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Districts across the state, including Wayne State University, are racing to get their contracts in place before the new law takes effect, The Detroit News reported earlier this week. WSU’s faculty union, which represents nearly 2,000 faculty members and staff, has been bargaining since last

CMU is preparing to begin bargaining with unions for public broadcasting employees, office professionals and the supervisory/technical association, Smart said. All three union contracts expire June 30.


lyn Bonkowski, 19, who is accused of poisoning her roommate’s iced tea with bleach. Ross said the recent crimes have concerned him as a Mount Pleasant resident. “I live in this community,” Ross said. “My wife is active in this community with her volunteer activities. We think we’ve taken additional actions to improve the safety on our campus. We will continue to review that and monitor that.”

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As previously reported by CM Life, the suspect in the robbery was described as a Hispanic male wearing a blue hoodie ranging from

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Last year, Jeff & Kim to ok us to Mexico!



MEXICO LIFE 2013 Central Michigan

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male employee working the Subway restaurant alone.


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