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Columbia MusIcal Theatre Society


Love Could Drive a Person Crazy An OriginaI Musical Revue Co-sponsored by CUArts, CCSC, SGA end ESC With






Sound Designer Lighting Designer WILL SCHUESSLER KA THARINE TRENDACOST A Assistant Producer and Stage Manager






A NOTE FROM TRE PRODUCTION TEAM It seems like every song in the world is about love in some form or another. Love can inspire us, change our lives, or, sometimes, drive us crazy. But love is never pure in formo It is always complicated by myriad other emotions: fear, regret, self-doubt, arrogance, lust, even hate. It seems counterintuitive that such an intense emotion bears a striking resemblance to its opposi te, yet the two can be difficult to differentiate. This show explores love and hate in alI their vari ed forms, through different musical styles, from slow, sweeping balIads to frenetic pre-marital jitters, to powerful soulfullaments. Each song ilIuminates a different aspect of the intense emotions someone can feel for another person.

With this show, we wanted to create an opportunity for people who have not been able to work on a Columbia musical before. We have theatre students and engineers, Broadway veterans and performers who have never been in a musical before. AlI of them bring a unique perspective to their songs and characters. We invite you to use these perspectives to make your own. 1s love the reason for living or just not worth the trouble? A necessity or an inconvenience? A cause ofhope or doom? Or maybe it's some of alI these things at once. Y ou decide. Enjoy the show. The Love Could Drive a Person Crazy production team

CAST (in alphabetical order) Danaya Almenares-Mesa

Gabe Miner

Rick Betita

Aaron Rotenberg

Heather Duckworth

Ricky Schweitzer

Y onatan Gebeyehu

Sasha Thompson

Claire Halberstadt

Emily Wallen

Emily Kaplan

Anna Weinstein

PRODUCTION TEAM Directors .. . .... .......... .... ... ..... Alessandra Hirsch, Bryan Hobgood

Producers ..............................Michael Leibring, Darcy Zacharias

Assistant Producer/Stage Manager .......................Rachel Weiss

Sound Designer/Technical Adviser ......... . ............ Will Schuessler

Lighting Designer. ..............................Katharine Trendacosta

MUSICIANS Piano/Rehearsal Accompanist. ......... ............... Katherine Hicks

Bass ........................................................... Kevin Hseih

Percussion .................... . ........................... Daniel Miranda

Violin ..... . ........ . ..... ... .... . .. .... . ..... . . . .. .... . .... Allison Oldfather

Band Conductor. ......... . ........ . .. ...... . ... . .. ....... Bryan Hobgood

Musical Numbers Getting Married Today Company (Stephen Sondheim) Sasha Thompson, Yonatan Gebeyehu, Emily Kaplan Feelings The AppIe Tree (Bock and Harnick) Danaya Almenares-Mesa My Fair Lady (Lerner and Loewe) Hymn to Him Aaron Rotenberg, Gabe Miner The Secret Garden (Norman and Simon) Lily 's Eyes Yonatan Gebeyehu, Ricky Schweitzer He Plays the Violin 1 776 (Sherman and Edwards)

Emily Wallen

l 've Got Your Number Dttle Me (Coleman and Leigh)

Rick Betita

Song and Dance (Webber and Black)

Unexpected Song Claire Halberstadt

l'm Not at All in Love The Pajama Game (Adler and Ross)

Heather Duckworth,

with Emily Wallen and Anna Weinstein

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Yazbek)

Gabe Miner,

with Rick Betita, Aaron Rotenberg, Emily Wallen,

Anna Weinstein, and Sasha Thompson

I Hate Men Kiss Me, Kate (Porter)

Anna Weinstein

If I Loved You Carouse! (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Rick Betita, Anna Weinstein

Chess (Ulvaeus, Andersson, and Rice)

Heaven Help My Heart Heather Duckworth

What Do I Need With Love? Thorough!y Modern Millie (Tesori, Scanlan)

Ricky Schweitzer

110 in the Shade (Jones and Schmidt)

Old Maid Sasha Thompson

Stepsisters' Lament Cinderella (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Claire Halberstadt and Emily Wallen

This is Not Over Yet Parade (Brown)

Y onatan Gebeyehu

I Will Never Leave You Side Show (Krieger and Russell)

Danaya Almenares-Mesa, Emily Kaplan

1 Love You Because (Cunningham and Salzman)

I Love You Because Great Big Stuff

There will be one ten-minute intermission.

