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December 12 - 25, 2012

Barker Animation Art Gallery’s ‘Art from the Heart’ benefits over 40 charities and schools

here’s an old saying.... ‘It’s better to give than to receive...” and Gloria and Herb Barker live that philosophy every day. As owners of Barker Animation Art Gallery in The Village at Gulfstream Park and the Barker Character and Comic Museum in Cheshire, Ct., they have donated over $1.4 million in countless pieces of artwork over the years, as well as unbridled enthusiasm for art appreciation. The Barkers have one of the largest personal collections of animation artwork and collectibles on the planet, and are best known for their philanthropic contributions. Among their many recipients of major donations are Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital and they are currently working with Mount Sinai Medical Center on a large donation of artwork. They recently donated over $30,000 of artwork to the Hollywood Boys and Girls Club and over the years, have donated over $100,000 of artwork to JAFCO, Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11, they asked the Aventura Marketing Council (AMC) to assemble South Florida police stations and fire rescue departments so they could donate to each of them a magnificent mixed media serigraph of the centennial of the Statue of Liberty, signed in gold by artist Melanie Taylor Kent. “The Statue of Liberty is our symbol of freedom, hope and opportunity...needed so much now today,” said Herb Barker.

Gloria Barker, Troy Giorgio and Herb Barker from Barker Animation with some of the recipients of their generosity

This year, the Barkers partnered with the Aventura Marketing Council once again to donate two framed pieces of animation artwork to every charity, non-profit and school that was an AMC member. The event, hosted by Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, brought out over 40 organizations who were thrilled to receive their gifts...with no strings attached. Some organizations chose to place the artwork on auction, some wanted to present it to a major sponsor, and some wanted to brighten a child’s hospital room with it. “I was just thrilled to see the happy and delighted faces of the wonderful friends who came to the Art from the Heart event,” said Gloria Barker. “These people dedicate their lives to helping others, and I want to continue living so I can continue giving!” Herb summed up their philosophy on life, saying “My hope in giving is that I make the world a little bit better of a place.” Barker Animation Art Gallery is located in The Village of Gulfstream Park at

1270 Seabiscuit Trail, Hallandale Beach 33009. For more information, contact 954-457-2280 or visit their website at

————— See PHOTOS inside Photography by Andrew Goldstein

Adrienne Barker, Barker Specialty South; Rep. Joe Gibbons; Gloria Barker, Barker Animation Art Gallery; Shawn Lovett

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December 12 - 25, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012


Wandering & Pondering Faithful

John wonders why anyone should be drinks under his belt he has been known to unfaithful. He is of the old school where a give a play by play of the physical part of handshake is his word; yet has always felt their relationship. And that can be very borthat in a man–woman relationship it is ing. Mary sits there and blushes while gauging the reactions of the important to see that faithfulness is the primary requisite. He likes women present. to preach this especially when Mary will tolerate quite a bit since her ex-husband was a runMary is with him. He’ll come out with “here’s ner who drank and occasionally slugged her. This doesn’t happen Mary, she knows that I don’t cheat on her. Why would I? She with John, now she doesn’t fear always knows where I am since any of this with him. She knows DAN PALMER he is faithful to her because she she also works in my office. Of course she always knows where I am in the always knows where he is. And there is no evening. Even when we aren’t together she hint of him going off their reservation. He knows where I’ve gone and she has no rea- is faithful to her yes, but he is unfaithful to son to worry about me. She knows that I his wife. Mary is his girlfriend. It’s the wife am faithful to her.” His friends and associ- that never knows. ates hear this and either silently agree or One thing Mary knows, no matter what disagree. They look at their wives or girl- happens she will never marry John. She friends and silently compare themselves marries him and just like that, he’ll find to John. someone else to be faithful to. As far as she Sometimes it can be boring listening to is concerned being faithful a-la-John? No way... no way. John for an entire evening. With a few Honesty • Integrity • Values • Respect • Knowledge • Ethics

With roots in Miami close to half a century deep, GPR is one of South Florida’s leading full service accounting firms with a global and innovative accounting approach.

305-868-3600 • 954-522-3202 561-392-9059 • 1-888-868-5585 Aventura • Miami Beach • Boca Raton

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December 12 - 25, 2012

Around d Town n in n Aventura IDEA- International Design Engineering Architecture hosts Aventura Marketing Council Board Meeting

Gary Pyott, The Continental Group; Charlene Welker, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Dan Palmer, Aventura News; Bob Hollander, Brown & Brown Insurance; Stephane Lecuyer, IDEA; Fernando Levy Hara, mckafka Development Group

AMC Technology Meeting hosts Aaron Gurland, Founder of

Aventura Comm. Michael Stern, Stern Bloom (Seated) Howard Salus, ENV/Environmental News Media; Aaron Gurland, / Nataron Online; Dr. David Muransky, Aventura Chiropractic Enterprises; Technology Chair Eric Beck, IT Doctors Care Center; Max Fleischer, Send Out Cards; Robin Lechner, Robin Lechner Designs

Dimitry Shaposhnikov, DS Xpress; Comm. Stern; Sydney Faye Davis, Williams Island POA; Cindy Marc Hurwitz, Crossroads Investigations; Hope Mirapol, Bloomgarden, Goudreau & Rosen, P.A.; Berman, Berman Chiropractic Center Carrie Barroll, Nataron Enterprises

Biscayne Cove hosts National Retired Basketball Association Players

Victor Merced, Biscayne Cove; Business AMC members learn about Basketball Players life Development Chair Peter Fishel, CPA; Joyce transitions ‘on court’ and ‘off court’ Johnson, NBA Retired Players Associations; Madeline Giardiello, Biscayne Cove

