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Since our last edition of Outlook, a number of important events have taken place both inside and outside the company. The Australian economy although patchy, continues to outperform many other countries including the US and most of Europe. However the strong $A continues to make life difficult for many sectors of our economy especially exporters and those industries including agriculture that compete with imports made cheaper because of our strong dollar. This obviously includes the local car manufacturers. Much has been made of the recent decision by GMH to shed 500 jobs and the possible negative knock-on effects to local manufacture. One can understand the significant government subsidies, both Federal and State, to encourage local manufacture of motor vehicles. Most countries do support local car production in some form, not always as transparently as the direct subsidies that operate in Australia. The spectre of rising labour costs in China has seen the repatriation of some manufacturing back to the US. This is something we need to think about. Our view is that Australia needs to try to maintain the skills base and expertise that is supported by our manufacturing sector. To that extent, Toyota should be commended for their significant export volumes and the recent decision to manufacture the hybrid petrol/electric engine that is fitted to the locally produced Camry in Altona. Closer to home, the CMV Group has posted satisfactory results for the financial year so far with most divisions operating at or near budget levels. As this edition of Outlook goes to press, our own staff, our business partners, and contractors are drawing breath as the wine grape, pistachio and almond harvests have drawn to a close. It is always an uncertain time in horticulture, as unseasonal weather events, machinery breakdowns or outbreaks of pests and diseases can significantly affect returns after a year’s hard work pruning, irrigating and generally nurturing the vines and trees. Thankfully, the 2013 harvest avoided most of those challenges and David Crawford will tell us in more detail, how it all went. The total car market continues to operate at or near record levels, in part due to increasingly competitively priced imports from America, Europe, Korea and even Japan. The CMV Goup has benefitted from the strong market conditions, especially in our three Toyota dealerships. The heavy truck market is running at levels well above the 10 year average. The outlook remains positive and the likely “pre buy” in anticipation of the next round of emission legislation, ADR 80/04, is likely to be introduced in 2018.


MANAGING DIRECTORS' REPORT The cover of this edition of Outlook highlights our new Lexus of Adelaide facility which was officially opened by the President of Lexus Australia, Max Yasuda last year. It is a remarkable building which restores the amenity and convenience both for customers and staff which was missing in the temporary site at Parkside. Special thanks to the architects Barry Matthews and Martin Childs and builder Badge Constructions. Our new Mercedes-Benz car dealership which was featured last edition continues to perform well and earn its place it the CMV family. The new "A Class" released recently is featured in the MBA section. Toyota has released its brilliant new Corolla which is really turning heads, especially the Hatch. Lexus has released the all new LS to great acclaim. Jeep sales are booming nationally representing outstanding value and eye catching edgy appeal. Our truck franchisors have also been busy most notably with the launch of the new Volvo FH which was unveiled in Hannover last year. This truck will be built in Australia commencing late this year and available for sale first quarter 2014. To celebrate Mack's 50th birthday in Australia, a limited edition "Southern Cross" version has been launched. We are delighted that CMV customers in South Australia and Victoria were able to take up eight of the 30 available nationally. These trucks were a feature of the Brisbane Truck Show. The company continues its strong focus on workplace safety. This is imperative not just because of new strengthened work, health & safety legislation but because of our clear obligation to provide a safe and effective workplace for staff. We have been encouraged by the downward trend in reportable incidents, however, there is no room for complacency. Special thanks to director Steve Palyga who has really driven this project since joining the Board in 2012.

Paul and Michael Crawford Joint Managing Directors Finally, we want to thank all staff and customers who help us make CMV successful. We continue to work to make our businesses places where customers feel valued and supported, no matter what the issue, and where staff genuinely want to work and be “a member of the CMV team.” Paul and Michael Crawford






David Simmons Chairman

“I WONDER” Hello to you all. I wonder what your first memory is? Did you ever tell anyone? Maybe in today’s fast paced world we tend to ignore the past and focus more on today and the future. The CMV Group has a rich history, and a real commitment to recording it for the benefit of future generations. Our principles and values are clearly traceable to our history. In April this year, another chapter was added to the CMV history when our joint Managing Director, Paul Crawford, married Justine Brown at an idyllic country location. A great time was had by all. Paul and Justine’s son James was the ring bearer. I wonder if at 2 ½ years of age, James will remember the wedding?


Recently, Kathie and I treated my family (sons, partners, grandchildren etc) to a holiday at Koh Samui. It was a great holiday, particularly the time we got to spend with our grandchildren, Brock and Lyla. It was there that we got talking about first memories. My mother died when I was 2 ½; unfortunately I have no memory of her. We wondered whether Brock at 2 ½ would remember the holiday (particularly the unfortunate incident involving a large, wayward sky rocket launched on the beach by someone known as Papa, that created havoc at the wedding down the beach). We wondered what my mother’s first memory was. First memories seem important to me, they tell you something about a person, something about where they came from. As a family, we have now all written down our first memories. On Christmas Day this year, the envelopes will be opened. We will all learn something and the learnings will pass into our history. Kathie thinks I wonder too much! Now, wasn’t it great that Lindsay Fox stole the limelight at the Boao Forum for Asia conference that was recently held in China? Bob Hawke was there, our Prime Minister was there, high flyers from the business world were there, but it was Lindsay Fox’s business card that had everyone

talking. It said “Lindsay Fox, Truck Driver”. He later explained, “Anyone can be a chief executive or chairman, but you actually need some real skills to drive a truck”. So, there you go all you truck drivers out there; your skills have been exposed to the world! I met a mate of Paul’s at the wedding. A decent bloke and his delightful wife from Warracknabeal. I didn’t know that he owned a large trucking company or that he was a long time CMV customer. I casually asked him what he did. “I am a truck driver” he said. The next Lindsay Fox? Until next time.



CMV HUMAN RESOURSES CERTIFICATE IV IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY Early in 2012, 23 managers and supervisors from the South Australian automotive and truck divisions commenced Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety.

The graduates believe this training has enhanced their knowledge and improved their skills in OH&S. They recognise that safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility, as managers they need to ensure they have safe systems implemented and that all employees are trained to go about their duties safely.

This training was conducted by Deb Hegarty from the Motor Trades Association of South Australia. Deb is an experienced OH&S trainer and has previously delivered a number of OH&S courses throughout the CMV Group.

Rodney Kuzma from CMV Truck Sales shares some of his experiences from the OH&S course:

Participants found the course challenging and it required a significant time commitment from them all. The feedback from the participants was excellent, with many acknowledging they had “got a lot of value from the course” and gained a greater understanding of the importance of OH&S systems in the workplace.

OH&S is not just another set of regulations and policies that we need to adhere to. OH&S is a way of life, a focus, a mindset that we all need to adopt in our businesses and our home lives. It is about everyone taking responsibility for their own actions and looking out for themselves and their workmates.

Some of the topics covered included:

What did you implement in the workplace?

• The importance of consultation • Identifying hazards and risk assessments • Evaluating emergency control procedures • How to conduct a workplace inspection and a workplace audit

There are many improvements that I have implemented during and after the course. Making sure that Standard Operating Procedures are up to date and relevant is crucial but doing this without adequate training on the equipment is not effective. The development of a training register allows me to monitor this and I can include it as a part of inductions for new employees and arrange refresher training where appropriate. But the biggest impact you can make is to create awareness!

Robert Grose graduates

How have the changes improved the workshop?

Rodney Kuzma accepts his graduation certificate

On 6 December 2012 all 23 participants celebrated their graduation as they had worked extremely hard to complete assignments and implement changes in their workplaces. CMV Group chairman David Simmons, managing directors Paul and Michael Crawford, along with many of the general/branch managers, attended the graduation and highlighted the importance of OH&S in the workplace and the need to ensure all employees return home safely each day.

Hayley Cox, Chris Shepherd, Deb Hegarty (OH&S Consultant) and Marshall Mcbey

What did you learn from the OH&S course?

Everyone actively and constructively participates in safety discussions both in toolbox meetings and within their work groups. If you explain to the apprentices how serious you are about safety and instil this in them early, they will carry it throughout their careers.


CMV FOUNDATION The CMV Foundation has made donations to the following organisations over the last few months:

is a safe place for them to have fun, outdoor recreation, make lasting memories and meet positive role models who can become mentors through their tumultuous young teen years.

Country Fire Service Foundation The Country Fire Service Foundation wrote to the CMV Foundation requesting a donation towards the CFS volunteers and their families who have suffered loss or injury while undertaking the community work. The Foundation were happy to assist those who give up their personal time and commit to hours of service to the community. Cora Barclay Centre The Cora Barclay Centre is an Adelaide based charity. It was established by a group of Adelaide mums whose babies were born deaf due to the severe 1940’s rubella outbreaks. The centre has a long tradition of providing innovative services for families with deaf children. It works with parents to develop skills regarding audition, speech and language in children who are deaf. The organisation approached the CMV Foundation for support of a new project comprising of an early intervention service. The Foundation gladly assisted and made a donation in support of this cause.

Recent donations have also been made towards the following organisations:

The 12-seater bus gifted through the support of groups such as the CMV Foundation which will be accessible by those with mobility issues

Helping Hand Aged Care Helping Hand is a not-for-profit organisation providing accommodation and services for the elderly in South Australia. Helping Hand recently received a donation which allowed them to purchase a Bus with the view to transport their senior residents and members of the local community on excursions to enhance social opportunities. As residents have difficulty climbing up into the bus, they requested a donation to help them refit the bus with an internal wheel chair lifter and an electric auto step. The CMV Foundation gladly assisted them with a donation towards the modifications and hope that the bus has many years of use for Helping Hand. Prison Fellowship Australia

A young member of the Cora Barclay Centre who is benefiting from the Early Intervention Service for Deaf or Hearing Impaired Children


Prison Fellowship entered a submission for support of their 2013 Camping Program. These camps include a package of programs, activities and services for vulnerable young people – the children of prisoners. The CMV Foundation supported the ‘Camp for Kids’ which offers up to 60 children between the ages of 9 – 11 years, a camping experience which

• Oodnadatta Races • Loxton North Football Club • Loxton Football Club • Loxton North Netball Club • Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation • Renmark Tintra Lawn Tennis Club • William Creek Gymkhana Committee • Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association • Steve Waugh Foundation • Coopers Brewery Foundation Golf Day • Variety SA Many of the donations made by the trustees of the CMV Foundation result from direct requests from a large range of individuals and organisations. Whilst these will always make up a large percentage of grants, the trustees also endeavour to seek out worthy causes which may not be aware of the Foundation or just simply “go under the radar.” The trustees are sure that many CMV employees come across such needs in their own communities, and would encourage you all to bring such causes you think are worthy to the attention of the Foundation through Hannah. Hannah Gurd Executive Assistant