WHO 'S WHO IN THE CAST Danaya Almenares-Mesa (CC'IO) is poppin', lockin' and droppin' mad beats to Yonatan's sick rhythms. HOI. Yeaaaaa ... you know you want in on this. Don't Danay it. Rick Betita (SEAS 'lO) has been a part of numerous high school productions and played the part of Mike in Zanna, Don 't! here at Columbia last spring. His hobbies include wasting time on Wikipedia, text messaging in class, and loading up on so many classes and extracurriculars that he never sleeps. Much love to Nonsequitur... buy The SEQuel! Heather Duckworth is so excited to be performing with CMTS again! She is a second year dance and astrophysics major at Columbia College. Last year, she was seen in Merrily We Roll Along as Beth. She has also performed with Orchesis and danced in The MaMa Projec! 2008. She wants to thank her family and friends for ali their support. Yonatan Gebeyehu is a complex soul who enjoys Pinnacle, long walks on the

beach, and his purple v-neck sweater. You might recognize him from last

semester's Pippin or you might not. Thanks to the peeps involved. ""God is

love"" - - Rev Run

. Claire Halberstadt is a strong, beautiful Barnard woman. In addition to performing on stage tonight and serving as President of CMTS, Claire's choreography can be seen next weekend in CMTS' production of A New Brain in the Black Box. Congrats and thanks to the Prod team and cast of LCDAPC! Enjoy the show! Emily Kaplan (BC '11) is super pumped to be part of CMTS' musical revue! You may have seen her last semester in Pippin as a sassy grandmother, or you may have just seen her walking around campus, surrounded by an aura of illuminating beauty. This semester, she is also the director of A New Brain, which she encourages you ali to see next weekend! Gabe Miner is a classically trained actor. Favorite productions include Who's Ajraid oj Virginia Woolf(Nick) , Ca! on a Ho! Tin Rooj(Big Daddy), Joe Turner's Come and Gone (Bynum), and Oklahoma! (ElIer). Next month, Gabe will conduct a 50-piece orchestra performing his symphony "Glorious Magnitude in G Minor" at Miller Theatre Aaron Rotenberg (GS/JTS 09) has got your back. You can count on him. He'lI tell you thing straight. He'lI tell you when you've got a thing .. . there .. .yeah, almost. . . right between those teeth ... yes, you got it! This is Aaron's second

stage stint with CMTS playing Tank in Zanna Don't last spring. Special thanks to Alexandra, Mom, Grandpa Irv, toothpicks etc. Ricky Schweitzer portrayed the role of Pippin in CMTS's Pippin last semester. Professionally, Ricky has been performing since the age of 8, including five Broadway shows, three films, and a number of commercials and readings but most recently in the role ofEvan in the World Premiere of Jason Robert Brown's 13 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Sasha Thompson is currently a junior in Columbia College, majoring in pre足 med and music. She has been a member of the Colwnbia Clefhangers for three years and is also the Assistant Music Director of the Columbia University Gospel Choir. This is Sasha's first on-campus theater performance for which she's ecstatic and proud. Emily Wallen could not be more excited that she is joining the ranks of the Columbia Musical Theatre Society with her performance in LCDAPC! Along with her love of the stage, Emily is a fan of Hewitt flat bread pizza, napping, and Hany Potter memorabilia. She is a first year at Barnard studying English and Theatre. Anna Weinstein loves LCDAPC and is thrilled to be working with such a talented group ofpeople! Other Columbia productions include Hotel: Eight Rooms, The Vagina Monologues, and Much Ado about Nothing. Anna is also a proud member of S'Madar--the ali women's a capella group of ColumbialBarnard Hillel.

