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4a. Best Sales Incentive Program CNBAM 2010 Christian Santacana, Sales Director The Minnesota Daily TRIPLE THREAT CONTEST The Triple Threat Contest was created in July 2009 in order to insure the success of three publications; the Fall Back to School Issue, the Employment Guide, and the first ever annual TCF Bank Stadium th th Football Guide. The contest ran from July 29 to August 28 and was started with a goal revenue of $60,000 between the three special publications. Incentives were given on a rank basis. The sales rep who sold the most in dollars won first place. There were up to five prizes. The prizes were as follows: • 1st Place - $500.00 • 2nd Place - $250.00 • 3rd Place - $100.00 • 4th Place - 2 Water Park of America tickets ($80 value) • 5th Place - $20 Caribou Coffee Gift Card There were also incentives for our clients. If they placed in just two of the three special issues, they received 10% off both of their ads. If they placed in all three, they received 15% off each of their three ads. The results are as follows: Goal:


Employment Guide: Football Guide:

$33,572.03 $12,774.89 $24,282.49

Actual Revenue:


The Football Guide never existed before, therefore bringing in an additional $24,282.49 of revenue for the month of September. The sales management team held multiple “Phone Jams” as well to motivate sales reps to set up meetings. The “Phone Jams” are essentially one business day in which the Daily sales reps call their clients and new prospects in an effort to set up meetings. The rep who sets up the most meetings by 5 PM that day wins a bonus or prize. Reps were able to know where they stood in the competition by checking the twice-daily-updated whiteboard at the front of the sales floor with all of their rankings. The contest and incentive program was not only received well by the Daily’s reps, but also by the entire organization. The results and extra revenue was a welcome sight to all departments. The contest also helped reps to learn that setting up meetings is the most effective way to sell and that selling is a contact sport; the more people you contact, the more you sell. 2221 University Avenue Southeast | Suite 450 | Minneapolis, MN 55414 Office: (612) 627-4080 | Fax: 435-5865

Back to School Issue 2009 Date of Issue:

September 08, 2009

Retail Advertising Deadline:

August 28th

Classifieds Adverting Deadline:

August 28th


Broadsheet + Survival Guide (Magazine/Tabloid)

Retail Advertising Rates:

Local University Student Organizations Univ. Depts. & Biz. National Color Spot Color Full Color

$14.50 per column inch $11.20 per column inch $11.90 per column inch $19.15 per column inch $325.00 $425.00

IMC, frequency, and new client discounts apply Classifieds Advertising Rates:

Display Rates Regular

$17.45 per column inch

Linage Rates Billed Prepaid

$3.10 per line $2.70 per line

Description: The first daily issue hits newsstands on September 8th, and students definitely take notice. This is the first issue that most new freshmen are exposed to. For this reason, the annual Survival Guide Issue is also inserted into the First Day of Fall Issue, all as an effort to help incoming students familiarize and re-familiarize themselves with the area. Benefits: 1. 7,500 new freshmen and undergraduate transfer students are looking to familiarize themselves with the area businesses (also 3,000 new and transferring graduate students) 2. 21,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduate students are returning to the University for fall semester 3. Most-read issue of the year! 4. The Survival Guide is inserted to attract more readers

Employment Guide 2009 Date of Issue: September 10th, 2009 Retail Advertising Deadline:

August 28th

Classifieds Adverting Deadline:

August 28th

Distribution Number:



Special Magazine Size/Tabloid

Retail and Classifieds Display Advertising Rates:

Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Eighth Page

$850.00 $450.00 $225.00 $125.00

Inside Covers $1,550.00 Back Cover $2,250.00 Color $125.00 IMC, linage, and new client discounts apply Classifieds Linage Rates:

Billed Prepaid

$3.10 per line $2.70 per line

Description: The Employment Guide is a magazine that contains several articles and editorial content revolving around student jobs. The guide is placed in all 20,000 papers as an insert on the date of September 10th, 2009. Articles and advertisements in the Employment Guide are targeted towards educating students about employment, internships, and other great opportunities around the University of Minnesota. Benefits: 1. Used as a reference guide for students trying to find a job. 2. Editorial content based around employment. 3. New Semester with several thousand eager new students (freshman and transfer) looking for on campus work. 4. Magazine Style –eye catching design and brand awareness.

