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Orientation Issue Advertise with us and reel in those


New students and their families will be coming

into town throughout the summer. They’re going to need a place to stay, why not with you? There are over 7,000 students each year at New Student Orientation looking for which way to go. Why not help them get into the flow?

Publication Date: Thursday, June 4 Ad Deadline: Monday, May 18

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(512) 245-3487 •



Full Page.......... $858............. $918 Half................... $429............. $459 Quarter............. $215............. $230 Eighth............... $108............. $115 Block.................. $51............... $54 Card................... $29............... $31

The University Star is the only official student newspaper of Texas State University-San Marcos, a member of The Texas State University System. It is available free at over 70 locations on the San Marcos campus and over 40 locations in the city of San Marcos.

Is the key that opens the door to new business! At The University Star, we are always looking for ways to unite Texas State students, faculty and staff with local business. With the San Marcos and Texas State communities growing at record speed, we would like to provide you information on your prospective customers.

According to a recent national survey*: •Advertising content propels students into action. 70% of students say they’ve been motivated to take action after seeing advertisements in their campus newspaper. Half have attended an event, 43% have mentioned an ad to a friend and 28% have researched a d r product online. de wo o c n o •College students read their campus newspaper. Menti to receive 76% of all college students have read the student newspaper in the last BOKO f f month. Not only that, students who read the student newspaper are 25%fio ! d a t frequent readers. rs your •Student pass-along readership is significant. On average, each copy of the paper is read 3.2 times. •Students are bargain hunters and take advantage of coupons and specials. More than three-quarters of all students have used a coupon or special offer. Usage is highest among women and seniors. •Faculty and staff read the paper to stay connected and find bargains. Over 80% of faculty and staff have read the campus newspaper in the past 90 days. In fact, the majority of page through the entire issue.

Advertising in The Star will help unlock your business potential! 8,000 copies of The Star are published three days a week and are distributed free at over 70 locations on campus and 40 locations in San Marcos.

Call 245-3487 to place your ad or email questions to *2008 Alloy Media + Marketing Survey

As our Bobcats are eating up, eating up the SFA Lumberjacks, it’s time for your business to eat up the competition by advertising in The University Star today! The Star’s Homecoming Issue is the perfect opportunity to show your Bobcat pride. While our ‘Cats are scoring on the field, your business will score with over 30,000 Texas State students by getting your business’ name in Texas State’s only official newspaper.

Let the students know that you’re the place to go!

tabloid ad rates




















BOBCATS Ad Deadline: October 13 On Stands: October 27 Homecoming Game: October 31

Reserve Your Space Today! Call (512) 245-3487 or email Ask us about sponsorship opportunities and promote yourself at our 10/31 Homecoming tailgating tent and event promotions! The University Star is the only official student newspaper of Texas State University-San Marcos, a member of The Texas State University System. It is available free at over 70 locations on the San Marcos campus and over 40 locations in the city of San Marcos.

Go green and make green with the

Evolve with us as we develop eco-friendly ways to meet all of your advertising needs by using the latest technology along with traditional methods. Start Fall 2009 by making your eco-nomic future greener by advertising in our Back to School Issue, the first issue of the new school year. Catch the eye of both new and returning students and remind everyone about what your business has to offer.



Tuesday, August 11

Monday, August 24

1st DAY OF CLASSES Wednesday, August 26


The University Star is the only official student newspaper of Texas State University-San Marcos, a member of The Texas State University System. It is available free at over 70 locations on the San Marcos campus and over 40 locations in the city of San Marcos. We encourage you to print this document only if necessary and to recycle and reuse wisely.


















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Ads for your Valentine!

Express your love for that special someone in the school newspaper! Ads will appear in the Thursday, February 12th Special Issue.

Choose your size:

Place your ad in the Mall on Wednesday, January 28th or in the Quad Thursday, January 29th from 10am – 2am.




(actual size)





(actual size)

7 8 4 3 -


5 4 )2

e r o

m r Fo

ta e d

l: l a

2 1 (5

The University Star is the only official student newspaper of Texas State University-San Marcos, a memeber of The Texas State University System. It is available free at over 70 locations on the San Marcos campus and over 40 locations in the city of San Marcos.

ds inch a 2 y b mn 2 colu ularly $287 Reg

ds inch a 2 y b mn 2 colu ularly $287 Reg


2 colu

mn by 4 inch Regul ads arly $3 24



2 colu

mn by 4 inch Regul ads arly $3 24


Have your business featured on The University Times Season’s Greetings page. Whether you’re promoting your business’s holiday sales or presenting a holiday message, this is the page for you!

Have your business featured on The University Times Season’s Greetings page. Whether you’re promoting your business’s holiday sales or presenting a holiday message, this is the page for you!

The full page will feature full color advertisements in two different sizes: 2 column by 2 inch (3.7467” x 2”) 2 column by 4 inch (3.7467” x 4”)

The full page will feature full color advertisements in two different sizes: 2 column by 2 inch (3.7467” x 2”) 2 column by 4 inch (3.7467” x 4”)

The page will be featured on the back page of The University Times December 8th issue. The deadline to reserve space will be Tuesday, December 1st.

The page will be featured on the back page of The University Times December 8th issue. The deadline to reserve space will be Tuesday, December 1st.

Limited spaces are available!

Limited spaces are available!


Call to reserve your space now!


Call to reserve your space now!

Business Manager Dutch Girl Cleaners 3205 Jefferson Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45220

Dear Sir or Madam, The News Record is the independent student newspaper at the University of Cincinnati. Our market includes more than 38,000 students and 15,000 employees with more than $500 million in spending power. Away from the influence of home, college students make hundreds of first-time, independent buying decisions... decisions that will influence their preferences and purchasing habits for years to come. We are the most well-read publication on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our thrice weekly newspaper is freely distributed at nearly 100 on-and-off campus locations. 83% of college students and 87% of college employees read The News Record to get award winning coverage of: The Big East Football Champions The Orange Bowl Legendary NCAA basketball Hometown Major League Baseball and football New university presidential coverage Local crime investigative reporting Arts coverage of the nationally recognized College-Conservatory of Music And much, much more Enclosed is The News Record’s 2009-10 Media Guide where you will find valuable information about our rates, production schedule and special advertising opportunities to help you reach this valuable market. After you review the Media Guide, please call or e-mail us to schedule your advertising with The News Record. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Sean F. Kardux Business & Advertising Manager

the independent student newspaper at the university of cincinnati

weekly 25.00

& advertising manager: Sean Kardux 513-556-5902 classifieds manager: Kelly Tucker 513-556-5900

The News Record’s classified sections are authentic, reviewed and updated regularly to ensure high value for our advertisers and readers. Our classifieds have a reputation of being one of the most trusted sources for housing, jobs, cars, merchandise, services, announcements, and more in the UC community.

the news record swift hall suite 510 p.o. box 210135 cincinnati, ohio 45221


2009-2010 academic year




The News Record

classified rate card





there is no word limit for online classified ads. bi-weekly



1,2, or 3 issues 0.60 per word +10.00 for 7 days online

4,5, or 6 issues 0.50 per word +20.00 for 14 days online

7,8, or 9 issues 0.40 per word +30.00 for 21days online

10+ issues 0.30 per word +35.00 for 30 days online

example: an ad running in print for

7 issues with 20 words at 0.40 per word would cost $56.00. 21 days online would only cost an additional $30.00. text can be printed in bold for an extra


circumstances will an adjustment be issues greater than the cost of the ad.

6. to receive student discount, current verification must be shown. 7. students or student groups may not use display or classified discounts for non-university, for profit businesses. 8. advertisers should check their ads the first day of printing. the news record is not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. 9. the news record reserves the right to reject any ads at its discretion, with or without notification to the advertiser. 10. these policies are not negotiable.

deadlines deadline for classified ads is prior to publication.

4 p.m. two days

equal housing opportunity all apartment rental/sublet advertising in this newspaper is subject to the federal fair houing act of

7 14 21 28

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

October 2009 4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

1 8 15 22 29

7 14 21 28

1968, which makes it illegal

to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimiation based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, familial status, ancestry or military status, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination. this newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for apartment rentals or sublets which is in violation of the law. our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are avalable on an equal opportunity basis.

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30 for quotes or information

3 10 17 24 31

January 2010 4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

February 2010 1 2 3 7 8 9 10 14 15 16 17 21 22 23 24 28

1 2 8 9 15 16 22 23 29 30

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24

March 2010 7 14 21 28

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

April 2010 4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

May 2010 2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

June 2010 email

5 12 19 26

4 11 18 25

December 2009

3 10 17 24 31

0.10 per word

1. all ads must be prepaid. 2. out-of-town advertisers must send check with copy. 3. niu’s must be signed and filled out before acceptance of ads. 4. all ad changes are due two days prior to publication. 5. no refunds unless a mistake by the news record’s staff occurs in the advertisement. refunds are not granted for ads placed, then cancelled. adjustments are limited to the portion of the ad which is incorrect. under no

6 13 20 27

1 8 15 22 29



no issue

September 2009

November 2009



broadsheet tabloid

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

6 7 13 14 20 21 27 28

1 8 15 22 29

3 10 17 24

5 12 19 26

4 11 18 25

u d k

The Wave

Kansas sports has a long lasting tradition of conquering opponents, being victorious, and bringing home championships. To keep up with tradition The University Daily Kansan is proud to introduce The Wave. The Wave is a weekly tabloid distributed every Friday in racks throughout campus and on Saturdays in the Kansas Union for home games. The Gameday edition will be a free program for KU fans that will feature stories on KU Football, stats, rosters and insights into that week’s game, among other things.

Benefits for advertising in The Wave: • High readership, including the loyal reader base of the Kansan (22,000 students) as well as additional, non-daily readers, parents and alumni. • High readership for an extremely dedicated student and non-student fan base. KU sports fans are constantly looking for updates, inside scoops and breaking stories providing your business with a prime way to get your ad in front of them. • Heavy promotion for Gameday is underway and will be consistent all year long. This means maximum exposure for all your ads. • This product is unique because it will allow your ads to be seen by both students and non-students alike. For example: alumni and parents, two audiences with bigger budgets. • The Wave is being co-promoted with the Kansas Union which creates the opportunity to have a table at the Kansas Union during home games. What this means for your business is getting in front of your audience on campus during home games. In other words, high exposure, high publicity. • KU sports has an extremely positive association with students, fans, and alumni. Advertising in The Wave will assoctiate your business with the success and tradition of KU sports.





DEADLINES: Every Tuesday at 4 p.m.

6X 405 215 120 60

3X 450 250 150 90

spot: $115

2X 490 280 170 115

full : $150

RUNS: Every Friday

u d k

Border War The KU vs. Mizzou “Border War” is one of the most celebrated rivalries in sports history. To keep up with tradition, The University Daily Kansan is proud to introduce the Border War special section. The section will come out on November 16th, prior to this year’s Border Showdown and will cover the rich history between the two teams as well as the upcoming game on November 28th.

Benefits to advertising in the Border War special section: • High readership, including the loyal reader base of the Kansan (22,000 students) and non-daily readers such as parents and alumni. In addition to the 12,000 copies that will be distributed on campus, The Kansan is also printing 1,000 additional copies that will be distributed to fans and alumni through various means. • The keep-sake value of Border War will be increased by it’s quality. This sections will be printed on high-bright paper with a glossy cover. This ensures that students and fans will keep this product longer giving your ad a longer shelf life and more impressions. • KU sports has an extremely positive association with students, fans, and alumni. Advertising in the Border War edition will associate your business with the success and tradition of Kansas Athletics.


Premium Rates Back Cover - $1200 Inside Front - $1000 Inside Back - $1000 Page 3 - $900 Page 5 - $900

Regular Rates

Full page - $700 1/2 page - $500 1/4 page - $400

DEADLINE: October 14th

Color Rates

Full Color -$150 Spot Color - $125

RUN DATE: November 16th

u d k

Top of the Hill

Every year, The University Daily Kansan polls students from KU on what their favorite businesses around Lawrence are. This ballot contains categories ranging from Best Burger to Best Beer Selection to Best Tanning Salon. The Top of the Hill section will include articles and write ups on the businesses that rank highest after these votes are tallied. Top of the Hill 2009 will be a product for students to look back at and remember what was popular when they were attending The University of Kansas.

Benefits to advertising in Top of the Hill:

• High readership, including the loyal reader base of the Kansan (22,000 students) as well as additional, non-daily readers. • Long shelf life, get more for your money. Because this event takes place once a year and recognizes businesses that are important to the students, we anticipate they will hang on to this as memorabilia of their time here. With shelf life, your ad will out grow its normal one-day span and be carried on as part of each students KU memories. • Top of the Hill is well-known to KU students. With ballots running in the paper and online prior to the sections release, as well as promotional ad campaigns, anticipation is generated amongst students for when the section comes out, therefore gaining higher readership.

