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Letter from the Editors Thank you for picking up Dossier, Carnegie Mellon’s art and literary magazine. What you hold in your hands is the product of a great deal of work, both by the authors, artists, and photographers, as well as our dedicated staff. We would like to acknowledge those who have put forth their efforts to help make this issue a success.

To the talented writers and artists who submitted, thank you. Your pieces inspired us. We are in awe of what you can create and communicate and this publication will continue to showcase your effort. We hope that you will pursue your work and submit again in the future. To our dedicated editorial and reading staff, you are amazing. Thank you for attending last minute meetings and taking the time to read those tremendous lit packets. We are grateful for your valuable opinions about all of our submissions. Even though you are behind the scenes, the best credit is seeing something you were a part of put together and published. To our accommodating printers, thank you for being flexible while we made our final drafts and minute details. To the Tartan, we greatly appreciate you sharing your space and resources with us, and hope that we can collaborate on new content. To past editors, all graduating seniors who demonstrate so much tact and grace, we thank you. We would like to wish Rachael Clemmons, Claire Morgenstern, and Cecilia Westbrook congratulations and good luck in their future endeavors. These three were instrumental in shepherding us through the process of production, and their impact is irreplaceable. As the younger generation of staff, we want this Dossier to be a testament to how thoughtful and faithful you were by putting us in charge. For those newly familiar to Dossier, it has been interesting learning all about how this magazine works, and we thank you for getting involved. We changed a few of the rules, and added a couple of our own, to make a magazine that permeates all departments, majors, and schools, reaching out to the individual within the community. We look forward to the future of our publication, and we see a lot of bright things on the horizon. There are many ways in which Dossier can continue to expand and fulfill its mission, and many of those are in the works. We have big plans, and we have a great staff to help carry them out. So take a look at this copy of Dossier and the great work of fellow members of the campus community. We encourage you to get involved somehow and contribute to the magazine in your own way, as we are always looking for new talent. Regardless, we hope you enjoy this installment and look out for the next issue.

Alex Baran

Destiny Ridguard


Randi Smith


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Dossier Spring 2009  

Carnegie Mellon University's Undergraduate Art and Literary Magazine

Dossier Spring 2009  

Carnegie Mellon University's Undergraduate Art and Literary Magazine