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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013



A New Year and new Soffer Sanctuary for Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in 5774

his year marks the 24th anniversary of Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center’s (ATJC) Synagogue and Soffer Sanctuary. Many congregants can still recall the feelings of excitement and expectation they experienced that special day in September, 1990, when they marched together from the storefront near Publix to the newly-built, state-of-the-art facility. The synagogue has greatly expanded over the years to include the Tauber Academy, newly-renovated youth lounge, Holocaust memorial, museum, gallery, and Heritage Wall that boast beautiful works of art by internationally-acclaimed Jewish artists. Under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Berkun with Cantor David Muchnick and Ritual & Youth Director Cantor Marcos Askenazi, the congregation has enjoyed many meaningful and inspiring Shabbat and holiday services, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, dinner dances, and other simchas. ATJC has also hosted the visits of major dignitaries from the United States, Europe and Israel, heads of state, members of government, world-famous journalists, scholars, cultural icons, celebrities and other honored guests who were impressed with ATJC and the congregation, and helped to establish its sterling reputation as one of the leading synagogues in America. Over the years, thousands of worshippers and guests both young and old, have enjoyed ATJC’s facilities. Although the Soffer Sanctuary continues to be aesthetically pleasing, the years of use have forced ATJC to embark upon the “Building for the Future” Campaign to renovate, revitalize and upgrade the Soffer Sanctuary. “The Soffer This renovation inSanctuary is the cludes new dome, jewel in the crown seating, carpeting, of Aventura additional stained Turnberry Jewish glass windows, Center, the heart wood molding, and soul of the painting, repairs and Aventura Jewish several enhancecommunity.” ments. Chairing this — Dr. Amir Baron, major renovation is one of ATJC’s Vice Exec. VP Presidents, Eugene

Lois & Eugene Kessler

ISRAEL WINDOW, Dedicated by LOIS & EUGENE KESSLER, In Memory of our Beloved Parents Belle & Charles Walken and Molly & Louis Kessler

Kessler, selected for this major project because of his many years of experience and incomparable knowledge and taste as a renowned developer, guaranteeing the highest standards of excellence. Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center also recognized Chairman of the Board, William Landa, for having the vision, determination and perseverance to see this project through to completion. Additional credit for this major renovation was extended to the synagogue’s President, Marcy Resnik, for her leadership and direction in all aspects of the project. She saw this project as the culmination of her term as president and committed herself to supporting the effort and ensuring its completion in time for the Jewish holidays. Executive Vice President Dr. Amir Baron noted, “The Soffer Sanctuary is the jewel in the crown of Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, the heart and soul of the Aventura Jewish community. We would like to express our gratitude to our major benefactor, Don Soffer, a great humanitarian and philanthropist, who had the vision and the understanding of the need to build the synagogue in our city of excellence and for dedicating the Soffer Sanctuary in memory of his beloved parSee SOFFER SANCTUARY, page 4 Photography by Andrew Goldstein

Mercantil Commercebank's Linked-In Seminar brings value to local business owners

Andrew Waxman, Mercantil Commercebank and Adam Weizer, Servistree

Mercantil Commercebank held a financial enrichment event, "Growing Your Business with LinkedIn" at its Aventura financial center, attended by over 60 local business owners and professionals. The seminar was designed to help local business owners learn the basic skills of the LinkedIn Social Media Platform. Andrew Waxman, Vice President, and Sales and Service Manager for Mercantil said, "Social media can make it easier for businesses to grow and market themselves, and we wanted to show our clients that regardless of their understanding of technology, See MERCANTIL COMMERCEBANK, page 4

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


Wandering & Pondering Wise One

Albert is considered a very wise man. talk. He didn’t say a word as I began to tell Seem like everyone wants his advice even him about my problem. I got so involved though he doesn’t go around offering it. He that I seemed to talk endlessly as we sat has outlived two wives both of whom pass- there eating our lunch, Albert sat there ing away with different cancers. when I felt that I had just about Somehow because of this, he opened my inner thoughts right seems to be expected to know there at the table. He just sat what people go through and his there as I was talking and eating advice is sought on all matters. the lunch we had both pretty People respect what he says even much consumed through as of though he really doesn’t go my thoughts that I had laid out. around offering it. He noted that I had stepped talkThe thinking has become that ing and was waiting to have DAN PALMER if you ask Albert for his advice on Albert advise me of my problem. personal matters you will get an answer “What do you think I should do about it?” that you will appreciate because he isn’t He took a sip of water chewed on the remtrying to impress anyone. However his rep- nants of his sandwich. utation has grown without Albert ever He then came up with a massive sigh and pushing himself. Maybe that is why his seemed deep in thought. Then he looked at advice is so wanted. In fact not so long ago, me and said, “I can understand why this I felt that I needed his advice on a personal affects you but answer this question for me problem and he invited me to have lunch “What do you think you should do about and talk about it. I felt that he would listen it?” and from his experience he might be able to Albert is so wise people always come to help me. him with problems. They love his answers We picked a place to eat and sat down to and advice.

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FPL urges customers to call 811 before they dig At the height of summer, when outdoor projects are also peaking, Florida Power & Light Company encourages Floridians to call 811 before beginning work that might involve digging. FPL partners with Sunshine 811, the organization that offers the free call service for utility line marking, to heighten awareness about underground line safety. Whether building a pool, installing a fence, planting a tree or some other outdoor project that might require digging, the work should start by making a free call to 811 so that underground utility lines can be marked. Excavators should call at least two full business days before digging to prevent outages, injuries, environmental contamination and potential fines.