General Rates: $300 Quarter Page $450 Half Page $650 Full Page $150 Spot Color $175 Full Color Deadline: Nov. 18th Run Date: Dec. 7th 2009

Run a half page in Top of the Hill AND Finals Guide and recieve free color on one of the ads

u d k

Apartment Guide Each year, as students look ahead to next semester and living options, they turn to the University Daily Kansan and the Apartment Guide. The Apartment Guide, which runs four times in the spring semester, provides helpful reviews and tips about local living facilities and how to deal with difficult roommates. A record number of freshman attended KU this year, meaning a record number of freshman will be looking for an apartment next year.

Benefits to advertising in Apartment Guide: • Long lasting shelf life as many students will use this the product as a guide while they shop for their next apartment all semester. • Pre-qualified reader who has already decided to seek out information regarding a living situation. • Provides a four time frequency option so you can get more for your money while allowing you to brand your business with students. • Extremely high readership giving your ad more visibility. • Highly marketed by The Kansan staff, creating buzz and giving you more exposure for your ad dollars.

Rates Four editions • full pg $580 • 1/2 $300 • 1/4 $165

Three editions • full pg $645 • 1/2 $320 • 1/4 $180

Two editions • full pg $660 • 1/2 $335 • 1/4 $190

Deadlines Feb. 20 (runs Feb. 26)

Feb. 27 (runs March 5)

March 27 (runs April 2) April 17 (runs April 23)

One edition • full pg $705 • 1/2 $350 • 1/4 $200

Color • full $195 • spot $150

u d k

Basketball Poster Series

What It Is: The Basketball poster series is a famous Kansan special section that gives your business the opportunity to get in front of the loyal and passionate target audience of KU basketball fans! These posters were featured on ESPN several times last year, with the hype now being bigger than ever, increasing the readership for your ad on the poster. All posters are for the Big 12 home games, with students continuing the tradition of holding the posters mocking our opponents at the beginning of every game. There are 16 spots available on each poster and the spots are on a first come, first serve basis. Hurry and sign up, the posters always fill up, there are limited spots available! Every position on the poster is a 3 column by 5 inch ad. Texas A&M: Run: January 16 Deadline: January 14 Colorado: Run: January 30 Deadline: January 28

Need we say more?

Oklahoma State: Run: February 6 Deadline: February 4 Iowa State: Run: February 18 Deadline: February 16


842-5111 • 1301 W. 24 •

KU vs. MU February 4th, 2008

Nebraska: Run: February 20 Deadline: February 18 Mizzou: Run: February 27 Deadline: February 25

Pay heed, to the Phog

Texas: Run: March 6 Deadline: March 4 KU vs CU January 27, 2007

To reach students in all 7 posters: $125 per poster 5-6 posters: $140 per poster 3-4 posters: $175 per poster 1-2 posters: $210 per poster Full color: $75 (Originially $195. Save $120!) Spot color: $50 (Originally $150. Save $100!)

FALL 2009 / SPRING 2010


exas Student Media is proud to present the brand NEW iPhone app. READ: News with all the new top

stories, state, local and university. Follow Longhorn sports, entertainment, comics, and multimedia. LAUGH: Follow UT’s student humor publication.. The one that’s really really really condescending! LISTEN: get your indie on with KVRX 91.7. Hear what’s playing and get connected with upcoming KVRX shows. ADVERTISE: Connect with UT Students, Parents, Staff, and Alumni with one of the most innovative and successful smart phones available to date!

Download 1) 2) 3) 4)

Go To: Click On iPhone image Download from iTunes Done!

84% of iPhone users are consuming news media on their phones in comparison to 58.2% on other smart phones.

1/2 of all iPhone users are under 30 years of age.

ADVERTISE Bottom Banners 320 x 50 pixels

$600 $500

per month /pick up


or 113 mentions on KVRX 91.7FM for $175 TV TS on TV announcement breaksase required. (within 1 week). Ad purch

Add-on Special

99 name


Back to School Package! Sign up for all 5 issues before July 10th and receive a 15% discount! New Students’ Edition Friday, July 24 (mailed to the homes)

space deadline: noon, 07/10 ad copy deadline: noon, 07/15

Mooove-In Weekend Edition Friday, August 21 (in the racks 3 days)

space deadline: noon, 08/14 ad copy deadline: noon, 08/19

Welcome Back Edition Monday & Tuesday, August 24 & 25 (in the racks 2 days)

space deadline: noon, 08/10 ad copy deadline: noon, 08/14

First Class Day Wednesday, August 26 space deadline: noon, 08/23 ad copy deadline: noon, 08/25

Double Coverage #1 Friday, August 28 space deadline: noon, 08/21 ad copy deadline: noon, 08/26

• The New Students’ Edition is mailed directly to the homes of the incoming transfer students, freshmen, and their families just before they leave home and come to UT. (Longhorn Life included).

• The Mooove-In Edition is on the stands the entire three-day period students are moving into UT dorms.

• The Welcome Back Edition will be published twice at the single-issue rate and will be on stands Monday and Tuesday as students gear up to begin class (Longhorn Life included).

• Reach the entire UT community with the First-Class-Day issue of The Daily Texan as 70,000+ students, faculty and staff start the new school year.

• Reach thousands of faithful UT Football fans with the Double Coverage Football Preview. Publishes the Friday before the first home game, and for each home game throughout the season.

CALL 512-471-1865


Add-on Special

The Daily Texan’s

nd in the DT Weeke 0!* Purchase an ad $5 r ay Coupon fo and get a Tuesd * at least a 2x4” ad

Super Tuesday Coupon reach over 48,000 readers and receive a quarter-million online impressions


n il coupo ice Ne w e-m a v r e tion s subsc r ip

Sign up to receive coupons via email at

participating advertisers receive… • A weekly coupon on our Super Tuesday Coupon section • 24/7 on-line exposure for your coupon on • Tuesday Coupons emailed out every week

rates Weekly.............................. $150 per coupon Bimonthly (2x)................. $120 per coupon Monthly (4x).................... $400 total Semester (16x)................ $1360 total

coupon artwork size= 3.5” x 3.5”

For advertising info, call 512-471-1865 or contact your rep today.

UT is the largest employer in Austin.

fall/SPRING 2009-10

Our Campus faculty & staff publication for the university of texas at austin



ur Campus”, a faculty and staff publication of Texas Student Media, is delivered directly to UT’s departments. It serves as a source of campus news for faculty and staff and a vehicle for highlighting their personal and professional accomplishments. Additionally, each edition features columns about the diverse personal interests and hobbies of UT’s employees.


1x Semester Annual (9x)

Full Page B&W

$1,150 $1,035




Research shows public relations professionals are ethica l thinkers

5 col (9.667”) x 11.5”



Mark updegrove




Half Page Horizontal $550



Campus Club closes and reopens as University Club

New director of LBJ Librar y and Museum

1 col (1.833”) x 11.5”

Horizontal Strip

R 2009

university establishes international footprin t

More than 100 books nominated for five awards

renita Coleman


Vertical Column

Casa Herrera


2009 Hamilton book Awards


Published 9 times per year


By Kira Taniguchi


5 col (9.667”) x 2” 5 col (9.667”) x 5.5”


Petrobelli Altarpiece

Missing piece found

in AT&T Center

at Blanton

COLOR RATES: One Color $200; Full Color $310

FALL/SPRING 2009-10 ISSUE DATES Issue Date Space Deadline Ad Art Deadline

Continued page 8

December 07.......... 11/16.......................11/25 February 01............ 01/12.......................01/22 March 01................. 02/09.......................02/19 April 05................... 03/09.......................03/19 May 03.................... 04/13...................... 04/23

average faculty income = $85,949

call 512-471-1865

Photo by Paola

By Ashley Moreno Bueche

Scholars in Resid n 2005, an ence program at uninhabited, Herr Casa politically era enables students 300-year-old house neutral environme to reside at the nt to really situated on house delve into and discu for as many as three a quarter of a block ss the questions that months and are in Antig ua, pursu shaping the field e their studies in an Guatemala stood of ancient Mesoauthentic Me- amer in a state of soam disrepair. Four years ica erican studi envir es today,” Porter said. onment. The progr later, the completeam is the only one spons ly restored building Th e Univ ersity first becam ored in the U.S., and has become an envie involved is with Casa Herr operated by the Depa ronment rich with era in 2005, when opportunities for rtment of Art and Dastu- Art History vid Stuart, director dents, faculty and along with Fundación staff at the University of the Mesoamerica Pan- Center, heard taleón. Two UT of Texas, as well as about the house throu students are curre other scholars aroun ntly Barbara Arro gh d participating the globe. in the program. yo, a classmate he knew from graduate schoo “It is the first cente Located one block l and president of r outside of the from the center the board of direc U.S. in a key place of Antig ua, the colon tors of Fundación like Antig ua for Meial house has 26 Pantaleón. soamerican studies,” rooms, which inclu de a lecture hall, dorsaid Paola Bueche, senior program coord mitories, digita l “He was able to trans work spaces, teach inator. “It puts us late his ideas for ing [the University the activities of the spaces, offices and ] in a different leagu space to her, and she a full kitchen. Casa e.” was able to verba Herrera is one of Casa Herrera’s aim lly give him a descr five houses included is to facili tate acaipin demic programm tion of the prope the original layout ing, symposia, lectu rty,” Porter said. of the city. res, 2005, he was “In work shops and classe The restored Casa able to view the prope Herrera opened its s, said the departrty.” ment’s Assistant doors June 1, 2009 When UT first becam Director of Exter , mark ing the first e involved, Casa per- Affairs Caro nal Herrera sat manent UT footp abandoned. “The lyn Porter. rint in another count casa itself ry as a house had not and opening up a world “For the first time, been prioritized by scholars, students of possibilities for the Fundación, so it was and interested mem Mayan and Mesoamer bers of the world can in a state of extreme ican scholars. The disrepair,” Porter come together in said. “So our conve a non-government rsaal, tion allowed the foundation to initiate a

Online Rates Site: Size

Rate* with Print Advertising*

Top Banner








$ 75


$ 50

Bottom Banner *per week

FALL 2009

Add-on Special

113 KVRX 91.7FM orr $175 on ns tio en m e fo TV 99 nam ent breaks on TS TV announcem. Ad purchase required. (within 1 week)


Bevo’s Wish List

Delivered to p arents!



his special edition focuses on holiday gift options for UT-Austin students, faculty & staff. Not only do you target students composing wish lists, but also copies will be mailed to UT students’ parents who reside in Austin.

SPECIAL FEATURES • UT student, faculty & staff gift survey results • What students look forward to most at home for the holidays • Top holiday gift picks from Austin’s local boutique & store owners

MEETING YOUR OBJECTIVES • Reach students on campus and parents at home • Speak directly to parents about how they can prepare their student for the New Year and next semester with your products and services • Perfect for gift certificate promotions of groceries, clothes, music, restaurants, coffee shops, dry cleaning, car maintenance and more

AUDIENCE 1,500 parents & UT community (over 300,000 weekly students, faculty and staff; alumni; Austin transit commuters and downtown workforce)

PUBLISH DATE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 Distributed on campus (racks, dorms, and Greek houses or headquarters). SPACE DEADLINE: Tuesday, 11/24, noon ART DEADLINE: Wednesday, 11/25, noon

Special Edition Online 24/7 at*

CALL 512-471-1865

Fall Dining Guide Issue Date:

er 11 b m e v o N , y a d s Wedne

Ad Deadline3:0 er

Friday, Octob er at 3:00 p.m.

• Readers of The Daily Pennsylvanian spend over sixty million dollars each year at sit-down restaurants. • The Daily Pennsylvanian’s print Dining Guides contain a listing of more than 800 area restaurants and selected restaurant reviews. • The Fall Dining Guide is a keepsake issue, inserted into all 12,000 copies of The Daily Pennsylvanian and distributed to over 80 locations around Penn’s campus. • The online Dining Guide is the most comprehensive dining directory in Philadelphia, and contains reviews and ratings from students and faculty.

Coming up next ...

The Basketball Preview

Friday, November 13

Information on ad rates and sizes is on the back of this flyer. To place your ad today, or to schedule an appointment with one of our advertising representatives, call our office at (215) 898-6581.

Fall Dining Guide — Wednesday, November 11 Ad Size Information

Common Sizes

Ad sizes are expressed as the number of columns wide by the number of inches tall (i.e. a “2 x 4” ad is 2 columns wide by 4 inches tall). Multiplying columns by inches gives the total number of column inches (i.e. 2 x 4 = 8 column inches). Multiplying column inches by the ad rate gives the cost of an ad.