Liz Becker, Life After Split; Muzzy Jackson and Peter Fisher, Woodbury Financial Services; Julie Lesya Pelyushko, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Magaldi, The Continental Group; Norman Axelman, Management MAB Group; Ed Ciolfi, State Farm Advantage Computer Solutions Insurance

December 12 - 25, 2012


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Rewards and Punishments in Life

Patricia C. Frank FRANKLY SPEAKING It is the nature of human beings to try to understand the world around them. They want to understand why some people lead a charmed life while others lead a life of suffering. While it is true that there are many possible explanations, it does not mean that they are the only explanations. Whichever belief you hold to be true you need to be aware of the psychological dilemmas and pitfalls that can arise as a result. The most common explanations and assumptions about life have to do with Karma. Many people believe that their current lives are some sort of pay back for their deeds in other lives. If you believe this you may judge others unfairly. You may covet their rewards and dismiss their suffering as a justifiable punishment. Psychologically, it is important to allow that some people’s lives and good fortunes or misfortunes are

not based on whether or not they deserve rewards or punishments. Other people believe that you choose to take on your current life with all of its ramifications before you are born. If you believe this you may tend to be insensitive and lack compassion. It is important to be sympathetic to the misfortunes of others and yourself. This belief can foster anger with yourself if you choose a life you don’t want and you don’t like. While others believe that it is “The luck of the draw”. They believe that things happen to people by chance. That it is destiny, fate or serendipity. This is the least judgmental belief. However, this belief can prevent you and others from trying to improve your life. Still others believe that they are here to learn lessons. This places a lot of responsibility on the individual with consequences if they don’t figure out the lesson correctly. You may retain your beliefs but be aware of the pitfalls of those beliefs. Take steps to open your mind and your heart regardless of what you believe. Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

THE DONOWAY CENTER FOR CANCER TREATMENT AND PREVENTION Surgical Oncology Associates of South Florida Robert B. Donoway, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.S.S.O. Surgical Oncology & Breast Surgical Oncology Practice Specializing in Cancer of Breast, Pancreas, Liver, GI Tract, Melanoma, Sarcoma, Thyroid and Parathyroid, Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment, Surgical Oncology, Breast Surgical Oncology, Endocrine, and Laparoscopic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Image Guided Tumor Surgery, Genetic Cancer Counseling

ROBERT B. DONOWAY, M.D. Medical Director Institute for Breast Cancer Prevention

21110 Biscayne Boulevard • Suite 400 • Aventura, FL 33180 3800 Johnson Street • Suite 400 • Hollywood, FL 33021 17884 N.W. 2nd Street • Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Phone: 954.986.6366 • 305.682.4993 • Fax 954.986.4355

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December 12 - 25, 2012

Barker Animation Art Gallery’s ‘Art from the Heart’ benefits over 40 charities and schools

(Back row L to R) Aaron Halpern; Adrienne Barker, Barker Specialty South; Stephen Greenberger; (Front L to R) Gloria and Herb Barker, Barker Animation Art Gallery

Even Minnie Mouse was there to welcome guests

Gracious recipients line up to thank the Barkers for their generosity; (Back row L to R) Veronica Martin, North Miami Beach Sr. High; Barbara Hirshhorn, David Lawrence Jr. K-8; Ines Meras, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High; Ben Launerts for the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Aventura Comm. Howard Weinberg; Aventura Police Chief Steve Steinberg for His House Children’s Home; Aventura Comm. Billy Joel for Israel Sport Center for the Disabled; Donna Lasker, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

Dr. Steve Ronik and Rep. Joe Gibbons, Henderson Oscar Llorente and Ileana Melian, The Mater Charter School Behavioral Health Services

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin for Junior Achievement Greater Miami; North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo for Greynolds Park Elementary; Sharon Plotkin

Peter Caspari, iReachAmerica Foundation Photography by Andrew Goldstein

December 12 - 25, 2012


Valley Forge - December 1777

Bob Diamond HISTORICALLY YOURS British General William Howe and his officers rested in comfortable winter quarters in Philadelphia, as eighteenth century warfare remained “a seasonal business.” Howe saw no reason to fight in cold weather, as well as his having confidence they could defeat George Washington and his rag-tailed ill-trained troops at any time they desired. Washington struggled at Valley Forge with baffling questions of housing, feeding, providing clothing and other essentials, as his 4,000 vagabond, threadbare men lacked even a single blanket. Some were without shoes. The Continental treasury was bankrupt. It was a scene of misery, as disease was rampant with unsanitary conditions. Men were dying as others deserted. The only thing that held the shaky army together was Washington’s moral strength. Three amazing things happened at that most critical time. A newcomer arrived sent by Benjamin Franklin in Paris, namely Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin, Baron von Steuben, who had

served as a Prussian captain in a European war. Von Steuben, who saw the incredibly bad conditions, was the tough drillmaster that Washington needed desperately. Von Steuben instilled discipline, eliminated unhealthy conditions and prepared the Continental army for combat, including the proper use of the bayonet. With the projectable shortage of soldiers, a Colonial General from Rhode Island asked the unthinkable of Washington, a slave owning Virginia planter, “the right to recruit black troops.” Knowing it was an incendiary idea for southerners, Washington, desperate for manpower, approved the request. Rhode Island promised to free all slaves willing to join an all-black battalion. Massachusetts and Connecticut soon followed. Soon, 755 blacks or 5 % of the Continental Army were black. The confident Negro soldiers soon proved their merit and were excellent under arms. As the Continental Army “huddled by fires at Valley Forge,” word reached Washington that Franklin “had pulled off a magnificent diplomatic feat in Paris – on February 6, France recognized American independence and offered a military alliance and financial support.” Washington had the treaty read aloud to his troops, followed by the firing of thirteen cannons. It was a time of thanksgiving for Continental soldiers who survived the horrid winter.

