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August 26th 2013

August 26th 2013

Alleged CrackPOt-Smoking Liberal ONLINE OPT-out Smoking Mayor Running the Party Svensen, Garett Svensen, To Battle Hulk Hogan Garett Editor-in-Chief. Editor-in-Chief. Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief. Mayor Rob Ford, who may or may not have smoked crack cocaine on tape, is to arm-wrestle WWF legend Hulk Hogan. Ford, who was the topic of a recent controversial story involving the sale of a video recording that pupodedly showed mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine, will be attending the Toronto Fan Expo to battle the Hulkster in a one-on-one arm wrestling showdown.

Justin Trudeau has recently admitted to smoking marijuana since becoming an MP. Trudeau has made waves recently with a “remakably unambiguous...affirmation of seemingly categorical support for the legalization of marijuana.” As reported by Kady O’Malley for CBC News.

Students with extra Health and Dental coverage looking to opt-out of the Health and Dental program at CNC can do so online until September 27th. Extra coverage is any extended health plan, including work benefits, other student group (Like NUGSS) benefits, as well as band coverage and some government coverage. Basic MSP (CareCard) is not extended coverage and does not allow you to opt out.

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Trudeau became a Liberal MP in 2008. He ran for the leadership of the Liberal party in the wake of the Liberal’s poor performance during the 2011 federal election, winning it in April of this year After paying your fees, including the Ford will be locking sweaty, muscular with 80% of the votes. In recent tweets mandatory Health and Dental fee, go arms with legend Hulk Hogan in a and interviews, he has admitted to glorious photo op, possibly to help people smoking marijuana multiple times, at least online to, and select College of New Caledonia forget that he was against funding AIDS once since becoming an MP. Students’ Union (CAL). From the prevention, saying, “if you are not doing Trudeau’s admission comes hot on the GSC Studentcentre page that comes up, needles and you are not gay, you couldn’t heels of a majority vote by the Canadian navigate to the “What you need” tab, then get AIDS.” Ignoring and dismissing the Association of Chiefs of Police to reform “Opt-Out.” From there it’s a matter of growing number of women contracting drug laws. Under their reccomendation, entering your student number, your email the debilitating illness as “sleeping with posession of less than 30 grams of address and proof of coverage information. bisexuals.” marijuana would become a ticketable Refund cheques will be available in the When asked for comment, Mayor Ford, offense. The federal government, Students’ Union office starting in early who once callously stated that cyclists are however, has no plans to implement the November. The Students’ Union has a at fault if they are killed in road accidents, reccomendation. dedicated Online Opt-Out Kiosk available told the Toronto Sun “Ooooh Yeaaaaaaah!” for everyone to use when the office is open.

Volunteers Wanted Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief. There are 5 volunteers wanted for the Teaching and Learning Conference on August 29th. The conference runs from 8am-5pm and volunteers receive a free lunch and t-shirt.

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Email for more information or to sign up.

Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief

Taren Johnson, Web Manager





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26 CNC Farmer’s Market


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27 Opt-Out 28 Deadline Kareoke Pub Night


The Confluence is produced biweekly at the CNCSU office on CNC’s Prince George campus by Garett Svensen. Submissions, inqueries and requests can be made to, in person at the CNCSU office room 1-303, or mailed to “The Confluence c/o CNCSU 3330-22nd Ave. Prince George, BC. V2N 1P8”


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August 26th 2013

September 2013

Environment Canada 7-Day Weather Forecast: For Prince George, BC. 26 August- 1 September 2013 Monday, Aug 26: 19°C, Cloudy. Showers and Thunderstorms. Tuesday, Aug 27: 19°C, 11°C, Showers and Thunderstorms. Wednesday, Aug 28: 21°C, 7°C, Sun. Risk of Thunderstorm. Thursday, Aug 29: 22°C, 10°C, Partly Cloudy.

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Friday, Aug 16: 17°C, 9°C, Cloudy, chance of showers. All submissions are welcome, the authors of edited works used in the Saturday, Aug 31: 19°C, 9°C, Cloudy, chance of showers. confluence receive a $20 cheque upon publication. Advertisement rates are Sunday, Sept 1: 19°C, 8°C, Cloudy, chance of showers. availiable upon request.

