% for 5 years and thereafter fixed at prime; decreases in interest rates from 8.5% to 6%. These are a few of the most commonly asked question and answers regarding foreclosure. For more information go to and download the e-book “Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Today: What everyone should know?” by Dania Fernandez, Esq. and Emmanuel Perez, Esq. For a FREE initial consultation please call Dania Fernandez at 305-2544492 or e-mail me at Offices are located at 10205 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite 204.

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Holy Rosary Flea Market Saturday February 6th, 2010 • 8am - 2pm COME SHOP! 9500 SW 184 Street

305-345-1683 Call for booth information.

Early Bird Special

20% OFF Federal Return Expires 2/15/2010

877-322-8895 20551B Old Cutler Road • Cutler Bay, Florida 33189

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant, Kendall’s best kept secret, brings you the flavors of Mexico... Authentic Mexican Food, a festive display of color, ceramic tables and a décor ranging from Chihuahua to the Yucatán Peninsula. Business, family, casual and outside dining all in one.

Visit us: 12881 N. Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33186


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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Two of my trees are failing to thrive while others of the same type are doing well. What is the problem? The tr ees may s imply be plantTHE ed too deep. When a tree ARBORIST Right Tree – Right Place is planted too deep, the base of the tree has soil and moisture right up against the trunk. This impairs tree growth, encourages root rot and pest infestation. The tree is working so hard to defend itself against this damage that it fails to thrive. Deep mulch packed around the base of a tree results in the same damage as too-deep planting. Mulch should be limited to less than 6 inches deep, start at least a foot away from the tree trunk, and be used underneath the canopy out to the canopy edge, if possible. Circling or girdling roots impair tree health and growth This occurs when roots circle back and girdle the trunk of the tree. The roots turn up towards the surface and cross back in over the base of the tree strangling the tree and causing moisture

retention at the base of the tree. This problem can be avoided by looking at the root ball of a tree before you plant. A root system with lots of roots growing back in towards the center is not a good choice. How can I tell if a tree is planted too deep? If you cannot see the flare of the trunk at the base of a tree, it is planted too deep or mulched too high. The tree should have a “trumpet” shape at the bottom. If you have a tree that is failing to thrive, call a certified arborist before you decide to replace the tree. There are ways to remedy the problems and save a tree you have invested time and money in.

Ron von Paulus is an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist (ID #Fl-5770A). He has more than 20 years experience working with trees in South Florida. He offers free consultations to homeowners and businesses. Please contact him at Big Ron’s Tree Service 305-588-3091 or by email at

“Where the elite meet to eat”

$2.00 OFF $10.00 min. purchase per person w/coupon only. Only valid for Lunch. Expires 4.01.10

Family Owned and Operated Since 1965



Hot Open Roast Beef or Turkey Plate $7.65 Seared Tuna Plate $10.25 • Hamburger Steak Plate $7.95 Philly Cheese Steak Wrap $7.45 Cajun Burger $5.75 • Southwest Grilled Chicken Melt $6.95 Tuna or Chicken Salad Wrap $6.75 Meatloaf Wednesdays - $7.95 • Italian Tuesdays - $8.95


Mon. thru Fri. - 5:30 to 2:30pm • Sat. - 5:30 to 1pm Sundays & Holidays Closed

Visit our new website at

17009 S. Dixie Hwy, Palmetto Bay FL 33157

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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CAA offering scholarships to college-bound students The Miami-Dade Community Action Agency’s (CAA) Community Advisory Committees (CAC) are accepting applications through Tuesday, Feb. 16, for educational scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each. Applications are available at all CAA Community Service Centers, or can be downloaded at <>. To qualify for the scholarships, which are awarded to individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 to assist them with reaching their educational goals, candidates must currently be enrolled in a college or vocational institution or will be attending a college or vocational institution this fall. The individual must reside within the boundaries of any of the 16 target areas represented by a CAC, and whose annual household income does not exceed 125 percent of the Health and Human Services Poverty Income Guidelines. The individual must have at least a “C” average in school to qualify. Other requirements include performing community service hours and any employment during the candidate’s junior or senior year. For additional information about the scholarship program, call 786-469-4600.

Actual Patient

OBTAIN A PASSPORT AT CORAL GABLES CITY HALL Now until Mar. 27 the City of Coral Gables will be processing passport applications on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The passport office will continue to be open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. On whichever day you come, remember to bring proof of citizenship and proof of identity, as well as two passport photos, which can be taken at the facility. You must pay with two checks or money orders. For information call 305-460-5351. THE HENRY FLAGLER YOU MAY NOT KNOW Meda Jensen will speak on Thursday, Jan. 28, 7 p.m., at the Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum, 41 N. Krome Ave. in Homestead, about the Henry Flagler not known to the public eye. Jensen, who will offer attendees an opportunity to decide for themselves who the real Henry Flagler was, frequently is a speaker on South Dade history and the people of Everglades National Park. Seating is limited. Come early and enjoy dinner in downtown Homestead, and view the collection of historic photos in the museum. For more information call Ruth Campbell

COMMUNITY NEWS briefs at 305-242-4463 between 1 and 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