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Mardi Gras Casino kicks off 2013 Racing Season Mardi Gras Casino is geared up for the 2013 racing season, which began December 1st. Racing has been part of South Florida's history and culture since 1934 when the Hollywood Dog Track welcomed 1,200 of its first fans. Experience the thrill of racing at the only place to be for breath-taking live action and simulcast racing. Offering live greyhound racing December through April at the only dog track in Broward County, they simulcast daily greyhound, harness and thoroughbred races from some of the best tracks across the country, Canada and Australia. With over 30 different greyhound, harness, and thoroughbred races available for viewing on large screen TV's located throughout the entire facility, it’s no wonder Mardi Gras Casino has the largest operating dog track grandstand in the world. Home to Four Stakes Races, Mardi Gras Casino invites all South Floridians to get in on the racing action. Check out The Mardi Gras Futurity (formerly the Hollywood Futurity)—an exciting greyhound race running

annually since 1981; The Hollywood World Classic—heart-pumping, world-class racing; or the Joe Ryan, Jr. Memorial—make your selections and start your handicapping early. A long-standing well-respected dog racing establishment, Mardi Gras Casino has a rich history of supporting and caring for the participating animals and is a proud supporter of the Adopt-A-Greyhound program, managed by Friends of Greyhounds, Inc. For more information about Adopt-a-Greyhound, call 954-924-3200; toll free at 877-55-slots, or email them at

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Christmas Eve December 24th, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012

Christmas Day December 25th, 2012 FROM 1 TO 6 P.M.

Dinner Menu

Christmas Dinner Buffet

First Course

Cold Buffet


CAPRESE SALAD Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Beef Steak Tomato, Organic Balsamic Reduction, Fresh Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil GRILLED PORTABELLO MUSHROOM GARDEN SALAD

Garden Greens Accompanied with Roma Tomatoes, Euro Cucumbers, Red Onions, Carrots, Hearts of Palm, Feta Cheese, Artichoke Hearts & Seasonal Croutons Balsamic Grilled Portabella Mushrooms with Roasted Red Peppers | Smoked Norwegian Salmon Display | Imported & Domestic Cheese Display including Smoked Gouda, Stilton Blue Cheese, Port Wine, Brie & Havarti Dill | Smoked & Cured Meat Display with Fig Jam & Assorted Crackers | Tri-Color Tortellini Pasta Salad | Assorted Olives

Roasted Red Pepper, Euro Cucumber, Red Onion, Cherry Tomato & Feta Cheese, Balsamic Dressing

Soup Carving Station Cream of Ginger Carrots

Second Course (CHOICE OF)


Roasted Prime Rib with Beef Au Jus Roasted Whole Turkey with Giblet Gravy Cranberry & Orange Terrine | Maple Honey Glazed Ham Salmon en Croute

Demi Au Jus | Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes | Garlic Green Beans

SALMON EN CROUTE Baked Atlantic Salmon Stuffed with Cream Spinach & Cranberry in Puff Pastry Wild Rice Pilaf | Lemon Dill Sauce

Baked Atlantic Salmon with Creamed Spinach & Cranberry in Puff Pastry, Lemon Dill Sauce


ROSEMARY ROASTED SPRING CHICKEN Saffron Rice | Baby Zucchini & Carrots | Lemon Pepper Chicken Gravy

Wild Rice Pilaf | Red Bliss Mashed Potato | Green Pea & Pearl Onions Stew Sage & Chestnut Stuffing with Pork | Butternut Squash & Yams Pudding Steamed Baby Carrots, Zucchini & Sunburst Squash





Holiday Cookies, Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie, Black Forest Cake, Key Lime Pie, White & Milk Chocolate Mousse, New York-Style Cheese Cake, Fresh Fruit & Berries Display

$36 Per Person

$35 Per Person

Newport Beachside HOTEL & RESORT

For Dinner Reservations,Call


Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort | 16701 Collins Ave. | Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 For your convenience 9% tax and 18% gratuity is added to all checks.

December 12 - 25, 2012


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December 12 - 25, 2012

Boys Town Jerusalem announces Men’s Mission to Israel

In the aftermath of “Operation Pillar of Defense,” 26 South Floridians have committed to traveling to Israel on Boys Town Jerusalem’s (BTJ) second Men’s Mission to Israel, March 3-10, 2013. During this Mission, participants will be briefed about the impact of “Operation Pillar of Defense” on Boys Town Jerusalem’s 850 students. Floridians Stephen Fiske, Eran Frai and Derek Hodes are co-chairing this mission. Mission Highlights will include: meetings with distinguished Boys Town Jerusalem graduates and students; a closed door security briefing with Israel Defense Force Chief Military Spokesperson, and BTJ graduate, Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai; a tour of the Old City in Jerusalem; riding the second longest zip line (400 feet high) in the world;

horseback riding in the Galilee; dining and drinking at a Golan Heights Winery; mountain biking along the Jordan River; luxury accommodations in the Galilee and Jerusalem and round-trip El Al flights. All mission arrangements are being taken care of by Boys Town Jerusalem and space is extremely limited. Boys Town Jerusalem is one of Israel's premier institutions for educating the country's next generation of leaders whose mission is to turn young boys from limited backgrounds into young men with limitless futures. Alex Halberstein is the Chair of Boys Town Jerusalem. For more information, contact Executive Director Gary Arnowitz at 305-654-0001 or email them at

Aventura Mall celebrates the holidays Aventura Mall, South Florida’s premier shopping destination, celebrates another exciting holiday season highlighted by its sensational Santa’s Village, exclusive shopper offerings, top gift selections, extended holiday hours and much more. Santa Claus is in town at Santa’s Village in Fountain Court, located on the lower level near Bloomingdale’s. Kids can visit Jolly Old St. Nick, share their holiday wishes, and pose for a photo Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m.– 8 p.m. and Sundays from noon – 7 p.m. Special hours include Monday, Dec. 24, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Aventura Mall’s elaborate holiday tree is the perfect backdrop for family photo packages with Santa and his elves! To encourage reading among children at an early age, each child will receive a special book, provided by Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership, Inc., when they visit Santa’s Village (one per child, while supplies last). Kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy “Aventura’s Model Train Station.” The delightful display features a winter wonderland, including a miniature town, amusement park, old time mill, and snowcapped mountain ranges. Measuring 16 by 29 feet, the Model Train station is located in

