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Students Meet Goal

Al Cesky Award Winners

by Daria Lipka

Abby Smucker and Stephan Olaya by Ida Ehrhardt This spring, C. Milton Wright has honored two student athletes with the Al Cesky Scholarship. Abby Smucker and Stephan Olaya were nominated as the school’s winners, and will be honored on May 15th at the Richlin Ballroom. The Al Cesky Scholarship Fund awards 24 scholarships ($2,000) to 12 men and 12 women. At the banquet, one male and one female will be chosen to receive a $5,000 scholarship. The scholarship is awarded based on students’ service toward others, level of athletic achievement, academic achievement, and financial need. The method of choosing students from each school varies. CMW has teachers nominate students based on the criteria. The Scholarship is in honor of Mr. Al Cesky, a football coach for 30 years at Bel Air High School. Mr. Cesky died in

Relay for Life page 5

April 18, 2013

April 1985 at age 57 after suffering a heart attack. He was known for encouraging his players to be the best that they could be, and for maintaining high moral standards. Abby and Stephan are both talented individuals. They both excel in their schoolwork and work hard at whatever they are doing. Abby is a member of Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse teams. Stephan is a member of the Soccer and the Track Team. Abby and Stephan have both been team captains as well. Abby and Stephan also are very active in other extracurricular activities with Stephan being a member of the CMW Band, and Abby being a member of the Best Buddies Club. C. Milton Wright is very fortunate to have students like Abby and Stephan, and we wish them luck at the banquet.

C. Milton raised $4,558 for Pennies for Patients, a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. C. Milton Wright’s Megan Pavlitsa shared her own personal story of the affects of this disease on families. Megan told many classes the story of her brother who was just two years old when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was unexpected and came as a shock to her vacationing family when Connor came down with a bad cough. Megan’s family and her own life was changed forever. Connor is a survivor and strives to never take life for granted. Megan’s goal for the fundraiser was $2,500, but her story inspired so many to help that the total was almost doubled thanks to a generous donation from the Senior Class. Since 1994, millions of dollars have been raised in pennies and other spare change by more than

10 million elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country. Everyone’s change can be used for more than just the gumball machine. It can help save lives. A few pennies doesn’t seem like much, but to someone else it can mean the world. The money is used in a variety of ways. Some of the money goes toward extensive research on these certain types of cancers. Other money goes to supporting the families that are affected by the disease.The goal is to provide better awareness within the community and solutions to treatment and cures. Thanks to some generous people in this school, more people will be saved. This fundraiser has prompted some students to think more seriously before complaining about hair, homework, and the weather. There are more serious problems that people face daily. It’s uncertain if this will be a yearly fundraiser at C. Milton. There’s no denying, however, that the impact this year will foster awareness for the future.

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April 18, 2013

Opinion/Commentary Diversity at Towson University by Drew Buckley There is a huge difference between having a Student Union that celebrates a social or ethnic group and one that has zero tolerance all others outside their “norm”. Matthew Heimbach, a senior at Towson University, has been the outspoken leader of a white student union at Towson. For the past year, Heimbach’s objective has been to have an ethnic group for whites that advocates white supremacy at Towson University. This group is a spin-off of Heimbach’s former group at Towson University titled “Youths For Western Civilization”, which was another group that was created in order to advocate white supremacy. Members of this group went around the campus and chalked “white pride”. Now with his new group, Heimbach has set up night patrols around campus. Heimbach claims that these night patrols have been organized in order to “deter crime caused by blacks targeting the majority”. Heimbach has also said that this group, “is a support network for a campus that is hostile toward white students”. The majority of students at Towson University are against this group and claim that it is racist. Many of them believe that this group is giving Towson a bad image and that they do not want anyone to think that Towson University supports any type of racism. A large amount of stu-