SWITCHBOARD OF MIAMI SEEKING CREOLE-SPEAKING VOLUNTEERS Switchboard of Miami Inc., is recruiting volunteers to answer the agency’s helpline information and referral calls in Creole, and provide emotional support to the Haitian community in this time of grief. Training will be provided at Switchboard of Miami, 701 SW 27 Ave., Miami. For more information on how to volunteer, contact Zaymar Vargas at 305-358-1640, ext. 161, or by email at <>. ‘THE RACE,’ JAN. 31, TO BENEFIT CHILDREN’S BEREAVEMENT CENTER “The Race,” hosted by Rachel and Brian Dubow and benefiting the Children’s Bereavement Center, will take place on Sunday, Jan. 31, at Coral Reef Park, 7895 SW 152 St. in Palmetto Bay. Registration

will begin at 9 a.m. and the race will start at 10. Brunch will be served. The race, a three-mile run, walk or roll around the park, was established seven years ago in memory of Rachel and Brian’s uncle, Brent Hershman, and takes place annually. This year’s race is dedicated to the memory of Rachel and Brian’s dear friend Alexander “Zander” Standiford. To date, the race has raised over $55,000 for the CBC. For more information, contact Peter Willig of the Children’s Bereavement Center at 305668-4902 or send email to <>.

ATTENTION VETERANS: VA BENEFITS TO BE HIGHLIGHTED AT FREE EVENT Veterans and their spouses can learn how to apply for the VA-administered Aid and Attendance benefit during a free seminar on Thursday, Jan. 28, 6:30 p.m., at Heartland

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Life is Brighter with a Smile Dr. Jorge Blanco DDS Comprehensive Dentistry for Every Smile Caring for you and your family since 1989. New patients are always welcome. Call today for your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and let us prove why we should be your new dental home.

Call 305-670-0352 | Conveniently located at: 7700 Red Road with lots of easy parking Friendly and Professional Staff

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ACLF, 9400 SW 137 Ave. The seminar will be presented by Ric Pertierra of the American Association of Wartime Veterans, who will educate senior wartime veterans on the government benefit that can provide up to $1,949 per month, tax free, to help offset the cost of assisted living and other costs associated with aging. To RSVP for this free presentation, call Frankie Bell at 305-385-8290.

FREE DIABETES SCREENING OFFERED AT BAPTIST HOSPITAL More than 16,000 South Miami-Dade residents have diabetes and don’t even know it. Find out if you are one of them during a free diabetes screening at the Diabetes Care Center located in the Baptist Medical Arts Building, East Tower, 8940 N. Kendall Dr., Suite 803-E. The screenings take place daily, MondayFriday, by appointment only. For reservations, call the Diabetes Care Center at Baptist Hospital, 786-596-3696. CAA MICRO-ENTERPRISE GRANT FUNDING DEADLINE EXTENDED The Miami-Dade Community Action Agency (CAA) is extending the deadline for submission of applications for the Micro-Enterprise Grant Program to Friday, Feb. 5, at 3 p.m.

This program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Addendum 1 has been added to the grant application, indicating the new deadline for submitting applications and the date for the notice of awards. Through the program, grants in the amount of $5,000 will be awarded to eligible small business owners through a competitive process in each of the 13 Miami-Dade County Commission districts. Applications should be submitted to any of the CAA Community Service Centers. Successful applicants will be notified on Mar. 9. For information, call 786-469-4682.

BORN FREE PET SHELTER’S ANNUAL BENEFIT ON FEB 6 Born Free Pet Shelter has planned its sixth annual benefit, “Tropical Night in Paradise,” dinner and silent auction on Saturday, Feb. 6, at the Key Biscayne Beach Club, 685 Ocean Dr., Key Biscayne. Music will be provided by Reggie Paul with catering by “Parties by Pat.” Tickets for this event cost $85 each or $800 for a table of 10. If you want to attend or donate to the shelter, issue your check to the Born Free Pet Shelter and send to: Born Free Pet Shelter, PO Box 823, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, or call Alicia Aballi at 305-361-5507. KIWANIS CLUB PRESENTING ‘AN EVENING OF THE ARTS’ The Kiwanis Club of Pinecrest/Palmetto

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Bay will present “An Evening of the Arts,” on Saturday, Feb. 6, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Evelyn Greer Park, 8200 SW 124 St. in Pinecrest. There will be live entertainment and complimentary hors d’oeuvres, plus artwork and wine for sale at this free event. For more information, call 305-252-0305 or send email to <>.

MUSEUM TO PRESENT ‘MUSIC & POETRY OF LINCOLN’S TIME’ To conclude the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, the Jewish Museum of Florida presents, “Music and Poetry of Lincoln’s Time,” on Thursday, Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m., at the museum, 301 Washington Ave. in South Beach. The concert, organized and led by renowned South Florida clarinetist Paul Green, includes a narration about Lincoln’s relationship to the Jews, music of Lincoln’s time that he liked, musical tributes to Lincoln after his death, a recitation of Emma Lazarus’ poem inspired by Lincoln that is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, a selection of patriotic songs written by American Jewish composers in the first half of the 20th century and concluding with an arrangement of portions of Aaron Copland’s A Lincoln Portrait, performed by the FIU Wind Ensemble. Admission costs $18 per person for museum members; $25 per person for non-members. Call 305-672-5044, ext. 3175, with a credit card number for reservations.