Although many ad sizes are available, some of the most common sizes are:

1” tall

Sample Column Inch

Any size ad can be created according to these rules: • Widths are in full columns (no halves or fractions). • Heights are in 1⁄ 2” increments, 1” minimum. • Minimum size: 2 column inches (1 x 2 or 2 x 1).

Inches 1 3⁄4 3 9⁄16 5 3⁄8 7 1⁄4 9 1⁄16

or or or or or

Picas 1.729 3.558 5.388 7.217 9.046

10p4 21p4 32p4 43p4 54p

Guaranteed Position 10% • Guaranteed Position......................... of ad’s space cost

10 1⁄2” 8 1⁄2” 5 1⁄2” 6 1⁄2” 5” 3 1⁄2”

The diagrams below represent several common ad sizes. The prices shown are based upon the local open (one-time) ad rate, $11.90 per column inch. For customers with annual volume contract rates, multiply columns by inches by the applicable rate to determine the cost.

Full Page

Half Page


1 2 3 4 5

x x x x x x

5 col. x 10 1⁄2 ” $624.75

Column Sizes

col. col. col. col. col. col.

Sample Ad Costs

1 column wide (1.729”)


Full Page.........................................5 Half Page (Vertical)...........................3 Half Page (Horizontal)........................5 Quarter Page (Vertical)......................2 Quarter Page (Horizontal)..................3 Eighth Page ....................................2

($40 minimum)

Guaranteed position only applies to specific pages or sections, not to the position on a page. Alternatively, advertisers may request ad position without a fee, but also without a guarantee of placement.

Half Page

5 col. x 5 1⁄2 ” $327.25

3 col. x 8 1⁄2 ” $303.45


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P AGE 8 M ONDAY , O CTOBER 5, 2009



SEPT. 16

SEPT. 23

SEPT. 30

OCT. 7

OCT. 14








W 21-11

IVYWATCH Harvard Princeton PENN Yale Columbia Brown Cornell Dartmouth

Ivy 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1

Overall 3 0 3 0 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 0 3


3-0, 1-0 Ivy Harvard Lehigh

7 14 14 0 — 35 14 10 0 9 — 33

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — Harvard erased a 17-point first-half deficit behind two touchdown runs by Clifton Dawson to beat Lehigh 35-33 on Saturday. Lehigh built an early lead on a 62-yard touchdown pass to Pete Donchez and a pair of 1-yard runs. Jason Leo added a 20-yard field goal as the Mountain Hawks built a 24-7 advantage. But Harvard stormed back with Pizzotti’s touchdown pass to Matt Luft and a 32-yard touchdown pass from Chris Sanders to Corey Mazza on a wide receiver option that cut Lehigh lead to 24-21 at the half.


3-0, 1-0 Ivy

COLUMBIA 2-1, 0-1 Ivy Princeton Columbia

0 0

14 3 6 0

2 — 19 0 — 6

NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) — R.C. Lagomarsino ran for 98 yards and a touchdown and Princeton defeated Columbia 19-6 on Saturday in the Ivy League opener for both teams. Princeton held Columbia (2-1, 0-1 Ivy) to 23 yards rushing, while Lagomarsino’s 23 carries included a 4-yard run in the second quarter that gave the Tigers a 14-0 lead. Columbia’s Craig Hormann, under heavy pressure throughout the game, completed 13 of 31 passes for 111 yards and threw an interception.


2-1, 1-0 Ivy Yale Lafayette

9 0

7 7

14 7 — 37 7 20 — 34

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — Yale built a 16-point lead after three quarters and withstood a furious rally by Lafayette in a wild 37-34 win on Saturday. Yale (2-1) got 172 yards rushing and three touchdowns from Mike McLeod and a big game from receiver Ashley Wright, but Lafayette scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make a game of it. The Leopards got their final touchdown with 30 seconds left, but couldn’t recover the onside kick, preserving the win for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs led 30-14 after three quarters thanks to two touchdown runs from McLeod, a 63-yard touchdown pass from Matt Polhemus to Wright and a 28-yard run


1-2, 0-1 Ivy


W 17-10


1 P.M.


1 P.M.



OCT. 21

OCT. 28

NOV. 4

NOV. 11

NOV. 18







12:30 P.M.

7 7 21 0

7 — 21 0 — 28

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — Joe Casey ran for 140 yards and two touchdowns on Saturday as Rhode Island beat Brown 2821 to win the Governor’s Cup that goes to the winner of the annual game between the Ocean State rivals. Casey scored on runs of 1 and 34 yards in the first half as Rhode Island took a 28-7 halftime lead.



1 P.M.


1 P.M.

By MICHAEL GULINELLO The Daily Pennsylvanian

Receiver Matt Carre was in sync with sophomore quarterback Robert Ir vin on Saturday. So was Braden Lepisto. And Chris Mizell. One week after throwing for under 100 yards and two interceptions, Irvin was hitting all of his targets on Saturday. Three Penn receivers set career highs in the win over Dartmouth. Carre, a senior, led the way with 87 yards on seven catches. Following a game in which no Penn receiver reached 50 yards, the Quakers had three reach that mark Saturday. Lepisto, a junior, connected for 78 yards, and big senior tight end Mizell pitched in 64 — vaulting each past their previous career highs of 49 and 38 yards, respectively. “We’re all pretty confident that, when our number’s called, we’ll be able to step up and make the play,” Carre said. The last time Penn got that level of production from its receivers was in 2005’s heartbreaker against Villanova, a game in which Pat McDermott threw for 334 yards.

With 86 receiving yards, Carre was also a key player in that contest. Joe Sandberg led with 99 yards through the air, and Dan McDonald added 61 yards in that loss. Junior Dan Coleman , who led the Quakers (and the entire Ivy League) in Week One with 85 yards in the air at Lafayette, missed Saturday’s game with what head coach Al Bagnoli called a “moderate ankle sprain,” but the passing game thrived without him. Irvin was able to spread the field against Dartmouth, connecting at least four times apiece with the three different receivers. “It’s good to have options because then the defense can’t key in on one guy and stop our pass offense,” Irvin said. And, the Quakers’ options should only get more plentiful from here — Coleman is expected to return for next week’s matchup against Bucknell. Even though Dartmouth gave up 445 yards in its first two games this season, Bagnoli said Penn expected to face a tough rush defense. Dartmouth held the Red and Blue to 59 rushing yards in last season’s contest and kept Penn

1 P.M.

GAMETHREE Star of the game: Penn DB Tyson Maugle The cornerback picked off two passes for the Quakers. He returned one for 14 yards in the third and then another for 20 yds. in the fourth. Play of the game: Dartmouth’s fouth-quarter comeback After a failed punt, Dartmouth got the ball on the Penn 18 with 47 seconds left. Quarterback Mike Fritz threw for a touchdown to make it a one score game, but the Big Green were unable to recover the onside kick.


44 Fred David/The Daily Pennsylvanian

Senior wide receiver Matt Carre turns upfield after catching a ball during Penn’s win on Saturday. Carre’s 87 yards receiving led the team. to 136 yards on Saturday — just four away from the season low. “I thought we would have to throw the ball to win,” Bagnoli said. “They’ve historically been a very difficult team to run the football against.” Coming into the game, only Sandberg, a running back, had thrown for a touchdown this season.

But that changed Saturday when both Lepisto and senior wideout Billy May scored on passes from Irvin. In a game in which the Quakers were not able to rely on their ground game, Penn’s receivers stepped up and ensured the team made it nine straight wins against the Big Green.


Longest pass: Penn QB Robert Irvin Second Quarter 1st and 10 from the Dartmouth 33. Longest run: Penn WR Sam Shepherd Fourth Quarter 1st and 10 from the Penn 30

■ THE RECORD HOME 1-1, 1-0 Ivy

ROAD 1-0, 0-0 Ivy


2-1, 1-0 Ivy ■ HOW THEY SCORED First Quarter None Second Quarter P — 07:34 Irvin 33-yd. pass to Lepisto (Zoch kick)l D — 03:36 Kempler, 20-yd. field goal Third Quarter P — 07:31 Irvin 12-yd. pass to May (Zoch kick) Fourth Quarter P — 05:24 Zoch, 23-yd. field goal D — 00:37 Fritz 18-yd. pass to Galligan (Kempler kick)

Missed kicks plague Penn once again FOOTBALL from page 12 running back Joe Sandberg , who came in averaging 6.7 yards per carry, to just 65 yards on 22 carries. In the past, Dartmouth has “done a really good job of always having an extra defender in the box,” coach Al Bagnoli said, making it important to have a solid passing game. When Saturday turned out no different, Irvin had to step up, and that he did. The sophomore spread the ball around, hitting senior Matt Carre seven times, Mizell four times and junior Braden Lepisto three times in addition to May’s touchdown. Irvin finished the game with 227 yards through the air, the highest total in his three-game career. Putting points on the board was difficult for the Quakers, as two drives that stalled deep in Dartmouth territory ended with missed field goals by junior Derek Zoch, who was 1-for-3 on the day. “It wasn’t an aesthetically pretty game,” Bagnoli said. “Sometimes you have to fight, and we showed a little bit of fight today.” The Big Green, which outgained Penn by 10 yards on the day, nearly capitalized on the Quakers’ sloppiness, but suffered some miscues of its own. Dartmouth quarterback Mike Fritz threw three interceptions, including two in the fourth quarter when the teams traded picks for three straight series. Soph-



Carre, Lepisto, Mizell key to Quakers’ victory as running game gets held under 150 yards

■ STATISTICS First Downs Rushing Yards Passing Yards — Attempts — Completions — Interceptions Total Yards Sacked-Yds Lost Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards Punts-Yards — Avg. per punt 3rd-Down Conv. 4th-Down Conv. Red Zone Scores Time of Poss. Attendance: 9,420

Penn 18 136 241 29 16 1 377 2-9 3-2 2-18 3-123 41.0 7-14 0-1 3-7 29:22

D’mouth 18 92 255 38 22 3 347 2-7 1-0 5-50 5-136 27.2 5-13 0-1 0-1 30:06

Individual Statistics

Jonathan Meter/The Daily Pennsylvanian

Sophomore cornerback Tyson Maugle returns one of his interceptions against Dartmouth on Saturday. Maugle’s interceptions — one in the third quarter, one in the fourth — helped to seal the Penn win. omore corner Tyson Maugle made two picks, while Patrick Kimener hauled in the last one on an overthrown pass. Still, Dartmouth had a last gasp, trailing 17-3 with the ball at Penn’s 6-yard line in the closing minutes. But two straight penalties led to a 4th-and-goal from the 26, and the ball went over on downs. Penn couldn’t run out the clock, and Anthony Melillo was smothered before he could get a punt off. Dartmouth scored on the drive’s first play as Philip Gal-

ligan made an acrobatic catch over a defender in the corner of the end zone. But with just 37 seconds to play, the onside kick rolled right into Mizell’s hands. No matter how many things went wrong, when Mizell held on to that ball for dear life, the Quakers were 1-0 in the league. “We’re still a work in progress,” Bagnoli said. “We still have young kids, and they’re going to have to grow up, and hopefully this is another step

toward that.”

Ivy League is real, and the easy wins Penn has counted on in the past will not be so easy. And

year when QB Pat McDermott went down before a crucial showdown with Brown.

players on the field, who have proven that the tools are there to make a serious run.




Penn wideouts bail Irvin out with career days

RUSHING — Penn: Sandberg, Joe 22-65; Shepherd, Sam 5-59; Walker, Bryan 1-25; Amooachampong, Kelms 3-8; Irvin, Robert 2minus 7; Melillo, Anthony 1-minus 13. Dartmouth: Fritz, Mike 10-64; Bash, Jason 6-14; Williams, Milan 10-14. PASSING — Penn: Irvin, Robert 1525-1-227; Walker, Bryan 1-4-0-14. Dartmouth: Fritz, Mike 22-38-3-255. RECEIVING — Penn: Carre, Matt 7-87; Lepisto, Braden 4-78; Mizell, Chris 464; May, Billy 1-12. Dartmouth: Fuselier, Ryan 6-66; Evans, Brian 3-44; Williams, Milan 3-38; Von Kuhn, andre 3-29; Galligan, Phili 2-29; Lowe Brett 2-12; Brogna, Mark 1-26; McDonald, Sam 1-8; Bash, Jason 1-3.

NOTES: Backup quarterback • 20 Issues during the school year Bryan Walker, a more mobile op-


Brown 0 Rhode Island 7

“It wasn’t an aesthetically pretty game. Sometimes you have to fight, and we showed a little bit of fight today.”

