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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Oktoberfest comes to UTA Bentley’s drafts

plans to rebuild The restaurant closed after suffering damage during a July fire. by Ann Mai The Shorthorn staff

The Shorthorn: Adrian Gandara

Criminology junior Elizabeth Cunningham looks at passing students during a sale of bratwurst, non-alcoholic beer and other items by the German Language Society on Tuesday on the Central Library mall. Cunningham said her outfit, a dirndl, is a traditional southern German dress.

Oktoberfest in Arlington

German Language to learn German because Society offers traditional he is a fourth-generation German-American. He got Bavarian foods, attire. By Vallari Gupte The Shorthorn staff

Criminal justice junior Jasmine Smith said she wants to learn about German culture and plans to participate in Oktoberfest activities so that she learns the language better. Smith said she would like to immerse herself in cultural events because she likes to understand her German heritage. “My favorite part about Oktoberfest is the food, but I think everyone else goes for the beer,” Smith said. The German Language Society celebrates Oktoberfest at Tuesday and today, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The members of the society are selling non-alcoholic German beer and bratwurst, a traditional German sausage served grilled, said Brian Trietsch, philosophy senior and the president of German Language Society. Students can come dressed up in German attire at the booths, German Studies coordinator Sabine Harvey said. On Tuesday, the event took place on the Central Library mall, and today it will take place inside of the University Center. Trietsch said he wanted

involved in the German Language Society because he wanted to participate in and encourage others to celebrate German festivals like Oktoberfest. “We’re just trying to bring that festival to UTA so we can actually have an Oktoberfest here for a little touch of German culture,” Trietsch said. Oktoberfest started off as a wedding celebration in the Bavaria region of Germany, in Munich. About 1810, the crown prince married in a meadow about October, Harvey said. The festivities took on the form of a fair in later years, where everyone gathered in open spaces, drank beer and ate grilled bratwurst. The festivities begin in mid-September in Germany and close in October, when the climate in Germany gets very cold. This year Oktoberfest officially started on Sept. 21 in Germany and ends on Sunday. For Harvey, celebrating German culture with students on campus makes her less homesick about the festival back home. She said she wants her students to attend cultural festivals like Oktoberfest because it will help them connect with the language that they learn.

J.R. Bentley’s employees are counting down the days until they can open their doors again, according to the restaurant’s manager, Katie Thomas. After a fire caused Bentley’s to temporarily shut down at the end of July, the pub is set to begin reconstruction later this month. “The accident has turned everybody’s lives upside down,” Thomas said. She has been working at Bentley’s for almost eight years. “I built my life around Bentley’s. It wasn’t just a job.” Even though the restaurant is closed, Bentley’s staff keeps in contact with their customers, online and in person. “Not a day goes by where I don’t have a conversation with someone about Bentley’s,” Thomas said. She now works at Old School Pizza and Suds with two of her coworkers who were a part of Bentley’s staff. “Everyone’s support has been amazing, but we’re all going to go back to Bentley’s. We’ll defi-

nitely go back and help out at Old School if they need help.” A beloved hang-out spot for students in downtown Arlington, Bentley’s has been missed by its regulars. “I really miss the experience in general,” industrial engineering senior Walter Mulflur said. Mulflur and his friends frequently celebrated at the pub after attending intramural sports events together. The restaurant’s renovations will include a larger bar, larger restrooms, and more open spaces. Before the fire, Bentley’s owner Dana Ladd was working on an extensive drink menu that also included new snack items. Ladd said now that she has more time to look the menu over, she feels that she wants to add more healthy options and vegan options, such as fruit trays or meat and cheese trays. Bentley’s is hoping to be back in business by New Year’s Day or early January, Ladd said. “I’m excited,” Ladd said. “It’s a longer process than I thought it was going to be,” Ladd said. @missannmai