CMV FOUNDATION CMV STAFF CHARITABLE FOUNDATION – SOUTH AUSTRALIA Since October 2012 the South Australian division has approved donations totalling $30,835. Funding has been provided to the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia. The donation will help to support their youth programs that relate to first aid, resuscitation, pool life guarding, bronze medallion and swim and surviving water safety. The Youth Opportunities Association (SA) used their funding to purchase equipment. In particular, a notebook, projector and speakers have been bought to help trainers to deliver the Personal Leadership Program. The program is conveyed to 25 schools and organisations across metropolitan and regional South Australia, reaching approximately 1,000 young people annually. The Henley Surf Life Saving Club’s funds were assigned to help develop the new club rooms which are currently under construction. This will be a much needed facility for a group which helps keep our beaches safe. The Lutheran Disability Services is an organisation which helps adults with disabilities live independently in the community. Our donation assisted in the purchase of a digital television which replaced their out-dated analogue television. The South Australian division also provided funding to enable the Pheonix Society to conduct an IT training course for its employees, assisting them to become more computer literate. Pheonix has discovered that IT training is an effective way to help their employees develop basic literacy and numeracy skills. Finally, funds were also allocated to the following to assist with the provision of Christmas hampers to the community: Hutt Street Centre,

The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, Foodbank of SA, Little Heroes Foundation, Uniting Communities and The Smith Family. The committee members take great pride in their role, on behalf of CMV Staff Foundation contributions, to seek out opportunities or review applications, to provide financial support to so many worthy causes. Helen Pight Chairperson, SA

CMV STAFF CHARITABLE FOUNDATION – VICTORIA Thank you to all those staff members who kindly donated money in 2012. To my fellow committee members, I am sincerely grateful for the time you generously forwent for this cause. I’m pleased to announce that the division supported the ‘Movember’ campaign, to raise the awareness of prostate cancer in the community. A contingent of CMV staff, took part under the name of the ‘CMV Momigos’. The committee supported the team by pledging to donate $100 for every employee who joined. Matt Smith, in particular, did a fantastic job at rallying the troops and as a result, we ended up with 25 staff participating. The team raised $1,258 in donations. In recognition of the success fo the teams initiative, the committee decided to increase its donation to $3,742 which brought the total to $5,000. Overall, the Committee approved donations to nine charities during 2012, including Redkite, Belvoir Wodonga Special Development School, Variety Australia, Interchange Central Gippsalnd, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Debra Australia, Anti Cancer Council of Victoria, Cure Cancer Australia Foundation and ‘Movember’.

We hope that 2013 is a bigger and better year for the Foundation and I ask for all our contributors to please keep their eyes and ears open for any worthwhile causes and let your committee member know about them. For those staff members not yet contributing or those who would like to increase the amount of their donations, the necessary forms can be downloaded from the CMV Intranet, or are available from your administration staff. Charles Heap Chairperson, VIC






On the 8th February we said farewell to Samara Papazaharias. Samara has been working with us for nearly 10 years and has made a valuable contribution to CMV in her various roles. She has decided to follow her interest in the Fitness and Personal Training Industry. We wish all the very best for her future.

WELCOME KATE ASTON Welcome to Kate Aston who has joined us as the Marketing Executive. She has taken over Sarah’s MacKays' role while Sarah is on maternity leave.




On the 2nd December all those who attended the Christmas Picnic at Belair National Park enjoyed a lovely day. It was a fun family picnic full of exciting events for the children, a roast lunch, bungy jumper and a very special visit from Father Christmas. Thank you to all those who attended and assisted on the day and also to the following members of the Christmas Picnic Committee for their efforts in helping organise the event:

Congratulations to the following staff and their partners on the birth of their babies between 12/09/2012 and 1/03/2013.

• Rowena Berry – Adelaide City Chrysler Jeep • Michelle Loechel – CMI Portside • Kyra Harvey & Jas Athwall– CMI Toyota • Chloe Hall – South Central Trucks Volvo • Kirra King – South Central Trucks Mack • Chris Clark – Nut Producers Aust./CMV Farms • David Skopal & Samara Papazaharias – CMV Admin • Linda Eastwood Mercedes-Benz Adelaide

Branch Contracts West Laverton Mack/UD - Sales Laverton Mack/UD - Service Laverton Mack/UD - Service Laverton Volvo - Parts (Bunkers) CMV Admin CMV Farms Hallam Truck Centre CMI West Terrace CMI West Terrace CMI WEST TCE Albury Wodonga SCT Volvo CMI West Terrace CMI Southside Truck Sales Truck Sales

Parents Name Rob & Lani Coultson Rob & Colleen Cavka Justin & Adele Pyers Kelly Chan & Marion Jeffrey Steve & Sylvia Doneski Stuart & Sarah Mackay Rob Van Elsen & Kirsty Lees Daniel & Brooke Crawford Naomi & Mark Pointon Stephen and Jessica Buckley Garry Wong & Hoi Yan (Cherry) Hung Brad Hogan & Jessica Piuila Roldan & Jessiebie Gutierrez Huot and Catherine Sok Rodney & Sara Hart Abrie & Chantal Lazenby Gordon & Denise Lockhart

Baby Name Madeline Victoria Alexis Harper Willow Joshua Michael Jeffrey Alexander Lucy May Emily Mae Van Elsen Abby Florence & Eliza Josephine Elijah James Pointon Zahra Rose Buckley Zoey Alice Wong Jake Piuila-Hogan Zyron Gutierrez Madeline Sok Mia Bronte Hart Ajay Jacobus Abraham Lazenby Anya Lockhart

SARAH MACKAY – MATERNITY LEAVE At the end of December, Sarah MacKay left on maternity leave. We were very happy to hear of the lovely news of the birth of their first child, Lucy May on the 9th February. Congratulations to both Sarah and Stuart and we look forward to seeing little Lucy.

Christmas Picnic

Christmas Picnic


Christmas Picnic

Sarah MacKay’s farewell



CMV TRUCK & BUS LAVERTON - VOLVO TONY SAKR WALKS FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Recently, parts interpreter, Tony Sakr, participated in a 10km walk to raise awareness of Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. It took Tony just over 2.5 hours to complete the 10km walk. After completing the walk Tony was amazed at his fitness level and believed it was an extremely worthwhile fundraising campaign to be involved with. Tony raised funds totalling $655 and is greatly appreciative of the generous support of all staff at the CMV Truck & Bus Laverton – Volvo and CMI Hino – Melbourne dealerships. Tony walked with members from his Maronite Catholic Church group in Thornbury. The combined funds from Tony and his parish totalled more than $12,500. Congratulations Tony for successfully raising funds for very a worthwhile cause and shedding light on such a terrible illness.

(left to right) Anthony, Joe, Charlie, George (company founder), Cos, John and CMV’s John Louder

SITA BUS LINES NOW INTO THE THIRD GENERATION Sales manager, John Louder recently delivered six Volvo B7RLE low floor citybuses to long time CMV Truck & Bus customer, Sita Buslines.

Tony Sakr (front, centre) with fellow walkers in aid of juvenile diabetes

All six buses were built on the very popular Volvo B7RLE (low entry) citybus chassis with bodywork supplied by our partner bodybuilder, Melbournebased Volgren Australia. These six vehicles will enter service quite quickly and will be expected to operate seven days per week and travel approximately 120,000kms per annum for at least 18 years. Sita run in excess of 180 buses in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and of the 180 buses our Volvo brand represents over 150! Three generations of the Sita family were on hand to take delivery of the new Volvo buses, including company founder George, sons Charlie and Cos, together with Cos’s sons Anthony, Joe and John.

Sita was founded in 1959 by George and has been built from very modest beginnings with George running one bus in general charter work. Many years of hard work by George and his family has seen Sita Buslines grow to be one of Australia’s largest family owned bus operations.

NEW FM 500 FOR FRANKLIN Franklin is a family run business which started in 1936 and is not too dissimilar to the CMV Group. The CEO, Phil Taylor runs a world class printing facility in Sunshine. Phil is a hands-on CEO and was personally involved in the purchase of the new Volvo. They recently traded in an FM420 rigid with a super dog that provided them with 10 years of good service and replaced it with an FM500 prime mover coupled with a Vawdrey tri axle trailer. Mark Dempsey Branch Manager


OUR DEALERSHIP ACHIEVED A NUMBER OF MILESTONES IN 2012. I am pleased to announce that we have achieved Gold Status, as Mack’s number one dealer in 2012. Our sales manager, Rob Cavka, received the Platinum Bulldog Sales Award and long term sales consultant, Paul Schulz, achieved Gold Bulldog Sales Status. Our dealership was also recognized for being a high achiever in the aftermarket service and parts divisions. On behalf of my colleagues, I wish to thank our customers for their ongoing support of our dealership.

CMV TRUCK & BUS LAVERTON - MACK & UD Our business has grown over the past 12 months, necessitating an upgrade of our facilities. Our service reception area recently received a facelift and included a transformation to the sleeping and bathroom facilities. The area has been developed to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. To our customers, thank you for your continued support of CMV Truck & Bus Laverton – Mack & UD and we look forward to continuing to support your businesses through 2013. Bram van der Schaar Branch Manager

MACK NEWS On the 7th February 2013, Mack celebrated 50 years of incorporation in Australia. Up until 1963 Mack trucks were imported into Australia by various state distributors. However, in 1963 Mack Trucks in Australia was established and in 1964 a factory was built in Queensland. Mack Trucks has come a long way since 1963 and the customer loyalty is a testament to the ongoing success of the brand. Our dealership celebrated the 50th Anniversary with a BBQ and a birthday cake. We were very fortunate to have a number of our new and old customers present at the event. Again, thank you for your continued support!

Cahill Automotive Logistics’ new Mack Superliner Cahill Automotive Logistics (CAL) recently took delivery of a new Mack Super-Liner to undertake their Melbourne – Adelaide B-double changeovers. We are certain that the Mack will be a welcomed addition to their current fleet.

UD NEWS With the expertise of our sales manager, Paul Seager, and sales consultant, Alan Craig, we are breaking new ground in UD Sales. Western Victorian Crane Trucks Pty Ltd recently purchased their first UD and has another one on its way. The UD is fitted with a HMF crane with a lifting capacity of 17.1 tonnes. The vehicle will be used in the west Victoria area primarily carrying house frames and roof trusses. We wish them every success and know the UD will do a perfect job!

Mack’s 50th anniversary celebrations


Alan Craig has just joined the sales team and is already up and running with two sales in his first month. Alan worked for CMV Truck &

Paul Seager and the new member to the sales team Alan Craig Bus Laverton. His last position was as sales representative in our parts division where he was very successful. Welcome aboard, Alan! We look forward to you achieving many more successes in your new role. Bram van der Schaar Branch Manager



CMV TRUCK & BUS GIPPSLAND CMV Truck & Bus Gippsland prides itself on great customer service. Our service manager, Geoff Gillam and his team have introduced new processes, demonstrating a strong commitment to the preventative maintenance of customer fleets. This year we have had a large number of customers agree to 12 monthly service plans which include fixed priced servicing at a time and day that best suits the needs of the customer. We recently advertised for an additional area sales manager to cover the East Gippsland area. East Gippsland is a largely untapped market for our dealership and we look forward to having a salesperson representing our business in the area. We look forward to announcing the successful candidate in the next edition of Outlook.




Brian and Bernie Willaton of Willaton Transport in Morwell have taken delivery of their newest Mack Trident. Willaton Transport has been a great supporter of the CMV Group for many years and the company has a fleet of more than 60 trucks.

Our first year apprentice technician, Jason Richardson married Kirralee at Thorpdale Wesleyan Methodist Church on 5th January 2013. We wish Jason and Kirralee a very happy future together.

