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S3 – Best Sales Pitch/Proposal – Beech View Our newest privately funded housing development opened for occupancy in 2013 – Beech View Place. We successfully met with the owner, who then took us on a tour of the building. During our tour, the pride was evident. The developer had successfully built a complex that successfully incorporated a green space lawn, fully furnished apartments, indoor parking, laundry facilities in every apartment, a 24/7 security system and a decibel controlled safe, clean, new living environment. This sell was one of the best sells for us. Being located in a college town and housing facility of this magnitude was something we definitely wanted to promote. Another tremendous asset to this building, aside from the amenities and its location (within walking distance to campus and our PRT system), was the convenient retail space on the ground floor also being leased and managed by the property owner. These spaces were to house a grocery store, pizzeria, café, beauty and tanning salon and various other utility type businesses that would not only benefit the tenants but the residents as well. Asking the owner what marketing materials he had developed already, we formulated an ad that used many of his concepts and began working on a proposal that would allow our collegiate paper to assist in driving some business to Beech View. We sold this campaign as a two-part system. The first part which is detailed in this entry allowed us to maximize advertising in our print product and in our fall promotions that were heavily ready by students, faculty and staff. Beech View was also seeking professional tenants - faculty and staff, so our product fit in well with their long-term goals. The spring campaign was more digital allowing them to extend their reach and offer tours and highlights into life at Beech View.

Live. Learn. Lease. @ Beech View Place

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Advertising that works: Qualified Tenants are the core to a successful business model Advertising is an investment in your business and we will always respect that as we work together to bring in new tenants and additional clients that can utilize your services (i.e. parking, etc.) The Daily Athenaeum has a strong campus presence that will allow you significant exposure to a core market as well as an extended reach into the professional community of faculty and staff. Our attached comprehensive plan will allow you both local and extended reach.

Your customized campaign will include the following: 1. Football Bottom Banner ads – Each of the 6 homes games with possible bowl game inclusion. - August 31 - September 14 $1,650.00 - September 28 - October 19 - November 9 - November 30 2. Front Page bottom banner ads on the Daily Athenaeum product the following dates: $550.00 - September 13 - October 10 3. Full Page – Full Color ads in DA: - Grand Opening (TBD) - September 19 $4,168.05 - October 24 3. Special Promotions – Full Page – Full Color ads: - Fall Family Weekend (Oct 4 - Tab) - Living Guide (12/3 - Tab) $2,358.87 - Welcome Back (1/8 – Tab) 4. Half Page Ads – Full color: - November 14 $1,651.24 - November 21 5. Digital Ad – Video Tour (Sept, October, November) - $600.00 Campaign Total - $10,378.16 - $8.74 contract rate – Standard contract pricing $13,052.61 - Savings of $2,674.45