The Pony Express C. Milton Wright High School Student Publication

dents did a march for unity in an effort to spread peace around the campus and to show that Towson University is a diverse campus. Towson University president Maravene Loeschke commented on the subject saying, “I would say it is an embarrassment because our core values are very strong. We win awards, all kinds of awards, for what we do for diversity.” In response to everything students at the university have done in order demote this student union, Heimbach simply said, “Every single other ethnic group has an advocacy group for themselves. We have a Black student union, a Hispanic student union, an Asian student union. We have groups for every other group of people except for white students.” As much as this comment from Heimbach is true, there is a difference between all of these other student unions and the White student union. Each other student union allows other races to join their groups. For example, there are white students that belong in the Black student union. Heimbach is not allowing any other race to join his union and the only people allowed in his group are whites. Until all races are allowed to join this union, it should not be considered fair. Heimbach is going to graduate from Towson University in May and this could lead to the changes that this union needs in order to make it fair for all students at Towson University. The Pony Express contains editorials that express the opinions and viewpoints of individual student writers that are not necessarily shared by all students, staff, or the administration of C. Milton Wright HS.

Changing Values and Laws by Matt Teitelbaum Reform laws expanding the rights of citizens to use marijuana for medicinal purposes have made their way to our own state of Maryland. Marylanders can now use Marijuana if they are 21 and over and have been diagnosed with a medical condition like glaucoma or severe anxiety. This is a good start to progressing our state’s drug policies to accommodate the values of our generation. We now know that drug prohibition laws on all but the most dangerous of substances are more harmful than helpful. There are reasons to legal-

ize marijuana. Marijuana legalization would reduce drug crime. About half of all drug crime in the United States is marijuana related. A reduction in drug crime would cripple gangs who are dependent on drug crime. Crippling dangerous gangs would in turn reduce gun violence. Such a cogent drug policy would move this nation forward in the never ending battle for reasonable action on issues that once could not have even existed. The nation has changed and so must its laws to reflect what we now know as accurate information about marijuana and its measurable effects on the human body and mind.

Pep Rallies Hip Hip Hooray by Corey Winterbottom C.MiltonWright High School should have more Pep Rallies. School pride is a very important thing. It shows the worth of our school and that we respect and appreciate what is being given to us. Pep Rallies would be a good incentive for behavior and academic performance. Pep rallies bring the school together, it inspires the students to perform at their best, and gets the sports teams excited for their games. It wasn’t that long ago that Pep rallies were a big part of high school life. Many of the teachers remember that when they were in school, pep rallies were organized for the Friday afternoon before EVERY home football game. Pep rallies were used to get everyone in the school community excited for

the upcoming games and inspire them to attend the evening events. In movies it’s a stereotypical event in high school. For many people Pep Rallies were one of the many events they liked most about High School. If there were more Pep Rallies it would be something for students to anticipate. They would bring the school together let us show our Mustang Pride. The criticism might be that there needs to be more time spent in the classroom rather than at a “social event” such as a rally. However, the reality is that attendance on Fridays would increase if there was a pep rally to participate in later in the day. Also, many students aren’t comfortable going to games and other school events. Pep rallies would ensure that everyone caught “school fever”. Students need to advocate for rallies.

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April 18, 2013


Stop the Madness Common Sense Should Rule Again

Senior Year Hurts... Your Wallet by Kerry Treusdell

by Danielle Nevin Due to the recent events in Newtown Connecticut, many schools across the United States have decided to bumpup their security procedures. One of those procedures already implemented in many schools was the “buzzing in.” All visitors are expected to buzz into the school and immediately go to the office to sign in. Upon researching these programs, it became clear that many schools are still keeping that same procedure but making it much more difficult to easily gain access to the building. Also, school drills and lockdowns have become more frequent and serious. While these drills are somewhat normal routines that most students have learned to adapt to, there are some new preventative procedures being introduced that could cause more damage than assistance. One school in Washoe County actually has a drill where they have someone bang on the doors to ensure that the children’s reactions are to keep calm and quiet. Another serious change being discussed is allowing teachers to keep guns in the classroom in case of emergency. When do these precautions turn from being a good idea to just plain stupid? Keeping a gun in the class room will lead to just another safety hazard. Things like metal detectors, guns, and banging on doors to scare children aren’t going to keep any incidnets from happening. If any-

thing it would create an environment of fear and suspicion that will increase students’ sense of panic. In reality, no matter how strict the new procedures become, nothing can stop things like this from happening. Instead of coping by trying to make more drills, the public should concentrate on disarming violent citizens and providing help for the deranged and misguided.

