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October 16th, 2012

In Other News . . .

October 16th 2012

HouseKeeping Garett Svensen, Production Editor I have several projects in the works. Number one on the board is the comics issue coming out on Halloween. A bit more of an in-dpth article on free speech coming out in november, and a few critical gaming articles coming up. Sounds like a lot, right? All in all, everything I do will fill only two pages an issue, tops. Andy’s in a similar situation. Between school, work and The Confluence, the two of us are simply not able to cover every issue that comes up related to CNC. So I’d like to extend a ‘thank you’ to all our regular and occasional contributors.

you in every single issue we’ve put out so far. Also, a big thanks to all of the Student Union representatives who take time out of their busy lives that already divide time between school and the CNCSU. And to Stuart Jamieson, our youngest contributor: thank you so much for the comic strips. We’ve been wanting a regular comic for months now, and you were the first to rise to the call. Kudos.

The Confluence - Editorial

The special comics issue is still looking for a few solid short stories, artists or anything in between. news@ Of particular note is Paul Strickland, is the address. a fixture of the Prince George writing community and a veritble, venerable writing machine. Thank you Paul, I believe we have featured a piece by

Eyeball Mystery Solved: According to, the mysterious giant blue eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach last week has been confirmed by Joan Herrera, from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, to have come “from a swordfish.” Swordfish in the Atlantic Ocean can reach a weight up to 1,100 pounds, and it is common this time of year for fishers to catch one off the coast of South Florida.

Big Headed Male Politicians: From, a recent study by Psychology of Women Quarterly has found that male politicians from gender-equal cultures have, on average, bigger heads. The finding was discovered after examining faceism by measuring facial prominence in photographs of over 6, 500 male and female politicians from over 25 different cultures. The facial prominence was determined by measuring the length from the chin to the top of the head in the photos.

USPS Reaches the Limit:

Garett Svensen, Production Editor

Andy Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

The Confluence is produced biweekly at the CNCSU office on CNC’s Prince George campus by Garett Svensen and Andy Johnson. Submissions, inqueries and requests can be made to, in person at the CNCSU office room 1-303, or mailed to “The Confluence c/o CNCSU 3330-22nd Ave. Prince George, BC. V2N 1P8” All submissions are welcome, the authors of edited works used in the confluence receive a $20 cheque upon publication. Advertisement rates are availiable upon request.

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Andy Johnson, Editor in Chief

At, for the first time ever, the U.S. Postal service has hit its $15 billion limit. According to David Partenheimer, “We need passage of comprehensive legislation as part of our business plan to return to long-term financial stability.” This means that the USPS will have to rely on revenue generated from stamps and other products in order to fund operations. Congress left Washington leaving nearly all legislation on the hold that may help USPS until after the Presidential election on 6 November 2012.

Optimus Prime in Port Hope: Featured on, 11 year old Maximus Darcy has constructed a 7 metre-tall Optimus Prime out of transmissions, auto parts and odd shaped door knobs. Darcy came up with the idea to build this sculpture to promote his family’s unusual crafts and antiques from around the world, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in its current location. Darcy’s creation was completed this week.








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October 16th 2012



Trick or Eat Halloween

become a victim of cyber-bullying mons will be introducing a motion by and had led to two subsequent suicide Dany Morin (NDP) to propose a study attempts. of the scope of bullying in Canada. The motion will also attempt to secure On 10 October 2012, one month af- funding for anti-bullying organiza7 September 2012, Amanda Todd (15) posted a 9 minute video titled My ter Todd’s video appeared on youtube, tions. The aim of this motion is to lay RCMP responded to a call to Todd’s Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide the groundwork for a national antihome to investigate “a sudden death.” bullying prevention strategy. and self harm. When police arrived, they discovered The video shows Todd holding up the body of Todd. It has been conhand written cards that explained her firmed that the cause of Todd’s death sexual exploitation over the internet was suicide. when she was in the 7th grade that had caused her to develop “Anxiety, major In the days following Todd’s tragic depression and panic disorder [sic.],” death, the Canadian House of Com-

Teen Bullied into Suicide

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October 2012 October 2012

Environment Canada 5-Day Earth Weather Forecast: For Prince George, BC. 19-23 October 2012 Friday, October 19: 6°C, 3°C, Cloudy. Saturday, October 20: 2°C, -4°C, Mix of sun and clouds. Monday, October 22: 1°C, -5°C, Mix of sun and clouds. Tuesday, October 23: 2°C, -6°C, Mix of sun and clouds.

