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Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is just around the corner! Don’t miss your chance to... - Reach students who need to buy presents for family and friends - Announce holiday party spots for students, faculty and staff This unique edition is filled with holiday editorial that directly appeals to those who are looking to shop for the holidays. Reach a targeted audience with special discounts, seasonal items and events, and treasured gifts they can only find in Fort Collins. Grab the attention of the CSU community in the Collegian’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Advertising Info Publishes: Wednesday, December 10th Deadline: Friday, December 5th Format: Broadsheet Pages Rates: Regular Rates Apply Color: $40

Red, $40 Green, $100 Full Color

Call your ad rep

Jaimee Ribelin

today to be included in these pages

Phone: 970.491.6584 Fax: 970.491.1690

A SPECIAL SECTION JUST FOR BUSINESSES AROUND CAMPUS! This page will publish every Tuesday of the fall semester. It is only available to businesses in the Campus area and will promote the dining options available in this area of Fort Collins. Dates: 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9 Take advantage of a full page advertisement at a fraction of the cost.


2x2 $40/ ad

FULL COLOR!($200 value)

2x4 $80/ ad 10% Discount if you commit to all 9 weeks reduced rates for contracted clients still apply

Steve Diamond 970-491-1175

6x2 $120/ ad

Go for the home run.

End of Semester Specials Thousands of Colorado State University students are preparing to study hard for finals so they can welcome the upcoming summer break. Family members will be coming to town to celebrate their graduates while the students rush to finalize last minute details for their graduation parties. Undergraduates are making travel plans, enjoying warm weather shopping, and looking for fun ways to spend their time off in Fort Collins. The last week of classes is the prime time to reach students on campus before most leave for the summer. Many will need to establish fall semester housing or help with moving and also show families a great time in Fort Collins during graduation ectly reaching r weekend. Take advantage of these specials by directly students!

5 For 4

Last Week of School Special Maximize reach, frequency, and your advertising dollars with our special 5 for 4 rate. Advertise in 5 of the last 6 issues of the year, you pay for 4 ads and the 5th one is FREE! Eligible Monday, May 5 - Monday, May 12. No copy or size changes please.

20% off Pickup Day Repeat any ad from the Spring 2008 Semester and receive 20% off! Finals Week Edition, Monday, May 12

Full Page Sale: 35% off Make a BIG impression! Eligible Monday, April 28 - Monday, May 12.

Last Week of Classes: Monday, May 5 - Friday, May 9 Last Edition of the Semester/Start of Finals Week: Monday, May 12

Joe Anderson 970-491-3876 Direct 970-491-1690 Fax

Call Me Today!

T heRocky M ou ntain C ollegian DECEMBER



We’ve gotten feedback from students that say they saw our ad in the Collegian and that’s why they’re calling!

Debbie Chesonis

ADVERTISING UPDATE A long-awaited semester’s end is approaching and students are anxious for the stress release that accompanies the winter break. Reach out to students to gain a piece of their holiday spending and end of semester celebrating. The Collegian has several special issues in the coming weeks to position your advertisements directly in front of your target market. The Rocky Mountain Collegian continues to be the primary source of news for college students since 1891. Advertising in our paper places your business in front of over 34,000 students, faculty and staff at Colorado State.

Economic woes have likely effected all businesses throughout Fort Collins and the country. However, even a slow economy cannot overwhelm the spending power of over 34,000 students, faculty and staff returning from winter break. To ensure you can still claim your piece of this sizable market the Collegian will be offering great discounts to start the spring semester.

t s o P







01/20 CLASSES RESUME 01/20-26 5-FOR-4 SPECIAL 01/20-30 35% OFF FULL PAGE

Happy Holidays

Call 970-491-7467 today to speak with your representative about reaching this valuable market.

Fort Collins Cat Rescue

from the Collegian!


