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FROM DAY ONE, you will have

the chance to work alongside professors on groundbreaking research, engage in nationallyrenowned leadership development programs and tailor your education across more than 200 academic programs. You will have opportunities to travel the world, lead projects that enhance the community, learn from world-class experts and build connections that advance your career. We will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and guide you to take advantage of everything CMU has to offer to help you succeed. You will graduate ready to go forth and put your stamp on the world. Become part of the CMU Chippewa family. Begin the most transformative years of your life


This project has tested my abilities to think critically and to collaborate with faculty and fellow students. It’s shown me the amazing opportunities CMU has to offer and how the pioneering work being done here can have a real impact on the world.” NATHAN HOLMES Howell, Michigan

Biology: Biomedical, Cellular and Molecular

Nathan’s research aims to improve methods for diagnosing disease. READ WHAT THAT COULD MEAN

Take a video tour of CMU’s Biosciences Building

I tell my professors all the time that I want to try everything. I want to find where I belong. Mainly, I want to help others. That’s why I chose this industry.� CASEY HESS

Walled Lake, Michigan Hospitality Services Administration

From housekeeping and bistro operations to front desk and inspections, Casey did it all as part of her on-campus internship. READ WHAT SHE LEARNED

I knew CMU was where I wanted to go to gain experience and somewhere I could build my foundation. The athletic training program challenges you and pushes you not only to be good, but to be great at whatever you want to do in life.� RALPHEAL WILDY Detroit, Michigan Athletic Training

Ralpheal spent summer camp with the Buffalo Bills as a student athletic trainer, helping rehabilitate injuries, taking MRIs and assisting training staff. READ HOW HE GOT THE GIG

We had a month in Antarctica, and we were all really excited about our projects. There were a lot of big ‘Wow, I never thought I’d get to do this,’ moments.” ERIN COLLINS

Traverse City, Michigan Ph.D. in Earth and Ecosystem Sciences

Fishing for deep-sea spiders in Antarctica READ ABOUT ERIN’S RESEARCH TRIP

The opportunities that CMU provides to set students up for success are amazing. CMU has a tenacious drive to guide its students to a path of excellence, and I am very proud of that.� ZACHARY BURKHARDT St. Joseph, Michigan

Exercise Science: Kinesiology

Zach seizes as many opportunities as he can at CMU. READ HOW IT HELPED HIM

I have never thought so much about who I am. CMU helped me build myself and helped me realize my full potential.” AHSHA DAVIS Detroit, Michigan Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

Ahsha’s efforts promoting multicultural awareness stemmed from her self-discovery at CMU. READ HOW SHE MADE AN IMPACT

I’ve had good hands-on experience to go along with all the academics. Most companies look for students who have these types of experiences. SETH ALLEN

Kaleva, Michigan Computer Engineering

Seth helped install direct digital control sensors on heating, ventilation and air conditioning units throughout campus while working with CMU’s Facilities Management. READ ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE

Something that made me feel at home, and continues to, is the constant support from faculty and students alike. There’s always someone who wants to see you better yourself and encourage you in that process.” REN CRUDELE Lombard, Illinois

French and Cultural and Global Studies

As an out-of-state student, Ren found support and a home at CMU. Ren is one half of the CMU Vloggers duo. Watch her videos.


The courses offered at CMU are on the cutting edge of physics, and the faculty are always enthusiastic to deliver the knowledge and skills related Neerajan is part of an international to the course collaboration researching radioactive decay of neutron-rich isotopes. matter.� SEE WHAT ELSE HE’S RESEARCHED


Ph.D. in Science of Advanced Materials

That sense of pride students feel about something they created is immensely satisfying, especially when the teacher takes equal interest. I hope to be that teacher who empowers students to use their voice through writing and show them they already have poetry inside them.� EMILY ASSENMACHER Dexter, Michigan

Elementary Education

Emily hopes to inspire her students through words. LEARN HOW SHE DOES IT

My four years of undergrad at CMU greatly prepared me for the rigors of medical school. Now that I am a med student, I can say in just three months I feel more prepared for becoming a physician.� BRENDAN FARLEY Freeland, Michigan

Doctor of Medicine

Watch the video Brendan went from a biochemistry major to a med student at CMU. READ ABOUT HIS JOURNEY

My favorite part about Central is how many opportunities are available to students. They give you the freedom to explore and discover who you are supposed to be.� STARR WALKER

West Bloomfield, Michigan Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Starr knew at a young age science was her passion. READ HOW THAT LED HER TO CMU

When I was in the Army, I saw how far CMU was willing to go for service members state side and abroad. CMU helped me transition from the military to college life and eventually, a career.� JOE KALINSKI Livonia, Michigan

Exercise Science: Kinesiology Joe raises money and awareness to fight the stigma surrounding PTSD in veterans. READ MORE ABOUT JOE’S EFFORTS

At CMU, there are always people around you to serve as positive influences and resources. While it is a large school, I feel like everyone has a smaller community within it, and I personally have found that community within the College of Business Administration.� MICAH WARD

Stockbridge, Michigan Logistics Management and Marketing

Micah volunteered, interned, conducted research and more. SEE WHAT SHE ACCOMPLISHED

I have had a plethora of opportunities for hands-on research. In fact, every physics major I know has had an opportunity to work with a professor in the physics department.� JACOB DAVISON Galesburg, Michigan Physics: Astronomy

Jacob’s love of astronomy goes back to his childhood. READ HOW IT BECAME HIS MAJOR

I chose to stay at CMU for my doctorate because it provided the most wellrounded program. It has fantastic clinic space as well as professors who are happy to help nurture my research career.” DJEMILIA FIELDS Southfield, Michigan Doctor of Audiology

With a bachelor’s degree in communications from CMU, Djemilia’s decision on where to attend graduate school was a no-brainer. FOLLOW HER JOURNEY TO CMU’S DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY PROGRAM

After working with the amazing people in University Theatre, I was convinced to go for it and pursue a career doing what I love.� BRANDON CHU

Grand Rapids, Michigan Music Theatre

Brandon fell in love with being on stage. READ HOW HE GOT THERE

The CMU Biological Station has been a great opportunity. Students can go there to take classes in a one-of-a-kind environment or to conduct research in one of the most unique places Donnie isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in his student research in Michigan.� DONNIE UZARSKI


Remus, Michigan

Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

Watch CMU student-led research at Beaver Island Biological Station

There is so much at CMU to gain besides an education. Every conversation and every person I’ve had the pleasure to meet was important and eye-opening in more ways than I can imagine. PAM HENNING

Caledonia, Michigan Psychology and Family Studies

Pam learns in real time, through experience. READ HER STORY




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Central Michigan University, Personal Impact 2018  

Become part of the CMU Chippewa family. Begin the most transformative years of your life. Fire Up Chips!

Central Michigan University, Personal Impact 2018  

Become part of the CMU Chippewa family. Begin the most transformative years of your life. Fire Up Chips!