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June 1 - 7, 2010


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Dear Jackso

n Family,

There are m any things th which keep a s many emp t set Jackson apart fro loye mo because we have a pass es working here for ye ther healthcare institu tions. One o ion for help ing others a ars, is the fact that we f are a family the most poignant, nd want to m This camara . We are all ake a differe derie is wha here nce in our co t has helped our financia mmunity. l si us get throu gh these gru helped imple tuation. All employees eling month have contrib m s as we have u and provide ent new initiatives, im proved effici ted in some way. You d the top-no grappled w have offere encies, prom tch, compass All of these d cost-savin ith o contribution ionate med te d o u r se g ide rvic ica s, and the co untless othe l care that keeps patie es out in the commun as, ity, nts coming rs not mentio Unfortunate back to our ly, the situa ned, have h fa tion is so dir e cilities. lp remain fina e d m ake a differe e that we ha ncia nce. ve been forc yesterday a lly sustainable. As you e d to m know, we lo sp st many me ake difficult decisions to say goodbye art of our workforce help us to mbers o reducti to ou

on initia f our Jacks r co-w dedication on family and years o orkers, and we owe th tive. I know it was no t f service to em a treme the transitio ndous amo easy for any of us to Jackson. I n as smooth appreciate unt of grati as possible tude for the your comp . assion and ir In addition help in mak , we neede d ing to turn to yo week, the P u for assista ublic Healt h Trust and nce throug our current Miami-Dad h salary co labor contr e County C ntributions acts with S employees . Earlier this ommission EIU and AF . I commen approved a SCME, whic d and than the table to mendments k our union h included work with u to s representa s in addres tives and m alary provisions for un sing our fin Our executiv e io m n b a n e rs c ia h l situation. ip for comin e g to salary and/o s, leadership and man a

rb gement gro up well. Therefo enefit reductions last year. We are s have made equitable re, similar sa relying on o contribution 300 employe la ur non-unio s in the form es. All SEIU ry contributions offere n employee d by the un of , AFSCME s io a fo n n r their s d w n o ill n-union pay a I deeply apo changes will lso be implemented fo support as logize for an ra take effect o y for all of you n May 16, 2 ll Company , and we wo financial hardship this 010. may cause. uld not be a Iu sking for the Since these se pay chan nderstand that these salary contr are g es if they w ibutions we receive mess ere not nece large sacrifices re confirme a ssary. d and I sha support. I w ges from many of you red notificatio ish I could re – SEIU, AF n SCME and of these cha sp to do so. Ple Com nge ase know, h ond personally to each owever, just and every o pany 300 employees a s, I continue to h n like – to sho o e w o f m yo u ch u ,a Again, than those mess w your k yo ages have m lthough time does not permit me and commitm u for your continued e a n t to me and service to Ja ent during th this organiz ckson and fo is difficult tim ation. r your unde e. rstanding, u Sincerely, nconditiona l support Eneida Rold an President an , M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A . d CEO


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