5 for 4’s & 35% OFF Full Pages

At the Collegian we recognize times are tough and businesses are trying to stretch every dollar. In order to help you with your goals to save money but remain profitable we are offering our best pricing discounts of the year. During the month of January we will be offering 5 ads for the price of 4 and 35% off full page ads. Welcome the students back to your business with these huge savings. An investment in advertising could be just what your business needs to beat the economy.

phone: 970.491.7467 fax: 970.491.1690



r e t in ar are Special Section

Temperatures are cooler, winter iseryaround the corner and students will il ev es.break. These are three very good o soon be leaving campus for ywinter r u l e o 00 mi g n 0 reasons to get vehicles tuned, cleaned and ready for the cooler Cha 00-4,lubed, 3,0 months ahead. The Collegian’s weekly Winter Car Care page is an excellent way to let students know where they can go for car care needs.

October 15th


Keep t ire ensure s inflated to best tr action .

Pu b l i sh es 29th


November 12th



Check your windsh ield wiper blades and Regular apply, 15% off when committing your windsrates hield to all 6erweeks. wash fluid.



Derek O’Donnell

y enc g r eme u get n a o e par case y d in e r P it in nde k tra ar. s ur c yo


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Back to School Specials Say hello to thousands of new and returning customers! Welcome over 30,000 students and faculty back to Fort Collins with prime time advertising. Advertising new happenings, specials, and things to do. Establish buying habits early with new and returning students, eager to return to college life. Maximize reach, frequency and your advertising dollars with our “5 ads for the price of 4� special. Or, take advantage of full page exposure with our 35% full page sale through January 31st.

5 For 4

First Week of School Special Maximize reach, frequency, and your advertising dollars with our special 5 for 4 rate. Receive five ads for the price of four the first week of school! Eligible Tuesday, January 22 - Monday, January y 28. No copy cop opy or op or size size iizze changes cch h han an a n nge ges ge es please.

Full Page Sale: 35% off Make a BIG impression! Eligible Tuesday, January 22 - Thursday, January 31.

First Week of Classes: Tuesday, January 22 - Friday, January 25 First Edition of the Semester: Tuesday, January 22

Jenn Taussig 970-491-1692 Direct 970-491-1690 Fax

Call Me Today!

T heRocky M ou ntain C ollegian MAY 2008 TIPS FOR REACHING COLLEGE STUDENTS

t s o P

With another school year coming to close, make sure to continue to foster the relationships you have established with the CSU market by consistent exposure in our summer publications. Supplement this with an ad in our New Student Orientation Guide to establish buying habits early with your future customers!


Keep the college market through the summer! Nearly 6,000 students are in enrolled in summer school this year. On average, a student will spend roughly $1000 per month on food, entertainment and basic necessities. Don’t forget about the 5,600 staff and faculty! CSU is Fort Collins largest employee and a lucrative target market for your business. Throughout the summer, CSU will host new freshmen and their families SUMMER SCHEDULE in Preview CSU orientations. Catch Deadline: Mondays by 4:00pm over 3,500 future customers on Publishes: campus! June 18th July 23rd Work with your advertising June 25th July 30th representative to ensure you get the July 2nd Aug 6th most exposure for your money. July 9th Together, we can create your most Call 970-491-7467 for rate effective advertising campaign information and to schedule your complete with complimentary summer advertising today! creative ad services.







UPCOMING SPECIAL EDITIONS NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION GUIDE Don’t miss the most effective way to reach new students coming to CSU! The guide provides students and their parents with valuable information about CSU and the Fort Collins community. Our distribution of this publication is so extensive that no other publication can reach this valuable market like the Collegian. The Guide will be distributed at: Preview CSU Summer Orientation The Lory Student Center University Bookstore Off Campus Student Service

Deadline: Wed, May 21st

Ram’ s Bookstore Student Media

FALL COUPON BOOK Plan now for participating in our biannual coupon book! What sets us apart is our prime distribution - ensuring your ad prime exposure! Catch students and faculty as they return from summer! The coupon books are distributed: Put with all CSU Bookstore textbook orders (exclusive distribution!) Throughout the Lory Student Center Mailed directly to offices of CSU’s faculty and staff In the residence halls

Deadline: June 11th (tentative) Publishes: Mon, June 2nd Publishes: Fall Back to School Week!

phone: 970.491.7467 fax: 970.491.1690




Collegian The Power of Generation Y Who is Gen Y?