If you are a senior, you are well aware how expensive this year has been. With prom, graduation, the senior trip, senior week, and more coming up, the cost of being a senior is becoming more and more exhausting. Many people are beginning to get tired of spending money, especially for students trying to save up for college and

Important Supreme Ruling by Chelsea Kater On Tuesday, March 26th, the Supreme Court heard two arguments for same-sex marriage in America. The two cases heard were United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry. In United States v. Windsor, Edith Windsor was taxed $363,053 after her partner Clara Spyer died and Windsor was to inherit her property. Windsor and Spyer were married in Canada in 2007. In 2009 when Spyer passed away, Windsor was to inherit all of her property. However, because the IRS did not recognize Windsor as a living spouse, she was instead hit with the enormous tax. Hollingsworth v. Perry was a case in California challenging Proposition 8. Proposition 8 was passed in California in 2008 and declared that in the state of California only marriage between a man and a


would be recognized. Now that the Supreme Court has heard the arguments for and against both cases, they will take the next few months to deliberate and make a ruling. The speculation on how the judges will rule stands as follows: Four are most likely to vote yes (Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, and Breyer), three are likely to vote no (Alito, Thomas, and Scalia) and two are swing votes (Kennedy and Roberts). The Supreme Court’s rulings are majority rule, meaning that there must be at least five votes on either side to pass or deny anything. Current speculation believes that there will be a 5-4 or 6-3 ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. I certainly hope that these speculations are accurate, being that I am a supporter of same-sex marriage and am anxious to await the ruling. Only time will tell, as it is unlikely that we will hear anything before June at the earliest.

other things for their future. Prom tickets, at $45 each, is a large amount to spend. Besides the ticket, girls have a dress, hair style, and nails to cover. Boys have a tux to rent which also is not cheap. In addition to everything else related to prom, we’ve got to deal with the issue of getting there. Getting a group together is already an annoying situation, and of course each group wants to outshine the other with their transportation. On average, a good limo costs around a hundred dollars per person in a small group. Larger groups pay less, but the headache of getting a large group of people together that don’t fight AND can get to a meeting place on time is rare. An alternative to limos are Party Busses. Party busses are just as fun and on average cost forty dollars per person in any size group. Although senior year can be quite expensive, hopefully prom night will make it worth it. Remember future Seniors, start saving up your money now! It’s no joke that Senior year hurts.

Right of Reply If you would like an opportunity to respond to the opinions or viewpoints expressed within these editorial pages, please do not hesitate to submit “Letters to the Editor” in the Pony Express mailbox in the main office. Only signed letters will be accepted and they cannot contain any vulgarity. Publication of your letter is not guaranteed, but will be considered.

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April 18, 2013

Features - Academic

Lethargy By Any Other Name by Ji Seo Lethargy goes by many names, such as the infamous “Senioritis”, but the symptons of this crippling disease are the same: a general disinterest and a lack of spirit during the last couple months of school. This condition is rapidly spreading among the students at C. Milton Wright. But fear not, there may be effective ways to combat this annual phenomenon. Here are some simple ways to boost waning motivation and counter those urges to cut class. The most important thing to recognize when combating feelings of idleness, is that motivation is necessary for successful elimination of lethargy. Write down goals, find motivational quotes, and try to keep busy. Think of the future and what needs to be accomplished before de-

ciding to give up on all school-work. Another important thing, when dealing with lethargic feelings, is to realize how much opportunity is lost. Not doing schoolwork and failing to study for exams will cause grades to drop and potential successes to be forfeited. By thinking of the lost possibilities, a feeling of guilt might arise, which may in turn help create proactivity. Last but not least, remember that continuing to try in school doesn’t mean giving up all other activities. Simply make time for both enjoyment and study. Everything is often better in moderation. Concentration seems nearly impossible when the weather turns nice and the beach seems to be calling. However, bear in mind that school will be out in just a little while, and the summer months will be sweeter still.

