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with Tom and Sophie Hanks By Cassie Nealis

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with Tom and Sophie Hanks

Symar, California (two days before pageant)

My name is Tom Hanks, and I’m super excited because my daughter Sophie and I are competeting in





Sexy baby NV

Pageant, and when it comes to awards, this is as big as it gets.

I’m Sophie Hanks and I want to be

I like pageants because... I like winning money, and I get to buy

anything I want.

pag three months old. queen. Sophie and I did her first when she was only

Here she is. She got

Do you remember that honey?

Not really.

It, it was a beautiful day...

Well, as you can see, we got over


of these

bad boys.


In fact, we named her

because it rhymes with‌

It rhymes with



Process Hawthorne 1  

still working...

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