For students who won’t get to check out the German Language Society’s Oktoberfest celebrations, here are some events they can attend to celebrate before the official festival ends Sunday. Oktoberfest at Caves Lounge Caves Lounge is hosting its annual Oktoberfest blowout Saturday. Included in the festivities are: • Food for all paying customers--All day long until the crew runs out of food. Anyone can contribute items to the food, Caves Lounge owner Tommy Osbakken said. • Miss Oktoberfest contest--a costume contest for both men and women. • Masskrugstemmen contest--a contest where participants hold a stein of beer in front of their face and the one who holds the filled stein for the longest time, wins. When: 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday. Where: Caves Lounge, 900 West Division St. Contact Caves at 817-460-5510 for more information. WOBtoberfest World of Beer’s WOBtoberfest brings live local music to the table, along with 20 special Oktoberfest beers. Bands playing are Chad & Christian, Jeriko, Manny Trevin and Big Joe Walker. When: 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. Friday and 3 p.m - 2 a.m. Saturday. Where: World of Beer, 5005 S Cooper St. Contact World of Beer at 817-471-1101 for more information. Brews-n-Views: Shaun of the Dead For those who are more concerned with the beer aspect of Oktoberfest rather than the culture, Studio Movie Grill is hosting a Brews-n-Views night, which basically means cheap tickets and cheap beer prices for a classic movie. When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Where: Studio Movie Grill, 225 Merchants Row Cost: $1 (Ticket price)

Sources: Tommy Osbakken, Caves Lounge; Barry Judd, World Of Beer at Arlington’s manager; Studio Movie Grill website. The Shorthorn: Victoria Ponceti

“You want to do anything cultural. That’s how you get the students interested in learning the language,” Harvey said. “Keep them mo-

tivated enough to sit there through the grammar.” @vallarigupte

Derrick Ladd, cook for Old School Pizza and Suds, prepares an 8” pepperoni pizza on Sept. 16. Ladd was offered a job at Old School after a fire at J.R. Bentley’s caused the restaurant to close. Ladd still stays in touch with former Bentley’s employees as the plans for rebuilding the restaurant move forward. “They’ll always be a part of our family,” Ladd said.

Food & Drink Specials for OCT. 3 – Oct. 9 Showdown Saloon (817) 460-4893 2019 S. Cooper Arlington, TX 76010

Flying Fish

(817) 303-3335 300 E. Abram St Arlington, TX 76010

Cave’s Lounge

(817) 460-5510 900 W Division St Arlington, TX 76012








HAPPY HOUR 2PM-7PM $2.25 Dom. Pints $2.10 Wells $2.60 Dom. Bottles

HAPPY HOUR 2PM-7PM $2.25 Dom. Pints $2.10 Wells $2.60 Dom. Bottles

HAPPY HOUR 2PM-7PM $2.25 Dom. Pints $2.10 Wells $2.60 Dom. Bottles


HAPPY HOUR 2PM-7PM $2.25 Dom. Pints $2.10 Wells $2.60 Dom. Bottles


HAPPY HOUR 2PM-7PM $2.25 Dom. Pints $2.10 Wells $2.60 Dom. Bottles

LADIES NITE: $1.25 Wells



1LB. Hot Boiled Shrimp $12.99

Tilapia Veracruz $9.99

KARAOKE NIGHT! $1.75 Dom. Drafts $2.75 Craft Drafts $4 Jagerbombs

$2 U-call-it’s Until 11pm $3 Blonde Bombshell $3 Jack-n-Cokes

$2 U-call-its until 11pm $2.50 Dos Equis Drafts

Football & Cookout

Pool Leagues MON. NITE


Preacher’s Special 50¢ Oysters All Day!

Fried Tilapia $8.99

Rainbow Trout $8.99


MONDAY MOVIE NIGHT AT 10PM ANY Tall Draft Beer for small draft price Free Hot Dogs & Popcorn


Service Industry Night

2PLAYER TUESDAYS $2 Shiner Bocks & Rolling Rocks Outdoor Video Game Arcade at 10pm

Pool Leagues WED. NITE

ALL U CAN EAT Fried Catfish $14.99

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at 10pm $1 Wells ALL NIGHT LONG