Amanda Todd reaches out for help

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Sunday, October 21: 0°C, -7°C, Mix of sun and clouds.

October 16th 2012

Scary Noises Wong manages to include an essential horror element, oft neglected by the shock-scare crowd in his two books: social commentary. John Dies at the End is in many ways a meditation on the existential crisis facing youth in these uncertain days. This Book is full of Spiders examines our cultural fascination with the apocalypse and zombies, but more importantly, what they mean to us deep inside. The books are riproaring tales that hit the scary bone (JDATE more than TBIFOS), but offer a perspective on the infectious hopelessness pervading youth culture today.

David Wong (not his real name) understands these dark spaces intimately. He writes hyperkinetic tales of the supernatural, like Stephen King on speed, endearingly full of dong jokes that left me not wanting to turn out the light when I put the book down. Somewhere in the stories of meat ghosts, possessed intravenous drugs and interdimensional spiders is a heart beating fast with existential panic.

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Fear of loss is at the core of the horror of the books. Loss of loved ones, loss of self, loss of sanity, loss of ability, et cetera all the way down to fears of job loss and the sudden pang of dread of lost keys or wallet. The fear is sudden and horrific, usually tailing a lighthearted moment or dong joke. Death comes easy and often, and is horrifying enough due to circumstances, but the real terror is in the passages that explore identity.

Jasmine Bhatti, Exernal Coordinator What happened to corporations that actually care if you’re satisfied or not? There was such a thing as customer appreciation, once upon a time. Have all of the big box stores forgotten who walks in their doors and actually provides them with all their funding? It seems when you call in for customer support, what you actually get is a long wait list. You hear “your call is important to us,” about a million times but it doesn’t seem to actually come across. These companies must have enough money to employ more customer service staff. When you do get through to someone, it goes from transfer to transfer. Sometimes, you get a real gem of an associate who hangs up on you. Don’t misunderstand me, sometimes you actually get to speak with someone that knows what they’re doing. However, I have found that rare.

The Confluence - Feature

Garett Svensen, Production Editor There’s a passage in a Charles Stross novel where the bad guys are trying to spook the protagonist with a creepy fog and spooky noises. But he isn’t having any of it: “It’s the sort of tactic that might stand a chance of working if I was a little less cynical, or if they had enough imagination to make it, oh, you know, horrifying, or something. Luckily for me they don’t seem to have grasped the difference between a Sam Raimi movie and standing by your dad’s hospital bed trying to work up the nerve to switch off the ventilator.”(The Fuller Memorandum) Horror comes less from environmental cues—fog machines and jump scares with an orchestral sting—and more from the dark, uncertain spaces within our psyche.

Is Customer Service Dead?

Companies like Telus must be making far too much money, if they don’t care what their consumers think about their product or service. Spoilers: John Dies

A call centre

Here’s my recommendation: take a stand. If you’re not satisfied, speak up. Call, and call again. Become a pest. If they don’t care, then make them care. There is always an alternate option. Bad customer service shouldn’t be accepted at all.

I’m quite hopeful about this new endeavour and cannot wait to see how it turns out. I choose this movie not merely because it is representative of that intriguing, immediate-post-censorship era of the late 1960s that I am inexplicably captivated by but also beIt takes me a long time to work up cause this film seems somehow linked my conversational steam, but once I to the scary themes of Halloween, what start blathering I’m not apt to stop, no with it being one of the first serial killer matter what the setting. I have a deep movies to come out of a Hollywood quiver full of quotes. They very much that now spews them out at an alarmaid and abet me when I write and ramingly overbearing rate. I was, when I ble and really work wonders in throwbegan this “musing” a mere 600 or so ing a curtain over the not so deep and words ago, convinced I would delve essentially indifferent fact that I have into both the plot and aesthetics of the very little to say. Perhaps that’s why piece and, in the process, illuminate the I’ve decided to write a bit of criticism world to both my cinematic acumen for The Confluence, as it’s often been and the reasons as to the necessities of said that those who can write become seeing this particular two hour piece writers, and those who can’t become of captivating celluloid, one of those critics. I can easily live with that, not foremost reasons being the presence that it means that being a critic is nec-

of Lee Remick, a once-revered actress whose diminishment of reference in the current public discourse speaks volumes as to the deteriorating nature of our culture.