COMMISSIONER MOSS ANNOUNCES DISTRICT 9 SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS Small business owners in Miami-Dade Commission chair Dennis C. Moss’ District 9 will have the opportunity, from Feb. 8 to 22, to apply for Mom and Pop Small Business grants up to $5,000. Eligible business owners receiving grant awards may use the funds to assist their businesses by purchasing equipment, supplies, advertising/marketing, inventory, building liability insurance, security systems and/or to make minor renovations. To be considered, the applicant’s small businesses must be located in District 9 and meet certain criteria. Grant applications will be available for pick-up from Moss’ District North Office at 10710 SW 211 St., Suite 206 in South Dade Government Center, or District South Office at 1634 NW Sixth Ave. in Florida City from Tuesday, Feb. 8, through Tuesday, Feb. 22, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Applications can be accessed online at <>. All applications must be properly completed and returned between Wednesday, Feb. 23, and Friday, Feb. 25, by 5 p.m., only at the District North Office/South Dade Government Center, Suite 206. For information regarding Mom and Pop grant opportunities, contact Dallas Manuel in the District 9 office at 305-234-4938.

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Come Celebrate our 20th year in Business


Kitchen N Bath Displays

Lighting Fixtures N Accessories e For Sal

r Floo ples Sam

Medicine Cabinets N Mirrors

Door N Cabinet Hardware

ed Fram Art Furni


8898 SW 129th Terr.

Wings • Sandwiches • World Famous Steak “Keg Bites”

(Falls Warehouse District)

Miami, FL 33176

305.251.0959 Hours: Tues.-Fri. 10-5pm • Sat. 10-2PM • Sun. - Mon. Closed


12805 SW 136 Avenue | 305.253.2043 Across from Tamiami Airport

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010



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FORGET RED FOR VALENTINE’S DAY, NOW IT’S TIME TO THINK GREEN The Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension Division is hosting a workshop that teaches how to love your landscape by helping it recover from cold damage brought on by recent dips in temperature and keep it green year-round. The event will take place on Saturday, Feb. 13, 9 a.m.-noon., at Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 SW 57 Ave. Workshop presenters will explain how much water you should be using on your lawn during the winter, which plants you should prune and which plants are spectacular winter bloomers. They will demonstrate proper techniques to maintain and promote good plant health, including fertilizer application, in ways that are eco-friendly. Attendees will be able to participate in a series of hands-on activities. The workshop registration fee is $10. To make your reservation, call Patty Viera at 305-248-3311, ext. 225. For more information, call Laura Vasquez at 305-248-3311, ext. 239. ANIMAL SERVICES CELEBRATES PET ADOPTION EVENT, FEB. 14 Animal Services invites you to celebrate the “Open Your Heart and Your Home” pet adoption event on Sunday, Feb. 14, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Animal Services Shelter, 7401 NW 74 St. in Medley. Interested adopters must be at least 18 years old. Adoption fees apply, including a $50 refundable deposit if the pet is not yet spayed or neutered. Under the spay/neuter agreement, only Miami-Dade County residents may adopt pets. Attendance is free and open to the public. Donations of dog and/or cat toys are appreciated. Adoption gift certificates, for people considering giving a pet to someone as a present, can be purchased so they can choose the pet best for their lifestyle. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY TO PRESENT BOATING SKILLS, SEAMANSHIP CLASSES The award-winning U.S. Coastguard Auxilliary Flotilla 65 presents Boating Skills and Seamanship Classes beginning Monday, Feb. 15, 7 p.m., at UM Rosential School, 4600 Rickenbacker Cswy. Learn and discover the right boat for you, equipment, boat handling, boat highway signs, rules of the road, weather for boating, navigation introduction, powering your boat, boat radio, knot tying and much more. The program is recognized by the State of Florida and meets the legal requirement for agerestricted power boaters. You may be eligible for boat insurance discounts after completing the program.

For additional information, contact Sheldon Dobkins at 305-666-6024 or Elena Cohan at <>.

SEMINAR: RESOLVE TO RUN CLEAN CAMPAIGN IN 2010 With dozens of elections scheduled throughout 2010, now is the time for candidates, their staff members and volunteers to get an update on election and fundraising regulations during a Campaign Skills Seminar sponsored by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 6:30 p.m., at the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department Auditorium, 9300 NW 41 St. in Doral. The seminar will provide essential information to declared candidates, individuals considering running for election or anyone who wants to understand the legal and ethical obligations of seeking public office. Speakers include representatives of the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission, State Attorney’s Office and Elections Department. The event is free and open to the public. Attorneys can earn Continuing Legal Education credits from the Florida Bar. For more information or to reserve a seat, call Robert Thompson at 305-350-0630 or send email to <>. HEAD START/EARLY HEAD START NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The Miami-Dade Community Action Agency’s (CAA) Head Start/Early Head Start program will begin its open enrollment for the 2010-11 program year, which begins this August. Applications are being accepted until Apr. 30 for pregnant women and children ages 2 months to 5 years after Sept. 1. The program also provides services to homeless families with children. Applications are available at all Head Start/Early Head Start centers and CAA Community Service Centers throughout Miami-Dade County. Applications and a list of Head Start Centers may be downloaded from the county’s website at <>. Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive child development program serving low-income families. Services available through this program include health, mental health and nutrition, assistance with disabilities, education, social services and parent involvement. For additional information or to locate a Head Start Center in your neighborhood, call 786-469-4622.

