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Kearsten Howland 2014 Best Advertising Manager

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Dear CNBAM Judges, Thank you for taking the time to review this summary of my personal management philosophy and accomplishments as the Student Media Advertising Manager. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my story with you and be considered for the prestigious award for Best Advertising Manager. My journey began in January of 2012. My second semester of my sophomore year was already here and I had just made one of the best decisions in my life, I just didn’t know it yet. I took a risk and left a higher paying job that I enjoyed to pursuit a job more relevant to my passion in advertising. After just six months of experience under my belt at Student Media, I was promoted to the Advertising Manager position. After the former manager and majority of the staff graduated that May, I was suddenly the one responsible for supervising all day-to-day operations and staff productivity, which included helping my small, inexperienced staff strengthen their sales skills and reach our monthly goals. I was also working hard to recruit and train new employees to help rebuild my sales team. Despite becoming a manager at such a fast pace, I never felt more eager and willing to take on every new responsibility. I faced any and all challenges head on and in no time I was developing new training techniques for the staff, initiating new promotions, and increasing sales in both print and online. Once I quickly discovered this was my passion, nothing felt impossible. I am committed to the overall success of the organization and most of all each Account Executive’s personal growth and accomplishments. Motivating the sales team, inspiring the design staff, and helping the entire office build stronger relationships with one another is something I strive for every day. I am the last one to leave the office most days and there is an ongoing joke that have a cot hidden somewhere because I am always at the office working. It is funny how it doesn’t feel like work though when you love what you do. I am always ready to greet everyone with a smile and spark of motivation and willing to sacrifice as much of my time as necessary to help others. As I aim to make a positive impact on the lives of my staff members every day, I also hope to leave them with an experience they will carry into their futures. Although it is difficult to summarize just how much that risk I took my sophomore year has changed my life and prepared me for a bright future. That is why I appreciate having the opportunity to pay it forward with the hope that my staff will also look back and appreciate this experience as much as I have. The Power of Listening As an Account Executive, I learned very quickly that every client is unique in different ways. There is in not a “one-size-fits-all” approach when working with clients. That is also true for managing my peers as well. Just as understanding each client and their particular needs is vital for achieving success, I must also tailor my coaching style to each individual to achieve positive outcomes and strengthen relationships. There are many different communication and learning styles, and I always strive to help my staff achieve their highest potential in a style that fits them best. A top priority of mine is to always lead by example. In addition, I focus more on coaching and empowering my team instead of “managing” my team. I strive to be a leader who is thought of as an approachable and inspiring coach, rather than a superior. It is important to me that I help my staff succeed, but it is also just as important to help them acquire the skills necessary for success. Jumping in and taking over when an issue or conflict arises stifles learning and can be discouraging. Instead, I ask questions that facilitate positive

thinking. I listen first and then support them by providing constructive feedback or advice where it is needed. Out of the Box Innovation As a leader, I see every challenge or problem ahead as an agenda for action. I see the advertising industry today as an exciting time in history. I have loved being able to be apart of the innovation that has taken place at Student Media and actually see my ideas come to life and be successful! Just as technology, people and everything in this world evolve, I wanted Student Media to not only continue evolving and adapting but more importantly, lead the innovation. This was my vision as a manager and it helped lead us toward taking more proactive steps in advertising and the development of new products, such as ESCAPE, the weekend issue that is unlike anything we’ve ever published. Under my leadership, we have greatly increased the number and variety of products and services we offer to clients. I have implemented new promotional strategies to serve as a helpful tool for both Account Executives and clients. We have also implemented new marketing and branding efforts that have helped us introduce new creative services for customers and boost our brand presence and involvement on campus. Going the Extra Mile I believe the key to success lies from within. By that, I mean a successful sales team derives from a positive atmosphere where everyone feels confident, comfortable, and motivated. That is why I highly value our staff lunches every Friday, our staff meetings every Monday morning, and our 2 on 1’s that my advisor and I hold with staff members every other week. Rather than focusing only on results, like sales quotas, I believe it is more important to focus on the behaviors and activities that lead to successful results and stronger relationships. This type of hands-on interactive management philosophy is definitely more time consuming but I am too passionate about the success of my team to ever let that stop me from being a good manager and role model. I often go along with new hires on their first several meetings, not to cut in or make a sale for them, or critique them afterwards, but to boost their confidence and serve as a lifeline if they need it. Empathy is another value of mine. I understand that we are all students, and under a lot of pressure. I make sure that my staff does not look at their goals or upcoming deadlines as added stress. I encourage my team to go beyond the minimum requirements because coworkers and clients will see your hard work and value your effort. This is why I began asking every representative to write hand written Thank You letters to at least two clients a week. Whether they made the sale or not, I see it as one of the most simple and effective ways to strengthen relationships. They will feel good about their experience with OU Student Media and that is something that will last longer than any commission made on a sale. I appreciate this opportunity to share this unforgettable and historic year for Student Media with the CNBAM judges. I want thank you again for your time and consideration. I would like to conclude with one of my favorite quotes that sums up my management philosophy. “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life, it’s about the struggles you overcome and what you inspire others to do.” –Anonymous

