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ART in URBAN SPACE Youth exchange in Tetovo - Macedonia 23-30/09/2013

Description of the project and Activities The project “Art in Urban Spaces�, will bring together 30 young people from different European countries to participate in differnt contemporary and urban artistic activities. Such as graphti and murals, street dances and performances, music, video making and photoshooting. All participants will take a very active role in the preparation of the performances since the first days of the youth exchange they will take part in group activities to come up with the artistic ideas they want to implement in the city of Tetovo. The second part of the exchange are the actual implementation of the artistic ideas. All the activities are based on methods of non-formal education and non-verbal communication. The overall aim is for the youngsters to explore smart and beautiful interventions in urban areas and how can they implement these when back in their hometown. 70% of travel costs + 100% of accomodation is covered. There will be a small participation fee.

Art in Urban Space  

youth exchange

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