JCPenney Court and open mall hours. Looking for the perfect gift? Aventura Mall’s stores offer an array of exclusive collections and fashionable gift items. The ultimate stocking stuffer, Aventura Mall gift cards in various denominations are available at the MasterCard® Concierge Center, located on the lower level near Macy’s Fashion, and can be used at most retailers. Aventura Mall offers a one-of-a-kind guest service program that caters to shoppers’ every need, including an interior shuttle and free wireless high-speed internet access throughout the mall. Can’t find a parking space? Aventura Mall offers convenient valet parking in several locations throughout the mall for $7, as well as four parking garages. To complete a long shopping day, Aventura Mall features a collection of restaurants sure to please even the most discerning palates. And the center’s high-end dining options, such as The Grill on the Alley, offer private dining rooms for special holiday events. Extended holiday hours are through December 26 (closed Christmas Day). Visit or call (305) 935-1110 for exact times.

Barbara Buxton, J.D., LL.M. Florida Attorney

Nursing Home Medicaid • Elder Law & Estate Planning Florida Medicaid Planning & Eligibility Asset Protection • Wills, Trusts, Living Wills Powers of Attorney • Guardianships Probate: Estate Administration

Serving Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties Tel.: 305.932.2293 Miami-Dade County 954.760.7077 Broward County

December 12 - 25, 2012


Dr. Dominic Lewis is one of a few Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeons in area Dr. Dominic Lewis is one of only a few orthopedic surgeons in South Florida who specialize in foot and ankle surgery. At Orthopedic Care Center in Aventura, Dr. Lewis treats ankle injuries, fractures of the lower leg and bad sprains that just don’t seem to get better. “Anything from ankle replacements to bunions,” he says. His training was in foot and ankle surgery with a sports emphasis- a specialty that has proved very practical in South Florida, where the tropical climate encourages yearround Athletic activities. Dr. Lewis says his most common procedures involve arthroscopic surgery “most often for weekend warriors and people who keep spraining the same area or have problems with cartilage in the ankle. Athletic injuries of the foot and ankle are common, but I also treat patients who have arthritic conditions, deformities, fractures, and diabetics with their special needs.” A Georgetown University School of Medicine graduate who did his residency at Howard University Hospital, he went on to a Fellowship at the prestigious American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham where he trained under nationally renowned foot and ankle specialists. My specialty is under-represented among

Dr. Dominic Lewis, MD

orthopedic surgeons in South Florida,” states Dr. Lewis. “Historically, patients in the area have been seen by podiatrists. However, there are now more fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeons to serve the community.” Dr. Lewis is one of eight highly trained and experienced orthopedic specialists at the Orthopedic Cadre Center, located at 21000 NE 28th Avenue, Suite 104 on the campus of Aventura Hospital. For more information, call 305-937-1999 or visit

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December 12 - 25, 2012

Kia Sorento gets more standard features, technology Ron Beasley AUTOMOTIVE EDITOR

LET’S TALK CARS The 2013 Kia Sorento is a good looking, compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) and it just keeps getting better; it’s reasonably priced, has good power and fuel efficiency, and comes with an expanded roster of standard comfort, convenience and safety features. Sorento is offered in three trim levels — LX, EX and SX — and there are three engine options — an advanced 2.4-liter GDI four-cylinder that develops 191 hp and 181 pounds-feet of torque and 32 mpg/highway; a 3.5-liter V-6 that gets 276 hp and 248 pounds-feet of torque, and a 2.4-liter Multi-Port Injected (MPI) fourcylinder engine producing 175 hp and 169 pounds-feet of torque. All are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with Kia’s Sportmatic shifting control. There is a choice of front- or allwheel-drive, the latter with a locking center

differential that evenly distributes power to all wheels while operating at low speeds during severe weather. Sorento uses a compact, light MacPherson strut front suspension and a fully independent multi-link rear suspension for a better ride. Sorento has a deceptively compact exterior and a spacious interior that comfortably seats up to seven passengers. The front end is defined by the signature grille and wraparound headlights found on all newer Kia models. The overall design is aggressive and sleek, with a swept-back profile, an angled window line, prominent fog lights and a rounded nose. The rear is rounded and the taillights are set into the rear lift gate. Sorento comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels and body-color, heated outside mirrors with integrated LED turn signal indicators. The EX trim has 18-inch, five-spoke hyper finish wheels, fog lamps, roof rails and a rear spoiler. EX also offers an optional panoramic sunroof (V-6 models only). The more upscale SX adds mirrorfinish 10-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome-tip exhaust pipes, body-color wheelwell molding, stainless steel underbumper trim accents and step pad, sleeker body-color front and rear bumpers and

Sorento CUV has a rounded nose, an angled window line, signature Kia grille, wraparound headlights and prominent fog lights.

LED taillights. Sorento is spacious in both five- and seven-passenger seating configurations, yielding 142.5 cubic feet of space in the five-seat arrangement and 149.4 cubic feet in the seven-seat version. For 2013, Sorento has added standard leather seating for the mid-level EX trim and a third-row seat for the LX V-6 trim. The base LX trim now offers the optional UVO powered by Microsoft voice-activated infotainment system based on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform. Sorento also has an impressive slate of

standard technology features, including an AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sat audio system with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, auxiliary and USB audio input jacks for connecting personal MP3 players, and Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity with steering wheel-mounted voice activation controls. The Kia Sorento starts at $22,695. Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <>.