Kearsten Howland

V. VI.



2000 Four Lakes Dr. Blanchard, OK 73010 405.919.8072




OU!Student!Media! Advertising!Manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!May$2012(Present! !

Lead sales team in print and online revenue each month by working with over 80 national and local accounts


Proficient in Microsoft SharePoint and all MS Office applications


Knowledgeable in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign


Innovative problem solver


Oversee new digital initiatives such as mobile advertising in the Oklahoma Daily’s first app and offering social media management services to clients


Thrive in deadline-orientated and fast paced environments


Interview prospective employees and head all training efforts for best sales and marketing practices


Strong interpersonal communication and team building skills


Organize and conduct weekly staff meetings and presentations for all account executives, designers, and marketing team


Successfully coordinate, plan, and manage simultaneous tasks and responsibilities


Responsible for ensuring all daily deadlines are met and materials and operations are accurately carried out in a timely manner


Increased revenue in five special issues and online revenue by 65% in 2012

Account!Executive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!January$2012(May$2012$ !

Initiated first internship opportunity through Journalism College and Career Services and became first Student Media employee to receive academic credit for work experience

Awards!and!Qualifications!! !

OU Student Media Leadership Award (2012 and 2013 recipient)


Selected to carve name into 2013 OU Leadership Table


Round Table Leader at the College Newspaper Business & Advertising Managers National Convention in San Diego, CA. (CNBAM--2013)


Developed and presented specialized marketing campaigns that were financially feasible for over 50 local and national clients


Responsible for contacting a minimum of five prospective accounts each week and deliver a written and verbal status reports in weekly staff meetings


Nominated for CNBAM 2014 Student Leader Representative


Exceeded monthly sales goal and was the first account executive to reach individual sales goal the first three months working at OU Student Media


Shadowed Senior Account Executive at Tyler Media (2013)

Arvest!Bank! Teller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!January$2011($January$2012!

University!and!Community! Involvement!!


Followed all policies and procedures while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction and confidentiality


Advertising Club


Processed over 100 transactions daily with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency


National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NSCS


Met and exceeded quarterly sales goals by identifying and pursuing selling and cross-selling opportunities to current and prospective customers


OU Big Event — official day of community service (2010-2013)


Relay for Life (2010-2012)


Volunteer with Journey Church, Red Cross, and OU Housing & Food for the May 20th Tornado relief efforts

Education! University of Oklahoma, May 2014 Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with a Minor in General Business President’s and Dean’s Honor Roll (2010-Present)


Kearsten Howland


Advertising Manager Job Description The Advertising Manager is responsible for assisting the Assistant Director with sales staff supervision; the planning and coordinating of regular daily advertising sales, special sections, special publications and promotions; client relations and customer service; and new business development. The primary function of the Advertising Manager is to assist the individual advertising account executives to ensure a successful effort by the entire advertising staff. The Advertising Manager is the lead student on the advertising staff and is the designate for routine acceptance and rejection of advertising. DUTIES: SUPERVISE AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAILY ACTIVITIES, SALES AND PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT OF THE STAFF OF ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES AND ADVERTISING INTERNS. •Regularly call on new accounts, preparing proposals and making presentations to develop new, regular advertisers for The Oklahoma Daily, which may then be assigned to other staff members for further sales and servicing. •Assist account executives with the preparation of proposals and presentations for existing and prospective clients. •Assist account executives with meeting their goals and improving sales efforts through individual meetings, team sales calls, coaching and other supportive measures. •Keep account executives informed of current and prospective advertiser activity in competing media. •Keep account executives informed of upcoming university and local events, and holidays, for promotion. •Make presentations at weekly staff meetings to enhance sales efforts. •Identify needs and strategies for improvements related to the advertising staff’s work flow, productivity, organization and communication. •Coordinate past advertiser and new prospect lists for special promotions. •Identify and resolve any training, motivational, disciplinary or other problems with the sales staff or individual account executives. •Make personal contact with advertisers to determine the advertiser’s satisfaction with The Oklahoma Daily and their assigned account executive. •Design and implement new advertising promotions. •Recruit and train new advertising staff members. •Meet weekly with Assistant Director for sales planning, updates, discussion of staff progress and other sales and promotional issues. •Oversee the activities of the advertising staff. LIAISON FOR THE ADVERTISING STAFF WITH OTHER AREAS IN STUDENT MEDIA TO ENSURE SMOOTH OPERATION OF ADVERTISING STAFF’S ACTIVITIES. •Available (on-call) for advertising-related problems on evenings The Oklahoma Daily or special publications are in production. •Consult with the editor on potentially controversial ads and inserts. •Approve the layout of the newspaper by noon, one day prior to publication. HANDLE AND MANAGE THE ADVERTISING ACTIVITIES OF A SELECTION OF CAMPUS AND COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS, AS APPROVED BY THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR.