• Born from 1979-1997 (ages 12-30) • The next dominate generation of Americans – Represent one-third of the population • Big Spenders – Gen-Y’ers spend $200 billion per year of their own and their parent’s money • Raised as Consumers – Grew up in media-saturated, brandconscious world • Very Tech Savvy – Gen Y’ers spend one-third of their life on the Internet

How many Gen Y’ers are at Fresno State?

There are approximately 22,000 undergraduate students at CSU, Fresno • 18-24 years old – 45% Male vs. 55% Female

Do Gen Y College Students really have money to spend at my business?

• $250 per month of discretionary income. • 75% of students work in addition to attending college.

Do Gen Y’ers really read their college newspaper? • 53% of students have read three or more of the last five issues of their campus newspaper. • Nearly 75% of students read the ads in their school newspapers. • 70% of students have been motivated to take some sort of action by an article or advertisement. • 78% of all students use coupons. – The majority of coupons/offers redeemed are for retail stores or restaurant purchases.

Sources: Inside Chico State Instant Numbers Feb. 10, 2005, Vol. 35 • San Diego Business Journal • CSU Fresno Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning • Alloy Media and Marketing, 2008 College Newspaper Readership Study

Think of it like this...

The Gen Y’ers on the California State University, Fresno Campus have the potential to fill half of the Bulldog Stadium.



5201 N. Maple Ave. M/S SA42 Fresno, CA 93740-8027 Ad desk:


Ad fax:



Collegian The Power of Generation Y Special Issues Holiday Special Issue: December 10, 2008 Join in on the holiday spirit. Everyone will be looking for gifts and decorations, as well as things needed for entertaining. There’s so little time this time of the year. So make holiday shopping quick and easy for our students and faculty by advertising in The Collegian! People need places to eat while shopping for the holidays, so this is a prime time for restaurants to advertise to the shoppers in The Collegian.

The The

Collegian Online Local Presence. Worldwide Reach. Award-winning Content

Art Specifications

The Collegian targets not only students, faculty and staff within the Fresno State community, but the world through the Collegian Online, which is available 24/7 at

• Ads are accepted in gif, jpg, and swf formats.

Not only does The Collegian Online contain an upload version of print edition and 10 advertising pages, but it also contains numerous multimedia items. Those items consist of videos, webcasts, photo galleries, sound slides, blogs, newsbriefs, podcasts and more.

• The Collegian reserves the right to adjust the size of an ad if it does not match the width and height requirements.

In 2007 The Collegian Online was the recipient of the Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award, considered to be the Pulitzer of collegiate journalism.

• All ad formats are limited to a size of 25 kb • Specifications regarding the page the banner should be linked to should be provided by the client.

Ad Pricing (468 x 60 pixels)

Banner Ad:


National.............................. $300 monthly, $100 weekly Local................................... $200 monthly, $90 weekly Faculty/Staff/ Students.............................. $160 monthly, $80 weekly

Worldwide Audience The Collegian Online reaches Fresno State and the world 24/7. The Collegian receives the following traffic on the average month.

• 50,000 Unique Visitors • 341,400 Page Views • 1,000,000 Hits per month The Collegian defines unique visitors as the number of different IP addresses per month. Page views is the number of times a visitor views a page. Hits are the number of times a file (page, image, or video) is requested off the Collegian servers.



5201 N. Maple Ave. M/S SA42 Fresno, CA 93740-8027 Ad fax: 559.278.2679 Ad desk: 559.278.5735

S K Y S C R A P E R (120 x 600 pixels)

Button Ad:

Skyscraper Ad:

National..................... $300 monthly, $150 weekly

Local.......................... $250 monthly, $125 weekly Faculty/Staff/ Students.................... $225 monthly, $100 weekly

BUTTON (120 x 100 pixels)

National.............................. $200 monthly, $75 weekly Local................................... $150 monthly, $50 weekly Faculty/Staff/ Students.............................. $100 monthly, $25 weekly

Apartment & Living Guide Advertise in our

Rates* 1/8 Page - $90 1/4 Page - $175 1/2 Page - $325 Full Page - $625

THE Color Full Color - $300 Two Colors - $160 Spot Color - $80

place for students to find

information on apartments,

furniture, storage, more...


Deadline: September 15 *Premium Placement (back page) - 20% extra 540.568.6127 (phone) | 540.568.7889 (fax) | |

Serving James Madison University Since 1922

Act Now... Deadline is Nov. 13th!