December 12 - 25, 2012


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December 12 - 25, 2012

Barker Animation Art Gallery’s ‘Art from the Heart’ benefits over 40 charities and schools

Aventura Comm. Billy Joel, Israel Sports Center for the Disabled

Harve Mogul, United Way of Miami-Dade

Dr. Linda Marks, Hochberg Preparatory School Stephanie Trump, I Have a Dream Foundation

Ron Book, Lauren’s Kids Foundation

Sunny Isles Police Ofc. Dwight Snyder and Police Chief Fred Maas, Police Officer Assistance Trust

Rabbi Jonathan Berkun, Sheri Holmes, Thoroughbred After Care Ian Tyson and Eric Beck, Seminole Native Aventura Turnberry Jewish Program Village Center welcomes guests Photography by Andrew Goldstein

December 12 - 25, 2012


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HOURS: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 to 6:00 P.M.

Full Service Auto Center â&#x20AC;˘ High Performance Experts

Auto Repair and Service for all Foreign and Domestic Cars. 19226 W. DIXIE HIGHWAY North Miami Beach, FL 33180

305-932-6908 MVR-95103244/MV.25684

COUPON 24 POINT SAFETY1) FREE Maintenance Inspection OIL CHANGE SPECIAL $22.95 includes rotation, 24 point inspection, 2) tire most cars, disposal fee extra, expires 12-31-12

10% OFF of any repair, 3) expires 12-31-12 FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE

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December 12 - 25, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012


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Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Orthodontics

• Cosmetic And Family Dentistry • Smile Makeovers • Veneers • Whitening • Zoom in Office Whitening • Crown and Bridge • Implants • Invisalign • Dentures

New Patient Special! • Initial Oral Exam [ADA0110] • Diagnostic Digital X-Rays [ADA0274] • Adult Cleaning [ADA1110] • Consultation and Treatment planning with the Doctor


(with this ad and same day payment)

Se habla Espanol, Falamos Portugues, Nous Parlons Francais Most insurances welcome and payment plans available.

305-466-2334 The Art of Dentistry, Valeria Soltanik DMD P.A. 2999 NE 191st Street, Suite 350 • Aventura, FL 33180

December 12 - 25, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012


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December 12 - 25, 2012

Miami Beach Fire Rescue employees grow mustaches for ‘Movember’ Donations raised were presented to Mount Sinai Medical Center The employees of the City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue Department are fighting more than just flames these days. By growing out their mustaches, they were able to raise more than $2,000 for Mount Sinai Medical Center. The fundraising campaign was for “Movember” - an initiative where men grew out their mustaches during the month of November to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer. “It is absolutely spectacular to think that the people we work with every day dealing with emergencies are now working with us

on the prevention of illnesses such as cancer,” said Mount Sinai President and CEO, Steve Sonenreich. To make the check presentation, approximately 30 City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue employees arrived to Mount Sinai on fire trucks, sporting full mustaches and light blue T-shirts, the color for prostate cancer awareness. “If we can help someone wake up healthier and happier by just growing out our mustaches for a month, then so be it,” said firefighter Anthony Wilson, who helped spearhead the fundraising initiative within his department.

The City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue with Mount Sinai President and CEO, Steve Sonenreich, during the ‘Movember’ check presentation.

The men ended the month with one final fundraising initiative at Finnegan’s on Ocean Drive where they accepted donations to shave off their mustaches. City of Miami Beach Fire Chief, Javier Otero and Assistant Chief, Jorge Sanabria, took it one step further and agreed to shave their entire heads for the cause. All proceeds from this event were also donated to Mount Sinai.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 241,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the United States this year alone. To learn more about what you can do to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, visit or call 305-674-CARE (2273).

Mount Sinai President and CEO, Steve Sonenreich, gratefully accepts a “Movember” donation from City of Miami Beach firefighter, Anthony Wilson.




50 off

your first leg vein treatment


305.466.4440 email: • 3085 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach

December 12 - 25, 2012


Dianne Goldenberg appointed CEO at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Dianne Goldenberg has fulfilling its mission of probeen named Chief Executive viding excellence in healthOfficer at Aventura Hospital care for the community. She and Medical Center, a 407will oversee all aspects of adbed acute care facility ministrative operations while in Aventura. supporting a solid foundation Ms. Goldenberg was forof core inpatient and outpamerly the CEO at Northwest tient services and spearheadMedical Center, a position ing the launch of new she held for four and a half services. years. She has more than Ms. Goldenberg holds a thirty years of executive Master of Business Adminisleadership and experience at tration degree from Nova many of South Florida’s Southeastern University, as renowned healthcare faciliwell as a Master of Science Dianne Goldenberg ties. Prior to serving as CEO Degree in Nursing from at Northwest Medical CenBarry University and a Bachter, she held several key leadership positions elor of Science in Nursing from the Texas such as CEO at Northridge Medical Center Women’s University in Texas. in Fort Lauderdale; COO at Boca CommuShe is replacing Heather J. Rohan, nity Hospital in Boca Raton; and CNO at FACHE, who recently announced her proJFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach. motion to serve as CEO at Centennial MedAs CEO of Aventura Hospital and Med- ical Center in Nashville, Tenn. ical Center, Ms. Goldenberg will lead a team For more information, call 305-682-7000 of more than 700 physicians, 1,200 employ- or visit ees and more than 250 volunteers towards