"At FPL, safety is always a priority," said Joe Heatherly, FPL's Lead Cable Locator. "There are underground utilities that you may not even suspect are there and if you hit one of them it can be dangerous." In addition to being underground, utility lines can also run beneath canals and waterways throughout Florida so a call to 811 before beginning any excavation work on docks, seawalls, bridges, etc. will also ensure that utilities are properly identified in and around the water. "FPL receives about 2,000 requests every day for line locating," said Heatherly. "We encourage everyone to call 811 before tackling outdoor projects. The process is free, easy and it is required by law." For more information, visit

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

SOFFER SANCTUARY, from front page ents, Ida and Harry Soffer.” “This year, the season of repentance and renewal will be expressed not only through the prayers of our ancient tradition, but also in the context of our inspiring new Judaic-themed works of art that adorn the walls of our sacred worship space,” said Rabbi Berkun. “Hearing Cantor Muchnick and our professional choir sing the songs that represent our rich history in the acousticallyimproved Soffer Sanctuary will be nothing short of transcendent. Together, we will begin the year 5774 with hopes of living more meaningful lives and blessings of health, prosperity and peace.” For tickets or membership information, contact Elana Yeffet, Director of Membership & Programming at 305-937- 1880 or Visit ATJC online at Rabbi Jonathan Berkun and Cantor David Muchnick

Newly renovated Soffer Sanctuary


there are simple and easy ways they can use LinkedIn to acquire clients, and expand their online presence." The seminar was presented by Adam Weizer, co-founder of Servistree offers a variety of business services that help independent business owners modernize their operations. Servistree is a one-stop shopping experience providing their clients with one point of contact for customer service and project management Their services include: Social Media Marketing , Web Development , Point of Sale Systems, Credit Card Processing, Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards and Graphic Design. "Working with Mercantil Commercebank is such a pleasure,” Weizer said. “Andrew and his staff strive to provide an

extraordinary banking experience for their clients, and providing these types of complementary seminars for the local business community really shows their dedication." Waxman hopes this seminar will show clients’ first-hand that Mercantil is committed to being more than just a banking institution for their local business clients; they are dedicated to assisting small businesses develop and grow with more than just its financial services. Mercantil Commercebank is located at 3001 Aventura Blvd, Aventura 33180. To learn more about Mercantil Commercebank, contact Andrew Waxman at 305-5214912. For information on Servistree, contact Adam Weizer at 866-944-3244 or visit

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


To Shred or Not

Patricia C. Frank FRANKLY SPEAKING A shredder is a machine that has sharp blades and cuts things into pieces until there is nothing left of the original item. It destroys and gets rid of things completely and forever. This is an important and useful tool to have. It makes space for new things that are more important in your life. It decreases your vulnerability and it protects you from harm and potential danger. A psychological shredder will do the same things for you. The blades and cuts a shredder makes may hurt but not as much as keeping things the way they are. Use your psychological shredder to collect all the negative thoughts and all of the negative things in your life and shred them. Shred all of your traumas, shame, hatred, selfishness, self-destructive behaviors, doubts, anxieties and fears. Shred all of your regrets and all of the things that you feel guilty about. Shred all of your old nonproductive, harmful, hurtful, thoughts,

habits and actions. It is a very significant and powerful ritual for you to actually write down the things you wish to get rid of on a piece of paper. Then put those papers through the shredder one by one. Be aware, as you do so, that they are truly finished and no longer exist. Be careful. Don’t shred your faith, hope, trust and love. Don’t shred your dreams. Don’t shred your self - esteem. Keep all of your positive beliefs about yourself and life and all of your positive traits intact. Write all of them down and put that paper someplace where you will see it everyday, several times a day. Do not accumulate new negatives. If something negative occurs go immediately to the shredder and get rid of it. Remember to replace whatever you shred with something new and positive. A shredder is a tool of empowerment. It allows you to be in complete control. You alone can decide what to dispose of and what to keep. Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864,

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Around d Town n in n Aventura Gallery Art hosts AMC Board meeting Aventura Marketing Council Board Members: Alisa Bert, Aventura Hospital and Medical Center; Host Ken Hendel and Sklyer, Gallery Art; Jeff Ulm, Association Services of FL; Chairman Cliff Schulman, Weiss Serota Helfman; Miami Beach Comm. Jerry Libbin, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce; Andy Lewis, Eisinger Brown Lewis; Charlene Welker, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Tom Oliveri, Northern Trust; Alan Lips and daughter Katie, Gerson Preston Robinson; Jordan Laser, Northwestern Mutual / Laser Financial Group

Macy’s at Aventura Mall hosts SpeedBiz Meeting

Mo’s Bagels hosts Aventura Young Professionals Luncheon Aventura Marketing Council Aventura Young Professionals Luncheon: Chairman Andrew Waxman, Mercantil Commercebank; Paul Kruss, Mo’s Bagels; Door prize winner Valerie Leeds

Lauri Lindholm, Ed Walsh, Maxime Menzel, Patrick Malambri, Everall Robinson and Linda Blankstein, Macy’s; Aventura Vice Mayor Michael Stern, Stern Bloom Media

Charmain Yobbi, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood; Jesus Soto, Coconut Grove Bank; Robin Lechner, Robin Lechner Designs; Blima Cohen, Northwestern Mutual- The Aventura Group

Nicole Greensher, Nicole Ilene Fashion Styling; Ariella Siegel, Temple Sinai; Max Fleischer, Send Out Cards; Stephanie Levine, Equinox Fitness Club Dimitry Shaposhnikov, DS Xpress; Ksenia Khutorova, Northwestern Mutual / Laser Financial Group; Andrew Waxman

Sophia Loran, PNC Bank and Norman Axelman, Advantage Computer Solutions

Aventura Marketing Council members have 3 minutes for one-on-one networking

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


My Birthday-A Celebration of Freedom

Bob Diamond HISTORICALLY YOURS On June 19th (my 82nd birthday), I researched if there had been an important historical event that occurred on that date. I hit the jackpot, as I read the connection of my birthday with the final announcement of the end of slavery. “Juneteenth,” as the date is commonly known, is also known as “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation Day.” Issued by President Lincoln on January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation called for the freeing of all slaves in the Confederate states which were then in rebellion (Civil War), over which Lincoln had no control. The Confederate states in rebellion were fighting to preserve their right to slavery. Little by little, however, word of the Proclamation leaked out in some Southern states, resulting in some 200,000 slaves fleeing the Confederacy to join the Union troops. With the Civil war effectively ending with Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendering in April, 1865, Lincoln took the final step in

urging the abolition of all slavery in America. Texas, however, continued to maintain slavery. On June 18, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, with 2,000 federal troops, “to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves.” The following day, June 19th, Gen. Granger stood on the balcony of Galveston’s Ashton Villa Hotel and announced to all that the war had ended, further stating: “The people of Texas are hereby informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.” Over 200,000 former slaves rejoiced in the streets of Texas with jubilant celebrations on the announcement of their freedom. This was followed shortly thereafter by ratification of the 13th Amendment, freeing all slaves in America. “Juneteenth” is the oldest known actual celebration commemorating the end of slavery in America. Annual celebrations in Texas by former slaves grew with more participation by slave descendants and African Americans. The importance of the date spread from Texas to the entire nation; “Juneteenth” is now recognized as a state holiday in 42 states and celebrations are held annually in about 250 cities throughout the nation.