Penn head coach

tion than Irvin, played most of a • The only ad on the page series late in the third quarter to give the Big Green defense a • 6 columns wide by 3” tall different look. Walker completed

■ TELLING NUMBERS • 18 column inches x customer rate several Dartmouth defenders one of his four passes, but outran

for a 25-yard gain. … Starting

• Sign up for the semester (10 issues), get color nose guard Naheem Harris left the field under his own power for $50.00 per issue (normally $160.00 per in the fourth quarter with a hip injury, the extent of which was issue). Sign up for the year (20 issues), get not known after the game. color for $30.00 per issue (normally $160.00 The number of missed field per issue) goals on Saturday. Penn’s Der-


ek Zoch missed from 26 and 39


doub es

C o wo d An w

The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Thanksgiving Puzzle Promotion

om pag B6

Looking for something to do on the train or plane as they head off for the Thanksgiving break, Penn students will work on the Mega Sudoku and NYT Crossword puzzles. Each ad contains four puzzles.

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fection on Saturday, W.Amaker: Qua Squash eye kersswere per‘afect season games against George little 12 T UESDAY, F EBRUA RY 5, 2008




bit tougher’ on glass

terfinals , where Lange prevailed 3-0 . This time, Lange got stronger as the match REBOUNDS from page went on in a dominati with four players in 14 ng 9-7, second half, and the indi- 9-2, 9-1 win the Quakthat completed the vidual top 60. They ers’ lack of dominatio also have 9-0 sweep. “We have to help those n on the the nation’s No. 12 player, guys glass was one out,” the captain said, Lily of the Lorentze - Lorentzen. n, “the top junior refer- tors that allowed main facring to Penn’s forwards Dartmouth n But they did not challenge without a doubt” according to . “Re- to creep back bounding is just somethin into the game. Lange, seemed frustrated s the Quakers on gI and A nother telling statistic Saturday, who a bit love doing, and we off her mark for much n were just too much. needed it from the weekend of tonight.” the match. may have n No. 8 Emily Goodwin been second-c hance , No. 4 H a r v a r “It points, d c o ac h Tom my in looks better on paper Tara Chawla and No. which Penn enjoyed 2 Alisha when your Amaker credited the a 38Turner all secured team wins 9-0,” Quakers 23 advantag early 3-0 Lange said, for being “a little bit e. “and it adds to my wins. No. 6 Christina tougher were decided In games that Matthias confidenc than we were on by a combined e to beat her.” the back- six points, won her first two games the extra scoring board” and felt the with Wyant was obv ease, losing just one rebound opportun iously point. The pleased ities different were the ial differ— along with his with his team’s perthird game was much ence. tougher, formance team’s poor free throw . proving to be one of shootComing the only into Iv y Leag ue ing — was the differenc “We’ve got a bit of contested games of e in play, Penn’s reboundi momenthe after- tum,” he the game. ng marsaid, crediting the noon.Matthias still gin was -2.8. There prevailed , team’s Against Dartmou th, was no condition ing for the 10-8 , for another sweep Penn indicatio n that the Quakers used a similar team-orie vic- ability of the tory. players to stay nted would be capable style of reboundi ng, of dominatbut Indeed, not even Stanford’ fresh both mentally and physitime it was the forwards this ing the glass once league play s cally. best players could who started. hang with stepped up the most “We designed the Quakers on Saturday. on the the season They proved the naysayer glass. Ev- around peaking,” s ery Penn player won he said. wrong. in three “Their “In the fall, we were bigs — they’re big, straight games. doing Miller compare d it but they’re not as more lifting and to last athletic as se a son “Stanford is pretty when he sa id h i good at doors, whereas training outus, so we really wanted s the top,” coach Jack now we rely on to em- tea m’s defense Wyant the matches phasize that and get said. “If we were to to maintain our on the cized througho was cr it ihave a let- fitness.” T HE D A ILY glass,” ut the seasaid forward P ENNSY LVA NI A NCameron son, down, that’s where but you would “when Lewis, it was all said who had a game-hig With only two matches have seen it.” h and done, if you left 10 rebounds. just took Ivy — at Harvard and Dartmout NEWS T her e w a s no let League games, h dow n . — before the “We thought we’d With the outcome of national champihave an best defensiv we were the W EDNESDA Y, N OV EMBER the dual onship tourname advantage there, and e team in the 26, 2008 P AGE 5 match , 2008 already decided, I think conferenc nt, the Howe e from a statistica l we exploited that.” Kris- Cup, the team en Lange stepped finds itselfSpurstandpoint.” P OAssault onto the suing perfection R T ST DaDrAt mout ILY P ENNSY h coach about 4 p.m. ourt for her second LVA NI Nov. 17HE Ter . ANr y — Aexpresse Lat ast man reported collegiate yea r, Pen n took its Dunn that “It’s an outcome rather was he from T HE d his D match against Lorentze her A Nov. ILY disapsecured P ENNSY LVA NI A N — A defensiv e 14 than assaulte d by student, 23, reon the 4100 game pointmen a known n, a a goal,” Wyant tomale S P O R Tvehicle new levt about Nov. 19 — Two female beingoffender block of Pine ormer rival from the said. “ter- elsported while atribly that StreetSat 10 a.m. once someone a party juveniles the junior real on stole outrebou the season , 16 “Har vard is a decorate a laptop nded4200 block and 15, were arrested in the T HURSDAY, F EBRUA rcuit. Nov. 16 — Two male first of from an office within bePine d Street RY 7, 2008 P AGE 13 for attempti half.”at juveniles, both to 5:15 The the Laboratory 17, p.m. jumped out gan. program … and Quakers ng The two had faced off leave Urban Outfitter were arrested for for Researc And this year,hthe during are we going by no meansBurglar to ay27-11 edge in the on the s, located at allegedl y at- 110 Structure of MatQuakers st season’s first 20 may to take themNov. anchez S. 36th tempting to leave the , theindividua ter still nation’sl quaratbe Penn’s about an underdog minutes, Alisha 16 1 p.m. going best lightly.” — Alvin Loke/DP Staff Photographer Turner A female T-Mobile store, chandise St., without paying for merwhichstudent, won not both surprisof her ayer, tops the Red and 18, matches reup located at 3441A Chestnut against Washingto at 2:15 p.m. Nov.Saturday, ported the ingly her 14 Blue’s n and just —Ivy coincided that A female favorite like student, Stanford. the with d unsecure in Quakers St., without a The 12-point Red and st of concerns. 32,did residenc re-against Blue Cornell, Nov. 19 — George paying dominated e butthat ported for halftime if they in English the meets, keep lead. someone gainHouse winning took was burglari LOUNGE & both about merchandise valued at $800 ployee, 62, A female University em“Mauricio Sanchez her wallet ingfrom double-d is a pheigit advantag reported that her unattend noon. 11 p.m. The Big Green actually zed at her unattend es ed handbag SKY BAR omenal Mexican [player],” outin at rebound ing, that Stared laptop www.dailypennsylvania rebounde Nov. 17 — A compute bucks, SQUASH d Penn Vandalis might located at 3421 from page20-17 m lassifie r was reported Blockley was taken from her office in id senior Spencer Chestnut St., at to ds14 in the change. Kurn . have been stolen from Half price appetizers about 11 a.m. Hall at 4 p.m. Nov. 16 — A man unaffilia Penn’s Jack Eggleston He’s just a very tough, during an unsecure grabs Happy Hour good Nov. 19 — A male rebound With good competit ted with compute CLASSIFIED LINE ADtheRATES in traffic againstdHarvard. Nov. 15 — A man unaffilia r labain Universi the Vagelos ayer student, 27, re- David Wang/DP ion, you Senior -Photographer ty, 22, reported that Open 5pm and ads pts to — he’sfor Research portedHe screen was very ted with Lab at 4 2am Daily named quick. Regular should be someillegal Ivy League Rookie that theFIED able to raise your her University reported p.m. one broke Full Menu Until 1:30 unattend e’s line classified ads are priced CLASSI of the Week wonfornational ed possible a window yesterday. am that someone AD POLICIES us to investigate tournain his vehicle game by the stolen from her unsecur laptop was to that number Nov. level.” stole of words. 19 parked a ents — N stereo E A V autionhis ER A COVER fan on 1–5 from his secured vehicle entire the 3900 block of Pine 10-word minimum days .................................... was reported to when ed office in life, so answering ads,he’s The David Rittenhouse on all classified most-wat Street on the 4100 . 40¢ have been per ilypenn word initely ads. Phonewww.da at 3:30 nd stolen per day ched match 6–10 days .................. money going Laboratory a little p.m. WHITE SUNDAY block of Pine numbers count in advance. to stand out.” word. 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Walking Great 6 40THor& room in Marketing/ o and f ebedroom ’s a lot better — I’d $650 FORRENT v e kitchen. r y townhouse, Extra com- 636-0100 SPRUCE 5BR. 215-546-924 BLACK FRIDAY to UPenn PR 40TH Please 7 Apt. & Administratio say match. FORRENT callHe’s mon or C/A. Avail. June 1st. 215-387-413 downtown. room in finished AND BALTIMORE n/ Fia good 7. player Your 0rn percent,” Mother Will above Central nance, Mix Music On Roof 43RD & PINE WELL LeaseAvailable FORRENT WALNUT in Detroit LIBRA start mid-May 20 hr/Lrg he said. Be Happy. Vicinity. June 1st. 2008. ground week & 20TH Large Air, “It’s basement. @BR $650 /person who mainNine $10/ (Sept. exposes LOCUST FOR Back House. 23-Oct. Call plus yard SALE 215-222-550 your 22): & elect. tained Please call 301-622-198 hr, working House Music On Floor 21ST The business world may be weaknes s- parking One 215-387-952 0 othering orn Deck, inporch, Bedroom hardwood Call a fun, creative, Vincent me playground. or patio. Off street at all when laundry and house. apt. in converted Hardwood, Laundry Studio’s WALNUT & 20TH Large your 3 Some people may appear for 2 es, so3.this told5me 301-252-516 and fast-paced PENN $700 - One Bedroom Nice parking. $650 or 3 I had environment hardwood $725 ly the name you walk upon, to worship the ground what BOOKSTORE cars. Central Air. $900 Avail Now. WPRG. .” /person . /mo. floors; MIX hardwood Avail Email SATURD Now. but Call mjward@pob credit: large only WPRG. 215-636-0100 or 215Please call ox.upenn. because they can follow in $600/person. used in any Barnes AY 2BR on first Call work BALTIMORE on.” 40THto AND 215-387-4137. floor. name ina to take advantage Available 546-9247 & 215-636-0100 or 215- $900 Avail Now. WPRG. Noble your tracks tgaleven Mix edu Available Music Opened kitchen. On Roof 6/1/08. Call 215-387-028 store Call 215-636-0100 as cash.10% June 1st. Vicinity. The Lrg Nine m Eighteen” rehabilit atedof your good fortune. off: other 7 or 215- $188, BR House. yard with deck. $1250+ Back 546-9247 House exciting match Music $104.8, might 546-9247 On 215$70 Tel: Deck, porch, laundry utiliFloor be enough. WALNUT & 23RD (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Take Barack Obama’s r with suchnotSCORPIO ties. Bi-level 3BR came 573-3381 Studio’s your fair share. theand transitio & 21ST Studio’s Hardwood No.LOCUST 1.5BA LOOKING FOR parking. $650from 8 spot as might be a victory place SUNDANCE SUNDAY employee /person /mo. $560 - n ook s with necessar y in- $1725 avail. 6/1/08 Call 215- June or SeptemberA2008? $695 Hardwood, “Alice wouldcamouflage team. nice,their true purpose behind a veneer of Others Avail Pen Laundry $700 - Now. WPRG. n’s215-387-413 Please Pa GAL: rker7. Just call FOR Open at 5PM on roofdeck BIRTHDAY social SALE Before coming to We are now taking 387-0287 uakers i t ook Call 215-636be bashful about insisting HELPWANTED $725Barbara formatio launch the areniceties. Actress Avail just Don’t Available Now. WPRG. 0100 or 215-546-924 hoping n. tours of Penn, rie Robinson Hershey, Princeton Moreno 1st. SERVIC was known subtly ’s Brandon as June expecting will Barbara 10-11 ES Hamilton Court CallBascom reciprocity in a transaction. on your just rewards Seagull 215-636-0100 who Open Bar Moreno was n in 44TH ANDserved for a time, be namedDY released a co-it is7 important NEW a solidor effort at 39th and A or 215- serve asshifting, WORK-STU was to the ECON001 OSAGE. as to be reasonable. born in Hollywood while theChestnut. 4BR TEXTposition WE WILL direc- 1-5 43RDto 546-9247 leader today 1948. fifth ofAnything & the that rocks in the boat will deter youMoreno Born the Penn PINE game. Justice for the Bi-Level Barbara WELL book,is oneMicroeconom SAGITTAR IUS (Nov. is available Bedroom Lynn Herzstein, CLEAN your In- tor Departm Medical Departm mainApt. ng their eyes from success. Hardwood Units available. of this thespian ent of tegrates entto assist in re- 116 Penn’s 22-Dec. 21): Flies are attracted ics. Center tained debut on the real Mark made her and 18TH, excelhouse. S.Responsible apt.Ethics Froot Floors, the HisactingSUBLET The in 1965 Biomedi- team, Knowled in the For a tour: search studiesreview Parkin. readies STREET converted match Laundry, Idealfor Health honey, 7th series ge to by went Edition. professor not “Gidget.” and hit SCORPIO at vinegar. 2 a the back for LOOKING Human 1 volley tory and Price: This Monell — (215) house. 5 s cal birthday for Harvard, and . 5 6 8 . 3 0 5 0 Legal Studies and and “The against getting lent reference. Services(Oct.and FOR gal’s 23-Nov. Sociolog Nice Ethics 222-2000 UPenn Princeton A films whom they The problem is that you must catch those $55 21): Check hardwood place include and Vet Student. or y ofwithin besttheoffer. Right the$2000 or Chemical Science last holds Universi Stuff,” mailbox, Senses w hands. by and night. Email: wHeaney/DP “Beaches” w. v a n g o l o u n g eFloors a joint June voicemail, review ty of 3418@uchw upfloors;forth Whileatthe Cen4041 LOCUST the e-mail.SUMMER/ andor“Lantana.” professo September James Business Ethics pect you if flies or let them swarm around as pests. Don’t a nhalf reach /mo. Available News that will2me1130@h d s k yoff. 2BRwas aturday. rship Virginia First 2008?Hershey professo which Inteam, ter. Research b a r. c o m for 10, on first We 1990, Staff clean change your attitude Photographer won, rlarge JuneRed and Blue lost professor an Jonatha be trapped into areas Emmy 9-0, some of thinking include: Call: 267-977-479 Tel:- just award floor. both are ine may arrive Kevn the Fall. will now taking 9-7. both forfinal Moreno Opened players 8BR. her performance the examthe Please call .215-387-413 1st. ON PENN CAMPUS, nick the kitchen. Contact in olved. toursMorrison of School individual human of ent in Use so good something new is better than something old. If the as departm I told feltonyou taste psychophysi Candy of in Werbach 1. diligent, are215-573-338 nceton’s Medicine game. matches them industrious in the 7. wasyard Hamilton that TVPresiden and named were close. 3 movie “ABack jm@sas cs the as with the Court atDespite Two — we’re a competideck. co-leader Killing to you other details. ablefor Justi’s 39th and the will be $1250+ final in a Small ous size apartments, vari- is and towhole CAPRICOR obtainThorPenn score effects utiliof on Overall, thePENN your and t-elect Town” and professo goals. of smoking School BUILDING N (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): There’s usChestnut. the in tiveness newly 1996 she effort ties. Bi-level received tremendo order Quakers HAS Arts o bring 100free the fell an3BR GYM, 1-5 was of toin provide andsome Oscar1.5BA nowrs convenient very pool decorated, Bedroom Sci- have percent nomination no such thing taste perception good, Commun But Federal BOOKSTOR incoming was pleased for available. our also before her work pe-Clarke ride. Beofbusinesslike and and preferications E doorman. Units know TRAVEL SAGITTAR inFor public that, ences. $1725just theadrama thatIUS as Bascom whatbeen Digitaltapped. sbut, avail.short his to bemost Portrait about social obligations. Feel as a credit: they vard 6/1/08 guys in have Cable totransportatio of a Lady.” (Nov. used need pulled team ences. Har Call gave tour: “The pe-C 22-Dec. in any The student themselv do in 21): n.Commiss rk sa id , “ bec au Brains likely, time with co-workers, included Weisenthal free to (215) ion must es out canBarnes 387-0287 a &good win in rent. HELP bel aSPRING hard. out the victory215Criminol brawn. 222-2000 fought over WANTE Noble store as cash.10% You might be order Parking Properties:and Dartmou th review marts se stand inteam. ogy professo and be a goodwe’re Dable or 7-9, 3418@uchw friends or loved ones — just BREAK ‘08 Mexto put chance, 9-3, 9-1, 9fortheir ARIES (March 21-April 215-386-2380. available continue a delightful at least ly not gettingrbetoff: team Lau-way. and spindidn’t 10 s ico, sure we l i kJamaica, on anything $2100/month“You pickAout say to to e H a r Bahamas chipthe $188, win 19): Timely in on expenses. capituandpositives. you $104.8, v a r d aand hours per . 4029 Spruce create a favorable impression. approachgoing the platitudes $70 Tel: 44TH situation. ter asAmanda nd Schulthe week. Dartmou Contact can calm a tense WORK-STU AND OSAGE. St. Monday-—Emily 215they look Please Florida. DY position is late 573-3381 to theCreative This may 4BR towards ” Kurn said. at 610-247intelligence pressure. be a good Saturday, email resume and cover the you aparttofrom will th “Harvard STS AQUARIUS set are Bi-Level day ” is 9a.m.-4p.m. “It’s has available for not 7593 ON the meditation the is 20-Feb. 18): Enjoy great (Jan. rest as Apt. PENN Best or of good postseaso amany.awad assist in re-the pack. let- Parties toterplay CAMPUS,or varirepeating empowering Hardwood a team @verin. a winning streak. That indicating nacle of our asinterYou ous a size Floors, Laundry, mantras. search them. research studies at the Monell SANSOM who good friend So & Best Guarseason.” sparkle inMark apartments, Ideal for have who is very willPricesunder & 21ST is better answer to mischievous your eyes likelyChemical newly anteed.we Newly than N (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Charity ests us,” Froot to CAPRICOR invites Call for be some to hr1206jp@m concentra UPenn pass others to look up tomaking valuable Thor- less Group Disdecorated, convenient Vetalong renovated 2 Bedroom Student. onell.and generosity won’t pressure $2000 information. DELANCEY & 18TH turn youSenses public ter. Research SERVIC counts! 800.648.484 .” C/A, org. Monell is an is ask for you and trust you with their dreams. Hook up withtes on shot. into a saint. CenFroot will /mo. a Available ES ItJefferson still makes One W/D 1500 Wen/DP Staff transportatio 9 equal TAURUS