S.T.A.R.T. Coming to Meetings A Club Option to Consider Next Year by Brad Ensor

And Then There Where None is a classic mystery thriller that will keep you guessing every second. It is a “must see” for all ages. Come out and support CMW Drama Friday 4/19 or Saturday 4/20 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door, $5 students; $8 adults.

On Tuesday, April 9th, the S.T.A.R.T club took a field trip to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy. Located on the Harford Community College campus, this facility is for law enforcement recruits to complete a 28 week training program. Training includes many areas including firearms. The S.T.A.R.T. club visited the facility to become more educated on firearms. As well as better functional community citizens. The S.T.A.R.T acronym stands for Students, Teachers, And Resource officers, Together. The S.T.A.R.T club is for students interested in pur-

suing a future career in or just those interested in learning more about law enforcement and public service. It is sponsored by our school resource officer Deputy Mitchell and teacher, Mr. Himmer. The club meets once a month in Mr. Himmer’s room, Portable 3. Each month the students are instructed on K-9 demonstrations, issues on drugs, bullying, school shootings, and many more. Snacks and drinks are provided. Other field trips this year included Harford County’s District Court and Harford County Sheriff’s Office- Southern Precinct. If you show any interest in the S.T.A.R.T club fill out an application to join for the 2013-2014 school year!

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April 18, 2013

Features - General

Rubber Bread? What Everyone Should Know About What You Are Eating and What Can Be Done About It by Marina Farrugia Ummm, white spongy bread soaks up what’s left of the soup and it’s perfection. But wait! What is this? An ingredient in the bread is the same thing used in yoga mats and sneaker soles! That just won’t do. Yes, that’s right. Azodicarbonamide is a chemical – usually left out of European foods – that American food processors use to bleach flour as soon as possible. It is most commonly found in frozen dinners, breads, packaged baked goods, and boxed pasta mixes. Singapore not only bans this chemical, but one can re-

ceive 15 years in prison for its illegal use and be fined up to half a million dollars. Why? Well, if being an ingredient also used to make the soles of shoes spongy isn’t enough, azodicarbonamide has also been linked to asthma and other respiratory problems. “Milk makes the body strong”, and so too does the synthetic hormones in that milk you drink. Genetically-engineered cow growth hormones are injected into cows by many US dairy farmers to increase milk production by 10 percent. These synthetic hormones are not only bad for the cows – causing udder inflammation, in-

fections, and infertility – but the hormones have been linked to cancers and allergies in humans. Isn’t the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supposed to protect the population from harmful ingredients such as azodicarbonamide and synthetic hormones? Haven’t they realized that these ingredients are banned in other countries for a reason? If food producing companies and the FDA won’t come to their senses, then the public must. One way people can combat the use of these ingredients in products is by simply NOT buying them. Stay healthy my friend.

Styling Through Spring with Brett by Brett Schatz Spring has finally arrived. After a long, harsh winter I’m sure all of the students here at CMW are excited to break out their spring attire. Specifically us men. For men here at school, spring is an exciting time. The end of school is near, the weather is nice, overall, spring brings a confident feeling to you, so your spring attire should too. With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to break out the shorts. The khaki and athletic shorts are the best type of wear for the spring season. Now for socks, the midcalfs are in. The popular brand of these socks are Polo, Under Ar-

mour, and especially Nike. The mid-calfs will bring a swagger to your sock game. It can go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe and they are beyond comfortable. For shirts, the graphic tee is and will probably always be popular. They are both comfortable and stylish. With the graphic tee, you can show the world what you’re all about just with the words or logo printed on your shirt. Shoes...Vans are the hottest shoe out there right about now. The combination of them with the mid-calf socks are lethal. Now for semi-formal attire. For your formal events you may be forced to break out some dress or khaki pants, but you may be able

to get away with some khaki shorts too. Up top you could wear a quality Polo collared shirt or if you’re forced to, a respectable button down shirt with a tie or bow tie. All of this with some dress shoes or Sperry’s and you’re all set for formal events. Now that spring is here, a lot of exciting things are happening. Embrace it, and look good while doing it. Best of luck.