BAIRNSDALE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE Some of the team at CMV Truck & Bus – Gippsland

EAST GIPPSLAND FIELD DAYS CMV Truck & Bus Gippsland was pleased to participate in the East Gippsland field days. We committed to holding two displays, one of which showcased the latest vehicles from Volvo, Mack and UD. The other site displayed the Volvo crash simulator, which was open to the public to experience.

CMV Truck & Bus Gippsland has recently opened a service centre in Bairnsdale to service our client base in East Gippsland. Cashmans Engineering is located at 1 Payne Street, Bairnsdale. Cashmans Engineering offers a range of services to our customers and is regarded highly amongst the local transport operators. CMV Gippsland supports this customer service centre for all repairs and breakdowns that occur from Sale through to the NSW border.

Rohan Parson recently left our company to work as a driver/technician for a local transport operator. Rohan has ambitions to start his own business in the near future and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Chris Snow has recently joined us as a fulltime technician. Chris is regarded as an expert technician and brings with him a background in Cummins engine repairs and Road Ranger gearbox rebuilds. Chris also has a good understanding of electronics. Finally, on behalf of the Gippsland team I wish Ray Batty all the best in his retirement. Ray has been involved in the Gippsland dealership since the CMV Group bought South East Trucks at Warragul. Travers Scott Branch Manager


CMV TRUCK & BUS CLAYTON CMV MANAGEMENT COURSE COMPLETION In late 2012 five staff from CMV Truck & Bus Clayton completed their eight month management course. Staff members included Lance Curtin, Mark Davis, Tom Collins, Galen Wilkie, Glenn Szabo and Adrian Harre. The course was an enjoyable challenge for all that were involved and I congratulate these staff members who participated.

UD TRUCKS COME TO CLAYTON One of the global strategies of the Volvo Group is to integrate their truck offerings at a dealership level. This allows bonneted, cab over and Japanese vehicle ranges to be available to satisfy virtually any customer’s application. Accordingly, CMV Truck & Bus Clayton have been through the lengthy process of gaining council approval in order to be able to display appropriate UD signage on our Centre Road frontage and are now about to engage in a contract for their installation. This will then mean that our dealership will offer the full contingency of Volvo Group Australia’s vehicle range and extend the CMV Group’s coverage of Victoria.

Staff members who participated in the management course After Paris we travelled to London for a two day stay, where activities included a trip to the CAP Gas Engine Plant, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. It was a great trip enjoyed by all and we look forward to doing it all again in the future.

HANNOVER TRUCK SHOW CUSTOMER TRIP Earlier this year, CMV Truck & Bus Clayton flew a number of staff and customers over to the Hannover Truck Show for the launch of the new FH. It was a busy 10 day trip and all that attended had a thoroughly pleasant time. We spent two days at the Truck Show in Hannover before travelling to Ghent to attend the Volvo factory. There was a quick one night stay in Paris with dinner at the Eiffel Tower and a river cruise.


WELCOME JEFF TYZACK Our Contracts division is a very important contributor to branch activity at several levels. It affects relationships with major corporate clients, sales of labour and parts and provides significant challenges and opportunities for staff. Jeff Tyzack has now been appointed to manage this division. We welcome Jeff and are pleased to be able to benefit from his significant industry experience. Jeff is already energetically tackling his new role and I look forward to working with him in the future. I am confident that he will successfully undertake an important restructure of the division, whilst maintaining a high standard of service to our stakeholders. I would like to recognise and thank Barry Marchant for his significant contribution to Contracts over the years and wish him well for the future. Rohan Cook Branch Manager

Hannover Truck Show



CMV TRUCK & BUS DANDENONG On behalf of all the team at CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong, here’s to a prosperous 2013! This year begun with a bang! We received several fleet orders for our Mack and UD trucks brands, and we are confident this trend will continue throughout the year. On the 7th February 2013 we celebrated the 50th year of Mack in Australia with a BBQ for staff and customers. The event would not have been the success it was were it not for the inclusion of our mascot “Crumpet Brennan”. The celebratory BBQ marked the beginning of a memorable year for Mack. Other special events has included the Limited Edition Southern Cross Superliner and Titan Models which commemorate the occasion. Only 30 of these special units have been released and we look forward to delivering them to the lucky few customers who have managed to get their hands on one!

Mack 50th Anniversary

UD NEWS The UD Euro 5 Models have been accepted into the market place with many vehicles having been ordered during 2012 for delivery in 2013.

And finally, I am pleased to welcome first year apprentice, Sean Barefoot, to the team. On behalf of the team, I wish Sean all the best in his chosen field.

MACK NEWS The Mack division experienced a strong finish in 2012, successfully selling all stock allocation. Customers who purchased vehicles recently include Jayelle Pipelines and the Parkinson Group, both of whom purchased Granite prime movers; Logistics One purchased a new 34 pallet Trident prime mover; and Dicks Diesels purchased a new Superliner. We also delivered a new Superliner to Luke Eldred of Eldreds Transport. Those who have had the pleasure of viewing the vehicle agree that it is an amazing sight.

Eldreds Transport Superliner On behalf of the team, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back to the Mack family Marty Peters. He has rejoined the kennel club having purchased a new Trident AF prime mover. Great to have you back, Marty!

In November last year I was lucky enough to be involved in the first UD hosted customer trip to Japan. Two of our customers accompanied us on the trip including Mr Tony Eastwood from EAL & AW Window Transport and Mr Dean Miller from Millers on the Move Transport. We were privileged to be part of the launch of UD’s new range of vehicles. UD provided a sneak preview to their new 11-litre engine which will be officially launched in Australia at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show in May by the UD team, led by UD Australia boss, Jon McLean. Ian Rimmer Sales Manager

Mark Brennan Sales Manager


CMV TRUCK & BUS ALBURY CELEBRATIONS! It’s been 12 months since we officially launched the new dealership and celebrations are in full swing! It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Brad and Jess Hogan on the newest member of their family. A very cute Jake Hogan was born on the 8th January 2013, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 1oz. Brad is one of our senior Diesel technicians and I am sure Albury Wodonga will someday be welcoming Jack into the technicians’ apprentice program too! Whilst on the subject of celebrations, I would like to congratulate all of my staff for finishing second place in the B Class Dealership Ultimate Race competition run by Volvo Group Australia. The competition was designed to recognise and reward dealerships from around the country. Scoring was based on overall performance, customer service and satisfaction, training and sales targets. Finishing in second place was a great achievement for our new branch and a well-deserved placing. This would not have been possible if it were not for the dedication and commitment from all departments. Well done!

Congratulations Brad!


GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Over the Christmas and New Year period our customers kept our service and parts departments busy. Our customers were thrilled that we were well staffed and open throughout this period. Many of our customers took the opportunity to drop in their trucks while their staff went on holidays, allowing us the extra time to get the vehicles prepared and ready for work in 2013. Many of our customers were so appreciative of allowing them to keep the trucks at the dealership between Christmas and New Year, a few have even already booked them in for the next festive season!

Brent has been working with GreenFreight for some time now. GreenFreight has had a longstanding relationship with Volvo, dating back to 1980. At the time, Fred Green was the founder of GreenFreight and Bram van der Schaar was with Volvo Truck Australia! CMV Albury/Wodonga look forward to seeing this new unit prove itself in the harsh logging environment. We are also eager to continue this great relationship with GreenFreight well into the future. Karl Relph Branch Manager

GREENFREIGHT LOGGING Brent Fuge (CMV Albury/Wodonga sales consultant) proudly delivered a brand new FMX500 6x4 Volvo logging truck to GreenFreight Logging. This is the first new Volvo to be delivered into the Myrtleford based operation in over 12 years.

CMV Truck & Bus Albury site

GreenFreight, FMX500 Volvo



CMV TRUCK & BUS CONTRACTS MURRAY GOULBOURN STORY CONTINUES The Murray Goulburn (MG) story continues, with the takeover of the Rochester and Cobram fleets in Northern Victoria on the 1st December 2012, and more recently the takeover of the Koroit fleet in Western Victoria on the 1st February 2013. This has been without a doubt the largest undertaking for the department in a 12 month period. The story dates back to February 2012 in Kiewa to February 2013 in Koroit.

A number of our original staff members have relocated and taken up roles in these new contracts. However, we have also recruited new technicians and administrative staff to support all of our operations, both locally and from overseas. Our overseas recruitment campaign continues this year, with applications coming in from across Europe as a result of families seeking a better lifestyle in Australia.


We were first exposed to LNG when we undertook the maintenance of the MG Leongatha fleet back in August 2012, with a number of both Volvo and Kenworth vehicles operating the CAP LNG system.

We have appointed two apprentices this year with Tyler Price joining us at the Fonterra Contract in Cobden, and Jordan Shaw joining us at the Fonterra Contract in Tasmania.

The Murray Goulburn fleet in Koroit comprises of both Volvo and Kenworth, with duel fuel and dedicated gas powered vehicles using the CAP LNG system and the Westport CNG system. This has provided us with a number of challenges, namely in the training of staff to ensure they have the requisite skills to service and maintain the equipment safely. We now have trained staff at the Traralgon site and Koroit site.


• Alan Scott, MG Koroit • Victor Cameron, MG Koroit • Melanie Warnaar, MG Koroit • Dominic Serra, MG Koroit • Sarah Touhey, MG Rochester • Gavin Holmes, MG Rochester • Des Gallagher, MG Rochester • Jodie Cheatley, Fonterra Rochester • Alex Ferdinando, Fonterra Rochester • James lavell, MG Traralgon • Mark Crowe, MG Traralgon • Simon Thorpe, Woolworths Perth • Cassie Rodriguez, Woolworths Perth • Jeff Tyzack, Contracts Clayton

After more than 10 years in operation at the South Geelong site, we will be closing our Cleanaway contract operation on the 30th June 2013. We were advised late last year that Cleanaway had made the decision to replace the current fleet of vehicles with the “Dennis Eagle” brand, which is supported by the Local Dealer in South Geelong. Adrian Ruseler and Lisa Shuttleworth will stay on with CMV Truck & Bus and will be absorbed into other areas of the business.

Murray Goulburn and Fonterra trucks at the Rochester site


New apprentice in Tasmania, Jordan Shaw Jeff Tyzack Contract Manager


CMI HINO ADELAIDE When driving around Adelaide I am constantly amazed at the variety of uses that our customers find for their Hino trucks; they truly are the little workhorses of the transport industry. Whilst they may not always attract the attention of the heavy trucks pulling trailers interstate, when you take the time to look you will see them carting just about anything that needs to be moved. Only recently whilst visiting our service department I saw a 300 Series lunch truck being serviced alongside a FM concrete agitator and a large GT 4x4 drilling rig whilst our pre-delivery department prepared a new elevated work platform and a refrigerated 14 pallet van. Parked outside were two Hino rural fire-trucks amongst a line of tippers, traytops and a furniture removalist van. Not many other manufacturers can claim a model mix that would suit so many different applications. So the next time you’re sitting in traffic next to a truck take a moment to look and there is a good chance it's one of our loyal Hino customers moving another load.