Advertise in our


Holiday Guide Gift

Give Gift


Valley of the 540.568.6127 (p) 540.568.7889 (f)

Serving James Madison University Since 1922

PRICING GUIDE 1/8 page Horizontal (5” wide x 2.75” tall) - $90 1/8 page Vertial (2.25” wide x 5.5” tall) - $90 1/4 page Horizontal (10.125” wide x 2.75” tall) - $175 1/4 page Vertical (5” wide x 5.5” tall) - $175 1/2 page Horizontal (10.125” wide x 5.5” tall) - $325 1/2 page Vertical (5” wide x 11.5” tall) - $325 Full Page (10.125” wide x 11.5” tall) - $625 PREMIUM PLACEMENT 20% extra for back page COLOR 1 color - $80 2 colors - $160 Full color - $300

P e r s o n a l A d s

D i n i n g . . n o i t a r b e l e c e h t of t r a p e B

r u o n i ! e e d s i i t u r G e v n 5 1 l i d o r i p A duat RSVPbyA a r G 4 pril 2 A s e h Publis

il: ema 9 8 8.78 6 5 . 0 x: 54 a F 7 612 . 8 6 5 540. : e n Pho

G i ft s

du mu.e j @ e breez the_

1/8 - $79 1/4 - $150 1/2 - $298 Full - $597

F l o we r s

Me mo r i es

DIVISION 3B: Best Sales Promotion Materials As we head into a possible economic recession, we have taken a major initiative to focus on and secure New Business for the 08-09 school year. Our first initiative was to develop a 3-part mailing campaign to reach out to clients who have not advertised with us in over a year, who are familiar with our products, but for one reason or other are not currently spending. We took this opportunity to re-introduce the campus community to them, along with important information about our spending power, and other key information central to the old “money doesn’t grow on trees” adage our parents have always told us, and spun that into a campaign designed to help our clients grow their own money tree! The first mailer was a letter and an attention-grabbing piece that looks like money. The second mailer was a post-card, and the third mailer included a letter, our rate card, and a coupon resembling money. While the full effects of this initiative will only be known until the second semester is well over. Initial results show that while in our city, most media outlets are down about 20 – 20% in revenues, and while competitive universities of our size are down about 12 – 20%, Louisiana State University Student Media heads into the second semester ahead of last year by 13%. We have re-vamped our style of flyers to reflect an overall “clean” look, as well as similar-looking materials so that our clients can recognize our pieces from the competition more readily. These pieces come out about every 2 weeks or so to keep our clients thinking about reasons to advertise! Our sales force has put into place alternating sales contact with personal contact, and the relationships they’ve grown we feel have been a key aspect to our success this school year. This summer, all the reps took time to make “goodie baskets” of baked goods, pencils, bumper stickers, etc. to say thank you for last year’s business – and all of them have seen nearly a 20% increase in this year’s contracts! It was their sincere way of reaching out to the client to keep in touch, and not just always make a sales call. We feel our overall efforts to maintain awareness, reach out to old clients, and develop meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients has lead to our success where others are failing.

New Business 3-part mailer campaign







Phone: 432-3010 Fax: 432-3015





Current MSU and community news makes this section an ideal way to reach MSU students ASAP. Space is limited. Reserve Space Early.

A focus on interesting people and local places in the news as well as spotlights of faces in the crowd makes Faces and Places a highly read and popular section.

This is the section that covers fashion, food, housing and trends on campus.

DEADLINES Space Copy July 8th July 10th

DEADLINES Space Copy July 8th July 10th

DEADLINES Space Copy July 14th July 17th




The MSU community spends millions every month on entertainment. This section gives the lowdown about MSU leisure, dining and nightlife in the East Lansing area. For more East Lansing entertainment visit:

Expectations are running high for this year’s MSU teams. Be a part of the action and reach avid Spartan fans in this section.

Employment, housing, automobiles and services are just some of the reasons the MSU community turns to our Classified section.

DEADLINES Space Copy July 21st July 24th

DEADLINES Space Copy July 28th July 31st

DEADLINES Space Copy August 4th August 4th




WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20TH Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6

1.69 3.55 5.41 7.27 9.13 11.00 *Retail display ad sizes start at 1 column wide by 2 inches deep.