TCF Stadium Guide, 2009 What is it? The TCF Bank Stadium Guide is an inaugural magazine-style, gloss-cover, publication that will be released during the first football game of the season. It includes editorial content focusing on the Gopher Football team’s history at the University of Minnesota, a comprehensive look at the stadiums used in the past, content and info on the new TCF stadium, and an up-and-coming Gopher Football/Sports section. This publication is going to be BIG! It is the ideal special publication for businesses to advertise in… Tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff, and alumni will be attending the first, stadium-opening game. The exposure will be huge! How will it be distributed? • • •

20,000 total circulation Distributed on Friday, September 11th on Minnesota Daily distribution racks Handed out on Saturday, September 12th at various locations surrounding the new stadium

What does it cost? Ad Sizes • Full page - $900 • Half-page - $500 • Quarter Page - $275 • Eighth Page - $150 • Color - $150 (Normally $425) Premium Placements (All full pages) • Back Cover - $2,250 (free color) • Inside Front Cover - $1,500 (free color) • Inside Back Cover - $1,500 (free color) • News Intro Page - $1,200 • Sports Intro Page - $1,200 Benefits • • •

Maximum Exposure – tens of thousands of people attending this game from all ages Hand and Rack distribution – put into people’s hands for guaranteed exposure New Campus Stadium – hype and attendance are expected to be the highest ever

Triple Threat Contest, 2009 What am I selling? • • •

Back to School Issue Employment Guide TCF Bank Stadium Guide

What is the timeline? • • •

Starts on Wednesday, July 29th Ends on Friday, August 28th All artwork and payment must be in on end date

What are the rules? • •

You must have scheduled a minimum of $2,000 between all three issues to qualify Places are determined by total revenue sold between all three issues

What’s in it for me? • • • • •

1st Place - $500.00 2nd Place - $250.00 3rd Place - $100.00 4th Place - 2 Water Park of America tickets ($80 value) 5th Place - $20 Caribou Gift Card


10% discount applied to each ad if the client places in two of the three issues 15% discount applied to each ad if the client places in all three issues These issues are the kick off to the school year, they’re gunna be huge!

Best Sales Incentive Program  Putt for Prizes    During the first semester of this year we did a sales incentive contest to increase revenue during a  difficult second quarter.  It involved the entire Advertising Department. The incentive program had a  golf course theme. We called it Putt for Prizes.  Each area of the Advertising department was given a revenue tracker that looked like a golf course. Each  hole of the golf course was marked with a flag. Each flag either had a revenue value or a point value  depending on the area that it was associated with.  The sales reps got to each “hole “of the course based  on the amount of advertising they sold. The classified department earned points to get to each “hole”  based on certain things they did in their area including up selling a customer, sending out media kits and  many other things. The design area earned points based off creating spec ads and getting them done in  a 24 hour window, volunteering to do extra work as well as many other things.  Once a “hole” was reached, the department got to turn over a flag. On the back of the flag was a prize.  The person that got the prize was the person who turned in enough revenue or earned enough points to  get the group to that level. The prizes ranged from candy, to lunch, to a chauffer around campus for a  day, and a day off with the boss doing the work. We set the contest this way to encourage the  employees to keep going because you never knew who was going to push us over that next level.  We kicked off the contest by turning the Advertising Area into a put putt course. Each employee played  a round of putt putt. The student with the lowest score won a prize.  The Classified Department was able to make it to all of their goals. They also mailed out over 60 media  kits to new businesses. The Sales department made it to three of the 6 goals. The Design department  made it to three of the six flags. It was not as successful as we had hoped but the concept provided a fun  and entertaining way to work toward a goal. 