August 26th 2013

Part Three: Epilogue

Kael Walske, Contributor.

the waitress walked over and said: “it’s Sakyan, sometimes spell with a T” I glanced at the Tsar’s watch, once again she stood with impertinence

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the focal point was... where? “Skoal!” “for outsourcing” “I wish I could win the lottery...” “what would that do?” assertive nihilism felt plausible as the beer flowed through our pores it seemed forced that the only action was meticulously plotted I only got to see the burning man long enough to sell him some water to replace the damage deposit for controlled living expectations with these last words I said to the Tsar: “Im pretty graped for a tuesday, take care”

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the waitress brought mints the Tsar, Shane, faded from existence the angry Scot that moment in Merridale I quaffed and put down my pen.

We are so short on nature here that we must paste it in photograph form onto the metal electrical boxes that violate the place where a tree should have been. I’ve almost forgotten what fresh air is by now, we are so bogged down here by industry. Even my own existence has become almost purely economic… Work and sleep, Sleep and work…

The Confluence - Arts

I miss my home where there is no need to decorate inanimate objects. The original beauty of the place is overwhelming. The presence of the Mother, evident in every tiny leaf, and none of them are photographs. Inhaling is as simple as life is supposed to be… Breathing in, Breathing out…

Roeland Otten’s Urban Camouflage Rotterdam, 2009

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Erin Bauman, Contributor.

August 26th 2013

Inanimate Icing

August 26th 2013

Welcome to the College of New Caledonia

Pre-Labour Day program orientation sessions Professional Cook: Tuesday, August 6 • 8:00 am • Cafeteria Industrial Mechanic/Machinist, Foundation Level: Monday, August 19 • 8:30 am • John A. Brink Trades and Technology Centre Applied Business Technology: Monday, August 26 • 9:00 am • 2-321

The Confluence - Feature

I am sure, like many other college students, you are excited and anxious to see the start of this academic year. You can expect the months ahead to be full of interesting and rewarding challenges. We’ve planned a variety of orientation events, both college-wide and program-specific, to help make your transition to the CNC community easy and fun!! I encourage you to take full advantage of all opportunities and to pursue your goals enthusiastically so that your time with us will be stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable. Once again, welcome to the College and thank you for choosing CNC. I wish you the very best as you begin your journey with us.

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College and Career Prep: Monday, August 26 • 9:00 am • The Gathering Place (Atrium) Health Care Assistant: Monday, August 26 • 9:00 am • 3-110

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 program orientation sessions In order to allow you to attend orientation, all daytime classes will be cancelled Tuesday, September 3rd, unless otherwise advised. Please see your time below. Note: Classes/labs starting after 5:00 p.m. may be held. 8:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.

All 8:00 a.m. sessions held at the John A. Brink Trades and Technology Centre

Dental Studies • Gym

Business • Cafeteria

Early Childhood Education • 1-467

JET • 2-106

Automotive, Foundation Level

Fine Arts • 2-244

Social Service Worker • 1-314

Carpentry, Foundation Level

Medical Laboratory Technology Science • Gym

University Credit – Arts • 1-306

Medical Radiography Technology • Gym

University Credit – Science • 1-306

Computer/Network Electronics Technician Electrical, Foundation Level Heavy Duty, Foundation Level Power Engineering, 4th Class Welding (Level "C")

Natural Resources and Environmental Technology • 3-234 Nursing (Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing) • Gym Practical Nurse • Gym

11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. — Toonie BBQ Start the year off right! Join us in the front courtyard for a delicious BBQ lunch for only $2! Featuring live music from Highball Riot and Episodia!

Bryn Kulmatycki Interim President Turn over the page for more events!

10:30 am – 1:30 pm • The Gathering Place (Atrium) Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with college and community service providers and learn about resources and services available to you. There are lots of great prizes to be given away!

For more information and an up-to-date list of events, visit attending/orientation or call us at 250-561-5859.

