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a monthly publication by Students Advocating Gender Equality

Volume 2, Issue 1

Design by Kai Niezgoda Editor for Students Advocating Gender Equality

Last year, SAGE... Attended a PPAM/ACLU rally in Lansing to protest HB 5711, an unprecedented attack on reproductive healthcare. Protested a speaker on campus who was accused of sexually assaulting many of his previous employees. Produced eight zines, ranging in topic from LGBTQIA Issues, to Body Image, to Masculinity. Staged a sucessful production of the Vagina Monologues. Spread awareness about rape culture and protested victim blaming.

Hannah Mollett, President I’m Hannah Mollett. I’m studying psychology and women and gender studies at CMU, and I’m president of SAGE. Two years ago, I thought feminism was an almost strictly online community of women* who wanted to continue the fight for gender equality and end rape culture, slut shaming and violence against women. I thought feminism “in real life’’ was a sisterhood of a bygone era, one that I’d have to leave to the 60s and 70s. When I transferred to CMU from a community college, my baby feminist self was in for a refreshing surprise. I went to my first SAGE meeting last year and discovered that there was an entire community of people who had similar feminist goals and ideas that I did, and they were right here on Central’s campus! It was an incredibly powerful thing to become friends with these awesome people while working together towards the common goal of gender equality. SAGE became a place not only for feminist work and progress, but it became a place I could go each week and feel safe to unwind and discourse with people who generally shared major viewpoints with me and never passed judgement. Although I still believe online activism is necessary and valid, it is so important to me to have activist friends in my everyday life that want to dismantle the patriarchal values of our society right alongside me, and that’s what SAGE is in my life. This year, we will continue to host meetings and events that build that activist network and promote gender equality while combating sexism in every way we can. Come check us out, and fight the patriarchy, together!

Emily Perry, Contributing Member Hello all, my name is Emily Perry and I am a junior at CMU. I am majoring in Women’s Studies and Family Studies, with a minor in psychology. My career goal is to eventually own a lingerie shop that fits women of all different shapes and sizes. I would love for my business to give back as well and donate bras to women’s shelters around the country. I became a part of SAGE during my sophomore at CMU as part of an assignment. For this assignment, I was to choose and attend an RSO meeting that I thought would allow me to speak up about my opinions. I immediately felt welcomed by each member of SAGE and for once in my life felt like I had people to listen to my ideas and understand where I was coming from. The thing about SAGE is, not everyone agrees with each other. Not everyone is the same kind of feminist or has the same views on how the feminist movement can succeed. But, we listen to each other, understand each other, and support each other. We all have the same goal and that is the true glue that holds this RSO together. I know that I am making a difference on campus with this group and the knowledge and friendships I have gained are invaluable!

Brynn McDonnell, SGA Representative Hello! I am a junior here at CMU studying political science, sociology and ethics. I spend most of my time at Central working with progressive groups, as well as my own. My favorite activities are planning events and smashing the patriarchy. I am a feminist because…cats. I kid, but really…I am a feminist because when I look around, inclusive feminism seems like a logical solution for most of the world’s problems. Some of my favorite women are Maya Angelou and Angela Davis. Two powerful women who helped shape the course of history…who can’t love them? SAGE has given me an opportunity to communicate and learn with other feminists at CMU. I love the intellectual discussions we have and how diverse our philosophies can be.

Lexi Achterhof, Webmaster Hey feminists! I’m Lexiwebmaster of SAGE, activist, writer, and science geek. I really love zombie movies, cats, poetry, dancing, puns, french fries, and sleeping in...I must admit that I also have a soft spot in my heart for corny one liners (yeah, I know). I’m pretty sure the very first notable thing I did in my freshman year at CMU was join SAGE, which was the best decision my terrified new-student self managed to make in the first few months. If you’re here reading this zine out of interest and curiosity, which I sincerely hope you are, I encourage you to ask questions and come to a few meetings! I’m studying psychology and women’s studies, am about one month away from becoming a certified EMT, and plan to go to PA school post-graduation...and as you may guess, I spend a lot of time advocating with others in support of reproductive rights, equal political rights and representation in the world for all, and social equality. I think it’s an important first step in the bigger scheme of things to get everyone thinking on the same page as far as respecting others’ identities, beliefs, and just about anything else. Because being 100% yourself is TOTALLY rad.

Sydney Smith, Contributing Member My name is Sydney Smith and this is my second year in SAGE. Before SAGE, I never thought I would meet anyone who cared that much about women’s issues, but being a part of it has allowed me to meet inspiring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to doing what they can to make equality happen. I am most passionate about body image, the way women are portrayed in all forms of media, and how society reacts to people outside of ‘the norm’. SAGE has given me so much more knowledge than I ever thought I would know, and it is really a privilege to be a part of.

Rachel McDaniel, Contributing Member

Rachel McDaniel is in her senior year at CMU and has a double major in Women’s Studies and Family Studies with a minor in History. She is involved in way too many things. She’s a Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate, President of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood, a Lunch Buddy, a Study Abroad Peer Advisor and an executive board member for Take Back the Night. She believes cats deserve intelligent people names, like Archibald (which is the name she gave the kitten she got over the summer). She has an array of random talents, like knowing how to thread a film projector and make balloon animals. SAGE will always have a special place in her heart and she’s proud to have been the organization’s first Vice President. As Vice President she helped bring Grace Brown, creator of Project Unbreakable, to campus in the Spring of 2013. The event was another step forward towards raising awareness about the reality of sexual aggression on campus and supporting survivors in our community.

Becca Detroyer, Treasurer Hey my name is Becca and I’m the Treasurer of SAGE. I’m also a Senator for Central’s Student Government Association and the Chairperson for Diversity Committee in SGA. I became a feminist because I’m passionate about stopping victim blaming and equality. I joined SAGE because I’m a feminist, and really wanted a community of feminists where I could express my opinions about equality with people who have similar ideas, and find a community where I could actually help make a difference on campus.

Kai Niezgoda, Editor I'm Kai Niezgoda, a Sophomore whose ambitions currently revolve around writing, activism and working a substantial amount of caffeine consumption into my days and nights. I'm a double major in Women and Gender Studies and Journalism – probably Public Relations – and someday I'd like to work with non-profit organizations that promote gender equality or transgender rights. Ending gender oppression isn't just an interest of mine; I'd like to make it my life-long passion and career. I'm the editor of Feminism Without Borders, the monthly zine you're currently holding. I initially joined SAGE because I wanted to get involved with creating the zine. If writing, art, or design interests you and you'd like to join the team, find me at a SAGE meeting or email me at to discuss your interest. Otherwise, you can always help out by sending in submissions by the first Tuesday of every month. (Send them to!) I'm also serving as the president of Transcend, a group that works to create community for and education about the trans* (transgender) community on CMU's campus. This year, we're holding monthly meetings to educate our allies about gender diversity. If you're interested in attending, check out our Facebook ( or email us at for more information.

Who are we? Students Advocating Gender Equality is an RSO devoted to advancing gender equality on CMU’s campus and beyond.

What’s next? October’s theme is Breast Cancer Awareness. Send all art and writing submissions to by October 1st. Anonymous submissions are accepted - just ask.

Fight patriarchy with us. Find us... At our weekly meetings: Tuesdays 7:00 pm University Center On Facebook: By email:

Feminism Without Borders: Volume 2, Issue 1  
Feminism Without Borders: Volume 2, Issue 1  

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