FPL customers share their best secrets for staying “Energy Fit” As part of Energy Awareness Month this past October, Florida Power & Light Company encouraged its customers to take control of their energy bills and share their energy efficiency tips online with other customers. FPL customers already have the lowest typical bill in the state, and Energy Awareness Month provided the opportunity to remind customers how to make bills even lower. “Simple changes around your home can add up to make a big difference – both in terms of saving energy and money,” said FPL Vice President of Marketing and Communication Tim Fitzpatrick. “We wanted to learn from our customers what they consider to be their best kept secrets to saving energy. Hopefully others will follow their advice and take steps to also stay energy fit.” So how do they do it? Here is a sampling of some of the most creative ideas received from customers since Oct 1. The tips have been reviewed by FPL energy experts, who have green-lighted them as some of the quickest and most effective ways to trim costs, conserve energy and gain control over energy use in homes: • Madai Parra says thermal curtains are cool, literally and figuratively, so give them a try! •Timothy Moore spins clothes in the

washer two extra times as it cuts dryer time up to half. Also, he removes lighter clothes as they dry, preventing overheating and allowing heavier items to dry faster. •According to Cameron Comer, keeping the hot water heater breaker off until the end of the day, when doing dishes and taking a shower, can provide additional energy savings. •Marcella Waldron dries clothes on the lowest setting and doesn’t overload the dryer. FPL also has many tips and programs to help get energy fit and make bills even lower; join the conversation at Customers can learn more and get personalized, expert advice on how to save energy and money through FPL’s recently improved Online Home Energy Survey at energyfit.

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December 12 - 25, 2012

Turnberry Isle Miami jingles with holiday celebrations With a number of fun-filled festivities planned at Turnberry Isle Miami, little and big elves will have a jolly good time. Stop by the 300-acre retreat to hear magical voices from the AT&T Young Stars Music Showcase and be sure to make Turnberry Isle the place for your holiday celebrations. Gingerbread House Unveiling Talented pastry chefs’ debut this year’s gingerbread house created with patients from the Holtz Children’s Hospital. Hot apple cider, holiday cookies, a story teller and carolers from the AT&T Young Stars Music Showcase from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Lobby Lounge on Tuesday, December 18. Singers will be back on Friday, December 21, too. Christmas Eve Dinner at Cascata Grill Leave the cooking to celebrated chefs who have created a divine menu of holiday delights including lobster bisque, stuffed squid or meatballs, seafood bouillabaisse, steak frite, and a warm bread pudding. $48, plus tax and gratuity. 5 p.m. to close. Monday, December 24. Call 786-279-6800. Christmas Day Buffet in Veranda Highlights on this lavish buffet include forest mushroom bisque, seafood display, antipasto display, carving stations, butternut squash ravioli, along with a selection of


desserts. $65 per person, $32.50 for kids. Seatings between noon and 7 p.m. Tuesday, December 25. Tax and gratuity is additional. Call 305-933-6570. Christmas Dinner at Cascata Grill A prix fixe Christmas dinner menu will be presented with creations that include forest mushroom bisque, shrimp napoleon, coffee & chili crusted beef carpaccio, roast Cornish game hen, herb & horseradish crusted prime rib of beef, yellowtail snapper, and apple cardamom almond cake. $48 per person, plus tax and gratuity. 5 p.m. to close. Tuesday, December 25. Call 786-279-6800. Turnberry Isle Miami is located at 19999 West Country Club Drive in Aventura. To learn about the resort’s Little Elves package, call 305-932-6200 or visit

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December 12 - 25, 2012


Dining Guide Bella Luna 19575 North Biscayne Blvd. Miami, Florida 33180 305.792.9330 Bella Luna is located in the Aventura Mall and offers diners an Italian Bistro style of dining. The restaurant also features an in-house bakery full of fresh Italian baked goods. Some of the menu options of Bella Luna are as follow; Fried Calamari and Zucchini, Mediterranean Salad, Margherita Pizza, Risotto, Panini’s, Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettuccine Alfredo, fresh fish and much more. When dining at Bella Luna their desserts are a must. Some of the favorites are Tiramisu, Italian Cheesecake, Mixed Berry Tart and Chocolate Cake. If looking for a restaurant with a large variety of meal options Bella Luna is the place to go. Pilar Restaurant & Full Bar 20475 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, Florida 33180 305.397.2777 At Pilar Restaurant & Full Bar Scott Fredel is chef, and owner. The dining room features gorgeous hard wood floors and a spectacular view. Some of the menu options include; Rock Shrimp Spring Rolls, Roasted Beet Salad, Steamed Fresh Florida Clams, Rock Shrimp and Linguine, Grilled Mahi Mahi, Certified Angus Grilled Skirt Steak, Pork Tenderloin Steak, Asian Marinated Beef Short Ribs and a wide variety of fresh fish. Chef Scott Fredel is not only a restaurant owner but also a fishing captain and was selected one of the top ten chefs in South Florida by Ocean Drive magazine. The Cheesecake Factory 19501 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 305.792.9696 Some may say that the name says it all! However, The Cheesecake Factory also features an enormous lunch and dinner menu. Some of the dining options featured on their 10 page menu are as follows; White Bean Humus, Sweet Corn Fritters, Crispy Artichoke Hearts, Ahi Tartare, Vietnamese Tacos, Chicken Pot Stickers, Fried Macaroni and Cheese, Buffalo Wings Thai Lettuce Wraps, Creaser Salad, Factory Chopped Salad, Kobe Burgers, Specialty Pizzas, Sandwiches, Steaks, Chicken, Seafood and much, much more! At The Cheesecake Factory it is a must to try a slice of cheesecake. Some of their signature flavors include Dutch Carmel Apple Streusel, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Snickers Cheesecakes and Wild Berry White Chocolate Cheesecake. Whole Foods Market 21105 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura Florida 33180 305.933.1543 Whole Foods Market is a food store offering healthier meal options by cooking at home or through the use of their prepared food options. This market offers a wide selection of organic products, hormone free meats and dairy products and locally grown produce free from pesticides and other bad chemicals. Whole Foods Market also offers gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian products. In the deli one can find prepared dishes such as pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwich bar, olive bar, taco bar, cheese bar and many other healthy