by Nadyah Hilmi There are many student teams from C. Milton Wright participating in Relay for Life. This includes The Incredibles,Ribbon Racers, The Lifesavers, Cancer Busters, and Happy Feet. All together, the student teams from C. Milton Wright have raised over $1500. Many of CMW’s teams will be at Havre de Grace on June 7th, at 6pm, where over 40 teams and over 400 people will participate in Havre de Grace’s Relay for Life. Relay for Life is the main volunteer-driven cancer fundraising event of theAmerican Cancer Society. It is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk, where teams will camp out along Havre de Grace High School’s track. During the event, at least one person from each team must be walking the track. This goes on until 7 am the next day. Throughout the night, there will be a Survivors Lap, a Luminaria Ceremony, and a Fight Back Ceremony. The main purpose of Relay for Life is to raise money for cancer research and cancer patients. However, the event is also held to spread awareness about cancer, celebrate cancer survivors, and remember those who have lost their fight with cancer. So far, Havre de Grace’s Relay for Life has raised over $24,000.

The Pony Express

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April 18, 2013

Senior Response Collage “Senior trip” -Reagan Ibberson

“Graduation!” -that’s what they said “Moving

“Prom and the senior trip” -Emma Zyriek

on to freedom and having a kick butt summer” -Tyler DellaRatta

“As of now, I’m looking forward to graduating and continuing my education at HCC.” -Drew Buckley

Right now, what are you looking

forward to most?! “Going to college with my boy Rick” -The Jake Labe

“Being independent and Senior Week AHH!” -Ricky Scheeler and Riley Williams

The Pony Express

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April 18, 2013

Senior Response Collage

“Not having summer assignments.” -Stephan Olaya

“Senior week!” -says the group

“Gigging with the band” -Keith Tuttle (The Slanted Sound)

Right now, what are you looking

forward to most?!

“Doing work” -Alex Meholic

“Tanning in the sun and my pool” -Mike Moss

“Not having summer homework” -Kevin Buchanan

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The Pony Express

April 18, 2013

Features - Entertainment

Local Warm Weather Fun It’s Possible to Enjoy Yourself in Bel Air by Veronica Proudford

Recipe Corner by Staff Cooking math: Chocolate + sandwich cookies + peanut butter = FABULOUS! Recently more students have expressed interest in baking their own snacks and quick meals. There are few things that are easier than Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies. Even if one is a newbie to baking, this is a recipe that is easy to follow and always turns out well. Gathering ingredients is a simple as raiding the family pantry. * Pack of Oreos * Jar of Creamy Peanut Butter * Boxed Brownie Mix (oil and egg for Mix) * Cupcake Liners * Cupcake Pan To prepare the cupcakes, mix the ingredients for the boxed brownies and set aside.

Then line each of the 24 cupcake spaces with cupcake liners. Spread peanut butter onto one side of an Oreo and stick another Oreo on top of the spread butter. Add an additional layer of peanut butter on the top of the highest Oreo. Place one layered Oreo into each of the cupcake liners. Try to center them as much as possible to allow space between the cookies and the liner walls. Pour the mixed brownie recipe into each liner, over the top and down the sides of the stacked Oreos. Carefully bake the brownies in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until set. Allow brownies to cool completely before attempting to remove from liners to avoid separation of brownie and submerged cookies. Enjoy these decadent treats with friends and family. It’s not recommended to eat the entire batch by oneself. Easy recipe to create and enjoy anytime.