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Mardi Gras Casino announces Bob Cahn: Helping clients 2013 Comedy Challenge reap AFLAC benefits The third annual Mardi Gras Comedy Challenge is about to kick off, where hundreds of stand-up comedians from around the country will come out to strut their stuff and compete for the chance to open for Craig Shoemaker during our Grandstand Finale on November 16th with a chance to win $5,000. The forty funniest contestants from the auditions will move on to the Showcase rounds; and from there, only 20 contestants will advance to four semi-final rounds taking place every Thursday and Friday in October in the Jokers Wild Comedy Club & Bar beginning October 10th. Only one contestant can be crowned the ‘Mardi Gras Comedy Challenge Champion!’ Featured comics include Angel Salazar, Louis Ramey, Lisa Landry, LA Hardy, and Bobby Collins performing during the finals round on November 8th. Tickets start at $10 for showcase and

semi-final rounds; and grandstand finale tickets start at $20. All tickets are on sale at Mardi Gras Casino and can be purchased online at Doors open at 7:30 p.m., with the show beginning at 8 p.m. Mardi Gras Casino is located at 831 North Federal Highway on the corner of US-1 and Pembroke Road. The casino offers over 70,000 square feet of casino excitement featuring 1,100 Las Vegas-style slot machines, including new-linked progressive slots, video roulette and blackjack, and Vegas-star roulette; 30 action-packed poker tables; simulcast and greyhound racing; and various dining options. For more information, call 954-924-3200 or visit Become a fan on Facebook at or follow on twitter at http://www/ MardiGrasFl.

Barbara Buxton, J.D., LL.M. Florida Attorney

Nursing Home Medicaid • Elder Law & Estate Planning Florida Medicaid Planning & Eligibility Asset Protection • Wills, Trusts, Living Wills Powers of Attorney • Guardianships Probate: Estate Administration

Serving Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties Tel.: 305.932.2293 Miami-Dade County 954.760.7077 Broward County


tive services that help companies easily manage Fortune Magazine has employer insurance pronamed AFLAC one of the grams. “100 Best Companies to "You can choose the Work for in America”- and types of coverage that you Bob Cahn, an Independent want (Accident; ShortSales Agent representing Term Disability; Cancer; AFLAC, certainly agrees. Hospital; Critical Care; In the spirit of customTerm-Life; Dental). This care philosophies that have coverage can then be paid made AFLAC a Fortune for through the convenience 500 company, Cahn doesof payroll deduction. Since n’t just “sell insurance.” most premiums are deHe assesses personal needs ducted on a Cafeteria 125 and helps employees select Pre-Tax basis which, as auBob Cahn the appropriate policies to thorized under the U.S. Inhelp supplement primary health plans. ternal Revenue Code, allows premiums to be “Your employer may provide you with deducted from employee salaries from the medical insurance benefits, but these bene- gross (before taxes are taken out), and benefit fits will not cover such costs as deductibles, employers as well as those who don't have to loss of earning power and other out-of- meet the matching FICA makes for pocket expenses associated with an illness a win-win situation for all parties concerned. or accident,” Cahn explains. “AFLAC insur- Moreover, all AFLAC policy benefits are paid ance policies are designed to fill the gaps in over and above, and in addition to, any other your primary health insurance coverage. The insurance you may have." policies pay CASH benefits directly to polAfter many years as an active member of icyholders.” the Aventura Marketing Council, Bob Cahn Cahn points out, “Many people live ‘one is proud to be in business for himself, doing paycheck away’ from financial crisis. If a “just ducky” as an Independent Agent for serious medical situation arises, the bills AFLAC. When he meets with prospective keep coming…and AFLAC helps to ensure clients, he often brings along a fine feaththat you won’t have to deplete your sav- ered friend… so don’t be surprised if ings.” you’re greeted with the distinctive During complimentary presentations con- “AFLAC quack.” ducted at area businesses, Bob Cahn disTo arrange a consultation with Bob cusses the various AFLAC insurance Cahn, phone: 305-588-1847 or email policies, as well as a variety of administra-

Aventura Police Officer of the Month

Ofc. Daniel Marti

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


Don’t Die Before Reading This! BY RUSSEL LAZEGA, Attorney and Author

No, really. Not unless you want your family to get the runaround from your life insurer should something awful happen. You see, life insurance has become a tricky business – at least if you want to collect on a policy. The gambit of excuses for not paying is as varied as Emelda Marcos’ shoe collection. Some use the old “we can’t locate a policy;” others stay quiet, simply refusing to notify surviving family members that the insured even had coverage; and, still more scour the decedent’s medical records for any tidbit that was not disclosed when the policy was issued, so they can disclaim coverage and refuse payment. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself: 1) No Policy Found – Insurers by law must keep detailed customer records and make diligent efforts to locate beneficiaries in the event of a claim. That said, still keep a copy of your policy with your will or important papers. Don’t have a copy? Ask your agent for one. 2) Prepare for the Silent Treatment – No, not the “you forgot our anniversary” silent

treatment – the insurance company’s “don’t ask, don’t tell about your claim silent treatment.” Tell your lawyer and beneficiaries about the policy and where to find it. 3) This wasn’t what I bargained for – Some insurers will try to avoid paying the claim by scouring through the decedent’s medical records to see if any pertinent medical information was omitted from the application or misrepresented. They’ll then void coverage and say this wasn’t the risk they bargained for. Know that if the insurance policy is more than two year’s old and paidup then the insurance company is stuck with you. For newer policies, a lawyer can often show that application questions were unclear or the insurer had the information. Remember, insurance is an ugly business. Prepare now before it’s too late. Russel Lazega is an attorney and author of two of Florida’s most widely distributed legal textbooks on Florida Insurance Law. He has also served as chief general counsel to an auto insurer. Mr. Lazega currently represents accident victims and consumers at war with their insurance companies. He is based in Dania Beach, North Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida. Contact:

The Residence Inn welcomes new Senior Sales Manager Beatriz Lopez Beatriz Lopez is no stranger to sales. For more than 13 years, the Caracas, Venezuela native has been applying her expertise to positions at Marriott, and now she takes the lead as the new senior sales manager at the Residence Inn Miami Aventura Mall. Before coming to this extendedstay hotel near Miami, Lopez spent time with Marriott as a sales manager with a focus on corporate, group and golf sales. Raised in Miami, Lopez studied at Florida International University, where she received a bachelor's in international business. This, coupled with her bilingual skills (Spanish and English), has allowed her to become an expert in the Latin American market, and she has attended numerous sales missions on behalf of this hotel. Lopez's expertise fits right in with the rest of the staff at this hotel by Aventura Mall, where guests come for both short visits and extended stays. While the all-suite hotel is made to feel like home, with everything from fully equipped kitchens and free grocery-shopping service to pet-friendly accommodations and complimentary Wi-Fi, guests still receive the attentive service they expect from a hotel stay. As one of the only Miami-area hotels fea-

turing suites with a full kitchen, the Residence Inn Miami Aventura Mall caters to a variety of travelers, including those looking for an event or wedding venue that can accommodate a large guest list (the largest event space can host up to 150). In situations such as these, Lopez's skills not only in sales but in communicating and working closely with clients will surely shine. The Residence Inn Miami Aventura Mall is a modern, comfortable, and welcoming hotel near the upscale shops of the Aventura Mall, located at 19900 West Country Club Drive, Aventura 33180. For more information, call 786-528-1001 or visit

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Elite BEAT

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Turnberry Isle Miami offers ‘All the Best’ for Labor Day Weekend

Coconut Grove Bank: A first-class bank in Aventura that is right for you and your family

Jeffrey Levinson, Senior VP & Commercial Loan Officer

Edgar Nieto, VP & Aventura Branch Manager

Q:: Whatt differentiatess Coconutt Grove Bankk from m otherr Financiall Institutions? JL: Local management, swift decisions and superior customer service! Banking with Coconut Grove Bank is unlike anywhere else; our professional advisors work closely with their clients to design programs to help them increase the value of their portfolios. Let our Banking Officers get to know you as they do each and every one of our clients. Q:: Whyy iss Coconutt Grovee Bankk a great assett too thee Cityy off Aventura? EN: Coconut Grove Bank established its roots in South Florida over 80 years ago building a solid foundation by investing in you, your business and our community. Aventura residents can rely on Coconut Grove Bank to deliver superior personal attention and a complete range of products including: personal and business banking services, commercial lending and investment management services. Q:: Doess Coconutt Grovee Bankk offerr the

conveniencee off Onlinee Banking?? JL: Coconut Grove Bank offers a complete suite of interactive online banking services including: mobile banking, online banking, online statements and online bill pay. Access real time account information, account balances and history. Transfer funds or schedule a loan payment with just a few clicks of a mouse. Discover the time and money saving benefits of Coconut Grove Bank’s online banking services. Details at Q:: Whatt aree yourr customerss sayingg about Coconutt Grovee Bank? “Coconut Grove Bank and Jeff Levinson have been essential to the smooth operation of my business. They are a good friend to small business operators in South Florida.” Woody Graber, President, Woody Graber & Associates, Public Relations and Marketing. “Coconut Grove Bank has been our bank for more than 25 years helping support our mission of finding great homes for homeless pets. We value our banking relationship with Coconut Grove Bank for our business and lending needs. “Samuel S. Blum, Board Member of The Humane Society of Greater Miami. “I have been a personal and business banking client of Coconut Grove Bank’s Aventura Branch for the past five years and wouldn’t bank anywhere else,” says Lawrence Metsch, The Metsch Law Firm, P.A. “The Aventura team members are delightful, intelligent, resourceful and always a pleasure to work with. The Aventura Branch is like a sanctuary; they treat me like a king!” The Aventura Branch is located at 20801 Biscayne Blvd., #103. 305-756-4500.

Work hard and then play hard with the perfect Labor Day weekend getaway right in your backyard. Turnberry Isle Miami is featuring an exclusive ‘All the Best’ package starting at $249 per night. The ‘All the Best’ package includes nightly accommodations, daily American breakfast buffet for two people, $50 daily resort credit and overnight valet parking. Additionally, kids’ 12 and under eat free. An array of festive experiences takes

place throughout the weekend to create a memorable end-of-summer celebration. Guests can enjoy the resort’s annual Beer & Barbeque; first-ever Zumba dance party, dive-in family movie watched poolside, along with a number of kids’ activities and entertainment. To book a stay, visit or call 1-866-612-7739. Turnberry Isle Miami is located at 19999 West Country Club Drive in Aventura.

Doctor Aromas, the revolutionary new way to deliver well-being The company, founded in 2005, has created a product revolutionary to its industry. Through the HVAC system, Doctor Aromas system provides any space, small or large, with an even and consistent scent, and the benefits of aromatherapy. The system’s dispenser sprays a mixture of essential oils and natural fragrances into the AC filter, allowing the fan to disseminate the scent across the space. The dispenser can be programmed to automatically spray any of the ten scents available at desired intervals, making sure the space is perfumed to taste. “Companies spend hundreds of dollars on candles, incense, and plug-ins that do not deliver the quality nor the well-being sensation that Doctor Aromas provides,” said founder Marcelo Zelicovich. “Our fragrances will make your space smell truly wonderful and ensure that you feel the health benefits of aromatherapy.” Doctor Aromas, originally created exclusively for large spaces, serves some of Miami’s most luxurious hotels and condos, like Aventura Marina II, Peninsula II, Parc Central and all Trump buildings in the area. Since 2012, the company has provided the same product for smaller spaces, like homes and offices. This one can be bought online, on the phone, at their office in North Miami, or at the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center this August 30 - September 3, where