Wednesday, September 18 9th Annual Pancake Breakfast 7:30 am – 9:30 am • The Gathering Place (Atrium) Hosted by Facilities Services Put the good in your morning! Join us for free pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee. Gather ‘round and meet our Facilities Services team. Proudly serving the CNC community!

Students’ Union and Clubs Showcase 11:00 am – 2:00 pm • The Gathering Place (Atrium) Joining a student club or organization is effortless and can definitely enhance your overall experience at CNC. Get involved - join a club or find out how to start your own!

Saturday, September 21 Classic Family Movie – A Bug’s Life First Show 12:00 noon • Second show 2:30 pm • Room 1-306 CNC students and employees welcome! Bring the kids (or the kid in yourself) and join us for a great family movie, popcorn and refreshments. Tickets (max. 6 tickets per person) are available by donation to the CNC Student Food Bank (one item per ticket). Tickets must be picked up in advance from Communication Services in Room 2-354 (beginning September 4th).

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Friday, September 27 Back to School Social Pub Night

The Confluence - Culture

We’ve planned lots of fun-filled, informative activities for new and returning students.

August 26th 2013

Thursday, September 5 College and Community Information Fair

Westwood Pub Hosted by the CNC Students’ Union cnc_bc_ca

Feeling adventurous? Visit CNC Recreation! CNC Recreation is offering a host of activities this September to get you involved. For more information, contact Recreation at 250-561-5803 or stop by the gym office in Room 1-508.

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Come and celebrate the beginning of the school year! Everyone welcome! Tickets are $3 and are available at the Students’ Union in Room 1-303 or $5 at the door.

August 26th 2013

On the Bus With Chomsky Kael Walske, Contributor.

When a person attempts to compare the transit systems of P.G.

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The Confluence - CNCSU

to Vancouver, my final destination in this anarcho-capitalist journey, the comparison does not seem to be worthy. This notion is especially true when bringing Paris into to the comparison with its “lend-abike program” that seemingly gives the city the “soul of a poet.” Even though a city managed bike lending program is, perhaps, not in the foreseeable future for Prince George, I would like to go out on a Noam Chompsky limb and say that the transit system in P.G. On the Bus is off to a good start providing that it does not follow Vancouver’s current structure. The fiasco that is about to be the “Compass pass” system will be a good lesson for the dismissive “deja vu” attitude. We have Prince George on what not to do. been subject in the recent years to a Prince George’s system is actually growing resentment towards the political decent, in the sense that we have transit situation in Canada for all of its citizens that can drive through the snow (in a more and it reveals that there are issues that or less safe manner) and the managers are being left un-discussed. One of these have impeccable hiring practices. The issues is the issue of taxation and control drivers are community members that of the transportation of humanity. I do not often have an opinion worth listening to. recall seeing animals require a passport for There is one driver that is particularly migration; although, that could very well interesting and who attests to be able to change in the future. (I shudder to think dream the future, a sentiment that I myself of the possibility of implanted passports.) am all too familiar with. People commonly 1984 here we come! However, I must brush off the notion of being able to digress and attest to the basic services, dream the future by casually saying “oh its like bus transit, that should be available just deja vu,” but, unfortunately, such a to the public at an ever decreasing cost dismissal only closes off the opportunity rather than an ever increasing one. The for dialogue. Dialogue that perhaps would Vancouver transit system is split into zones ask questions such as “does dreaming the and passing into another zone costs you future reveal that there is a notion such as an extra $2.75, a practice already seen in destiny?” Prince George with the timed transfer passes (which should be scrapped). Where I for one am quite interested in this will the money come from? you might topic and it is refreshing to hear that ask, I can only speculate but if the bus there are other people out there, other was free it seems there would be less cars (bus) drivers out there that believe in on the road, which would equate to less discussion rather than dismissal and road wear which would lessen Prince refusal to talk about what might be a George’s ever increasing paving projects. reality. This is a very similar sentiment I have commonly heard people say “If I when discussing the politics of a transit am going to spend 100 bucks on a bus system or any other notion that can be pass, I might as well just spend it on gas,” calmly swept under the place mat with

