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Pirates AND The Carob BeanS


tudents in the Fall 2011 course 12-401 Civil & Environmental Engineering Design channeled their inner buccaneers to complete the course’s final project, Pirates and the Carob Beans. They became the ship engineers for the Black Pearl, tasked with making a plank so that Captain Barbossa (TA Nick Azzolina) could send Jack Sparrow (Professor Larry Cartwright), Elizabeth Swann (TA Amy Nagengast) and Will Turner (TA Te Gao) to their watery graves for stealing the Captain’s treasure chest of carob beans. Working in teams, students had to use only materials that would be found in the ship’s stores, such as small pieces of wood, dowel rods and rope, and only hand tools were allowed. The reaction end of the plank was required to be 3’ long, up to 2’ wide, and up to 2’ high. In addition, the top and bottom surfaces had to be planar. Loose spacers were permitted. Points were given for the distance that Jack, or Will and Elizabeth together, could reach on the plank and have it successfully support their weight.


CMU CEE Summer 2012 Newsletter  
CMU CEE Summer 2012 Newsletter  

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Newsletter - Summer 2012