Productivity Records

Sales Goals

New Revenue Initiatives

ESCAPE is a prime example of successful collaboration and innovation by a few leaders who shared just enough ambition and vision to turn our ideas into reality. We initiated this weekend edition to help turn around declining revenue and readership at the end of the week. Two semesters later, ESCAPE has proven to be a valuable asset. The unique themes each week are great tools for advertisers and it keeps the content fun and interesting for readers. I see the success of this special section as a direct result of our ability to recognize a problem, listen to our audience, and seize the opportunity to initiative a solution that meets the needs of advertisers and readers.

ESCAPE brought in over $20,000 EACH semester. With only 7 issues in the Spring and 8 issues in the fall, the total revenue the first year was: $40,483

After introducing ESCAPE to other schools at CNBAM during the Round Table sessions, many schools have used it as a model for launching their own weekender.

[street] team

ESCAPE the norm...

Digital Initiatives Integrating Social Media To achieve the goal of increasing our digital engagement, I led the way by developing integrative advertising campaigns for new and current clients. This helped strengthen the presence for our print products on campus and online. One of my favorite campaigns that contributed to our social media engagement was a Halloween costume contest for my client, Thunderbird Trail of Fear. After meeting him for the first time and listening to what his goals were and discussing the time line, I presented my idea of a costume contest through our Facebook, along with distribution of posters and coupons from the help of the marketing crew, and print ads in ESCAPE and the Oklahoma Daily that would all lead up to the big reveal of the contest winners on the same date as the haunted trail special OU night. He loved the whole idea and was happy to donate tickets in return for the extra publicity he was receiving from the contest. This was a fun and interactive way for students to be involved with the campaign and our Facebook page by posting and sharing their best costumes for a chance to win passes to the newest haunted trail. The contest helped promote the client’s event as well as drive traffic to the our Facebook page. The winners were determined by the number of likes their photo received and The final top 4 winners were revealed in the Halloween Issue of the ESCAPE weekender.

student [m]edia

Halloween Contest

Win 4 free passes to Thunderbird Trail of Fear!

Scan the QR code and enter now!

Norman’s closest and scariest haunted scream park!

Submit a photo of your best/most creative Halloween costume to OU Student Media’s Facebook page, by 5 PM, October 25 for your chance to win! OU Student Media is a department within OU’s division of Student Affairs. The University of Oklahoma is an equal-opportunity institution. Contest terms and conditions apply. After 5 years, we made the switch to a new CMS for the website. This meant a fresh new design, more advertising inventory, and new training. I am solely responsible for all of the online ad management. I am also in charge of compiling the numbers from Google Analytics. Nearly all of my training and knowledge with Google and the past and present CMS has been self-taught. I work very hard to learn as much as possible to train my staff well so they are confident when offering digital options and bundles to customers. I provide verbal updates to my staff and keep a written report on file for AE’s to easily access and use to reference the available ad positions, trends in impressions, and numbers by different pages online.

Winners will be revealed in the October 31 issue of !

21 active pages

Right Now


Active visitors on site

Screen shot of Real-Time feature from Google Analytics. Online revenue increased by 6% this year.

Selling Opportunities Special Section Promos I am always trying to think of news ways to help my Account Executives maximize their sales meetings with clients. As a student, I have a very visual learning style. I am able to absorb and recall more information when it is presented in visually appealing format, like the Finals Week promotional info graphic to the right. Often times clients can only squeeze a short amount of time into their busy schedules to meet with Account Executives. That is why I implemented the user-friendly, straightforward promos to make sure the client’s valuable time is never wasted. We now have promos for online advertising and each special section. This is a great way for clients to visually see their advertising size options, why it works, and what the different benefits are for various sections. These also promos serve as a helpful tool for AE’s to focus on the key selling points for each publication. We have received nothing but great feedback from clients who find these helpful that enjoy these helpful and thoughtful.