New SA Power Networks elevated work platform CMI Hino was also proud to have recently delivered a new Hino 700 Series FS to longstanding Barossa Valley transport icon, Filmer Delivery. Don Filmer’s business carts generally freight from Nuriootpa and surrounding areas, the business having operated in the region for over 50 years. Trevor Brown Sales Manager

Chris Morrison General Manager

SALES DEPARTMENT The CMI Hino sales team collaborate with clients to build trucks that go beyond simple transport solutions. Our sales team works closely with SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA) to ensure their own special needs are satisfied. Equipment used in the electricity supply industry must have the ability to manage high voltage environments and difficult terrains. Safety and efficiency is also a priority. Pictured is a recent example of a 500 Series 1527 fitted with a Vemco Elevated Work Platform and body. This type of truck works across South Australia to maintain SA Power Networks' electricity infrastructure.


Sabatino (second from left) and Ryan (far right) pictured at recent Hino Parts Skills Contest

PARTS DEPARTMENT During October 2012 two of our parts department members, Ryan Macauley and Sabatino Cerullo, travelled to Sydney to compete in Hino Australia’s Parts Skills Contest. There were 63 people nationally who participated in the Hino Parts Proficiency Program and only the top ten were chosen to compete in the final. Ryan Macauley was looking for a back to back victory but achieved a commendable third place on the day. This was a supreme effort by the team – congratulations Ryan. And whilst Sabatino did not place in the top three, he did achieve top ten status – well done, Sabatino! Congratulations to you both and I am sure you will both be worthy competitors in 2013! Tony Singleton Parts Manager

CMI Hino Sales Manager Trevor Brown handing over new Hino 700 to Don Filmer




LEO MORABITO MARRIES AT LAST! We are pleased to announce the marriage of CMI Hino Melbourne sales manager, Leo Morabito to long-time partner Suzanne. The happy couple tied the knot on 2nd December 2012 at Pitruzzello Olive Grove & Vineyard Estate in Sunbury. On behalf of the CMV Group we wish them everlasting happiness as they begin their married life together.


Leo and Suzanne celebrate a very happy day

STARTRACK Startrack is one of Australia’s largest freight companies delivering millions of parcels across Australia each year. CMI Hino Melbourne and Hino Motor Sales Australia are proud to have recently been selected by Startrack to supply 52 new Hino trucks to their existing fleet. The order was comprised of 34 Hino 300 Series trucks and 18 Hino 500 Series trucks, the first new Hino trucks to enter the Startrack fleet for many years. All 52 trucks are painted in Startrack’s eye catching new livery; the unique bright blue bodies are now becoming a common sight in Australian cities and look fantastic on the road. The first of the 52 trucks were delivered to Brisbane. The two Hino 717 cab chassis were fitted with 14ft van bodies and were designed so that they could be driven with only a car licence. The trucks have gone into work around metropolitan Brisbane and by all accounts, are doing a great job! A number of Startrack staff were on hand for what was to be an anticipated handover. We would like to thank Craig Cullen, Chris Watts, Trent Seers and driver Shaun Roberts for taking the time and interest in the handover of these first trucks. We

Handover to the Startrack Brisbane Team, from left: CMI’s Mark Dempsey, Startrack Brisbane Workshop Manager Chris Watts, Hino’s Mike Smith, Startracks Operations Manager Road, Craig Cullen, Fleet Manager Road, Trent Seers and Driver Shaun Roberts would also like to thank the senior management team of Startrack for the opportunity to supply Hino trucks to the Startrack fleet and the fantastic support they have given us throughout the delivery process. We look forward to working together with Startrack in the future.

The finished buses are very distinctly Hino and really look the part with a genuine Hino dash fitted and unique Hino grill and headlights. Congratulations to Rod and the rest of the CMI Hino team for their efforts and thanks to the Ventura organisation for their faith in our dealership.


Mark Dempsey Branch Manage

Not to be outdone by his cousins in the truck sales department, bus sales manager, Rod Harris, has also been working on a very important delivery with the first of nine new Hino FD bus chassis going into service with Ventura. The nine buses, all identical with bodies by Express Coach Builders have been specifically designed and built to cater for passengers with disabilities. Each with removable seats and up to nine wheel chair positions, the buses are being developed to service a number of special schools around Melbourne.

The first of nine FD Hino buses to hit the road for Ventura


ACHIEVEMENTS Congratulations go to the following staff: • Robert Grose, Scott Woodroofe and Daniel Smith for successfully completing a Cert IV in O.H.& S. • Mitchel Lancaster for receiving a Mack Silver Sales award for 2012 • Dean Kumnick for receiving a Mack Bronze Sales award for 2012 • South Central Trucks Mack for receiving a Bronze sales award for 2012



CMV Group customer, Peter Gilbert of Gilberts Transport Services, recently took delivery of a Mack Superliner primemover. Senior sales representative Dean Kumnick was more than pleased with Gilbert’s acquisition as it was the result of a long road of process and hard work from both camps. The new truck looks fantastic and has really turned some heads on the Stuart Highway and its looks has also earned the Bulldog a place in the Mack 2013 Calendar.

Mack advocate and supporter, Eddy Holland, sadly passed away due to illness in late 2011. Eddy was a very colourful character and was well known in all corners of Australia for his larger than life attitude. During 2013, as reported elsewhere in the edition, Mack Trucks Australia turns 50 years old and in recognition of this milestone they have released a pictorial history in hard cover. Eddy Holland was recognised in this publication and so in a mark of respect SCT – Mack & UD have dedicated our first copy to Eddy’s son Buddy Holland. Buddy has willingly picked up his father’s business under difficult circumstances and is doing a great job. No doubt Buddy will carry on his father’s many colourful ways and become a long term member of the Mack family.

Dean Kumnick handing over the new Mack Superliner to Peter Gilbert

SCT Mack and UD staff gathered to celebrate Mack’s 50th Anniversary

WELCOME • John Pudney – Fitter • Damir Kulovac – Technician • Peter Walker – Technician • Kevin McArdle – 1st Yr Apprentice Technician • Angus Foster – 1st Yr Apprentice Technician • Tyler McKean – 1st Yr Apprentice Technician • Shaun Allen – 1st Yr Apprentice Technician • Simon Layne – Sales Co-ordinator

BIRTHS RISING STAR Regional Mack customer, Wayne Betts from Western NSW has a talented rising cricket star in his family. His daughter Samantha is currently the vice-captain of the SA women’s under 18 squad and part of the selection squad for the SA Scorpions which represents SA. In order to continue with her passion she has to travel from Broken Hill to Adelaide twice a week to train and then again to play. In an effort to help this rising star the CMV Foundation has donated $500 towards Samantha’s cause. Good luck Samantha, we wish you all the very best!


Darryl Smith and Robert Grose hand over the book to Buddy Holland

Congratulations to Damir Kulovac and partner Svjetlana (Mitjatov) on the arrival of their baby boy, Filip.


WHO TURNS 50 IN 2013?

Congratulations to the newly wedded:

2013 marks the 50th year for Mack Australia and its production of locally built Mack Truck. It will be a year of celebrations, surprises and events for the Bulldog and to celebrate it here in SA, SCT – Mack & UD held our own lunch party to mark the actual birthday of the icon. Happy Birthday Mack!

• Jackson & Kym Weston • Richard & Monica Dyer Darryl Smith Branch Manager

DRIVERS FUEL CHALLENGE Each year Volvo holds the Driver’s Fuel Challenge where experienced truck drivers around the world compete to see who is the most fuel efficient driver. In the last issue of Outlook we reported that our customer, Chris Sanders from Sanders Bulk Transport, had won the Australian competition. Chris has since gone on to compete in the Asian finals. He was up against the best drivers from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia and managed to defeat all competitors to win the competition. Chris has won a fantastic trip for four to Sweden later this year. The 2013 competition started in February, with the next Australian finals to be held mid-year.



SOUTH CENTRAL TRUCKS - VOLVO SCT WINS AFTERSALES DEALER OF THE YEAR 2012 We recently won the Volvo Aftersales Dealer of the Year award for 2012. In 2011 we nearly won the award receiving only second place. We were closely beaten by our colleagues at South Central Trucks – Mack & UD. This consistently high performance is a credit to all our hard working and committed parts and service staff.

STAFF CHANGES New Parts Manager After many years of service with the CMV Group, our parts manager, Rod Leitch has retired. Rod will soon be living in Goolwa and intends to travel Australia in his caravan. We would like to thank him for his contribution to our business and wish him the very best for his retirement. Tony Mutter, who has been with us for over 20 years has been promoted to parts manager. Tony has a wealth of Volvo knowledge and experience and is a well-known face here at SCT - Volvo. Congratulations, Tony.

6 NEW APPRENTICES At the start of this year we recruited another six apprentices, bringing our total apprentices to 17. We would like to welcome – Jesse-Lee Smith, Jawid Kahmosh, Dion Consmantinou, Alex Dittloff, Justin McCredie and Brodie Radford.

IAN BAILEY – 35 YEARS OF SERVICE Our assistant service manager, Ian, recently achieved 35 years of service. Starting as an apprentice with CMV Voltruck, Ian is one of the longest serving CMV employees. Well done, Ian!

Ian Bailey, our assistant service manager, a 35 year Volvo veteran

AFTERSALES MANAGER APPOINTED We recently hired Jenna Harris, as our new aftersales manager. Jenna will be responsible for improving and maintaining service standards in our parts and service departments. Jenna previously was in a similar role at Cummins Adelaide and is well known by a number of our customers.


Jenna Harris, our new aftersales manager

Our sales manager, Brian Haller, was fortunate enough to be invited by Volvo to attend the launch of the new FH at the Hannover Truck Show. This was a once in a life time opportunity and a great experience for him. The new FH will be released in Australia at the start of 2014. Brian reports it is an absolutely fantastic truck! Bill Lane General Manager

Our new parts manager, Tony Mutter, holding our After Sales Dealer of 2012 Award

Brian Haller in front of the new FH750 in Hannover


BAYSWATER TRUCK CENTRE On an exciting note, Bayswater Truck Centre has recently moved to new premises located at Factory 9, 97-107 Canterbury Road, Kilsyth VIC 3137, a few hundred meters north of the old location. This move will see us come into line with other CMV Group facilities, offering our customers a much better level of service and will provide more opportunities to grow our business. It will give us the ability to service full truck and trailer combinations. A new parts department will also include a showroom displaying a complete range of parts and road transport accessories.

The new facility will not only provide a new level of service for our loyal and growing customer base but will also herald a new era for a safe working environment for our staff and a major improvement in our Workplace Health and Safety, with all staff in the one building. We are very excited by this move into new premises and the undoubted opportunities it creates for better customer service, staff amenities and workplace improvement.

We will also be able to deploy new trucks in the undercover showroom, whilst the frontage lends itself to an attracting Used Truck display to Canterbury Road.

We have had two new technicians and a trade assistant join our ranks since we last went to print, including Daniel Burdon, Aaron Newitt and David Kelso. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the Bayswater Truck Centre and the CMV Group and wish them all the best in their future careers.

We have ample, convenient trailer storage while trucks are being worked on.