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CLAUDIA GOMEZ 18901 SW 106 AVENUE • SUITE 132 T. 786.293.9141 • F. 786.293.9142 • C. 786.554.9785 LOCATED ACROSS FROM BJ’S WHOLESALE ON MARLIN ROAD

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Two wild evenings planned to benefit Miami Metrozoo




FEBRUARY 11, 2010 7:00pm - 11:00pm FREEDOM TOWER in Downtown Miami

ART Francesco LoCastro, JC Bravo, Adam C Schrimmer, Daniel Fila MUSIC Otto Von Schirach, Carmel Ophir Afrobeta, BFGF Notorious Nastie Emcee

FASHION Luis Valenzuela, Hair and Make-up by David D Jaded FILM Miami International Film Festival PERFORMANCE Circ X, Krave Art ART VIEWING Miami Mumbai MASTERMIND Grant Presented By Complimentary


Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

The Zoological Society of Florida and the Host Committee are hosting two wild evenings to celebrate wildlife in the spirit of Carnival — the new Beastkeeper VIP Party on Jan. 29 and Feast with the Beasts (FWTB) on Mar. 5. Presented by TotalBank, both events will help support the Zoological Society of Florida’s wildlife education and conservation programs on behalf of Miami Metrozoo. Taking place at the private residence of event co-chair Irene Korge and Chris Korge on Jan. 29 from 7 to 11 p.m., the Beastkeeper VIP Party will be vibrant as guests are invited to wear Venetian Carnival-style outfits and masks. Aside from open bars, cool jazz tunes, disc jockeys, and complimentary valet parking, revelers will enjoy fire dancers and exotic animal encounters from Miami Metrozoo. Exquisite fare will be served from fine restaurants including Azul at the Mandarin Oriental, Meat Market, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Canyon Ranch Grill, Caffé Abbracci and Giardino’s Gourmet Salads. Aroma Expresso, Bake Me a Wish, Hot Cookies and 2 Girls and a Cupcake will be satiating sweet cravings with delectable desserts and a decadent chocolate fountain. An extravagant silent auction will include items like a basketball signed by Alonzo Mourning, Guy Harvey lithographs and stays at the Atlantis Resort & Spa, Mandarin Oriental Miami and in the Amazon Reserva Rainforest Lodge in Peru. Admission to the Beastkeeper VIP Party also includes entry to FWTB at 8 p.m. with a VIP Cocktail Reception at 7 p.m. on Mar 5. The main event, Feast with the Beasts, returns to Miami Metrozoo on Mar. 5 from 8 p.m. to midnight. In its 17th year, one of the best events in town will feature 40 of South Florida’s finest restaurants, eight open bars, wild animal encounters, live entertainment and complimentary valet parking. To date some of the FWTB participating restaurants and dessert providers include: Gotham Steak at The Fontainebleau,

Trattoria Sole, Creative Tastes Catering & Event Production, Kitchen 305, Gatsby’s Kendall, Kaliapy’s and Blue Bell Ice Cream. “We are so excited to have added the new Beastkeeper VIP Party as a prelude to the legendary Feast with the Beasts event,” said Norma Jean Abraham and Irene Korge, FWTB co-chairs. “We are honored to chair these events with a host committee of inspiring people that will help us make it an even better fundraiser. We expect the restaurants and entertainment to surpass anything that has come before.” More than a 1,000 party goers, clad in Mardi-Gras Carnival themed outfits with masks, will enjoy delicious food, music and dance routines by So You Think You Can Dance star Brandon Bryant and Pyrofusion, all to benefit the Zoological Society of Florida’s (ZSF) conservation and education programs on behalf of Miami Metrozoo. After all of the wining and dining, every guest is invited to Ron Magill’s Spectacular Dance After Party from 10 p.m. to midnight at Dr. Wilde’s World plaza. Live entertainers and the hottest deejay in town playing the latest tunes will make the party unforgettable. Feast with the Beasts’ presenting sponsor is TotalBank. Other event sponsors include: Assurant; Bank of America Private Wealth Management; Bernstein Global Wealth Management-a unit of AllianceBernstein LP; CapTrust; Cherokee Enterprises Inc.; FP&L; Miami Jai-Alai; Norma Jean Abraham; Shutts & Bowen LLP; United Property Management; United Way, and White & Case LLP. Limited Beastkeeper VIP Party Passport tickets are available for $500 each. These passport tickets include admission to the VIP Party on Jan. 29 as well as to FWTB and the VIP cocktail reception on Mar. 5. Admission tickets to FWTB, limited to the first 1,000 guests, are available for $175. Those planning on attending should make advanced reservations. Sponsorship packages also are available. Visit <> or call 305-255-5551 to purchase tickets or for more information. Miami Metrozoo is located at 12400 SW 152 St.



Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

GET INSTANT RELIEF WITH NEW IN-OFFICE TREATMENT Our physicians perform a non-surgical procedure in the office that quickly and permanently treats hemorrhoids without discomfort or medication, so you can get back to your life the same day.



Galloway Medical Park 7500 S.W. 87th Avenue, Suite 200 - Miami, FL 33173

A Division of

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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The Best mexican food North Of The Border!

$38 AND UP* $5 OFF

FREE APPETIZER with a $20 purchase

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TEL: 305.278.0818 10021 SW 40 STREET (BIRD RD) • MIAMI, FLA TEL: 305.225.3297 15801 S. DIXIE HWY. • PALMETTO BAY, FLA


FREE "Soft Close" undermount drawers with your kitchen purchase! All cabinets are made in our factory in the USA. These are not foreign imports. Granite and Quartz counter tops manufactured in House! We only use environmentally friendly, water-based finishes by Sherwin-Williams. 50 standard colors to choose from, not to mention custom colors and glazes that we make upon request. Hundreds of door styles to choose from. Hundreds of decorative options available like island legs, corbels, onlays and appliques. Financing Available.