Finals Week The Finals Week edition of The Oklahoma Daily is released on the first day of fall finals week. This special broadsheet publication is available throughout the entire week. Finals Week helps students discover new late-night study spots and places to grab a study break snack. Within the pages of this edition of The Oklahoma Daily Daily, students can also find tips on how to manage stress. This is a great opportunity to reach students before the holiday season!



daily superpowered sooners

full page 6 col x 21 in




Why It Works




1/8 page 3 col x 5 in

8,000 copies are printed and distributed in strategic locations around campus – including our brand-new, large newsracks!

1/2 page (v) 6 col x 21 in

half page (h)

This special edition is on racks the entire week of finals, December 9 - 13. Longer shelf-life means more exposure for you!

1/4 page

6 col x 10.5 in

3 col x 10.5 in

Include color to stand out all week for the same price of just one day of color! This is your last chance to reach students before they go their separate ways for the holidays. Take the opportunity to get their attention before it is too late!

get started


(405) 325.2521

Bundle Opportunities

Monthl� Bundl� Variety + Value It’s our pledge to lis ten to your needs , as k ques tions about your goals and develop plans to help you be s ucces s ful. That is why we now have a variety of bundling opportunities to give you the bes t value for your inves tment. We are pleas ed to help you s ucces s fully reach the OU Community with the bes t value and effective s trategy.

escape smile. EXPLORE. relax. / may 15 / summer


Pick 2

Pick 3

Pick 4

Pick 5

full page

6 col x 9.75 in

half page (h)

pg. 8


Online Rotating ad for 2 weeks

5 business card ads (2x2), black and white

5 business card ads (2x2), black and white

5 business card ads (2x2), black and white

Half Banner ad in ESCAPE (includes full color)

Online ad, New/Sports Page Sponsor (300x250) 2 weeks / Tier 2

Half Page ad in ESCAPE (includes full color)

Two 2x3 ads with one spot color of your choice

Banner ad in one issue of ESCAPE (includes full color) 2 Eighth page ads (3x5), black and white

2 Eighth page ads (3x5), 1 spot color of your choice Facebook/Twitter management for one month (10-15 posts) Online banner ad, News/ Sports, 2 weeks

Online Rotating ad for 2 weeks 10 business card ads (2x2), black and white Full Banner ad in 2 ESCAPE issues (includes full color) 2 Eighth page ads (3x5), 1 spot color of your choice Facebook/Twitter management for one month (10-15 posts) Online banner ad, News/ Sports, 2 weeks Front page ad, full color (6x3) banner

After attending CNBAM last year and learning more about bundle schools, I was eager Contactpackages us today from to getother started! to implement more bundling opportunities for our clients. Bundling across media platforms is a great way for us to offer an even higher value for our clients’ investments. I also think it is a great opportunity for clients to try new forms of advertising that they might be hesitant to choose otherwise.

8 out of 15 issues

single issues

(best value!)

make a splash!

GETAWAYS + Online Rotating ad for 2 weeks

all issues

welcome to summer.


full banner

Online Rotating ad for 2 weeks

choose your plan!

6 col x 4.75 in







This full color supplement to The Oklahoma Daily kicks off the weekend with fun, fresh magazine-style half content. Not only is page (v) 3 col x ESCAPE distributed 9.75 in inside the paper, but an additonal half banner 5,000 free-standing 3 col x 2 in copies are printed and individually handed out on campus, as well as to local businesses and other high-traffic areas. Reach out to the OU community with this unique special publication and encourage them to spend their weekends with you!

full page




half page




full banner




half banner




6 col x 2 in

publication dates Jan. 16

Feb. 20

Apr. 3

Jan. 23

Feb. 27

Apr. 10

over $300 savings per issue!

After such a successful first semester of ESCAPE, we made Apr. 17 Mar. 6 Jan. 30 the decision to increase the frequency from biweekly to now Apr. 24 Mar. 13 Feb. 6 everyFeb.Thursday May 1 each weekend. I wanted to have Mar. 27 before 13 several options that could potentially work with any client’s budget while providing an for committing OU Student Mediaalso | 860 Van Vleet Oval, Rm 149Aincentive | (405) 325.2521 | to all issues, which is by far the best value. Both of these bundle promos are highly effective because they serve as a helpful tool for AE’s, and provide simple solutions for clients in a way that drives commitment and an opportunity to develop long-term relationships between the salesperson and customer.