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Inches 1.11 2.34 3.58 4.81 6.05 7.29 8.52 9.76 11.00

*Classied display ad sizes start at 1 column wide by 1 inch deep.

THE S STA STATE TATE TE NEWS IS EVERYWHERE! EVE EVER RYWHERE! During Welcome Week, your message will be seen in every dorm and greek house, all along Grand River and throughout East Lansing. We can help build brand identity and extend your reach by introducing your business to 10,000 new students as well as reinforcing your message to the 35,000 returning students, all of whom are potential customers! The State News will guide students to your business. Take this opportunity to showcase what your company has to offer the East Lansing community. Reserve your space today!

KEYS TO SURVIVAL • Receive a 15% discount when you repeat your Welcome Week ad during the first three weeks of school. That’s September12th. • $100 off any web ad running through the end of the summer when you buy a quarter page or larger Welcome Week ad. • Guarantee your page placement for only $250. (Half page or larger.*)




M S U OURIe S t S I Ms t a R S I T Y

L E L V I UN A B S T R A E e E k B n s io n K t c a l a b o S l e i t h a t c f a A o b t e w t r h e t i a f Bb e a pp a r to v e r H p bea

a JaQ n re

Advertising Rates

Quarter Page 4.937” x 4.763”

Eighth Page 4.937” x 2.32” (H) 2.406“ x 4.763” (V) $63 B/W $79.50 Full color

DEADLINE: November 3, 2008

The Standard Advertising Representatives. Mark Morgan [417.836.5048] Samantha Gregory [417.836.6218] Alex Kauffman [417.836.5477]

$125 B/W $158 Full Color

Half Page 10” x 4.763” Horizontal 4.937” x 9.664” Vertical $250 B/W $304 Full Color

Full Page 10” x 9.664” $500 B/W $587.50 Full Color


Dining Special Section

Advertising Rates Quarter Page 4.937” x 4.763”

Eighth Page 4.937” x 2.32” (H) 2.406“ x 4.763” (V) $63 B/W $79.50 Full color

$125 B/W $158 Full Color

Full Page 10” x 9.664” $500 B/W $587.50 Full Color

Half Page 10” x 4.763” Horizontal 4.937” x 9.664” Vertical $250 B/W $304 Full Color

missouri state university

Call Samantha Gregory @ 836.6218 for more info. Space Reservation Deadline: Monday, September 8, 2008 5:00 pm

20,000 College students who really like to eat & be entertained! Get their attention with The Standard's dining and entertainment section.

s u p m a C k c a B 2

1 # re se rv at io ns 5% di sc ou nt on sp ac e 30 . ma de be fo re 5. pm Ju ne

back to School/ orientation issue in the nation!! -CNBAM Awards ‘08 w w w. c n ba m. o rg /re s o u rce -ba n k

Mailed to the homes of approximately 3,500 incoming freshman & transfer students on August 1. Advertising Rates

7,000 inserted into first regular issue of the fall semester. Quarter Page 4.937” x 4.763”

Call Samantha Gregory at 417.836.5048 or 417.836.6218 for further details & information.

Eighth Page 4.937” x 2.32” (H) 2.406“ x 4.763” (V) $63 B/W $79.50 Full color

$125 B/W $158 Full Color

Half Page 10” x 4.763” Horizontal 4.937” x 9.664” Vertical $250 B/W $304 Full Color

Full Page 10” x 9.664” $500 B/W $587.50 Full Color

Becoming coming Legends. gends. Living theLegacy Every decade has one. A legend of the times.

Call Samantha Gregory @ 836.6218 for more info. Deadline: Monday, October 6, 2008 5:00 pm

Advertising Rates Quarter Page 4.937” x 4.763”

Full Page 10” x 9.664” $500 B/W $587.50 Full Color

$125 B/W $158 Full Color

Eighth Page 4.937” x 2.32” (H) 2.406“ x 4.763” (V) $63 B/W $79.50 Full color

Half Page 10” x 4.763” Horizontal 4.937” x 9.664” Vertical $250 B/W $304 Full Color


2009 CNBAM Awards

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