Doctor Aromas will participate with testers and a special product discount. The dispenser is battery-operated and can be easily set up on any central AC unit for spaces of any size. Adriana Giraldo, a resident of Trump Hollywood, said that she decided to buy her apartment largely due to the aroma of the building’s lobby. “I then made the decision to install Doctor Aromas product in my own apartment,” she said. “Today my family and I have the pleasure of living in a very pleasant environment.” For more information, visit Doctor Aromas at or at

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


Cardiovascular Risk Factors Dr. Carlos Zamora MOUNT SINAI HEALTH CORNER Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every year 600,000 Americans die of heart disease, which is one in every four deaths. With such an alarming number, how can we better understand and identify who is at risk for heart disease? The most significant risk factors for heart disease are hypertension, high LDL cholesterol or low HDL cholesterol, and smoking cigarettes. It is estimated that 49% of Americans have at least one of these risk factors. Other risk factors include diabetes, a family history of premature coronary heart disease, men and women above 45 and 55 years old respectively, physical inactivity, poor diet and excessive alcohol intake. The cornerstone for prevention of cardiovascular disease is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that consists of daily exercise (the American Heart Association recommends 30 – 60 minutes a day), a diet rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, and low in fat. It is also important to maintain a low level of stress; and, smoking cessation is imperative. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension or elevated blood cholesterol, you should follow these instructions together along with appropriate pharmacological therapy when recommended by your

doctor. The ideal age to begin having your heart regularly checked is at above 35 years of age for a man or above 45 years of age for a woman. A general cardiovascular check up should include a detailed cardiovascular history and physical examination, followed by an electrocardiogram (EKG), fasting lipid profile (blood cholesterol level), blood pressure measurement and body mass index (BMI) measurement. There may possibly be more advanced diagnostic studies performed such as echocardiogram, stress test, coronary calcium and carotid ultrasound. If you already have been diagnosed with heart disease, it is even more important to have your risk factors managed and very well monitored, in order to prevent future cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke or even death. Above all, it is important for you to be involved in your heart care with your cardiologist, with a focus on active prevention and adequate treatment, including lifestyle changes and appropriate medications when needed. Remember, life’s circumstances may change, and a visit to your doctor may be needed to assure you are on the right track for keeping your heart healthy. Dr. Carlos Zamora is a cardiologist and associate professor with the Columbia University Division of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Zamora sees patients at Mount Sinai Aventura’s multi-specialty physician office and Mount Sinai Primary & Specialty Care Coral Gables. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zamora, call 305-674CARE (2273) or visit

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


AVENTURA’S NEOGENESIS HAIR INSTITUTE introduces the new, minimally invasive, scarless, virtually painless state of the art hair transplant procedure for both men and women. This Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is permanent, high quality, and natural looking... and is done right in our office! Please see our press release in this issue of the Aventura News. Up to 40% off 1000 graft NEOGRAFT FUE package! (up to $4,000 value) Up to 50% off 1500 graft NEOGRAFT FUE package! (up to $7,000 value) Up to 60% off 2000+ graft NEOGRAFT FUE package! (up to $10,000 value)* BEFORE



305-933-1003 LIMITED TIME AND LIMITED SPACING AVAILABLE NEOGENESIS HAIR INSTITUTE 21355 East Dixie Hwy, Ste 109, Aventura, FL Andrew P. Amunategui, MD Marc G. Apple, MD - Board Certified Physicians -

*Consultation by appointment only; Must leave deposit prior to August 31, 2013; Candidates must be deemed medically appropriate by physicians

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Magnificent new stained glass windows enhance Soffer Sanctuary at Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

SHABBAT WINDOW Dedicated by WILLIAM & CAROLE LANDA In Honor of Sue & Amir Baron

TRADITION WINDOW Dedicated by GERALD & FLORENCE COHN In Honor of Hannah S. & Samuel A. Cohn

TZEDAKAH WINDOW, In Memory of Julius (Benek) Bakalarz, Dedicated by His Wife Helena Bakalarz and Children Ronald & Minna Bakalarz, Edward & Tania Bakalarz, Steven Bakalarz

PEACE WINDOW Dedicated by RICHARD & AMELIA KRONRAD In Honor of our Children & Grandchildren


MUSIC WINDOW, Dedicated by HAIM & AVIVA YEHEZKEL In Memory of Parents Leah & Mordechi Yehezkel and Rachel & Michel Partouche

ISRAEL WINDOW, Dedicated by LOIS & EUGENE KESSLER In Memory of our Beloved Parents Belle & Charles Walken and Molly & Louis Kessler

HOLOCAUST WINDOW, Dedicated by WILLIAM & CAROLE LANDA In Memory of Brothers Who Perished in the Holocaust, Emanuel, Simcha & Boruch Landa

HOLIDAY WINDOW Dedicated by MARK GORDON In Honor of The Gordon Family

FRUITS OF THE LAND WINDOW Dedicated by HON. BILLY & SANDRA JOEL In Honor of Our Children & Grandchildren

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Full Service Pain Management Care

Accepting New Patients Minimal Waiting Times No Long Lines Kiley Reynolds, D.O. Interventional Pain Management Physician Board Certified and Fellowship Trained

American Board of Anesthesiology

8200 SW 117th Avenue, Suite 312, Miami, FL 33183 Ph: 305.595.7246 Fax: 305 595 7242

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Orthodontics

• Cosmetic And Family Dentistry • Smile Makeovers • Veneers • Whitening • Zoom in Office Whitening • Crown and Bridge • Implants • Invisalign • Dentures

New Patient Special! • Initial Oral Exam [ADA0110] • Diagnostic Digital X-Rays [ADA0274] • Adult Cleaning [ADA1110] • Consultation and Treatment planning with the Doctor


(with this ad and same day payment)

Se habla Espanol, Falamos Portugues, Nous Parlons Francais Most insurances welcome and payment plans available.