Glenn Booth Branch Manager, Bayswater Truck Centre

HALLAM TRUCK CENTRE COMMENTS FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER I am delighted to report a strong finish to 2012 by all departments of the Hallam and Bayswater Truck Centres. Bayswater Truck Centre moved into new premises in March. Glenn Booth and his team are really looking forward to being able to offer a first class facility and support to our loyal customers at the new site and Glenn talks more about it above. On a sadder note, PACCAR Australia’s managing director Joe Rizzo, will be retiring. Joe has always had a very close relationship with the CMV Group and as part of that, the Hallam and Bayswater Truck Centres. We wish Joe and his wife Vicky all the very best for a long and happy retirement. After 35 years with Paccar, Joe will now be able to improve his golf handicap and settle into his new role as “Grandpa” to his brand new Grandson, Alexander. Paccar Australia’s new managing director will be Mike Dozier. Mike has been with PACCAR in the USA, for over 24 years in senior management positions. We congratulate Mike on his appointment and look forward to getting to know Mike as he settles into his new role. He has already met many of our staff and customers and I am sure we will see a lot more of him in the future. 2013 will again see another year of excitement for our businesses and we look forward to the opportunities ahead. Russell Davey Branch Manager


Our new showroom display

KENWORTH AND DAF As usual 2013 has begun with a rush after an exceptionally strong year in 2012. December was a record month for Kenworth and included delivery of 12 tri-drive T909’s for McAleese Resources for their national operations. 2012 was also a successful year for DAF sales with many new customers introduced to this exceptional market leading European brand. We are confident that we will continue to receive more inquiry right across the DAF product range in 2013.

ACE Tower Hire’s new DAF truck

We have seen some exciting big trucks delivered recently from both DAF and Kenworth confirming the ability of both brands to meet the diverse transport needs of our customers. ACE Tower Hire has just taken delivery of a custom built DAF 10 x 4 CF85 FAD. The heavy vehicle was constructed in the Netherlands and shipped to Italy where a seven metre aerial platform body was installed. Weighing close to 40 tonne this truck/body combination is the first of its kind in Australia and demonstrates ACE Tower Hire’s strength and innovation in their industry.

McAleese Resources trucks in operation




The delivery for McAleese Resources led to an order for a special 13th truck, a T909 fitted with the new Cummins ISXe5 engine with SCR emission technology. The big truck deliveries continued with two high GCM trucks to McAleese Transport in Bayswater, a T909 and K200 rated at 240 and 175 tonne GCM respectively. The trucks will operate nationally and will be primarily supported by the Hallam and Bayswater Truck Centres.


We would like to thank all of our customers for their ongoing support of our dealerships. Daniel Crawford Acting Kenworth DAF Sales Manager

FUSO The FUSO sales team achieved a positive result in 2012, finishing fourth place on the National Fuso Dealer Ladder of Vehicle Sales. We would like to thank StarTrack for allowing us to be involved in a major purchase for a significant number of Canter, Fighter and Heavy FUSO trucks. Terry Broadway also secured a six Fighter 2427 truck order from a national hire company and those trucks are fitted with custom built vacuum pumps. We are delighted to announce that FUSO have just released its second generation Canter Hybrid with a new engine, as well as advanced driveline and battery technology. While the adoption of Hybrid technology has been modest we expect that this new truck will attract new customers looking for efficiency, fuel savings and the environmentally friendly option. We thank our customers for their support in 2012 and wish them all the very best for a successful and profitable 2013. Brett Munro Sales Manager

SERVICE DEPARTMENT We are now well into 2013 and looking forward to some exciting developments from our manufacturers this year. PACCAR Australia will launch the PACCAR MX engine in the Kenworth truck range and we already have one proto type T409 working in our area with very encouraging results, DAF truck sales also continue to rise. Mindful of this, we are maintaining comprehensive training for our technicians to ensure the best support for both of these leading brands. Leon Figurek is about to attend his third round of DAF Master Technician training in

New apprentices at Hallam Truck Centre Europe. He is gaining even greater experience on the DAF product in a “train the trainer� environment. Leon completed this course in April this year. The knowledge he has gained is invaluable within our workshop. FUSO has launched their second generation Canter Hybrid and we are undertaking the necessary training to support this innovative product. As part of our succession plan we run an active apprenticeship program and it is pleasing to see new technicians graduate from the program. We congratulate Brad Slocombe and Luke McMahon on the successful completion of their apprenticeship. We have just completed a fresh intake of apprentices and we welcome Mark Bolt, Glenn Spring, Damon Kay, and Dylan Luttrell and wish them every success as they embark on their exciting new careers. We are making our contributions to technician training to ensure Hallam and Bayswater can provide the service level needed for the increasingly sophisticated vehicles operated by our customers. Russell Davey Branch Manager

PARTS DEPARTMENT The parts department had another great year in 2012 with many new records set. We would like to thank our customers for their ongoing support and our staff for achieving a fantastic result. 2013 is proving to be another significant year for the business. Many projects are now in the planning stages, and after our first pallet sale in 2012, we are looking forward to an even bigger event this year. We welcome Brian Davies to our on-road sales team. Brian has substantial experience in the truck parts business and we are sure he will make a positive contribution to our growing parts sales division. Our back counter service in the workshop is an important component of the business. As such, there have been some significant changes in this area. In particular Rob Aquilina is managing the back counter. Rob is assisted by Joel Driver, who until recently was running our dispatch department and has now taken the next step to further his development. Wayne Radford Parts Manager


SERVICE DEPARTMENT 2013 will see a year of change for the service department. This year we will become more dynamic in what we offer our customers with extended trading hours and offsite servicing. This year we will also strive to improve our work quality with the zero defect. We have built up a highly skilled and versatile workforce over the past year and I am certain that we can make significant and lasting improvements in these areas. There will also be a focus on Workplace Health & Safety in the workplace. Several of my colleagues and I from the CMV group have recently attended extensive Workplace Health & Safety training and have the tools and the support we need to drive WHS awareness and compliance. WHS is a way of life, and a way of thinking and we all have an obligation to embrace best WHS culture.

We would like to congratulate Martin McKeown and his partner Katherine on the arrival of their son Evan. Martin tells me that to “seal the deal” he also became engaged to Katherine over Christmas. Mark Parsons from the workshop has also recently become engaged to partner Kylie. I would like to congratulate you all and wish you all the happiness in the future. Another change that affects us all and is mentioned by Alan Spangler in his introduction is the retirement of our general manger, Bill Morrow. Bill retired on the 31 December 2012. I will miss his wisdom, balanced approach and wicked sense of humour. We wish him well and hope that he enjoys many lazy, happy days floating down the Murray. Rodney Kuzma Service Manager

CMV TRUCK SALES The first six months has been full of challenges and change but the company performance has been very pleasing. The good results are spread across all departments and are a credit to all staff endeavours. Bill Morrow retired at the end of December after filling the role of general manager for 19 years. He oversaw enormous change at CMV Truck Sales, including the move to the new premises. His wisdom, leadership and humour are now part of CMV Truck Sales culture. We wish Bill a very healthy, happy and active “holiday for the rest of his life!” Loreto College BCI Bus

Alan Spangler and Bill Morrow reminiscing in light of Bill’s retirement. Also at the end of December, MaxiTRANS Group withdrew the Freighter Trailer franchises after nearly a third of a century of association with the CMV Group. This was a result of a change in business direction by MaxiTRANS resulting from the decision to represent the entire product range through their own retail outlet in Adelaide. We are obviously disappointed with this change and would like to thank all or our Trailer customers for their support over those years. The immediate future looks busy and we strive to meet the challenges presented and are working towards building CMV Truck Sales’ reputation. Alan Spangler Acting General Manager




It is with great delight to announce that BCI Bus Sales SA & NT finished the 2012 calendar year on a high. BCI sold 41 units into the market, to be the clear market leader in the class. This is a great result for the team and these figures show the bus industry has accepted BCI into the SA marketplace.

The Kenworth and DAF sales team has launched into the new calendar year following our best ever year in sales in 2012. The transport sector has, for the most part, remained buoyant and quoting activity and customer orders are continuing at a steady pace. We now have the added advantage of being able to offer two 15L engine platforms in the Kenworth range with the release of the Cummins ISX e5 engine. The ISXe5 has the same base engine design as the current ISX EGR product but incorporates a new common rail fuel system, a waste gate turbocharger and a single overhead camshaft. The exhaust after treatment utilizes urea dosing to neutralize Nox emissions and bring the platform in line with ADR 80/03 compliance. Like its EGR sister the e5 has a HP range from 485-600hp at between 1650-2050lbft. We are very excited to offer our customers another option within the Kenworth model range to best compliment their many and varied applications and “horses for courses.”

Many BCI’s find their way into local school and Department of Education contract fleets. A regional tour bus operator took delivery of his first Cruiser 12 coach powered with a Cummins ISLe5 engine. This customer has also ordered a 3 axle coach and is a purpose built low floor bus. I would like to thank our customers for their ongoing support of our business. Bruce Moseley BCI Sales Manager



CMV TRUCK SALES Justin Faull has been increasingly busy with DAF deliveries across the entire product range. Interest in the flagship XF105 product has seen several deliveries this calendar year already. Driver comfort, amenity and fantastic fuel economy is really driving customer enquiry. Kenworth tours of the Bayswater factory with our customers are regular and exciting events, and provide an exciting and ever changing learning experience. Pictured below are Geoffrey and Anthony Trengove picking up their new T909 Kenworth from Bayswater. Based in Warooka on the Yorke Peninsula, they provide livestock and bulk transport as well as general freight movements into the region. They are long term CMV Group customers and we are grateful for their ongoing loyalty to CMV Truck Sales. Jarrod Dawson Kenworth and DAF Sales Manager

service. Our regional parts outlets at Burton and Berri, continue to provide strong sales growth and provides convenient and much appreciated local support to our client base in those areas.

regarded as a major supplier of a range of product to truck manufacturers and major resellers. Major work is currently being undertaken in preparation for a new marketing and product catalogue!

Since our last publication we would like to welcome two new members who have joined our parts team. Ross Mitchell has been appointed as a parts sales representative and Andrew Kloot has taken up the position of a parts interpreter. Both of these gentlemen bring many years of valuable heavy vehicle experience to our parts business.

Both Michael Lord (sales department) and Damien Turner (warehouse department) are celebrating their 10th year of service with Watts FPA. Congratulations!

The addition of many DAF trucks into the South Australian market has lead to steady growth in DAF parts inventory and sales. Sale of Cummins engine parts and inventory items have also contributed to our ability to provide a “one stop shop” to our customer. Nick Varsos Parts Manager

Finally we would like to congratulate and welcome Andrew Lee as our latest member to the Watts team. Andy is fitting in well in our warehouse operation and we expect great things from him in the future. We are very much looking forward to our participation at the Brisbane Truck Show from the 16th – 19th May. Jason Anderson Watts Friction Plus Sales & Marketing Manager

WATTS FRICTION PLUS AUSTRALASIA The commencement of a New Year always brings a time to reflect on the past and the historic events for the business. 2013 will be a milestone in many ways!

Geoffery and Anthony Trengove

PARTS DEPARTMENT As we look forward, we are predicting growth in the Parts department, due in part to the large number of vehicles that have been delivered from our facility and a predicted increase in the freight task. Our aim is to meet this market demand with an improved level of customer

It has been 40 years since the CMV Group purchased the Watts Road Transport Spares business from Mr John Watts. Since then the business has developed and evolved and is now

Welcome to Andrew Lee who joins the Watts team





Illustration of the Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel appeared in an issue of The Commercial Vehicle in 1915.