a comment that wouldn’t be feasible in a more sustainable and fare reductive system. A reduction of bus fare (Free being the best case scenario) coupled with other alternative transit programs, such as the bike lending program in Paris, would be a step in the right direction for Prince George’s transit. Heck, any transit system could benefit from thinking that portrays the city as a community rather than a corporate exploitative enterprise. Prince George may not yet have the “soul of a poet” but we can at least make steps towards nurturing that soul that we do not yet have. I urge anyone reading to send a letter to the city hall and make your voice heard. As Dr. Noam Chomsky has said “It would be criminal to overlook the serious flaws and inadequacies in our institutions, or to fail to utilize the substantial degree of freedom that most of us enjoy, within the framework of these flawed institutions, to modify them or even replace them by a better social order.” This institutionalized transit system needs fare incentives. Let’s make our voice heard and make that phone call to the transportation board and request our fare incentives! (A minimal request, if I might add)

As a result of deliberate policy in many countries, too many

recent graduates are in precarious financial Making things much worse are those circumstances facing at best part-time and malicious souls who, evidently engaging temporary work, says a U.K. professor of in idolatrous Satanic worship of the “work economics. ethic”, call these unfortunate people “lazy” They are always on standby, waiting and “shiftless.” They stubbornly refuse to for calls from prospective employers recognize that those not in official ninethat rarely come, writes Guy Standing of to-five punchclock-style jobs might still be the University of Bath. He's essentially doing useful work in the community. correct. Adding insult to injury are those enlightened people in our community who “All forms of work should be treated criticize young people as aimless and lazy, with equal respect, and there should be no presumption that someone not in a job is saying they don't know how to devise a not working or that someone not working career strategy. today is an idle scrounger,” Standing Moreover, there is the lack of courtesy suggests. “It is not idleness that damages of those employers whose job vacancy society. Really idle people may damage announcements end with the sentence: themselves, if they dissipate their lives. But “Only those selected for the short list it costs society much more to police and will be contacted.” How long are students punish the tiny minority than would be supposed to wait before deciding their job gained by forcing them to do so some lowapplication was unsuccessful? In addition, productivity job. Moreover, a little idleness one can be called and advised one is on would not be bad. How do we know that the short-list for a job, and then hear one person's apparent idleness is not his nothing after that. That is positively rude: moment of repose or contemplation? Why If an employer's representative raises a do we feel it necessary to presume and job applicant's hopes by phoning to say condemn? Some of the greatest minds in he or she is on the short list, at least they history had spells of idleness, and anybody can follow up and advise that ultimately who has read Bertrand Russell's In Praise someone else was picked for the job. It of Idleness should be ashamed to demand would mean phoning only about a half frenetic labour from others.” dozen people. A paper I applied to in the Standing believes leisure as time for mid-1970s (not in this province) wasn't contemplation or the arts is essential for a very good employer, but at least they maintaining the character of Western sent me a postcard to advise I hadn't civilization. “A worrying aspect of the been successful but they would keep my jobholder society is the loss of respect application on file for six months. for leisure in the Greek sense of schole,” There is social inequality in the control he argues. “That loss of respect goes with over time, Standing says in his book, The civic privatism and an individualism based Precariat. He defines the precariat as that on crude materialism. large group of people in our economy who “For the health of society and for have been unsuccessful in landing one of ourselves, we need mechanisms to reverse the increasingly scarce full-time, careerthe trend,” he says. track jobs in our society and who drift from part-time jobs to temporary contract He's right. work and the like without benefits or enough income to consider raising a family.

What? Aha! Wha...t? Cold bombs dropping? Are thy still cold at this time When they go ka-bum, bum, bum? Or are they so: Hot Hot Hot! Sex bombs dropping? Without any damage? And with single bum? What!? Aha! Wha...t? Cold Bombs Dropping----------------------* Cold Beer Dropping? Aha!

* In reference to KaelWalske: “Part One,The Plot,” featured in the July 29th issue of The Confluence.