305-466-2334 The Art of Dentistry, Valeria Soltanik DMD P.A. 2999 NE 191st Street, Suite 350 • Aventura, FL 33180

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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50 off


your first leg vein treatment


305.466.4440 email: • 3085 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Michael-Ann Russell JCC hosts Special Olympics Aquatics Event Over 300 Special Olympics athletes, coaches and family members from Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties will take part at the Special Olympics Aquatics Games on Sunday, August 25, 2013 from 9:30am to 1pm at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach. Athletes of all ages and skill levels will compete in various swimming heats. The event is free and open to the public. Robert Strauss, founder of Swim Gym, the company that powers the aquatics programming at the MAR-JCC stated “We are so fortunate to have been chosen by the leadership of Special Olympics in our community, as their host venue for their #1 event of the year. Robert, who represented Mexico in the 1972 Olympics, will be serving as the Honorary Chairman of the Games, and Games volunteers will be provided by Ransom Everglades School. “The lessons we will learn from the boys and girls, and men and women that will compete in our center on this day will be inspirational, they'll help you shed a good tear of joy!” Robert added. Volunteers are needed. No prior experience with Special Olympics is necessary to volunteer and it’s a great activity for families, coworkers and friends. All volunteers must present a photo ID upon arrival. For more information about volunteer opportunities, call Special Olympics Florida –

Miami-Dade County at 305-406-9467 or visit The Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center is graciously providing the facilities as well as staff and volunteer support. Those sponsoring the Summer Games include: Publix, The Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, Subway and Coca Cola. Special Olympics Florida provides yearround sports training and competition for over 18,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout Florida. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics gives people with intellectual disabilities continual opportunities to develop fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their peers, families and communities. For more information, visit

Mount Sinai Medical Center welcomes Dr. Joshua Gizersky Mount Sinai Medical Cenhealthy metabolic function. ter welcomes Dr. Joshua GizIn addition to internal ersky as its newest primary medicine and primary care, care physician. Dr. Gizersky Dr. Gizersky’s focus areas will be seeing patients at have been medical weight Mount Sinai Aventura’s mulloss, wellness and fitness, nutispecialty physician office, trition, menopause and anlocated at 2845 Aventura dropause treatment, along Boulevard. He also will see with cognitive enhancement. patients in the upcoming Prior to medical school, Mount Sinai Sunny Isles Dr. Gizersky attended Hofsphysician office, scheduled to tra University where he was open in October 2014. the lead investigator in an acDr. Gizersky was most reclaimed Merck grants reDr. Joshua Gizersky cently a clinical faculty physisearch project. The project cian in the Division of Internal Medicine at led to the discovery and patent of a comMaimonides Medical Center in New York. pound with medical applications for respiHe attended the New York College of Os- ratory distress syndrome. teopathic Medicine and completed an interA native of Odessa, Ukraine, Dr. Gizernal medicine residency at Maimonides sky grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He Medical Center. He went on to complete a maintains a close bond with the Russian unique fellowship in the emerging field of community and is fluent in English and anti-aging, regenerative, and functional Russian. medicine, which combines the use of bioFor more information, or to contact Dr. identical hormones with supplements to re- Gizersky, call 305-674-CARE (2273) or visit store wellness and promote longevity and

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Do you or someone you know have Facial Acne?

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Leeza’s Place at Memorial Hospital Pembroke is rebranded Leeza’s Care Connection

FXM Research in Miramar is looking for males and females 12 to 40 years of age that suffer from Facial Acne, to participate in an four [4] study-visit clinical research study. Medical Insurance is not required for study participation. Qualified participants will receive: • Evaluation by a Board Certified Dermatologist. • Investigational Study Medication at no cost. • Reimbursement for time and travel up to USD $200.00.

¿Tiene usted o alguien que usted conoce Acné Facial? FXM Research en Miramar está buscando hombres y mujeres de 12 a 40 años de edad que padecen de Acné Facial, para participar en un estudio clínico de investigación que requiere de cuatro [4] visitas. No se requiere seguro médico para su participación en el estudio. Los participantes que califiquen recibirán: • Evaluaciones por un Dermatólogo Certificado. • Los medicamentos bajo investigación sin costo alguno. • Reembolso por su tiempo y transporte de hasta $200.00. For more information please call:

Para más información por favor llame al:

(954) 430-1097 Francisco Flores, MD. Board Certified Dermatologist FXM Research Miramar

FXM Research Miramar 3000 SW 148th Ave. Suite 216 Miramar, FL 33027

Do you or someone you know have Atopic Dermatitis (Also known as Eczema)? FXM Research in Miramar is looking for males and females 18 to 65 years of age that suffer from Atopic Dermatitis (dry, red, scaling patches throughout your body with or without itchiness), to participate in a nine (9) study visit clinical research study. Medical Insurance is not required for study participation. Qualified participants will receive: • Evaluation by a Board Certified Dermatologist. • Investigational Study Medication at no cost. • Reimbursement for time and travel up to USD $540.00.

¿Tiene usted o alguien que usted conoce Dermatitis Atópica (También conocida como Eczema)? FXM Research en Miramar está buscando a hombres y mujeres de 18 a 65 años de edad que padecen de Dermatitis Atópica (parches de resequedad, enrojecimiento, descamación en su cuerpo con o sin picazón), para participar en un estudio clínico de investigación que requiere de nueve (9) visitas. No se requiere seguro médico para su participación en el estudio. Los participantes que califiquen recibirán: • Evaluaciones por un Dermatólogo Certificado. • Los medicamentos bajo investigación sin costo alguno. • Reembolso por su tiempo y transporte de hasta $540.00. For more information please call:

Para más información por favor llame al:

(954) 430-1097 Francisco Flores, MD. Board Certified Dermatologist FXM Research Miramar

FXM Research Miramar 3000 SW 148th Ave. Suite 216 Miramar, FL 33027

For close to eight years, Leeza’s Place at Memorial Hospital Pembroke has served as a support and resource center for all types of family caregivers who are dealing with any chronic or progressive illness. Although its mission will continue, the center now bears a new name – Leeza’s Care Connection. “The name change more clearly defines what we do for the caregivers we serve,” said Bonnie Bonomo, program director of Leeza’s Care Connection. “We learned over the years of working with family caregivers that they feel best when connected to each other and to support services, resources and their own strength of spirit. Our unique programming helps caregivers gain self-confidence and learn the skills needed to tackle their new life of change, allowing them to feel like, ‘I can do it’.” Leeza’s Care Connection, located on the campus of Memorial Hospital Pembroke, is a safe place for caregivers to share experiences and be heard, but more than that, it is a place where family caregivers go to ask questions, get answers, find resources and get support.

