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Sales Pitch/Proposal Daniel Haremski

436 Moore Hall • Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 (989) 774-3493 •


After a local optometrist abandoned their identity of being a Pearle Vision office, the new Traverse Vision knew they had to reinvent themselves and bring attention to their new brand and name. Working with an agency called Kaz Creative, Traverse Vision knew to target students who did not have a local optometrist but needed eye care, and it was my job to help them achieve brand awareness. I initially began selling them each month’s print special, meaning they could achieve consistent weekly ads for cheap. Soon I realized the client could be better serviced and gain more attention with a full multimedia campaign, so I customized one just for them based off their past purchases and where they could go in the future. I also planned it to increase their monthly spending with us. Combining a monthly print contract with mobile and online advertising, our Campus Cash coupon book, outdoor advertising, and our Welcomes You guide for incoming freshmen, I created a multimedia campaign that would give Traverse Vision the most exposure on campus while keeping them within the budget they set for me. Letting Kaz Creative take care of the messages, I picked the media options that I knew students inside the dorms would see (Campus Cash, Welcomes You, news racks), while the newspaper and online advertising reached the upperclassmen living outside of campus who still pick up the paper or follow news digitally. When pitching this bundle completely through email (as Kaz Creative is located 115 miles away in Traverse City) I explained how I created the bundle and how it was priced. I included the amount of print advertising Traverse Vision was normally running, included their favorite products like Campus Cash and Welcomes You, and suggested trying new media like mobile and news rack posters for more exposure. I totaled up the price for each media of what it would normally cost per month, then slashed the price to fit budget, saving them about $600 per month. The bundle is good for the entire 2013-2014 school year, and Traverse Vision pays $750 monthly from September to April, bringing in $6,000. Traverse Vision had only spent $2,261 with us in the previous year, meaning this bundle gave us a 265% increase in revenue! Traverse Vision has loved the bundle so far. They love being on news racks inside of the dorms and in the freshman Welcomes You guide as they hit their target early in their college careers. They enjoy having constant exposure to CM Life readers everywhere, whether they’re reading the paper, on the website, or on their smartphone. They especially love knowing exactly how much is owed per month and being able to get all their forms of advertising media from one media group. In the future I hope to add more to their bundle to continue to bring them more results and awareness.