Come visit our showroom!! 2323 NW 72nd Avenue - Miami, FL 33122 305-716-0077 •

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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010





credited monthly to your Part B premium*

If your plan doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t offer it for 2010, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not stuck. #OMETOANEIGHBORHOODMEETINGTOlNDOUTABOUTHOWYOUCANSTILLSWITCHTOONETHATDOES You still have the opportunity to change your mind about your health plan. Reserve your place today at a Summit neighborhood meeting to learn more about plans that offer $0 monthly plan premiums, prescription drug coverage and $96.40 credited monthly to your Part B premium.

Call to reserve your seat today! Miami Dennyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant 15235 S.W. 137th Ave. February 2 & 16, 10:00 a.m. Looking for a neighborhood meeting more convenient to you? Additional dates and locations may be available. Call the plan for more details. Remember, if you want to switch, nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the time. A sales representative will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call the number listed.



Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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New Royal Palm Grill opens in Cutler Bay

Customers already are enjoying the new Royal Palm Grill. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BY GARY ALAN RUSE

Expanding on the success of the popular Royal Palm Grill in Homestead, a new restaurant location recently opened in the Town of Cutler Bay. Business partners David Grubbs and William Lockley bought the former Lots of Lox Deli in the Old Cutler Town Center at 20445 Old Cutler Rd. and hope to offer residents a wider selection of fare with delicious homestyle cooking, serving breakfast and lunch seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. “We have the same menu as we do in Homestead, with breakfast and lunch specials,” Grubbs said. “It’s mainly American but we have Latin dishes as well. The soups are now all homemade as well as the sauces.” Royal Palm Grill is only closed three times a year — Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and Easter. It employs 12 people, mostly from the area. Grubbs likes where they are, and the hometown atmosphere. “I think the location is great, right next to Publix,” said Grubbs, a Kendall resident. “It’s a very busy plaza and we look forward to benefiting from that. This is kind of a new world for me, where everybody knows everybody.”

The restaurant delivers during the week, with a $15 minimum order, and there is no charge for delivery within the area. “We already have some businesses that use us — from Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay to several places within Southland Mall — which has helped us grow our business,” Grubbs said. “We send out a fax everyday to local businesses with our daily specials. People come in and ask to be put on our fax list.” Lockley is a resident of the Cutler Ridge area and is pleased to be bringing the menu of the popular Homestead diner style restaurant to the Old Cutler Town Center. “It’s a great spot,” Lockley said. “We’re changing the atmosphere from a Jewish delicatessen to more of a melting pot. We have a wider variety of foods and hope to reach more people.” Laura Reynolds, executive director of the Tropical Audubon Society and a resident of Cutler Bay, already is a regular customer of Royal Palm Grill, and says she is pleased they have opened in the area. “We needed a good restaurant here,” Reynolds said after having lunch last week. The Royal Palm Grill can be reached by phone (voice) at 305-238-3866. The fax number is 305-238-6770.

Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily 6:30 am to 2:30 pm You'll always find fresh muffins and Southern hospitality at this mom-and-pop restaurant owned by Mike and Mary Mabjeesh. Mouth-watering house specialties include eggs benedict, breakfast burrito, country sausage gravy and patties over biscuits with eggs, cinnamon nut French toast and homemade Belgian waffles and pancakes. Home-baked muffins in flavors such as banana nut, blueberry, raisin bran, corn, orange cranberry, chocolate chip and lemon poppy are the Muffin Tin's specialty. The Muffin Tin Restaurant Fast luncheon specials include homemade soups and chili, cold and hot sandwiches and a variety of hot platters, dogs, burgers, and salads. Save room for dessert: try the popular homemade rum cake. Please stop in soon!

Pinecrest Town Centre 12655 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami, Florida 33156 (305) 235-9020 • Fax (305) 235-1023

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s 1 0 y e a rv i n g

ser ce exc elle n in Asian Cuisine

d o o f a e S Buffet

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

All you can eat Main Moon Buffet Chinese, Japanese & South East Asian Cuisine

Over 180 delicious items weekly & over 60 items daily... Whatever you crave... We have it!

Stone Crabs, Snow Crabs, Stuffed Clams, Black Pepper Shrimp, Fish Fillet, Mussels, Cold Shrimp, Squid, Shrimp-in-Lobster Sauce, Roast Beef, Pepper Steak, Sesame Beef, Chicken with Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Spare Ribs, Boneless Ribs, Egg Rolls, Cheese Wonton, Egg Foo Young, Lo Mein, House Special Fried Rice, Sushi, Vegetables, Soups, House Specialties, Desserts, Fruits, Salads.

And much, much more...You won’t be disappointed!