With spring here and summer on its way, Bel Air is encouraging its residents to go out and enjoy the town. Restaurants, outdoor fests, and celebrations are coming soon. LASOS, a charity organization specializing in English as a Second Language, is hosting its annual Celebration of Cultures event on May 4th. It will be held from 11am to 3pm at the Bel Air Armory. Admission is free for everyone. LASOS considers it a “day to celebrate cultural diversity in our county.” There will be traditional ethnic cuisine, live performances, international exhibits, and art from

a variety of cultures. Kids can enjoy games, stories, and face painting. Pairings Bistro, located near the Festival, and the Open Door Cafe in town, alternate as restaurants of the week starting May 18th, according to the Bel Air Farmer’s Market. Katzen Eye Group is sponsoring outdoor movies at Shamrock Park every two weeks from June 14th to August 16th. Admission and popcorn are free, courtesy of Katzen. The fun begins at 6:30 and the movie starts as soon as the sun sets. Movies to be shown include Hotel Transylvania, Hoodwinked 2, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck It Ralph, and Madagascar 3. Enjoy events with friends.

Pet of the Month

Guidance Secretary, Stephanie Whalon is the very proud owner of Pepé Lopez Whalon. Pepé is a 2 year old Chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund mix). He enjoys long walks and belly rubs. In his free time he likes to sit outside and soak up the sun and play with toys.

The Pony Express

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April 18, 2013

Sports Orioles Prospects

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

by Jordan Cope The 2012 season for the Baltimore Orioles was magical in every way. They can brag about the team’s record in one-run games, their record in extra innings, and the first playoff appearance since the 1997 season. While the Orioles are bringing back most of their team for the 2013 season, baseball experts are already writing-off the Orioles to have a winning record and make the playoffs. The starting pitching for the Orioles this year will determine the team’s playoff future. The ace of the pitching staff, Jason Hammel will be returning for his second season with the team. Wei-Yin Chen will also be returning to the Orioles for his second season in the MLB and will look to repeat success from his rookie year. Miguel Gonzalez and Chris Tillman are returning to their three and four spots in the rotation. While the fifth spot in the pitching rotation is still up for grabs, the Orioles will have four solid starters returning to their team which will help the Birds in their hunt for October. Another key to the Orioles playoff run this year will be the offense. With slugger Chris Davis and star center fielder Adam Jones returning along with the addition of the healthy Nolan Reimold, the Orioles offense should be productive. The Orioles starting pitching, offense, and bullpen will be key factors for the Orioles success this year. With a similar Orioles team returning, the playoffs should be a sure thing for the Birds of Baltimore in this 2013 season.

Matt Combs It’s mid-April and the Varsity boys’ lacrosse season is underway and the team is off to a marvelous start to their campaign with a 6-2 record after eight games.. The team lost their last game against Fallston yesterday by the score of 16-9. Their next game is tomorrow when they play Patterson Mill. on Friday. The team is coached by Mr. Andrew Gerard who is entering his 16th season coaching at CMW and 26th season coaching overall. When asked what his thoughts were on how the season was going so far. Mr. Gerard replied that the team has “Started to come together gel well as a team, “and the “team Is starting to trust each other.” Every team can improve on certain aspects of their game and lacrosse is no different. Areas of improvement which were said by Mr. Gerard are “consistent play, containing the ball and reducing turnovers.” Patterson Mill tomorrow is a competitive opponent, though in Mr. Gerard’s eyes there are two more competitive games ahead in “Bel Air, and North Harford.” Most sports teams have a mantra that helps guide them through the season.

The idea for the mindset of this lacrosse season Mr. Gerard told me came from the Senior Captains in “One team One family, One goal.” Mr. Gerard told me that the team believes “Every part of the team contributes to its success.” ” Lastly when asked what the expectations are for the remainder of the season Mr. Gerard wants the team to be “really competitive in their games, contend for the county title, stay unified as a team and play well in the regional and state playoffs.” With the team believing in the “one team, one family, one goal mindset all of those expectations surely can be met.

Softball by Patrik Stasak The Mustangs Varsity Softball team is off to a great start with a record of seven wins and three losses. They do a lot of conditioning skills, and they work on team chemistry and other skills and strategies. The season is just about halfway over and the team still has a lot of games left. The team still has big games ahead as they play Bel Air on April 24th. The team is very good, and they battle every time they’re on the field. Come out and support the softball the team. Every cheer helps out.