Looking back on this last windy sentence that I’ve just written, I can see that I’ve taken an abrupt and disturbing turn towards the cynical, which is something I told myself I simply would not do, what with my desire to not tire myself out with all the “bitchery” that I (apparently) erroneously claimed myself to be void of. And now, looking back again on this new last sentence that I just wrote, I see that I unfortunately chose to end it with a preposition. Nothing’s going right. Therefore, this review needs to come to a close. This endeavour did not turn out like I’d hoped at all, not in any way, shape, or form. Oh well, perhaps it’s best to simply end things with one of the encapsulated themes of the great novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: “At least I tried.”

The Confluence - Feature

When you don’t know what to write about, it’s sometimes best to just follow your current train of thought and hope that something shows itself to be of interest. Ironically, or perhaps only coincidentally, my train of thought consists of an overwhelming thought of trains, which means that my strategy in this instance is useless, as I’m quite sure that no one wants to hear me ramble away about cabooses, steam engines, and all the boxcars in-between. Joseph Conrad once said that “even the best of writers gives himself away every three or four lines” yet this is my third line and I don’t feel that I’ve given a whole lot of myself away, other than the obvious fact that, as a writer, I am Conradically different from the esteemed author of the earlier quote, and am also not one above stealing a cool pun, much like the just aforementioned one that was first thrust onto an unsuspecting world by Vladimir Nabokov. I’ve used that Conrad quote before, many times in fact, in classrooms, barrooms, poolrooms, and the like – “Really? So often?” some of you who are queasily experiencing the misfortune of reading this piece are probably asking yourselves. My only response to such inquisitiveness is with a dreary “Probably.”

essarily free of worry and mind-taxing rumblings. Quite the contrary: for what if one runs out of something to criticize? What then? Where to turn and what to bitch at? Not that I’m prone to a great deal of bitchery anyway, as I find it awfully tiring trying to keep my finger on the rapid pulse of negative vibes, if you’ll excuse my anachronistic stab at hip dialogue. That being the case, I thought I would write about something that I actually feel buoyed by. I just have to figure out what it is that buoys me. Movies were thrown up as a possibility. Why not write a critique of a movie? Everyone’s seen at least one, I’d venture to guess. Why not write a critique of a book? was the other possibility tossed about. Yet not everyone’s read at least one of those, I’d also venture to guess. I therefore think it best to stick with movies. They seem to me to be the more universal medium in this day and age. So with that in mind, I think I’ll write – for no real rhyme but with somewhat of a reason – a critique of the 1968 needsto-be-rediscovered classic No Way to Treat a Lady.

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Dennis Schreiner, Contributor

October 16th 2012


October 16th 2012

Putting the ‘Play’ in Role-Play.

Professor & Fritz DJ Lawrence, Contributor

Board Games!

Table Top Role Playing Games! LARP! Costume Contest! (No weapons or

The Confluence - Fun And Games

weapon props please)


A gaming convention for the north!

Doors open at 9am First Games at 10am Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st,

Knox United Church 1448 5th Avenue Prince George BC

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$15 a day $20 for the weekend (No Debit or Credit) Student Discount Availiable (With Valid Student ID)


