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Daily Titan California State University, Fullerton

Best Mobile App Strategy The Daily Titan, like many schools, has had a difficult time getting our mobile app to flourish. This year we wanted to overcome that obstacle. In order to make our mobile app more successful, we knew the focus had to be internal and start with our employees. We did this by offering special incentives to our employees for selling the mobile app. Account Executives would be eligible for commission specifically for selling this platform. The reward system is as follows:

The Daily Titan does not typically offer commission on sales made with returning businesses. Our commission is only offered on new business sales. This is an added bonus and incentive for our AE’s to sell the mobile app so they are eligible for commission on sales they would not normally get commission for.

Daily Titan California State University, Fullerton

This year with the new incentive system we were able to generate our mobile app sales to $3,350. We also made external efforts in an attempt to expand our mobile app. We took advantage of the opportunity that freshman orientation had to offer. Thousands of new students come to the CSUF campus each year as well as transfers. These new students are looking for different ways to connect to our large commuter campus, this is where the mobile app comes in. The mobile app is a great way to allow these new students to connect to the Fullerton community and discover the local spots for fun and dining. The way we took advantage of this opportunity was by having a presence at our Freshman Orientation and Discoverfest, an event where all clubs on campus go to recruit members. At Freshman Orientation and Discoverfest we had a booth representing the newspaper. Approximately 30,000 students attend Discoverfest and 4,500 attend Freshman Orientation. Students who downloaded the mobile app would receive a free Daily Titan mug in exchange for their download. This helped us to promote our app and the newspaper consecutively and increase our downloads.