meal option items. Sushi Siam of Aventura 19575 Biscayne Blvd. #3205C Aventura, Florida 33180 305.932.8958 Sushi Siam is a Japanese and Thai restaurant offering seven locations in the Miami area including Aventura. The menu options include, but are not limited too; Miso Soup, Fresh Soup, Seafood Salad, Japanese Rice, Soft Shell Crab, Tempura Shrimp, Tempura Vegetables, Tofu Dishes, Noodles, Salmon Teriyaki and a Full Sushi Bar. Sushi Siam also features a full service bar including champagnes, and wines, sold by the bottle and or glass. The dining room at Sushi Siam, Aventura feels as if you have been whisked away to a true Japanese Restaurant. Grill on the Alley 19501 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 305.466.7195 Grill on the Alley is a fine dining restaurant featuring a gorgeous dining room complete with hard wood floors and white table linens. Once you have stepped inside one is sure to be captivated by the elegant floor to ceiling wine cellar. Some of the meal options available include; Oysters on the Half Shell, Steak Tartare, Filet Mignon, Braised Short Ribs, Chicken Pot Pie, Calf’s Liver, Cedar Plank Salmon, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes Chopped Wedge Salad and Roast Brick Chicken. Grill on the Alley also provides a full service bar featuring wines, champagnes and specialty drinks such as Black and Blue Mojito, Orange Blossom and Cucumber Gimlet. Cajun & Grill of Aventura Mall 19575 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 305.682.1333 The Cajun & Grill of Aventura Mall is located in the food court of the mall and offers menu options such as bourbon chicken, pork ribs, chicken with spicy sauce, vegetables, rice and noodles. There are numerous dining options within the Aventura Mall’s food court; however, Cajun & Grill has great online ratings and offers a free sample of their bourbon chicken before purchasing. One diner states, “Their Bourbon chicken is to die for.” If in the area, or shopping the Aventura Mall, be sure to stop by Cajun & Grill of Aventura Mall. Fresko Miami | Kosher Sushi, Pasta, Pizza 19048 NE 29 Ave. Aventura FL. 33180 786.272.3737 Opened recently, in May of 2011, Fresko, Miami has grown to be popular very quickly. The restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Some Menu options available include; Fish Sushi, Pizza, Pasta, Fish, Smoothies and Homemade Desserts. The recipes here feature a South American flare with specialty recipes such as Salmon Ceviche and Three Mushroom Pizza. The inside décor is reminiscent of modern Italian dining with spectacular neon lightening. It should also be noted that Fresko means fresh in Spanish and the “K” stands for Kosher.

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December 12 - 25, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012


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The exclusive Forbes Four Star Spa & Fitness Center at Turnberry Isle Miami royally pampers guests through an array of first-class services. Lush with the aromatherapy of its environment, this 25,000 square-foot state-of-the-art sanctuary captures all the charms and soothing colors of its surroundings to create a welcoming ambiance.

TAKE $30 OFF ANY SPA SERVICE OF 60 MINUTES OR LONGER Valid daily through December 15, 2012. Cannot be combined with any other spa offer.

To schedule your treatment, please call 305.933.6930 19999 West Country Club Drive â&#x20AC;˘ Aventura, Florida 33180

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December 12 - 25, 2012

‘The King of Style: Dressing Hochberg Preparatory School now accepting New Student Applications Michael Jackson’ Comes to Hard Rock

Hochberg Preparatory School serves infants through grade 8 in a dynamic, nurturing environment. This institution integrates Jewish values and ethics into a cutting edge Secular curriculum. Children, beginning at Jr. Kindergarten (age 4), learn not only Hebrew and Judaics, but also choose either Spanish or Mandarin-Chinese as an additional language. They participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program that is second to none. Every child graduates with a strong background not only in Language Arts, Social Studies and Foreign Language, but possesses the skills necessary to enroll in honors’ classes in many areas. A typical Hochberg Preparatory student leaves eighth grade with the ability to receive high school credit for mathematics, foreign language and science, to name a few. They also generally become class leaders and all excel academically. In addition to the core subject areas, children participate in music, art and physical education. After school, students attend sports, Musical Theatre and a variety of enrichment classes. Moreover, the integration of the “Leader in Me” program during

the school day enables every child to develop leadership skills and to learn how to effectively interact with others. Concurrently, Hochberg Preparatory School provides a strong professional development program for staff. Because of the everchanging needs of students, the school leaders understand the importance of maintaining ongoing training for the entire staff. Admission to the school is achieved in one of two ways. For the Early Childhood Department, parents can schedule a tour of the facility with the Director, Anne Mandelbaum at 305-933-6946. The Day School (grades K-8) process requires a tour, testing by the school psychologist, data from other schools attended and a visit by the student, to an age appropriate classroom. For information, contact Shari Seiner at 305-9336946, ext. 7823. For additional information about the school, visit their website at Open House for new families will be held on Tuesday, December 11 and Tuesday, January 15 from 9:30 – 11 a.m. at 20350 NE 26th Avenue, North Miami Beach, 33180. To attend one of the two Open Houses, call 305-933-6946.