Staff Success


Race to the Finish & New Business Fever

Advance Yo’ Self

New prospects aren’t always a walk in the park. That is why I work extra hard to encourage my staff and provide them incentives to keep it up and continue building those relationships that take a little extra groundwork. So to help fire up AE’s about getting in front of new local businesses or reaching out to new national companies, they now have the New Business Bonus as an extra incentive! Every new businesses sales earns them an extra $50 if they who spend at least $200. Also, if staff goal of $50k is met that semester, they receive another $50 for every new business that semester!

The Ad-Vance card is a unique tool that allows every sales person a fair opportunity to work towards earning a higher title, and higher commission. This not only helps to motivate them to keep up a positive work ethic, but it is also a rewarding accomplishment. I love giving my staff members this opportunity professional growth and see how their hard work and perseverance directly contribute to the success of meeting the end goals.

Advance to Account Executive

As an incentive to reach personal sales goals, we have the Race to the Finish contest every month. The first person to reach his or her goal not only gets the recognition and gratification they worked so hard to deserve, but they also receive a $100 bonus! The bonus Start date for 2nd place is $75, and 3rd place receives a $50. I always encourage the team to keep going after meeting their goals, because stretch goals are even sweeter! AE’s get an additional 2% on sales after exceeding goals.


End date

Prepared Is Proactive Monthly Forecasts Student Media is made up of students only staffs who are responsible for producing about 85 percent of the entire revenue for the newsroom,yearbook, and business offices. We have a lot of people who rely on us. With multiple deadlines everyday, busy school schedules, extracurricular events, and heaven forbid a social life every now and then, planning ahead, staying organized, and being proactive are the best habits for my staff if we plan to succeed each month, and we do of course! I encourage my staff to take a few minutes each week for short-term goals, and I require monthly forecasts based on their sales goal that month and prospects. As you can see, I make an example to make thoughtful predictions and challenge myself with my forecast numbers. As a manager, I have made an effort to emphasize forecasts as month long tracking tool for AE’s to see where they were strong that month, or clients they might need to work with some more next month. As I always say, failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Start date


Advance to Senior Account Executive

End date

2 on 1s

Account Executive 2 on 1s The Advertising Advisor and myself have brief meetings with each Account Executive every other week. These are casual yet very effective meetings that give the representative a chance to ask questions, share concerns, and any other recent accomplishments or struggles. I usually like to discuss their forecasts with them as well as their required prospects each week just to hear feedback from them and share any advice or knowledge from my own experiences. Although I do make an a frequent effort to plan fun activities to help the whole team bond, I think 2 on 1s are extremely effective for building trust and genuine relationships.

Team Building & Branding There is nothing better than loving your job and looking forward to seeing your coworkers everyday. When I first became manager, I just simply wanted the staff to feel comfortable enough around one another to easily communicate and work together in a positive environment. So, over the past year, we have continued older traditions and made many more new ones. I truly believe it is because of these group opportunities that we have such a compatible staff filled with team players. This attitude is contagious and allows new staff members to feel right at home because of the trusting relationships with each other. We have each others backs and want to see our coworkers succeed. I’m so proud I’ve been able to instill a work environment with that type of energy that breeds success. We continue to have potlucks once a month. However now we take turns picking a theme for each one. What is really neat is all the new traditions we have started. As you can see in these snap shots, we work hard, have fun, and are definitely making a difference for our fellow students and for our clients today and in the future. This past year was the first year Student Media ha had shirts made in the past few years. We also participated in Homecoming for the first time ever, had an ugly sweater Christmas party, dedicated EVERY Friday from 11:30-12:30 for staff lunches, and it was the first trip to CNBAM for those of us who attended San Diego. The entire staff has

demonstrated teamwork and a dedication for strengthening Student Media brand.

Have Fun


University Leadership

Awards I had the honor of earning the Media Leadership Award for the second year in a row. Receiving this year’s award meant even more to me than the year before, although at that time I would have never thought that was possible. I think it is because I am now more experienced and more committed to my staff. Therefore, I hold higher expectations for myself. This past year has been all about taking risks, bucking the norm, and thinking outside the box to offer our clients a truly incomparable experience. The same experience was true for the students who make up Student Media. It is rewarding on its own to know that as the Advertising Manager, the legacy I will leave with Student Media has made a positive impact on the students and the future success of the whole department.

I will never forget that feeling I had when I received the letter from the President of the University letting me know I had been nominated to be apart of the 2013 Leadership Table because of the leadership I had demonstrated on campus as the Student Media Advertising Manager. I believe good managers WANT and DO always put their staff first. As the leader of my staff, my main concern is always about giving others recognition and praise for their accomplishments, so it is definitely a privilege to be externally recognized for my hard work as well.