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Central Michigan University

Career Services

Annual Report 2011 2012

Career Services Mission

To assist students and alumni in their career development and decision making and aid in their acquisition of internships and positions of employment.

Creating partnerships throughout campus

Career Services purposefully engages with student departments, staff, student organizations, and faculty through experiential learning and programs to strengthen depth of awareness and knowledge about the resources on campus to continuously support personal, academic, and professional development.


of students said they felt comfortable asking for assistance, help, or explanation of services pertaining to student development through campus.

Students utilizing Career Services:

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate

How did you hear about Career Services?













Online/Social Media Word of Mouth Presentation Recommendation Other

eRecruiting Internships, part-time positions, co-ops, and career fair information



és pub l to the ished résumé book


Unique employers in eRecruiting

9 3,8p9 osted

Jobs ing in eRecruit

932 On-campus interviews Internships/co-ops 406 posted in eRecruiting Unique employers 91conducting interviews Unique industries posted 61positions on eRecruiting 224

Unique employers in attendance at various career fairs Beta Alpha Psi Teacher Fair Alpha Kappa Psi

REACH Advisors

Recognizing Educational Aspirations and Career Horizons


REACH Advisors will collaborate in peer-to-peer interactions with undergraduate students to expand the depth of awareness and knowledge about resources located throughout campus to continuously expand personal and professional career development.

REACH Presentations Include

Conference presentations at Get Hyped and DREAM Leadership Conference. Class presentations in BUS 100, CED 101, FYE 101.

32 REACH Advisors 209 REACH presentations People in attendance 4500 at presentations

Interactions with students are great... but what is the impact of engagement? View information taken pre and post walk-in hour engagement.


What is the longest length a corporate (non-educational) résumé should be?

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Profes io nal Developsm ent

2-3 pages





1 page only

Before the student had a walk-in interaction with REACH... and after

2-3 pages


7% 93%

1 page only

Quotes from those who have participated with REACH

“ “

Their enthusiasm made the résumé process very easy! I will be back if I ever need assistance in the future. Very helpful experience. Lots of helpful and interesting tips. It was a great experience! I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I learned about my cover letter and résumé and I feel confident to apply for future positions.

” ”

Mock Interview Program What is a Mock interview?

The Mock Interview Program provides current students and alumni the opportunity to practice, articulate, and enhance verbal, non-verbal, and transferable skills which showcase talents to an employer. Constructive feedback is given and discussed throughout the process in order to better prepare students for future interview interactions.


Wonderful. Knowledgeable. Talented. Helpful. Smart. Fabulous. Friendly. Hardworking.

PEER INTERVIEWERS Career Services appreciates the partnerships with faculty who require students to complete an interveiw.


face-to-face mock interviews

Career Services introduced Skype Mock Interviews in order to enhance technology interviewing skills.

66 Skype Interviews completed! That’s awesome!

This program is so helpful! Great job :-)

“ “

Quotes from those who have participated from the Mock Interview Program Very professional and helpful for future interviews. Mock Interviewer introduced some new methods I had never heard of before and I feel that my interview skills are going to grow. Provided constructive feedback from the interview that will help prepare me for future interviews. Did very well going over interview after. Had great advice for future interviews that I will encounter.

” ”

Capital City Internship Program Hosted in Lansing at the State Capitol

Capital City Internship Program includes the opportunity to: • Explore & sample career opportunities • Develop & strengthen transferable skills • Interact & collaborate with industry experts • Translate classroom knowledge into the work environment • Build experience & network with well-connected leaders • Receive academic credit • Place your mark on Michigan government

CMU sponsors complimentary travel and parking each Tuesday and Thursday. Lansing-based internships are available in the Legislative and Executive Branch, with lobbying firms, and with special interest organizations.


Different majors AND


Undergraduate & graduate students have participated!

Social Media

Strategically planning on how to engage Career Services audiences.

1,58s9 Like

CMU Career Services

Interacting with campus departments who utilize social media to inform other specific populations about on campus events and create.

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Central Michigan University – Career Services

725 rs

Alumni, Students, Employers, Job Postings – engaging conversations with “career-ready” individuals.



Connecting students with employment opportunities – featuring and following companies, organizations, and key people out in the employment field, interacting with companies to create habit of mentioning Career Services to continuously expand the depth of opportunities.

Presentations Creating awareness and engagement early on with in college careers.

Get Hyped Conference Off campus conferences MCPA Annual Conference DREAM Leadership Conference Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow Conference Leadership Connections Conference Grand Valley State University Leadership Summit Conference

Etiquette Dinner Fall Attendees: 98 Spring Attendees: 90

Staff Julia Sherlock – Director

Assists current students and alums (less than 2 years from graduation) from: Global Campus and Master of Science in Administration programs​as well as alums from all programs and majors who graduated more than 2 years ago.

Brian Partie, Jr. – Associate Director

Directs university-wide external relations and employer development, with a primary focus on the College of Business Administration. Also manages the Capital City Internship Program​.

Jeff Hyames – Assistant Director

Assists (“undecided”) students who have not committed to a major and current students and alums (less than 2 years from graduation) from the: College of Education and Human Services, College of Health Professions, College of Humanities, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Handles and interprets career assessments, including: FOCUS; Strong Interest Inventory; and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Tori Stevens – Assistant Director

Supervises the Mock Interview and REACH Advisors programs​. Coordinates the following for the office: Social media, outreach and presentation requests, and marketing.

Erik Simon – Career Coach

Assists internship seeking students, university-wide. Coordinates student aspects for the Capital City Internship Program. Also​assists current students and alums (less than 2 years from graduation) from the: College of Business Administration​, College of Communication and Fine Arts​, and College of Science and Technology​.

Lynn White – Administrative Support, Recruitment Services ​ ssists employers with on-campus recruiting​questions and students with eRecruiting A access and questions​.

Diane Prenkert – Administrative Support, Recruitment Services ​Assists employers and 3rd party recruiters with eRecruiting access and questions.

Maryann Smith – Executive Secretary

Career Services Ronan 240 989.774.3068

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