ord to advance to 11-0

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Crossword Puzzles Crossword Answer Keys Sudoku Puzzles Sudoku Answer Keys

Sudoku answe s om page B13






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(215) 898-1111





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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Brea k!

areas include: sense to do business toStick June 20-May someone Photographer who can help you widen your n. the avenge (April Weisenthal 1st. 20): in a way thatsuffered will also sweep Please call 215-387-413 human to your support horizons. Properties: he taste guns.3-0 good psychophysi Friends encourage you to seek 215-386-238 WE orWILL against 7. greener protectlast cs causes the Princeton 0. may planet. CLEAN Find to go through PISCES (Feb. 19-March and effects ways your pastures 4029 season. when the the day upholding Spruce of smoking St. ones you inhabit 20): The fact that an opinion on house. BUILDING Mondayare lush ideals.Responsible enough. HAS Pay pool , exceltaste perception and GYM, attention Saturday, widely held does not change to shifting9a.m.-4p.m. is loyalties in the workplace, and doorman. reference. Floors the facts. Don’t but don’t switch S (Jan.preferDigitalyour ences.AQUARIU 20-Feb. lent by let wishfulsylvania Cable The student 18): Sometimes the only own allegiances. ilypenn ing or a slanted viewpoint www.da thinkmust be hands. included way tooff. First clean half to a valid come in rent. get SANSOM & 21ST available Parking lassifie to jump. for conclusion at least is 10 GEMINI ds20): Call:Use your best work in a secluded in the way of logic. You will do your powers3 of deduction Newly 267-977-479 Available. (May 21-June $2100/month hours make Grab the horns to or private space. pera decision 2 Bedroom . renovated week. regarding of a dilemma. Please a certain someone. Communicatio C/A,Basic Contactmath explains Amanda truism thatW/D email key atthe IF FEBRUARY 4 IS YOUR 610-2471500 Avail resume n is a two negatives ingredient and incover 2/1. always achieving WPRG. let- harmony. 7593 or produce negative. another BIRTHDAY: You have amany.awad Make sure Call ter indicating research creen adswonderful 215-636-0100 or 215@verithat your for a illegal decisions year interahead and TRAVEL zon.netto enjoy Regular ove. On shouldline classified (Feb. 19-March ests PISCES your lucky to hr1206jp@m the best success. 546-9247 add up logically in order ads e for us toyou stars arethat have the peace and tranquility thank onell.- 20): Keep your life in apple pie order. priced by the investigate number of words. When you derneath org. Monell to enjoy it. In April you may DELANCEY in is travel a circle, an SPRING equal there & 1–5 CANCER 18TH fall opis days when BREAK no under clear One the spell of an idea or a person....................................Bedroom starting‘08 (June 21-July SOUTH Mexpoint minimumportunity & 10-word and no 22): Position o makeanswering ads, 26TH Fab employer. point. Aads. on allending . 40¢ allied yourself passing classified Hardwood Jamaica, per word think it is the real fancyico, so thatOne might C/A, Bedroom/ word. Bahamas you are thing. Don’t mold your life 6–10 days and Phone catch count with theper day ney in advance. your andyour numbers appropriate eyeasorone .................. Den W/W, divert First attention people or cause. 3EIK, completely around Florida. .................Laundry $900 Avail words so you (max. STS lose Avoid EARN your 35¢ Now. has 1 being way. per line) this the Deck $800-$3200 beguiled romantic by word notion as a professional, businesslike are Best intricate bold &Acapitalized per 11 or more days .................. WPRG. Call 215-636-010 maneuvering. day Avail Parties & .Best Prices You will$975 yout monthIFtoFEBRUAR ads attain touch is necessary. Your .......or30¢ Check 0 WPRG. objectives Guaryour Now. thepriced by the Call ad bestby straightforwar per word successful being timethe Annmarie Y Daily 215-546-924 word first day 5new to launch IS YOUR Sublet d. day anteed.BIRTHDAY 215itdrive 7 per runs;brand Ads........... Call for Group cars The projects withare .................. 636-0100 ext. or meet someone ads also ThisDisyou ent month assume forappear 203 responsibil yourplaced ian will :only on appears in early June. on Pennsylvan beneficial who is ...... $10 LEO best when counts! for 5 (July days23-Aug. ity for them. (students any aterrors with800.648.484 .............................................. www.AdCarC 9 www.only) of love the first dealing 22): Fall and affecng tion. day Classified that © Display in love with A chance an admatters ........................... 20 word limit/50¢ runs. meeting a computer geek. . could Tearsheets per add’l word lead may be attracted 2008 TRIBUNE MEDIA to a brilliant You newnot or proofs to people who are heavily career move or a Sales/Serv SERVICES, romance supplied nd the customer’s ices/Other could for involved in logical pro- are INC. be the classified one you have ................... FREE rate. cesses. ads. Perhaps you and that special been searching for all your (students only) someone should play a sensual life. If you deal with the public you .............................................. complete information game will find that you receive more of chess ............ 20 word limit/50¢ applause or appreciation than perthis add’levening. word usual. Make the most of , go to: VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): favorable stars in July when an offer You or and valuable a trusted Across advice partner Line could ads: can keep life for the better. the ball in the air35 change your Advertisers m/classifieds andAtop, 12 noon, 1 business avoidpoetically losing out to62 Didn’t go outwithout 1 Doorframe a competitor. for 1 established day credit are 2 before 3 parts Display ads: 4 footwork publication required 5 36 ___of gathering might 6 . consist refundsYour fancy 7 pay in advance. 8 3 p.m., 2 business © 2008 9 to 10 given for TRIBUNE data No 6 days 11 Chinese-born nodinner one else can are 12 cancelled MEDIA SERVICES, 13 before publication Speedwagon classified 63 GiftAmerican ads. Visa, INC. 14 recipient access. and . LIBRA MasterCard American (Sept. 37 23-Oct. Express 15 22): cards are accepted. Use your 64 Horizontally brains. It israbbit Floppy 16 possible to be architect both competent and FORRENT compassionate. Although 38 Musical feature 18 your goals may 17 FORRENT 11 Be a pugilist be eat 6 43RD 19 FOR transitions 65 Issues

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(215) 898-1111





CLASSIFIED AD DEADL INES Call 898-6585 Anytim e!