WHO'S WHO ON THE PRODUCTION TEAM Bryan Hobgood (Director) is so excited to be making his CMTS directorial debut! Thanks to the wonderful cast and crew of LCDAPC for making this experience so rewarding , to my friends and family for limitless support, and most of ali to Kate Stahl, without whom I would be a complete and utter mess ... in life. Alessandra Hirsch (Director- BC '08) has appeared as an actress in numerous Columbia productions including The Wild Party, Urinetown, and Muzeeka. This past summer she was a proud cast member ofthe Show Piace Ice Cream Parlour at the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, NJ. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and Blyan, her partner in crime, for making this such an incredible experience. FLOAM!! Michael Leibring (Producer) is producing yet again this semester (you'd think he'd have learned by now...) and is psyched to be working with such a talented

group of people. He also happens to be the treasurer of CMTS and a proud member of KCST, appearing in As You Like 11 May Ist-3rd. Much like Kate Stahl, he thinks he can do everything. They both happen to be right. Darcy Zacharias (Producer) writes lots of lists, sends lots of emails, and bakes lots of cookies. She wOllld like to thank Gmail, iCal, Ben and Jerry for getting her throllgh these difficlilt times. She encourages you to come see A New Brain next weekend and witness the stunning stage management. Rachel Weiss (Stage Manager/ Assistant Producer) is participating in her first CMTS production. She is also stage managing the CUPAL special project, Edges, this semester. Rachel wOllld like to thank her family and her AEPhi sisters for their love and support, as well as the wonderful LCDAPC cast. Special thanks to the amazing production team for their guidance and friendship. Katharine Trendacosta (Lighting Designer) is a sophomore in the college and from Los Angeles, CA. She thanks everyone, and has nothing else interesting to say. WiII Schuessler (Sound Designer- SEAS '09) does tech for a bunch of Columbia shows. Just ask him. Incidentally, he's the one you want to yell at ifyoll think the sound's bad., His big glasses, unkempt goatee and apprehension at two more weeks oftech weeks make him pretty easy to recognize . That and he's probably the one at the sound board. WHO'S WHO IN THE BAND Katherine Hicks (Pianist/Rehearsal Accompanist) is appearing in her second production with CMTS, after Pippin last faJl. She is grate fui and glad to be working with sllch a talented bunch of people. Kevin Hsieh (Bassist- CC 'I I) is proud to be part of Lo ve Could Drive a Person Crazy. Kevin aspires to be a jazz musician. Daniel Miranda (Drummer) is very excited to be in his very flfSt Columbia University musical! A north Texas native, Daniel is now a sophomore in SEAS. Daniel would like to thank his parents for their endless love and support, and his high school music teachers for their endless encouragement. As always G(tb)2, and "Follow your bliss." - Nancy Wilson Allison Oldfather (Violinist) is a Barnard senior majoring in theater. She is excited to be playing music in a group for the first time in quite a few years.

We would like to thank the following :

Carol Arnold

David Cari

The CMTS Board

Alex Harris-Hertel

Allison Mickelson

David Milch

Martha Phelps

Ricky Schweitzer

Bill Sheehan

Dale Smith

Maddy Stokes

Coming up with CMTS .. .


Thursday, Aprii 24 @8:00pm Friday, Aprii 25 @8:00pm Saturday, Aprii 26 @2:00pm and 8:00pm Lerner Black Box- Tickets at the TIC

Love Could Drive a Person Crazy  
Love Could Drive a Person Crazy  

The Columbia Musical Theatre Society presented the musical revue "Love Could Drive a Person Crazy" in Spring 2008.