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AD SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Please read carefully the following instructions: FILE SUBMISSION • Send your artwork to: • For larger files send via FTP. • We also accept CD Disks with matching proof.

BLACK AND WHITE • Highlights should range between 4-7% • Midtones should range between 30-45% • Shadows should range between 75-89% • Allow for 30% dot gain on the press.


FILE TYPES ACCEPTED PDF JPEG: (*.JPG) PHOTOSHOP: (*.PSD) TIFF: (*.TIF) ILLUSTRATOR: (*.EPS) • If required, please include the specific font(s) used for the file(s). • The client must include all font folders to insure their ad prints exact to original file. • Please make sure that the corresponding image files arrive with the document. Sending a file through the postal Fed-Ex/UPS system: • Same specifications as e-mail system BUT client should have the file(s) saved on a CD-ROM. • To speed your advertising delivery on big files please ask our Sales Representative for FTP account.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: • Original image files (excluding logos) should be at least 300 DPI (resolution at final printing size) • Screen Ruling should be no higher than 85 lines per inch. • The angle of the screen used must be at 45 degrees. • Reverse type: background value should be greater than 60%. • Minimum point size should be no less than 9 and the font used should be sans serif. • No OPI comments allowed on PDF (Images may drop out with OPI comments) • All fonts and images must be embedded. No Multiple Master (MM) fonts of any kind. • All Color Images must be in CMYK format. • No RGB. No Index Color. No ICC Profiles • Do not use full color black type. Black type should only be in 100% black • PDFs must be single page documents (No separated plates, please) • Do NOT use PDFWriter Open and preview the ad for font, image, setup and color accuracy. Use of preflighting software is highly recommended.

• Highlights should range between 4-7% • Shadows should range between 75-89% • In the final separation limit total ink density to 210% Note: Color laser prints or color copies are for position and color ID only! RESENDS If a new ad needs to be sent, and time permits, the sales rep must be notified to initiate a change order. Community Newspapers reps will assign you a new ad number for your file to be resent and distinguished from previous ads.



Printing: Offset Method

11⁄2” 31⁄4” 5” 63⁄4” 81⁄2” 101⁄4”

Column Width: 9 picas/(1.5 inches) Column Height: Read in Inches Page Depth: 10 3⁄4 inches Ad Page Size: 6 columns Full Page: 64 column inches Line Screen: 85%

FULL PAGE 101⁄4” x 103⁄4”

1/2 PAGE V 5” x 103⁄4”

1/8 PAGE 5” x 21⁄2”

1/16 PAGE 5” x 11⁄8”

1/2 PAGE H 101⁄4” x 51⁄4”

1/4 PAGE 5” x 51⁄4”

Contact us at (305) 669-7355 If you have any other questions, please feel free ask your Sales Representative, or send us and email at:

Ad Submission Guidelines  

Community Newspapers Ad Submission Guideleines

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