In the early 1900s, trucks steadily increased the size, power and hauling capacity. This increase in size, in some cases, created problems for drivers trying to manoeuvre a long vehicle on narrow city streets designed for deliveries by horse and wagon. For many years, trucks would pull full trailers to increase capacity, much like a farm tractor pulling a hay wagon. This arrangement had its drawbacks, mainly requiring the trailer to be unhooked to load or unload the truck at the dock. During this period of time, several men began experimenting with other designs that would overcome these issues. C.H. Martin was one of those innovators. Martin studied the development of trailers and recognised the need for a flexible means of coupling trucks to trailers. Patented in 1914, the Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel incorporated a king pin that was lowered into a centre hole in the fifth wheel and locked in place. Mounted on pivot points on the truck frame, the device allowed the truck and trailer to pivot on turns and had the flexibility to allow the truck and trailer to flex as it travelled over uneven roads. This pivoting mount is still used on most fifth wheel designs in use today. The Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel was well accepted in the industry, and was purchased by most truck builders of the day. This popular design allowed a smaller truck to do the work of larger ones by pulling a semi-trailer. It also allowed a second trailer to be loaded while


the first trailer was being used to deliver a load, thereby increasing the amount of freight delivered by one truck and driver in a given amount of time.

This design became the foundation of the Trailmobile Company as Sechler changed its name in 1915.

While the Martin design was the first workable fifth wheel, it was not without its flaws. To hook to or unhook from a trailer required blocks and jacks to raise the king pin above the top of the fifth wheel to separate the units – a timeconsuming and labour-intensive process.

Trailmobile became a well-known brand of trailer. The company went through several name and ownership changes, and its products are produced by Manac trailers today.

Martin was not the only inventor working on new trailer designs. In 1914, a blacksmith named August Fruehauf was asked to build a trailer for a local businessman to haul a boat behind his Model T Ford. The trailer worked so well that the businessman ordered several more Fruehauf trailers to use in his lumber business. The Fruehauf Trailer Company was incorporated in 1915, and was among the leading trailer manufacturers until the company’s assets were acquired by Wabash in 1997. In 1910, John C. Endebrock was working as an engineer for the Sechler Carriage Works. However, Endebrock believed that the future would be in truck trailers. He introduced a trailer design in 1915 named “Trailmobile,” because it “trailed behind the vehicle pulling it.”

In 1918, Endebrock received a patent for a fifth wheel that used a jaw and spring arrangement that is very similar to the designs used today. This improvement allowed one driver to hook and unhook trailers by himself. Previously, the job had required three men. The two developments advanced the trucking industry and helped make it what it is today. The ability to convert smaller vehicles into truck-tractors and effectively double their hauling capacity qualifies the detachable fifth wheel as a milestone in trucking. Writer Bill Johnson is executive director of the American Truck Historical Society. This article on the Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel was developed from one of Johnson’s 30-minute radio shows, also called “Miles Back”.



Recently, Mercedes-Benz Adelaide service department held an information evening for its female clients. The aim of the event was to demonstrate how to carry out maintenance and general vehicle safety.


It was the 5th year in a row that the dealership had staged such a function and the 65 clients and their guests were welcomed into the MercedesBenz Adelaide workshop and were treated to demonstrations by specialists including Continental Tyres, Castrol Oils, Mercedes-Benz head of service, Mercedes-Benz district business manager aftersales, Cafasso Paint & Body Repairs and South Australian Police Major Crash Investigation. I am very proud to say that our own staff excelled in sharing their knowledge and fielding questions from the participating female guests.


With the help of the staff, the ladies truly got involved and revelled in being able to apply what they were taught in the workshop! Outstanding participants were also rewarded with Mercedes-Benz gifts and iPads. The evening concluded with a final safety demonstration. 24 air bags and seat belt pre tensioners powered by explosive charges were triggered, with some assistance of a musician client, to the finale of Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture. With the encouragment of the enthusiastic Mercedes-Benz Adelaide team, our female clients and their guests are now true advocates for our business and staff, and have improved their working knowledge of their vehicle.

ALL THINGS A-CLASS! On Friday 22nd February 2013 Mercedes-Benz Adelaide (MBA) hosted what has since been named Adelaide’s most prestigious event on the 2013 calendar. High profile Adelaide business people and loyal customers of the dealership all congregated at the Art Gallery of South Australia for the MBA VIP A-Class Launch, celebrating a new generation for the Mercedes-Benz brand. The “all new A-Class” launched a new generation in Mercedes-Benz’s compact car division and has been described by experts as “a compact car with a pulse that makes the heart beat even faster”! Mercedes-Benz Adelaide partnered with designer fashion house Muse Boutique, James Thredgold Jeweller and Moet Hennessy to ensure that guests were indulged on the night. Fashion parades, award-winning DJ Leah Mencel and MC Mark Soderstrom (Channel 7) set the tone perfectly for a evening of luxury. Guests were also treated to culinary delights from the Art Gallery whilst sipping on French champagne.

Amidst the summer heat, high-end fashion, luxurious jewellery and prestigious vehicles made for the perfect night. Overall, this event was very much about highlighting a bright future for the Mercedes-Benz Adelaide family! On a side note, thank you to my team and our loyal customers who have joined us on this new journey. It’s an exciting time for the MercedesBenz brand, the dealership and I look forward to working with you in the future. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we keep you updated on what’s happening at our dealership, in our community and in particular, who is driving the all new A-Class! Paul Pace Branch Manager


Mercedes-Benz Adelaide


CMI TOYOTA ADELAIDE There is a buzz around CMI Toyota. 2013 is proving to be an exciting year across all departments! We continue to not only grow our business in what is a competitive marketplace but more importantly we are constantly looking at ways to improve to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience whether you are looking to purchase a spark plug or a brand new LandCruiser. We have recently employed full time concierge staff within both the sales and service departments who ensure customers are greeted with a smile and receive prompt and professional service at all times. With exciting new models like the all new Rav4 and Corolla, Toyota service advantage capped price servicing across the Toyota range, fantastic value on Toyota genuine parts and accessories and the biggest range of

CMI TOYOTA used Toyota vehicles in Adelaide, there are plenty of reasons for people to visit us. There is a great feeling amongst the team that the weeks and months ahead will be buoyant and successful. The new car market remains very competitive both in the retail and business fleet market segments, but I am very proud that CMI Toyota remain number one in our market area in both private, business and overall sales. The new Corolla hatch has proven to be very popular, all new Rav 4 which is now available in turbo diesel is performing very well, our Australian made Camry, Camry Hybrid and Aurion sedans represent exceptional value and Hilux continues to be highly sort after. Our service department now has two dedicated express maintenance bays allowing us to service vehicles while you wait as two of our factory trained technicians work on your vehicle at once to provide efficiencies that we could have in the past only dreamed of! I encourage you to try our express maintenance service. It is at no extra cost and your car is serviced and cleaned by the time you have read the paper and had a coffee. The team in pre-delivery continue to set the benchmark in terms of the quality of presentation of new vehicles at time of delivery. They prepare and deliver more new Toyota vehicles than any dealer in South Australia and they give each car the attention to detail you would expect to ensure our clients are suitably impressed when taking delivery of their brand new car. Graham Davies and the team in the parts department continue to lead the way in parts in the South Australian marketplace. Their key markets are the crash repair industry, our service department workshops and accessories for new and used Toyota vehicles. We have recently upgraded our warehouse to provide more efficiency in the flow of parts and to provide a


The all-new Rav4 wagon safe and comfortable work place for our part’s team. We truly believe our parts team is the best in the business. They compete in a very competitive and complex market but the team’s focus on our customers and their needs is our key competitive advantage. Ben Glover and his team at Eastside have had great success in growing their customer database by word of mouth as a result of their “can do” attitudes. Their boutique service centre offers convenience, flexibility and as evidenced by Toyota, the benchmark in customer satisfaction. Our used car department under the management of Anthony Searle has enjoyed a strong lift in sales volume. Anthony personally ensures we have a great range of quality used vehicles and he continues our proud tradition of being number one in used 4X4 Toyota sales in Adelaide.

In conjunction with Toyota Finance, Greta Simpson continues to offer our clients professional service and advice on finance and insurance products including CMI Secure, our unique customer experience program. Last edition I mentioned “Toyota Access” as Toyota had just launched this exciting new way of buying a new Toyota. I am pleased to report this risk free and affordable way to buy a new Toyota has proven very popular and here at CMI Toyota Adelaide we have led the way in promoting this initiative. As is becoming a tradition, I must mention our hard working coffee machine. It has now clocked over 120,000 coffees! It seems our staff and customers alike continue to enjoy the flavour of a real café style coffee in our showroom. Please come and visit us soon!




NEW RAV4 HAS ARRIVED The all new next-generation Rav4 arrived at CMI Toyota in late February with significant improvements in styling, performance, handling and safety. Available in more than 150 countries, three generations of Rav4 have sold more than 4.5 million units since 1994, including almost 200,000 in Australia. The latest model offers 3 new engine variants including an all-new 2.2 litre turbo diesel option, a first for Rav4 in Australia. Enhanced safety features including 7 airbags are now standard across the range as are daytime running lamps. The Cruiser range now includes blind spot monitor, rain sensing wipers, reverse sensors, smart entry, power tailgate and push button start all as standard equipment.

Leonard Cohen (Canopy) explains to the CMI fleet clients the seed harvesting process

CMI CARBON NEUTRAL FOREST VISIT In late 2012 Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Ridding from Canopy along with Craig Stewart hosted a group of CMI fleet clients on a day trip to see first hand what their support of the CMI Carbon Neutral Program has achieved. The day was attended by Lee Sauerwald and Anna Howard from Uniting Communities, James Minagall from Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide and Andrew Gianarakis from SA Power Networks. The group visited both the Kandy and Osborne Farms and were impressed and astounded by the size and growth of the forest. Some interesting facts were shared about the history of the land and the types of trees that were grown from seed collected by Greening Australia, from trees which are native to each location. It was a great day and was well received and appreciated by all those who attended.

Suzanne Ridding (Canopy) and Lee Sauerwald (Uniting Communities) during their recent CMI Forest visit

PROUD NEW SPONSORS OF THE PORT ADELAIDE CYCLING CLUB The team at CMI Toyota Adelaide is proud to be a key sponsor of the Port Adelaide Cycling Club. As you can see from the picture, these guys and girls are hardcore! They ride in ‘normal’ races as well as Cyclocross which is a mixture of road racing, mountain biking and mud wrestling! Darryl Smith (pre delivery manager) is an active member of

Port Adealaide Cycling Club in the Cyclocross the club and he can often be seen on the streets in lycra! The PACC was established in 1885 and boasts in excess of 200 members including Stuart O’Grady and Mike Turtur. We wish the team well and perhaps when they’re sick of cycling they will come and see us for a new car. Adam McCallum Branch Manager


CMI SOUTHSIDE CMI SOUTHSIDE NEWS CMI Southside has enjoyed significant growth in most areas in recent times. Late last year Jim Minniss joined our team as Toyota new vehicle manager. Jim has wasted no time in turning our traditionally challenging department into one of our strongest and by employing new sales people Taj Merrill and Allen Burgan. I am sure we can look forward to strong results in the future. I would like to welcome our new service advisor Nathan Kadow to our service team. Nathan comes to us with a wealth of automotive knowledge including an auto electrician certificate. Nathan has come to us to broaden his knowledge and to gain further experience in customer service and has made a great start to his career with CMI Toyota.