“It is a place that teaches caregivers to take their own oxygen first, and hold onto themselves while caring for someone they love,” Bonomo explains. The center, the only one of its kind in Broward County, offers 16 support groups and over 30 programs every month. Programs include everything from educational lectures and trainings, teaching coping strategies, self-care and wellness to Reiki Healing Energy, laughter yoga and drumming circles to reduce stress. One-on-one family meetings are offered to help families assess and navigate resources in the community. Guest lecturers, class instructors and all program materials provided at Leeza’s Care Connection are donated. All services and programs are free of charge and funded by Memorial Healthcare System and private donations. Leeza’s Care Connection at Memorial Hospital Pembroke is located at 2261 North University Drive #103, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024. For more information, visit or call 954-883-7243.

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Resolve ‘immigration situations’ with Haratz & Stubbe, LLC BY BARI AUERBACH

Ever since Sherley Haratz and Vivianna Stubbe forged a partnership combining over a decade of expertise focusing on immigration law, the internationally renowned attorneys have been helping clients coming to their Aventura-based law firm from throughout the U.S. and abroad resolve virtually all types of immigration situations. “Aventura is a conducive market for immigration legal services due to the high density of foreign nationals and the city’s central location between Miami-Dade and Broward counties,” explains Stubbe, who has represented clients before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. embassies and consulates and the Immigration Courts. “Our firm can help foreign national clients take advantage of this area’s range of quality businesses and services by obtaining visas for skilled workers and clients who want to invest or start companies in this country. We also assist corporations in transferring employees seeking permanent residency – many of whom are relocating to the Aventura area.” Haratz and Stubbe attorneys have previously been contracted by state and federal government agencies, and other organizations to provide training at the state and na-

tional level to other attorneys, law enforcement officials and community leaders about various complex areas of immigration law. Strong relationships with numerous government and community agencies further support Haratz and Stubbe’s ability to facilitate successful case outcomes. Beyond helping professionals, investors, visitors, students, athletes and entertainers obtain non-immigrant visas, Haratz and Stubbe provide many other immigration-related services such as immigrant visas and employment-based petitions, work permits, re-entry permits, replacement/extension of permanent resident cards, citizenship/naturalization, U visas, and PERM applications. “We take a very client-centered, highly individualized approach,” emphasizes Haratz, who is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. “Our greatest reward is providing guidance that helps our diverse clients make well-informed decisions ultimately opening doors to the endless possibilities the U.S. offers.” To arrange a consultation to discuss your immigration situation, contact Haratz & Stubbe Law Offices, One Aventura Executive Center, 20900 Northeast 30th Avenue, Suite 717, phone: 305- 503-5195, visit or email:

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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Acqualina Resort & Spa celebrates Travel + Leisure’s Esteemed 2013 World’s Best Awards Join Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach as it celebrates a prestigious recognition from Travel + Leisure Magazine 2013 World's Best Awards as one of the top 10 best small city hotels in the continental U.S. In celebration of this award, a special “4 for 3” promotion is being offered for guests to experience South Florida’s ultra-luxury oceanfront destination. Treat yourself to a luxury getaway close to home or take a relaxing trip to South Florida’s ultra-luxury oceanfront destination and receive the best available rate, as well as the fourth night free from August 19 until December 19. The “4 for 3” package also includes complimentary wireless internet access, daily $40 body or facial spa treatment credit for up to two adults at Acqualina Spa by ESPA, and complimentary access to Acqualina’s award-winning marine biology-inspired AquaMarine Children’s Program. Enjoy the special “4 for 3” promotion with rates for a Deluxe Intracoastal Room

starting from $450 per night ($338 per night including 4th night free) in August and September, $525 per night ($394 per night including 4th night free) in October and November and $550 per night ($413 per night including 4th night free) in December. To book your 4 for 3 offer, call reservations at 855-228-0522.

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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HELPWANTED WANTED HELP Pinball Machine Mechanic/ 305-904-7325 —————————— Administrative Analyst design systems and procedures, work simplification. Only Resume. ASM Beauty World Academy. 6423 Stirling Rd Davie, FL 33314 —————————— Business Administrator Pre-pare & file tax returns, BA in accounting. Mail resume to: Merk Funds, LLC 1820 corporate lakes Blvd. Weston, Fl —————————— Adjunct Faculty Brown Mackie College Instruct general education courses at 2 locations Miramar & Miami.

Aug. 2 - Sept. 3, 2013


Project Manager Coordinate & direct construction projects. Resume to: H&M Development LLC 20508 W Dixie Hwy, Aventura, FL 33180 —————————— Marketing Manager Provide growth & efficient sales. Fluent in Spanish. Int’l Sales Group LLC, Michael Ambrosio 2875 NE 191 St. #200 Aventura, FL

CATERING&& CATERING RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS Majestic Caters 954-707-9650. Catering and Event Mgmt. American and International Cuisine. Catering to hotels, yachts, synagogues and homes

Gamaroff’s Grill & Bar 954-454-9676. Great steaks, seafood, sandwiches, salads & spirits. 100 S. Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach. —————————— Kitchen 305 305-749-2110 All you can eat King Crab Every Friday. 16701 Collin Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 —————————— Mama Jennie’s 305-757-3627 Italian restaurant catering & pizzeria. Dine-in, takeout, delivery and catering. 11720 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33161 —————————— Golden City Buffet 954-457-8108. Chinese food, Japanese sushi & hibachi lunch & dinner buffet. 1700 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale, FL.

Laurenzo’s Italian Center 305-945-6381. Catering, meats, seafood, deli, café, grocery & bakery. 16445 W. Dixie Hwy. www.laurenzosmarket. com.