& PINE WELL mainC/A. tained apt. in converted Happy. house. Nice hardwood ALNUTfloors; STREET large 2BR on first Opened kitchen. Back . Apt. floor. 10-6, 7 DAYS l Air, yard with deck. $1250+ utiliBi-level 3BR 1.5BA PHYBIKE Call ties. S.COM $1725 avail. 6/1/08 Call 215222.202 387-0287 0 ORE ouse. 44TH AND OSAGE. 4BR and Bi-Level Apt. Hardwood /mo. Floors, Laundry, Ideal for 137. UPenn Vet Student. $2000 /mo. Level: Available 1 June 2 4 Please call 215-387-4133 1st. 7. Complete


an 20 14 Bide one’s time BUILDING HAS GYM, advisory 21 40 “What was ___ 22 for ON 41 & PINE and doorman. Digital pool HOUSE 23 do?” WALNUT 66 Cable Streets; Bergen’s & Edgar 20TH 15 Manicurists’ 24 amazing Large UNDERCOV included in rent. 25 26 Mortimer ___ One Bedroom Parking house in very ER SHOPPERS WRITERS 4110BR Bulls, rams hardwood earn and Available. nice condition. NEEDED! $2100/month. 4BA,concerns up to $70/ 27 28day. Underbucks $900 Avail Now. WPRG. jacuzzi. Philadelphia Contact Amanda at 16 29 company cover shoppers needed unitLarge living Call 215-636-010Down 610-247- roomElectrical 30 31 43 Goes to and kitchen. Extra to Part-time opportunitite 0 or 215- 32 7593 or amany.awad 33 retail 17 One 34 judge com- 546-9247 1 Where who’s s and dining estab- Must @veri- mon 35 the room in finished44above be able to: 36 Long, long always lishments. up for asponsored Experience not Write Pokémon ground 37 craze basement. WALNUT and edit webcopy for good & originated Back sentence 23RD Studio’s required. Please call yard by DELANCEY & 18TH a 38 patio. Off time 1-800- variety 39 Hardwood $560 street parking of client 47 “I 722-4791. needs. forknow - $695 Avail 40 2 what Bedroom Hardwood One or19 Coastal inlet 2 Cognizant 3 cars. 41 (of) Now. Serve C/A, WPRG. on 42 Central a cross you’re Call 215-63643 Air. thinking” functional 20 Out of bed Laundry $900 Avail Now. $600/person 3 Nintendo team. . Available claim 0100 or 215-546-9247 brother 44 WPRG. Call 215-636-010 21 ___Call 45 Aviv215-387-028 4 Kibbles ’n ___ Work with information 46 0 6/1/08. 2-3 7 48 POSITIONS or 215-546-9247 Mississippi’s archi22 In the near available tects and designers. 5 Eyelid woe LOCUST @ ICA 47 Trent as asst in Marketing/ 48 future & 21ST Studio’s Develop new content 6 Holiday ___ 49 Hardwood, 50 PR & Administratio 51 Laundry 49 from BlackBerry, $700 n/ Fi- an existing content 52 23 Prefix with - 42ND e.g., &7 Drink 53 RECYCLE THIS DP $725 that often . nance, 20 hr/ week54@ inventory. Avail -lithic BALTIMORE Now. WPRG. in brief 55 56 57 $10/ Looking 24 ___ the grid so each row, column Avail 6/08 -5/09. for strategic of students comes Call hr, 215-636-010 thinkers an 1 with bedroom 58 working in a fun, creative, 0 or and 3-by-3 52 215Unretrievable box (in bold borders) contains and 59 Level: in house. 2 umbrella 26 President before 546-9247 1 2 3 604 creative minds. kitchens, w/d, fast-paced every digit 1 to 9. environment . Interested parties send 54 Illustration, frontforporch. For strategies on how to D.D.E. 8 Olive Email $525 stuffing a re+utilities. 61 solve Sudoku, visit 62 mjward@ sume and ON PENN CAMPUS, short b i e m e r @ s9a Airline Complete contact informa63 27 Background www.sudoku s . u p eto varin nBen. e d u . p o b o x . u p e the each ngrid . -so tion ous check size for to row, column and 3-by-3 8 of 55newly 5 Isis apartments, 6 - 9 0 Gurion Husband edu box (in65 boldnborders) Los LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 6 - 8 6 8 5 . 64 a contains66every decorated, Solution to Friday’s Puzzle22): Try using different digit 1 to 9. lender convenient58public 10 Nantucket, e.g.: April 15 org. For strategies on howcopyengine1 he smooth tactics for + , WORK-STU sailing. Old $ transportatio to solve Sudoku, visit . DY POSITION: sailors n. Puzzle by Mark Sherwood 32 Jay-Z and Weisenthal Abbr. 59 Light hauler www.sudoku his tighten a knot and pulling know that pulling one way will CWIC Student Properties: Assistant. Timbaland 215-386-238 11 Bruce As0. e.g. 31 61 Sgt., sistFlip 4029 Spruce with coordinating BIRTHDAY as ing to change direction. the other way will loosen it. Be willSt. MondayA Ashton Solution 45 GUY: Actor WORK-STU Springsteen’s publito&Superlative Monday’s DY 52 Word that can Kutcher cizing Puzzle Saturday, 32 was position Fence events, 9a.m.-4p.m. in Cedar Rapids, part data entry, nd SCORPIO suffix& PENN available to Iowa, on this day inis1978. firstassist BOOKSTOR LIBRA hit born (Sept. follow E 23-Oct. in the clerical reThis starts birthday guy made a name A flirtation (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Don’t duties as needed.22):credit: 33 Play’s used of might for himself as Kelso on the search studies in17-, start 12 anyserve he Dwelling Barnes to pass time, at thehome cling to old habits. & the but10.00/hr. SANSOM Monell 10/hrs./wk@ isn’t likely 27-, 46 Brenda 44comedy seriesAkron’s & 21ST Newly hit to endure. Lee’s Noble on the past or repeating unsuccessful “That mutant Chemical Youstore asneed ’70sCendon’tand Proficash.10% Show.”34 13 Senses also 2found Marvel to tell everyone He“Nutty” ,” terproductive off: 59-Across success as the creator for you know. renovated everything cient Around in role $188, Bedroom Word the $104.8, of the reality Your and “___ C/A, ter. Research powers Excel. $70 could seriesinclude: . Be a little more self-sufficien actions is counof persuasion Tel: 215superhero Lewis “Punk’d.” Email areas has since W/D 1500 HeJerry—resume Christmas of can’t backfire so where and Avail moved to the big human Tree” 53 Killer whale 2/1. WPRG. t; remember you love orweekly screen where money is573-3381 taste solve problems by throwing concerned, 18his psychophysi starring 39 Big ___ Xers name roles Call 215-636-010 films such as availability in fairy silent. bread include cs 54stay Sandwich to: jroselle@sas money at them. 0 “The or 215and Butterfly 49 Trim, .-as effects Effect,” SCORPIO of tales “Dude, smoking 546-9247 (Oct. Where’s My 42 onCar?” 23-Nov. Worker SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. and “The Guardian.” A former with Program taste informapassing fancy. branches21): Ignore56a Norms: perception Abbr. It is betmodel and ter A Open Egyptian to film preferfor22Calvin want tion genes something you don’t have Klein,viper ator Kutcher has been ences. married the lines of communication 21): Develop a dialogue. The than 57 actress student to Fe, have to SOUTH & 26TH Fab Demi Moore since chemists something you mustand 25 Actor don’t edu/cwic. be 43 50 Kitchen e find with a key player. You might 2005. Harris Bit of gizmo landwant. One available WE make an in a You can WILL error with for others that CLEAN at least 10 your Bedroom/ 59 ARIES checkbook Furry your so foot Den (March today, W/W, 21-April riveravoid financial promises. g tionship more objectivity is required. A positive shift in relahouse. Responsible EIK, hours 19): Contentment per26 Regarding 51 Questioned week. Deck from comes Please exceldynamics may be to your advantage. not $975greatAvail 60 Little ___ ,(tots) thisso much wealth asNow. lent reference. email from few resume wants. SAGITTAR IUS (Nov. 22-Dec. and Floors by WPRG. ent Although cover may let- presCall someone youAnnmarie 215- proposition hands. 21): ter indicating point with an attractive CAPRICOR N (Dec. 22-Jan. Reinclean First in your answers, 636-0100 ext. 203 halfgambling impulses. inter- For callThe off. 27 TV’s 1-900-285-56 19): A isresearch e earned. quite quickest way56, “___ tempting, SPRING Call: the temptation to participate.ests to that 267-977-479 double BREAK credit ayour minute; hr1206jp@m card, ‘08 54. money 3 or, iswith Today’s new moon might penny saved is a penny 1-800-814-55 Mex- to $1.49 onell.- resist a it in to fold half and put it back in ico, Jamaica, e of a org. Monell isSharkey” your pocket. Right now you Bahamas an equal op- Annual subscriptions SPRUCE and monthlong period when you mark the commencement TAURUS 28 Send might overlook & 16TH(April are the available again fine print Florida. Fab 20-May One portunity for the best of or the STS 20): High employer. ignore . crosswords become more aware of the valid warnings. hopes fromhas Bedroom/ maythat Best the last not pay everything 50 Den is hardwood 29 Place years: 1-888-7-ACR Sunday Not aspects of your life. Parties & Best er. Getfinancial what it seems.EARN a free game! oftenoff. Online OSS. Prices You may be Got a News CAPRICOR Guarsubscriptions C/A, W/D relying too much $800-$3200 Tip? :N (Dec. Today's has picnic anteed. hype $1350 22-Jan.and onpast reserved. Parking puzzle and the tables 19): not Call A paying Just for more AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. say Group enough puzzles, than no. Avail Sudoku A romantic attentiontoto30 2,000 Dismonth 2/1. the relationship begun drive facts. on your cell /crosswords Call Hollow-stemm counts!personal Do notnew brand Callphone. 898-6585 215-Enter enter Share new WPRG. 800.648.484 ($39.95 into agreements amight year).not meet stars 9 www.- under these or promises. 636-0100 reason. With a new moon 18): Listen to the calm voice of tips: cars with in your placed mobile Webed @2007 orThe 215-546-924 ads your plant Mepham Group. People/puzzleforum Getexpectations. 7 Distributed in your sign, you may fall onbrowser. may free game! . Crosswords . misunderstand solvers: ANYTIM by Tribune for them. your young Media E! in a social GEMINI (May 21-June www.AdCarCServices. intentions prey to irrational wants and needs setting or during/learning/xwords. lub.comAll rights reserved.


Work your Body... Refresh your Spirit... Ride a Trophy Bike.







for teries by reading something a few hours. Recharge your batinspirational. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): live as though your life were Even if you can’t be a poet, be disrupted for pleasurable poetry. Your daily routines may reasons. Frequent interruptions drop in visitors might brighten or your day.


BIRTHDAY: This month,

and again in September, you are at the peak of your ability charm others and receive attention. to to make your living, your business If you deal with the public will soar and everyone will be dazzled by your sincerity and find their true love or their true trustworthiness. Singles could calling through a career move promotion. A golden opportunity or important way may be offered to improve your life in some in July. © 2008 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.




Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit www.sudoku

Solutions to Tuesday’ s Puzzle:

20): Whether you think can a business transaction. you can’t, you are right. or think Ignore AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. translates into negative feedback. subtle messages that your brain 18): Play the field. This is not a good time to crucial decision or alteration make a in plans. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Actions speak louder than A casual conversation words Across 28 Sonycould musiccreate a 57 misunderstand Gore Vidal ing. It isn’t possible to presentplayer 1 1 Wrong 2 3 a convincing argument 4 5 6 historical 7 8 under these 9 novelcelestial 10 conditions, 11 introduced so don’t 6 Study in your position. try to defend hard and 58 Langston 14 1984 15 fast LEO (July Hughes poem 16 23-Aug. 22): Levelwith 32 Delineated, the playing field. 17 10 Daunt You will never 59 Back biter? see eye to eye with “out” 18 people if you look down 19 ondiscounted them. Avoid mak14 Game 60 Not ingfollow-up important financial 20 36 Movie decisions chase or signing contracts 21 61 Terse denial that could 15 Solelock you into lengthy 22 scene, e.g.plans. payment 23 62 Trims in Yo-yo 16 Orsk’s 24 river (Aug.37 VIRGO 25 26 23-Sept. Photoshop, e.g. 22): Remain prepared 38 Song from for the unexpected. 17 LikeKeep 65Green an Beret open mindAcross 27 63 Itinerary data: and remember 28 that’s that every crisis unitsdisaster. People 29 Abbr. does not lead32to 33 in your hidden workplace in 20- may make 34 35 shocking 18 Thethat statements triple 36 64 Heroic amuse in a and delight andyou. exploit 54-Across



triple play 19 Just beats 20 “The Defiant Ones” co-star, 1958




1 1

Deadline: Sponsorship ads are sold on a first come, first served basis, since only 4 spots are available. All artwork is due by Friday, November 20 at 3pm.