Track and Field by Patrik Stasak The outdoor track season is halfway over, and they’re preparing to do well in the championship meets, and finish a strong season. The team is looking good, but there is always room to improve, and they hope to do that with hardworking practices. When asked how the team is doing, coach Mickey stated ‘‘The team has been train-

ing very hard, and the early meets show a lot of promise’’. The team is being led mostly by the seniors on the team. They lead by example and lead the practices and work very hard to show the underclassmen what needs to be done to succeed. The team has many goals this season and the two most important ones are to win the most important meets, and to qualify as many people as they can for States.

The Pony Express

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April 18, 2013

Mustang Sports V. Baseball Works on Consistency Through a Rollercoaster Season

Tennis is Hitting Back by Patrik Stasak

by Matt Combs The bats are out, the gloves are on and the diamond has been cut to have fresh grass which means one thing, baseball season is here. Baseball, as they are entering their second quarter of the season, is standing with a record of 3-4. The team is in high spirits due to them winning their last game 7-4 against Patterson Mill. This win snapped the teams three game losing streak. Outfielder, Drew Buckley stated that the team “is coming together”, though right now they are “still trying to figure it out. The baseball season has been a roller-coaster type season and improvement can be made to build consistency Drew thinks that the “pitching” could be improved while Brett Schatz thinks that if the team “keeps working hard and keeps a good attitude” good things will come to the team. With several games left in the season Drew and Brett feel that “every team is decent and the division is evenly matched”. Varsity baseball has experienced several feelings of joy and disappointment though they are still keeping a positive attitude and have visions of success for this season.

Remaining Home Games Girl’s Lacrosse 4/18 North East 4/22 Hereford 4/25 North Harford Softball 4/22 Rising Sun 4/29 Perryville 4/30 Mercy 5/6 Catonsville

Baseball 4/22 Rising Sun 4/26 A B Curley 4/29 Patterson Mill 5/3 John Carroll 5/6 Gilman Boy’s Lacrosse 4/24 Bel Air

Track and Field 5/10 Night Tennis 4/19 Fallston 4/25 Rising Sun 5/1 Patterson Mill 5/8 North Harford

The tennis season has started off to a pretty good start. The team record is three wins and one loss at the time of this article. They have key matches coming up as they play their rivals Fallston in a couple weeks and Bel Air. The team is practicing everyday as they try to win the division and have a good outing at the divisional. Players like Bobby Frantz are stepping up as he hasn’t lost a match yet. The season just started, but The Mustangs are already looking at the future as they try to win the division, and have a lot of players make it to Finals.

Girl’s Lacrosse “Play Hard, Smart, and Together” by Matt Combs It’s spring time which means lacrosse season is underway and as it relates to the girls’ team so far they are having a perfect season. Six games into the season the team is 6-0 with their latest victory coming against Fallston on Thursday by the score of 15-5. Their next game is Tuesday against Bel Air. The girls’ team has been getting considerable wins due to the offense scoring 11.3 goals per game while the defense just allows 7.0 goals per game. When asked on her thoughts on how the season has gone so far, senior midfielder, Abby Smuck-

er stated that, “It’s going well”. Adding to that statement, senior defender, Heather Mckee said that the team has, “high expectations” for the remainder of the season. To help enhance the team’s game Abby said that the team could work on their “offensive commitment and transitional play”. “Play hard, smart, and together”. This is the motto that Abby and Heather both told me the team was rallying behind this season. Perfection is a very fragile concept to hold throughout a season and with the girls’ team about halfway there, the team knows there are still some big hurdles ahead. When asked who were their

most competitive opponents remaining of their last nine games, Abby said, “North Harford and St. Paul’s”. With an undefeated start approaching the halfway point of the season, the girls team is well on their way to achieving their expectation for this season which Heather and Abby both said was “state champions.” With the motivation of the message “play hard, smart and together”, this team is on the perfect road to that State Championship. If this team can keep up this electric pace, the team can achieve their goal and take care of unfinished business this year. It’s time for CMW to support their ladies on the field.

April 2013 Issue of the Pony Express  

The Pony Express is C. Milton Wright High School's student generated newspaper.

April 2013 Issue of the Pony Express  

The Pony Express is C. Milton Wright High School's student generated newspaper.