Paul Crawford and Dean celebrate with other participants and partners at the National Skills Final Gala Dinner

In the last edition we advised that both Troy Brooks and Dean Lace had made it to the regional finals in their respective roles as service advisor and service technician. I have good news to report as Dean Lace won his regional final and went on to represent central region at the national finals in Sydney. We would like to thank Dean for all his hard work and time studying for this event and representing CMI Southside in such a professional way. Troy Brooks also performed very well against some stiff competition at the region final and we look forward to him going a step further next year.

SOUTHSIDE SUZUKI ON A HIGH Southside Suzuki has become a highlight of the dealership finishing the year with 120% of target. Wayne Wilson finished as the number one salesperson in the central region for the second year running. What a great performance! We have made the move to increase our team with Shane Basham moving full time into this department. Shane has been a valued part of our Toyota used car team since 2010 but due to the continued growth of the Suzuki franchise, the decision to move was too good for him to pass up.

Congratulations to Rodney Hart (1st year apprentice) and his lovely wife Sara who welcomed their beautiful daughter Mia to the world on the 5th of November. On behalf of the whole team here at CMI Southside I would like to take this opportunity to wish Graham Weston a speedy recovery over the next few months.


To all staff I would like to thank you for your continued hard work and professionalism and may we look forward to some good times ahead.

Dean competing in the National Skills Final

Jason McKenzie Branch Manager



There has been a lot happening at Portside over the last few months with many staff members achieving great things in their professional and home lives. Love is definitely in the air with several engagements and marriages plus many other professional achievements. Two of our long standing staff members, Josef Michael and Anita Braica celebrated their marriage on Jan 27th in great style and a terrific time was had by everyone who attended.


Troy Thompson and Jackie, Drew Ford and Hollie, Michael Morton and Emma also celebrated special days as newly married couples. Richard Facoory also became engaged to his girlfriend, Emma. Congratulations to all. It was great to see Scott Dean our service department detailer successfully apply for, and win a position with us as apprentice technician. Under the guidance of Service Manager Regan and along with Scott’s enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude he will make a fantastic technician in a few short years. For a business to see young people move through the ranks and give them opportunities is very rewarding for us all. Well done Scotty! Daniel Banks our stock controller recently completed a certificate 4 in Frontline Management which no doubt will add to his already well known capabilities. Congratulations to Portside’s Finance Manager, Mark Philp who was recently recognised by Toyota Finance and won a trip over to Orlando USA for the NADA convention in February 2013. It is pleasing to see his efforts being rewarded. Well done, Philpy. As you can see in the photo, Philpy works very hard! Here he is pictured entertaining customers at the West Lakes Golf Club on the 5th hole which we happen to sponsor. Another one of our long standing sponsorships is the West Lakes Bowling club. They have an annual ‘Pink Ladies Day’ which we support. As luck had it we had a beautiful pink Yaris in stock at the time of the event and I feel displaying it on the day was a fitting touch and suited the theme brilliantly.

Pink Ladies Day at West Lakes Bowling Club

Our Portside dealership continues to provide good results. At Portside we deliver approximately 120 new and used vehicles per month and service 50 vehicles a day. It is a busy place! With only 14 car parks on site it takes much cooperation between all departments with strict procedures in place to ensure a smooth flow of cars in and out at all times whilst making sure car parking is still available for all our customers. I thank everyone for their efforts in ensuring this happens daily. Once again, thank you to all staff as we have a great first 9 months of the financial year with a lot of positive feedback from our happy customers. Keeping customers happy with what we offer and what we do is the name of our game.

Mark Philp working hard

Steve Thomson Branch Manager



Lexus customers enjoying a day on the green

LEXUS GOLF DAY The annual Lexus Golf day was held on Friday 8th February at the picturesque Royal Adelaide Golf Club in what only can be described as perfect conditions. The attendance was well up on previous years and one of the most intrepid golfers arrived at 6.30am for a 9.00am tee off. He was made very welcome by our staff whom only just beat him there. The event was organised with military precision by David and Carly who coordinate the Lexus golf program Australia wide and have made it an art form. Lexus of Adelaide was represented by James Patterson, Marshall McBey and myself. I was actually relegated to photographer’s assistant on the golf cart. Jasmine Gligora (sales and events coordinator) was also present who had worked extremely hard in the lead up to the event, ensuring that all of our customers had a pleasant experience. The event was run in the Ambrose format and provided a perfect setting for fierce competition amongst some of our regular guests. However,


the overall spirit of the day was one of fun and companionship. The winning team comprised of Malcolm Steele, Geoff Balmforth, Graham Anderson and Chris Koronis (handicap of 1). A Lexus golf bag was presented to each member of the winning team by Sean Hanley, the newly appointed CEO of Lexus Australia. Sean has openly stated that the Adelaide event is his favourite in the country. The longest drive of the day prize was won by Peter Jefferey who was playing alongside wife Kristin, who are the proud parents of Chelsea Jefferey at CMI Toyota. The grand prize of the day was a deluxe Melbourne Cup experience for two comprising of airfares, accommodation and hospitality at the Lexus design pavilion (worth its weight in French champagne) and was won by Sylvia Parmenter. Sylvia was heard saying to partner Sandy Falconer that he had to be on his best behaviour or she might consider another travelling companion! In summary, we have had incredibly positive feedback from our customers and look forward to next year’s event.

Michael tees off in style!

SERVICE DEPARTMENT DOES IT AGAIN Lexus of Adelaide staff just keep on winning awards! Eric Cremers has been named number one service advisor in the gold weight group. Eric has always strived to provide top class service and is highly regarded by our customers and management team. Ekerat Sinthuwanik has achieved number one status in Australia as a technician and Cameron Hefford has also achieved number one status as a master technician and all of the team have won a study tour to the United States. This is an amazing achievement for our Lexus of Adelaide service team


LEXUS OF ADELAIDE – THE GRAND OPENING! Although the red carpet has been rolled away and replaced by display vehicles and the champagne flutes swapped for coffee cups it would be remiss of us not to share with you some highlights of the Lexus of Adelaide grand opening cocktail party. Held on Wednesday November 14, only a few weeks after the building was completed, the Lexus of Adelaide dealership opening was one of much colour and excitement and at times a little risqué. Loosely themed ‘cabaret’, guests were entrained from the moment they entered the building with roving entertainment including a fire twirler, serpent dancer, burlesque hosts and themed waiting staff. Approximately 300 guests attended the cocktail party along with the General Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr Makoto Sasagawa who travelled from Japan and was given the honour alongside Joint Managing Director, Paul Crawford of declaring the Lexus of Adelaide dealership officially open. Mr Sasagawa was joined by fellow Lexus executives Mr Max Yasuda (President, Lexus Australia), Dave Buttner (Executive Vice President, Lexus Australia) and Tony Cramb (Chief Executive Officer, Lexus Australia).



Once the formalities were complete guests enjoyed a special performance from Melbourne based Burlesque starlet Skopalova (Lauren Skopal) and her dance partner Sidney Saayman of dance troop, Boylesque. The entertainment continued into the night as freestyle burlesque dancers took to the podiums scattered around the room and performed along with jazz artist Charmaine Jones. It was also with much excitement that during the night guests had the opportunity to view the Lexus LFLC hybrid sports coupe. One of only two produced in the world this vehicle was on special loan for one night only before being flown to Los Angeles for display at the LA Motorshow.


ADELAIDE CITY CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE & GREAT WALL MOPAR MANIA On 21st October 2012, hundreds of Chrysler enthusiasts attended the annual Mopar Mania Show’n’ Shine and Drag Racing day at the Adelaide International Raceway. We were able to have a display of both of our 6.4 V8 SRT8 vehicles, 300C and Grand Cherokee, and an array of Mopar merchandise; both of which were very popular with the patrons. Lee Bektash, sponsored by Mopar Australia, provided the entertainment for the day, showing off his Hemi powered Dodge pro stock car. With the performance figures of 0-100km in 0.8 seconds, this was some thrill machine!

NEW MODEL JEEP WRANGLER OVERLAND Adelaide City Jeep are pleased to welcome the new arrival of the Jeep Wrangler Overland model. Based on the current JK Wrangler, the Overland version now offers the Jeep buyer new levels of comfort and convenience including satellite navigation, reversing camera, and auto headlights. Premium refinements include new 18” polished alloy wheels, full leather upholstery and body coloured wheel arches and hardtop. Available in both 2 door and 4 door versions, the Wrangler Overland now offers the complete package. For more information contact Paul Mills on 8343 1900. Over the coming months, Jeep is launching upgrades to their entire range, including the Jeep Patriot, Compass and Grand Cherokee ranges. In 2013 we will also see the arrival of a brand new model, the Jeep Cherokee.

NEW EMPLOYEES We are pleased to welcome the following new staff members to our team: • Michael Anschutz – Used Car Sales • Paul Mills – New Car Sales Manager • Ian Evans – Service Manager • Marius Du Toit – Yard hand • Lachlan Spencer – New Car Sales • Bob Borrelli – Used Car Sales

SUPPORTING LOCAL SPORTING CLUBS We continue to support the North Adelaide Football Club for the 2013 season. The club is set for another successful year after making the 2012 finals and has recruited very strongly over the “off season”. We wish Josh Francou and all of the club continued success! Go Roosters!

WEDDING BELLS We wish to congratulate one of our newly qualified technicians’, Hayden Gray, on his marriage to Kaitlyn, which took place on New Years Eve 2012/13. The day was not complete without two brand new Chrysler 300C sedans! We wish both Hayden and Kaitlyn all the very best for their future together.

Lee Bektash, sponsored by Mopar Australia

GREAT! GREAT WALL By the end of 2012 there were 27% more new Great Wall vehicles on the road compared with 2011. Great Wall Motors Australia experienced a significant increase in sales in 2012, establishing itself as one of the fastest growing brands in Australian automotive market history. With an additional two new models planned for release in 2013, the Great Wall brand is set to build on this success. For further information on any Great Wall product, please contact our sales manager, Shaun Keogh on 08 8343 1999. By the end of the year, there will be over 30,000 Great Wall vehicles and SUV’s on Australian roads.


Paul Grocke General Manager New model Jeep Wrangler Overland




With the harvest now behind us and the crops safely in storage or sold, the CMV Farms business can again look forward to producing meaningful returns. Having had to contend with droughts and flooding rains the past few seasons, it was welcome relief to have normal conditions that enabled our farms to produce good quality and plentiful crops. In particular, the yield from our pistachio orchard has been welcomed and will enable this enterprise to again deliver good profits. The replanted almonds at Lindsay Point and Murtho have commenced production which have delivered yields that return this enterprise back to profitability. Our major wine grape properties at Langhorne Creek and Robinvale will produce consecutive profits. Andrew Hobbs, our Horticultural Manager, has been pivotal in assisting the property managers in fine tuning their skills to maximise the crop production. Our managers have shown great dedication and innovation to make the most out of the past season. It has been a great team effort during a season which returns Farms into profitability in the year to come.