Across 37 Sch. named for 69 Cold war 1 Sword handles 1 2 3 4 a televangelist 5 6 7 8 superpower 9 10 11 6 Worker’s due 12 13 38 Life stories on 14 70 Sectional, e.g. 10 Wood-shaping 15 film 16 71 Makeup maker tool 17 40 Leak fixer 18 Lauder 14 “One for My 19 43 Toss in 20 Baby” composer 21 22 44 Not e’en once Down Harold 23 24 46 Inspiring sisters 25 1 Muslim pilgrim 15 Horse course 26 27 28 47 “Merry 2 Kitchen drawer? 16 One of nine in 29 30 31 32 Christmas” to golf 3 Visit from the 33 34 35 Spaniards 17 “Merry 36 Blue Angels, 37 Christmas” to 51 “Lemon Tree” 38 maybe 39 the French 40 41 singer Lopez 42 4 Readying for a 43 19 Antique autos 52 Third after delta 44 drive 45 46 20 Tipple 53 “Pow!” 47 5 Cold-shoulder 48 49 21 Winter melon 50 56 Federer and 6 Hit the jackpot 51 23 “Atlas Shrugged” Nadal 52 7 Guacamole 53 54 55 author Rand 59 Collected ingredient 56 57 58 24 Shooters’ grp. 59 62 Hgt. 60 61 8 Greek earth 62 63 26 Genie holders 64 “Merry 64 goddess 65 29 “Merry Christmas” to 66 9 Architects’ 67 Christmas” to Italians 68 annexes Danes 69 66 Two capsules, 70 10 Car safety 71 33 Spar verbally perhaps device 36 “I can only ___ Puzzle by Nancy Salomon 67 Terrier sounds 11 Prized positions much” 35 Piety 68 Animated ogre 48 “The nerve!” 12 Menagerie 58 Continental 39 It has 13 U.S.N.A. grad currency 49 Benzoyl headquarters at peroxide target 18 TV’s Warrior 60 Move gently N.Y.C.’s Time Princess Warner Center 50 “Rats!” 61 Apollo astronaut 22 Thrilla in Manila 41 Thurman Slayton 54 Split up of boxer “Dangerous 62 Campus e-mail 55 Knock-down25 It had a notable Liaisons” suffix drag-out part in Exodus 63 Acapulco article 42 Spa treatments 57 Corp. recruits, 27 Blender setting 65 Supersecretive 45 Make balanced often 28 Pronounces intelligence org. poorly For answers, call 1-900-285-56 30 Waikiki welcome credit card, 1-800-814-5554. 56, $1.49 a minute; or, with a 31 Lively wit Annual subscriptions crosswords from the are available for the best of Sunday 32 Chat room last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACR OSS. Online subscriptions chuckle : Today's puzzle and past puzzles, more than 2,000 33 Sailor’s behind /crosswords ($39.95 a year). Share tips: 34 Bill tack-on /puzzleforum. Crosswords solvers: for young /learning/xwords.


37 and 10- and 35- 65 Hit Broadway 38 39 Down musical based 40 on a comic strip 39 Just beat 41 42 40 Hashish source 43 44 42 Massages Down 1 Glacial ridge 43 Some socks 45 46 47 48 2 Deep pink 49 44 Would-___ 50 51 52 53 54 55 3 Hockey no-no (aspirants) 56 45 “___: Miami” 4 Rakish sort 57 24 Brillo rival 58 Level: 1 2 3 4 59 46 Cross5 Something risky 25 The second Mrs. 60 referencing word to work on Michael Complete61the grid so each 62 47 Organ piece 6 Bleach brand row, column and 3-by-3 63 Corleone box (in bold 64 borders) contains 51 Pale hue 7 One-sided 65 every digit 27 Felipe 1 to 9. For strategies on how to contests 54 Cornmeal dish solve Sudoku, visit Puzzle by Jim Page Calderón’s land: www.sudoku often served with 8 Not backing Abbr. 33 Month after maple syrup 9 Field utensils 41 Olympics 49 Six-foot-tall Shevat Solutions2008 to Wednesd 10 2003 Kentucky host ay’s Puzzle: African animal 34 Unwelcome auto Derby winner 42 Razor-sharp 50 As such noise 11 Andrea Bocelli 44 1984 gold51 delivery Fit for duty 35 Vehicles at a medalist 12 Microwaves 52 Conk out petting zoo marathoner Joan 13 “Lohengrin” role 36 Part of S.S.S.: 46 Scoring attempts 53 “Superman II” 21 Hand-me-down villainess Abbr. 47 Show contempt 26 Quakers in the 55 Oklahoma tribe 38 Grafton’s “___ toward woods 56 Workout locale, for Noose” 48 Kite’s clutcher 27 Most are good for short conductors 28 Boxing Day mo. For answers, call 1-900-285-56 56, $1.49 a minute; or, with a 29 Prefix with bucks credit card, 1-800-814-5554. Annual subscriptions 30 Nailed crosswords from the are available for the best of Sunday last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACR 31 Beatty and OSS. Online subscriptions : Today's puzzle and others past puzzles, more than 2,000 /crosswords ($39.95 Sudoku on your cell phone. 32 split a year). Enter inEasily Share tips: your mobile Web browser. @2007 The Mepham Group. mineral /puzzleforum. Crosswords Get solvers: a free game! /learning/xwo Distributed by Tribune Media for young Services. All rights reserved. rds.

Cooo Co SUDOK Co oUPUZZ Peo p eLE Peo Peo p peOe L ve L ve O L Cam ve Opus ! Cam pus Cam pus !! 22 Rocket launcher 23 Many an M.I.T. grad: Abbr.

op- Avail 2/1. WPRG. portunity Bedroom Hardwood . employer. C/A, Call 215-636-010 Laundry 0 or 215$900 Avail Now. 546-9247 SPRING BREAK EARN WPRG. Call 215-636-010 $800-$3200 08 Hot A Deals Hot 0 month to drive brand Destinations Hot or 215-546-9247 SOUTH & 26TH Fab new Parties Spring Break Bedroom/ Den W/W, One cars with ads placed on HOUSE ON 41 about Group Deals Ask EIK, them. www.AdCarC & PINE Deck And $975 Streets; Avail FREE TRIPS. 1-800-426amazing 10BR WPRG. Call Annmarie Now. house in very nice 7710 www.sunspla 215condition. 636-0100 ext. shtours.203 4BA, jacuzzi. Large com 2-3 POSITIONS available room and kitchen. Extra living SPRUCE & 16TH Fab One @ ICA as asst in Marketing/ mon room in finished com- Bedroom/ Den PR & Administratio above hardwood n/ Figround basement. Back C/A, W/D $1350 Looking for nance, 20 hr/ week @ $10/ patio. Off street parking yard Avail 2/1. WPRG. Parking hr, working Call 215a new place to dine? in a fun, creative, or 3 cars. Central for 2 636-0100 or 215-546-924 fast-paced Air. 7 environment. $600/person. Email Available WALNUT & 23RD mjward@ 6/1/08. Call 215-387-028 Studio’s p o b o x . u p e n n . Hardwood $560 - $695 7 Go to Avail edu Now. WPRG. Call dailypennsylvanian. 215-6360100 or 215-546-924 7 com/dguide

Cooo Co Co ope Peo Peo Peo p peOe L ve L LCam veveOO pus!! Cam pus Cam pus !


ree game!


(215) 898-1111



Level: 1

Issue Date: Wednesday, November 25

5-game fight


Across 35 Eskimos in an 64 1910s 1 Palms (off on) 1 2 3 igloo? 4 5 6 7 heavyweight 8 9 10 5 Egyptian 11 12 13 39 Many a person champ ___ 14 symbols of 15 on the U.S.S. Willard 16 royalty Enterprise: Abbr. 17 18 9 Casino 19 40 Stomach Down equipment 20 contents 1 “Is that a ___?” 21 22 14 “___ the Agent” 41 “‘Starts With F’ 2 Poulenc’s (old comic strip) 23 24 for a thousand, 25 “Sonata for ___ 15 Place ___” 26 and Piano” 27 16 “If ___ you …” 28 42 Cartoon pooch 3 Coos and hoots 17 Certain marine 29 43 Prepare trout, in 30 4 Triton’s realm 31 biologist’s test? 32 33 34 a way 35 5 Red lights and 19 Gainsay 36 37 45 Pictures of 38 flares 20 ___ Kooser, 39 Slinkys? 40 6 Musical interval former U.S. poet 41 51 Part of A.S.A.P. 7 ___ pudding laureate 42 52 Prefix with -phile 43 44 (British dish) 21 Cultural stuff 45 46 47 53 ___ canto 48 8 Arithmetic 22 Tops 49 50 exercise 56 Wombs 23 One way to get 51 52 9 Beef cut into a gang’s 57 Witches’ pots, 53 54 55 56 headquarters? 10 Hebdomadally pans, etc.? 57 58 26 Splits 59 Cling Plus brand 11 Five-time Horse 59 60 28 F.D.R. agcy. of the Year, 60 Novelist Seton 61 1960-64 29 Wrinkly fruit 62 61 Kiss in 63 64 12 Verdi aria 30 “Breaker Morant” Kensington people Puzzle by Jim Leeds 13 “What ___ 62 “___ we all?” 32 Lived thou?” (biblical 33 Western 63 Zest query) 44 Like most Hemisphere 49 Who has won an adages: Abbr. 18 Word with bus or abbr. Oscar for Best 45 ___ finalis memory Actor three times 34 Hot (purpose, 22 Dried coconut 36 Utmost distance 46 Massive, in law) 50 “Fiddler on the very Roof” role meat from the eye at hot celestial orb 54 Carrier of a bow 24 Poet who wrote which an image 47 French frigate and arrows “At night there is is clear that carried the no such thing as 37 Triton’s Statue of Liberty 55 Stamina realm an ugly woman” to the U.S. 57 Climax 38 Not be resolved 25 Windblown 48 Nautical 58 43 Kind of gland Financial paper: deposit acronym Abbr. 26 Time-honored name For answers, call 1-900-285-56 56, $1.49 a minute; credit card, 1-800-814-55 27 Expressionist or, with a 54. Annual subscriptions Schiele crosswords from the are available for the best of Sunday 30 Thin pancakes last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACR OSS. Online subscriptions 31 Let pass : Today's puzzle and past puzzles, more than 2,000 /crosswords ($39.95 32 Poisonous a year). Share tips: flower /puzzleforum. Crosswords solvers: for young /learning/xwords.

Cooo Co Co ope Peo Peo Peo p peOe L ve L LCam veveOO pus!! Cam pus Cam pus !

For the answers to these puzzles, see page 8

Sizes: The puzzle ads are 6 columns wide by 14” tall. The Answer Key ads are 3 columns wide by 10.5” tall. Prices: Puzzle ads are $700 Answer Key ads are $350 Artwork: Just your company logo and one line of text


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.



your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


your penn to paper.


Publication Date: 10/02/09

DEADLINE: 9/25/09 3.723" x 2.75"

5.668" x 5.5" 11.5"

9.558" x 5.5" 9.558"

Back Cover Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Eighth Page

(9.558" x 11.5") (9.558" x 11.5") (9.558" x 5.5") (5.668" x 5.5") (3.72" x 2.75")

$550 $485 $245 $130 $75

Add Spot Color for only $50 Add Full Color for only $200

Don't miss out on advertising to 3,300 parents during USC's annual Parent's Weekend October 2nd - 4th 500 Additional copies available at registration

12,000 copies distributed the October 2nd issue of The Daily Ga mecock




ALL THE VOTES ARE IN! Be part of this exciting publication that announces the winners of our first Best of Carolina reader poll!

Publishes: Feb. 3rd

Back Cover


(9.558" x 11.5") 3.723" x 2.75"

Full Page


(9.558" x 11.5")

5.668" x 5.5" 11.5"

Half Page (9.558" x 5.5")

9.558" x 5.5" 9.558"

Winners! Run the Best of Carolina Logo in your advertisements and receive 20% off your ads for the rest of the semester*

Quarter Page (5.668" x 5.5") Eighth Page

$245 $130 $75

(3.72" x 2.75") Add Spot Color for only Add Full Color for only

$50 $200

*Cannot be used with other discounts. If used with pick-up discounts 20% will apply to first ad.