Ask About g n Our Cateri Men u

Buy One Buffet Get Second

50% OFF Lunch Only. W/Coupon. One Special per party. Limit 2 people per coupon. Not Valid Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Valentines. Not Valid with other offers or discounts. Exp 2/28/10

Buy One Buffet Get Second

50% OFF Dinner Only. W/Coupon. One Special per party. Limit 2 people per coupon. Not Valid Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Valentines. Not Valid with other offers or discounts. Exp 2/28/10

18423 S. Dixie Highway, South Dade Shopping Center Tel: (305) 256-8833, Fax: (305) 256-8683 Friday and Saturday Lunch and Dinner. Sunday Dinner all Day Includes: Snow Crabs, Stone Crabs, Oysters, Clams & lots More Hours: • Mon-Thurs: Lunch 11:00 - 4:00, Dinner 4:00 - 9:00, • Fri-Sat: Lunch 11:00 - 4:00, Dinner 4:00 - 10:00, • Sunday All Day 11:30 - 9:00

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


Romantic Cauley Square Village says ‘I love you’ in special way BY SHERRY MILLER

For 107 years Historic Cauley Square Village has provided a romantic destination for guests who live and work in South Florida, as well as for international visitors from around the world. “Cauley Square seems to say ‘I Love You’ in a special way,” said executive chef Noel Fiallo. “Everyone that visits falls in love just from the romantic atmosphere.” This year is no exception as Cauley Square will celebrate Valentine’s Day Lunar Weekend on Friday, Feb. 12; Saturday, Feb. 13, and Sunday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Charming horse and buggy rides will be available in the afternoons with all traditional historical Cottage Shops open with Platters artist Kim Bankston performing live in the Village Chalet Restaurant from 6 to 11 p.m. on Friday with no cover charge and free parking. Bankston will be singing his most romantic repertoire of Only You, Twilight Time, Magic Touch, Great Pretender and more, including his classic Brazilian jazz and instrumentals. Built in 1903 by multi-cultured pioneers of the Flagler Railroad, Cauley Square is one of the last official Railroad Villages in the USA and Florida. In fact, Henry Flagler’s residence is still standing adjacent to the world-famous Tea Room Restaurant on the main street of the cobble-stoned village with some 20 original cottage shops. Today the environmentally preserved 10 acres of lush tropical Florida foliage frame sculptures, patios, fountains and atriums with classical background music flowing through the gardens sound system is illuminated at night with thou-

• • • • •

Today the environmentally preserved 10 acres of lush tropical Florida foliage frame sculptures, patios, fountains and atriums with classical background music flowing through the gardens sound system is illuminated at night with thousands of twinkling mini lights. sands of twinkling mini lights. Special dinners will be served from 6 to 11 p.m at the Village Chalet Restaurant and the world-famous Tea Room Restaurant located in the heart of Cauley Square Village. For reservations, call direct to 305-8781410 or send email to <>. Cauley Square Village is owned and operated by Frances Varela. The Village Chalet Restaurant and the world-famous Tea Room Restaurant at Historic Cauley Square Village are located at 22400 Old Dixie Hwy. Restaurants are open daily seven days a week and parking is free. For details visit online at <>.

Riding Lessons Balanced Seat & Hunt Seat Instruction Jumping & Basic Dressage Local Horse Shows Stalls Available for Rent

(305)781-3882 •

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      !  "#   $ ! % &  '      ( (( ))  * "  ! ((   % & ++,'  +( (( )) -   &)   -&# & (( ((  ! (( ))  & . Cutler Bay Tire& Auto Service Centers offers complete auto care backed by    the Gemini Nationwide Warranty. This includes oil changes, brakes, A/C, com! "#"$  %& ' puterized alignment & balancing, radiator, shocks & struts, tune-ups, suspension and transmission service. We carry all brands of tires for your car, truck, ())(*+,) $  %" % )$ van and SUV.

 /& 0 . 123( 0 4    123( 0 


VA benefits to be highlighted at free event Veterans and their spouses can learn how to apply for the VA administered Aid & Attendence benefit during a free seminar on Thursday, Jan. 28th at 6:30pm. at Heartland ACLF located at 9400 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33186. The seminar will be presented by Ric Pertierra of American Association of Wartime Veterans, who will educate senior wartime veterans on the government benefit that can provide up to $1,949 per month tax free to help offset the cost of assisted living and other costs associated with aging.

To RSVP for this free presentation, call Frankie Bell at (305)385-8290.

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Free â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Super Art in the Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; comes to Gables on Jan. 29 BY SYLVIA VIETA

A free official Super Bowl event, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Super Art in the Park,â&#x20AC;? on Friday, Jan. 29, 6 p.m.midnight, at Ponce Circle Park in Coral Gables, is being co-hosted by the Kiwanis of Little Havana Arts and Music Foundation, City of Coral Gables, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Coral Gables and the Super Bowl Host Committee. Modeled after the monthly â&#x20AC;&#x153;Art in the Parkâ&#x20AC;? series held the first Friday of each month on Gallery Night, this super celebration is an officially sanctioned event for the Super Bowl festivities. Super Art in the Park begins with a pep rally at 6 p.m., followed by the reggae music of Fourth Dimension at 7 p.m. and the smooth rock sounds of Jacob Jeffries Band at 8 p.m. The fusion continues with the soul music of

Ketchy Shuby at 9 p.m. and culminates with Latin funk by DJ Le Spam and the Spam Allstars. The Carnaval Miami Poster presented by Dewarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 12 will be unveiled and kids will have activities all night long with art lessons by Marcy Grosso, the Carnaval Miami poster artist. Team mascots will be available for photo opportunities. There will be special appearances throughout the evening by sports personalities, memorabilia, and activities for the entire family as the community welcomes the world for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV. Admission is free. For details, visit the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at <>. Super Art in the Park is sponsored by Fox Sports en EspaĂąol, Comcast, Dewarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 12, Boost Mobile, Coors Light and Fuze.