A special mention needs to be made of Chris Joyce, our long term partner in the processing and marketing of pistachios. At the recent Australian Nut Industry Councils conference, Chris was recognised for his significant contribution to improve the public’s understanding of the health benefits gained by regular consumption of nuts. As founder and Chairman of the" Nuts For Life" campaign which started operating 10 years ago, Chris has worked tirelessly and selflessly to get the message to the public. Chris was the inaugural recipient of the "Golden Handful Award" which represents the recommended daily intake of nuts. Visit for more information including recipes. Congratulations, Chris, and well deserved.

As with the climate, we cannot influence the value of the Australian dollar which is affecting the fortunes of not just our agricultural sector but also tourism and manufacturing businesses. The general consensus is that our high dollar relative to many other currencies will retreat over time but no one is guessing when!!! However, until that time comes, our farming business needs to establish a model which can produce profitable returns and treat any devaluation of the Australian dollar as a welcome windfall.

Chris Joyce cutting the ‘nuts for life’ 10th anniversary cake

David Crawford Managing Director, CMV Farms

So another season is completed and just as quickly another starts. This next year will be equally challenging and will offer opportunities and risks. We have good strong wine grape partners in Orlando, Treasury and Peter Lehmann and by supporting their brands you also support CMV Farms. Most supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stores will have Australian pistachio and almonds in store and not only are these nuts healthy but they simply taste great. Our business processes and market over 95% of the pistachios grown in Australia and your purchase helps not just your company but the 25 other Australian pistachio growers.


The adage that good service is good business is something we stand for. NPA has recently secured a large almond supply contract with Coles Supermarkets which has arisen from relationships developed from supplying pistachios. Excellent customer service is extremely important and we have some outstanding staff in the business whom exemplify these standards.


Firstly Christine Clark, pictured with one a 1951 Buick Super, is first class at managing external customer expectations. Christine is highly organised, efficient and personable and is the benchmark of the standards this business demands. Christine has a partner, Adam and two miniature dacshunds, Gidget and Frankie. Christine and Adam love the 1950’s era including the clothes, cars, vintage caravans and dancing. Sophie Pantelos, pictured at work, provides front of house and telephone customer service. Sophie endeavours to satisfy a myriad of internal and external customer needs and always does so in a cheerful manner. Sophie lived in Sydney for many years and whenever customers call in from Sydney, there is the inevitable discussion about the ‘big smoke’. Sophie’s family includes her Samoyed dog, Mambo and two adult children, Diana and Kosta.

Christine Clark

Lyn Easdale

Sophie Pantelos The growth of NPA provides opportunities for staff to grow and develop. This is certainly the case with Lyn Easdale at Loxton. Lyn is highly regarded and provides front of house service amongst a number of other duties and recently her role was expanded to include conducting some external customer service duties. Lyn loves to travel and recently took a trip to Fiji and is pictured with her granddaughter, Kendall swimming in Fiji.


The Robinvale customer service largely rests on the shoulders of Rebecca Williams. Rebecca deals with front of house duties, as well as provides stock and production information. Rebecca loves to travel, attending concerts and the theatre and has a Shitzu dog and two “moggies” as companions. Rebecca is pictured on a trip with mum, Cathy. In other news, the Loxton almond factory obtained a grant through the Riverland Sustainable Futures Fund for an almond pasteuriser and retail packing line. The project will be operational towards the end of 2013 and will enable the business to pursue new business opportunities and create additional employment at Riverland Almonds.

Rebecca Williams Robinvale has been very busy of late providing contract processing services for the supply of almonds and pistachios to Coles and Aldi supermarkets. The pistachio hulling and drying plant has undergone an upgrade to provide capacity for the expected growth in pistachio volumes. 2013 is looking bright for NPA. Both the almond and pistachios crops are projecting larger tonnages and the trading business continues to grow. Current pricing for almonds and pistachios is attractive and we expect improved results for our growers and the business. Grant Birrell CEO



SEASON 2012/13 We have experienced extremely dry and hot weather during Spring and up to harvest. With the Murray River returning to traditional flows and levels, an influx of water issues arose. Filter systems were stretched to their limits with dirty water entering the pipelines. Consequently, changes to irrigation management were required and daily cleaning of filtration systems became necessary.


Yields are increasing each year as the redeveloped orchards come online and mature. This year we returned to a full harvest crew, with all machines in full operation. Over the eight weeks of harvest the operations took place seven days a week and as such efficiency throughout the entire process to ensure optimal productivity was required. We were lucky to have a very competent harvest crew during the 2013 harvest. They worked tirelessly despite extreme weather conditions. Three key staff members are particularly noteworthy for their assistance in the 2013 harvest: • Matt Dawe, for supervising and managing the crew and harvest logistics. • Adrian Bawden, for irrigation scheduling and liaising with Matt on harvest timing. • Bruce Knight, for once again making the harvest of 32 hectares of shiraz an effortless task amongst the almond harvest and ensuring all nights ran extremely well.

Harvest staff 2013 (L to R): Chantel McCulloch, Des Baker, Mick Rice, Matt Dawe, Pellem Moxham, Matt Ferguson, Ryan Hodson, Blake Reid, Callum McNaughton, Mick Papandrea, Adrian Bawden, Phil Radomi, Chris Florance, Barry Earle. Absent: Bruce Knight (on grape harvest), Shayne Verrall

GROUP IRRIGATION MEETING Water is the lifeblood of CMV Farms. The importance of this resource and its daily management is not taken lightly. For this reason, last year a CMV Farms group irrigation meeting was held at Lindsay Point. The meeting was chaired by Phil Reilly (Langhorne Creek) and attended by Ed Gooden (Langhorne Creek), Adrian Bawden (Lindsay Point) and Colin Waddington and Sione Ikafanga (Robinvale). The day covered the programs for the year and the group was joined by special guest speaker, Peter Keynes. Peter is an irrigation consultant from AgriExchange in Renmark and covered some of the technical issues related to the irrigation systems operated on all the farms. There was a great flow of information between colleagues and although they may irrigate different crops, it was

Bruce Knight & Adrian Bawden with a 4 year old “Price” tree apparent that they all share the same end goal. Even more important was the networking that was initiated on the day and this has also been evident during the season with great interaction between the distant properties.

Irrigation meeting (L to R): - Colin Waddington, Sione Ikafanga, Peter Keynes (AgriExchange), Phil Reilly, Ed Goodwin, Adrian Bawden

STAFF NEWS Welcome to Chantel McCulloch and Des Baker who joined the Lindsay Point team late in 2012. Chantel and Des had a smooth entry to the business as they have long term experience in the almond industry in Victoria. Andrew Hobbs Property Manager


CMV FARMS - LANGHORNE CREEK After a recent request to fill in an inventory for vehicles on our property I began to consider the enormity of the infrastructure required to run a large property such as CMV Farms Langhorne Creek vineyard. Vehicles, tools, sheds, houses, dams and pumps are all needed to ensure that our produce ends up in the marketplace. In the vehicle department there are a total of 16 vehicles including two grape harvesters, six tractors, four Toyotas, one Great Wall duel cab and three Honda ATV quad bikes. During vintage we also hire 2 x five tonne forklifts and an additional tractor.

Lake Alexandrina suctions that deliver water to our property along 13kms of pipeline

Further, there is a large array of implements that are pulled behind our tractors. These include but are not limited to, two fungicide spray carts and one fungicide nurse tank, two weedicide spray carts, two slashers, three tillage implements, one vineyard seeder, one spreader, one grader blade and six grape bin trailers. There are two sheds on the property comprising of machinery and irrigation material. There is also a pump shed situated on the edge of Lake Alexandrina and sheds which hold satellite chemicals and farming material in addition to a shearing shed and old barn. We have 2 x four bedroom houses and a four room vineyard office. The property also has two dams and eight large water pumps and motors that supply water to our dams and vineyard blocks. This is only a small glimpse of our operations, however I hope this provides you with some insight of the large scale operations that takes place at the Langhorne Creek vineyard.

STAFF Tim Smith has successfully settled into the role of operations coordinator and has built a great rapport with his staff and service providers.

Irrigation pumps and filtration system that irrigate our property

A POSITIVE OUTLOOK If the early reports from winemakers are anything to go by, the 2013 vintage wines will be outstanding. If this ends up being the case, this will be the second consecutive year deemed to be successful for SA’s wine region.


Langhorne Creek Machinery, office and dam. Employees Brad Cross, Serena Buss, Gazz Kremer, David Ridge, Dan Hausdorf Gepp, Wendy Leeour property along 13kms of pipeline

This year’s vintage group comprised of backpackers, all from different parts of the globe. Adopted mother Wendy Lee has once again made things very comfortable and welcoming for them. The permanent staff at Langhorne Creek have also thoroughly enjoyed working alongside our overseas visitors. Congratulations to Langhorne Creek’s Dan Hausdorf-Gepp and his wife, Silvia on the birth of their second daughter Ellie Christine. Ellie will certainly be a cute little sister for Hiedi! Congratulations also to Josephine’s Vineyard manager and my former operations coordinator Tim Preusker and longtime partner Carly who were married on New Year’s Eve. Phil Reilly Property Manager



CMV FARMS - ROBINVALE The 2013 growing season has come to an end with preparation now well underway for the imminent harvest of both pistachios and wine grapes. So far the season has been kind to us on the farms with hardly any pest and disease to report. Robinvale is excited to be engaging in a new project to develop pistachio orchards. To date we have planted another 11.32 hectares of rootstocks, comprising of pioneer gold and UCB. Our staff started planting the rootstocks in September. Until recently CMV Farms mainly planted pioneer gold rootstocks and so a decision was made to introduce UCB, a new variety from America. The first rootstocks were put in last year and we are looking forward to seeing how they will grow. The other first for CMV Farms is that we have budded 2.08 hectares of Kerman which is a different variety to the Sirora we normally use.

Lyall Smith and Jenny Tonzing training young Pistachio trees I would also like to welcome two new staff members to our property. Daniel Ginivan has been brought in to fill the role of irrigation manager and Lyall Smith has been employed as a general hand and will also aid in the training of young trees. I am certain they both will be great assets to our organisation! Philip Hewett Property Manager, Robinvale


Budded Pistachio tree In January we engaged a contractor to do the budding of the rootstocks and after two weeks the young pistachio bud began to grow. Employees, Jenny Tonzing and Lyall Smith are doing a great job of training and tying young trees. As far as the wine grapes go we are still trying to provide a high quality product to our customers in Treasury Wines Estates, Orlando Wyndham Estates and Andrew Peace Wines.

I am pleased to be writing my first Outlook article as the new manager of Josephine’s Vineyard. More importantly, I am delighted to report that we have had a great start to the growing season largely due to dry conditions and having had a disease free beginning in spring and summer. Nevertheless, we have experienced a number of instances where temperatures have exceeded well beyond 40 degrees. In December, we were reported to have had six consecutive days with temperatures of this nature. Moreover, on one occasion in January a temperature reading of 47 degrees was recorded in the shade at the vineyard.

Harvest has commenced for the white and red varieties and so far fruit quality is of a good standard and tonnages are on track for a solid year. I would like to welcome Tom Britten as the new vineyard operator as well as, Sione Ikafanga as the new operations/irrigation coordinator. I am pleased to be embarking on this new chapter with my family and look forward to the challenges that Josephine’s Vineyard presents. Tim Preusker Property Manager, Josephine’s Vineyard

Harvest time



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CMV Group Outlook Magazine - Edition #128  
CMV Group Outlook Magazine - Edition #128