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Best Sales Rep Dylan Robison

STUDENT NINER MEDIA - UNC CHARLOTTE 9 2 0 1 U N I V E R S I T Y C I T Y B LV D , C H A R LOT T E , N C 2 8 2 2 3 - 0 0 0 1

January 6, 2014

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to recommend Eric “Dylan” Robison for the CNBAM Best Sales Representative of the Year Award. Dylan has worked in Student Media as an account executive since January 2013. In that time has shown an impeccable work ethic. I found him to be not only extremely responsible and reliable—but a devoted employee who many times goes beyond the call of duty to accommodate last minute requests from clients in order to provide the best in customer service. Since taking on the job, Dylan has met or exceeded his sales goals, while serving as a mentor to the newer account executives. Any task he has been assigned he has completed with ease and is motivated and a self-starter. He displays all of the characteristics you are looking for in an account executive. He is a great communicator and always makes a positive impression on any individual he meets. I am sure you will see that Dylan is a team player. He was named the Student Media Rookie of the Year at the spring awards banquet. His activities don’t end with academics and Student Media - he is active in Kappa Alpha Fraternity and also with intramural football . I highly recommend Dylan and can think of no one more deserving of this award.


Kelly Merges Assistant Director of Student Media Student Media Marketing Adviser UNC Charlotte

To Whom It May Concern: I strongly recommend Dylan Robinson as a top account executive for the Niner Times. He has been a great asset to myself as a property manager for off campus student housing in the UNC Charlotte area. He constantly keeps me updated on upcoming publications of the Niner Times as well as opportunities to advertise in any special additions. While working with Dylan this past year, I made a change in jobs from an established student property to a new upcoming development in the area. Dylan made it a point to reach out to myself and offer any assistance he could to get our property in front of the student body via the Niner Times. With all of Dylan’s strong organizational and communication skills, he will absolutely succeed with any role or task he is given. Sincerely, Amanda M Bowen Community Manager Circle University City

Dylan Robison Personal Selling Philosophy UNC Charlotte My name is Dylan Robison. I am a firm believer in being passionate about what you do. No matter your career choice, you have got to want to be successful and believe in what you do. The desire to succeed not only for your personal benefit, but for the benefit of the business is a great place to start. This is especially true in sales. One can continue to try and may fail once, twice, 10 times until they get a glimpse of success. Persistence is a key factor at the beginning that comes into play when getting started with a field you are new with. I learned quickly in sales that I was going to face people that wouldn’t give me the time of day. I continued to prospect and network with surrounding businesses and found success. No matter what your age or career path, you will face roadblocks. Continue to do your best and learn from the mistakes and you will be sure to be much better the next time around. Waiting around for something good to happen and being patient are two completely different things. You may be doing everything right and even going beyond your call of duty. You may not be seeing any exponential positive changes happening for you, but you must have patience. Patience is probably one of the things we remember being taught to us as a child. Sometimes we still need to be reminded today. These are the three key factors I believe keep me on track - passion, persistence, and patience. There are countless necessities to be successful in the work force like time management, organization, good rapport and so forth. These “3 P’s” are the biggest things that stick out to me. I feel that these are the foundation that can branch off into those countless characteristics a person may need for the work place. It has worked so far for me and I expect to grow even more. Sometimes the most cliché comments are the most powerful, and the most ignored. Keep an open mind. If a customer says no, take that as a challenge, rebuttal, and come back with confidence. It’s okay to be shut down; it’s not okay to give up.

App Launch Party: For January we are having an App Launch Party. In preparation for the event, Student Niner Media staff has been able to garner 22 gift cards from area businesses valued at $520. There will also be an iPad giveaway. All students who download the app can fill out a two-question survey to be entered to win the iPad. The event will be promoted on social media, as well as with print and online ads. All of this is in an effort to get people to use the app, therefore increase awareness of Student Niner Media. Valentines day: In light of Valentines Day, we are going to have a sex survey, and we will publish the results in the next Niner Times, we will also pass out candy/sweets in return for likes/ follows on FB/twitter. Easter: We will have the street team dress up in bunny costumes with Easter eggs in baskets containing information on how to like /follow Niner Media on FB and Twitter.