Michael Bush, longtime costume designer and personal friend of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Hard Rock Café Miami announce an exclusive book signing tour just in time for the holidays. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 18th, 4 p.m. at Hard Rock Café Miami, located at 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 33132. For more than 24 years, Michael Bush, along with his partner Dennis Tompkins worked personally with Michael Jackson in creating some of the most original and recognizable clothing ever worn by a musical performer. They created thousands of custom artistic pieces that captured the inspiration, direction and creativity of the King of Pop. The one-day exclusive event will give Michael Jackson fans an opportunity to purchase the highly popular book which makes the perfect holiday gift and have the chance to meet Michael Jackson’s fashion designer Michael Bush in person. An exhibit of exclusive Michael Jackson costumes from the Bush & Tompkins collection featured in the book will also be on display for one day only. Fans will have the unique opportunity to have Bush personally autograph their book. There will be a limited number of books

for purchase and autograph. First come, first serve. Fashion designer Michael Bush, will share his own personal stories and take photographs while on–site.. For more information, call (305) 3773110 or visit

Celebrate a Mediterranean evening on New Years at Acqualina Resort & Spa Get ready for glitz and glam and ring in the New Year with “An Evening on the Mediterranean” at Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach on Monday, December 31st from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Guests and residents are invited to an elegant evening featuring a delicious dinner spread and cocktails, dancing, live DJ and interactive entertainment, and a traditional midnight toast. Celebrate with the ones you love on the romantic and picturesque al fresco Veranda and the charming Piazzetta Marketplace & Restaurant set around the award-winning, oceanfront property. Indulge in an array of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, including seared tenderloin, Branzino, lobster and porcini ravioli, and a classic dessert station, and open bar. The Buffet-Style Dinner and Open Bar option is available for $295 per person or $225 per person without open bar. For guests who want to enjoy poolside entertainment and cocktails after dinner, the Pool Party DJ and Open Bar option is available for $95 per person. At Acqualina Resort & Spa there is something for everyone in the family this New

Year’s Eve. Young guests ages four through twelve are welcome to attend Acqualina’s Midnight Mad Hatter, featuring dinner, personalized hats, music, art stations, game, dance contests, party favors and more. The Mad Hatter New Year’s Eve Bash hosted in the Mediterranean Room will take place from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and is available for $75 per child and $45 per nanny. Break out the noisemakers and countdown to 2013 in style at Acqualina’s memorable New Year’s Eve Celebration. For reservations, call (877) 758-3765. Valet parking for the evening is available for $8. Tax and gratuity is additional.

December 12 - 25, 2012











Analytical Strategist



Licensed & Insured

• Tree Trimming • Consultation • Stump Grinding • Landscaping • Lawn Services • Fertilization • Sprinkler Repair • Debris Removal • Backhoe Service • Driveway Pavers • Fencework - All Types • Chickee Huts • Outdoor Kitchens • And More

FREE ESTIMATES • 305-233-0699







If you were born in Mercy Hospital between March 21-27 of 1963 and was adopted, I could be your mother. I was 16 at the time. Please contact me at email: chickenwingwhite



Furnished 1/1 with living rm. Call me for estimate On Intracoastal, 786-337-2374 1/2 mile to beach. FOR SALE Pool, Direct TV, FOR SALE AC, Wifi included. Gated community. 2 wheelcairs 2 walkers Elderly or mature 1 oxygen machine working adult.

1 toilet seat 305.662.8097


WATERWAYS IN FOR SALE - MOVING AVENTURA Aventura Area Large townhome. 3/2 1/2 gated community. Walk to Marina and Waterways Shoppes. All amenities.

By owner $369,000


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• Black onyx dining table + 6 chairs • 3-piece creme wall unit with drawers, pullout TV • Sofa - creme leather, seats 3 • Antique desk - glass doors, dark wood drawers, pull out desk • Man’s wardrobe - large, with drawers, mirror inside, shelves, very large, white wood, magnificent

Call Myrna for more info:





• Reading • Math • Language Arts • Español

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786.651.0862 ANDREA


Develop internal control policies, procedures, budget, cash, credit, management, accounting, finances, tax and advisement. 5 yrs. Exp. Bch in Bus. Adm. or Tourism Adm. ONLY RESUME: E & S United Corporation 18665 SW 103 Ct. Miami, FL 33157 REAL ESTATE



MIAMI BEACH 2 bdrm/2 bath luxury high rise condo, corner unit with balcony, mexican tile all over, unbelievable view, building has all amenities possible, walking distance to the ocean, shops & restaurants. No pets. Require one year lease. $1495/month.

Call owner: 305-460-5831

Need to SELL your Home or condo Learn how Short Sale Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure!!!

Buyers, Investors… Looking for opportunities

Ocean Three 3/3.5 On the Beach - Panoramic view of Ocean and city unit in Foreclosures great price $850,000. WaterView 2/2 Ocean and Intracoastal views – new kitchen – washer and dryer Short Sale $295,000 2/2 Ocean and Intracoastal views 1,200 sq ft washer & dryer Short Sale $195,000 Jackie Rosado 305-335-2132

Bachelor in Bus. Admin. & 5 yrs exp. req. Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems And recommending solutions. ! " !


5 yrs exp. & Bachelor in Adm. or Engineering req. Direct or coordinate activities of bus. or dep. concerned with production, pricing or dist. of products. Mail res: Spasics Technologies 2609 NE 189 St. Miami, FL 33180 REAL ESTATE

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Impact resistant Windows and Doors High Performance Accordion Shutters Hurricane Panels Call 305-803-7602 for a free estimate



Licensed and Insured Florida State License SCC 131150340 Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties Approved

(9$16 522),1*




)5(( (67,0$7(6,)####

December 12 - 25, 2012

December 12 - 25, 2012

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Property Tax Appeals For houses, hotels, apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, commercial properties. Contingent basis. $20 filing fee.

Law Offices of

Post & Gonzalez, P.L.

refresh refresh

your home, your routine

‡Every cleaning inspected & guaranteed ‡All teams trained, uniformed, bonded & insured

15 OFF


Your First & Second Regular Cleanings New clients only. Some restrictions apply. Call for details.

exp. 12.31.12

66 W. Flagler Street, Suite 300 • Miami, Florida 33130 (305) 379-1500 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.


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December 12 - 25, 2012




December 12 - 25, 2012


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December 12 - 25, 2012

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