Stuart Jamieson, Contributor

Particularly worrisome is the increasing prevalence of what might be termed a harmful new “meme”, or what the critic Jacques Barzun would have called a “thought cliche” – the put-down comment or dismissive remark that “your problems are First World problems”. In other words, if you aren’t working 18-hour or longer shifts in a sweatshop in Bangladesh or Guangzhou, you have no right to complain about your wages, the psychological atmosphere of your workplace, or local environmental problems. To be concerned that you and your children continue to have access to clean water and an uncontaminated food supply is a sign of being a selfish citizen of a First World country. Under this line of reasoning, CUPE members at UNBC taking collective action for wage increases that at least partially reflect the rate of inflation should just fold up shop and decertify. After all, there are workers in the Third World who make only 75 cents to $1.25 per hour, and so the CUPE members are just selfishly complaining about “First World problems”. The meme “First World problems” is a very destructive one. Recently Graham Pearce, creative writing instructor at The College of New Caledonia, warned there are factions among the fashionable po-

Oscar Wilde, the great nineteenthcentury dramatist and critic, also had to continuously argue against the puritanical workaholics of his day that leisure for artistic creation is not wrong, and that opportunities

October 16th 2012

for self-development are essential. In The Soul of Man under Socialism he writes, “A man is called selfish if he lives in a manner that seems to him most suitable for the full realization of his own personality; if, in fact, the primary aim of his life is self-development. But this is the way in which everyone should live. Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them. Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it. It is not selfish to think for flow of happiness, not the bitter fruit oneself. A man who does not think for of self-denial; that sexual freedom and himself does not think at all.” pleasure are basic human rights; and that endless work and subordination to It is time to rise up and confront bosses are offences to the human spirit Stalinopuritanical killjoys on the left (Don’t Think, Smile!, p. 28). and advocates of workaholism on the neo-liberal and neo-conservative Willis makes reference to those right. It is time to reclaim the goodresentful people who express an ness of desire. almost white-hot hatred for teachers and professors who appear to have job security and two or three supposedly completely free months off each year. The teachers’ and professors’ attempts to explain they need the free time for research and a chance to recharge their intellectual batteries only draw more threatening barking and growling from the hounds of austerity economics. “The truth is that in a rich, postindustrial economy like ours, everyone should have job-, and more to the point, income security; everyone should be able to speak their mind without being fired; and everyone should have time off to recharge their intellectual batteries, their sexual batteries, or any batteries they like,” Willis says (Don’t Think, Smile!, p. 174).

The Confluence - Arts

litically correct left in academia who “want to ban desire”. He is absolutely right. Ellen Willis, the feminist critic who wrote several books includPaul Strickland, ing Don’t Think, Smile!: Notes on Contributor a Decade of Denial (2000), pointed In this era of deliberately created out some groups within the cultural austerity, a person is made to feel left, responding to the reasonable apguilty about enjoying the slightest pleasure or patch of free time. Anyone prehension they are under persistent attack from the right, react wrongly by wanting the leisure required for creretreating into repressive guilt-monative expression is told he is lazy, is falling down on his duties to society, gering, moral posturing, and censorship. or doesn’t know what the real world of work is about. Or you are told that An enlightened, genuinely liberasomeone somewhere else is worse tory progressive movement, Willis off than you are, and that to seek any says, would consistently argue that improvement in your own situation, the point of life is to live and enjoy it therefore, is inappropriate and selfish. fully; that genuine virtue is the over-

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Reclaiming Joy

October 16th 2012

I Am Who I Am

A Fairy Tale Recipe

Hira Rashid, Contributor

Don’t judge me by the way I look The way I dress Who I seem to be The hijab I wear doesn’t symbolize me, As a terrorist Or a perfect person My hijab symbolizes that I choose to be Respected . Unlike other women Who seem to be dejected By the men that gawk at their body With their painted on clothes and See through panty hoes I choose to be liberated Not told what I should wear Or whom I should be If you tell me how to dress And try to impress the opposite sex You must be outta your mind

The Confluence - Arts

That just ain’t me I refuse to dress In a mini-skirt Short shirt Only to be hurt By men who’ll treat me like dirt With their perverted minds Occupied by filthy intentions The devil whispers to them With his immoral convention People don’t you see My hijab liberates me Although you may think All it does is enslave me But you are wrong In the way you think The ones without it Are the ones enslaved Shackled by images of perfection Flogged by the whip of unwanted affection Forced to bare skin and be seen as equivalent When really all they are is ambivalent

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They wish to be free and choose their own way Yet they have a need to bare skin And to get all the attention They are oppressed by the world With its sick minded invention

Arlan Goodvin, Contributor Of how a woman should look How she should dress Who she should be If you think I’m the one enslaved Take a good look at me.