JOB DESCRIPTION SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Student Media Marketing The Senior Account Executive shall call on and meet with clients to sell advertisements for the publications and service such accounts on a regular basis. Distinguishing Features of the Job: Each Senior Account Executive is hired on a permanent basis and has worked for Student Media Marketing for at least one year unless otherwise determined by the Advertising Sales Manager. Each Senior Account Executive is required to meet all standards and goal and shall have specified monthly sales quotas to meet, as this is a commission-based position. Responsibilities and Duties: • Keeps at least 10 office hours a week between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday via time clock; these office hours will be posted in the office. If, for some reason, he/she cannot be in the office, he/she must inform the Advertising Sales Manager. Failure to meet office hours requirement will result in deductions in pay. • Makes daily phone calls to the sales office voice mailbox in order to check phone messages from their clients • Maintains weekly and monthly sales quotas established by Advertising Sales Manager • Attends sales workshops when advised. These workshops will be held upon notice of the Advertising Sales Manager and will be conducted by the Advertising Sales Manager and Marketing Director • Attends all sales meetings • Turns in weekly call sheets to the sales manager or receive a $10 deduction each week these sheets are not turned in. • Set up a minimum of two face to face appointments a week with potential advertisers. • Proofs his/her ads before the set deadline. Once the ad is proofed he/she should fill out an ad revision/correction form and turn in for the Creative Director. All correct ads, upon proofing, shall be placed in the bin in the Creative Director’s office • Dresses in a professional manner when meeting with clients or when an occasion deems it necessary and proper • Maintains open communication between client accounts to insure proper service • Helps with any walk-in or call-in client, follows up on leads in a timely manner, and makes outside sales calls • Sells a complete line of UTimes products (Special Sections, UTimes and Nineronline) • Keeps clients informed of any special issues or promotions • Correctly completes all necessary paperwork in a timely manner • Adheres to department deadlines • Monitors contract status of accounts to stay on target and keeps Business Manager informed; obtains signatures on all contacts and insertion orders prior to ads publishing. • Adheres to billing and credit policies as posted by the Business Manager; hand-delivers invoices to clients as deemed necessary • Provides support and help to other Account Executives and serves as a mentor and sources of knowledge for account executives and junior account executives • Understands that at the end of each year all accounts will be reviewed and redistributed. • Does related work as needed Required Knowledge and Skills: • Must be a student currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte • Must possess and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 • Must be in good disciplinary and academic standing with UNC Charlotte • Must work well with others • Must have good communication skills and project professional image The Senior Account Executive reports to the Student Media Marketing Advertising Sales Manager and /or Marketing Director. Questions about this position and its responsibilities should be directed to your supervisor. Grievances may be taken to the Student Media Board and/or Student Media Adviser. For further information, contact: Kelly Merges, Marketing Adviser, Cone University Center, UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 Phone 704.687.2663 The University of North Carolina is composed of the 16 public senior institutions in North Carolina. An equal opportunity employer Rev. 2.25.09 By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above job description which outlines the responsibilities as well as qualifications for the position stated. I also understand that by not fulfilling the responsibilities listed above, I can face termination from the position stated. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________________ _________


Dylan Robison  sales  Jan.  1  through  Dec.  31,  2013  

Dylan's sales  accounted  for  18.1%  of  total  revenue  

Dylan  Robison,  $28,585   House,  $42,044  

Sales  Rep  1,  $1,085     Sales  Rep  2,  $1,554     Sales  Rep  3,  $4,000  

Sales  Rep  4,  $8,583  

Sales  Rep  5,   $9,724  

Sales  Rep  8,  $30,329  

:Na<onal, $9,325     Sales  Rep  7,   $13,024  

Sales  Rep  6,   $10,503  

Dylan Robison  Monthly  Sales  1/1  -­‐  12/31/13   $6,000  


Total Sales  $28,  585  




$3,481 $3,127  






$1,644 $1,365   $863  

$1,000 $350   $0  












326 Rosewood Park Ln., Apt. #1021, Charlotte, NC 28262


OBJECTIVE: Attain higher education and more experience through successful business practice. EDUCATION UNC Charlotte · BSBA in Marketing · 3.205 GPA

Davidson County Community College · 3.5 GPA

Expected Graduation Date 05/2015

08/2011 – 05/2012

EXPERIENCE American Marketing Association, Charlotte, NC Sept. 2013 – current Professional Development Committee Chair: · Develop relationships through networking for the UNCC AMA chapter. · Create written reports in order to communicate internal committee plans and efforts with the rest of the organization. · Schedule speaker, lecture and workshop events for the organization. Uniforms Express Internship, Charlotte, NC August 2013 – November Marketing Intern: · Initiate conversations with Athletic Directors at Colleges and High Schools in the Charlotte area to complete research studies. · Discus with each Athletic Director on why they chose certain providers and brands over others. UNCC Niner Media, Charlotte, NC Jan. 2013 – current Account Executive: · Prospect the Charlotte area for new up and coming businesses to reach the student population through our paper and online promo efforts. · Persuade the client strategically that our product is what they need to reach the students. · Finalize, record and track sales of clients. · Form relations with the client for long term promotional efforts through the Niner Media. · Won “Rookie of The Year” at the end of spring semester. VOLUNTEER WORK Sports Marketing Association, UNC Charlotte August 2013 - current · Present posters, rosters/programs and information to fans at a variety of sporting events on campus. · Help with set up and break down for promotional work at the events. AFP, Charlotte, NC Oct. 2012 · Acquiring information from people and their opinion on the Presidential race via phone or in person.

3:00 a.m.




APRIL 27, 2013



SAPPHIRE CLUB $5,000  $15,000