DENTISTRY DENTISTRY DOCTORS &&DOCTORS Dental Options North Miami: 305-892-2960, Aventura: 305-466-1804. General, cosmetic & specialty dentistry. —————————— Valeria Soltanik, DMD P.A. 305-466-2334. Cosmetic & family dentistry, whitening, veneers & Invisalign. 2999 NE 191st ST, Suite 350 Aventura, FL

Leon Egozi, MD, FACS 305-504-2111. Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment. Quick, effective & painless. 21150 Biscayne Blvd #206 Aventura, FL —————————— Miami Beach Medical Group 305-534-1845. Caring for your health & improving your life. Miami Beach Center 1200 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, FL

WIGS WIGS Wig Goddess 305-354-9222 Raquel Welch spring collection has arrived! Sale $25 off all wigs. 15508 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami, FL 33160

Pru-dee’s Wig Studio 305-937-0079. Natural & Synthetic hair, lakefront and designer. $20 off purchase. 20475 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 10 G.

MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS SWAT Mosquito Systems & Outdoor Cooling 1-866-900-SWAT. Custom-design and in-stall mosquito misting systems www.swatmosquito —————————— Brown Mackie College 1-866-415-8999. Discover how our One Course a Month schedule can help fit education into your life. www.

Mexico Vacations 866-683-3151. Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cancun, all-inclusive resorts and services. $33 Per person/ Per day www.hotmexico —————————— U.S. Century Bank 305-405-6326. Checking, savings, consumer loans, business loans, internet & global banking. —————————— Imperial Club 305-935-1801 Apartment retirement comm.-unity. Save up to $2,013 during their anniversary special. —————————— Florida Advocates 855-FL-ADVO(cates). Legal guidance, accident, injury, theft, fire & property damage cases.

Gallery Art 305-932-6166 We buy fine art & collectables. Largest fine art gallery in South Florida. Custom framing. —————————— Dr. Helen Donatelli, MD 305-466-4440. Center for skin, veins, laser & antiaging medicine. 3085 NE 163rd ST. North Miami Beach, FL —————————— Ocean Cadillac 305-864-2271 Open 7 days a week. Last call for no down payment! 1000 Kane Concourse Bay Harbor, FL 33154 —————————— Countyline Chiropractic 1(800) 811-1231. Get quick relief from: aches and pains, headaches/migraines & stiffness www.county

Aug. 2 - Sept. 3, 2013





Stocks, Options, Covered Call Writing for Income One on One Tutoring Available Hourly or Plan Rates Available Overbrook Investment Group

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• Reading • Math • Language Arts • Español

Get help from the best!

Houses and buildings. Best Prices! $24.94 & up. 10% off senior citizens and first time customers. Call for free estimate.


786.651.0862 ANDREA







NEW GRAFFITI BOOK It’s out now! Ho t of f th e press! Tell everyone!

“DON’T WANT TO SHINE PART I” 1.800.843.1803 o r go to www.rosedog SERVICES




GENERAL HELP WANTED MANAGER Pinball 5 yrs exp. & Machine Bachelor in Adm. or Mechanic Engineering req. Direct or coordinate activities of bus. or dep. concerned with production, pricing or dist. of products. Mail res: Spasics Technologies 2609 NE 189 St. Miami, FL 33180 HELP WANTED

305-904-7325 SERVICES

PAINTER • HANDYMAN Call me for estimate 786-337-2374 HELP WANTED


Organizational studies & evaluations, design systems and procedures, work simplification. Analyze operations and reports. ONLY RESUME ASM Beauty World Academy 6423 Stirling Road Davie, FL 33314 REAL ESTATE


ROOM FOR RENT For Male. $650. Aventura, Fla. Rest Room, Gym, Pool. 501-920-8187 786-207-4982


AVENTURA WATERWAYS TOWNHOME Must sell due to illness a large 3/2.5 unit in La Mirage Village. Garage, office, updated, guarded gate. Walk to shops and houses of worship. Lovely area! Call




Need to SELL your Home or condo Learn how Short Sale Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure!!!

Buyers, Investors… Looking for opportunities

Ocean Three 3/3.5 On the Beach - Panoramic view of Ocean and city unit in Foreclosures great price $850,000. WaterView 2/2 Ocean and Intracoastal views – new kitchen – washer and dryer Short Sale $295,000 2/2 Ocean and Intracoastal views 1,200 sq ft washer & dryer Short Sale $195,000 Jackie Rosado 305-335-2132


FOR RENT DANIA BEACH Meadowbrook Lakes 2/2 spacious, 1st floor, pool, 1/2 mile to beach. Asking $1000/mo. 1st & Sec. 55+

305.763.3717 954.929.5411

To prepare and file tax returns. Direct and prepare reports for finances and budgets. Five years of experience. Bachelor’s in accounting. Mail resume to: Merk Funds, LLC 1820 North Corporate Lakes Blvd. Weston, FL 33327



Brown Mackie College seeking minimum Master level Adjunct Faculty to instruct General Education courses at our two locations now located in Miramar and Miami. Email: HELP WANTED

Analytical Strategist Bachelor in Bus. Admin. & 5 yrs exp. req. Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems And recommending solutions. ! " !


AVENTURA WATERFRONT TOWNHOUSE 3 Bedroom + 1 car garage. New wood and granite kitchen with Stainless steel appliances Porcelain and wood floors.

Call Jean 305-788-0995

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Aug. 2 - Sept. 3, 2013


TEL: 305-803-6901


Impact resistant Windows and Doors High Performance Accordion Shutters Hurricane Panels Call 305-803-7602 for a free estimate



Licensed and Insured Florida State License SCC 131150340 Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties Approved

TUTORING USA MATH • SCIENCE SAT • ACT References available In Pinecrest since 1995

Ron 305.299.5011

Aug. 2 - Sept. 3, 2013


A Personal Touch Fitness Sensitive Personal Training

• NCSF Certified Sibyl Adams • Reiki Master • Post Rehab Training • Functional Training for Older Adults

All ages and fitness levels welcome Featured fitness blogger for seniority

Phone: 786.395.1588

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Licensed & Insured

• Tree Trimming • Consultation • Stump Grinding • Landscaping • Lawn Services • Fertilization • Sprinkler Repair • Debris Removal • Backhoe Service • Driveway Pavers • Fencework - All Types • Chickee Huts • Outdoor Kitchens • And More

FREE ESTIMATES • 305-233-0699

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Aug. 2 - Sept. 3, 2013

Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013


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Aug. 21 - Sept. 3, 2013

Aventura News 8.21.2013  

Local Miami News

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