Once upon a time there was a young ingredient named 1/2 Cup of Flour. He was gleefully mixing in the salty forest when he met Butter and Lard, two run-away mixtures from the cracked Queen Eggyolk.

I choose to be beautiful Inside not just out I want men to see the beauty of my mind And see what I’m all about How I love my religion How I’m treated like a queen This hijab symbolizes The purity that is unseen

1/2 Cup of Flour could see that Butter and Lard were trying to hold together so he reached into his mixing bowl and grabbed his kitchen whipper and beat them both. Butter and Lard were thankful for 1/2 Cup of Flour’s beating, so they told 1/2 Cup of Flour a very entertaining story about Queen Eggyolk’s daughter Vanilla. How her mother, the cracked Queen Eggyolk, kept her locked away in a refrigerator protected by a 4-inch cookie cutter, because Vanilla was so perfumy.

I pity women who are used as Game, Toys and sex machines They know not of the shield That protects me But don’t be fooled by My hijab For it doesn’t symbolize my Perfection Its a reminder of who I strive to be and It’s a mere reflection Of those women of Islam Who were and are strong Fighting for their rights and Fighting to belong I wish to be even half of What they were but I have my days Good and bad I have done or do things I wish I didn’t have But everyday I strive To fight the demons within me And everyday God willing I come closer to be A better person inside and out A better example A better leader Someone much more devout.

1/2 Cup of Flour stirred bristly. He vowed to Butter and Lard, the two run-away mixtures, that he would save the perfumy Vanilla. He would defeat the 4-inch cookie cutter on a lightly floured surface, and extract Vanilla from her evil mother, the cracked Queen Eggyolk, and blend her. Then, all of a sudden, there was a preheated oven and Butter and Lard, the young ingredients, began to rise and bubble. Meanwhile, 1/2 Cup of Flour fell into the 4-inch cookie cutter and turned into a golden pastry. Cracked Queen Eggyolk whisked out from behind a mixing bowl and had 1/2 Cup of Flour, now a golden pastry, quietly sent off to a rack to let cool and was never to be heard from again. In the far off remoteness you could hear a mmmmmhhhmm. ~The End~

I wish to be me In the best possible expression It takes fight, focus, patience and a little aggression To be able to think freely And not give a damn So the world can see I am who I am

Keanu Reeves, looking low

October 16th 2012

so desperately need, then these issues may never be dealt with. The stigmas assigned to men and depression has been around for too long. If they continue to be in place, then men will continue to fall into their “traditional roles” and bottle up their feelings rather than actually seeking help.

The Confluence - CNCSU

The CNC counseling department has a lot of resources; students looking for help dealing with issues of depression and anxiety are encouraged to contact Tammy Skomorowski at the CNC counseling department. The room number is 1-753 and is located just down the hall from admissions; or you can call the counseling department at (250)561-5818.

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it makes them “less of a man.” The notion that men are seen as feminine for seeking help in regards to depresBrandon Williams, sion is ridiculous. A lot of accredited Internal Coordinator doctors and researchers have written books and articles on this very subject. An article written by Michael Depression is a debilitating illness, G. McCuster and M. Paz Galupo especially for men. Men are far less at Towson University states: “The likely to get help with emotional problems because societal norms have stigma associated with mental illness shaped the way men feel about seek- prevents men from pursuing and accepting psychological services when ing help from doctors. suffering from debilitating symptoms The subjects of depression and of depression.” The fact that so many anxiety issues have always interested men refuse help is scary; undiagnosed me because a lot of people in my life depression impedes progress at work have suffered from them. I have never and leads to a lot of problems like had issues with depression and I used suicide. to think “why can’t these people just It is because of social stigmas and snap out of it?” I chose to do research norms that men will tend to express on depression for an essay I wrote a themselves outwardly, rather than deal year ago entitled “Depression Supwith the emotional pain happening pression.” I was originally drawn to form within. This is not a healthy way the broad subject of depression as a whole and later refined it to focus on to deal with problems; these problems need to be dealt with through educamen and how they typically do not seek help. It is important to note that I tion and treatment. The need to feel realize that depression issues exist to like a man in this day and age is felt by a lot of depressed men and sadly both sexes, but this is a short article. they may never get the help they Depressed men have a problem get- require. If depressed men in society ting help because of societal norms do not learn to express their emotions and stigmas and the general fear that to doctors and receive the help they

