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Sunday Readings 2 Kgs 4:42-44 Eph 4,1-6 Jn 6,1-15

25th Sunday In OT

Monday 23rd 9:00 am Mass All Day Fr. Miguel in Spokane, Airway Heights

Tuesday 24th Rev. Miguel A. Mejia, Pastor Deacon Chalo Martinez, Pastoral Associate Parish Office: (509) 235-6229. 460 N 5th Street CNC Office: (509) 235-8402. 837 Elm Street Fr. Miguel’s Cell: (509) 531-5858 Leave a message

9:00 am Mass Afternoon Fr. Miguel in Spokane County Jail and Mtng. 6 pm SEARCH Mtng and CNC Mtng

Wednesday 25th 9:00 am Mass and Holy Hour 6 pm CNC Dinner and Bible Study

Thursday 26th Saturday Mass @ 5 pm Sunday Mass @ 8 am and 10 am Misa en Español @ 12 pm Mass at Newman Center @ 7 pm

9:00 am Mass 3:00 pm Martin Hall 6:00 Mtng in Spokane 7:00 Knights Mtng

Friday 27th Saturday 4-4:30 pm or Appointment / Cita All Day Know, Love and Serve Kick Off Event

Saturday 28th

Barbara Goold, Bookkeeper

Morning Prison Ministry Mtng 4:00 pm Confessions 5:00 pm Mass

Monday-Thursday: 9:30—Noon

Parish Council: __________, Chair Finance Council: Debbie Brown, Chair EWU CNC: Michael Bruno, Student Director Knights of Columbus: Rick Morgan Guild: Jan Matthews Rosary Makers Guild: Tom Goold Plant Maintenance: ________ Music Coordinator: Pete Baccarella

Sunday 29th Readings

Ez 17,22-24 2 Cor 5,6-10 Mk 4,26-34

26th Sunday in OT

Monday 30th 9 am Mass

Tuesday 1st St. Rose of Lima, a parish of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, offers the fullness of the Christian faith guided by the Holy Spirit, expressed in sacrament, discernment, and encouragement for all who seek to live their lives as witnesses to the power of Christ’s saving presence among us.

9 am Mass

Wednesday 2nd 9 am Mass 9:30 Holy Hour

Ministry Schedule

Welcome to St. Rose: We love God and His people

Saturday September 28th Lectors MM Pratt

The Good News: Be a good Steward of your life, talents, family and God’s friendship...

Eucharistic Ministers Mary Baker—Paten


Kim Ploss—Cup

Eucharistic Ministers

Please invite anyone you know that might be interested in becoming a Catholic. We shall meet once every week. We also invite parishioners who would want to refresh their memories, sponsor a candidate, or offer reflection on the teachings of the Church. Thank you! Please contact the office to register or for more information. Blessings. Fr. Miguel

Kaye Hale—Paten

We start October 1st

Jane Smedley—Cup

Sunday September 29th Lectors Peggy Loroz

Sandy D—Cup Buck D—Cup

Religious Education September 22: Children Liturgy September 29: Children Liturgy October: 6: Children Liturgy October 13: Children Liturgy October 20: Family Education Day October 27: Children Liturgy November 3: Children Liturgy

KNOW, LOVE & SERVE Volunteer Needed to Share the Good News:

Our Diocese and Parish are about to engage in an amazing planning process.

As we return from our summer bustle it is appropriate that we consider our involvement in parish life. Many of you are consistent as ministers in our Mass celebrations and what a gift you are!

Bishop Cupich has invited our Diocese and parishes to come together and plan for our future…

More people are needed to help with the liturgical ministries. You can volunteer as often or as little as you would like. The quarterly ministry schedule can be tailor made to fit your availability. Consider volunteering your time and making a difference in the life of our parish.

Jessica Otterson and Deacon Chalo will represent and lead us through this process. We start this amazing process on September 27th Pray for our Diocese and Parish

“Household of God” P

F ope


c ran

Seeking happiness in material things is a sure way of being unhappy

This past week, the weekday Mass people have been listening to St. Paul write to an early church community led by Timothy. St. Paul offered an image of the church community as the “Household of God”. Paul sees believers as an interrelated group of people, each sharing different functions and tasks, but all working together for the common good. What a wonderful metaphor for who we are as a parish. As in any household, every member is important and their roles valuable.

September 22