See us online at:

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Net Income vs. Net Worth – More Money vs. More Wealth One of my New Year Resolutions is to be more financially independent. Do I want a Pay Raise or to have an increase in my wealth? For those who are employees the focus is on salary. For sales people the focus is on commissions. The focus is on earnings. After taxes, employee benefits and 401k deductions you have a net amount. Many people of this mind set want more salary and/or commissions to feel like they are becoming more financially independent. The focus of an entrepreneur or business owner is not on income from sales but on what is left over after all the bills are paid. The financial term of what’s left over is net worth. Net worth is wealth. What is the purpose of Financial Independence? Freedom. The more money you have after the bills have been paid, the more choices you have to use the left over money. How do I find the passion to be Financial Independent? To help yourself be motivated make a wish list of all the things you would like to do if money was not a concern. House, car, travel, charities are just a few to consider. Visualizing a specific item to own will help you to start working toward buying it with the money available after the bills are paid.

I have items of value – my home, car and 401k but I owe on a mortgage, car loan and credit cards. I struggle pay check to pay check. How can I find financial independence? You need to review your financial condition no matter how bleak it may be. You need to know what’s on your balance sheet; what you have, what you owe and what’s left over. At the same time, you need to review how you spend your money. Make a budget. In order to progress, you need to pay down completely on what you owe. What you owe is called debt. A balance sheet and a budget are not only a starting point, but you need to pay attention to the results on an ongoing basis. Rick Tonkinson was broke and unemployed at age 37. At that time, if he earned $5, he owed $6. He found a passion to be debt free and it took him 5 years to become financially independent. Part of his passion was to educate himself in financial planning. He become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in 1991. His focus for the past 18 years is to help other working class people to attain financial freedom. Rick Tonkinson and his family have their office at 100 Almeria Ave, Suite 310, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Telephone 305-447-6617. Securities offered through Securities America Inc member of FINRA/SIPC. Rick Tonkinson Registered Representative. Advisory Services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc. Rick Tonkinson Investment Advisor Representative. Rick Tonkinson and Associates, Inc. & Securities America companies are not affiliated.

Pictured are the new owners of Lots of Lox (l-r) Steve, Jimmy and Nick Poulos.


OF LOX • Catering Available • Dine In or Take Out




14995 South Dixie Hwy. Tel: 305-252-2010 • Fax: 305-232-7560

NEW HOURS Open Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Dinner Specials from 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Need to rent your home? Need a rental? ChoiceOne GMAC Real Living is where you will find the best service for your residential rental needs. We manage individual investor homes and large national corporate accounts. If you are looking to rent a home or need a professional rental management firm, call or visit our web site for further information. ChoiceOne Real Living Real Estate

Autographed NASCAR racing helmet prize for Shake-A-Leg benefit raffle BY CINDI PERANTONI Shake-A-Leg Miami — a community-based aquatic activities center serving ablebodied individuals as well as those with physical, developmental, and economic challenges — has launched an online raffle for a chance to win an official, one-of-a-kind NASCAR racing helmet signed by 32 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers including four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson. The helmet was donated to Shake-A-Leg Miami by supporters Kenneth Batchelor, vice president of CMC Helmet has signatures of 32 NASCAR drivers. Construction, and racing ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– enthusiast Brack Maggard, CEO of Southern Pan Services Company and Leffler, Eric McClure, Michael McDowell, co-owner of RAB Racing, to help raise funds Alex Tagliani, John Wes Townley, Kenny Wallace, Mike Wallace, and David Green. for the organization. “We are extremely grateful to Brack and The 32 signatures were collected at Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix International Kenny for giving us this unique opportuniRaceway earlier this year and include many ty to raise funds, said Harry Horgan, CEO and co-founder of Shake-A-Leg Miami. of NASCAR’s top names, such as: Sprint Cup Chase drivers Jimmie “The helmet is truly one-of-a-kind and we Johnson, Juan Pablo Montoya, Mark Martin, encourage people to log-on and purchase a raffle ticket. It is with your support that we Denny Hamlin, and Matt Kenseth; Sprint Cup Series drivers Martin Truex can continue empowering and improving Jr., Clint Bowyer, Carl Edwards, Brad the quality of life for so many deserving Keselowski, Paul Menard, David individuals.” Tickets are available currently for $25 Reutimann, Reed Sorenson, and Nationwide Series drivers Justin Allgaier, each and can be purchased on the Shake-AMichael Annett, Trevor Bayne, Mike Bliss, Leg Miami website at <www.shakealegmiaJason Bowles, James Buescher, Kent Butler,>. The winner will be selected on Johnny Chapman, Kevin Conway, Brendan Mar. 1 following the commencement of the Gaughan, Mark Green, Kevin Hamlin, Jason 2010 NASCAR season in Daytona.

Now Serving 305-252-1567 Ed MacDougall, Broker 18400 SW 97 Ave. Cutler Bay, FL. 33157

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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Corvette adds Grand Sport model to 2010 lineup Ron Beasley AUTOMOTIVE EDITOR

LET’S TALK CARS Grand Sport is one of the legendary names in Corvette racing history, the dream of renowned GM engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov. His dream led to the production of five special prototype Corvettes in 1963, but the project was later shelved, following GM’s agreement to stay out of manufacturerbacked auto racing. The five prototypes were based on the 1963 Corvette design and were hand-assembled under Duntov’s direction. While the cars looked like production models, they really were built for racing and shared little with the assembly line versions. Although never officially sanctioned by General Motors, the five Grand Sport prototypes were raced extensively in the 1960s by “private” racers who had strong contacts within Duntov’s circle. Today, all five prototypes are accounted for and listed among the most valuable in the Corvette collector market.

