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Central Michigan University is your place.

Now is YOUR time.

College is about knowledge and character. It’s more than what you learn in the classroom; it’s about finding yourself.”

Explore Whether you’re undecided or know exactly what you want to major in, your first few semesters at CMU are about exploration. You will be immersed in hands-on learning opportunities. Pursue your interests and discover new ones. Get involved and meet new people. Gone are the days of having the education but not the experience. A CMU education IS experience, and that starts on day one.


» Success Coach » CMU’s Office of Student Success

What makes CMU unique is our connection to students. It’s very intentional and purposeful. It’s authentic. CMU is friendly, inviting and very inclusive.” STAN SHINGLES

» Assistant Vice President » University Recreation

My classes are almost exclusively hands on. If you want to build houses, you can sit through a lot of classes and think you know what is going on. But the first time you pick up a hammer, you will learn more than in those classes.” TONY MORELLI

» CMU faculty member » Department of Computer Science


» Freshman » Coldwater, Michigan » Exploring healthrelated fields

Eric once thought college was out of reach. READ HOW he found his place at CMU.

Eric is a firstgeneration student who saw something great within himself. He came here because CMU saw it, too.

I came to CMU because I don’t want to just get any job. I know I’m more than that. I’m motivated and I’m here now, doing it. I didn’t think I’d make it to college, but CMU is always there for me.”


» Freshman » Haskins, Ohio » Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

READ HOW Caleb found opportunity in his first semester.

LEARN about MHTV, recognized as College Television Station of the Year more than a dozen times.

Caleb envisioned his college experience as a lot of class work and taking notes from a slideshow. Then he discovered what makes education at CMU different — real experience.

I wasn’t expecting to be as involved as I am, especially as a freshman. I just stopped in to see what Moore Hall Television was about, and they threw me right in. I act, I work with video and audio, and I do a little bit of everything.”

READ ABOUT Gretchen’s path to the research lab.


» Sophomore » Erie, Pennsylvania » Biochemistry

Gretchen is working alongside biochemistry professor Ajit Sharma, identifying which antioxidants may be more effective in preventing cancer.

Being able to do cancer research at only 19 years old is amazing. Not only does it look good on graduate school applications, but I’m also making a really big difference.”

I want to help students make connections between classroom material and the real world. The most fulfilling part of being an instructor is watching my students grow in and out of the classroom.” TRACY GALAROWICZ

Discover As you approach graduation, you’ll begin to see your path to a career take shape. More than 90 percent of CMU students are employed or in advanced schooling within six months of graduation, due in large part to a career-focused learning environment. In your final college years, you’ll get out in the field with internships and studies abroad. You’ll network with industry leaders and gain an even deeper understanding of your field of study.

» Chair » Department of Biology

Vital to students’ education is introducing them to industry professionals who share stories of their day-to-day work experiences.” NICK HUSSEIN

» CMU faculty member » Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration

I remember what it was like to be a student, so I work hard to make the experience rewarding for all of the students I meet.” STEPHANIE RICHARDS

» CMU faculty member » Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


» Junior » Detroit, Michigan » Recreation and Event Management READ HOW Jonathan is getting involved to make an impact.

At CMU, Jonathan discovered his love for event planning and joined a welcoming and transformative community. He’s made connections that will help him not only find a career in his field, but thrive in it.

I’ve experienced so much growth and have become a leader in so many ways. My time here has been a huge success. I grew up in a single-parent household, but that didn’t hold me back.”


» Senior » Oxford, Michigan » Electrical Engineering

READ HOW Julia’s experiences in and outside the classroom have prepared her for her first job out of college.

Julia made a strong connection with electrical engineering when she started at CMU. Now, she will graduate as one of three female electrical engineers in her cohort.

Central set me up for internships. I found my first one at a career fair on campus, which led to my second one at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and that led to my current job offer from FCA.”


» Senior » Wolverine, Michigan » Special Education

With five siblings, Myia has always considered herself a teacher. READ HOW they inspired her.

Watch Myia get classroom experience as part of the co-teaching program.

Myia is part of a unique prestudent teaching experience called co-teaching, where she teaches alongside a school teacher inside the classroom.

I feel like I’m already a teacher because I get to see the whole process. This experience helps me see this is my future and is something I love doing.”

This is a student-centered university. Everyone wants to be student-centered, but CMU is the best example of it. Students can study here and flourish.” SHAYESTEH JAHANFAR

Advance Graduate degrees are increasingly required for jobs that lead to professionally and financially rewarding careers. Among only 5 percent of universities in the United States in the highest two Carnegie research classifications, CMU gives you the opportunity to engage in life-changing research experiences and assistantships. You’ll work in a collaborative environment alongside faculty members who are experts in their fields.

» CMU faculty member » Master of Public Health program

At CMU, you will be at the forefront of exploring new ideas. You will have the invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself in real experiences and field research to be a positive change in the world.” DAVID ASH

» Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

The CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island provides an unparalleled platform for doing Great Lakes research. Students become immersed in the science and the community of the Great Lakes ecosystem.” DONALD G. UZARSKI

» Director of the Institute for Great Lakes Research and the Biological Station » Department of Biology


» Graduate student » Dexter, Michigan » M.A. in Higher Education Administration

READ HOW Kourtney helps provide meals for students in need with the Student Food Pantry at CMU.