General Information 777.3018

Publ i s hed:Monday,May11 Deadl i ne:May4,4PM For mat :Mi ni t abl oi d

$65 $85

$85 $1 35 270. 745. 2653

s s e n d a M



d’s Heights Heral

ta ke yo ur be st sh ot ... .

market with the

at reaching the

College Heights Herald’s

ing o g s i n r e t s e W ! dancing again Advertise your support for e TOPS! h t ON


It is that time of the year again! The madness has begun! We invite you to advertise in the College Heights Herald’s March Madness Special Section. This is the perfect time to increase business traffic, especially since our Toppers have made it to the BIG DANCE again! Take this opportunity to show the Bowling Green community and Western college students that your business supports the WKU Hilltoppers! Bring madness to your business by marketing yourself with the College Heights Herald. The Herald will distribute 10,000 copies of the paper to 30 different locations on campus and throughout the community. Take your best shot at reaching the college crowd, save money on your ad, and generate more revenue. SLAM DUNK !




Full Page

5 Columns x 10.5 IN.

$135 (Includes FREE Spot Red)

Half Page

5 Columns x 5 IN.


2 columns x 10.5 IN.


Quarter Page 3 Columns x 5 IN.


Deadline is Tuesday, March 17 4 P.M. (Inches will not count toward contracts)

Herald college heights

CONTACT US TODAY : 1906 College Heights Blvd. #11084 270.745.2653 | | email:









WKU College Heights Herald



Puzzle Promotion

Your business can now be seen by, students, faculty and staff in the most popular section of the College Heights Herald. Sudoku is located on page 2 of the newspaper. There is One Sudoku sponsorship available each issue every Tuesday and Thursday.



Herald college heights

It has been said that money can’t buy you love. We fully agree. However, we would like to point out that this Valentine’s Day, love just might bring you more business if you market yourself with the College Heights Herald. Although Valentine’s Day is a great time to show those people close to you just how much they mean, it is also the 4th largest revenue producing holiday. Last year Americans purchased an estimated 156 million roses for Valentine’s Day and spent nearly $937.5 million just on greeting cards. Imagine how much your business has to gain by positioning itself right in the middle of the sales producing equation. It is for this reason that we invite you to advertise in the College Height’s Herald Valentine’s Special Section at a discounted rate to greatly increase the business traffic you see from the Bowling Green community and Western college students alike. The Herald will distribute 10,000 copies of the paper (special section included) on February 12. Thousands of students, faculty and staff look to this mini-tab special section each year not just for the stories, but also for a chance to pick up on great last minute deals your business might offer. Ensure your chance of being noticed by the college crowd, save money on your ad, and generate more revenue. If only relationships were simple!




Full Page

5 Columns x 10.5 IN.

$135 (Includes FREE Spot Pink or Red)

Half Page

5 Columns x 5 IN.


2 columns x 10.5 IN.


Quarter Page 3 Columns x 5 IN.


Deadline is Friday, February 6 12 P.M. (Inches will not count toward contracts)


College Heights Herald 1906 College Heights Blvd. #11084 email:

The College Heights Herald brings you...



o f

t h e


An annual summer mailed publication.






Ad Rates and Premium Placement Full page 10.25w x 8h


1/2 page 5w x 8h


Premium positions available! Premium positions available! Premium positions available!

1/2 page 5h x 8w


Back cover - 25% extra

1/4 page 3.875w x 5h


Inside front & back covers - 20% extra

Delivering your business to incoming students’ doorstep! *Electronic Specs: Line art must have a resolution of 600 pixels/square inch at 100% Photos must have a resolution of 300 pixels/square inch at 100% Email ads to or contact Savannah Thomas from 8am 4pm Monday thru Friday at 270.745.2653 for more information. Deadline for Sales: May 1, 2009

Circulation: 7,000

*Over 3,000 copies mailed in July to homes of incoming freshmen and transfer students. The remainder will be distributed to campus and in the community when school starts.


Washington University

r e v o l l a s k r wo Fall 2009 Career Fair Guide

The Career Center at Washington University in St. Louis is working together with Student Life newspaper to provide a Career Fair Guide that will also serve as the event’s program. The guide will act as an event preview for the many students that will be attending to meet prospective employers.

distribution 6,000 copies will be inserted into Student Life and distributed all over campus as well as select areas that students frequent off campus. The guide publishes on September 30th, so students may review it and prepare for the actual event on October 2nd.

Rates & Mechanics Ad Size

Size (WxH)

Full page 10.25” x 9.75” Half page Horizontal 10.25” x 4.875” Vertical 5.0265” x 9.75” Quarter page 5.0265” x 4.875” Spot Color: $75 Full Color: $150

Rate $750 $385 $385 $195

Want FREE full color on your career guide ad? Run an eighth page or larger ad in the regular edition of the paper a week before or a week after the special section run date and receive FREE color on your career guide ad. Ask your account executive for full details.

E-Mail PDF ads to:

outreach 95% of Washington University students read Student Life. This gives you the opportunity to invite many qualified, interested students to explore career or internship possibilities with an ad promoting your company. The guide will serve as a career resource even after the fair is over as a directory listing of all attending companies.

Publication Date: Wednesday, September 30th

Contact Information ph: (314) 935–6713 fax: (314) 935–5938 Online: E-Mail: Student Life Washington University Student Media, Inc. One Brookings Drive, Box 1039 330 Danforth University Center Saint Louis, MO 63130–4899

deadline: Monday, September 21st


Washington University

eats all over

St. Louis offers so many dining options. The Washington University population is always looking for dining ideas on where to take their parents on Parent’s Weekend, their date this weekend, the best happy hour specials, or just where that new place they heard of is located. We’re serving up a solution with the 2009 Dining Guide, which comes out during ideal times for restaurants when the WU community is especially looking for dining options.

distribution 6,000 copies will be inserted into Student Life and distributed all over campus as well as select areas that students frequent off campus. The guide publishes on October 14th, so that students may review it and prepare for Parent’s Weekend on October 23rd - October 25th.

2009 Dining Guide

Rates & Mechanics Ad Size

Size (WxH)

Full page 10.25” x 9.75” Half page Horizontal 10.25” x 4.875” Vertical 5.0265” x 9.75” Quarter page 5.0265” x 4.875” Spot Color: $75 Full Color: $150

$385 $385 $195

Run an eighth page or larger ad in the regular edition of the paper a week before or a week after the special section run date and receive FREE color on your dining guide ad. Ask your account executive for full details.

E-Mail PDF ads to:

Contact Information

95% of Washington University students read Student Life. This gives you the opportunity to invite many interested students and parents to visit your establishment. The guide will continue to serve as a dining resource throughout the year.

ph: (314) 935–6713 fax: (314) 935–5938 Online: E-Mail:

Wednesday, October 14th


Want FREE full color on your dining guide ad?


Publication Date:


Student Life Washington University Student Media, Inc. One Brookings Drive, Box 1039 330 Danforth University Center Saint Louis, MO 63130–4899

deadline: Monday, October 5th


Washington University

r e v o l l a s e i d u st Fall 2009 Finals Survival Guide

The Student Life newspaper at Washington University knows that finals week can be a very stressful time for students. Luckily, the Fall 2009 Finals Survival Guide will be the resource that students will turn to for their necessary study breaks. The guide will contain many games, puzzles, and fun articles to help students get through the week.

distribution Copies will be distributed all over campus as well as select areas that students frequent off campus. The guide is published on December 9th and will be available on news stands through December 18th for Finals Week .

Rates & Mechanics Ad Size

Size (WxH)

Full page 10.25” x 9.75” Half page Horizontal 10.25” x 4.875” Vertical 5.0265” x 9.75” Quarter page 5.0265” x 4.875” Spot Color: $75 Full Color: $150


Early Bird Rate



$385 $385 $195

$250 $250 $130

Want FREE full color on your finals survival guide ad? Run an eighth page or larger ad in the regular edition of the paper a week before or a week after the special section run date and receive FREE color on your finals survival guide ad. Ask your account executive for full details.

E-Mail PDF ads to:

outreach 95% of Washington University students read Student Life. By participating in the guide, you have an opportunity to reach students with your message each time they pick up the guide for a time out from studying. It’s a great resource for students to get ideas on where to study or where to go when they need a break from studying or are done with finals week.

Publication Date:

Contact Information ph: (314) 935–6713 fax: (314) 935–5938 Online: E-Mail: Student Life Washington University Student Media, Inc. One Brookings Drive, Box 1039 330 Danforth University Center Saint Louis, MO 63130–4899

Wednesday, December 9th

Early Bird deadline: Friday, November 20th Must have signed insertion order and prepayment on this date to receive discount.

Regular deadline: Wednesday, December 2nd


special offers


Business ADvantage

Crossword/Sudoku Sponsorship

Get the frequency you need while taking half-off of our local advertising rates! Simply run a business card-sized ad or larger in 20 consecutive issues and you’ll enjoy a 50% discount. Renew your commitment and you’ll receive one ad double the size for free! Ask your account executive for details!

For many students, the crossword puzzle is one of the most widely-used features that appear in the entire newspaper and Sudoku is becoming very popular.

Fabulous Frequency

Ad Size: 4.9167˝ wide x 1˝ high *Rates shown are per issue.

This frequency plan allows you to customize an advertising schedule while enjoying a significant discount off of our local rate. Fabulous Frequency is a great opportunity for bars & restaurants to list musical acts & specials weekly all while saving up to 33%! Minimum ad size is 8 column inches. Plan is available to local clients only. 7 ads in 7 weeks 14 ads in 14 weeks 28 ads in 28 weeks

Your business can sponsor one of these features, giving your ad prime placement and extremely high readership at a very affordable cost. Space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your dates now!

Open Rate Full Semester (14 weeks) Full Year (28 weeks)

$49.00 $39.00 $29.00

10% discount 20% discount 33% discount

3 RuN Discount Promote an event in three consecutive issues and get a 50% discount on the third issue. The ads must run in three consecutive issues of the regular newspaper edition and they must all be the same size.

Guaranteed Placement Looking to guarantee your ad appears on a certain page or in a certain section? Position guarantees are available for a premium of 25% of the space cost for ads measuring 20 column inches or more. Please note that guaranteed color position may not be available due to press configurations.

rates Common Ad Sizes and Pricing Prices shown are based on open rates and are per issue.

Full Page 6 col. x 21˝ 126 col. in. 10˝ x 21˝ $1512.00

Half Page 6 col. x 10.5˝ 63 col. in. 10˝ x 10.5˝ $756.00

Quarter Page 3 col. x 10.5˝ 31.5 col. in. 4.9167˝ x 10.5˝ $378.00

Eighth Page 3 col. x 5.25˝ 15.75 col. in. 4.9167˝ x 5.25˝ $189.00

Sixteenth Page 2 col. x 4˝ 8 col. in. 3.222˝ x 4˝ $96.00

Business Card 2 col. x 2.5˝ 5 col. in. 3.222˝ x 2.5˝ $60.00

Local Annual Contracts

Preprinted Insert Rates

Rates shown are per column inch and are based on a 12-month commitment for local advertisers only. National advertisers may contact our office for contract information.

Rates shown are per thousand inserts. 6 or more full-runs during an academic year earns a 15% discount.

250 column inches 500 column inches 750 column inches 1000 column inches

$11.40 $10.80 $10.20 $9.60

Color Rates Color charges are in addition to normal space charges.

Black + 1 Color Black + 2 Colors Process Color

$125 $250 $400

Front Page Stickers Extended 2 week deadline. Ask an account executive for details!



1–4 pages 5–8 pages 9–10 pages 11+ pages

$65.00 $85.00 $95.00 $110.00

Minimum insert order is 4,000. Maximum 6,000. One complete copy of the insert must be sent to the Sales Manager for review prior to acceptance. Student Life will not be responsible for loss or cost of inserts shipped without prior approval. All inserts must be shipped to arrive no later than 2 business days prior to insertion. After approval, inserts should be shipped in cartons or on skids to:

Louisiana Press Journal Printing Attn: Student Life Inserts Run Date: xx/xx/xx 3406 W. Georgia Street Louisiana, MO 63353


studlife marketPlace (online classifieds) Rate........$15 per month (30 days) Student Life is excited to offer online classified ads and listings to Washington University. From student housing to roommates to textbooks to jobs, there is something for everyone. Our online classifieds marketplace offers the most localized categories and provides the best opportunity to reach WU students, faculty and staff. Go to to post or search listings. With nearly 300,000 page views per month, advertising on is an excellent compliment to a print campaign.

Display Rates shown are for local customers.

Peel Back Ad (Exclusive spot) or Banner Ad (468 x 60 pixels) Box Ad (300 x 250 pixels) Top of the page Bottom of the page Button Ad (125 x 125 pixels)

$400/week $1200/month $400/month $300/month $200/month $100/month

Text Links $150/month $750/6 months $1200/year

Deadlines Signed insertion orders and artwork are due by the following deadlines. Orders canceled after deadline will be billed at full cost.

Monday Issue 2 p.m. Wednesday prior to publication Wednesday Issue 2 p.m. Friday prior to publication Friday Issue 2 p.m. Tuesday prior to publication


2010 CNBAM Awards

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