Chevrolet offered a limited-edition Grand Sport production model in 1996 to commemorate the five originals and mark the end of the C4 platform in Corvette production. Now, an all-new 2010 version combines Corvette’s LS3-based powertrain with widebody styling, a wider track and a racing-bred suspension. It’s available with either a sixspeed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. The LS3 6.2-liter engine is rated at 430 hp and 424 pounds-feet of torque with the standard exhaust system. An optional two-mode exhaust hikes the power to 436 horses. The Grand Sport replaces last year’s Z51 package and delivers better handling thanks to wider wheels and tires; revised shock, stabilizer bar and spring specifications, and specific gearing. It all adds up to a 0-60 performance of four seconds and an EPA-estimated 26 mpg on the highway. Grand Sport coupe models equipped with the manual transmission are uniquely equipped for race track competition, too, with a dry-sump oiling system, differential cooler and a rearmounted battery. The Grand Sport also includes: • Wider front and rear fenders, including specific front fenders with integrated Grand Sport badges;

Chevrolet has returned the storied Grand Sport name to the 2010 Corvette lineup, joining the ZR1, Z06 and standard coupe and convertible models.

• Z06-style front splitter and tall rear spoiler; • Functional brake ducts and extra cooling; • Unique 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels; painted finish standard and chrome finish optional; • Large 275/35ZR18 tires in front and 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear; • Z06-size brakes, including 14-inch front rotors with six-piston calipers and 13.4-inch rear rotors with four-piston calipers; • Specific manual transmission gear ratios, and • Specific rear axle ratio on automatic-

equipped models. A paddle-shift six-speed automatic transmission is available, while an optional Heritage package adds iconic front fender hash marks offered in four colors, as well as two-tone seats with Grand Sport embroidery. Base price on the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport is $58,540. Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <>.


FROM ATLANTIC BROADBAND when you sign up for one of these exciting services!

Digital with On Demand Service

High-Speed Internet Service

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Speeds up to 12Mbps— that’s up to 8X faster than AT&T DSL Ultra!

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Unlimited Phone Service UÊ Enjoy unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico! UÊ Includes FREE Voicemail plus 15 great calling features UÊ Keep your current phone number! UÊ Get a single bill for all your services

Call 1-877-273-3914 today! Hurry, offer expires February 19th! Services and specific channels subject to availability and number of channels may vary by area. Please contact Atlantic Broadband for more details. Cash-back offer available to any new residential customer who signs up for Atlantic Broadband Digital with On Demand service and/or any High-Speed Internet service and any new or existing residential customer who signs up for Phone service on or before February 19, 2010, and installs service no later than February 26, 2010. Limit one $100 check per household. May not be combined with any other offer/promotion. $100 check will be mailed on or before May 14, 2010 to the customer account holder who maintains qualifying service uninterrupted through April 9, 2010, and who has paid in full all invoices within 30 days of applicable invoice date. Cash rebate check must be cashed within 120 days from date on check. Check will be void and rebate unavailable after 120 days. Phone service subject to availability. Atlantic Broadband Phone service includes one phone line with direct-dialed, unlimited local and long distance calls from your home phone to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico plus 16 calling features. Number portability not available in all areas. Other international calls are billed at an additional per minute rate. Equipment and installation charges, taxes, fees and surcharges not included. Actual Internet speeds may vary. Many factors impact speed. Speed comparison versus most widely advertised AT&T DSL service. © 2010 Atlantic Broadband. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Broadband and the Atlantic Broadband logo are registered trademarks of Atlantic Broadband Finance LLC.

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010


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9500 S.W. 97 Ave. • Miami, Fl. 33176 Pinewood Acres School provides an educational environment designed to foster leadership skills and to stimulate and nurture the academic, physical and developmental needs of children. Located on a beautiful 10-acre campus, Pinewood Acres continues a strong commitment to academic excellence and good citizenship. Pinewood Acres takes pride in providing small classes and experienced teachers to create a nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to flourish.


REGISTRATION FOR THE 2010-2011 OPENS IN JANUARY. Located near the Falls, Baptist Hospital, Dadeland and the Don Shula Expressway

For more information on a personal tour and classroom visit call

305-271-3211 Accredited by the National Independent Private School Organization (NIPSA), Florida Council of Independent School (FCIS) and the Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC).

Visit our store today to receive your complimentary nylon transport bag, along with $100.00 worth of dry cleaning coupons.

7290 SW 168 Street • 305-254-8880

Page 40


Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2010

South Miami 7325 SW 57th Ave Ph: 305-667-1195 Pinecrest 8285 SW 124th St Ph: 305-235-9341 Miami Beach 545 41st St (Arthur Godfrey Rd.)

Ph: 305-531-0836

Kendall Gazette - January 26, 2010 - Online printed Edition - Local, Sports, Columns, Newspaper  

Visit Miami's Community Newspapers, The Best local News of Miami, Publishers of a group of 15 weekly tabloid newspapers, including Kendall G...

Kendall Gazette - January 26, 2010 - Online printed Edition - Local, Sports, Columns, Newspaper  

Visit Miami's Community Newspapers, The Best local News of Miami, Publishers of a group of 15 weekly tabloid newspapers, including Kendall G...