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Sales Incentive Program: The Daily Titan has many sales incentives to stimulate and excite its account executives that help them feel motivated to make sales. A bonus sheet is given to each account executive (AE) the first day of the semester and outlines each way they are eligible to earn bonuses from making sales and more. The bonus sheet includes: Employee of the Month, Special Sections Bundle Commission, Cold Call All-Star, Semester Sales Goals, The Daily Titan 50th Anniversary Sales Goal (created in honor of the Daily Titan 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, Color Bonus, Titan Teams, Business Card Bonus, Power Hour, Internet Sales and the Comm. 454 (Media Sales) Teams. The Employee of the Month award can go to anyone in the office who has gone above and beyond their regular duties, the recipient is awarded a $50 bonus as well as a trophy to display at their desk. Special Sections Bundle Commission is a bonus based on selling multiple special section ads at one time. Cold Call All-Star is given to the AE who has made the most sales calls in a month; they are awarded a trophy as well as a $25 bonus. For any AE that beats their Semester Sales Goal is given a total commission off of their overall sales. The Daily Titan 50th Anniversary Sales Goal Bonus worked the same way, except the AE had to beat the goal of $3,000 in one month. Anyone who beat it earned a bonus when the issue was published. Color Bonus is exactly what it sounds like, a bonus to anyone who sells color. Titan Teams is a team of two AEs that go out and do walk-up sales calls together to new businesses. If they make any sales, they then write the amount made for the week on the white-board that is visible for the entire office to see and they are awarded 10% of their sales at the weekly sales meeting. Business Card Bonus is when AEs go on walk-up sales and grab business cards from each location they visit. They then put all their collected cards into a jar and a card is drawn at each sales meeting. The winner receives $25 to Yard House. This process starts over at the beginning of each week. When Power Hour is announced the pressure is on and AEs make sales calls. Any AE that makes a sale, with a signed contract received, will earn 10% commission from that sale. For any AE that makes an Internet/Online sale, they will receive the Internet Sales Bonus, which is 10% from that sale. The AEs also act as mentors for the Media Sales class. Each class is divided up to two teams and each team has two AEs that mentor them in making their own sales throughout the semester. Whenever a student from the class makes a sale, the AEs in charge of their team makes a 10% commission off of the sale. Not included on the bonus sheet is the Daily Titan Excellent Bell. The Daily Titan purchased a ship bell that is hung in the office. Whenever an AE makes a sale they get to ring the bell of excellence, which is very loud, and the entire office cheers for them. This is a great way to boost morale in the office, as well as confidence of the AE making the sale.

BONUSES 2009-2010 Employee of the month • $50 awarded by the Advertising Manager at the end of every month • Announced at Sales meeting • Includes all employees, not just Account Executives! Special Sections Bundle • 10% commission for selling all 9 issues • 7.5% commission for selling 5-8 issues • 5% commission for selling 2-4 issues • Must complete weekly sales report by Friday and place in binder • Must photocopy weekly sales report and signed CIO(s) and put in Adrian’s box Cold Call All-Star • The AE with the most cumulative cold calls per month receives a $25 bonus • Must complete weekly sales report by Friday and place in binder Semester Sales Goals • AEs who reach their semester sales goals will receive 2% of their overall sales • Payment of commission is based upon full payment of all clients Daily Titan 50th Anniversary Sales Goal • AEs who reach or exceed their DT 50th sales goal will receive a $150.00 bonus Color • AEs will receive a 10% bonus for selling color in either The Daily Titan or any of the Special Sections (excludes free color for all 4 or more special sections)

Titan Teams • Split 10% commission on all new business • Must complete weekly sales report by Friday every week • Must record teams sales by Friday on the “Titan Teams” white board • Must photocopy weekly sales report and signed CIO and put in Sage’s box Business Card Bonus • When you go on walk-ups grab some business cards!! • Put them in the bucket at the front desk • At every sales meeting a card will be drawn • If it’s your card you win $25 to Yard House!! Power Hour • When Power Hour is announced start making cold calls! • If you sell an ad while Power Hour is in effect you will receive 10% commission of your sales Referral Bonus • If anyone from the Advertising staff refers a friend to fill in an open position, the employee will receive a $50 bonus if their referral stays with the Daily Titan for 60 days Internet Sales • 10% commission on all internet sales Comm 454 Teams • AEs will be expected to lead groups from Sage’s Comm 454 Sales class • For each ad one of your team sells you will receive a 10% commission bonus


CNBAM Awards 2010