Kourtney earned an undergraduate degree in hospitality services administration from CMU before pursuing her master’s degree in higher education administration.

My time at CMU has helped me prepare for my career in so many ways. I have gained skills that will transfer to any career I choose to pursue.”

READ HOW Sabreen’s love of music and medicine led her to CMU’s College of Medicine.

WATCH CMED Class of 2019 find out where they were matched.

Sabreen chose to attend CMU’s College of Medicine because it gave her a well-rounded medical education. Through case-based learning sessions and opportunities to work directly with patients, she is prepared to make an impact as a physician.


» Graduate student » Manama, Bahrain » Doctor of Medicine

Practicing medicine is more than just science; it is about reaching out to the patient and showing true compassion and care. I believe CMU has instilled in me the values, knowledge and skills to accomplish that.”


» Graduate student » Kumasi, Ghana » M.S. in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology

READ HOW Daniel’s time at CMU is helping him advance the small-scale yogurt production factory he founded in his home country of Ghana.

Daniel is conducting research alongside Dr. Linlin Zhao studying protein DNA interaction to understand repair mechanisms in the context of the human mitochondrial genome.

The research we do at CMU is geared toward solving current health and environmental problems. Having this opportunity is a dream come true and will prepare me to contribute immensely to academia and industry.”

I want every business professional in every industry to see the assets coming out of CMU. They should see that these students can help them solve business problems.” DAN MAHLEBASHIAN

Excel Your experiences and education at CMU will impact your entire life. More than 18,000 employers recruit CMU students because they see in our students the same thing we do: a spirited drive to make a positive difference in the world. CMU alumni are equipped not only with the knowledge to be successful, but also the proven ability to apply that knowledge in the real world.

» Executive Director of Global Business Solutions » General Motors Corp.

CMU is in the top five of more than 50 universities we’ve hired from. Working closely with CMU the past eight years, I have a good understanding of what the students’ experiences are and the quality of the education they receive.” ERIC WOODWARD

» Production Manager » Gentex Corp.

What we see at Central Michigan University is a focus on students being well-rounded – not only having the technical skills, but communication skills and an understanding of the business.” STACY BAKER

» Executive Director of IT Business Technology » Consumers Energy

READ HOW Gerald’s work with the CMU Office of Information Technology helped land him the job he wanted.


» Sterling Heights, Michigan » Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Gerald graduated in May 2018 as an information technology and cybersecurity double major and earned a job as an information security analyst at The Dow Chemical Co. when he graduated.

WATCH Gerald talk about his hands-on experience at CMU.

CMU does a fantastic job of bringing students into the field while they’re going for their degree, giving them experience they can use in the workforce. I got my job with Dow Chemical because of this experience.”


» Grand Blanc, Michigan » B.A.A. in Fashion Merchandising and Design » M.S. in Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology READ HOW Alexis’ experiences at CMU and abroad led to her career in fashion.

READ ABOUT Alexis’ study abroad in South Korea.

Alexis earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from CMU as part of an accelerated degree program in which she completed both degrees in five years. She has earned prestigious awards, produced fashion shows and studied at South Korea’s Seoul National University.

It was important to me to find a place that would help me grow as a leader and advance myself for future opportunities. I knew CMU would be the perfect place for me to learn, build and create something great.”


» Flint, Michigan » President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

READ ABOUT Isaiah’s commitment to the talented children of his hometown.

Isaiah has worked with Bruno Mars in securing $1 million in aid for victims of the Flint water crisis, helped form the Flint Promise college scholarship program and opened the Flint Fresh Food Hub.

At CMU, I found my true self because of a newfound exposure to life outside of my comfort zone. That experience opened a new inquisitive, ‘must know why’ instinct in me. This drives my work in the nonprofit sector.”

From this moment

until you join Central Michigan University’s more than 225,000 proud alumni around the world, your experiences here will prepare you for success in your career and life. Starting on day one, you will have opportunities to work alongside professors on groundbreaking research and career-related experiences, engage in nationally renowned leadership development programs, and tailor your education with nearly 200 undergraduate academic programs. You will have opportunities to travel the globe, lead projects that enhance the community, learn from world-class experts and build connections that will last throughout your entire career. You will be empowered to think big and think critically. We will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and guide you to take advantage of everything CMU offers to help you succeed. Don’t just adapt to a changing world. Shape it.

FIRE UP CHIPS! President Bob Davies

DISCOVER MORE Continue your exploration. Learn more about CMU, our academic programs and how we will help you achieve your career goals. YOUR PLACE. YOUR TIME.

VISIT CMU Seeing CMU’s scenic campus is one thing. Experiencing our welcoming community is another. SEE FOR YOURSELF


CMU CHIPPEWA Shape the future. Inspire positive change. Put your stamp on the world. APPLY NOW


CMU, an AA/EO institution, strongly and actively strives to increase diversity and provide equal opportunity within its community. CMU does not discriminate against persons based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, race, religion, sex, sex-based stereotypes, sexual orientation, transgender status, veteran status, or weight. UComm 10019 (3/19)

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