August 26th 2013

Chris Trampowski, Contributor.

The Confluence - Culture

Paul Strickland, Contributor.

The On Going Inquiry

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Too Many Graduates on Standby

“The precariat must be at the beck and call of potential users of their labour,” Standing writes. “Those floating around internet cafes or drifting around at home, in pubs or at street corners may appear to have 'time on their hands'. However, they are often unable to to develop or sustain a strategy on how to allocate their time differently. They do not have a clear narrative to tell, and as a result their time is dissipated when they are not in jobs. The use of time in apparent idleness is a reflection of the flexible jobs market. It wants the precariat to be on standby. The structuring of time is taken away from them.”

August 26th 2013

Show us what being a CNC student or employee is all about!

Win great prizes by sharing photos of you and your friends on and o campus. We will pick the best photos from CNC students and employees, give you a prize

The Confluence - Arts

and may even use your photo to promote the college. To enter, send your photos to or tag your photo on Instagram with #myCNC.

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August 26th 2013 Prizes

The Communication Services team will pick the top 10 photos submitted

between September 3 and April 15 and hand out up to $1,000 in prizes. Who can enter

This contest is open to all current CNC students and employees at any campus of the College of New Caledonia. (Employees of the Communication Services Department cannot enter). The Fine Print

By entering CNC’s Share Your Shots photo contest, you agree to the following: By submitting your photo, you give unlimited and unrestricted permission for the College of New Caledonia to publish, exhibit, play, transfer and otherwise use the photos for marketing, administrative and educational purposes. The College also has the right to use and reproduce the image for free in any media for promotional materials.

Your photo entry must include caption, date contact and location information. Entries must be an original work taken by the person submitting the photo. Colour or black-and-white photos are permitted. Portrait or landscape layouts are both acceptable. Photos must be appropriate for general audiences. The College reserves the right to reject any and all submissions. To be eligible, digital photos must be submitted in JPEG format no smaller than 1 MB but no larger than 10 MB with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. All suitable photos will be displayed online at Winners will be posted online and will be contacted by email.

The Confluence - Arts

You must have permission to take the photo of the selected individuals in the photo, and have their permission to enter the photo in the contest.

To enter send your photo to with the subject line Share Your Shots and your name. In your email, include; your full name, email address, phone number, and department or program, and photo caption information.

Questions? Contact us at 250-561-5859 or

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Contest Closes: April 15, 2014

on uence

Student Correspondents Wanted Student Correspondents and regular contributors are wanted for The Confluence, the school paper at CNC.

Student Correspondents report on the events, issues and opinions relevant to student life at CNC. They are required to write a certain amount every month, delivering their own perspective and experience at CNC to the student body. We are interested in broadening The Confluence’s areas of interest, and so, are looking for a broad range of interests among our correspondents. Specifically, we are looking for people to regularly cover sports, lifestyle, student life, music and specific cultural concerns (Mature Students, International Students, Aboriginal Students, etc). Contributors can submit material at any time, correspondents provide material on an on-going basis and serve on a by-semester basis. Along with the writing and proofing duties associated with being a student correspondent, there are several perks associated with the position: - Attend concerts, art shows, sporting events and more for free, or at a reduced rate, for the purposes of writing about your experiences. - Get your voice known in the school and in the community, whether through per-publication contributions to the paper, or through the more-involved correspondent role. - Hang out with the Editor-In-Chief, the totally rad dude who makes the paper go. - Proofread and elminate all knids, of fascinating, speling, and grammar errorrs. - We occasionally get review copies of music, books and other media. Check out new stuff before anyone else and write reviews!


- The Student Correspondent positions are for CNC students in good standing. - Strong English skills are essential. The ability to write, the ability to critique the works of others and the ability to receive constructive criticism about your own work make up the core of an effective correspondent. - Research and/or journalism skills are a plus. - Effective time management is good to have, as we work under constant deadlines. - Desktop publishing skills, including some familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite can help.

Email your resume to, or drop it off in person at the CNCSU office, room 1-303.

The Confluence Issu 32  

August 26, 2013

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