Depression and the Traditional Male

October 16th 2012


call it “bite-sized exercise.” Try walking to the college or to the mall when you have to. And maybe leave the elevator for students who actually can’t walk.

day, make it a habit. Even if it’s raining, snowing, or you don’t feel very good. Even if you’re sick, walking is much healthier than staying in bed.

We know from a vast library of research that physical exercise prevents heart disease, lowers high blood pressure, reduces LDL cholesterol, improves digestion, speeds food transit through your large intestine, oxygenates internal organs, improves joint flexibility, enhances mental function, prevents cancer, prevents diabetes, enhances bone density, prevents osteoporosis, reverses depression and has many other beneficial effects. In fact, physical exercise is absolutely essential for being healthy, and without it, you’ll never be truly happy, even if you follow other health strategies mentioned in this article.

It shouldn’t be hard to find an extra five minutes in your busy schedule, either. People spend more than 5 minutes waiting in line at the McDonalds drivethrough. You can waste a whole hour waiting on a pharmacist to fill a prescription for dangerous prescription drugs. Why not invest just 5 minutes for your own good health?

Over time, this 5 minute habit will become something you actually enjoy and look forward to. At that point, you might explore the possibility of expanding it to 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even longer (whatever you’re comfortable with). It’s up to you: make it a pleasure, not a chore. And recognize that it can be selfrewarding to the point where you actually WANT to exercise much longer than 5-10 minutes. But don’t force yourself to get there. Let it come naturally.

The Confluence - CNCSU

Patricia Obasi, Relations Coordinator

What can you do for 5-10 minutes a day that gets your heart pumping? Just about anything: walking, jumping rope, swimming, cycling, dancing, climbing stairs, roller blading, aerobics, fast-paced Pilates, and so on. There are even things you can do if you can’t use your legs, or if you’re obese or suffering from joint pain. A good doctor or physical therapist can help a lot here, so be sure to work with a qualified health professional to design a physical exercise program that works for you. You may also consider joining a local gym and signing up with their training coaches. These people can offer you a wealth of information on what really works for weight loss, strength improvement and enhanced fitness. Or, if you don’t want to go to a gym, hire a personal trainer, buy some books, or just figure it out for yourself. This isn’t rocket science; just get your heart pumping by moving your body. By the way, the CNC gym is available and there are a couple of fitness classes offered in the gymnasium. Bite-sized exercise

Page 9

It’s not difficult to find something to do; what’s difficult for most people is actually DOING IT. That’s why I want you to start at 5-10 minutes a day (if you’re not already exercising more than that). It’s something that’s doable, even if you’ve been a couch potato for 10 years. Heck, just walking across a large parking lot takes a couple of minutes. Do that twice and you have 5 minutes of walking. I

The key here it to make it DAILY. No excuses, no exceptions, make it every

ZOMBIE WALK October 27 @1:oopm A.CNC B. D. Skatepark E. Return to cnc

a. 1:00pm Meet Inside CNC, PRince george (Students Union 1-303 Office By Atrium) B. Head East on 22nd Ave towards Westwood dr. c. Head South On westwood dr. D. Turn Left on Massey to skate park e. 3:00pm return to cnc


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The Confluence - CNCSU


October 16th 2012

the 3Rd annual“land of the living debt”

Wanna be in Comics?

We’re still looking for ideas and submissions for our very special Halloween Comics edition of The Confluence. We’re looking for scripts, illustration, photoillustration, decoupage or whatever comic-production skills you may have. Our usual contributor rate applies. Deadline for inqueries/submissions is October 24th, and we’re willing to work with you to produce something cool. Contact us at news@ with an idea, submission or inquiry.

The Confluence Issue 13  

The Confluence Issue 13

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